Damien Marley

Closing out the Festival

Sunday Night

fun I was having, I made sure we composted

almost 1,200 pounds of compostable

materials that just would have been thrown

away. What's beautiful is that half the disposable

beer cups were compost-certified & the

others were recycled & broken down. So not

only that, but we sorted almost 4,000 units of

recyclable material."



"As a surfer with a significant level of hype, recognized

as an Ocean Conservatory migrant

leader in ocean plastic processing services for

the past 14 years, my role was to help with the

pollution reduction, the grounds clean-up, & making

sure that compost, recyclables, & trash were

all properly sorted, disposed of, or repurposed

or upcycled," said Alex Pavlow of Portland, ME.

"My job was to drive a golf cart around & pick up

people's stations - recyclables, trash, & compost

- & take them to our hedge point where they were

very assertively sorted & placed into the proper

containers for expulsion in their proper demeanors.

"So I took it upon myself to have the time of my

life. I'm driving around a golf cart & there's thousands

of people not getting out of the way. So

I found myself a squirt gun like, 'Get out of my

way! I got trash, a purpose, & a squirt gun, & I am

not afraid to use it!' People LOVED it. I literally

became an icon at Levitate by being the guy in

the Crocodile Dundee hat on a golf cart squirtin'

people up. Plus even with all the love & straight

While the musicians & crowd absolutely

make a festival what it is, so do the people

behind it that work as its backbone. "My favorite

moment of it all is when it came down

to it, I found myself responsible for my friends

to have a great time, knowing I had a part to

play - not just for my friends having a great

time, which has opened my eyes, but the entire

ecosystem of the Levitate festival. So everyone

could enjoy themselves without being

surmounted in dirt or trash... & all the other

gross things," Alex said. "I was an integral

part for people to dance freely without having

to worry about tripping or falling in trash."

Levitate made sure the foundation of the

festival, the vendors, were totally solid. The

artists & artisans were all lovingly unique in their

taste, style & craft - not like the Liquid Blue resellers

you see all over Phish lot or Dead & Company

tour. The food was also next level - I always

look forward to the gotta-try-it-to-believe-how-

AMAZING-it-is Wonton Tacos, which somehow

combines Asian food with Mexican SO on point,

my mouth waters just thinking about those crispy

& savory pockets of goodness. And even though

they ran out of pineapples to serve fruity drinks,

in, another favorite food vendor was the fruity

stand slingin coconuts & mango pina coladas

mixed right proper. At first, I was like, "WOAHHH

dude, that is strong!" & told, "Then you shouldn't

have asked for the special one!" But damn am I

glad I did! It was fruity delicious & all the better

for its strength because it lasted longer & I didn't

need another one. The personalities of each vendor

really make the festival market shine.

Melissa, a festival fashion designer from Worcester,

bounced around her booth like a glittery rave

fairy that literally just makes people smile by being

near them. Celebrating her 5th year of vend-

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