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Bassist for The Elovaters

Kait founded the company with her partner John Labo

from their own gardens in Marshfield, Mass, right on

the coast & minutes from the Levitate store & festival

ground. "John has been a part of Levitate the surf

shop since its early days when it was a tiny shop in

the upstairs of a building in the center of town," Kait

said of her partner. "Having spent most of his days

out on the water surfing, he was naturally very close

to the original owner Bob. He also surged with and

lived out in Hawaii with Levitate’s current owner, Dan

Hassett. We've been attending Levitate Music Festival

since its early years. Not only is it right up the street

from where we live, we also feel their ideas & vibes

of creating something that is locally homegrown for

our community," she said. "Being a part of Levitate’s

festival whether as vendors or attendees has always

felt special, & we hope Bob would be extremely proud

of what his original brand has now become, especially

the part of how it brings the community together.

Stoked to have heard that it is going to remain in

Marshfield, where it belongs!"


The quality of she & John's products was so vibrant,

I'm definitely going online at www.south-shore-cbd.

com to try some of that luscious-looking CBD-infused

honey they had on display. According to Kait, the

honey is locally sourced from the South Shore area to help with allergies, sleep aid, & inflammation.

"The products we make here at South Shore CBD are designed to create an overall healing and

rejuvenating effect, whether for medicinal reasons, preventative maintenance, or relaxation to name a

few. Our products focus on healing the body & keeping it in homeostasis, so we try and use as many

homegrown and organic ingredients as possible," says Kait. "We do lollipops as a fun addition to our

lineup, though with a higher sugar content - I mainly recommend those as a relaxation recreational

use. The salves & tinctures are available in both an isolated CBD version & Full Spectrum, or whole

planet material."

I also got another invaluable product at the South Shore CBD tent - tincture for my dog who broke his

leg before he turned a year old. Since he had the injury so young, the vet said that leg will always be

weaker & he will likely develop arthritis later in life. I spoke to a local customer at the tent who said the

CBD isolate helped bring her aging cat back to his playful self again with raving reviews of the pain

relief for her beloved pet. After buying & trying it for my little guy, I will definitely be keeping the tincture

on hand for our pup. After the first dose, his back leg stopped shaking when he sat or lied down.

After the first 2 days, he was limping less. After the first week, he could go farther distances on our

walks. The tinctures can be used for both people & their pets, & gotta say, it is true medicine.

"Our best-selling product at the festival was our Lavender Lemonade, though the tinctures & salves

were also popular," Kait said. "The tinctures are infused with Hemp Seed Oil to keep it as close to the

idea of consuming the hemp plant in its entirety. Hemp seed oil is also a super food, high in proteins

and omegas. The Salves are coconut oil & beeswax based that contain various locally grown herbs/

plants from our garden. The full spectrum & CBD isolate salves vary in the herbs used for each, but

all created to give a healing, soothing & moisturizing effect."

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