Hello everyone, Mass Medical Strains here.

I’d like to tell you guys a bit about how you

can start to make your grow more unique,

and grow some better, different, more special

pot than what you are used to! It’s very

easy and a lot of fun to do.

12/12 is the typical flower light cycle we are

all taught, but it’s really just a generalization

and starting point. As you’ve seen with

outdoor climate, if you’ve ever smoked bud

grown in a tropical environment compared

to up north, there is a huge difference in the

effects. Environment gives the plants their

own unique character.

Indoors, everybody creates nearly the exact

same environment. Light cycle is a big

component here. Up north we have longer

days and shorter nights, down south and in

the tropics we have shorter days and longer

nights. I personally love the sativa effects of

bud grown in Hawaii for example, it is some

of the most spiritual and psychedelic I have

ever felt.

Using twelve hours of light and darkness, we

are all creating the exact same type of indica

lighting cycle, and plants express nearly the

same in every garden. Of course, the type of

lighting, and your temperature and humidity,

as well as nutrition, will effect things greatly.

However, the 12/12 is your limiting factor

and will keep your indoor being just generic

indoor, in comparison to what it could be

with your own personal touch!

I always flower indoor gardens with 11 hours

on and 13 off, emulating a more tropical

light cycle that I am fond of. I also veg on

17 hours on, same idea here. More light

hours is more indica. You can flower with 13

hours on if you want an even more indica

expression than 12/12 is… or pick your own

light cycle! 11.5/12.5 is another example of

a good sativa leaning influence in your light


In my first side by side comparison a few

years ago, two tents with the same clone,


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