It is also worth noting that low nitrogen levels have been shown to create higher terpene levels. Overly

high nitrogen levels especially in early flower, can reduce yields and potency! Just as you can play

with your light cycles, spectrums, and other aspects of the environment to create a more unique end

result, you can also pay attention to your plants nutritional diet! In fact, I think of the light almost as a

nutrient, each light spectrum is like a different type of food for the plant. LED spectrums call for different

usage of calcium and magnesium to drive photosynthesis, for example!

Genetics are another important factor in growing the most enjoyable and unique cannabis. In addition

to creating your own unique environment, try to grow some unique strains. Rather than following

the hype strains, you should look for strains which actually appeal to your preferences. When buying

seeds I always read about the Effects of the strains I am looking into, so I can find something that I

think I will like. I also make all my plant selections for my own breeding, based on the way the plants

effects make me feel! This is the cornerstone of Mass Medical Strains varieties, and selecting for

effect should be the number one factor in any garden.

There are thousands of different gene pools and strains and crosses. Make sure your garden is one

of diversity. If you are growing ten different strains that all have a single strain like OG or Cookies

somewhere in the lineage, you’re not going to have the same type of unique variety to smoke from

compared to a garden which has ten different strains which share no common parents with each

other! Seek out unique strains, and you will stand out. You’ll also experience a much wider range of

effects, flavors, and vibes.

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Star Pupil in Hawaii, has an extra clear

psychedelic euphoric effect.

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