when isolating the plant to a rosin, shatter or full melt

hash. It will never be too hard to learn what the most

currently demanded flavour is, and then discovering

which breeders are big on their terp game!

Plants Growing in a Sea of Green Formation

Is It Only About Yield?

As briefly mentioned in the point above, yield is only

important when it comes to meeting commercial scale

numbers, working with profit margins and pleasing

investors. To overlook effect, flowering time, resistance

factors, terpene profile and cannabinoid profile is very

short sighted.

Our top tip here is to forget about yield capabilities, as these can be directly

influenced by plant training. Instead grow for flavour, potency and then

yield and spend time to dial in that particular cultivar. Finding a keeper that

ticks all the boxes for you is far more satisfying than growing a big producing

strain just out of practicality. There are some incredible strains available

on the market and bottle necking them to accomodate for yield would be


Growing Outdoors

There is no better feeling than growing Cannabis plants outdoors as nature

intended. The benefit of U.V sunlight and a way to go crazy in the organics

department. Some indoors strains will perform better than others, for example

Blue Dream outdoors is a super reliant strain. However, there are also other things to consider

before planting outdoors.

Our top tip here is to think about your surroundings and to know how much light you recieve. You

may be in a location that receives sun all day during the Summer months, yet becomes restricted due

to a landscape or wooded area. Select a Cannabis strain that requires a short flowering time if this

is the case, as more demanding sativa strains will only fail to form biomass and mature with serious


A Medicinal Harvest

Dutch Passion Strain

Growing Outdoors

For those who use Cannabis medicinally for therapeutic purposes, then there has never been a better

time to grow. The advancements with breeding programmes for legal hemp 0.2% THC hybrids, to

CBD dominant strains that range in cannabinoid ratio (THC / CBD. 1:1,1:2,1:3:1:20 and so on) has

never been so high.

Our top tip here is to decide on a CBD strain based on the desired effect. One of the best things

about CBD hybrids is that people can enjoy the flavour and social aspect of smoking flowers without

feeling the cerebral effects too much. This opens the door for first time smokers to also enjoy Cannabis

in flower form. On the other hand there are some CBD hybrids that are in the 20% mark for

potency, so the option to grow a well balanced variety or a heavily medicinal strain has never been so

readily available.


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