Strain Review

by Irie Lion

Punch Breath

Mendo Breath F2 x Purple Punch F2

Grower: The Irie Lion

Bred by: Symbiotic Genetics


Punch Breath is an indica dominant strain from

Symbiotic genetics thats available in

regular seeds and can express its genetics in a

variety of ways, through different phenotypical

expressions. Within this strain review, we will so

be covering 2 phenotypes. We've chose to go

over these two in depth because, we tend to notice

that the probable majority of people are truly

yet aware on just how different one strain can be

from itself..... and this is just one more reason

why growers become so passionate about pheno

hunting. We originally started with 5 amazingly

strong phenotypes...

After running them 4 times we begrudgingly

selected two main phenotypes which felt like

being forced to pick your favorite children! We

green and will veg just a tad more thicker than

she grows in a perfectly traditional christmas tree

style with very woody stems that will run races

of purple and red stripes up and down her stems

ready to support strong yields and one super

microbial activity in your soil will keep leaves dark

Topping this strain early will help limit its height

and encourage lateral branching on pheno 2....

left untapped, as she is always ready to produce

one hell of a cola! Internodal spacing is moderate


to the more moderate to tight internodes

Flowering time across phenos averaged out at

about 8.5 to 9.5 weeks. According to the plants

trichomes, shes generally ready at 8.5 weeks,

but can be pushed and extra week to week and

COVERED in trichs at week 5 and it's a sight to

behold. From that point shes a slow roller that

continually produces extremely glossy and glimmering

resinous bud from the beginning wk 3 un-

she remains 85% green with small hues of purple

just at the tips of her budding calyxes, unlike her

glance in veg, gives you the hint shes gonna

produces connecting colas and buds due to her

tighter internodes. She begins packing on the

buds at wk 3 and is a steady grower until about

wk 7, where she just begins to double in thickness.

She is covered in resin glands that leans

sweet grapefruit....with undertones of that Mendo

Breath funk for an added spin on the exhale.

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