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Cheap <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways’ Reservation<br />

<strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways usually provides cheap flights on Wednesdays when reservations<br />

can be carried out for almost 9% lower than the carrier’s average prices which<br />

can easily let you save $67 in savings. Book your flight tickets for <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways<br />

at FareCopy.com and avail discounted tickets even on the days apart from<br />

Wednesdays.<br />

About <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways<br />

<strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways is a low cost air carrier headquartered in New York City. The sixth<br />

largest airline in United States, <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> is headquartered in Long Island City,<br />

neighbour of the New York City borough of Queens having its main base at John<br />

F. Kennedy International Airport. In 2018, <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> generated revenue of $7.7<br />

billion carrying over 42 million customers with an average of 1,000 daily flights<br />

and served 105 destinations in United States, the Caribbean and Latin America.<br />

Versatile <strong>Airline</strong>s, <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> offers customers much more legroom, seats almost<br />

always have TVs and holds good snacks options too.

<strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways: Sustainable Operations<br />

❖ <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways is always looking to reduce the natural resources they use,<br />

<strong>by</strong> reusing and recycling materials, whether in air or on ground.<br />

❖ <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways is continuously working for the transitioning of<br />

conventional vehicles and gasoline vehicles to electric equipments and is<br />

also investing in the next generation of sustainable aviation start-ups.<br />

Promises <strong>by</strong> <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways<br />

❖ <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways strives to make the journey of yours, as simple &<br />

comfortable, as possible.<br />

❖ <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways always notifies customer regarding flight delays or<br />

cancellations in time. Customer could receive notification via jet<strong>Blue</strong>.com,<br />

telephone, flight information display system, airport announcement,<br />

onboard announcement and email or text message.<br />

❖ <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways always provide full refund or fare-free re-accommodation<br />

to its customers if any of its flights gets cancelled.<br />

❖ One will never regret for travelling with <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways as it comes with<br />

much extra legroom for better and comfortable experiences.

<strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways: Destinations<br />

❖ As per the reports of April 2019, <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> airways cover almost 102<br />

destinations in North, Central and South America.<br />

❖ It was on May 6, 2015, when jet <strong>Blue</strong> became the first airlines that was<br />

granted with a license to commerce charter flights to Cuba, with flights<br />

departing from New York City.<br />

❖ Recently, jet <strong>Blue</strong> Airways announced to launch trans-Atlantic flights soon,<br />

between New York and Boston and London.<br />

<strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways: Frequent Flyer Programs<br />

❖ Frequent Flyer Program at jet <strong>Blue</strong> is termed as ‘True-blue’, which<br />

rewarded customers with three, four and six points, depending on the<br />

distance they flew with jet <strong>Blue</strong> aircrafts.<br />

❖ In September, <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> adapted a change in their reward point distribution<br />

system and started giving three points to every dollar spent <strong>by</strong> customers<br />

on their jet <strong>Blue</strong> flight reservations but these points had particular usage<br />

period and were give particular expiry dates.<br />

❖ In 2013, jet <strong>Blue</strong> announced that these True-blue reward points will never<br />

expire and can be used for lifetime.<br />

Contact Us<br />

For queries related to your reservation with <strong>Jet</strong><strong>Blue</strong> Airways, contact at:<br />

1-801-449-2525<br />


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