2018-19 Annual Report


The 2018-19 Annual Report, published by the College of Business and Economic Development at The University of Southern Mississippi, tells stories of outstanding achievements made by our faculty, students, staff, donors, and alumni over the course of the academic year.

and go to the beach for the day. She and her roommate, Bernice

Snowden, who had also attended East Central with Miriam, remained

friends until Bernice passed away a few years ago.

While reminiscing on her time in the Accounting program, Miriam

told stories about her favorite professors and classes. “Mr. Scott

would put a copy of our exam, turned upside down, on each student’s

desk. There were a couple times in Cost Accounting that Mr. Scott

said, ‘Thanks to Miss Moore, I had to change this exam.’ He would

say it with a grin.” Mr. Scott was making changes to the exam so

that the questions were also relatable for Miriam, as all were geared

specifically toward men at the time.






“When I was about ready to graduate, Dr. Joe Greene, the dean of the

Business School, said he had checked the records back as far as he

could, and as far as he could tell, I was the first female to graduate from

[Southern Miss] in accounting.”

Once she graduated from Southern Miss, Miriam followed in her father’s

footsteps and joined the Navy in 1953. She was the only female in her

company of 30. “They took good care of me, treated me like they would

have their little sister. One of the guys in my company gave me the

nickname, Mim.”

Mim worked as a disbursing officer for two years in San Diego before leaving

to marry her husband, Don Adamson. A few years later, Don secured a

position at IBM, which they jokingly said stood for “I’ve Been Moved.” The

Adamson family moved 15 times over a 30-year period, living in places such

as Michigan, Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, Georgia and Mississippi.

In each new location, Mim would quickly find an accounting position

and begin work again. Due to these frequent moves, Mim had the

opportunity to work for quite a few interesting companies.

While the family lived in New York during the late ‘60s, Mim worked

as a bookkeeper for Mr. Ed Jurist, who owned Vintage Car Store, and

the name says it all. “At the time, it was the largest vintage car dealer

in the country. He always had a showroom filled with cars that men

drooled over.” Mim mentions Jurist owning and selling vehicles, such as

Phantom IV Rolls and Excalibur cars.

When the family moved to Boca Raton, Florida, in the mid ‘70s, Mim

accepted a position at Creative Ceramics working for Elliott Mackle.

The company was transitioning into a ceramics manufacturer, building

a factory, hiring employees and starting production, and Mim was

hired to set up and run an accounting system for the growing business.

In Connecticut, Mim secured a job as an accountant for Mr. Scott Savage,

the owner of Savage Eye Wear and other businesses. Scott invented certain

swim goggles and nylon frames for eye glasses and different types of ski

goggles. “His goggles were used in the Winter Olympics at least one year.”

Miriam also secured jobs through various CPA firms, being assigned

to work temporarily for companies in need. “Without my degree

in accounting from USM, I could never have held the jobs that I did.

Professor Robert Scott did a great job of preparing the accounting

majors for life outside of college.” She described her courses as being

taught by professors that cared about and assisted with her success.

In addition to Mim’s career, she has always been very involved in volunteer

work. She set the books up for Boca Raton Methodist Church in Florida

while living there. She was elected president of the Board of Trustees at

Long Ridge Methodist Church in Connecticut, where she led the initiative

to renovate their Fellowship Hall. She was on the Finance Committee at the

First Methodist Church in Greensboro. She started a coffee club of 10 ladies,

which grew to over 350 members who lead many volunteer projects. She

joined the Missions Committee at her church in Hattiesburg.

Mim and her husband of 65 years have three children (Debbie, Doug and

Cindy), six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She is known by the

family as a “self-taught technology whiz.” In fact, while her granddaughter

was in graduate school a few years ago, Mim was called for assistance

with a group project involving Excel. Shocking the fellow group members,

Mim immediately knew how to solve the problem they were experiencing!

Mim and Don retired in Georgia

before moving to Hattiesburg

in 1997. “We just decided we

wanted to be some place with a

college campus and in a city that

has what Hattiesburg has.”

They have travelled the world

to places, such as Hong Kong,

Australia, Switzerland, Ireland,

China, Scandinavia, Thailand,

England, Italy, Austria, Russia

and many, many more.

3 + 2 = ?


Miriam owned a dog that could do simple addition problems. Kuddles, the peek-a-poo, could be asked to add two

single-digit numbers together and tap out the correct answer with her paw in the palm of your hand. She eventually

got so good, she could tap out the family’s zip code. She was featured in multiple newspaper articles, performed for

schools and churches, and became a sensation in each of the towns the Adamson family moved to.

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