2018-19 Annual Report


The 2018-19 Annual Report, published by the College of Business and Economic Development at The University of Southern Mississippi, tells stories of outstanding achievements made by our faculty, students, staff, donors, and alumni over the course of the academic year.




Abdurakhmonov, M., Bolton, J. F., & Ridge, J.

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Journal of Accounting, Ethics and Public Policy.

Galvin, B. M., Randel, A. E., Collins, B. J., &

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Goodwin, K. R., Waller, B., & Weeks, S. (2018).

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Estate Listings. Journal of Housing Research.

Dr. Fujun Lai was a guest editor

for the March 2019 special issue of

Information and Management (impact

factor = 3.890; acceptance rate = 8%).

In addition, Dr. Lai and Dr. Brian Collins

each contributed an article to the issue.

Dr. SherRhonda Gibbs was the

managing guest editor for the special

issue of the New England Journal of

Entrepreneurship (acceptance rate =

20%) and became associate editor of

Management Decision (impact factor =

1.53; acceptance rate = 12%). Dr. Gibbs

also had a published paper in the Journal

of Small Business Strategy (acceptance

rate = 18%) that was later featured by

Society for Industrial and Organizational

Psychology (SIOP) News online.

Dr. Kimberly Goodwin had an

acceptance in the Journal of Housing

Research for her paper, titled “Measures

of Real Estate Market Sentiment and

Their Relationship with U.S. Home

Prices.” Dr. Goodwin presented this work

at the Asian Real Estate Society meeting

in Incheon, South Korea. Additionally,

Dr. Goodwin was interviewed for two

separate online articles: The Mississippi

Business Journal, discussing how climate

change and changing weather patterns

could impact insurance rates; and the

LendingTree, discussing how gender may

affect one’s credit score.

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