2018-19 Annual Report


The 2018-19 Annual Report, published by the College of Business and Economic Development at The University of Southern Mississippi, tells stories of outstanding achievements made by our faculty, students, staff, donors, and alumni over the course of the academic year.


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USM’s Association of College and University

Educators (ACUE) Faculty Development

Institute is an innovative initiative focused

on expanding the use of effective teaching

practices in higher education. Southern Miss

began its partnership with ACUE, which was

founded in 2016 by leaders in higher education

to advance instruction, support college

educators, and promote student success.

The program consists of three courses over

three semesters, beginning with Active

Learning, followed by Assessment of

Teaching and Learning, and culminating with

Effective Course Design. Each intensive, 10-

week program focuses on research-based

techniques for promoting active learning,

improving assessment techniques and

designing effective courses.

Five of our very own, Dr. Reginald Wilson,

Dr. Joanne Cao, Chris Croft, Russ Willis

and Chris Balaski, are one course away

from earning the Certificate in Effective

College Instruction and the title of “ACUE

Distinguished Teaching Scholar.”

Currently, we have three professors that

have already earned the title: Dr. Gallayanee

Yaoyuneyong, Dr. Steven Stelk and Dr.

Sungsoo Kim.

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