2018-19 Annual Report


The 2018-19 Annual Report, published by the College of Business and Economic Development at The University of Southern Mississippi, tells stories of outstanding achievements made by our faculty, students, staff, donors, and alumni over the course of the academic year.




The University of Southern Mississippi’s College of Business and

Economic Development collaborated across three business programs

-- Economic Development, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and

Sport Management -- to assist the city of Grenada on a sport’s complex

feasibility study.

Matthew Harrison, the economic developer from Grenada County and

a Master of Science Economic Development program alumnus, initiated

the study in conjunction with Southern Miss, saying he was confident

that our expert faculty could provide him with valuable knowledge and

resources to create a well-developed feasibility study. Dr. Sungsoo Kim,

Dr. Brandon Allen, Dr. Chris Croft and Dr. Chad Miller traveled to Grenada

County multiple times throughout the summer to collect primary data

through intercept surveys and secondary data from a variety of sources.

Upon completion of their research, the team gave a presentation to

community leaders and citizens showcasing their ideas for the city. The

collaboration resulted in two reports: Sports Complex Feasibility Study

for Grenada County, Miss., and a Preliminary Economic Impact Study.

These reports made it possible for local leaders to make more informed

decisions concerning their investment of the new sports complex.

Harrison stated that the feasibility study ultimately became the

foundation for their success. “We used the data to build awareness and

educate the community about the economic impact, which allowed our

support to gain in momentum. The vote was held on October 2 and passed

with a whopping 86 percent. We could not have had this type of success

without the feasibility study prepared by Dr. Sungsoo Kim and his expert

team at the USM College of Business and Economic Development."

The new, 170-acre complex is currently in the engineering design phase,

with indoor and outdoor developments. The completed complex will

include 12 baseball/softball fields and five multi-use fields, along with

an indoor track, bowling lanes, fitness and training areas, basketball/

volleyball courts and a natatorium.




The award is intended to recognize exceptional contributions of communities in

the state of Mississippi for efforts, such as business retention and expansion,

business recruitment, community development and community involvement.



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