Proper Way To Send a Professional Mai In Yahoo


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Proper Way to Send a Professional Mail in



Yahoo is so widely used mail platform that let exchanged mails between

millions of users worldwide. It makes sure that enhanced mails are exchanged

so that user can enjoy better mail oriented services without any hindrances. It

is obvious that because yahoo provides other services as well with mail

platform user can get all this functionalities right when they are using their

yahoo mail platform but the truth is that still many users prefer yahoo only

for its enhanced mail services rather than any other additional applications.

Whether it is mail or any other entertainment application everything on

yahoo is user oriented which make sure that no user face any issues

using yahoo platform but in case if any help is further needed they may

obtain easy help from Yahoo Customer Service Number. The

yahoo mail is widely used for sending both personal and professional

mails and users have been sending both the mail with yahoo from last

many years but there is difference between the two.

There are certain things which must be kept in mind while sending a

professional mail which is not necessarily required for personal mail

and this includes:

Some Important Thing to

Write Professional Mail

1. Avoid abbreviations – When you are sending a professional mail including

complete words is necessary because this looks to be formal.

2. Avoid slangs – You may send a slang or comment to your friend but not to

your professional colleagues which must be taken care of.

3. Include salutation – When it is professional mail you need to include initial

salutation like dear sir or respected site.

4. Be sure of subject – For a friend even a message without subject is ok but for

professional mail you need to include subject about the mail so that your

authority can understand what the mail is for.

5. Check for grammatical error – Even though this is necessary in both cases

but checking it for professional mail is more essential for conveying well.

6. Formal tone – In professional mail you generally use formal words and

formal tone which is not necessarily used in personal mails.

7. Passive voice - Formal message is in passive which includes details about

yesterday or etc. but an informal message in mail can be anything and of any


8. Avoid using emoticons – Yahoo surely provides facility of emoticons to make

a message attractive but avoid using it in formal mails to make it look


9. Stop using caps – You need to remember that a professional mail is never in

capital fonts. Surely professional mail is different from personal mail in some

aspects and one should take care of these things for sending an effective

official mail with yahoo and in case you need any help you may obtain it from


experts are well trained and understand all kind of technical issues and get the

best suggestion in few minute.

For more info: Yahoo Customer Care Number

1877-336-9533 USA/CA

Address: Phoenix, AZ, 85029 USA

Thank You

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