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was the


point in my

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Celebrity chef

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Real life

18 ‘Trusting meant

no regrets’

Letting her inner voice

take charge gave Anna

Buchanan precious time

with someone very special

44 ‘We surrendered and

found happiness’

Two readers share how trusting

in the universe helped them to

find their way in life

52 ‘I’m even mindful when

making tea’

TV presenter, chef and restaurateur

Jasmine Hemsley talks Ayurveda,

crystal sound baths and her favourite

daily rituals

66 ‘Silent retreat saved my life’

Jess Janda wondered what she was

getting herself into when she decided

to take time away from her crazy life

79 ‘Mystery voice transformed me’

Little did Jack Walton know that he

was about to get a wake-up call from

an unexpected source

98 ‘My spiritual inspiration’

Solitary eclectic witch Una Luna Tobin

shares her deep love of the Wiccan religion


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22 Learn to let go

Surrender what doesn’t serve you and you’ll

create more space in your heart and soul

for what you do need

32 Time for a spiritual declutter

Clear out the cupboards in your home...

and make room for the Divine

36 Learn to shine

Draw on the wisdom of crystals to

discover where your focus in your

life should be right now

48 Have faith in prayer

Transform your daily life by

learning to connect with

this universal energy

80 Stranger in the night

Spiritual fiction: Sid thought he was

doing a good deed but is was to

have chilling consequences for

the kindly bus driver



62 Health & Wellbeing

Our round-up of the latest tips and

trends to help you feel amazing

inside and out! From the latest

happiness apps to calming

plants to add to your diet

68 Heal your soul

with spice

Turn the heat up on

autumn with chillies


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Trust that the universe has a plan for you

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Abundance Aunt Sarupa Shah

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spiritual relationship with money

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Abundance Aunt Sarupa Shah shows

you how to build a healthy, spiritual

relationship with money

Part 6

When we perform spiritual

rituals, energy builds up,

together with insight,

awareness and an

understanding of all the potential open to us,

including our ability to attract money.

Whether you are meditating, creating a vision

board, or repeating affirmations, when you are

in the present moment it’s easier to hear your

inner voice. It’s also easier to hear Spirit and the

universe bringing inspiration and guidance, and

showing you how you can attract abundance.


Start by developing a money affirmation

– if you don’t already have a money

affirmation you are working with, you

could try this one, ‘I am safe to be

financially abundant.’

One of the most potent ways to use

affirmations is to say them to yourself

in front of a mirror.

Standing up, so your energy can flow

freely, look at your reflection and repeat

your money affirmation to yourself as

you look into your eyes.

When you do this, you will see when

you are resisting as the mirror doesn’t

lie. You also can’t hide from thoughts

telling you that financial abundance

is impossible.

The more you repeat your money

affirmation to your reflection, the easier

you will find it to diffuse the energy of

your limitations.

Do this daily for five minutes.

I like to focus on a single ritual for a 28-day

cycle, as this length of time forges an energy shift

within me, moving me constantly towards my

goal of living a more abundant life.

Here I am going to share with you some very

simple rituals that I love, and which will help

increase your financial flow.

But first, a tip for you: before beginning

any spiritual ritual, it is important to spend

a few minutes connecting to yourself and

opening your heart. This is the seat of your

soul and connects you to higher frequencies

and dimensions.

Take four deep breaths, slowly breathing

in and out, and visualise yourself in a bubble

of protective blue light.

In that space, set your intent for the

ritual you are about to perform by saying,

‘I am about to practice [insert ritual] to open

me up to abundance.’

Then place your left hand on your heart

chakra and breathe into it, while imagining

it expanding.

Now you are ready to try some of my

favourite abundance-attracting rituals.

✿ More info thesoulagentblog.com


Have a journal dedicated to your abundance journey, as this makes it sacred and

allows the energy to build up.

A great daily exercise is to write down 10 things you love about yourself. It is

important to avoid the word ‘because’ as, energetically, that is a justification – and you

don't need to justify why you love you, and why you are lovable.

This is a super powerful ritual, and important too, as money is the energy of love

manifest into matter. It will help you step into self-appreciation and self-love – as

without self-acceptance, financial abundance will always feel, and be, a struggle.


october 2019 spiritanddestiny.co.uk


Money meditations

Whenever you meditate you are opening up your energy to the universe, your higher

self, and Spirit. I know this is a practice that often gets forgotten, however, if you aren’t

meditating you aren’t opening yourself up to all that you can be, and will miss out on

creating easy and effortless energy shifts.

On the Spirit&Destiny Facebook page, I have been sharing a money meditation every

month, so pick one to work with.

Using meditation for spiritual growth, like using affirmations, requires commitment,

and I recommend committing to your money meditation for a month. You don’t have to

practise every day, but at least more than once a week.

Money mandala

Spend a few minutes

looking at this mandala and

connecting with the question.

Breathe in and close your eyes,

while holding the question

in your heart as it guides you

and shows you what your soul

wants to reveal to you.

Where do you enjoy


A money altar

A money altar will provide a focal

point for something sacred to you.

To create one, you don’t need

a huge clear space – a window ledge,

part of a bookshelf or a bedside

table will do.

Over the period of a month, place

items that represent abundance

to you on your altar. Spend some

time in front of it setting your

intention to be more open to

abundance. Lighting a candle on

your altar will help you to centre and

connect with your inner abundance

to achieve outer success.



Sarupa’s five

top journalling

exercises to

help you on

your abundance


spiritanddestiny.co.uk october 2019 59

A ritual for…

Cutting ties

with your



go of what is holding

you back and trust that the

universe has a plan for you

Step one

Take a piece of

coloured thread and tie

it around your wrist. As

you do so, say out loud

what it is you’re trying

to let go of.

Step two

Wear the thread for a week

as a reminder of your

commitment to move on

from the past as you go

about your day.


october 2019 spiritanddestiny.co.uk

Time for you

Step three

On the seventh day, write down

all the fears you have about

what you are letting go of.

Then burn the piece of paper

in a fireproof dish to release

your worries.

Step four

Find a quiet space and say out

loud, ‘I am committed and

willing to be present and let go.’

Then get a pair of scissors and

cut the thread around your

wrist, saying out loud, ‘I let go of

[insert what it is] because it no

longer serves me.’

Step five

Create a vision board of

what your life will look like

now you’ve let go of the past

and place it somewhere you

can see it regularly to help

you move on.

Compiled by kate delamere photo shutterstock

spiritanddestiny.co.uk october 2019 31


letting go

Trust that by setting your troubles free change will come

By letting go

I create a

space for




my worries,

I grow

I say

goodbye to



feel calm

I trust my higher power

to free me from my fears


october 2019 spiritanddestiny.co.uk

The universe

will catch

me and

i will fly

I trust myself

my good


My spirit

is free

when I

free my


daily positivity



You tell us the

affirmations that

work for you

I let go and

trust totally

Penny Wing, Facebook

I trust the universe

that all is good

and so it is

Catherine Rebecca Grove,


It came to pass, it

never came to stay

Maddie CerinCeru, Facebook

I trust that when

I let go, the universe

keeps me safe

Leanne Marie, by email

When I trust and

believe, I receive

Joanne Hope, by email

When I’m empty,

the universe fills me

Zena Gallon, Facebook

When I let go of

negativity, I trust

that the universe

will give me positivity

and love

Jacqui Alves, Facebook

I trust my


are blessings

in disguise

What are your



Share them on our

Facebook page



Email spirit.destiny@


Write to Spirit & Destiny,

24-28 Oval Road, NW1 7DT

spiritanddestiny.co.uk october 2019 71

compiled by kate delamere photo istock

New horizons

a psychic

Our regular monthly peek

into the life Nicky Alan

shares with spirits


Last night I had a dream where I was walking

along a river and talking with this lovely man.

I had no clue who he was but enjoyed his

company. He was kind and told me how

much he loved to draw nature, then

welcomed me on to his barge. I felt so elated

after the dream and remembered everything.

Today I did a reading for a lady and, blow me,

the dream came back into my head.

I described the man to her and how he loved

to paint and lived on a barge. Incredibly, it

was her dad who had passed – he’d wanted to

let his daughter know he was happy.



I have met a beautiful soul called Vinnie, who

specialises in trauma release. Since writing

my memoir, M.E Myself and I: Diary of

a Psychic, I know that part of my new path is

to help people ride out the storm of their

darkness and live in a new and healthy light.

We have already come up with some great

ideas and projects, which have left me so

excited for the future. I love how the

universe puts certain souls together

for the greater good.

Today I did a Skype reading with a lady from

Nevada and asked her to move through her

house until I told her to stop and look right. Her

son in Spirit wanted her to look at a photo on the

wall, a picture of them at his graduation. He

wanted her to remember the good times they

had had together and that this is what she must

focus on. How clever of her son to guide her to

a photo that he obviously adored. She had been

contemplating going back to school to study,

this was his way of inspiring her to go do it.


october 2019 spiritanddestiny.co.uk

A week in the life


My grandad from Spirit woke me and

told me that my relationship was

coming to an end. Unfortunately, he

was right. How weird that I met Vinnie

yesterday, and my friend gifted me

some violet oil, which helps heal broken

hearts. He has also inspired me to study

sacred oils. It has been hard coming

to terms with my heartache but

I have focused on all of the positives,

including the fact that I can now guide

people in the powerful art of these

very precious oils.


My friend took me on a motorbike ride up to

Dartmoor to cheer me up. When we got there,

I did a little meditation looking out on the tors.

There before me stood Archangel Michael. He

placed his hand on my head telling me that he

was cutting the cords from my past hurts. He

showed me the number 222 before he

disappeared. When my friend and I went to

a nearby café, our table number was 22. Later,

when I turned my oven on, the display said

2.22! Angel number 222 is a message to trust

yourself when you have tough decisions to

make over relationships and love.



Nicky next


For more

details about

Nicky, visit


spiritanddestiny.co.uk october 2019 57

Find your inner peace






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