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For the tagine:

750g diced goat shoulder (substitute

with either lamb or mutton)

1 tsp Cornish Sea Salt crystals

1 tbsp ras el hanout

1l chicken stock

200g canned tomato

200g chickpeas

150g diced white onion

100ml red wine

4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 tbsp parsley, finely chopped

1 tbsp mint, finely chopped

1 tbsp root ginger, grated

1 red chilli, deseeded and finely diced

1 tbsp olive oil


Heat your oil in a casserole pan and add your goat

meat, Cornish Sea Salt and ras el hanout

seasoning. Sear on a high heat for 5 minutes until

the meat is browned.

Add the onion, garlic, chilli and ginger and cook

for another 5 minutes.

Next add in your red wine to deglaze the pan and

keep all the yummy umami flavour from the pan.

Follow with stock, tomatoes and chickpeas. Turn

down the heat and cover your pan. Cook for 2

hours on a low heat, stirring occasionally.

Add freshly chopped herbs before serving.

You can make the couscous in advance or serve

warm with the Goat Tagine. In a saucepan heat a

little oil and then add in your couscous. Stir until

starting to warm and then cover with boiling

water. Remove from the heat and leave to rest for

10 -15 minutes.

Fluff up the couscous with a fork and add in finely

chopped nuts, herbs, lemon and chopped apricot

along with a generous spoonful of harissa.

Serve warm with your goat tagine and some

grilled flat bread.


In 2011, Erin Fairbanks and renowned cheesemaker Anne Saxelby wanted to end the

practice of wastefully sending young billy goats to slaughter that the dairy industry had no

use for. Goatober was born and with it a month-long celebration of putting goat meat on the

menu of restaurants around the world and encouraging people to try cooking goat at home

themselves. Goatober spreads the word that goat meat is delicious, ethical and sustainable.


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