Seasoned Autumn/Winter 2019


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To experience real hot

chocolate follow the

simple instructions


500ml water

40g unrefined light

muscovado sugar

30g cocoa powder

150g dark chocolate

70% or above

1tsp of Cornish Sea Salt

(smoked salt with a dash of

whisky is amazing)

To make the perfect

hot chocolate:/

Bring the water and sugar to the

simmer, add the cocoa and

simmer for 2 minutes then add

the chocolate. Whisk well and

heat until smooth and glossy.

Simmer gently for 3 to 4 minutes.

If you prefer your hot chocolate

even more thick and glossy

simply add more chocolate. Add a

pinch of Cornish Sea Salt to

experience hot chocolate the

sweet and salty way.


Paul’s Hot


“I love real hot chocolate made with water as the

flavour of the cocoa beans used in the chocolate

really shines through. Autumn means warming

drinks and warming hands on warm mugs of hot

chocolate. Sea salt enhances the chocolate

flavours and means you want more…as it’s not as

sweet as many hot chocolates tend to be.”


Paul’s hot chocolate


Replace a quarter of the water

with liqueur for hot chocolate

with a kick.

Serve with a large spoon of thick

double cream and Paul’s

chocolate pearls for the

alternative chocolate dessert.

Serve over ice with a grating of

lemon zest for a refreshing

summer drink.

Make the recipe as above and

store in the refrigerator for up to

two days so enjoying this special

hot chocolate recipe could not be

any easier. Simply warm through

in a saucepan and serve.

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