Seasoned Autumn/Winter 2019


* Preserving the Harvest
* Sweet & Salty
* Seasoned Greetings
* Sea Salt Differently


As the days start to

shorten and autumn sets

in, many of us naturally

turn to comfort food, rustic

warming meals and

enjoying the harvest at

home. This is my favourite

time of year as a chef, with

an abundance of root

vegetables and pumpkins from the garden,

meats from the farm and apples from the

orchard. Cornish Sea Salt is a great tool to

preserve this harvest, cure meats, and

season all your favourite dishes.

We’ve focused on seasonal dishes that the whole family

will enjoy, including; the Ultimate BLT sandwich made

with your own home-cured bacon, harvest squash gnocchi,

a roast chicken with a twist and a classic pulled pork roll

with apple sauce.

Here at Cornish Sea Salt, ‘Sweet & Salty’ is a real theme for

us and to celebrate the relationship with Paul A Young

we’ve been inspired to create a Salted Toffee Apple recipe

perfect for Bonfire Night or an autumnal treat. We are also

celebrating Goatober this season with our Goat Tagine

recipe packed with both sweetness and aromatic spices.

Cornish Sea Salt Flakes, Crystals and Simple Seasonings are

ideal in the kitchen to take a humble family-favourite and add

a twist that amplifies the natural flavours in a dish. We are

excited to reveal more new Cornish Sea Salt seasoning

blends coming soon, and for more information and recipes

check out the Cornish Sea Salt website and Instagram feed.

James Strawbridge/

Development Chef & Salt Sommelier, Cornish Sea Salt Co.

An Introduction to

Curing / 8

Learn how to cure your own bacon.

Goatober / 19





Meet Suzanne Skerry -

our Sales Director

She reveals why the

perception around sea

salt is changing.

We’re giving you a sneaky peek of one of our

newest flavour inventions: Cornish Sea Salt with

Lemon & Pepper.

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