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your workbook

transform the way you organize your home + life

Michelle Kuiken, Organizer + Coach

Organizing with Intention

your Workbook

A step-by-step guide to transform the way you organize your home + life

Part 1: Lay the Ground Work

Part 2: Create Awareness

Part 3: Take Action + Make Choices

Part 4: Create a plan

Part 5: Maintain for the Future

Part 6: Create Space

Part 7: Resources + About


Michelle Kuiken

Professional Organizer + Productivity Coach

The Proper Place

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PART 1 Lay the Groundwork

To the readers of this workbook

You’re reading this because you’re curious about more order. You’re at a place where you need some

direction to get motivated and ideas to create action. I know, you feel like you should be able to

organize your own time and space, but the reality is that sometimes we need help to get back on track,

or even find the track. You are not alone in your journey toward more order. Studies supported by the

National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals ( show that people who are

overwhelmed by disorganization have less healthy diets, exhibit signs of stress, and are overall less

satisfied with life. Thousands of women are looking for more order to add balance to their lives. You

stand out from these thousands because you are ready to take action.

Organization and productivity will help you simplify your life and mind, as well as maintain order

amongst your busy days. Time and space are precious commodities. Let this workbook guide you as you

intentionally choose the path to understanding and conquering the order in your life. The work you’ll

put in to making hard choices, and the journey of getting organized, is the start to being free to do more

life! Grab a pen and join the march toward more order.

RECAP: Time and space are precious commodities.

REFLECT: How do my current actions and schedule represent how I value time and space in my life?

How to use this workbook

Read and complete the whole workbook, ideally in one setting, then implement what you’ve learned for

an organizing project. This is called a “workbook” because it is meant to be written in, highlighted, and

actively implemented. It has questions at the end of each section in order to challenge your mind-set

and thought processes. The RECAP and REFLECT sections are built in to help you pause and consider how

it applies to your situation. There are extra pages in the back of the workbook for additional space or

notes. Don’t glance over the REFLECT questions, but stop to consider how they apply. This workbook is

unique because it addresses your mindsets and your actions. If you want to experience change, it starts

from challenging how you see and experience your situation. Usually our mindsets are what hold us

back from long-term success.

The workbook is meant to be used and reused as new organizing challenges arise. Reference back to

individual sections as needed. Use the parts that resonate with you again and skip the parts that aren’t

as pressing in your current life stage. We are all in a different place in our organizing and productivity

journey, and that’s a beautiful thing! Organizing is not a one-size-fits-all, so explore this workbook in

your current life situation — and as life transitions and things get out of order, use it again. May this

workbook help you restore order to your life, mind, and heart, wherever you find yourself.

RECAP: There is always a reason why.

REFLECT: Why did I choose to start this workbook? Why now?

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STEP ONE: identify the challenges

A. What’s one thing/area you already have organized in your life? We all have something, even if it’s as

simple as storing your nail polish in one place.

B. We all have roles that shape our lives; mother, daughter, business owner, volunteer, etc. In your life,

which roles require you to be responsible for tasks/order/moving forward? Write the four main roles in

the circles below. The worksheet will refer back to these roles and the color of the circles.

C. For each of these roles, what are two organizing or productivity challenges that make you stuck or

feel overwhelmed? (Write answers in the corresponding color that matches the role above.)

• _________________________________________

• _________________________________________

• _________________________________________

• _________________________________________

• _________________________________________

• _________________________________________

• _________________________________________

• _________________________________________

D. Circle one challenge in each box that affects your everyday life the most.

E. Consider the challenges you circled. Write one word in each box to describe how this challenge makes

you feel. (i.e. stressed, anxious, helpless, etc.)

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