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“I hear a lot of people talking about gloves and how they

often need a new pair. Personally, whether it’s brand new this

doesn’t bother me at all and again it is something customized

for me. If any of the fingers are a bit tight then they stretch

them out, or if they are long then they shorten them. I’ve had

3-4 crashes in the gloves I’m using now and they look brand

new. I know there are different materials so that when you

crash it slides on the surface, like a small carbon piece near the

palm of your hand. It can be quite scientific but I’m lucky that I

have not had many injuries at all with my hands.”

“For my helmet a 3D scan of my head was made so that the

inside was totally custom-fitted. It is almost like an internal

liner that fits every little bump! It’s perfectly formed and I’m

using the new model to fit the new homologation and it must

be a kilo lighter! On a normal day I’ll wear a tinted visor. If

it has been raining and there are some patches on track or

it’s cloudy then I will wear a half-tint. The company I’m with

brought out a visor with some new technology last year

where water never sits on top and it never mists up. Since

then I’ve never worried about it. Before we had that dual visor

system that you get in normal helmets for the road but water

could sometimes drop in between the two layers. Since the

new visor it’s been really cool.”

Finishing our shoot we ask Brad if there is anything that

he’d like to see changed or introduced to his race outfit. Riders

obviously need to move and react to the full behavior of the

bike so flex is key, but aerodynamics are also vital in the chase

of winning lap times so keeping their shape slim and narrow

is paramount. “I don’t know what else we can wear or do,” he

thinks. “I think every aspect is covered!”


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