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parts can I sell?’ They truly can

only be described as masterpieces

- horsepower and tech

packed, dressed in carbon

fibre master-pieces.

Both these machines,

including the Ducati V4R in

base trim, are projects by

the manufacturers to show

off what they can do, flexing

their muscles and comparing

private part sizes. These are

machines that only a lucky,

extremely wealthy few will

ever to get to own and ride,

and that’s why I consider

myself a very lucky man,

because I can tell you now I

don’t fit into the wealthy part

of that sentence.

While both bikes are very

much bragging rights projects

from BMW and Ducati, this

test is also bragging rights for

us here at RideFast. This test

is a world exclusive – no one

else is lucky enough to get

their hands on machines like

this and put them up against

each other. Never mind that,

this would in fact be my 3rd

time riding each machine,

although modifications have

been made to both since my

first couple of rides, mostly on

the Ducati, which is no longer

just a gorgeous machine, but

now a lighter, meaner even

more gorgeous machine.

The Ultimate

Superbike test

So, as you can see by the

pictures, and I’m sure you

can take from what you

have already read so far, is

that we have two glorious,

ultimate superbike machines

on test. Both bikes feature

1000cc power-plants - one a

natural 4-cylinder and one a

V-shaped configuration. Over

230hp of pure power featuring

more carbon fibre seen on

most MotoGP and World SBK

racebikes and I was about to

put them to the ultimate test

around the best playground

in Africa – Kyalami Grand

Prix Circuit. A big thank you

must not only go out to both

owners for letting me test

their beauties, but also to Dave

and Arno from Track-Daze for

letting me raid their recent

event at the iconic circuit.

So, the big question that

everyone wants the answer to

– which bike will be crowned

the Ultimate Superbike?

My phone has not stopped

since posting sneak pics and

videos of this test up on our

Facebook page. Readers,

friends and even family

members who have no real

interest in bikes have heard

about this big test and want to

know the outcome, well, the

time has now come…

The BMW HP4 Race

As I mentioned, this was my

3rd time testing this particular

HP4 race machine and 4th

time overall, having attended

the world launch of the

exclusive race-bred bike a

couple of years back.

Many an hour has been

spent on this machine to help

set it up for the owner, who

does go racing with it here

in SA, and believe it or not,

he has even spent money on

getting more power out of the

already ridiculous 240hp plus

motor. Yes, the bike has gone

through the Performance

Technic’s treatment and even

the highly qualified staff there

were left amazed by the tech

featured on this machine.

The latest and greatest in

electronics and data come

standard on this bike, and so

it should at this price tag. For

those of you who are frequent

readers you will know all about

the BMW HP4 having read my

previous articles, but let me

just give you a quick recap.

This is a pure track bike. It

features a World SBK spec

S1000RR motor that pushes

out over 240hp and close on

120Nm of torque. It weighs a

mere 146kgs when dry and

around 171kgs when fuelled,

oiled etc. Just to give you an

idea of how light that is, the

HP 4 Race weighs around the

same as a KTM RC390. Yes, a

litre superbike that weighs the

same as a 300cc – ridiculous.

It features every go-fast

part you will ever see – from

the Akrapovic full racing


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