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The bike offers peak power of 128.2 hp at

12,250 rpm, and peak torque of 80 Nm at 9,750

rpm. The dash is a proper TFT displaying all the

info you need.

That’s not quite as good as Suzuki’s

GSX-R750 (148 hp @ 12,800 rpm and 86.3

Nm @ 11,200 rpm) but Triumph claims the

Daytona will weigh less than the previous

Daytona’s 185 kg wet weight, which should

give it a marginal saving over the Suzuki

GSX-R750’s 190 kg wet weight.

Those output claims are a fair bit better

than the current unfaired Triumph Street

Triple RS though, which produces 121.2

hp @ 11,700 rpm and 77 Nm @ 10,800 rpm,

and it should be noted that peak torque is

made 1,050 rpm lower on the Daytona.

Finally, the Moto2 bikes don’t make that

much more power anyway. They are

supplied sealed to the Moto2 teams with

138 hp and from there the teams can play

with the electronics, gearing and frame,

but the engine’s internals stay the same.

So although it might be 10 hp down on the

Moto2 bikes, it should be remembered

that Moto2 lap records have been falling

all year, and Nicolo Bulega’s Kalex-framed

Triumph was clocked at 300.6 km/h at

Mugello during practice for the Italian

Grand Prix on June 1 this year.

The new Moto2-derived engine benefits

from a number of component and

performance upgrades, including titanium

inlet valves, stronger pistons, MotoGPspec

DLC coated gudgeon pins, new cam

profiles, new intake trumpets, modified

con rods, modified intake port, modified

crank and modified barrels, and a higher

(12.9:1) compression ratio.

Despite making more torque across the

range, and with peak torque more than

1,000 rpm lower than the Street Triple RS

engine, it also revs harder, with the red line

increased by 600 rpm to 13,250 rpm.

Where the Daytona 765 Moto2 Limited

Edition will win the most fans though, is in

the specification of the components used

in suspension and braking.

The brakes are superbike-spec Brembo

Stylema rotors and calipers and Brembo’s

unique (and awesome) MCS radial master

cylinder. The Multiple Click System enables

you to adjust the braking pressure and the

point where it bites in the lever travel.

The tires are track-ready, high performance

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP items.

The Öhlins front and rear suspension

units are racetrack ready, too, being

43mm NIX30 front forks, and TTX36 rear

shocks, with both ends fully adjustable for

compression and rebound.

Each bike will come with a billet-machined,

Moto2-branded aluminum top yoke

displaying its laser-etched unique limited

edition number.

Finally, the bike is fully decked out in

carbon fiber bodywork, fairing, hugger,

front mudguard, and upper chain guard,

so it will look fantastic but will be very

expensive to repair if you insist on pushing

past its limits.

A new Daytona powerplant, developed by the

same expert Triumph team that created the

Moto2 race engine.

This Daytona is very special, with a production

run of only 765 for Europe and Asia. Each bike is

unique, featuring its own laser-etched limited

edition number.

By the time you read this, it will most

likely be too late to get your money down

on one, but it might be worth a try if you

have a lazy R350k and a few decades to

wait. Limited edition motorcycles tend

to appreciate rather than depreciate like

nearly every other bike on the road.

They also depreciate if you ride them, and

with the ultra sharp handling and that

punchy motor, we suspect that most of

the 1,530 motorcycles produced will be

spending a lot of time clocking up mileage.

Six of the new 765 Daytona machines will

be made available for the SA market priced

at R330,000 each. For more info contact

Triumph SA on 011 444 4441.


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