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WILDLIFE MATTERS ……... to all of us

Is it all DOOM AND GLOOM? ..………. Not a

bit of it”

And we‘re not talking about Brexit or a General


A lot of negative things have been said about

wildlife depletions and extinctions, but it is

certainly not the case with all wildlife. In this

issue of Wildlife Matters we look at some

positive signs.

• In 2018, 89 Bitterns were ‘booming’ in RSPB

Nature Reserves across the country. In 1997,

there were just 11 booming Bitterns. In

winter 2018/19 Bitterns were regularly

recorded at The Pans in Keyhaven.

Red Kite over Lymington

• 2018 and 2019 were good years for several

butterfly species. Two-thirds of British

butterflies were seen in higher numbers in

2018 than in 2017. The Large Blue enjoyed

its best year in 2018 since its reintroduction,

up 58% on 2017 records.

Photograph courtesy of Matthew Barfield

• There are about 12.8 million water birds

across the UK. This is marginally up on 2011

estimates. The increase has been in the

numbers of Geese, which was offset by lower

wader numbers.

Large Blue

• Brown Argus was recorded on Studland

Meadow for the very first time.

Brent Geese shortly to return to our coastline

• Numbers of Red Kites and Little Egrets saw

significant increases between 1995 and


Brown Argus – Photo courtesy of Eric Read

Let us hope that other declining species can be

encouraged back to our county and our shores!

Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email

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