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When asked how he approaches his work, Pete

says "I tend to work out on site to capture the

immediacy of the moment with pastels and

watercolour, and then using those sketches,

either finish them back in the studio or use

them as reference for larger canvases in oil or

Acrylic. Although working in the moment I try to

capture more than a snapshot. I want to FEEL

the landscape."

Pete Gilbert

Our Cover Page Artist

Pete Gilbert is a prolific contemporary

landscape artist whose studio can be found in

Woodgreen, a small hamlet in the depths of the

New Forest. His muse is the landscape on his

doorstep, and his painting reflects this with a

variety of mark making and vibrancy which have

become his trademark. He has the ability to

portray a terrific sense of place in his paintings,

transporting the viewer to the exact spot within

the region, yet with a loose painting style that

leaves one's imagination to explore the depths

of the painting.

Pete has been painting and drawing since

leaving school in the 60s. His working career has

been rich and varied, from design and

advertising agencies through to running

restaurants and night clubs; but he always

found time to keep painting, exploring

techniques and developing his own style,

changing and adapting to his lifestyle; from the

very precise skills needed as an airbrush artist

and illustrator, to the strong brush stokes and

bold colours of his New Forest landscapes. He

feels lucky that he is now a successfully selling

artist, his work is in demand, and so painting

can now be his life rather than a hobby.

To see Pete's work, his exhibitions run

throughout the year, with an exhibition

currently at Silk Mill, Whitchurch, which will run

until 24th November and is a collaborative show

where he and photographer Hugh Lohan

continue their exploration of the River Test.

Hugh's Black and White photography balances

perfectly with the distinctive vitality and

richness that is captured in Pete’s landscapes

paintings. It's a vast body of work, and one not

to miss.

Other galleries where Pete has exhibited


Iona in Woodstock, Out of the Blue in Marizion

Cornwall, Beaulieu Fine Arts in Beaulieu, Salt

Marsh in Lymington and The Hatch Gallery in


Pete has been a big part of Hampshire Open

Studios since is began back in 2000, and each

year he always produces 30 to 40 new works

specifically for the event. This year he saw sales

of over 24 paintings, which is the mark of a very

successful show!

Pete's work has been shown in London,

Salisbury and Cornwall, along with his regular

show in and around the New Forest. This year

he won the People's Choice Award at the St

Barbe Open in Lymington.

Pete enjoys working with photographer and

good friend Hugh Lohan, and says "he is getting

older now, 85 but still a keen photographer, and

we are just about to have another joint

exhibition at the Silk Mill in Whitchurch. He is ex

army, and I am still hippy, we are so

diametrically opposed you would never think it

would work but we get on just fine."

To see more of Pete's work visit:

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