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Dear Readers,

I received some great feedback on the

Green Corner article we ran in the last

edition. Sarah & Kate, from New Forest

Transition now share some details of

another of their projects, ‘An Abundance of

Apples’. There are a host of ideas including


On a similar theme, please make sure you

go to page 30. A thought provoking article

on how trees are under increasing threat.

We also have a look back at the Summer

Fair, with a big thank you to all involved

and the contributors to the grand draw. For

future events planned in the Village -

please see the diary on page 28.

I hope you enjoy reading.

All the best,


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Recipe 6

Wilbur 9

Our Cover Artist 11

Summer Fair 13

St Barbe Children's Activities 14

Hordle Parish Council News 17

The Dog Walk Diet Part 2 19

Wildlife Matters 21

Giant Sunflower Competition 22

Local Noticeboard 23-24

Garden Club 25

Hordle Church 26-27

Village Diary 28

Give our Trees a Hug 30

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All Aspects of Gas, Plumbing & Heating

Boilers – Bathrooms – Servicing – Repairs

Gas – LPG - Oil

Why Choose Us?

• Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

• NFBP Customer Service Winners

• WHICH? Trusted Traders

• Gas Safe Registered

• Fully Insured

• Family Run

Happy To Help, Drop us a Line on

01425 540950

Unit 13, Kings Farm, Everton Road, Hordle SO41 0HD


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This month we are focusing

on one of the projects that

our Lymington group have

been involved with.

Abundance Lymington has

been running for the last 5

years. The project is run by an

active group of local volunteers who are working

towards a sustainable SO41 area.

An Abundance of Apples

Abundance Lymington was conceived by Transition Lymington as a way to share the

abundance of apples and other fruits within the community. The concept involves volunteers

picking apples from private gardens and then sharing the harvest between the owners,

volunteers, pre-schools and other local groups. Abundance Lymington has recently expanded

its horizons by sharing how we can best use the apples.

Sharing & Recipe Ideas

• Ask a friend to help your pick your apples, and give them a share of the harvest.

• Make apple puree and freeze it in ice cube trays. You can use 2-3 cubes on your cereal in the


• Store them in trays. Keep them dry, separate with newspaper and check them regularly for


• Collect your jam jars and make apple chutney. Search for recipes and make some early

Christmas presents.

• Collect old plastic bottles and juice the apples and freeze the juice. Its brown, but delicious.

• Give bags of apples to your friends and swap recipe ideas with them.

• Dry apple rings in a low heat oven or borrow/share a friend’s food dehydrator.

• Make some stunning ‘apple roses’ with pastry, jam and cinnamon. Hold or cold? With cream

or custard? Dorset apple cake, Apple fritters or see the recipe for Cinnamon apples slices on

the next page. Please note the tip, as you can use either eating or cooking apples.

Recycling Update

Please accept our apologies for some of the entries in the last issue of Your Village.

Unfortunately, Milford Car Wash are no longer accepting any recycling. However, the good

news is that the zero-waste shop, The Naked Pantry in New Milton accepts these items:

• Outer Biscuit and Cracker Wrappers

• Toothbrushes and Toothpaste tubes

PLUS they donate all money raised from their recycling to Oakhaven Hospice.

If you are visiting The Naked Pantry, why not take along some of your empty jars and

containers for refilling with all your dry goods and household products. If you forget, they

have paper bags for some dry goods.

In addition, Specsavers will take any glasses, glasses cases, contact lenses & packaging. Also

hearing aid batteries. To clarify, neither Specsavers or Age UK take hearing aids.

Happy Autumn Feasts

Sarah and Kate, New Forest Transition

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Ready in 1 hour 10 minutes, plus overnight cooling | Makes 10-12 slices


350g cooking apples,

peeled, cored and diced

1 tbsp lemon juice

50g granulated sugar

225g butter, softened

225g caster sugar

250g self-raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

2 tsp ground cinnamon

4 medium eggs

Icing sugar, to dust

Place the cooking apples, lemon juice and granulated sugar in a heavy-based

pan. Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved then simmer for 3-4 minutes

until the apple has just softened. Leave to cool.

Preheat the oven to 180C/160C fan/gas mark 4. Grease a 23cm square shallow

cake tin and line the base with baking paper.

Place the butter, caster sugar, flour, baking powder, cinnamon and eggs in a

large bowl and, using a handheld electric mixer, beat together for 2-3 minutes

until pale and creamy.

Spread half the cake mixture in the base of the lined cake tin. Drain off any

excess liquid from the cooked apples then spoon them over the cake mixture

in an even layer. Gently spread the rest of the cake mixture over the apple


Bake for 40-50 minutes or until the cake has shrunk from the sides of the tin

and springs back when pressed in the centre with your fingertips. Leave to cool

in the tin for 15 minutes. Serve warm or cold, cut into slices and dusted with

icing sugar.

If you prefer replace the cooked apples with two peeled, cored and diced eating apples – no

need to cook them, just toss them in the lemon juice and use only 25g granulated sugar, then

spoon onto the cake mixture.


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5.5 BILLION Plastic bottles are landfilled, littered or

incinerated every year in the UK.

Introducing the Quooker CUBE - ‘The tap that does it all’

The only true all in one tap—Hot/Cold/Mixed/100c Boiling/Filtered/ Sparkling water








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Caroline Swain

Foot Health Practitioner


Treatments available in the

comfort of your own home

• Corns

• Calluses

• Ingrown nails

• Split heels

• Nail cutting

• Diabetic footcare

T: 01590 677822

M: 07591 003787

Or visit our Facebook page


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Wilbur and his friends are like the Red Arrows

of the cliff top birds.

Wilbur is a chough - a large black bird like a

crow except his beak and legs are red. This

species of bird love to fly in stormy weather

when the wind is blowing at 50mph or more. At

this wind force, choughs love to swoop up and

then dive down to show off to their friends.

One morning on Milford Cliff top near the White

House, I saw Wilbur trying to out shine his six

friends who were flying in formation with him.

The sky was dark and angry and the Needles

light house was just visible. Importantly it was

blowing and gusting at about 55mph - perfect

conditions for the choughs and their aerial


From my view point on the nearby cliff top path

I saw the following:

Several choughs were holding themselves

almost stationary about 8ft up from the cliff face

beneath them. There were 3 birds in a single

row each about 2ft apart at the wing tips. with 2

more birds above and 2 below ; making it 7

birds in all. The wind was coming off the cliff

face and shooting vertically upwards quite

violently. This up draught allowed the birds to

hover directly over the edge of the cliff top just

using the tips of their outstretched wings for


I watched for a couple of minutes as they

struggled to stay stationary in the space like a

squadron - they were doing quite well.

Then suddenly Wilbur broke formation and

dived down to the ground and landed close to a


By Dave Summers, Local Resident

piece of wood. This piece of wood was clean and

planed on all sides. It was 3/4” wide, 1/4 thick

and 7” long. Wilbur grabbed this flat piece of

wood in his claws, flew up and re-joined the

grouping in his original position. Wilbur then

used his genius to manipulate this piece of

wood as an aerofoil section to allow him to

stabilise his flight in the same way an aircraft


Within 20-30 seconds he was showing improved

stability over his friends as they all tried valiantly

to hold together their formation in the very

gusty air. One minute later they all broke free,

Wilbur then dropped his new found stabiliser

and they all went back to soaring and diving

once more.

I inspected the dropped piece of wood. It was

part of the strips of wood used on the adjacent

beach huts - the roofs are covered with a tar

based felting material for waterproofing and

these strips are added to stop the winds from

tearing it. This piece was a small off cut from a

longer length.

How did Wilbur know that this aerofoil would

stabilise his flight? Did his friends give up flying

with him because they didn't have one?

It is interesting that in 1903 when the age of

flight began, the two remarkable brothers

Orville and Wilbur spent many hours studying

the flight of birds before they did any design

work. They studied the wing shapes, their

weight, how they used their bodies/wings to

soar, glide, land and take off. Only then did they

build their first flying machine, a glider. Then

later with the addition of an engine, the first

machine they could sit in and fly like a bird.

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£30 or two for £45

Includes tint

(Free patch test)


Half Hour: £20

Offer valid for cover date of this magazine edition

Tel: 01425 612548




Credit:© OpenStreetMap contributor

The Post Office is open the same hours as the store

West Lane, Everton, SO41 0JR

TEL: 01590 643055


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Palais des Vaches in Exbury, and as far

afield as Florida and the Bahamas.

Hannya Ani


Our Cover Page Artist

With limited space on the sailing boat,

Hannya is often balancing a canvases in the

galley, and from the cockpit. When on land

during her travels

she sets up her studio space in the motor

home on the campsite, and even paints

and draws when flying long haul. Space to

create is never an obstacle for Hannya, and

this shows in the work she produces and

exhibits. As a prolific artist, Hannya has

developed a style that is free and loose,

and with her profound understanding of

colour, her palette produces works that

would be suitable to hang in any


Although artist Hannya Ani Robinson lives

in the New Forest, she travels extensively

throughout the winter and spring months

with her husband on their sailing boat

around Florida and the Caribbean islands.

Her art offers a sense open space, largely

influenced by the big seas and big skies she

observes on her travels. Although her work

often reflects the locations where she finds

herself, with many of her paintings being

seascapes and boats, when she returns to

the UK, her immediate influences tend to

be the forest and all that nature presents

to her.

Hannya is relatively new to painting, and

started in earnest about 3 years ago as a

result of attending a acrylic knife painting

workshop in Salisbury. This inspired

Hannya to explore further, and led to her

paint prolifically to the point where her

work is being exhibited regularly in

galleries around the New Forest, including

Salt Marsh Gallery in Lymington, and The

Hannya recently picked up the Dick Crow

award from the Red House in Christchurch,


To view more of Hannya's work, please



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Professional and Affordable

Quality Assured

Free Estimates and Advice

Interior and External

Fully Insured

Reliable Team

No job too small

Units 8&9 Lea Green Farm

Christchurch Road

Downton, Lymington

SO41 0LA

Tel/Fax: 01590 645999

01590 643 516

07901 808 722

LLPD Local Lady Painter & Decorator

Catherine Perham

14 Kivernell Road Milford-on-Sea


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The late summer showers did nothing

to dampen the enthusiasm of the

visitors to Hordle fair at the end of

August - the show was full of events

to keep everyone entertained.

World champion lady tree climbing

champion, Jo Hedger was kept busy

training youngsters in climbing safely,

and the Bucking Bronco was showing

them how to fall off safely!

Tawny owls were shown flying about

the Arena, and they followed the dog

show, judged expertly by Julie Payne.

A new local band (of older men) called

"3 Second memory" kept everyone

dancing between major events.

Quite a novelty was the Bournemouth

Radio Controlled Trucks driving around

a prepared track, only to be upstaged

by the amazing Classic car display, with

the best in show going to a beautiful

Ford and Caravan combination.

Hordle Scouts ran the barbecue to

make some excellent profits (for them

and the community) and Hordle Spurs

football club, and Toby the bruised

manager ran a penalty shoot-out.

An amazing demonstration of Lindyhop

dancing took place during the showers

to the crowds delight, who were then

quietly entertained by a Tai Chi

demonstration organised by the

Monday's Tai chi class.

There were over 70 stalls and all said

they had a successful day………..

Roll on the next year.



OUR SPONSORS EVERTON HYUNDAI, Prizes from Bradbeers, South Lawn Hotel,

Pebble Beach restaurant, Tesco, Hoburne Bashley, Chequers Inn, Milford Supplies,

Everton Nurseries, Otter Nurseries, Beaulieu, Sammy Miller, Classic Cuts, Hordle co-op,

Apple Tree Gardens, Paula How, Dance with Deb

and Hordle Community Association……..

Thanks to you all!

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Wed 30 October Secret life of Bats 1

Drop-in | Free

Learn some interesting and quirky facts

about bats such as how do bats see in the

dark, what vampire bats feed on and much

more. Then take home your own research

project to impress your Science teacher!

Wed 30 October St Barbe Bake Off:

Halloween Competition

Entries at reception | Free

The first, scariest and yummiest St Barbe

Bake Off Competition with a Halloween

theme! We challenge all children to bring in

their scariest culinary creations. In order to

participate one adult responsible for you

must fill in the Registration Form.

Thurs 31 October Secret life of Bats 2

Drop-in | FREE

Artistic and creative challenges inspired by

Batty the Bat. Create bat masks, bat

decorations and finger puppets. Test your



creative limits and learn a few tricks to

inspire the artist in you!

In November there are the following

children’s activities

Sun 17 November

MY Museum Children’s Club (MC2)

Drop-in | £2.50

Speaker: Chris Marshall, Coastal Ranger,

NFNPA: Creating a wave of

change. Looking at what really washes up

on our local beaches, the shocking truth

about what is lurking beneath the surface of

our oceans and highlighting the impacts on

our environment. Join Chris to explore ways

we can make a wave of change to our

global throwaway lifestyles.

Fri 29 November Christmas Decorations

Drop-in | FREE

Get ready for Christmas by making your

own beautiful Christmas decorations. Part

of Lymington Late Night Shopping


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Nick Wells

Fencing & Gardening Services

Fencing, gates, repairs, turfing, raised flower

beds, sleeper walls, shed building & repair,

car ports, decking………& much more.

Family run business - Fully insured

Free, no obligation quotes

References available



T: 01425 837966 M: 07770 656072


07986 831177

01590 750063

07501 636064


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Hordle Parish Council


Golden Hill Woodland

The Parish Council are currently

looking at a project to improve

Golden Hill Woodland both for public

access and for nature conservation.

This is an important area which could

be enhanced to improve a better

habitat for animals and plants. A site

survey needs to take place and we

have several ideas on how to effect

change to this area.

Could you spare some time to help

with this?

Come and find out more at the

Community cafe on Saturday 19

October at the Pavilion, Vaggs Lane,

Hordle between 10 and 12.

We are hoping to set up working

groups to undertake surveys, identify

and remove non native species and

help to re establish glades.

Do you fancy bramble bashing?

We would love to see you on the

19 th . Can’t make that date but still

want to be involved – call the Parish

Office on 01425-611119 or email

Litter pick

Please help tidy the Parish ahead of

Remembrance Sunday. The Parish

Council are organising a litter pick on

Saturday 2 November between 9.30

and 12. There will be routes in

Everton and Hordle. Can you spare

some time to help? Equipment (litter

pickers, Hi Vis Jackets and bags

provided) Please wear clothing

appropriate for weather conditions

and bring your own gloves if

required. Children especially

welcome but must be accompanied

by an adult.

Meet at

• Hordle Pavilion, Vaggs Lane,

Hordle 9.30am

Free tea, coffee and squash

provided by the Parish Council for


Parish Council vacancy

There is currently a vacancy for a

Parish Councillor. The Parish Council

meet fortnightly on a Tuesday.

Do you want to be involved and help

to make a difference in the Parish ?

(villages of Tiptoe, Hordle and


To find out more and for an

application form please contact the

Parish office on 01425 -611119 or

Applications please by 8 th October

as co-option will take place at the

Parish Council meeting of 15


Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements


Thursday 24th October Winter Wine Tasting



5 - 7pm & 7.30 - 9.30 pm



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The Dog Friendly Detective

The Dog Walk Diet Part 2

For all of you who enjoyed our previous

‘Dog Walk Diet’ article and walk route read


The New forest is beautiful at this time of

year, the purple heather contrasting

against the emerald green of the trees to

create a beautiful walking landscape. Our

Longslade View route is one that we’ve

devised specially for our dog walking Pet

Rangers, who, with the rest of our team,

managed to complete over eight thousand

dog walks for local customers in 2018!

Anyway, to the route.

Longslade View car park is in Sway. If

coming through Sway village and driving

up Brighton Road, turn right at the top of

Brighton Road. The car park is then on

your left hand side. If coming from the

B3055 Sway direction, turn left at the brow

of the hill and staggered crossroads. The

car park is then the first one on your right

hand side.

Turn into the car park and drive along the

track to the car park and park up.

old railway bridge, follow the track that

goes to the right and up onto the old

railway line/gravel track. The Castleman’s

Corkscrew was the name given to one of

Hampshire’s oldest railway lines which ran

from Brockenhurst to Ringwood and on to

Wimbourne. Today long stretches of the

track have been retained for cycle and

walking routes.

Follow the track all the way to the end

where you come to a small white cottage.

Just after the cottage, turn left and follow

the track here.

Around 25-30 minutes into the walk, you

will come to a small river/pond area where

the dogs can have a cool off. Keep

following the track along. You will then

come to a wooded area. Keep following

the track up the hill.

At the top of the hill the track splits. Go left

here and follow the track down the hill.

You will then come to a bigger river/pond

where you can again stop and the dogs can

have a cool off in the water. Alternatively

you can turn right and explore the

woodland for a longer walk.

Follow the track under the railway bridge

and all the way back up the hill to the car


If all this frankly seems too much like hard

work for you, but you’d nevertheless like

to give your dog a unique treat of some

lovely, forest walks like this, then call us up

on the old dog and bone on 01425 262

100, or click and

we’ll come and pick them up.

From the car park gate, follow the track

down the hill and when you come to the

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We offer free no obligation quotations for any work including:

Extensions - Alterations - Plastering & Decorating - Kitchens - Bathrooms

Groundwork - Brickwork - Roofing - Electrics - Plumbing

Need help with plans? We can help with this as well

T: 01425 837950



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WILDLIFE MATTERS ……... to all of us

Is it all DOOM AND GLOOM? ..………. Not a

bit of it”

And we‘re not talking about Brexit or a General


A lot of negative things have been said about

wildlife depletions and extinctions, but it is

certainly not the case with all wildlife. In this

issue of Wildlife Matters we look at some

positive signs.

• In 2018, 89 Bitterns were ‘booming’ in RSPB

Nature Reserves across the country. In 1997,

there were just 11 booming Bitterns. In

winter 2018/19 Bitterns were regularly

recorded at The Pans in Keyhaven.

Red Kite over Lymington

• 2018 and 2019 were good years for several

butterfly species. Two-thirds of British

butterflies were seen in higher numbers in

2018 than in 2017. The Large Blue enjoyed

its best year in 2018 since its reintroduction,

up 58% on 2017 records.

Photograph courtesy of Matthew Barfield

• There are about 12.8 million water birds

across the UK. This is marginally up on 2011

estimates. The increase has been in the

numbers of Geese, which was offset by lower

wader numbers.

Large Blue

• Brown Argus was recorded on Studland

Meadow for the very first time.

Brown Argus – Photo courtesy of Eric Read

Let us hope that other declining species can be

encouraged back to our county and our shores!

Brent Geese shortly to return to our coastline

• Numbers of Red Kites and Little Egrets saw

significant increases between 1995 and


Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements


Giant Sunflower

Wins Hordle Competition

A 10 foot tall sunflower won first prize in the

inaugural Hordle Environment Group (HEG)*

Sunflower Competition.

dropping its petals in the

final days of the


Earlier this year HEG members organised a

competition for local residents and HEG

supporters. A sunflower seedling was given to

each of the 29 entrants, who then took

responsibility for looking after the small plant

and helping it to grow as big as possible.

The contestants had to contend with a variety

of difficult weather conditions as the summer

months saw extreme heat, strong winds and

very low rainfall. However, as the weeks ticked

by sunflowers started to be seen brightening up

front gardens and peeking over fences.

Speculation was rife as residents compared

their own efforts with those of their


On Sunday 1

September, Parish

Councillor and HEG

member Valerie James

visited all the

sunflowers to measure

them. Prizes were

awarded for the tallest

sunflower and the

sunflower with the

biggest head, with

discretionary judge’s

awards for the prettiest

flower, the most

innovative entry, and

the best children’s

sunflower. A wooden spoon award was also up

for grabs!

First prize for the tallest sunflower was

awarded to Roy (pictured). At 120 inches (304

cm) Roy’s plant was a full 17 inches (43 cm)

taller than its nearest rival.

Marion grew the flower with the biggest head.

Her 12.5 inch (32 cm) diameter flower would

have been even bigger if it hadn’t started

Evelyn and Verity

(pictured) won the

award for best children’s

sunflower with a lovely


sunflower that

outgrew them both.

Lilian was overjoyed to

be awarded the prize for

the prettiest sunflower,

whilst Jean was judged

to have been the most innovative by providing

the judges with a wooden sunflower-shaped

tray he acquired on his international travels as

his flower had sadly not survived to judging

day. Sue proudly received the wooden spoon

for her 2.5 inch (6 cm) stalk, which she claimed

was the result of wind damage!

The sunflowers have not only been a source of

pleasure to their growers over the summer

months, but they will go on to provide tasty

seeds during the autumn for garden birds.

*Note: The Hordle Environment Group (HEG) is

a collaborative of volunteers who look after the

public green spaces and pathways in and

around Charnock Close and Yerville Gardens in


The Group’s aim is to improve the area for the

benefit of wildlife, public access and amenity

value. Volunteers can often be seen mowing

the grass, clearing overgrowth and weeds from

the sides of paths, and planting and tending

new hedges and trees. The Group has also used

the construction skills of its members to build

an impressive Insect Hotel and a sturdy Leaf

Store from which home-grown leaf mulch is

produced. Please contact Rob at 35 Charnock

Close, or Valerie at 9 Yerville Gardens, if you

would like to get involved.


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358


New Forest West MP, Desmond Swayne, will be

available for bookable appointments

and will give a public talk on

Saturday 5 th October

Hordle Pavilion, Vaggs Lane SO41 0FP

Hordle’s Pop-Up Café is also open!

10am until 11am

11am until 11.30

Bookable appointments

Public Talk

Questions & Answers

(everyone welcome)

Book an appointment to speak with Desmond on

the 5th . (You will need to book in advance - first

come, first served basis)

Email Fran:

Phone or text Fran: 01425-614665 / 07867-502624

If you need to contact Desmond before or after

this date: Email:

Phone 01425-629844


A friendly welcome awaits visitors and new members

to our monthly meetings. We have demonstrations

where you can enjoy beautiful creations of

contemporary and traditional designs. Also

workshops to learn new skills in arranging flowers.

The club meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month

at the Pavilion, Vaggs Lane. Hordle 7pm for 7.30pm.

For more details contact Denise Gibb

01590 642804


We meet on a Wednesday evening in Tiptoe St

Andrew’s Church Hall, From 7:15-9:pm. Anyone who

enjoys a good laugh, and a sing, are welcome to

come along. Not necessary to read music. For more

details please call

Pat Hood 01425 615051




This year is our centenary and

we intend to have numerous

exciting things happening

throughout the year. This is 100

years that the Hordle W.I. have

been in existence. The hall

where we meet is spacious and

it has been wonderful for the

women of Hordle to meet, to

make friends, to help each

other, and help others

throughout our community. On

Monday afternoons we have a

happy chatty craft group

meeting. We have exhibitions,

parties, games, but most of all

we are there for each other and

for other women everywhere.

Come along as a guest on the 1 st

Tuesday of every month at 2pm

or pop in on a Monday

afternoon for a chat.

For details and any events, we

are organising please contact:


Hogbourne 01425 627942

or to book the hall call Wendy

Perkins on 01425 622458

Do you run or are a member

club/ society, or have news, or

information of local interest

that you wish to see in the next


Please email the details to

07801 562358

Small entries are free of charge

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements


Drop-In Councillor Surgeries

Come and speak with your

Hordle, Everton & Tiptoe District

& County Councillors

Cllr Mrs Fran Carpenter HCC & NFDC

Cllr Mr Alvin Reid NFDC

on the first Saturday of the month

9.45am -11.45pm

Hordle Pavilion, Vaggs Lane

SO41 0FP

Hordle’s Pop-Up Café is also open here

on Saturday mornings!

Saturday 5th October 2019

Saturday 2 nd November 2019

Do you need to get to a

medical appointment?

Hordle Voluntary Care

Group would like to help you. We will

pick you up from home, take you to your

appointment and return you to your

home afterwards. The volunteer will stay

with you whilst waiting for your

appointment and if you wish, will

accompany you to the consultation. We

also provide transport for relatives to

visit in-patients if they are unable to get

to the hospital using public transport and

to the ‘bathing service’ at the St John

Ambulance HQ on the Gordleton

Industrial Estate or Milford Hospital

T: 0845 388 9063

Everton Rambling Club

Merv : 01590 642509

Contact Mervyn for walk details


Tues 8th 10.30am

Thur 24th 10.30am


Tues 5th 6.30pm

Thur 21st 10.30am



Unseasoned logs available

Steve or Lorraine Mabbett

(01590) 381255 or

(07543) 901324





Hordle Boules Group

meet every Tuesday and Saturday at

Hordle Recreation Ground at 2pm

(1.30 pm in winter).

We welcome new, regular

or occasional,

participants. Spare sets of

boules are available for

beginners. Show up or

call Rinus tel



Lymington & District

Naturalists’ Society

Indoor Meetings with illustrated talks are

held on the 2 nd and 4 th Tuesdays

throughout the autumn and winter at the

Lymington Centre

Field Meetings twice a month on

Thursdays throughout the year.

Why not join us? Visitors are welcome.

Membership enquiries: or 01590 679315

To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Hordle Gardening Club – Autumn

It’s the time of year when we gardeners (yes,

that’s all of us) should be planning for next year.

If nothing else, gardening teaches us patience,

and that thinking ahead and planning will all


What changes – if any – are you going to make

to your garden before next year? Did you take

pictures through the summer, or make notes?

Often I’ve thought “I must move that in the

autumn” and then promptly forgot! The

following year arrives, the plant in question

comes into leaf and it’s just too late to move it.

Autumn is considered the best time to plant as

the ground is still warm which gives roots a

chance to settle in before winter cold – and will

hopefully mean you won’t have to water next

year. Planting in the spring may mean the plant

has not had long enough to grow a decent root

system before summer arrives, so summer

watering is likely to be necessary.

Autumn jobs:-

1. Rake up leaves as they fall and create your

own leaf mould by placing in a square frame

made of chicken wire and leave over the

winter – great for the garden next year. If

you’re short of space, fill bin bags with the

leaves, add a little water, tie the tops, make a

few holes with a garden fork and leave in a

corner somewhere until next year.

Alternatively remove to the tip and let them

compost it.

2. Move those plants you noted to move earlier

in the year.

3. Plan your pots. Colour schemes or not – it’s

good to start thinking and planning now

during our darker evenings, rather than

haphazard buying next year when you’ll buy

more than you need! (I speak from


4. Buy spring flowering bulbs NOW. But delay

planting tulips until November after a cold

snap, keep them cool and dry until then. Only

a few tulips are truly perennial (come back

each year) because most are now bred for just

a ‘one season’ show. Any that do reappear are

likely to be smaller. Having said that, do your

research, and look for perennial tulips – there

are a few. Other bulbs can be planted as soon

as possible.

5. Mulch, mulch and more mulch! Once you’ve

cleared your leaves and planted your plants,

now’s the time to mulch – or ‘top dress’ your

beds. I like a composted soil improver like

‘Ecomix’ or similar, it’s dark and heavy and

makes the beds look lovely. Add 4 inches

(10cm) – don’t skimp! The worms will do their

job over the winter by taking the goodness

down into the soil. This will get repeated in

the spring (I will remind you). Soil structure,

water retention and therefore growth will be

improved. If you have access to horse or cow

manure, be aware it should be well rotted

(fresh may ‘burn’ your plants) and you WILL

get seeds germinating from it in the spring, ie

everything the animals had been eating so be

prepared to do regular ‘seedling pulling’.

And if you only do one of the above, it has to be

mulching. Season by season your soil will go a

darker colour and its fertility will improve. Right

I’m off… back to my bulb and seed catalogues!




Do you:

• have an interest in plants and gardens?

• like growing plants - fruit - vegetables?

• want to learn more?

• want to meet new people and have a

sociable evening out?

Do come along to one of our meetings

and see if you’d like to join us. We have

talks on a variety of subjects and social

events too.

We meet at 7pm at the Hordle Pavilion

on the 4th Friday of each month (except

August & December).

Guest fee £3. Annual membership £7


or call Kate Cornhill on 01425 621305

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements



To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements



Date When Event & Description Where


1st 2pm WI: Highcliffe Castle WI Hut

3rd 12.30pm Lunch Club Hordle Church Hall

5th 10-11.30am Desmond Swayne MP appointments/ public talk Pavilion

6th 10.15am All Age Worship Hordle Church

The Vicarage in


Family Picnic


Stopples Lane

6th 6.30pm Songs of Praise Hordle Church

11th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

12th 7.30pm BINGO Pavilion

13th 4-6pm Messy Church Hordle Church Hall


Contact Church Office

Quiet Garden


to book

17th 3pm Tea at 3 Hordle Church Hall

18th 7.30pm Film: Rocketman Pavilion

25th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

25th 7.30pm Gardening Club: Demonstration of Pruning Pavilion


1st 6.30pm Film: Aladdin. PLEASE NOTE EARLIER TIME Pavilion

3rd 10.15am All Age Worship Hordle Church

5th 2pm WI: RNLI WI Hut

7th 12.30pm Lunch Club Hordle Church Hall

9th 7.30pm BINGO Pavilion

10th 9.30am Remembrance Service Hordle Church

10th 10am Remembrance Service Tiptoe Church

10th 10.45am Remembrance Service Hordle War Memorial

15th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

15th 7.30pm Film: Yesterday Pavilion

Contact Church Office


9.50am Quiet Garden

to book

21st 3pm Tea at 3 Hordle Church Hall

23rd 8.30am Men's Breakfast (Contact Church Office to book) Hordle Church Hall

23rd 7.30pm Gardening Club Party Pavilion

29th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

30th 2pm Christmas Fair Pavilion

All Saints‘ Church Office, Hordle: 01425 626565

HCA:, Pavilion 01425 517944, Film screenings £2.50

Café: Every Saturday 9am –12.30. The Pavilion, Vaggs Lane Come and have a coffee and home made

cake. Children and pets are welcome.

The Parish Council meets on the 1 st and 3 rd Tuesday of each month at 7.15 pre meeting public

forum. Meeting starts at 7.30pm Hordle Pavilion.

28 Top to Toe advertise Classes: Every email: Friday, 10.30am or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358


Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements


Give Our


a Hug

We are privileged, in and around the New

Forest, to live near the most magnificent

ancient woodlands containing the highest

concentration of ancient trees in Western

Europe. The Forest has some of the finest

specimens of native tree in the country,

including oak, ash, elm and beech. They

provide important shade, shelter and habitat

for wildlife and commoned animals. (Find

more info about ancient forest woodlands

here: Outside the

forest, parish, district and county councils

maintain many thousands of trees on

recreation grounds, woodland areas and on

the streets, NFDC managing 15,000 trees


But our trees are under threat. I am

sometimes asked if a council tree can be

removed because of leaves dropping on the

pavement, patio, conservatory or even

trampoline. Such requests receive polite but

short shrift from me. Councils only remove

trees that are dead, dying and diseased. Hard

pruning or pollarding is only done if of benefit

to the tree or if unsafe.

Development is a threat to our trees. The

planning process affords some protection, but

many trees are tragically lost to building

works. NFDC conditions that two trees should

replace every tree lost, and this ratio may

increase in future. If you think a tree may be

under threat, you can ask for a tree to be

assessed for a TPO, whether on your own land

or not.

Cllr Fran Carpenter

Hampshire County Council

for New Milton North,

Milford & Hordle

01425 614665 / 07867 502624

Most worrying of all is loss of trees to disease

and climate. Chalara Ash Die Back, an

airborne fungus, is widespread across the UK,

including parts of the New Forest, resulting in

a tree’s death over several years. There are

5,300+ ash trees in NFDC’s tree stock alone

and it is expected that most will die within 10

years or so. In Denmark, ash tree fatality rate

is 98%. Xylella is a disease of oak and

sycamore trees, widespread in Europe and

moving our way. The Oak Processionary

Moth and Asian Longhorn Beetle are already

destroying trees in London and Kent. Large

numbers of trees are lost every year to

storms, and a warmer climate will threaten

our native species of tree, many of which will

be unable to survive rising temperate


So please give the trees we have a hug and

some TLC - whether in your garden or street.

Teach your children and grandchildren the

history and the value of our trees. We may

not always have them.

NFDC’s current Corporate Tree Strategy:


Hampshire Tree Policy: https://



Report a tree problem: https://



To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358







Tel: 01425 638656


Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements



To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

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