Dive Pacific 171 Oct- Nov 2019


marks in the sand to find the shot


The reef

There is basically nowhere

on the reef not colonized

by some form of life. Black

coral with snake stars,

jewel anemones and

leopard anemones live

here, a myriad of sponges

and other encrusting

life, barrel sponges, pink

maomao, scorpion fish,

butterfly perch, splendid

perch and a good-sized

school of golden snapper!

Yellow gorgonian fans and

Oculina coral smother the


Big thanks

A big thanks to Kirsten Henry, Marcel Groonheim, Nahuel Kondratzky.

These technical dives simply can’t be done without surface support

provided by people like these with the technical diving know how.

With the significant bottom

time we had planned for

we found the time for

Team One to traverse the

plateau twice. No part of

the reef was left unseen or

unexplored. Nevertheless

I for one can’t wait to

get back there. The site

definitely deserves to be

dived multiple times.

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