Dive Pacific 171 Oct- Nov 2019


Photo Sam Power

Photo Sam Power

The more we swam the

braver we got

We would start off in a close group

together but soon enough get

distracted by something or other

with each of us following different

contours on the bottom. Constant

communication with “come look

at this” or “hurry” was required so

everyone could experience what

each one of us was experiencing

separately. And the more we swam

the braver we got, so much so we

ended up out on a point getting

pummelled by wind and tide. Such

a place was not as fishy as the

more sheltered quiet spots, and

dense kelp areas made it difficult

to spot the sea life. At one point

we ventured out a little deeper

towards the weed-edge but soon

convinced ourselves the reality of

that was not nearly as much fun as

it might seem.

Doing it all over again

We enjoyed the squid rings

and the adventure so much

we decided we had to give it

another shot the next night

at a different spot. We tried

to replicate a similar bottom

structure as for the previous

night, and it was just as

successful. Plenty of fish to

look at, and we added more

squid to our tally. But after an

excitable shark sighting during

the day at a near-by spot one

of our divers decided the

boat was the best place to be.

Nonetheless and undeterred

we kept diving til 2am,

always finding very different

and abundant ecosystems

compared to those of the day

light hours. So much so we

are already planning our next

night dive.

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