Dive Pacific 171 Oct- Nov 2019


An experience

without equal

At Wakatobi, you don’t compromise

on comfort to get away from it all. Our

private air charter brings you directly

to this luxuriously remote island, where

all the indulgences of a five-star resort

and luxury liveaboard await. Our dive

team and private guides ensure your inwater

experiences are perfectly matched

to your abilities and interests. Your

underwater encounters will create lasting

memories that will remain vivid and

rewarding long after the visit to Wakatobi

is concluded. While at the resort, or

on board the dive yacht Pelagian, you

need only ask and we will gladly provide

any service or facility within our power.

This unmatched combination of worldrenowned

reefs and first-class luxuries

put Wakatobi in a category all its own.


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