Dive Pacific 171 Oct- Nov 2019


Touching trust by Thomas P Peschak, Germany/South Africa

Highly Commended 2019, Wildlife Photojournalism

A curious young grey whale approaches a

pair of hands reaching down from a tourist

boat. In San Ignacio Lagoon on the coast of

Mexico’s Baja California, a World Heritage Site

where whale‐watching is carefully managed

by the community, baby grey whales and their

mothers actively seek contact with people for

a head scratch or back rub. The trust between

whales and humans has built up relatively

recently. Fishermen have also gained a

whale‐watching income in winter, now vital

as fish catches decline.

Nikon D3S + 16mm f2.8 lens; 1/400 sec at f9;

ISO 1250; Subal housing.

Jelly baby by Fabien Michenet, France

Highly Commended 2019, Under Water

A juvenile jackfish peers out from inside a

small jellyfish off Tahiti in French Polynesia.

With nowhere to hide in the open ocean,

it has adopted the jelly as an overnight

travelling shelter, slipping under the umbrella

and possibly immune to the stinging

tentacles, which deter potential predators.

In hundreds of night dives, says Fabien, ‘I’ve

never seen one without the other. Diving

in deep open water in darkness is Fabien’s

specialty. (see Dive Pacific Issue 170 for more)

Nikon D810 + 60mm f2.8 lens; 1/320 sec at

f22; ISO 64; Nauticam housing; Inon Z-240


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