Dive Pacific 171 Oct- Nov 2019



Highly Commended:

Congratulations Simon Pierce, NZ

Simon was diving off St Helena

island (British Overseas

Territory) with a group of four

whale sharks when one came

over to check him out!

Simon used Post Editing

software Lightroom for basic

cropping, colour and contrast.

Any backscatter was removed

in Photoshop.

Simon receives a Gift Voucher

for NZ$75.

Judges’ comments:

Fantastic sharp close image

and very colourful. The darker

background really brings it to


A great recording of a close

enciounter with a gentle giant!

‘St Helena whale sharks’; St Helena Island: ony A7rIII camera, Nauticam NA-A7RIII housing, Canon

8-15 mm lens with Metabones V adapter, Zen 100mm port – f/9, 1/250, ISO400

‘Can I join you?’; White Island, New Zealand: Nikon AW130 full auto, no flash, no editing.

Novice Highly Commended:

Congratulations, Graeme Lynam, New Zealand.

Graeme was off the coast of White Island, New Zealand

when this formation of dolphins came zooming by!

Graeme receives a Gift Voucher for NZ$50.

Judges’ comments:

An impressive image. A little Post Editing cropping

would have made this image even more impressive!

Well done.

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