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AWARDS<br />

ASIA<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />


Image by: Brayden Law<br />

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TEAM<br />


CEO<br />

Rob Bruce<br />


Ut labo. Harchiti Katherine sitios dolessiminum Lozell que coreraera vel mo bero volorrum que nus,<br />

consent. Tur? Ipsam saped quas ipid untiis a nus.<br />


Marcs Bacera<br />


Stanley Lucas<br />


Brian Anson<br />


David Hyde<br />


Azim Aftab<br />


Tasmai Dave<br />

Jacqui Irvine<br />

Joseph Wilton<br />


Antoine Jackson<br />

Hafiz Arslan<br />


Adam Cole<br />

Joseph Malabanan<br />

Zach Ford<br />

Peter Clement<br />

Joyce Lee<br />


Jerald Jaime<br />

Mukul<br />


Tracy Morgan<br />

Joseph Malabanan<br />

Aisha Ahmed<br />

Contents<br />

Criteria 6<br />

Editors Pick 10<br />

Luxe Voyage <strong>Asia</strong> 12<br />

Harper Perintis By Aston 14<br />

Kihaa Maldives 16<br />

Beer Destinations 18<br />

<strong>Asia</strong>’s Top 3 Beer Destinations 21<br />

Tan And Brett’s – Hanoi Beer Tour22<br />

The Maldives 24<br />

Explore Maldives 27<br />

A Trip To Paradise With Tasmai Dave : A Review Of Ukulhas33<br />

Hotel Alternative 37<br />

Japan 40<br />

Discover Hokkaido43<br />

Kanehide Kaneshiu44<br />

Mount Yōtei47<br />

Aspect Niseko48<br />

Nikko | City Of History & Culture51<br />

Hatago Nagomi52<br />

Taiwan In Association With Taiwan Tourism Board. 54<br />

Taiwan, The Heart Of <strong>Asia</strong> 57<br />

The Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort62<br />

Thailand 64<br />

The Krabi Top 1067<br />

Koh Jum Beach Villas70<br />

Hidden Gem | Bang Saphan 73<br />

Stimulus Yacht Charter Pattaya 76<br />

Hong Kong 78<br />

Hong Kong – Millenial City 81<br />

Tsim Sha Tsui | An In-Depth Look85<br />

Xi Hotel 86<br />

Nepal 88<br />

Nepal | Getting In And Around 91<br />

Top 5 Things To Do95<br />

Sri Lanka 98<br />

Resilient Sri Lanka101<br />

Colombo | Sri Lanka 105<br />

India 108<br />

Davids Top Tips | The Do’s And Don’ts111<br />

Top 3 Cities For Food 113<br />

Philippines 114<br />

Philippines 117<br />

5 6


Excellence in Service is an important category, as customer<br />

service can often be responsible for having guests return<br />

year after year. We look for the hotels and tour operators<br />

that go out of their way to please their guests, those that<br />

provide a personal level of service and take the time to<br />

get to know each visitor so that they might anticipate their<br />

every need. This can be something as simple as a 24-hour<br />

concierge desk, a hotel manager who offers a personal<br />

greeting or a tour guide who is happy to create bespoke<br />

private tours – but whatever it is, we are always pleased<br />

when we encounter staff that have been trained in the art<br />

of customer satisfaction.<br />


It is no question that style and design plays a big part in<br />

selecting our awards shortlist. A guest will form an opinion<br />

about a hotel as soon as they arrive so it is important<br />

to us that all our winners make those first impressions<br />

count. We’re certainly not partial to a particular period of<br />

architecture – but whether we’re judging a gothic castle or<br />

an environmentally friendly lodge, the criteria remains the<br />

same. We consider factors such as architectural features,<br />

use of materials, creation of spaces, décor and the overall<br />

feel. We love it when we find a hotel that tells a story<br />

through its design and construction, or offers a design that<br />

embellishes the natural surroundings of its location.<br />


Knowledge of the local area is essential for any<br />

organization, be it a hotel or a tour operator. The quality of<br />

services takes a great hit when the quality of this element<br />

is not up to the mark. Quite a few of our winners in this<br />

category have displayed excellent knowledge about the<br />

surrounding areas. The criteria for a hotel is slightly lenient<br />

<strong>com</strong>pared to a tour operator, as the latter is expected to<br />

have thorough knowledge of the area in order to provide<br />

good services.<br />

Image by: Jason Cooper<br />




Award-winning guest rooms <strong>com</strong>e in all shapes and sizes,<br />

but they all have one thing in <strong>com</strong>mon – a home-awayfrom-home<br />

feel. The <strong>com</strong>fort of the facilities on offer are<br />

of vital importance; we look for luxurious linens, stylish<br />

bathrooms and a coordinated colour scheme that work<br />

together to create a cohesive sense of relaxation. Additional<br />

touches, such as <strong>com</strong>plimentary toiletries, free Wi-Fi or tea<br />

and coffee making facilities are always a bonus in making us<br />

feel wel<strong>com</strong>e. We’re always impressed to find hotel rooms<br />

that embrace technology and offer amenities like tablets<br />

or smart thermostat systems, but this does not always<br />

necessarily trump the traditional – four poster beds, ornate<br />

fireplaces or antique furniture can add a touch of decadence<br />

to a hotel stay.<br />


Location is one of the most important factors, but also<br />

one of the most subjective, as the ‘ideal’ is very much<br />

determined by the type of visitor and the type of hotel<br />

itself. However, there are a few factors we take into<br />

consideration when determining the winners of locationbased<br />

awards.<br />

The first is convenience; that is, hotels that are easy to travel<br />

to. Many of our winners in this category are in convenient<br />

locations, such as adjacent to airports, close to beaches or<br />

found in the heart of easy-to-navigate cities. We are always<br />

impressed when hotels go the extra mile to take the hassle<br />

out of traveling and offer such additional services as airport<br />

shuttles or car hire services. However, we’re always excited<br />

to <strong>com</strong>e across a hotel that is, to use a familiar phrase, offthe-beaten-track.<br />

A hotel that can offer something a little<br />

different, in terms of natural surroundings, can make the<br />

difference between a good holiday and an incredible one.<br />

What better way is there to know about an organization<br />

than by getting first hand reviews? Customers are the best<br />

judges of any service out there as they are the ones who<br />

experience them and can assess whether they were up to<br />

the mark or not. Considering reviews from hundreds of<br />

customers gives us a fair idea about the general pros and<br />

cons of any organization and also gives us valuable inputs<br />

for the other criteria as well.<br />

In today’s modern age, a hotel or tour operator cannot<br />

rely on word of mouth to get their message out into the<br />

world. As social media has be<strong>com</strong>e a vital part of everyday<br />

life, we like to see <strong>com</strong>panies that go the extra mile to<br />

engage with their guests, both past and future. Attractive<br />

and informative websites and engaging and honest<br />

content are what we look for when judging a <strong>com</strong>pany’s<br />

use of marketing; how well they display their services, how<br />

up-to-date their content is, how well they get their brand<br />

message across, and, most importantly, how well their<br />

marketing can tempt us to go and see what they have to<br />

offer for ourselves.<br />



Diversity is one important aspect that needs to be taken<br />

into consideration when in the travel and hospitality<br />

industry. It is essential to have staff that has varying diversity<br />

to ensure that the organization can properly connect with<br />

their guests. Diversity is taken into account in terms of<br />

gender, nationality as well as languages spoken among<br />

other factors. Not only do we take the diversity of the staff<br />

into account, but even that of the facilities and services<br />

offered; a hotel or tour operator providing a better range<br />

of services is preferred over those that do not.<br />

It is of prime importance that an organization has thorough<br />

industry knowledge. Without knowing the nit-bits of the<br />

industry, it is difficult to flourish and provide services which<br />

are a class apart. Before any organization ventures into<br />

the industry, it is essential that they know how the industry<br />

is moving and how they should make changes to their<br />

methodologies in order to remain relevant and also be a<br />

top-performing organization.<br />




9 10


PICK<br />

Image by:JJ Ying<br />

11 12

Cambodia<br />


Luxury Tour Company<br />

Cambodia ♦ luxevoyageasia.<strong>com</strong><br />

Luxe Voyage <strong>Asia</strong> <strong>Travel</strong> based in Cambodia, our service also covers Vietnam, Thailand,<br />

Laos, Myanmar, China, Bhutan, and Nepal. We provide an exclusively tailor-made tour<br />

service for travelers who look for a unique travel experience in <strong>Asia</strong>.<br />

We feel that our travel experience will ensure your travel plans go without a hitch. Our specialists<br />

<strong>com</strong>e from different backgrounds and nationalities that span 3 continents, bringing many ideas<br />

and perspectives together. We feel this diversity gives us an edge to better understand how to<br />

meet the expectations of today’s world-class traveler.<br />

We are a team of avid explorers who enjoy<br />

nothing more than getting outdoors to see<br />

new places and meet new cultures. We feel<br />

that our background and personality are<br />

best suited to help you arrange the holiday<br />

you’ve always wanted.<br />

At Luxe Voyage <strong>Asia</strong>, we believe that luxury<br />

travel starts with an attitude of quality. We<br />

call ourselves a travel designer instead of a<br />

tour operator, as we believe that the best<br />

travel experience of a lifetime <strong>com</strong>es from<br />

good planning. With a passion for travel<br />

and knowledge of the destinations, we are<br />

inspired by hearing what you enjoy and<br />

designing a trip around your interests.<br />

The goal for Luxe Voyage <strong>Asia</strong> is to give<br />

you an enjoyable worry-free trip and the<br />

memory of a lifetime.<br />

13 14

Indonesia<br />


BY ASTON<br />

Hotel<br />

Jl.Perintis Kemerdekaan KM 15 No.14 A, Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, 90243, Indonesia ♦<br />

Tel +62 411 4731777 ♦ harperhotels.<strong>com</strong><br />

The sprawling and all-en<strong>com</strong>passing area of South Sulawesi in Indonesia is frantic yet<br />

friendly. Its’ hustle and bustle atmosphere is nicely juxtaposed with breath-taking karst<br />

scenery. Conveniently located 15-minutes away from Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport,<br />

Harper Perintis Makassar is a truly modern and extraordinary hotel infused with rustic, energetic<br />

charm and stylish design. With a dynamic blend of a residential feel and a balanced functionality<br />

making this hotel, at the heart of Makassar an important hub in the area.<br />

Harper Perintis Makassar offers more than charming hospitality, extensive service and<br />

experience. A stay at Harper Perintis Makassar is a foray into an extraordinary hotel experience<br />

that embodies a bold, energetic charm. This is a hotel that speaks to those who expect more<br />

and have a keen taste for the extraordinary. Ideal for both business and leisure travellers, with<br />

elegant ac<strong>com</strong>modations, including 158 <strong>com</strong>fortably appointed guestrooms and suites.<br />

The amenities in guest rooms have been carefully selected for <strong>com</strong>fort and convenience.<br />

High-class mattress sets, qualified bed linens, plentiful pillows and soft throws provide<br />

a wonderful night’s rest. A large-screen LED television with 60 premium channels, highdefinition<br />

Bluetooth speaker and a fully-stocked mini-bar provide all the <strong>com</strong>forts of<br />

home. A fashionable sofa and high-speed wireless Internet access allow you to work<br />

<strong>com</strong>fortably while away from the office. You can even stay fit and healthy while you travel<br />

by using the Gym & Fitness Center. The inclusion of 5 meeting and event spaces, as well<br />

as extraordinary amenities like a refreshing outdoor pool, fitness center, spa treatment<br />

and modern restaurants in a relaxing atmosphere makes Harper Perintis Makassar the<br />

premier destination for domestic and international travellers in Makassar.<br />

15 16

Maldives<br />


Luxury Resort<br />

Enjoy a <strong>com</strong>plimentary continental<br />

breakfast of pastries, cereal, and a variety<br />

of hot drinks. The lounge is available in the<br />

afternoon for guests to relax with a book,<br />

tea and coffee, and a variety of snacks.<br />

Enjoy the best of all Inclusive Resorts, the<br />

new Kihaad. Kihaa Maldives Resort has<br />

many traditional ties in that even Kihaa<br />

traditionally translates in Maldivian as<br />

“young coconut.”<br />

Kihaa Maldives, Kihaadhuffaru, Baa Atoll, Maldives ♦ Tel +960 400 0501 ♦<br />

kihaamaldives.<strong>com</strong><br />

Kihaa Maldives is located right at the heart of the world famous biosphere reserve<br />

‘Hanifaru Bay’ where giant mantas and whale sharks thrive seasonally in feeding frenzies!<br />

Kihaa Maldives is one of the most naturally beautiful Islands and Lagoon with a thriving coral<br />

house reef. Now, you can enjoy it all with a peace of mind in choosing our ALL INCLUSIVE<br />

plan as one of the best in Maldives Great value, unbelievable personalized plan of food and<br />

beverage, excursions, and private experiences.<br />

Not only do they offer excellent ac<strong>com</strong>modation but also with 326 days of sunshine, a<br />

wonderful tropical climate and no crowds, this large island of natural beauty is steeped in<br />

culture. Its’ rich cultural heritage promises a range of spa therapies as exotic as anywhere<br />

in the world. From breath-taking massages to exclusive spa experiences calls for both<br />

summer holidays, and restful winter getaways. As one of the top luxury spa holidays in<br />

Maldives will offer you plenty of inspiration to find the best relaxing luxury holidays. Our<br />

spa will provide you with insight and inspiration if you are thinking of a romantic spa break.<br />

Perfect for romantic spa breaks and luxury.<br />

17 18

BEER<br />


Image by: Pablo Merchan Montes<br />

19 20

<strong>Asia</strong>’s Top 3 Beer Destinations<br />

Europe and America might hold a decent reputation when it <strong>com</strong>es to beer, but <strong>Asia</strong><br />

can no longer be ignored as a traveller’s destination to sample some of the world’s<br />

best beers. We have discovered 3 destinations that you just have to go and enjoy a cold<br />

beer in.<br />

Vietnam<br />

These are sure signs that Vietnam has developed a reputation as one of the world’s newest<br />

craft beer destinations. With consumption of craft beer being the product of a steady<br />

evolution of the beer scene in the country has revolved around American, Australian,<br />

and European styles of craft beer. Vietnam is one of the biggest beer consumers in <strong>Asia</strong><br />

drinking 3.8 billion liters a year in 2016, according to Ministry of Industry and Trade. You<br />

will find brands such as Tiger, Saigon Beer, and Bia Hoi still account for the lion’s share of<br />

that consumption, in Ho Chi Minh City alone artisan brewers such as Platinum, Pasteur<br />

Street Brewing Co, Winking Seal, Heart of Darkness, and Fuzzy Logic are providing<br />

different and newer options.<br />

Tokyo<br />

Anybody who knows anything about Tokyo will know you have to make a pilgrimage to<br />

the legendary Popeye in Ryogoku – Japan’s premier specialist craft beer haunt. There are<br />

a number of others now too - you can now find Japanese and import microbrews on tap<br />

at countless bars around the city – and some places are even starting to brew their own.<br />

Whether you’re new to the scene or a hardcore boozehound chasing that next hop high,<br />

it’s easy to find your beer fix here.<br />

Thailand<br />

Despite China being the<br />

creator of four of the world’s top<br />

selling beers (Snow, Tsingtao,<br />

Yanjing, and Harbin), it is rarely<br />

acknowledged in the beer<br />

<strong>com</strong>munity as a destination<br />

for beer travel. But as China<br />

emerges as a world power in<br />

everything from economics<br />

to film to mobile bikes, its<br />

craft brewing scene has swiftly<br />

stepped into the spotlight.<br />

21 22

Vietnam<br />



Beer Tour Company<br />

No 8, Group 5 Van Khe, Ha Dong District, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam ♦<br />

<strong>www</strong>.facebook.<strong>com</strong>/hanoibeertour ♦ hanoibeertour.<strong>com</strong><br />

Not only is Tan & Brett’s Hanoi Beer Tour the very first and original beer tour of its kind,<br />

it is also the very best! So good in fact that Hanoi Beer Tour was recently featured on<br />

the CNN special - ‘Street Life Hanoi’. What could be better than cruising around Hanoi on the<br />

back of bikes, seeing the sites (and not just the one’s in the guide books), drinking the beer and<br />

eating some of the tastiest of tasty street food? Not much really!<br />

Tan is 100% born and bred Hanoi and has<br />

lived in Vietnam all his life and is the preeminent<br />

storyteller in the whole city. Brett is<br />

a dinky di Aussie who has a passion for beer,<br />

food and Vietnam. Brett has been travelling to<br />

Vietnam each year since 2004 and it was on<br />

this first trip to Vietnam that he met Tan (while<br />

drinking a cold beer) and their friendship<br />

continues to this day. Both Tan and Brett love<br />

to drink a lot of good beer, eat delicious food<br />

and relish a top story and share it with people.<br />

The problem was, that although there were<br />

many ‘street food tours’ operating in Hanoi,<br />

a great deal were substandard when it came<br />

to food quality and many others simply had<br />

no idea what they were talking about. And<br />

knowledge of great beer drinking locations<br />

(outside of bia hoi corner) were non existent!<br />

So they had the genius idea to create Tan and<br />

Brett’s Hanoi Beer Tour! Real Beer, Real Food,<br />

Real People….Real Good!<br />

Tours usually last for about 5 hours and start right in front of St Joseph’s Cathedral<br />

in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. You will get to see a lot on this tour, not only is this a culinary<br />

experience but with Tan and Brett’s Beer Tour, you will get to experience it all while at the<br />

same time wandering off the beaten path and among the alleys to see what locals really<br />

like in beer, food, architecture, culture and daily life. All this whilst listening to stories of<br />

Vietnam’s extraordinary past.<br />

23 24


Image by: Ishan Seefromthesky<br />

25 26

Explore Maldives<br />

The azure blue waters that surround the Maldives are a home to hive of activity that<br />

any type of traveller would just love. Whether you want to snorkel, island hop,<br />

fishing or water sports and just enjoying some luxury – there is something for everyone<br />

here.<br />

The relaxing surroundings of the Maldives<br />

mean one of the must things to do here is<br />

enjoy a luxurious spa treatment. You can<br />

have classic, package treatments at your<br />

local resort or some <strong>com</strong>panies are even<br />

doing things a bit differently nowadays<br />

with underwater spa treatments, yes<br />

that’s right – underwater! It’s the ultimate<br />

relaxation experience, receiving a treatment<br />

surrounded by glass walls that are staring<br />

out into the beautiful turquoise ocean while<br />

its marine life dance around you<br />

There are lots of chartered diving <strong>com</strong>panies<br />

that will take you on some unbelievable<br />

diving trips. Most <strong>com</strong>panies provide you<br />

with fins, snorkel and mask for the house<br />

reef snorkelling and snorkelling excursions.<br />

There are a few standard excursions offered<br />

by every resort. Snorkelling trips take guests<br />

to their house reef, if it is inaccessible from<br />

the island, and to other reefs nearby. This<br />

can take place once or twice a day and can<br />

be to great reefs, never to dull ones. As a<br />

general rule, it is much better if the dive<br />

school rather than the management runs<br />

these. Hanifaru bay is the largest ‘feeding<br />

station’ in the world, the area is abundant in<br />

marine life due to large amounts of plankton<br />

that washes in which attracts the big draw<br />

cards, such as beloved Manta Rays.<br />

27 28

From fresh tropical fruit to delicious fish; from barbecued meat to Japanese or Italian<br />

cuisine; one of the greatest things to do in Maldives is eating. The sand, sea and highend<br />

luxury offered at most resorts in the Maldives may be more than enough for some<br />

but others might like to tap into the rich culture and heritage on, what locals refer to as<br />

a “home” island.<br />

Whatever you choose to do, the Maldives is eloquent, exotic location that will recharge<br />

your batteries and give you that much sought after rest and relaxation many of us look<br />

for when we go away and travel.<br />

With so many islands, you will find yourself island hopping pretty often to see the many<br />

different sights and sounds. There are range of different parts to see from uninhabited<br />

islands to just having the chance to enjoy a different type of resort. Try and make sure<br />

you arrange a guided tour of an island so you can learn a bit about its culture and<br />

history, while meeting local people and seeing the various places of interest. Another<br />

variation is a desert island excursion overnight for a couple, armed only with a mobile<br />

phone and bottles of champagne. `<br />

29 30

Maldives<br />



Hotel<br />

K. Huraa, Kaafu 08050, Maldives ♦ Tel +960 797-8883 ♦ pearlsandsofmaldives.<strong>com</strong><br />

Pearl Sands of Maldives is a<br />

little slice of paradise that<br />

offers the chance of a glimpse<br />

of the charming Maldivian<br />

life, packed full with warmth<br />

and hospitality. Pearl Sands of<br />

Maldives is a spectacular 4 star<br />

boutique hotel located in the<br />

northern tip of the quaint local<br />

island of K. Huraa, north atoll<br />

of the Maldives, approximately<br />

25 minutes away by speedboat<br />

from Male International Airport.<br />

Pearl Sands of Maldives boasts<br />

32 tastefully designed rooms all<br />

of which open up to the stunning<br />

view of the Indian Ocean.<br />

At Pearl Sands of Maldives, the<br />

loudest thing you’ll hear are the<br />

palm trees swaying in the wind,<br />

warm waters lapping powdery<br />

sands and delectable lobsters<br />

sizzling on a beach barbeque.<br />

Ditch your shoes and let your<br />

soul listen, this is the exclusive<br />

castaway life.<br />

All rooms have super-sized beds with super soft beddings, very modern facilities, en-suite<br />

open-air bathrooms, as well as a private balcony or patio. Both Superior and Deluxe rooms<br />

are air-conditioned and all <strong>com</strong>e with <strong>com</strong>plimentary Wi-Fi, bottled water, wel<strong>com</strong>e fruit<br />

platter, as well as tea and coffee facilities. All of the rooms offer direct access to the private<br />

white sand beach where the guests can relax and sun bathe under the beach umbrellas<br />

while enjoying cold beverages.<br />

Coupled with fine cuisine, a spa, outdoor activities, excursions, white sandy private<br />

beach, beautiful sunsets and clear turquoise water – a memorable getaway doesn’t get<br />

any better than this little slice of paradise – Pearl Sands of Maldives. They dedicate all<br />

of their efforts in creating that perfect shareable moment and offering an alternative to<br />

guests seeking a typical Maldivian Island vacation filled with absolute bliss.<br />

31 32

A Trip to Paradise with Tasmai Dave : A Review of Ukulhas<br />

White sand beaches,<br />

lush palms, and<br />

crystal clear waters are but a<br />

few words that can describe<br />

the paradise called Maldives. I<br />

had the opportunity to stay at<br />

West Sands on the tiny island<br />

of Ukulhas last year. Clear<br />

blue skies and the light mist<br />

of the ocean wel<strong>com</strong>ed me as<br />

I stepped out of the airport. A<br />

short 45-minute ride in a speed<br />

boat brought me to Ukulhas.<br />

Soft duvets, cozy lighting, and<br />

a washroom that seamlessly<br />

blended with the tropical<br />

surroundings made the stay<br />

absolutely <strong>com</strong>fortable.<br />

Additionally, the hotel staff<br />

was extremely friendly and<br />

there wasn’t a single day<br />

when we didn’t have endless<br />

conversations over lunch or<br />

dinner.<br />

I got the chance to be up-close and personal with a variety of fish of all sizes while<br />

snorkelling on the house reef. Some of them even played peekaboo games from<br />

their coral homes and I lost track of time following these lovely beings.<br />

The fondest memory of this trip, though, was when I went into the open ocean in<br />

search for dolphins. That’s when I found an underwater reef where I could see the<br />

ocean floor right from the boat! Six manta rays, easily 6 feet long, floated around<br />

the boat, almost as if they were flying in the air. Did I miss to mention the numerous<br />

flying fish and baby sharks that I encountered too? Well, those are just a few stunning<br />

natural gems you can see in this paradise. And even when I sleep tonight, it beckons<br />

me back. It was a trip like none other.<br />

Right opposite the hotel,<br />

there was a small thicket<br />

with numerous palms and<br />

hundreds of hermit crabs.<br />

These tiny creatures hide<br />

as soon as I moved close to<br />

them and you might mistake<br />

them for moving shells from<br />

a distance too! As soon as<br />

I crossed the thicket, I got<br />

my first sights of the clear<br />

blue ocean and the white<br />

sand Bikini Beach of Ukulhas.<br />

And that’s where I ended up<br />

spending the rest of my days<br />

relaxing on the sunbeds.<br />

33 34

Maldives<br />


Luxury Guest House<br />

West Sands is a beachfront hotel located in<br />

Ukulhas Island in Maldives. The hotel consists<br />

of <strong>com</strong>fortable rooms, offers friendly Maldives<br />

hospitality, a well as luxury amenities, and fun<br />

and adventurous activities. They also have an<br />

in house multi-cuisine restaurant featuring an<br />

extensive buffet and a la carte menu. When you<br />

are not enjoying the stunning scenery and views,<br />

you can use free Wi-Fi, relax on a private beach<br />

and admire a sea view from West Sands Rooms;<br />

this is the perfect place for an affordable beach<br />

holiday in the Maldives.<br />

Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll, Maldives ♦ Tel +960 965-1515 ♦ westsandsukulhas.<strong>com</strong><br />

Located in North Ari Atoll, Ukulhas<br />

is a tiny 57-acre island. It offers<br />

unrivalled beauty - with one of the<br />

most beautiful beaches in the world,<br />

<strong>com</strong>bined with thick natural vegetation.<br />

It is a slice of paradise that has ecology<br />

at its heart, highlighted by daily beach<br />

cleaning, waste management and<br />

biodiversity protection programmes. It<br />

is only right that this magnificent area is<br />

looked after, as almost every direction<br />

you look beauty can be found above,<br />

as well as below the surface, there are<br />

some of the most spectacular diving<br />

and marine life sites in the Maldives.<br />

As you are surrounded by beauty it is<br />

only right that you get to enjoy even<br />

more luxury once you step inside your<br />

hotel. West Sands Maldives takes care<br />

of this with aplomb. Three things are<br />

important at this hotel; space, privacy<br />

and <strong>com</strong>fort. Their rooms are among<br />

the largest in Ukulhas and are carefully<br />

designed to ensure modern, linear and<br />

chic architecture while taking advantage<br />

of the breeze and natural climate of<br />

Maldives.<br />

35 36

Hotel Alternative<br />

When you travel it is often <strong>com</strong>mon acceptance that you will stay in a hotel, and<br />

your only decision to make is whether to make it all inclusive or not. But when<br />

it <strong>com</strong>es to the Maldives you are spoilt for choice when it <strong>com</strong>es to alternatives to hotels.<br />

We fully re<strong>com</strong>mend considering the option of staying on a boat.<br />

The Maldives is one of the most stupendous regions in the world. The azure blue waters<br />

can be enjoyed even more so if you choose to stay on a boat, you can enjoy a real ocean<br />

safari every single day. You are not stuck in one location if you stay on a boat, you can see<br />

different parts of the area and take in different restaurants, bars and activities. Whether it<br />

is a boat or a yacht, each one is designed to obtain maximum satisfaction from traveling<br />

to the Maldives as for the classic routes for Diving safari and unexplored points of the<br />

Maldives archipelago.<br />

You can explore the archipelago by spending each day in a different location, while<br />

<strong>com</strong>fortably cruising on board of the Dhoni Stella. You can select a proposed itinerary,<br />

or design your own route by planning it with the help of Maldives expertise. If you<br />

are a lover of scuba diving or snorkelling, then it is a no brainer to stay on a boat.<br />

Sharks, mantas, eagle rays, barracudas, colorful soft corals, sea fans and acroporas - the<br />

Maldives reefs offer all of this and more. You choose the destinations and activities that<br />

suit you, this is why you need to consider staying on a boat and letting the Maldives<br />

<strong>com</strong>e to you!<br />

37 38

Maldives<br />



The Award For Excellence In Service<br />

As you cruise through the calm waters of the<br />

Maldives, Azalea Cruise aim to delight your taste<br />

buds with the finest international cuisines prepared<br />

by the dedicated culinary staff on board. Enjoy<br />

the exquisite dishes from the west to the east,<br />

every meal of the day to add even more to your<br />

experience here.<br />

G.Noomaraage, 2nd Floor , Lily Magu, Male’ Republic of Maldives ♦<br />

Tel +960 778 2750 / +960 777 4091 ♦ azaleacruise.<strong>com</strong><br />

Make Azalea cruise your<br />

home on your voyage into<br />

paradise. Indulge yourself in a truly<br />

unique experience from Maldives<br />

luxury ac<strong>com</strong>modation to world-class<br />

cuisine on Azalea Cruise and let them<br />

make your holiday truly remarkable.<br />

Enjoy the best of Maldivian hospitality<br />

as you float on Maldivian crystal clear<br />

turquoise waters. Let them wel<strong>com</strong>e<br />

you on-board Azalea Cruise as you take<br />

a momentous journey of discovery like<br />

no other.<br />

This is not just a standard cruise, only<br />

a handful of 145ft steel-hulled super<br />

yachts can be found in the Maldives<br />

and as soon as you step aboard you<br />

will realise you are on a floating palace<br />

of tranquil decadence. Step into a<br />

serene universe, designed to deliver<br />

transcendent <strong>com</strong>fort on the ocean. The<br />

yacht’s classy interior was drawn from<br />

the world’s leading boutique hotels.<br />

Rest and wake up every day serenaded<br />

by the sea, and let the natural beauty of<br />

the Maldivian archipelago marvel your<br />

eyes at every moment.<br />

There are a plethora of activities<br />

on offer too; the stand out being<br />

the best diving the Maldives has<br />

to offer, where adventure and<br />

luxury meet in harmony. The<br />

experienced local guides provide<br />

you with the best courses in small<br />

dive groups for your safety and<br />

<strong>com</strong>fort. They offer an amazing<br />

diving experience, as well as other<br />

excursions such as; water sports,<br />

night fishing, resort day trips,<br />

sand bank trip as well as a manta,<br />

dolphin and whale shark cruise.<br />

Experience the best of Maldivian<br />

hospitality as the friendly crew<br />

members aim to provide you<br />

with excellence in service and<br />

hospitality to make your floating<br />

holiday truly remarkable with<br />

Azalea Cruise.<br />

39 40

JAPAN<br />

Image by: Manuel Cosentino<br />

41 42

Discover Hokkaido<br />

Hokkaido is an island in the Northernmost of Japan; this beautiful region is the<br />

21st largest island in the world. What really adds to the majesty of the place is<br />

the fact there are so many attractions of Hokkaido to enjoy including, four distinctive<br />

seasons which showcase the untouched majestic nature of the place, as well as plenty of<br />

great food to enjoy. Each season has its different characteristics, offering various scenery,<br />

activities and food.<br />

There are six national parks protected and run by the government in Hokkaido. Shikotsu-<br />

Toya National Park in the Central Area. Daisetsuzan National Park and Rishiri-Rebun<br />

Sarobetsu National Park in the Northern Area. Akan National Park, Kushiro Wetlands<br />

National Park and Shiretoko National Park, which is also registered as one of the World<br />

Natural Heritage sites in the Eastern Area. Each national park is jam packed with stunning<br />

scenery that will truly blow your mind. Of course you can’t go Hokkaido in the winter<br />

without hitting the slopes too, enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other attractions, you can<br />

even enjoy a drift ice watching tour that you can only experience in winter in Hokkaido.<br />

One of the main attractions of<br />

Hokkaido is the fact that it is blessed<br />

with a rich feast of delicacies: ramen<br />

noodles, Genghis Khan mutton<br />

barbecue, fresh seafood including<br />

crabs, delicious agri- and farm<br />

products, dairy confectionaries, etc.<br />

There are a plethora of restaurants to<br />

enjoy to sample these fine delicacies,<br />

you are a truly spoilt for choice.<br />

Hokkaido fosters its old, unique<br />

traditional culture even today and<br />

it is sure to impress you in so many<br />

ways. Japanese people are proud of<br />

the big island, where nature blends in<br />

with people’s lives so well. So make<br />

sure you take time to visit this unique<br />

and special place.<br />

43 44

Japan<br />



Cruise Company<br />

The Blue Caves are also home to some<br />

stunning wildlife, admire from the <strong>com</strong>fort<br />

and safety of your cruise as you watch the<br />

fishes and sea urchins gallop by. Then<br />

there is the main attraction, the Blue<br />

Cave its alluring turquoise waters are full<br />

of mystique and you can appreciate the<br />

serene calm that emanates from the caves<br />

as you admire their beauty.<br />

Japan ♦ kanehidemarine.<strong>com</strong><br />

Japan’s Northernmost and second largest island, Hokkaido, is one of its most beautiful<br />

islands. It can be reached directly from Tokyo on a 4-hour train, so it is secluded but<br />

reasonably reachable. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, ski slopes, volcanoes and some<br />

amazing fauna and flora. As it is home to some truly wonderful natural feats, take advantage<br />

of Kanehide Kaneshiu as they help you get up close to one of the very best highlights of the<br />

island – the Blue Caves.<br />

The absolute highlight of your trip here will undoubtedly be the Blue Caves, the mystical blue<br />

waters are amazing and need to be seen to be believed. Enjoy a fun cruise with your friendly<br />

and knowledgeable guide/captain as he takes you an adventure to discover one of the world’s<br />

most hidden gems.<br />

By taking a cruise with Kanehide Kaneshiu,<br />

you can enjoy the Blue Caves in safety and<br />

<strong>com</strong>fort. Shafts of sunlight pierce through<br />

the cave as you float along, reflecting off<br />

the serene blue water creating an almost<br />

natural skylight. Other sensory delights<br />

include the calming sound of waves gently<br />

lapping off the cave walls as you kick back<br />

and relax.<br />

45 46

Mount Yōtei<br />

Mount Yōtei is located in South West of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of<br />

Japan. It’s known as “Ezo Fuji (Ezo is an old name for Hokkaido)” because it<br />

resembles Japan’s most beloved mountain, Mt. Fuji. There is quite a difference however,<br />

Mt. Yōtei (1898m) is not nearly as tall as Mt. Fuji (3776m), but the shape and size stand<br />

out among other mountains in the area. Like Mt. Fuji, Mt. Yōtei is an active volcano, and<br />

the last eruption was 2500 years ago (there are about 200 volcanoes in Japan, and 60 of<br />

them are active). This picturesque volcano is listed as one of the 100 famous mountains<br />

in Japan.<br />

For the thrill seekers, Mount Yōtei has the<br />

longest vertical ski descent in Hokkaido.<br />

However, much planning is needed to make<br />

a successful ascent – bad weather <strong>com</strong>es in<br />

hard and fast in this region, so you need to<br />

be aware of weather conditions and state<br />

of the road in order to make the climb.<br />

This is no leisurely day on the slopes – it’s a<br />

rigorous hike that will test your resolve and<br />

fitness.<br />

Come in the summer and you can enjoy<br />

the area that surrounds Mount Yōtei, there<br />

are volcanoes, mountain ranges, valleys,<br />

rivers, amazing lakes, ponds and a wealth<br />

of natural wildlife. You can even do some<br />

rafting, and of course no visit to Japan is<br />

<strong>com</strong>plete without a traditional Japanese<br />

hot spring (onsen). Other activities to be<br />

enjoyed in the summer iclude national park<br />

activities such as farming, jam making, and<br />

enjoying the seafood and fresh produce.<br />

47 48

Japan<br />


Resort<br />

169 Yamada, Kutchan-chō, Abuta-gun, Hokkaidō, 044-0081 ♦ Tel +81 0136 55 5240 ♦<br />

aspectniseko.<strong>com</strong><br />

Niseko is one of the best ski resorts in Japan, with its powdery snow, spectacular scenery<br />

and stunning vistas; it is best enjoyed in luxury. Aspect Niseko is ideally located in middle<br />

Hirafu with excellent access to some of Niseko’s finest cuisine and nightlife on the renowned<br />

Momiji Street. Along with Aspect’s exclusive ski shuttle service, able to whisk guests directly to<br />

the slopes, you are never far from the action.<br />

Aspect sits on the edge of the famed “Millionaires Row” in Hirafu’s Middle Village. With stunning,<br />

panoramic views of Mt. Yotei a stay here is a truly memorable one. Not only is there quality<br />

outside but also on the inside with 11 beautiful apartments to choose from that are fully decked<br />

out with European and Japanese furnishings. Each apartment is fitted with air conditioning,<br />

balcony and a full kitchen with a dishwasher and a microwave. The private bathroom <strong>com</strong>es<br />

with a large bathtub and toiletries, Aspect have covered all bases.<br />

The best way to <strong>com</strong>pliment your stay<br />

at Aspect is by taking advantage of the<br />

full suite of concierge services available.<br />

Ensuring convenience and excellence, the<br />

Aspect team provides premium services<br />

such as a dedicated ski valet, where they<br />

take care of your ski gear while you enjoy<br />

the slopes taking the hassle of transporting<br />

it to and from the hotel. Then of course there<br />

is the casual, elegant lobby area where you<br />

can stay warm with tea and coffee, while in<br />

the summer months the roof and garden<br />

terrace are available for use. Not to mention<br />

the excellent Japanese hospitality with the<br />

backdrop of an elegant lobby lounge setting<br />

providing astounding assistance during<br />

your stay where they can book restaurants,<br />

services and local activities.<br />

49 50

Nikko | City of History & Culture<br />

The picturesque city Nikko is located 120 km north of Tokyo. This is a popular spot<br />

for tourists and amongst Japanese holidaymakers, who are looking for a weekend<br />

escape from Tokyo’s crazy, fast paced lifestyle. Nikko has an eventful history, with many<br />

UNESCO World Heritage sites, and an outstanding natural landscape with mountains<br />

surrounding the whole area and waterfalls draining into Lake Chuzenji.<br />

Nikko’s three most famous sights are Toshogu Shrine, Futarasan Shrine and Rinnoji Temple,<br />

all of which can be entered with the convenient ¥1,000 Nikko Pass. One of the most<br />

popular is Tosho-gu, the grandiose, Chinese-inspired burial place of 17th century shogun<br />

supreme Leyasu Tokugawa. With its red corridors, and a staggering 2.5 million sheets of<br />

gold leaf and intricate carvings on every inch of its vast surface area, this is decadence<br />

personified. This building is a <strong>com</strong>plete juxtaposition of the modest, austere style of most<br />

Japanese temples and shrines. Climbing the 200 stairs to Leyasu’s tomb will cost you an<br />

extra ¥520, but it’s worth it to see where the great unifier of Japan rests in peace.<br />

Other touristy must sees<br />

include The Sacred Stable you<br />

will have to fight amongst other<br />

site seers to snap a picture of<br />

the three iconic monkeys acting<br />

out the famous “hear no evil,<br />

speak no evil, see no evil”<br />

mantra. You do not just have<br />

to go and see the most famous<br />

temples and shrines, there are<br />

a heap of other smaller, quieter<br />

ones that are just as majestic<br />

and often the journey to them,<br />

tucked away in the mountains is<br />

the fun part seeing them.<br />

51 52

Japan<br />


2478-4 Chugushi, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1661, Japan ♦ Tel +81 288-55-0753 ♦<br />

hatago-nagomi.<strong>com</strong><br />

All rooms are in Western style, with a view<br />

of the lake. Each room at this hotel is airconditioned<br />

and <strong>com</strong>es with a flat-screen<br />

TV. At breakfast or dinner you have the<br />

chance to savour delicious meals prepared<br />

with ingredients from Tochigi Prefecture.<br />

Kaiseki cuisine is served for dinner, while<br />

a Japanese-style buffet is served for<br />

breakfast. The rooms also have a private<br />

bathroom equipped with a bath and<br />

hairdryer. For your <strong>com</strong>fort, you will find<br />

slippers and free toiletries. Some rooms<br />

also include a balcony.<br />

The charming town<br />

of Nikko is situated<br />

next to Lake Chuzenji.<br />

It is celebrated for its<br />

lush and verdant natural<br />

surroundings, where you<br />

can view some incredible<br />

sightseeing, historical<br />

sites and temples. What<br />

draws people in however<br />

is its tradition of being a<br />

sacred land of worship,<br />

which has facilitated a<br />

mysterious atmosphere<br />

around the area. To get<br />

the most out of this region<br />

a stay at Hatago Nagomi<br />

is essential. Recently<br />

renovated its classy<br />

features <strong>com</strong>pliment<br />

the luxurious region.<br />

The hotel features a<br />

restaurant, bar and free<br />

Wi-Fi throughout the<br />

property. Free private<br />

parking is also available<br />

on site.<br />

To cap off the grandiose surroundings, you<br />

will find a shared bath with natural freeflowing<br />

hot spring water at the property,<br />

the hot spring baths have sulphur spring<br />

water that naturally flows from the source.<br />

For your convenience, there is a 24-hour<br />

front desk at the property. Whether you<br />

want to do a spot of fishing, hiking or<br />

mountain climbing the staff are more<br />

than happy to help you and arrange your<br />

excursion. Whatever it is that you are<br />

seeking from this region, Hatago Nagomi<br />

can help you find it.<br />

53 54

TAIWAN<br />

Image by: Remi Yuan<br />

In Association with Taiwan Tourism Board.<br />

55 56

Taiwan, The Heart of <strong>Asia</strong><br />

It’s a rare joy to discover a whole nation so tantalisingly off-radar as Taiwan. If you<br />

can’t find it on a map, you’re far from alone: for many people, it’s simply a name on<br />

a manufacturing label, a place surely dominated by factories and sprawling cities. But<br />

oh, how wrong they are. Leaf through these pages to discover islands that are as rich<br />

in wildlife and tribal culture as they are in natural beauty – from the mighty peaks of the<br />

central highlands, to the jungles that surround every city. The only thing that sprawls here<br />

is the beach: the long sandy shores in the south, overlooking pristine coral reefs; and the<br />

west’s California-style coast, with its rolling surf and sleepy fishing villages.<br />

Top Places to Visit<br />

1. Taipei City<br />

This is Taiwan’s capital and largest city — a modern<br />

metropolis circled by mountains. Must do: Head<br />

up Taipei 101 for spectacular views of the city.<br />

Discover more at<br />

eng.taiwan.net.tw<br />

Taipei, the capital, is also ready and waiting<br />

to defy any stereotype you might have: it’s a<br />

bustling <strong>Asia</strong>n financial hub, yes, but those<br />

bankers head for the hills every weekend,<br />

to the many hiking and biking trails within<br />

easy reach of the metropolis. The further<br />

you venture, the more you’ll be rewarded<br />

with outdoor adventures: there are farflung<br />

temples to explore, mountains to<br />

climb, rivers to raft, and indigenous tribes<br />

to meet on unforgettable homestays. But<br />

hurry, Taiwan won’t remain off-radar for<br />

long: last year saw the launch of the first<br />

direct flight from London to Taipei, making<br />

it easier to reach than ever. Go now, before<br />

the rest of the world realises what they’ve<br />

been missing too. Getting Around How<br />

to get to Taiwan: China Airlines (chinaairlines.<strong>com</strong>)<br />

flies non-stop from London<br />

Gatwick to Taiwan Taoyuan International<br />

Airport four times a week. EVA Air (evaair.<br />

<strong>com</strong>) flies from London Heathrow via<br />

Bangkok. Many other airlines offer indirect<br />

flights. How to get around: In Taipei, the<br />

MRT (english. metro.taipei) system is<br />

well-connected and cheap, with one-day<br />

passes available. The Taiwan High Speed<br />

Rail (thsrc.<strong>com</strong>.tw) is a joy to use: trains are<br />

clean and efficient, and unlimited travel<br />

passes are available for overseas visitors.<br />

To explore further-flung sites such as Taroko<br />

Gorge, Kenting National Park and the<br />

central highlands, you’ll want to hire a car<br />

or scooter: both can be done easily, either<br />

locally or through international <strong>com</strong>panies<br />

such as Avis (avis.<strong>com</strong>). An International<br />

Driver’s Licence is essential.<br />

2. Hualien<br />

County<br />

Hualien borders the<br />

ocean, hemmed<br />

in to the west by<br />

the Central Range<br />

mountains. Must do:<br />

Visit Taroko Gorge<br />

— a lush wilderness<br />

to hike through.<br />

57 58

3. Sun Moon Lake<br />

Sun Moon Lake is a mirror-smooth body of water reflecting the surrounding forest<br />

and mountains. Must do: Cycle around the exterior of one of the many bike paths.<br />

5. Lanyu<br />

Lanyu, or Orchid Island, is a volcanic haven of green peaks and sandy beaches. Must<br />

do: Dive among the colour coral reefs and fish.<br />

4. Kaohsiung City<br />

The port city of Kaohsiung is home to glittering skyscrapers and green parks. Must<br />

do: Take a boat ride down Love River or stroll past the many shops and cafes along<br />

its banks.<br />

6. Kenting<br />

This national park covers 33,268 hectares of land, with golden beaches and turquoise<br />

ocean. Must do: Visit Eluanbi Lighthouse — the island’s most southern point.<br />

59 60

7. Tainan City<br />

Tainan City is the ancient capital of Taiwan, nestled on coastal plains with a warm<br />

year-round climate. Must do: Soak in the city’s famous mud springs.<br />

9. Penghu County<br />

Penghu is known as the pearl of the Taiwan Strait, made up of 90 sandy islands circled<br />

in aquamarine water. Must do: Walk across the Penghu Great Bridge.<br />

8. Alishan Tea Country<br />

The misty fields of Alishan are known for their tea across Taiwan. Must do: Ride the<br />

narrow gauge railway that whisks you upwards over 77 wooden bridges<br />

10. Taichung City<br />

Taichung is a bustling industrial city, acting as the gateway to the island’s mountainous<br />

interior. Must do: Visit the ornate Magong Chenghuang Temple.<br />

61 62

Taiwan<br />




#79 Chajiao, Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan ♦<br />

Tel +886-2-26749228 ♦ <strong>www</strong>.thegreatroots.<strong>com</strong><br />

Located in Sanxia District, New Taipei City, only 50 minutes from Taoyuan International<br />

Airport and also Taipei City. The resort covers a 17-hectare site that was formerly the<br />

biggest tea-processing plant in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. There is a vacation<br />

villa formerly used by the Japanese royal family, as well as gardens, fishponds and forest trails.<br />

The resort is tucked among the only low-elevation primitive tropical rain forest in Taiwan, with<br />

rare century-old tabular root (buttress root) trees.<br />

Veined/mountain figs (Ficus<br />

Nervosa), Ficus Variegata<br />

and tree ferns from the<br />

dinosaur age are among the<br />

nearly 500 species of plants<br />

in the rain forest. The forest<br />

is also home to more than<br />

4,000 varieties of insects and<br />

over 30 varieties of birds,<br />

among them is the Blue-<br />

Winged Pitta – a globally<br />

protected species. These<br />

rare natural wonders wait<br />

along with the healthy and<br />

relaxing essences of the<br />

forest at the resort.<br />

In addition to enjoying the<br />

natural scenery, visitors<br />

can take a soothing and<br />

skin-pampering soak in the<br />

carbonic hot springs at the<br />

resort. Relax at the hot spa<br />

area, which overlooks the<br />

beautiful forests of Sanxia.<br />

The stunning natural setting<br />

contributes to an unrivaled<br />

relaxation experience. In a<br />

world where technology has<br />

allowed stress to be<strong>com</strong>e a<br />

constant <strong>com</strong>panion, Great<br />

Roots Forestry Spa Resort<br />

offers a moment’s rest. It is<br />

a place where you see the<br />

world, and even yourself, a<br />

little bit differently. Where<br />

you can find your center,<br />

soothe your body and stir<br />

your imagination, and where<br />

you find the fuel that feeds<br />

your soul.<br />

63 64


Image by: Mathew Schwartz<br />

65 66

The Krabi Top 10<br />

Emerald Pool<br />

This natural pool is a majestic bit of nature. Thanks to the abundance of minerals from<br />

surrounding limestone hills gives this pool a sparkling green shade. Part of the Khao Phra<br />

Bang Khram Nature Reserve, the Emerald Pool is filled with pure spring water filtered<br />

from thermal hot springs that are deep underground.<br />

Dragon Crest Mountain<br />

Put your hiking boots<br />

on and climb Dragon<br />

Crest Mountain. The<br />

dense, green vegetation<br />

here is a far cry from the<br />

sun soaked sand of the<br />

beach. It is a 4 kilometer<br />

trail that is fairly steep, so<br />

it is quite a challenging<br />

climb, you are rewarded<br />

with awesome views at<br />

the top.<br />

Koh Phi Phi<br />

Without doubt Thailand’s party capital. This is the place to go if you want to let your hair<br />

down and have some fun. There are a copious amount of beaches, lagoons and coves<br />

that will seduce and make you want to stay here even longer. You will also notice the<br />

amazing karst formations that will grab your attention instantly.<br />

Krabi Town<br />

This small market town<br />

has trendy bars, hipster<br />

cafes and vibrant night<br />

markets. This is your<br />

chance to explore the<br />

local culture; whether you<br />

want clothing, souvenirs<br />

and handicrafts this is the<br />

place to go. This is also<br />

the spot to try some great<br />

Thai food.<br />

Tonsai Beach<br />

People from all over the<br />

world head here for a<br />

climb, even if you are a<br />

first timer you will find a<br />

section you can scale. If<br />

you are hardcore you will<br />

find something for you<br />

here too.<br />

67 68

Songprak River<br />

This river is another adventure<br />

activity for adrenaline junkies,<br />

whether you are a newbie or<br />

experienced paddler you will<br />

find fun water run. The white<br />

water of the river <strong>com</strong>bines<br />

drops and turns as navigate<br />

past the rocks and frothing<br />

rapids.<br />

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang<br />

Found in the southernmost part of Krabi in Koh Lanta, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are<br />

huge underwater rock formations that are packed with resplendent corals and buzzing<br />

marine life. This is a highlight on any diving trip to Thailand.<br />

Tiger Cave Temple<br />

Don’t be misled by the name, there are no tigers here. The temple sits on top of a 1237<br />

staircase, you will find yourself walking in-between macaques who are not shy as they<br />

might even use you for a lift to the top.<br />

Railay<br />

You are truly spoilt for choice when it <strong>com</strong>es to stunning peninsulas in Thailand. Railay<br />

probably tops the lot. The bright green waters gorgeously contrast the stunning white<br />

sands, not only is it easy on the eye but you have a vast array of activities to choose from<br />

such as snorkelling, rock-climbing and just some good old fashioned exploring.<br />

Khlong Tom Hot Springs<br />

The perfect way to wind<br />

down and relax, these hot<br />

springs are surrounded<br />

dense rainforest, it is a<br />

place to go and replenish<br />

the soul, the warm water<br />

supposedly has healing<br />

properties, so enjoy.<br />

69 70

Thailand<br />

KOH JUM<br />


Award<br />

320/29 M. 3, Koh Sriboya, Nua Klong, Krabi 81130, Thailand ♦ Tel +66 (0) 86 184 0505 ♦<br />

kohjumbeachvillas.<strong>com</strong><br />

Koh Jum Beach Villas is a hidden gem where nature, relaxation and luxury <strong>com</strong>bine.<br />

Our boutique resort offers nineteen individually designed villas directly located on the<br />

resort’s seven-hundred-meter-long beach or in lush tropical gardens with beautiful sunset views<br />

overlooking the Phi Phi National Park. Koh Jum is centrally located in Krabi while just only<br />

one hour away from Krabi International Airport, so ideal for exploring Krabi’s amazing natural<br />

beauty, nearby islands or exploring one of Thailand’s last great places – Koh Jum itself. You<br />

could also just lie by your private pool and read a book (or write one) the choice is yours!<br />

Our boutique resort offers nineteen unique villas, ranging from one bedroom to five bedrooms,<br />

directly located on the resort’s seven-hundred-meter-long beach or in lush tropical gardens with<br />

beautiful sunset views overlooking the Phi Phi National Park.<br />

71 72

Hidden Gem | Bang Saphan<br />

The sleepy beach town of Bang Saphan on the Gulf of Thailand is one of the<br />

country’s best hidden gems. It can be reached from Bangkok, 380km away, in<br />

approximately 5 hours by bus or car. There are actually two Bangsaphan’s; Bangsaphan<br />

Noi and Bangsaphan Yai (meaning big and small when translated from Thai). Bang Saphan<br />

is still an undiscovered getaway destination that is relatively unspoilt by tourism so <strong>com</strong>e<br />

and see it now before the crowds descend.<br />

The main attraction has to be<br />

the endless sandy beach that<br />

stretches as far as the eye can<br />

see. It is fringed with coconut<br />

palms and dotted with the<br />

occasional bungalow. Not<br />

only can you enjoy a leisurely<br />

day at the beach, once the<br />

sun goes down the bar are<br />

not far away and there are<br />

a couple of friendly little<br />

beach bars in Bang Saphan to<br />

enjoy. A great way to spend a<br />

relaxing afternoon or evening<br />

with a cold beer.<br />

This beautiful is jam packed with<br />

lovely bars and restaurants, with<br />

most of the popular bars and<br />

restaurants being found in the<br />

Suan Luang beach area, where<br />

most of the ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

is. There are a lot of Thai food<br />

stalls and smaller restaurants in<br />

town however very little English<br />

is spoken and menus (if they<br />

have them) are likely to be only<br />

in Thai.<br />

For a truly special day out, Koh Talu (also spelt Koh<br />

Thalu or Ko Taloo) is a private island in the Gulf of<br />

Thailand, 30 minutes boat ride from Bangsaphan.<br />

It has two beautiful resorts, unspoiled beaches and<br />

coconut palms encircling the pristine evergreen<br />

tropical rainforest covering the most of it.<br />

73 74

Thailand<br />


RESORT<br />

Resort<br />

100/2 Moo 1 Phongprasan, Bang Saphan District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77140, Thailand ♦<br />

Tel +66 032 691352-5 / +66 09 8828 9968 ♦ seanerybeach.<strong>com</strong><br />

If you need a break from the hustle<br />

and bustle of the city or routine life<br />

and you are looking for conveniently<br />

located ac<strong>com</strong>modation in Prachuap<br />

Khiri Khan, look no further than<br />

SEAnery Beach Resort, a mustvisit<br />

stop where you can make<br />

impressive memories and recharge<br />

your batteries to be<strong>com</strong>e one with<br />

a nature as you are surrounded by a<br />

gentle sea breeze and nature’s vivid<br />

colours.<br />

SEAnery Beach Resort is set on the<br />

shore of the Gulf of Thailand and<br />

is located in the most exclusive<br />

beach in Bang Saphan District, a rich<br />

getaway in the province of Prachuap<br />

Khiri Khan. What makes this resort<br />

stand out is the fact that SEAnery is<br />

private, peaceful, and far from the<br />

disturbances of urban society and<br />

modern day life, while still being<br />

only at arm’s length from all the best<br />

nature and culture spots while also<br />

being conveniently placed near all<br />

the amenities of the city and an array<br />

of other beautiful attractions.<br />

The mostly tranquil beach<br />

town has many surprises in<br />

store. With an outstanding<br />

landscape that is flanked by a<br />

50 meter peaceful beachfront<br />

and an exciting 20 meter high<br />

slope, SEAnery offers 5 luxury<br />

Beachfront and Beach Pool<br />

Villas, plus 14 luxury Sea View<br />

– Hill Suites. All are facing the<br />

sea and are incorporated by<br />

gorgeous natural scenery into<br />

their friendly environmental<br />

design. Rejuvenate and relax<br />

amidst your own tropical<br />

paradise as well as sunbath<br />

on your own private terrace,<br />

with excitement never far<br />

away. Attentive staff oversee<br />

your every need and a myriad<br />

of quality facilities enrich your<br />

living. Be warmed by the<br />

fact that this entire splendor<br />

is entirely environmentally<br />

friendly and is actually working<br />

against global warming too.<br />

75 76

Thailand<br />




Stimulus Yacht Charters, Ocean Marina Yacht Club, 274/1 Moo 4 Sukhumvit Road,<br />

Sattahip, 20250,Thailand ♦ Tel +66-800789848 ♦ stimuluspattaya.<strong>com</strong><br />

At Stimulus Yacht Charters Pattaya, they take pride in delivering the very best in class.<br />

Whether you take the option of a day trip, sunset dining cruise or your very own custom<br />

charter experience you will find a trip that will exhilarate and enthral you all at once.<br />

The spacious, custom designed 62ft motor catamaran ‘MV Stimulus’ is the most luxurious<br />

‘join charter’ Catamaran available in Pattaya today, and will suit those who appreciate the finer<br />

things in life. More than merely an efficient and safe cruising platform, MV Stimulus has been<br />

meticulously crafted to deliver a luxury yachting experience to her guests while exposing them<br />

to some of Thailand’s best natural attractions. Stimulus wel<strong>com</strong>es up to 35 diners into her<br />

fully air-conditioned quarters <strong>com</strong>plimented by a further 15 shaded, fan cooled dining seats<br />

and 36 open-air dining seats. This means that even when fully booked, ‘Stimulus’ possesses<br />

ample space for her guests to relax and enjoy the <strong>com</strong>pany of friends or someone special. You<br />

also have the pleasure of an on-board Chef, Jacuzi, Gourmet Kitchen, six bathrooms and a<br />

sophisticated cocktail bar, MV Stimulus offers space and facilities usually only seen on 85 foot<br />

+ super yachts.<br />

There is not a single other daily charter<br />

catamaran in Pattaya that can <strong>com</strong>pete<br />

in terms of <strong>com</strong>fort, style and facilities.<br />

The 3 islands luxury day trip provides<br />

an exceptional outing for individuals or<br />

groups. Snorkelling, fishing, swimming<br />

beach <strong>com</strong>bing, observing wildlife and<br />

enjoying the facilities on board the spacious<br />

luxury catamaran make for an unforgettable<br />

holiday experience. The entire yacht can<br />

be reserved privately or you can join other<br />

passengers to enjoy the full yacht facilities<br />

and stunning locations on offer at reduced<br />

cost. At Stimulus Yacht Charter they pride<br />

themselves on delivering the best day trip<br />

cruising experience in Pattaya. Join them<br />

for a great day of adventure and relaxation.<br />

77 78


Image by: Simon Zhu<br />

79 80

Hong Kong – Millenial City<br />

Hong Kong is celebrated as one of the world’s most modern cities, its reputation<br />

as one of the most densely populated cities in the world is thanks to Hong Kong<br />

being developed as a successful autonomous region of China by building up and creating<br />

its famous skyline. This makes it a millenials dream, any ambitious individual who wants to<br />

find success and make a career for themselves must head to Hong Kong.<br />

It is hard to not get inspired when you around the region and marvel at the modern<br />

architecture that is nicely balanced by a healthy proportion of protected country parks.<br />

Just outside the city, you can find beautiful beaches and mountain trails. A 20-minute<br />

drive from just about anywhere in the city will take you to idyllic beaches and hiking<br />

trails through lush green mountains. In 24 hours, you can experience paragliding off a<br />

mountain, diving off the coast, trolling for pink dolphins and cruising on a speedboat,<br />

with time left to get decked out for a swanky night on the town. Hong Kong became a<br />

major global force in the 1970s and enjoys a place as one of the world’s leading financial<br />

sectors. Its public transportation is top-notch with nearly the entire population covered by<br />

its trains, buses, trams, and ferries. Even though air pollution is a huge problem that the<br />

city has yet to over<strong>com</strong>e, its people have one of the highest life expectancies.<br />

81 82

Hong Kong<br />

Y LOFT<br />

Hostel<br />

Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Rd, Chai Wan, Hong Kong ♦<br />

Tel +852 3721 8989 ♦ youthsquare.hk/eng/yloft_hostel_rooms<br />

The spacious rooms at Y Loft feature wooden floors<br />

and large windows, giving rooms a bright and airy<br />

feel. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV,<br />

electric kettle and mini fridge. Selected rooms also<br />

offer balconies. The hostel provides helpful service<br />

at the tour desk, as well as basic business services.<br />

Guests may also make use of the self-service Laundry<br />

Mart and 24-hour front desk. A shared <strong>com</strong>mon<br />

zone is available for guests’ usage, <strong>com</strong>plete with<br />

microwaves and dining tables. Chai Wan is a great<br />

choice for travelers interested in street food, city<br />

trips and gourmet food. So if you want to get lost<br />

in this majestic city, look no further than Y Loft, who<br />

will give you, excellent value, location and quality as<br />

you enjoy a stay in Hong Kong.<br />

Exploring Hong Kong is a<br />

sensory bombardment, the<br />

legendary skyline is a feast for<br />

your eyes while the intoxicating<br />

smells of the street food will fill<br />

your nostrils. Not known to many,<br />

but there is also a green side to<br />

Hong Kong worth exploring too.<br />

Affordable and modern, Y Loft<br />

is directly connected to Chai<br />

Wan MTR Station (Exit A) via a<br />

footbridge meaning you get to<br />

explore all these different sides of<br />

Hong Kong. Y Loft is packed full<br />

of useful amenities, aside from a<br />

200 meters sky jogging track<br />

and fitness centre, guests also<br />

enjoy free local calls. Free Wi-Fi<br />

is available throughout the entire<br />

hostel too. If you want to explore<br />

the city, Y Loft is a 20-minute<br />

train ride to shopping and dining<br />

options at Causeway Bay, whilst<br />

Paradise Mall and City Plaza are<br />

within 10 minutes of the hostel –<br />

right on your doorstep!<br />

83 84

Tsim Sha Tsui | An in-depth look<br />

Found on the top edge of Hong Kong’s peninsula next to Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha<br />

Tsui is known for its legendary view of the city’s harbour. Any first time visitors to<br />

Hong Kong should make this neighbourhood a top priority.<br />

Want to know what Hong Kong’s version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame looks like? You’re<br />

in luck, The Avenue of Stars is Hong Kong’s answer to the famous walk, but with a much<br />

more scenic backdrop. It’s located next to the breath-taking Victoria Harbour, giving way<br />

to a waterfront view of the city’s iconic skyline.<br />

Anyone who wants to sample the<br />

best shopping and nightlife district<br />

in Kowloon, look no further than<br />

Tsim Sha Tsui. Roadside dining and<br />

eclectic local shops are packed<br />

along neon-lit Nathan Road, while<br />

luxury malls line nearby Canton<br />

Road. Then of course there is the<br />

Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the<br />

biggest multipurpose performance<br />

facility in the city. Whether you are<br />

into operas, dances, plays and<br />

musical performances – you will<br />

find something to tickle your fancy<br />

here throughout the year. The<br />

main concert hall is large, with the<br />

capacity to hold over 2,000 people.<br />

During the Cultural Centre’s offhours,<br />

there are usually free foyer<br />

programmes and art exhibitions to<br />

take in.<br />

Found just five minutes away from<br />

the K11 shopping mall, Kowloon<br />

Park is the place to go to escape<br />

the city’s relentless energy and to<br />

enjoy some greenery and get away<br />

from the skyscrapers. It’s also a<br />

surprisingly good place to indulge<br />

in some birdwatching – in the<br />

centre of the park there’s a pond<br />

full of flamingos and an aviary with<br />

exotic parrots and cockatoos. A<br />

swimming pool and health centre<br />

are located on the north side of the<br />

park, and if you’re not interested<br />

in squats or squash, there’s a<br />

McDonald’s in the same building<br />

too!<br />

85 86

Hong Kong<br />

XI HOTEL<br />

Award For Excellence<br />

in Service<br />

With a plethora of<br />

rooms to choose from,<br />

ranging from Suite<br />

Room to Standard<br />

Room all are clean,<br />

<strong>com</strong>fortable and<br />

stylish as well as<br />

tastefully furnished and<br />

equipped with all the<br />

conveniences required<br />

to make guests stay a<br />

joyful one.<br />

7 Minden Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong ♦ Tel +852 2739 7777 ♦ xihotel.<strong>com</strong>.hk<br />

The Tsim Sha Tsui area in Kowloon of Hong Kong has always had a reputation for setting<br />

trends, Xi Hotel located in heart of this lively district is no different. With contemporary<br />

flair, Xi is perfectly located for a night out in its leisurely wine bar or a stay in one of its chic,<br />

contemporary rooms.<br />

Xi offers modern <strong>com</strong>fort offering you the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong<br />

as it unfolds on your doorstep. Xi translates as heart and happiness in its Chinese character;<br />

this is perfectly reflected in its service and amenities. The décor of the hotel also represents this<br />

sentiment with classically appointed furniture to contemporary art; every corner of Xi exudes<br />

luxury. Not only are the surroundings of a high standard but the staff see to your every need too,<br />

your <strong>com</strong>fort and relaxation being their highest priority in this boutique hotel.<br />

Finally, if you are looking for a space to hold functions,<br />

conferences or even cocktail parties look no further<br />

than ‘The Drawing Room’, the classy décor adds an air<br />

of <strong>com</strong>fort and conviviality to the room.<br />

87 88

NEPAL<br />

Image by: Tim Van Kempen<br />

89 90

Nepal | Getting In and Around<br />

Small but mighty is an apt way to describe Nepal. Despite it looking quite small on<br />

a map, it is mountainous and packed with hilly terrain, match that with poor road<br />

quality and mountainous airstrips, this makes it one of the more challenging countries to<br />

travel around. Here are a few important tips to remember when travelling around Nepal,<br />

whether by road or air.<br />

Many of the popular routes have Tourist buses available on the main roads, and you can<br />

always hire a motorcycle, or charter a taxi, car or 4WD vehicle, or catch a flight. Be warned<br />

however, Nepal’s highways are irregularly maintained, and each monsoon takes a toll on<br />

surfaces. Wherever you travel, the route will probably be new in parts, disintegrated in<br />

places, and under construction in others. The country has a truly appalling road safety<br />

record, and accidents are <strong>com</strong>mon. And, in addition, blockades or general strikes (bandh)<br />

can at times make travel virtually impossible.<br />

Regular tourist buses connect Kathmandu with Pokhara, Sauraha (for Chitwan National<br />

Park) and Sonauli, as well as Pokhara with Sauraha and Sonauli. The vehicles are usually<br />

in good condition, making for a safer ride than in a regular bus. They aren’t supposed<br />

to take more passengers than there are seats, so the journey should also be more<br />

<strong>com</strong>fortable and quicker too. Almost every roadhead in Nepal is being extended,<br />

often on local initiative, by way of a dirt track making its painful way deeper into the<br />

countryside. And where the bus <strong>com</strong>es to the end of the road, you can rely on finding<br />

a gaadi (the all-purpose word for a vehicle) to take you further. If you want to make<br />

your life easier than it is worth considering internal flights. Most flights begin or end in<br />

Kathmandu, but two other airports in the Terai – Nepalgunj and Biratnagar – serve as<br />

secondary hubs.<br />

91 92

Nepal<br />





We’re proud of the new Siddhi Annex,<br />

which brings a new, more modern level of<br />

<strong>com</strong>fort to the Kathmandu Guest House.<br />

The building is centrally air-conditioned<br />

and serviced by a lift. Suite rooms <strong>com</strong>e<br />

with a bath to soak tired legs, while deluxe<br />

rooms offer a powerful shower unit. Most<br />

rooms directly overlook the KGH Dream<br />

Garden.<br />

For those travelling with little ones, the<br />

KGH has two special family apartments<br />

with two bedrooms, living, dining and<br />

kitchen areas. This mostly caters to longterm<br />

guests who are here with children or<br />

those who are here for long-term contract<br />

work. It is also very convenient for families<br />

with children who are vacationing in Nepal.<br />

Other family rooms are large and spacious<br />

with 3-4 beds but without the kitchen and<br />

living areas.<br />

Kathmandu 44600, Nepal ♦ Tel +977 1-4700800 ♦ ktmgh.<strong>com</strong>/kathmandu-guest-house<br />

Whether you arrive frayed<br />

after a hectic schedule,<br />

looking for experiences to enjoy with<br />

friends and family, or just want a little<br />

rest and relaxation, Kathmandu KGH<br />

want to leave you refreshed and<br />

replenished with a pleasant stay at<br />

the Park Village Resort.<br />

The standard rooms, situated in the<br />

old wing of the KGH are small and<br />

<strong>com</strong>fortable. They are the most<br />

reasonably priced rooms and all have<br />

an attached bathroom. These rooms<br />

are very high in demand among<br />

students and volunteer workers who<br />

stay for the “KGH experience.”<br />

The garden facing rooms are the most<br />

popular in KGH for their reasonable<br />

rate and are mostly in demand from<br />

the adventure travellers and trekkers<br />

who stay here for a few nights before<br />

heading to the mountains. All rooms<br />

have a <strong>com</strong>mon balcony overlooking<br />

the beautiful KGH Dream Garden.<br />

There is no air conditioning and they<br />

<strong>com</strong>e with an attached bathroom<br />

and all the necessary amenities too.<br />

When you are not enjoying the beautiful<br />

rooms here, than the KGH Dream Garden<br />

Café is a relaxing outdoor restaurant in<br />

the famous KGH garden. It’s a surprising<br />

oasis inside and guests enjoy the peace<br />

and serenity of the garden often spending<br />

the whole day reading, sun bathing and<br />

simply enjoying the natural beauty with<br />

good food. Whichever experience you’re<br />

after, Kathmandu KGH caters to your every<br />

need.<br />

93 94

Top 5 Things to do<br />

Trekking<br />

You simply cannot go to Nepal and not do<br />

some trekking, whether you are a novice or<br />

experienced trekker – there is something<br />

for everyone here. The 4 days Poonhill trek<br />

is one of the better short treks in Nepal;<br />

the Everest Base Camp trek is a great trek if<br />

having 12 days available; while the Everest<br />

Base Camp - 3 Passes trek or the Manaslu<br />

trek are some of the best adventure treks in<br />

Nepal, taking you on unparalleled trekking<br />

routes amidst pristine nature.<br />

See Pokhara<br />

There is something for everyone here<br />

at the lakeside town of Pokhara - nature<br />

lovers and adrenaline junkies with its<br />

spectacular natural beauty, an array of<br />

fishing opportunities, mountain biking,<br />

exciting treks such as Poonhill, Annapurna<br />

Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit, visiting<br />

the peace pagoda, paragliding and<br />

sunbathing.<br />

Kathmandu<br />

At each and every turn in Kathmandu<br />

you will find intricate carvings, delightful<br />

pagodas and humongous stone images.<br />

The area is teeming with temples and<br />

shrines, it is an historical gem, which needs<br />

to be seen to be appreciated.<br />

Mount Everest<br />

The world’s highest peak needs no introduction. It is one of the world’s most challenging<br />

climbs and certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. Its most <strong>com</strong>mon Tibetan name,<br />

Chomolungma, means “Goddess Mother of the World” or “Goddess of the Valley.” The<br />

Sanskrit name Sagarmatha literally means “Peak of Heaven.”<br />

Bhote Koshi River<br />

The Bhote Koshi River offers one of the best and most exciting kayaking and rafting<br />

adventures in all of <strong>Asia</strong>. It is famous for offering some of the best short river trips in the<br />

world, and a two-day rafting package is perfect.<br />

95 96

Nepal<br />

KAMALA<br />


Mountaineering Company<br />

Lakeside Rd, Pokhara 33700, Nepal ♦ Tel +977 986-6042341 ♦ kamalayoganepal.<strong>com</strong><br />

Kamala Yoga Nepal’s yoga treks beautifully <strong>com</strong>bine the classical Himalayan trekking<br />

experience with daily yoga and meditation. In the mountains, you will experience genuine<br />

Nepalese hospitality, and be immersed in a stunning, natural environment. If you prefer to<br />

practice yoga and meditation in Pokhara, Kamala Yoga Nepal look forward to wel<strong>com</strong>ing<br />

you at their beautiful, air-conditioned studio.<br />

Each route is carefully<br />

chosen to offer panoramic<br />

views, varied landscapes, and<br />

cultural experiences. Mornings<br />

start with meditation, followed<br />

by an energizing outdoor yoga<br />

practice, a nutritious breakfast,<br />

and a day’s worth of trekking,<br />

with lunch, snack, and stretching<br />

breaks, as needed. You are<br />

carrying only a small, light<br />

daypack, your luggage is taken<br />

care of. As we reach our teahouse<br />

destination for the night, a<br />

delicious dinner and a restorative<br />

relaxation session awaits.<br />

With Kamala Yoga Nepal, you<br />

practice yoga in one of the most<br />

sacred places on earth. Their yoga<br />

teachers and trekking guides are<br />

qualified individuals who have<br />

been immersed in yogic practices<br />

since their childhoods, and whose<br />

practice is firmly grounded in the<br />

timeless and universal principles<br />

of yoga. Beginners and advanced<br />

students are wel<strong>com</strong>e.<br />

For those that prefer to practice yoga<br />

without the trekking, Kamala Yoga Nepal<br />

have a beautiful, air-conditioned yoga<br />

studio at a prime location in Pokhara. With<br />

its stunning lake and mountain views, and<br />

high-quality mats and props, the studio is<br />

a perfect place to practice. Multi-day yoga<br />

stay packages are available with unlimited<br />

daily yoga and singing bowl sound<br />

immersion, <strong>com</strong>fortable ac<strong>com</strong>modation,<br />

and delicious, healthy food.<br />

Kamala Yoga Nepal are experienced<br />

and professional, <strong>com</strong>mitted to offering<br />

you excellent service and high quality<br />

at an affordable price. This is a unique<br />

opportunity to immerse yourself in Nepal’s<br />

fascinating culture and its stunning natural<br />

environment, while deepening your yoga<br />

and meditation practice.<br />

97 98


Image by: Sander Don<br />

99 100

Resilient Sri Lanka<br />

Sri Lanka is a country that has endured tough times recently, after recent troubles<br />

however British travellers are no longer being warned against travelling to Sri Lanka<br />

following a change in the UK Foreign Office’s advice. With so many beaches, timeless<br />

ruins, wel<strong>com</strong>ing people, oodles of elephants, rolling surf, cheap prices, fun trains, famous<br />

tea and flavourful food all contribute to still make Sri Lanka a destination you need to see.<br />

Sri Lanka is truly a place where is definition something for everyone. Whether you want to<br />

absorb ancient culture and fascinating history, you’ll find it. Enjoy luxurious resorts where<br />

you can kick back and relax in. The longer you stay, the more you will find undiscovered<br />

secrets, not to mention the exotic wildlife.There are few places in the world that cater to<br />

such a diverse tourist spectrum as Sri Lanka, and even fewer that do it without breaking<br />

the bank.<br />

Animal lover? You are in luck, elephants are a huge part of Sri Lanka’s identity. The best<br />

way to see them is by volunteering at a sanctuary where they are well looked after and<br />

produce a positive impact on the elephant population. Other highlights include many<br />

national parks where you can see wild animals in their natural habitats. Yala, Udawalawe,<br />

and Kaudulla are extremely busy but there are 26 national parks to choose from that are<br />

each different and unique in their own way.<br />

Another famous part of Sri Lanka that you need to do and see is getting on a train. With<br />

some of the most scenic routes in the world make this the best way to see the country.<br />

A newly reopened train route from Colombo to Jaffna promises an eye-opening journey<br />

through Sri Lanka. The railway journey between Kandy and Ella is one not to miss.<br />

101 102

If you’ve got a hankering for<br />

seeing unusual tourist sites then<br />

take a look at Sigiriya – essentially,<br />

a big rock. This is an abandoned<br />

palace (its ruins are almost entirely<br />

eradicated) at the top of a soaring,<br />

gargantuan bolder. Those with<br />

vertigo should avoid as the ascent<br />

is up an extremely steep, extremely<br />

narrow staircase. Traces of ancient<br />

frescoes are still visible on some<br />

walls, and two lion’s paws, hewn<br />

from the rock and dating from the<br />

5th century, are a unique design<br />

feature placed at the base of the<br />

final stairwell.<br />

What really makes Sri Lanka though is the people. The reason the country is so resilient<br />

is because of the people that make it. The people of Sri Lanka are genuine, friendly,<br />

kind and polite. They are very interested in foreigners, smiling and waving, and as a<br />

traveler, it is easy to get in touch with the locals. Even the children, not speaking English<br />

very well, want to talk to foreigners asking where you are from, what`s your name and so<br />

on. You feel wel<strong>com</strong>ed by the Sri Lankan people, and it is easy to make friends.<br />

103 104

Colombo | Sri Lanka<br />

How to Get in<br />

• Plane<br />

• Bus<br />

• Train<br />

Despite losing its status as the administrative capital<br />

of Sri Lanka, Colombo remains the <strong>com</strong>mercial,<br />

financial and cultural heart of the country.<br />

Get Around<br />

• Drive<br />

• Bus<br />

• Tuk Tuk<br />

• Local Taxi<br />

Attractions & Sights<br />

• The National Museum<br />

of Colombo<br />

• Galle Face Green<br />

• Independence Memorial<br />

Hall<br />

• Beira Lake<br />

Things to do<br />

• Walking Food Tour<br />

• Dolphin and Whale<br />

Watching<br />

• Off Road Adventure<br />

Find out more – https://<br />

<strong>www</strong>.srilanka.travel/<br />

promotions<br />

105 106

Sri Lanka<br />


Tour Company<br />

Sri Lanka ♦ Tel +94 771 473 127 ♦ rainbowtourssrilanka.<strong>com</strong><br />

With over 40 years of promoting<br />

Sri Lankan culture and tourism,<br />

we are amongst the most experienced<br />

of local tour operators and our team<br />

is well qualified and dedicated to<br />

sharing the huge variety of experiences<br />

available on our exquisite, exotic and<br />

amazingly diverse “Resplendent Isle”.<br />

We are an independent specialist with an<br />

impeccable record of quality service and<br />

financial integrity offering private cultural<br />

round island touring itineraries including<br />

adventure experiences and wild life safaris<br />

as well as a program of Day Tours in and<br />

around Kandy. Whatever your holiday<br />

interests, we can deliver unforgettable<br />

and <strong>com</strong>petitively priced adventures that<br />

will attract you back to “Paradise” time<br />

and time again! Highly re<strong>com</strong>mended<br />

on TripAdvisor - among other forums -<br />

with top reviews and 5 consecutive years<br />

of “Excellent 5 star” awards, we respond<br />

to enquiries quickly, professionally and in<br />

fluent English. Let us show you our island’s<br />

fabulous treasures, stunning landscapes<br />

and rich local traditions in security and<br />

<strong>com</strong>fort!<br />

107 108

INDIA<br />

Image by: Sourabh Agarwal<br />

109 110

Davids Top Tips | The Do’s and Don’ts<br />

Ut labo. Harchiti sitios dolessiminum que coreraera vel mo bero volorrum que nus,<br />

consent. Tur? Ipsam saped quas ipid untiis a nus.<br />

111 112

Top 3 Cities for Food<br />

Ut labo. Harchiti sitios dolessiminum que coreraera vel mo bero volorrum que nus,<br />

consent. Tur? Ipsam saped quas ipid untiis a nus.<br />

113 114


Image by: Cris Tagupa<br />

115 116

Philippines<br />

How to Get in<br />

• Plane<br />

• Boat<br />

Over 7000 islands make up this<br />

unique gem in the heart of <strong>Asia</strong><br />

Get Around<br />

• Plane<br />

• Bus<br />

• Train<br />

• Taxi<br />

• Boat<br />

Attractions & Sights<br />

• Intramuros<br />

• Basílica de<br />

San Sebastián<br />

• Botolan Beaches<br />

Things to do<br />

• Golf<br />

• Bentosa<br />

• Scuba Dive<br />

Find out more – https://<br />

itsmorefuninthephilippines.<br />

co.uk/<br />

117 118

Philippines – A Culinary Hub<br />

Sometimes standing in the shadow of better-known culinary neighbours such as<br />

Thailand and Vietnam, Filipino food has just as much of a right to be celebrated and<br />

devoured in equal measure. With so much to choose from it can be hard to know where<br />

to start. With such a fine tradition of culinary delights, the Philippines also offer some<br />

modern day trends that add a new twist to the traditional meals. Filipino recipes exemplify<br />

chefs’ most <strong>com</strong>mon advice — balance a dish by incorporating a range of <strong>com</strong>plementary<br />

flavors (bright, funky, salty and sweet).<br />

Allow us to pick out 3 highlights from Filipino cuisine that<br />

you absolutely have to try while over there. The first is<br />

a nice drink to enjoy, one that you might not think was<br />

readily available in the Philippines, Rum! The generous,<br />

hand-poured measures are the traditional culture and<br />

abundant sugar means you can buy a bottle of local rum<br />

for less than a bottle of water! However, insiders seek<br />

smooth, sipping premium rums, like local Don Papa, with<br />

its vanilla, warm honey and candied fruit notes.<br />

For those of you with a sweet tooth, this is the<br />

dish for you. This dish truly epitomizes the<br />

vibrancy of the Philippines. It is essentially<br />

shaved ice drenched in evaporated milk<br />

with colourful ice creams and adornments,<br />

such as boiled sweet beans, leche flan (like<br />

crème caramel), fruit jelly, ube (purple yam<br />

paste redolent of vanilla and pistachio),<br />

coconut gel and exotic fruits like lychee. In<br />

Tagalog, halo-halo means ‘mix-mix’, as each<br />

spoonful offers a new blend of flavours and<br />

textures. It’s like a rainbow in a bowl, is as<br />

tasty as it is pleasing on the eye.<br />

Philippine cuisine is a fusion. The<br />

archipelago, named for King Philip II of<br />

Spain, was under Spanish control for more<br />

than three centuries. The country was also<br />

ruled briefly by Japan and the United<br />

States before it gained independence<br />

after World War II. One result of this<br />

tumultuous and bloody history is a rich<br />

cuisine with diverse influences. And<br />

because the country is made up of more<br />

than 7,000 islands, it’s a diversity amplified<br />

by regional variation.<br />

In the same vein as temporary<br />

collaboration dinners, pop-up dinners<br />

have been prominent in this year’s food<br />

scene. From up-and-<strong>com</strong>ing chefs looking<br />

to stretch their muscles to promising<br />

concepts that are looking for the right<br />

venue and timing to generous chefs<br />

doing some savvy social contribution.<br />

The Spanish colonial influences<br />

can be traced to the food here.<br />

Filipino cooks prize puchero (old<br />

Spanish for a large, clay pot) for<br />

its nourishment and thrift. Puchero<br />

recipes contain mixed meats,<br />

tomatoes, garlic, garden veg and<br />

carbs like potato and plantain. A<br />

light stew served on successive<br />

days, soup and meat <strong>com</strong>ponents<br />

are served separately; with the<br />

soup sometimes drunk as a<br />

consommé or even chilled to<br />

gazpacho, until all is used.<br />

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