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Rob Bruce


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Marcs Bacera


Stanley Lucas


Brian Anson


David Hyde


Azim Aftab


Tasmai Dave

Jacqui Irvine

Joseph Wilton


Antoine Jackson

Hafiz Arslan


Adam Cole

Joseph Malabanan

Zach Ford

Peter Clement

Joyce Lee


Jerald Jaime



Tracy Morgan

Joseph Malabanan

Aisha Ahmed


Criteria 6

Editors Pick 10

Luxe Voyage Asia 12

Harper Perintis By Aston 14

Kihaa Maldives 16

Beer Destinations 18

Asia’s Top 3 Beer Destinations 21

Tan And Brett’s – Hanoi Beer Tour22

The Maldives 24

Explore Maldives 27

A Trip To Paradise With Tasmai Dave : A Review Of Ukulhas33

Hotel Alternative 37

Japan 40

Discover Hokkaido43

Kanehide Kaneshiu44

Mount Yōtei47

Aspect Niseko48

Nikko | City Of History & Culture51

Hatago Nagomi52

Taiwan In Association With Taiwan Tourism Board. 54

Taiwan, The Heart Of Asia 57

The Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort62

Thailand 64

The Krabi Top 1067

Koh Jum Beach Villas70

Hidden Gem | Bang Saphan 73

Stimulus Yacht Charter Pattaya 76

Hong Kong 78

Hong Kong – Millenial City 81

Tsim Sha Tsui | An In-Depth Look85

Xi Hotel 86

Nepal 88

Nepal | Getting In And Around 91

Top 5 Things To Do95

Sri Lanka 98

Resilient Sri Lanka101

Colombo | Sri Lanka 105

India 108

Davids Top Tips | The Do’s And Don’ts111

Top 3 Cities For Food 113

Philippines 114

Philippines 117

5 6


Excellence in Service is an important category, as customer

service can often be responsible for having guests return

year after year. We look for the hotels and tour operators

that go out of their way to please their guests, those that

provide a personal level of service and take the time to

get to know each visitor so that they might anticipate their

every need. This can be something as simple as a 24-hour

concierge desk, a hotel manager who offers a personal

greeting or a tour guide who is happy to create bespoke

private tours – but whatever it is, we are always pleased

when we encounter staff that have been trained in the art

of customer satisfaction.


It is no question that style and design plays a big part in

selecting our awards shortlist. A guest will form an opinion

about a hotel as soon as they arrive so it is important

to us that all our winners make those first impressions

count. We’re certainly not partial to a particular period of

architecture – but whether we’re judging a gothic castle or

an environmentally friendly lodge, the criteria remains the

same. We consider factors such as architectural features,

use of materials, creation of spaces, décor and the overall

feel. We love it when we find a hotel that tells a story

through its design and construction, or offers a design that

embellishes the natural surroundings of its location.


Knowledge of the local area is essential for any

organization, be it a hotel or a tour operator. The quality of

services takes a great hit when the quality of this element

is not up to the mark. Quite a few of our winners in this

category have displayed excellent knowledge about the

surrounding areas. The criteria for a hotel is slightly lenient

compared to a tour operator, as the latter is expected to

have thorough knowledge of the area in order to provide

good services.

Image by: Jason Cooper




Award-winning guest rooms come in all shapes and sizes,

but they all have one thing in common – a home-awayfrom-home

feel. The comfort of the facilities on offer are

of vital importance; we look for luxurious linens, stylish

bathrooms and a coordinated colour scheme that work

together to create a cohesive sense of relaxation. Additional

touches, such as complimentary toiletries, free Wi-Fi or tea

and coffee making facilities are always a bonus in making us

feel welcome. We’re always impressed to find hotel rooms

that embrace technology and offer amenities like tablets

or smart thermostat systems, but this does not always

necessarily trump the traditional – four poster beds, ornate

fireplaces or antique furniture can add a touch of decadence

to a hotel stay.


Location is one of the most important factors, but also

one of the most subjective, as the ‘ideal’ is very much

determined by the type of visitor and the type of hotel

itself. However, there are a few factors we take into

consideration when determining the winners of locationbased


The first is convenience; that is, hotels that are easy to travel

to. Many of our winners in this category are in convenient

locations, such as adjacent to airports, close to beaches or

found in the heart of easy-to-navigate cities. We are always

impressed when hotels go the extra mile to take the hassle

out of traveling and offer such additional services as airport

shuttles or car hire services. However, we’re always excited

to come across a hotel that is, to use a familiar phrase, offthe-beaten-track.

A hotel that can offer something a little

different, in terms of natural surroundings, can make the

difference between a good holiday and an incredible one.

What better way is there to know about an organization

than by getting first hand reviews? Customers are the best

judges of any service out there as they are the ones who

experience them and can assess whether they were up to

the mark or not. Considering reviews from hundreds of

customers gives us a fair idea about the general pros and

cons of any organization and also gives us valuable inputs

for the other criteria as well.

In today’s modern age, a hotel or tour operator cannot

rely on word of mouth to get their message out into the

world. As social media has become a vital part of everyday

life, we like to see companies that go the extra mile to

engage with their guests, both past and future. Attractive

and informative websites and engaging and honest

content are what we look for when judging a company’s

use of marketing; how well they display their services, how

up-to-date their content is, how well they get their brand

message across, and, most importantly, how well their

marketing can tempt us to go and see what they have to

offer for ourselves.



Diversity is one important aspect that needs to be taken

into consideration when in the travel and hospitality

industry. It is essential to have staff that has varying diversity

to ensure that the organization can properly connect with

their guests. Diversity is taken into account in terms of

gender, nationality as well as languages spoken among

other factors. Not only do we take the diversity of the staff

into account, but even that of the facilities and services

offered; a hotel or tour operator providing a better range

of services is preferred over those that do not.

It is of prime importance that an organization has thorough

industry knowledge. Without knowing the nit-bits of the

industry, it is difficult to flourish and provide services which

are a class apart. Before any organization ventures into

the industry, it is essential that they know how the industry

is moving and how they should make changes to their

methodologies in order to remain relevant and also be a

top-performing organization.




9 10



Image by:JJ Ying

11 12



Luxury Tour Company

Cambodia ♦ luxevoyageasia.com

Luxe Voyage Asia Travel based in Cambodia, our service also covers Vietnam, Thailand,

Laos, Myanmar, China, Bhutan, and Nepal. We provide an exclusively tailor-made tour

service for travelers who look for a unique travel experience in Asia.

We feel that our travel experience will ensure your travel plans go without a hitch. Our specialists

come from different backgrounds and nationalities that span 3 continents, bringing many ideas

and perspectives together. We feel this diversity gives us an edge to better understand how to

meet the expectations of today’s world-class traveler.

We are a team of avid explorers who enjoy

nothing more than getting outdoors to see

new places and meet new cultures. We feel

that our background and personality are

best suited to help you arrange the holiday

you’ve always wanted.

At Luxe Voyage Asia, we believe that luxury

travel starts with an attitude of quality. We

call ourselves a travel designer instead of a

tour operator, as we believe that the best

travel experience of a lifetime comes from

good planning. With a passion for travel

and knowledge of the destinations, we are

inspired by hearing what you enjoy and

designing a trip around your interests.

The goal for Luxe Voyage Asia is to give

you an enjoyable worry-free trip and the

memory of a lifetime.

13 14





Jl.Perintis Kemerdekaan KM 15 No.14 A, Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, 90243, Indonesia ♦

Tel +62 411 4731777 ♦ harperhotels.com

The sprawling and all-encompassing area of South Sulawesi in Indonesia is frantic yet

friendly. Its’ hustle and bustle atmosphere is nicely juxtaposed with breath-taking karst

scenery. Conveniently located 15-minutes away from Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport,

Harper Perintis Makassar is a truly modern and extraordinary hotel infused with rustic, energetic

charm and stylish design. With a dynamic blend of a residential feel and a balanced functionality

making this hotel, at the heart of Makassar an important hub in the area.

Harper Perintis Makassar offers more than charming hospitality, extensive service and

experience. A stay at Harper Perintis Makassar is a foray into an extraordinary hotel experience

that embodies a bold, energetic charm. This is a hotel that speaks to those who expect more

and have a keen taste for the extraordinary. Ideal for both business and leisure travellers, with

elegant accommodations, including 158 comfortably appointed guestrooms and suites.

The amenities in guest rooms have been carefully selected for comfort and convenience.

High-class mattress sets, qualified bed linens, plentiful pillows and soft throws provide

a wonderful night’s rest. A large-screen LED television with 60 premium channels, highdefinition

Bluetooth speaker and a fully-stocked mini-bar provide all the comforts of

home. A fashionable sofa and high-speed wireless Internet access allow you to work

comfortably while away from the office. You can even stay fit and healthy while you travel

by using the Gym & Fitness Center. The inclusion of 5 meeting and event spaces, as well

as extraordinary amenities like a refreshing outdoor pool, fitness center, spa treatment

and modern restaurants in a relaxing atmosphere makes Harper Perintis Makassar the

premier destination for domestic and international travellers in Makassar.

15 16



Luxury Resort

Enjoy a complimentary continental

breakfast of pastries, cereal, and a variety

of hot drinks. The lounge is available in the

afternoon for guests to relax with a book,

tea and coffee, and a variety of snacks.

Enjoy the best of all Inclusive Resorts, the

new Kihaad. Kihaa Maldives Resort has

many traditional ties in that even Kihaa

traditionally translates in Maldivian as

“young coconut.”

Kihaa Maldives, Kihaadhuffaru, Baa Atoll, Maldives ♦ Tel +960 400 0501 ♦


Kihaa Maldives is located right at the heart of the world famous biosphere reserve

‘Hanifaru Bay’ where giant mantas and whale sharks thrive seasonally in feeding frenzies!

Kihaa Maldives is one of the most naturally beautiful Islands and Lagoon with a thriving coral

house reef. Now, you can enjoy it all with a peace of mind in choosing our ALL INCLUSIVE

plan as one of the best in Maldives Great value, unbelievable personalized plan of food and

beverage, excursions, and private experiences.

Not only do they offer excellent accommodation but also with 326 days of sunshine, a

wonderful tropical climate and no crowds, this large island of natural beauty is steeped in

culture. Its’ rich cultural heritage promises a range of spa therapies as exotic as anywhere

in the world. From breath-taking massages to exclusive spa experiences calls for both

summer holidays, and restful winter getaways. As one of the top luxury spa holidays in

Maldives will offer you plenty of inspiration to find the best relaxing luxury holidays. Our

spa will provide you with insight and inspiration if you are thinking of a romantic spa break.

Perfect for romantic spa breaks and luxury.

17 18



Image by: Pablo Merchan Montes

19 20

Asia’s Top 3 Beer Destinations

Europe and America might hold a decent reputation when it comes to beer, but Asia

can no longer be ignored as a traveller’s destination to sample some of the world’s

best beers. We have discovered 3 destinations that you just have to go and enjoy a cold

beer in.


These are sure signs that Vietnam has developed a reputation as one of the world’s newest

craft beer destinations. With consumption of craft beer being the product of a steady

evolution of the beer scene in the country has revolved around American, Australian,

and European styles of craft beer. Vietnam is one of the biggest beer consumers in Asia

drinking 3.8 billion liters a year in 2016, according to Ministry of Industry and Trade. You

will find brands such as Tiger, Saigon Beer, and Bia Hoi still account for the lion’s share of

that consumption, in Ho Chi Minh City alone artisan brewers such as Platinum, Pasteur

Street Brewing Co, Winking Seal, Heart of Darkness, and Fuzzy Logic are providing

different and newer options.


Anybody who knows anything about Tokyo will know you have to make a pilgrimage to

the legendary Popeye in Ryogoku – Japan’s premier specialist craft beer haunt. There are

a number of others now too - you can now find Japanese and import microbrews on tap

at countless bars around the city – and some places are even starting to brew their own.

Whether you’re new to the scene or a hardcore boozehound chasing that next hop high,

it’s easy to find your beer fix here.


Despite China being the

creator of four of the world’s top

selling beers (Snow, Tsingtao,

Yanjing, and Harbin), it is rarely

acknowledged in the beer

community as a destination

for beer travel. But as China

emerges as a world power in

everything from economics

to film to mobile bikes, its

craft brewing scene has swiftly

stepped into the spotlight.

21 22




Beer Tour Company

No 8, Group 5 Van Khe, Ha Dong District, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam ♦

www.facebook.com/hanoibeertour ♦ hanoibeertour.com

Not only is Tan & Brett’s Hanoi Beer Tour the very first and original beer tour of its kind,

it is also the very best! So good in fact that Hanoi Beer Tour was recently featured on

the CNN special - ‘Street Life Hanoi’. What could be better than cruising around Hanoi on the

back of bikes, seeing the sites (and not just the one’s in the guide books), drinking the beer and

eating some of the tastiest of tasty street food? Not much really!

Tan is 100% born and bred Hanoi and has

lived in Vietnam all his life and is the preeminent

storyteller in the whole city. Brett is

a dinky di Aussie who has a passion for beer,

food and Vietnam. Brett has been travelling to

Vietnam each year since 2004 and it was on

this first trip to Vietnam that he met Tan (while

drinking a cold beer) and their friendship

continues to this day. Both Tan and Brett love

to drink a lot of good beer, eat delicious food

and relish a top story and share it with people.

The problem was, that although there were

many ‘street food tours’ operating in Hanoi,

a great deal were substandard when it came

to food quality and many others simply had

no idea what they were talking about. And

knowledge of great beer drinking locations

(outside of bia hoi corner) were non existent!

So they had the genius idea to create Tan and

Brett’s Hanoi Beer Tour! Real Beer, Real Food,

Real People….Real Good!

Tours usually last for about 5 hours and start right in front of St Joseph’s Cathedral

in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. You will get to see a lot on this tour, not only is this a culinary

experience but with Tan and Brett’s Beer Tour, you will get to experience it all while at the

same time wandering off the beaten path and among the alleys to see what locals really

like in beer, food, architecture, culture and daily life. All this whilst listening to stories of

Vietnam’s extraordinary past.

23 24


Image by: Ishan Seefromthesky

25 26

Explore Maldives

The azure blue waters that surround the Maldives are a home to hive of activity that

any type of traveller would just love. Whether you want to snorkel, island hop,

fishing or water sports and just enjoying some luxury – there is something for everyone


The relaxing surroundings of the Maldives

mean one of the must things to do here is

enjoy a luxurious spa treatment. You can

have classic, package treatments at your

local resort or some companies are even

doing things a bit differently nowadays

with underwater spa treatments, yes

that’s right – underwater! It’s the ultimate

relaxation experience, receiving a treatment

surrounded by glass walls that are staring

out into the beautiful turquoise ocean while

its marine life dance around you

There are lots of chartered diving companies

that will take you on some unbelievable

diving trips. Most companies provide you

with fins, snorkel and mask for the house

reef snorkelling and snorkelling excursions.

There are a few standard excursions offered

by every resort. Snorkelling trips take guests

to their house reef, if it is inaccessible from

the island, and to other reefs nearby. This

can take place once or twice a day and can

be to great reefs, never to dull ones. As a

general rule, it is much better if the dive

school rather than the management runs

these. Hanifaru bay is the largest ‘feeding

station’ in the world, the area is abundant in

marine life due to large amounts of plankton

that washes in which attracts the big draw

cards, such as beloved Manta Rays.

27 28

From fresh tropical fruit to delicious fish; from barbecued meat to Japanese or Italian

cuisine; one of the greatest things to do in Maldives is eating. The sand, sea and highend

luxury offered at most resorts in the Maldives may be more than enough for some

but others might like to tap into the rich culture and heritage on, what locals refer to as

a “home” island.

Whatever you choose to do, the Maldives is eloquent, exotic location that will recharge

your batteries and give you that much sought after rest and relaxation many of us look

for when we go away and travel.

With so many islands, you will find yourself island hopping pretty often to see the many

different sights and sounds. There are range of different parts to see from uninhabited

islands to just having the chance to enjoy a different type of resort. Try and make sure

you arrange a guided tour of an island so you can learn a bit about its culture and

history, while meeting local people and seeing the various places of interest. Another

variation is a desert island excursion overnight for a couple, armed only with a mobile

phone and bottles of champagne. `

29 30





K. Huraa, Kaafu 08050, Maldives ♦ Tel +960 797-8883 ♦ pearlsandsofmaldives.com

Pearl Sands of Maldives is a

little slice of paradise that

offers the chance of a glimpse

of the charming Maldivian

life, packed full with warmth

and hospitality. Pearl Sands of

Maldives is a spectacular 4 star

boutique hotel located in the

northern tip of the quaint local

island of K. Huraa, north atoll

of the Maldives, approximately

25 minutes away by speedboat

from Male International Airport.

Pearl Sands of Maldives boasts

32 tastefully designed rooms all

of which open up to the stunning

view of the Indian Ocean.

At Pearl Sands of Maldives, the

loudest thing you’ll hear are the

palm trees swaying in the wind,

warm waters lapping powdery

sands and delectable lobsters

sizzling on a beach barbeque.

Ditch your shoes and let your

soul listen, this is the exclusive

castaway life.

All rooms have super-sized beds with super soft beddings, very modern facilities, en-suite

open-air bathrooms, as well as a private balcony or patio. Both Superior and Deluxe rooms

are air-conditioned and all come with complimentary Wi-Fi, bottled water, welcome fruit

platter, as well as tea and coffee facilities. All of the rooms offer direct access to the private

white sand beach where the guests can relax and sun bathe under the beach umbrellas

while enjoying cold beverages.

Coupled with fine cuisine, a spa, outdoor activities, excursions, white sandy private

beach, beautiful sunsets and clear turquoise water – a memorable getaway doesn’t get

any better than this little slice of paradise – Pearl Sands of Maldives. They dedicate all

of their efforts in creating that perfect shareable moment and offering an alternative to

guests seeking a typical Maldivian Island vacation filled with absolute bliss.

31 32

A Trip to Paradise with Tasmai Dave : A Review of Ukulhas

White sand beaches,

lush palms, and

crystal clear waters are but a

few words that can describe

the paradise called Maldives. I

had the opportunity to stay at

West Sands on the tiny island

of Ukulhas last year. Clear

blue skies and the light mist

of the ocean welcomed me as

I stepped out of the airport. A

short 45-minute ride in a speed

boat brought me to Ukulhas.

Soft duvets, cozy lighting, and

a washroom that seamlessly

blended with the tropical

surroundings made the stay

absolutely comfortable.

Additionally, the hotel staff

was extremely friendly and

there wasn’t a single day

when we didn’t have endless

conversations over lunch or


I got the chance to be up-close and personal with a variety of fish of all sizes while

snorkelling on the house reef. Some of them even played peekaboo games from

their coral homes and I lost track of time following these lovely beings.

The fondest memory of this trip, though, was when I went into the open ocean in

search for dolphins. That’s when I found an underwater reef where I could see the

ocean floor right from the boat! Six manta rays, easily 6 feet long, floated around

the boat, almost as if they were flying in the air. Did I miss to mention the numerous

flying fish and baby sharks that I encountered too? Well, those are just a few stunning

natural gems you can see in this paradise. And even when I sleep tonight, it beckons

me back. It was a trip like none other.

Right opposite the hotel,

there was a small thicket

with numerous palms and

hundreds of hermit crabs.

These tiny creatures hide

as soon as I moved close to

them and you might mistake

them for moving shells from

a distance too! As soon as

I crossed the thicket, I got

my first sights of the clear

blue ocean and the white

sand Bikini Beach of Ukulhas.

And that’s where I ended up

spending the rest of my days

relaxing on the sunbeds.

33 34



Luxury Guest House

West Sands is a beachfront hotel located in

Ukulhas Island in Maldives. The hotel consists

of comfortable rooms, offers friendly Maldives

hospitality, a well as luxury amenities, and fun

and adventurous activities. They also have an

in house multi-cuisine restaurant featuring an

extensive buffet and a la carte menu. When you

are not enjoying the stunning scenery and views,

you can use free Wi-Fi, relax on a private beach

and admire a sea view from West Sands Rooms;

this is the perfect place for an affordable beach

holiday in the Maldives.

Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll, Maldives ♦ Tel +960 965-1515 ♦ westsandsukulhas.com

Located in North Ari Atoll, Ukulhas

is a tiny 57-acre island. It offers

unrivalled beauty - with one of the

most beautiful beaches in the world,

combined with thick natural vegetation.

It is a slice of paradise that has ecology

at its heart, highlighted by daily beach

cleaning, waste management and

biodiversity protection programmes. It

is only right that this magnificent area is

looked after, as almost every direction

you look beauty can be found above,

as well as below the surface, there are

some of the most spectacular diving

and marine life sites in the Maldives.

As you are surrounded by beauty it is

only right that you get to enjoy even

more luxury once you step inside your

hotel. West Sands Maldives takes care

of this with aplomb. Three things are

important at this hotel; space, privacy

and comfort. Their rooms are among

the largest in Ukulhas and are carefully

designed to ensure modern, linear and

chic architecture while taking advantage

of the breeze and natural climate of


35 36

Hotel Alternative

When you travel it is often common acceptance that you will stay in a hotel, and

your only decision to make is whether to make it all inclusive or not. But when

it comes to the Maldives you are spoilt for choice when it comes to alternatives to hotels.

We fully recommend considering the option of staying on a boat.

The Maldives is one of the most stupendous regions in the world. The azure blue waters

can be enjoyed even more so if you choose to stay on a boat, you can enjoy a real ocean

safari every single day. You are not stuck in one location if you stay on a boat, you can see

different parts of the area and take in different restaurants, bars and activities. Whether it

is a boat or a yacht, each one is designed to obtain maximum satisfaction from traveling

to the Maldives as for the classic routes for Diving safari and unexplored points of the

Maldives archipelago.

You can explore the archipelago by spending each day in a different location, while

comfortably cruising on board of the Dhoni Stella. You can select a proposed itinerary,

or design your own route by planning it with the help of Maldives expertise. If you

are a lover of scuba diving or snorkelling, then it is a no brainer to stay on a boat.

Sharks, mantas, eagle rays, barracudas, colorful soft corals, sea fans and acroporas - the

Maldives reefs offer all of this and more. You choose the destinations and activities that

suit you, this is why you need to consider staying on a boat and letting the Maldives

come to you!

37 38




The Award For Excellence In Service

As you cruise through the calm waters of the

Maldives, Azalea Cruise aim to delight your taste

buds with the finest international cuisines prepared

by the dedicated culinary staff on board. Enjoy

the exquisite dishes from the west to the east,

every meal of the day to add even more to your

experience here.

G.Noomaraage, 2nd Floor , Lily Magu, Male’ Republic of Maldives ♦

Tel +960 778 2750 / +960 777 4091 ♦ azaleacruise.com

Make Azalea cruise your

home on your voyage into

paradise. Indulge yourself in a truly

unique experience from Maldives

luxury accommodation to world-class

cuisine on Azalea Cruise and let them

make your holiday truly remarkable.

Enjoy the best of Maldivian hospitality

as you float on Maldivian crystal clear

turquoise waters. Let them welcome

you on-board Azalea Cruise as you take

a momentous journey of discovery like

no other.

This is not just a standard cruise, only

a handful of 145ft steel-hulled super

yachts can be found in the Maldives

and as soon as you step aboard you

will realise you are on a floating palace

of tranquil decadence. Step into a

serene universe, designed to deliver

transcendent comfort on the ocean. The

yacht’s classy interior was drawn from

the world’s leading boutique hotels.

Rest and wake up every day serenaded

by the sea, and let the natural beauty of

the Maldivian archipelago marvel your

eyes at every moment.

There are a plethora of activities

on offer too; the stand out being

the best diving the Maldives has

to offer, where adventure and

luxury meet in harmony. The

experienced local guides provide

you with the best courses in small

dive groups for your safety and

comfort. They offer an amazing

diving experience, as well as other

excursions such as; water sports,

night fishing, resort day trips,

sand bank trip as well as a manta,

dolphin and whale shark cruise.

Experience the best of Maldivian

hospitality as the friendly crew

members aim to provide you

with excellence in service and

hospitality to make your floating

holiday truly remarkable with

Azalea Cruise.

39 40


Image by: Manuel Cosentino

41 42

Discover Hokkaido

Hokkaido is an island in the Northernmost of Japan; this beautiful region is the

21st largest island in the world. What really adds to the majesty of the place is

the fact there are so many attractions of Hokkaido to enjoy including, four distinctive

seasons which showcase the untouched majestic nature of the place, as well as plenty of

great food to enjoy. Each season has its different characteristics, offering various scenery,

activities and food.

There are six national parks protected and run by the government in Hokkaido. Shikotsu-

Toya National Park in the Central Area. Daisetsuzan National Park and Rishiri-Rebun

Sarobetsu National Park in the Northern Area. Akan National Park, Kushiro Wetlands

National Park and Shiretoko National Park, which is also registered as one of the World

Natural Heritage sites in the Eastern Area. Each national park is jam packed with stunning

scenery that will truly blow your mind. Of course you can’t go Hokkaido in the winter

without hitting the slopes too, enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other attractions, you can

even enjoy a drift ice watching tour that you can only experience in winter in Hokkaido.

One of the main attractions of

Hokkaido is the fact that it is blessed

with a rich feast of delicacies: ramen

noodles, Genghis Khan mutton

barbecue, fresh seafood including

crabs, delicious agri- and farm

products, dairy confectionaries, etc.

There are a plethora of restaurants to

enjoy to sample these fine delicacies,

you are a truly spoilt for choice.

Hokkaido fosters its old, unique

traditional culture even today and

it is sure to impress you in so many

ways. Japanese people are proud of

the big island, where nature blends in

with people’s lives so well. So make

sure you take time to visit this unique

and special place.

43 44




Cruise Company

The Blue Caves are also home to some

stunning wildlife, admire from the comfort

and safety of your cruise as you watch the

fishes and sea urchins gallop by. Then

there is the main attraction, the Blue

Cave its alluring turquoise waters are full

of mystique and you can appreciate the

serene calm that emanates from the caves

as you admire their beauty.

Japan ♦ kanehidemarine.com

Japan’s Northernmost and second largest island, Hokkaido, is one of its most beautiful

islands. It can be reached directly from Tokyo on a 4-hour train, so it is secluded but

reasonably reachable. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, ski slopes, volcanoes and some

amazing fauna and flora. As it is home to some truly wonderful natural feats, take advantage

of Kanehide Kaneshiu as they help you get up close to one of the very best highlights of the

island – the Blue Caves.

The absolute highlight of your trip here will undoubtedly be the Blue Caves, the mystical blue

waters are amazing and need to be seen to be believed. Enjoy a fun cruise with your friendly

and knowledgeable guide/captain as he takes you an adventure to discover one of the world’s

most hidden gems.

By taking a cruise with Kanehide Kaneshiu,

you can enjoy the Blue Caves in safety and

comfort. Shafts of sunlight pierce through

the cave as you float along, reflecting off

the serene blue water creating an almost

natural skylight. Other sensory delights

include the calming sound of waves gently

lapping off the cave walls as you kick back

and relax.

45 46

Mount Yōtei

Mount Yōtei is located in South West of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of

Japan. It’s known as “Ezo Fuji (Ezo is an old name for Hokkaido)” because it

resembles Japan’s most beloved mountain, Mt. Fuji. There is quite a difference however,

Mt. Yōtei (1898m) is not nearly as tall as Mt. Fuji (3776m), but the shape and size stand

out among other mountains in the area. Like Mt. Fuji, Mt. Yōtei is an active volcano, and

the last eruption was 2500 years ago (there are about 200 volcanoes in Japan, and 60 of

them are active). This picturesque volcano is listed as one of the 100 famous mountains

in Japan.

For the thrill seekers, Mount Yōtei has the

longest vertical ski descent in Hokkaido.

However, much planning is needed to make

a successful ascent – bad weather comes in

hard and fast in this region, so you need to

be aware of weather conditions and state

of the road in order to make the climb.

This is no leisurely day on the slopes – it’s a

rigorous hike that will test your resolve and


Come in the summer and you can enjoy

the area that surrounds Mount Yōtei, there

are volcanoes, mountain ranges, valleys,

rivers, amazing lakes, ponds and a wealth

of natural wildlife. You can even do some

rafting, and of course no visit to Japan is

complete without a traditional Japanese

hot spring (onsen). Other activities to be

enjoyed in the summer iclude national park

activities such as farming, jam making, and

enjoying the seafood and fresh produce.

47 48




169 Yamada, Kutchan-chō, Abuta-gun, Hokkaidō, 044-0081 ♦ Tel +81 0136 55 5240 ♦


Niseko is one of the best ski resorts in Japan, with its powdery snow, spectacular scenery

and stunning vistas; it is best enjoyed in luxury. Aspect Niseko is ideally located in middle

Hirafu with excellent access to some of Niseko’s finest cuisine and nightlife on the renowned

Momiji Street. Along with Aspect’s exclusive ski shuttle service, able to whisk guests directly to

the slopes, you are never far from the action.

Aspect sits on the edge of the famed “Millionaires Row” in Hirafu’s Middle Village. With stunning,

panoramic views of Mt. Yotei a stay here is a truly memorable one. Not only is there quality

outside but also on the inside with 11 beautiful apartments to choose from that are fully decked

out with European and Japanese furnishings. Each apartment is fitted with air conditioning,

balcony and a full kitchen with a dishwasher and a microwave. The private bathroom comes

with a large bathtub and toiletries, Aspect have covered all bases.

The best way to compliment your stay

at Aspect is by taking advantage of the

full suite of concierge services available.

Ensuring convenience and excellence, the

Aspect team provides premium services

such as a dedicated ski valet, where they

take care of your ski gear while you enjoy

the slopes taking the hassle of transporting

it to and from the hotel. Then of course there

is the casual, elegant lobby area where you

can stay warm with tea and coffee, while in

the summer months the roof and garden

terrace are available for use. Not to mention

the excellent Japanese hospitality with the

backdrop of an elegant lobby lounge setting

providing astounding assistance during

your stay where they can book restaurants,

services and local activities.

49 50

Nikko | City of History & Culture

The picturesque city Nikko is located 120 km north of Tokyo. This is a popular spot

for tourists and amongst Japanese holidaymakers, who are looking for a weekend

escape from Tokyo’s crazy, fast paced lifestyle. Nikko has an eventful history, with many

UNESCO World Heritage sites, and an outstanding natural landscape with mountains

surrounding the whole area and waterfalls draining into Lake Chuzenji.

Nikko’s three most famous sights are Toshogu Shrine, Futarasan Shrine and Rinnoji Temple,

all of which can be entered with the convenient ¥1,000 Nikko Pass. One of the most

popular is Tosho-gu, the grandiose, Chinese-inspired burial place of 17th century shogun

supreme Leyasu Tokugawa. With its red corridors, and a staggering 2.5 million sheets of

gold leaf and intricate carvings on every inch of its vast surface area, this is decadence

personified. This building is a complete juxtaposition of the modest, austere style of most

Japanese temples and shrines. Climbing the 200 stairs to Leyasu’s tomb will cost you an

extra ¥520, but it’s worth it to see where the great unifier of Japan rests in peace.

Other touristy must sees

include The Sacred Stable you

will have to fight amongst other

site seers to snap a picture of

the three iconic monkeys acting

out the famous “hear no evil,

speak no evil, see no evil”

mantra. You do not just have

to go and see the most famous

temples and shrines, there are

a heap of other smaller, quieter

ones that are just as majestic

and often the journey to them,

tucked away in the mountains is

the fun part seeing them.

51 52



2478-4 Chugushi, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1661, Japan ♦ Tel +81 288-55-0753 ♦


All rooms are in Western style, with a view

of the lake. Each room at this hotel is airconditioned

and comes with a flat-screen

TV. At breakfast or dinner you have the

chance to savour delicious meals prepared

with ingredients from Tochigi Prefecture.

Kaiseki cuisine is served for dinner, while

a Japanese-style buffet is served for

breakfast. The rooms also have a private

bathroom equipped with a bath and

hairdryer. For your comfort, you will find

slippers and free toiletries. Some rooms

also include a balcony.

The charming town

of Nikko is situated

next to Lake Chuzenji.

It is celebrated for its

lush and verdant natural

surroundings, where you

can view some incredible

sightseeing, historical

sites and temples. What

draws people in however

is its tradition of being a

sacred land of worship,

which has facilitated a

mysterious atmosphere

around the area. To get

the most out of this region

a stay at Hatago Nagomi

is essential. Recently

renovated its classy

features compliment

the luxurious region.

The hotel features a

restaurant, bar and free

Wi-Fi throughout the

property. Free private

parking is also available

on site.

To cap off the grandiose surroundings, you

will find a shared bath with natural freeflowing

hot spring water at the property,

the hot spring baths have sulphur spring

water that naturally flows from the source.

For your convenience, there is a 24-hour

front desk at the property. Whether you

want to do a spot of fishing, hiking or

mountain climbing the staff are more

than happy to help you and arrange your

excursion. Whatever it is that you are

seeking from this region, Hatago Nagomi

can help you find it.

53 54


Image by: Remi Yuan

In Association with Taiwan Tourism Board.

55 56

Taiwan, The Heart of Asia

It’s a rare joy to discover a whole nation so tantalisingly off-radar as Taiwan. If you

can’t find it on a map, you’re far from alone: for many people, it’s simply a name on

a manufacturing label, a place surely dominated by factories and sprawling cities. But

oh, how wrong they are. Leaf through these pages to discover islands that are as rich

in wildlife and tribal culture as they are in natural beauty – from the mighty peaks of the

central highlands, to the jungles that surround every city. The only thing that sprawls here

is the beach: the long sandy shores in the south, overlooking pristine coral reefs; and the

west’s California-style coast, with its rolling surf and sleepy fishing villages.

Top Places to Visit

1. Taipei City

This is Taiwan’s capital and largest city — a modern

metropolis circled by mountains. Must do: Head

up Taipei 101 for spectacular views of the city.

Discover more at


Taipei, the capital, is also ready and waiting

to defy any stereotype you might have: it’s a

bustling Asian financial hub, yes, but those

bankers head for the hills every weekend,

to the many hiking and biking trails within

easy reach of the metropolis. The further

you venture, the more you’ll be rewarded

with outdoor adventures: there are farflung

temples to explore, mountains to

climb, rivers to raft, and indigenous tribes

to meet on unforgettable homestays. But

hurry, Taiwan won’t remain off-radar for

long: last year saw the launch of the first

direct flight from London to Taipei, making

it easier to reach than ever. Go now, before

the rest of the world realises what they’ve

been missing too. Getting Around How

to get to Taiwan: China Airlines (chinaairlines.com)

flies non-stop from London

Gatwick to Taiwan Taoyuan International

Airport four times a week. EVA Air (evaair.

com) flies from London Heathrow via

Bangkok. Many other airlines offer indirect

flights. How to get around: In Taipei, the

MRT (english. metro.taipei) system is

well-connected and cheap, with one-day

passes available. The Taiwan High Speed

Rail (thsrc.com.tw) is a joy to use: trains are

clean and efficient, and unlimited travel

passes are available for overseas visitors.

To explore further-flung sites such as Taroko

Gorge, Kenting National Park and the

central highlands, you’ll want to hire a car

or scooter: both can be done easily, either

locally or through international companies

such as Avis (avis.com). An International

Driver’s Licence is essential.

2. Hualien


Hualien borders the

ocean, hemmed

in to the west by

the Central Range

mountains. Must do:

Visit Taroko Gorge

— a lush wilderness

to hike through.

57 58

3. Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is a mirror-smooth body of water reflecting the surrounding forest

and mountains. Must do: Cycle around the exterior of one of the many bike paths.

5. Lanyu

Lanyu, or Orchid Island, is a volcanic haven of green peaks and sandy beaches. Must

do: Dive among the colour coral reefs and fish.

4. Kaohsiung City

The port city of Kaohsiung is home to glittering skyscrapers and green parks. Must

do: Take a boat ride down Love River or stroll past the many shops and cafes along

its banks.

6. Kenting

This national park covers 33,268 hectares of land, with golden beaches and turquoise

ocean. Must do: Visit Eluanbi Lighthouse — the island’s most southern point.

59 60

7. Tainan City

Tainan City is the ancient capital of Taiwan, nestled on coastal plains with a warm

year-round climate. Must do: Soak in the city’s famous mud springs.

9. Penghu County

Penghu is known as the pearl of the Taiwan Strait, made up of 90 sandy islands circled

in aquamarine water. Must do: Walk across the Penghu Great Bridge.

8. Alishan Tea Country

The misty fields of Alishan are known for their tea across Taiwan. Must do: Ride the

narrow gauge railway that whisks you upwards over 77 wooden bridges

10. Taichung City

Taichung is a bustling industrial city, acting as the gateway to the island’s mountainous

interior. Must do: Visit the ornate Magong Chenghuang Temple.

61 62





#79 Chajiao, Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan ♦

Tel +886-2-26749228 ♦ www.thegreatroots.com

Located in Sanxia District, New Taipei City, only 50 minutes from Taoyuan International

Airport and also Taipei City. The resort covers a 17-hectare site that was formerly the

biggest tea-processing plant in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. There is a vacation

villa formerly used by the Japanese royal family, as well as gardens, fishponds and forest trails.

The resort is tucked among the only low-elevation primitive tropical rain forest in Taiwan, with

rare century-old tabular root (buttress root) trees.

Veined/mountain figs (Ficus

Nervosa), Ficus Variegata

and tree ferns from the

dinosaur age are among the

nearly 500 species of plants

in the rain forest. The forest

is also home to more than

4,000 varieties of insects and

over 30 varieties of birds,

among them is the Blue-

Winged Pitta – a globally

protected species. These

rare natural wonders wait

along with the healthy and

relaxing essences of the

forest at the resort.

In addition to enjoying the

natural scenery, visitors

can take a soothing and

skin-pampering soak in the

carbonic hot springs at the

resort. Relax at the hot spa

area, which overlooks the

beautiful forests of Sanxia.

The stunning natural setting

contributes to an unrivaled

relaxation experience. In a

world where technology has

allowed stress to become a

constant companion, Great

Roots Forestry Spa Resort

offers a moment’s rest. It is

a place where you see the

world, and even yourself, a

little bit differently. Where

you can find your center,

soothe your body and stir

your imagination, and where

you find the fuel that feeds

your soul.

63 64


Image by: Mathew Schwartz

65 66

The Krabi Top 10

Emerald Pool

This natural pool is a majestic bit of nature. Thanks to the abundance of minerals from

surrounding limestone hills gives this pool a sparkling green shade. Part of the Khao Phra

Bang Khram Nature Reserve, the Emerald Pool is filled with pure spring water filtered

from thermal hot springs that are deep underground.

Dragon Crest Mountain

Put your hiking boots

on and climb Dragon

Crest Mountain. The

dense, green vegetation

here is a far cry from the

sun soaked sand of the

beach. It is a 4 kilometer

trail that is fairly steep, so

it is quite a challenging

climb, you are rewarded

with awesome views at

the top.

Koh Phi Phi

Without doubt Thailand’s party capital. This is the place to go if you want to let your hair

down and have some fun. There are a copious amount of beaches, lagoons and coves

that will seduce and make you want to stay here even longer. You will also notice the

amazing karst formations that will grab your attention instantly.

Krabi Town

This small market town

has trendy bars, hipster

cafes and vibrant night

markets. This is your

chance to explore the

local culture; whether you

want clothing, souvenirs

and handicrafts this is the

place to go. This is also

the spot to try some great

Thai food.

Tonsai Beach

People from all over the

world head here for a

climb, even if you are a

first timer you will find a

section you can scale. If

you are hardcore you will

find something for you

here too.

67 68

Songprak River

This river is another adventure

activity for adrenaline junkies,

whether you are a newbie or

experienced paddler you will

find fun water run. The white

water of the river combines

drops and turns as navigate

past the rocks and frothing


Hin Daeng and Hin Muang

Found in the southernmost part of Krabi in Koh Lanta, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are

huge underwater rock formations that are packed with resplendent corals and buzzing

marine life. This is a highlight on any diving trip to Thailand.

Tiger Cave Temple

Don’t be misled by the name, there are no tigers here. The temple sits on top of a 1237

staircase, you will find yourself walking in-between macaques who are not shy as they

might even use you for a lift to the top.


You are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to stunning peninsulas in Thailand. Railay

probably tops the lot. The bright green waters gorgeously contrast the stunning white

sands, not only is it easy on the eye but you have a vast array of activities to choose from

such as snorkelling, rock-climbing and just some good old fashioned exploring.

Khlong Tom Hot Springs

The perfect way to wind

down and relax, these hot

springs are surrounded

dense rainforest, it is a

place to go and replenish

the soul, the warm water

supposedly has healing

properties, so enjoy.

69 70





320/29 M. 3, Koh Sriboya, Nua Klong, Krabi 81130, Thailand ♦ Tel +66 (0) 86 184 0505 ♦


Koh Jum Beach Villas is a hidden gem where nature, relaxation and luxury combine.

Our boutique resort offers nineteen individually designed villas directly located on the

resort’s seven-hundred-meter-long beach or in lush tropical gardens with beautiful sunset views

overlooking the Phi Phi National Park. Koh Jum is centrally located in Krabi while just only

one hour away from Krabi International Airport, so ideal for exploring Krabi’s amazing natural

beauty, nearby islands or exploring one of Thailand’s last great places – Koh Jum itself. You

could also just lie by your private pool and read a book (or write one) the choice is yours!

Our boutique resort offers nineteen unique villas, ranging from one bedroom to five bedrooms,

directly located on the resort’s seven-hundred-meter-long beach or in lush tropical gardens with

beautiful sunset views overlooking the Phi Phi National Park.

71 72

Hidden Gem | Bang Saphan

The sleepy beach town of Bang Saphan on the Gulf of Thailand is one of the

country’s best hidden gems. It can be reached from Bangkok, 380km away, in

approximately 5 hours by bus or car. There are actually two Bangsaphan’s; Bangsaphan

Noi and Bangsaphan Yai (meaning big and small when translated from Thai). Bang Saphan

is still an undiscovered getaway destination that is relatively unspoilt by tourism so come

and see it now before the crowds descend.

The main attraction has to be

the endless sandy beach that

stretches as far as the eye can

see. It is fringed with coconut

palms and dotted with the

occasional bungalow. Not

only can you enjoy a leisurely

day at the beach, once the

sun goes down the bar are

not far away and there are

a couple of friendly little

beach bars in Bang Saphan to

enjoy. A great way to spend a

relaxing afternoon or evening

with a cold beer.

This beautiful is jam packed with

lovely bars and restaurants, with

most of the popular bars and

restaurants being found in the

Suan Luang beach area, where

most of the accommodation

is. There are a lot of Thai food

stalls and smaller restaurants in

town however very little English

is spoken and menus (if they

have them) are likely to be only

in Thai.

For a truly special day out, Koh Talu (also spelt Koh

Thalu or Ko Taloo) is a private island in the Gulf of

Thailand, 30 minutes boat ride from Bangsaphan.

It has two beautiful resorts, unspoiled beaches and

coconut palms encircling the pristine evergreen

tropical rainforest covering the most of it.

73 74





100/2 Moo 1 Phongprasan, Bang Saphan District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77140, Thailand ♦

Tel +66 032 691352-5 / +66 09 8828 9968 ♦ seanerybeach.com

If you need a break from the hustle

and bustle of the city or routine life

and you are looking for conveniently

located accommodation in Prachuap

Khiri Khan, look no further than

SEAnery Beach Resort, a mustvisit

stop where you can make

impressive memories and recharge

your batteries to become one with

a nature as you are surrounded by a

gentle sea breeze and nature’s vivid


SEAnery Beach Resort is set on the

shore of the Gulf of Thailand and

is located in the most exclusive

beach in Bang Saphan District, a rich

getaway in the province of Prachuap

Khiri Khan. What makes this resort

stand out is the fact that SEAnery is

private, peaceful, and far from the

disturbances of urban society and

modern day life, while still being

only at arm’s length from all the best

nature and culture spots while also

being conveniently placed near all

the amenities of the city and an array

of other beautiful attractions.

The mostly tranquil beach

town has many surprises in

store. With an outstanding

landscape that is flanked by a

50 meter peaceful beachfront

and an exciting 20 meter high

slope, SEAnery offers 5 luxury

Beachfront and Beach Pool

Villas, plus 14 luxury Sea View

– Hill Suites. All are facing the

sea and are incorporated by

gorgeous natural scenery into

their friendly environmental

design. Rejuvenate and relax

amidst your own tropical

paradise as well as sunbath

on your own private terrace,

with excitement never far

away. Attentive staff oversee

your every need and a myriad

of quality facilities enrich your

living. Be warmed by the

fact that this entire splendor

is entirely environmentally

friendly and is actually working

against global warming too.

75 76





Stimulus Yacht Charters, Ocean Marina Yacht Club, 274/1 Moo 4 Sukhumvit Road,

Sattahip, 20250,Thailand ♦ Tel +66-800789848 ♦ stimuluspattaya.com

At Stimulus Yacht Charters Pattaya, they take pride in delivering the very best in class.

Whether you take the option of a day trip, sunset dining cruise or your very own custom

charter experience you will find a trip that will exhilarate and enthral you all at once.

The spacious, custom designed 62ft motor catamaran ‘MV Stimulus’ is the most luxurious

‘join charter’ Catamaran available in Pattaya today, and will suit those who appreciate the finer

things in life. More than merely an efficient and safe cruising platform, MV Stimulus has been

meticulously crafted to deliver a luxury yachting experience to her guests while exposing them

to some of Thailand’s best natural attractions. Stimulus welcomes up to 35 diners into her

fully air-conditioned quarters complimented by a further 15 shaded, fan cooled dining seats

and 36 open-air dining seats. This means that even when fully booked, ‘Stimulus’ possesses

ample space for her guests to relax and enjoy the company of friends or someone special. You

also have the pleasure of an on-board Chef, Jacuzi, Gourmet Kitchen, six bathrooms and a

sophisticated cocktail bar, MV Stimulus offers space and facilities usually only seen on 85 foot

+ super yachts.

There is not a single other daily charter

catamaran in Pattaya that can compete

in terms of comfort, style and facilities.

The 3 islands luxury day trip provides

an exceptional outing for individuals or

groups. Snorkelling, fishing, swimming

beach combing, observing wildlife and

enjoying the facilities on board the spacious

luxury catamaran make for an unforgettable

holiday experience. The entire yacht can

be reserved privately or you can join other

passengers to enjoy the full yacht facilities

and stunning locations on offer at reduced

cost. At Stimulus Yacht Charter they pride

themselves on delivering the best day trip

cruising experience in Pattaya. Join them

for a great day of adventure and relaxation.

77 78


Image by: Simon Zhu

79 80

Hong Kong – Millenial City

Hong Kong is celebrated as one of the world’s most modern cities, its reputation

as one of the most densely populated cities in the world is thanks to Hong Kong

being developed as a successful autonomous region of China by building up and creating

its famous skyline. This makes it a millenials dream, any ambitious individual who wants to

find success and make a career for themselves must head to Hong Kong.

It is hard to not get inspired when you around the region and marvel at the modern

architecture that is nicely balanced by a healthy proportion of protected country parks.

Just outside the city, you can find beautiful beaches and mountain trails. A 20-minute

drive from just about anywhere in the city will take you to idyllic beaches and hiking

trails through lush green mountains. In 24 hours, you can experience paragliding off a

mountain, diving off the coast, trolling for pink dolphins and cruising on a speedboat,

with time left to get decked out for a swanky night on the town. Hong Kong became a

major global force in the 1970s and enjoys a place as one of the world’s leading financial

sectors. Its public transportation is top-notch with nearly the entire population covered by

its trains, buses, trams, and ferries. Even though air pollution is a huge problem that the

city has yet to overcome, its people have one of the highest life expectancies.

81 82

Hong Kong



Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Rd, Chai Wan, Hong Kong ♦

Tel +852 3721 8989 ♦ youthsquare.hk/eng/yloft_hostel_rooms

The spacious rooms at Y Loft feature wooden floors

and large windows, giving rooms a bright and airy

feel. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV,

electric kettle and mini fridge. Selected rooms also

offer balconies. The hostel provides helpful service

at the tour desk, as well as basic business services.

Guests may also make use of the self-service Laundry

Mart and 24-hour front desk. A shared common

zone is available for guests’ usage, complete with

microwaves and dining tables. Chai Wan is a great

choice for travelers interested in street food, city

trips and gourmet food. So if you want to get lost

in this majestic city, look no further than Y Loft, who

will give you, excellent value, location and quality as

you enjoy a stay in Hong Kong.

Exploring Hong Kong is a

sensory bombardment, the

legendary skyline is a feast for

your eyes while the intoxicating

smells of the street food will fill

your nostrils. Not known to many,

but there is also a green side to

Hong Kong worth exploring too.

Affordable and modern, Y Loft

is directly connected to Chai

Wan MTR Station (Exit A) via a

footbridge meaning you get to

explore all these different sides of

Hong Kong. Y Loft is packed full

of useful amenities, aside from a

200 meters sky jogging track

and fitness centre, guests also

enjoy free local calls. Free Wi-Fi

is available throughout the entire

hostel too. If you want to explore

the city, Y Loft is a 20-minute

train ride to shopping and dining

options at Causeway Bay, whilst

Paradise Mall and City Plaza are

within 10 minutes of the hostel –

right on your doorstep!

83 84

Tsim Sha Tsui | An in-depth look

Found on the top edge of Hong Kong’s peninsula next to Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha

Tsui is known for its legendary view of the city’s harbour. Any first time visitors to

Hong Kong should make this neighbourhood a top priority.

Want to know what Hong Kong’s version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame looks like? You’re

in luck, The Avenue of Stars is Hong Kong’s answer to the famous walk, but with a much

more scenic backdrop. It’s located next to the breath-taking Victoria Harbour, giving way

to a waterfront view of the city’s iconic skyline.

Anyone who wants to sample the

best shopping and nightlife district

in Kowloon, look no further than

Tsim Sha Tsui. Roadside dining and

eclectic local shops are packed

along neon-lit Nathan Road, while

luxury malls line nearby Canton

Road. Then of course there is the

Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the

biggest multipurpose performance

facility in the city. Whether you are

into operas, dances, plays and

musical performances – you will

find something to tickle your fancy

here throughout the year. The

main concert hall is large, with the

capacity to hold over 2,000 people.

During the Cultural Centre’s offhours,

there are usually free foyer

programmes and art exhibitions to

take in.

Found just five minutes away from

the K11 shopping mall, Kowloon

Park is the place to go to escape

the city’s relentless energy and to

enjoy some greenery and get away

from the skyscrapers. It’s also a

surprisingly good place to indulge

in some birdwatching – in the

centre of the park there’s a pond

full of flamingos and an aviary with

exotic parrots and cockatoos. A

swimming pool and health centre

are located on the north side of the

park, and if you’re not interested

in squats or squash, there’s a

McDonald’s in the same building


85 86

Hong Kong


Award For Excellence

in Service

With a plethora of

rooms to choose from,

ranging from Suite

Room to Standard

Room all are clean,

comfortable and

stylish as well as

tastefully furnished and

equipped with all the

conveniences required

to make guests stay a

joyful one.

7 Minden Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong ♦ Tel +852 2739 7777 ♦ xihotel.com.hk

The Tsim Sha Tsui area in Kowloon of Hong Kong has always had a reputation for setting

trends, Xi Hotel located in heart of this lively district is no different. With contemporary

flair, Xi is perfectly located for a night out in its leisurely wine bar or a stay in one of its chic,

contemporary rooms.

Xi offers modern comfort offering you the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong

as it unfolds on your doorstep. Xi translates as heart and happiness in its Chinese character;

this is perfectly reflected in its service and amenities. The décor of the hotel also represents this

sentiment with classically appointed furniture to contemporary art; every corner of Xi exudes

luxury. Not only are the surroundings of a high standard but the staff see to your every need too,

your comfort and relaxation being their highest priority in this boutique hotel.

Finally, if you are looking for a space to hold functions,

conferences or even cocktail parties look no further

than ‘The Drawing Room’, the classy décor adds an air

of comfort and conviviality to the room.

87 88


Image by: Tim Van Kempen

89 90

Nepal | Getting In and Around

Small but mighty is an apt way to describe Nepal. Despite it looking quite small on

a map, it is mountainous and packed with hilly terrain, match that with poor road

quality and mountainous airstrips, this makes it one of the more challenging countries to

travel around. Here are a few important tips to remember when travelling around Nepal,

whether by road or air.

Many of the popular routes have Tourist buses available on the main roads, and you can

always hire a motorcycle, or charter a taxi, car or 4WD vehicle, or catch a flight. Be warned

however, Nepal’s highways are irregularly maintained, and each monsoon takes a toll on

surfaces. Wherever you travel, the route will probably be new in parts, disintegrated in

places, and under construction in others. The country has a truly appalling road safety

record, and accidents are common. And, in addition, blockades or general strikes (bandh)

can at times make travel virtually impossible.

Regular tourist buses connect Kathmandu with Pokhara, Sauraha (for Chitwan National

Park) and Sonauli, as well as Pokhara with Sauraha and Sonauli. The vehicles are usually

in good condition, making for a safer ride than in a regular bus. They aren’t supposed

to take more passengers than there are seats, so the journey should also be more

comfortable and quicker too. Almost every roadhead in Nepal is being extended,

often on local initiative, by way of a dirt track making its painful way deeper into the

countryside. And where the bus comes to the end of the road, you can rely on finding

a gaadi (the all-purpose word for a vehicle) to take you further. If you want to make

your life easier than it is worth considering internal flights. Most flights begin or end in

Kathmandu, but two other airports in the Terai – Nepalgunj and Biratnagar – serve as

secondary hubs.

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We’re proud of the new Siddhi Annex,

which brings a new, more modern level of

comfort to the Kathmandu Guest House.

The building is centrally air-conditioned

and serviced by a lift. Suite rooms come

with a bath to soak tired legs, while deluxe

rooms offer a powerful shower unit. Most

rooms directly overlook the KGH Dream


For those travelling with little ones, the

KGH has two special family apartments

with two bedrooms, living, dining and

kitchen areas. This mostly caters to longterm

guests who are here with children or

those who are here for long-term contract

work. It is also very convenient for families

with children who are vacationing in Nepal.

Other family rooms are large and spacious

with 3-4 beds but without the kitchen and

living areas.

Kathmandu 44600, Nepal ♦ Tel +977 1-4700800 ♦ ktmgh.com/kathmandu-guest-house

Whether you arrive frayed

after a hectic schedule,

looking for experiences to enjoy with

friends and family, or just want a little

rest and relaxation, Kathmandu KGH

want to leave you refreshed and

replenished with a pleasant stay at

the Park Village Resort.

The standard rooms, situated in the

old wing of the KGH are small and

comfortable. They are the most

reasonably priced rooms and all have

an attached bathroom. These rooms

are very high in demand among

students and volunteer workers who

stay for the “KGH experience.”

The garden facing rooms are the most

popular in KGH for their reasonable

rate and are mostly in demand from

the adventure travellers and trekkers

who stay here for a few nights before

heading to the mountains. All rooms

have a common balcony overlooking

the beautiful KGH Dream Garden.

There is no air conditioning and they

come with an attached bathroom

and all the necessary amenities too.

When you are not enjoying the beautiful

rooms here, than the KGH Dream Garden

Café is a relaxing outdoor restaurant in

the famous KGH garden. It’s a surprising

oasis inside and guests enjoy the peace

and serenity of the garden often spending

the whole day reading, sun bathing and

simply enjoying the natural beauty with

good food. Whichever experience you’re

after, Kathmandu KGH caters to your every


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Top 5 Things to do


You simply cannot go to Nepal and not do

some trekking, whether you are a novice or

experienced trekker – there is something

for everyone here. The 4 days Poonhill trek

is one of the better short treks in Nepal;

the Everest Base Camp trek is a great trek if

having 12 days available; while the Everest

Base Camp - 3 Passes trek or the Manaslu

trek are some of the best adventure treks in

Nepal, taking you on unparalleled trekking

routes amidst pristine nature.

See Pokhara

There is something for everyone here

at the lakeside town of Pokhara - nature

lovers and adrenaline junkies with its

spectacular natural beauty, an array of

fishing opportunities, mountain biking,

exciting treks such as Poonhill, Annapurna

Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit, visiting

the peace pagoda, paragliding and



At each and every turn in Kathmandu

you will find intricate carvings, delightful

pagodas and humongous stone images.

The area is teeming with temples and

shrines, it is an historical gem, which needs

to be seen to be appreciated.

Mount Everest

The world’s highest peak needs no introduction. It is one of the world’s most challenging

climbs and certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. Its most common Tibetan name,

Chomolungma, means “Goddess Mother of the World” or “Goddess of the Valley.” The

Sanskrit name Sagarmatha literally means “Peak of Heaven.”

Bhote Koshi River

The Bhote Koshi River offers one of the best and most exciting kayaking and rafting

adventures in all of Asia. It is famous for offering some of the best short river trips in the

world, and a two-day rafting package is perfect.

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Mountaineering Company

Lakeside Rd, Pokhara 33700, Nepal ♦ Tel +977 986-6042341 ♦ kamalayoganepal.com

Kamala Yoga Nepal’s yoga treks beautifully combine the classical Himalayan trekking

experience with daily yoga and meditation. In the mountains, you will experience genuine

Nepalese hospitality, and be immersed in a stunning, natural environment. If you prefer to

practice yoga and meditation in Pokhara, Kamala Yoga Nepal look forward to welcoming

you at their beautiful, air-conditioned studio.

Each route is carefully

chosen to offer panoramic

views, varied landscapes, and

cultural experiences. Mornings

start with meditation, followed

by an energizing outdoor yoga

practice, a nutritious breakfast,

and a day’s worth of trekking,

with lunch, snack, and stretching

breaks, as needed. You are

carrying only a small, light

daypack, your luggage is taken

care of. As we reach our teahouse

destination for the night, a

delicious dinner and a restorative

relaxation session awaits.

With Kamala Yoga Nepal, you

practice yoga in one of the most

sacred places on earth. Their yoga

teachers and trekking guides are

qualified individuals who have

been immersed in yogic practices

since their childhoods, and whose

practice is firmly grounded in the

timeless and universal principles

of yoga. Beginners and advanced

students are welcome.

For those that prefer to practice yoga

without the trekking, Kamala Yoga Nepal

have a beautiful, air-conditioned yoga

studio at a prime location in Pokhara. With

its stunning lake and mountain views, and

high-quality mats and props, the studio is

a perfect place to practice. Multi-day yoga

stay packages are available with unlimited

daily yoga and singing bowl sound

immersion, comfortable accommodation,

and delicious, healthy food.

Kamala Yoga Nepal are experienced

and professional, committed to offering

you excellent service and high quality

at an affordable price. This is a unique

opportunity to immerse yourself in Nepal’s

fascinating culture and its stunning natural

environment, while deepening your yoga

and meditation practice.

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Image by: Sander Don

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Resilient Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that has endured tough times recently, after recent troubles

however British travellers are no longer being warned against travelling to Sri Lanka

following a change in the UK Foreign Office’s advice. With so many beaches, timeless

ruins, welcoming people, oodles of elephants, rolling surf, cheap prices, fun trains, famous

tea and flavourful food all contribute to still make Sri Lanka a destination you need to see.

Sri Lanka is truly a place where is definition something for everyone. Whether you want to

absorb ancient culture and fascinating history, you’ll find it. Enjoy luxurious resorts where

you can kick back and relax in. The longer you stay, the more you will find undiscovered

secrets, not to mention the exotic wildlife.There are few places in the world that cater to

such a diverse tourist spectrum as Sri Lanka, and even fewer that do it without breaking

the bank.

Animal lover? You are in luck, elephants are a huge part of Sri Lanka’s identity. The best

way to see them is by volunteering at a sanctuary where they are well looked after and

produce a positive impact on the elephant population. Other highlights include many

national parks where you can see wild animals in their natural habitats. Yala, Udawalawe,

and Kaudulla are extremely busy but there are 26 national parks to choose from that are

each different and unique in their own way.

Another famous part of Sri Lanka that you need to do and see is getting on a train. With

some of the most scenic routes in the world make this the best way to see the country.

A newly reopened train route from Colombo to Jaffna promises an eye-opening journey

through Sri Lanka. The railway journey between Kandy and Ella is one not to miss.

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If you’ve got a hankering for

seeing unusual tourist sites then

take a look at Sigiriya – essentially,

a big rock. This is an abandoned

palace (its ruins are almost entirely

eradicated) at the top of a soaring,

gargantuan bolder. Those with

vertigo should avoid as the ascent

is up an extremely steep, extremely

narrow staircase. Traces of ancient

frescoes are still visible on some

walls, and two lion’s paws, hewn

from the rock and dating from the

5th century, are a unique design

feature placed at the base of the

final stairwell.

What really makes Sri Lanka though is the people. The reason the country is so resilient

is because of the people that make it. The people of Sri Lanka are genuine, friendly,

kind and polite. They are very interested in foreigners, smiling and waving, and as a

traveler, it is easy to get in touch with the locals. Even the children, not speaking English

very well, want to talk to foreigners asking where you are from, what`s your name and so

on. You feel welcomed by the Sri Lankan people, and it is easy to make friends.

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Colombo | Sri Lanka

How to Get in

• Plane

• Bus

• Train

Despite losing its status as the administrative capital

of Sri Lanka, Colombo remains the commercial,

financial and cultural heart of the country.

Get Around

• Drive

• Bus

• Tuk Tuk

• Local Taxi

Attractions & Sights

• The National Museum

of Colombo

• Galle Face Green

• Independence Memorial


• Beira Lake

Things to do

• Walking Food Tour

• Dolphin and Whale


• Off Road Adventure

Find out more – https://



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Sri Lanka


Tour Company

Sri Lanka ♦ Tel +94 771 473 127 ♦ rainbowtourssrilanka.com

With over 40 years of promoting

Sri Lankan culture and tourism,

we are amongst the most experienced

of local tour operators and our team

is well qualified and dedicated to

sharing the huge variety of experiences

available on our exquisite, exotic and

amazingly diverse “Resplendent Isle”.

We are an independent specialist with an

impeccable record of quality service and

financial integrity offering private cultural

round island touring itineraries including

adventure experiences and wild life safaris

as well as a program of Day Tours in and

around Kandy. Whatever your holiday

interests, we can deliver unforgettable

and competitively priced adventures that

will attract you back to “Paradise” time

and time again! Highly recommended

on TripAdvisor - among other forums -

with top reviews and 5 consecutive years

of “Excellent 5 star” awards, we respond

to enquiries quickly, professionally and in

fluent English. Let us show you our island’s

fabulous treasures, stunning landscapes

and rich local traditions in security and


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Image by: Sourabh Agarwal

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Davids Top Tips | The Do’s and Don’ts

Ut labo. Harchiti sitios dolessiminum que coreraera vel mo bero volorrum que nus,

consent. Tur? Ipsam saped quas ipid untiis a nus.

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Top 3 Cities for Food

Ut labo. Harchiti sitios dolessiminum que coreraera vel mo bero volorrum que nus,

consent. Tur? Ipsam saped quas ipid untiis a nus.

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Image by: Cris Tagupa

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How to Get in

• Plane

• Boat

Over 7000 islands make up this

unique gem in the heart of Asia

Get Around

• Plane

• Bus

• Train

• Taxi

• Boat

Attractions & Sights

• Intramuros

• Basílica de

San Sebastián

• Botolan Beaches

Things to do

• Golf

• Bentosa

• Scuba Dive

Find out more – https://



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Philippines – A Culinary Hub

Sometimes standing in the shadow of better-known culinary neighbours such as

Thailand and Vietnam, Filipino food has just as much of a right to be celebrated and

devoured in equal measure. With so much to choose from it can be hard to know where

to start. With such a fine tradition of culinary delights, the Philippines also offer some

modern day trends that add a new twist to the traditional meals. Filipino recipes exemplify

chefs’ most common advice — balance a dish by incorporating a range of complementary

flavors (bright, funky, salty and sweet).

Allow us to pick out 3 highlights from Filipino cuisine that

you absolutely have to try while over there. The first is

a nice drink to enjoy, one that you might not think was

readily available in the Philippines, Rum! The generous,

hand-poured measures are the traditional culture and

abundant sugar means you can buy a bottle of local rum

for less than a bottle of water! However, insiders seek

smooth, sipping premium rums, like local Don Papa, with

its vanilla, warm honey and candied fruit notes.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, this is the

dish for you. This dish truly epitomizes the

vibrancy of the Philippines. It is essentially

shaved ice drenched in evaporated milk

with colourful ice creams and adornments,

such as boiled sweet beans, leche flan (like

crème caramel), fruit jelly, ube (purple yam

paste redolent of vanilla and pistachio),

coconut gel and exotic fruits like lychee. In

Tagalog, halo-halo means ‘mix-mix’, as each

spoonful offers a new blend of flavours and

textures. It’s like a rainbow in a bowl, is as

tasty as it is pleasing on the eye.

Philippine cuisine is a fusion. The

archipelago, named for King Philip II of

Spain, was under Spanish control for more

than three centuries. The country was also

ruled briefly by Japan and the United

States before it gained independence

after World War II. One result of this

tumultuous and bloody history is a rich

cuisine with diverse influences. And

because the country is made up of more

than 7,000 islands, it’s a diversity amplified

by regional variation.

In the same vein as temporary

collaboration dinners, pop-up dinners

have been prominent in this year’s food

scene. From up-and-coming chefs looking

to stretch their muscles to promising

concepts that are looking for the right

venue and timing to generous chefs

doing some savvy social contribution.

The Spanish colonial influences

can be traced to the food here.

Filipino cooks prize puchero (old

Spanish for a large, clay pot) for

its nourishment and thrift. Puchero

recipes contain mixed meats,

tomatoes, garlic, garden veg and

carbs like potato and plantain. A

light stew served on successive

days, soup and meat components

are served separately; with the

soup sometimes drunk as a

consommé or even chilled to

gazpacho, until all is used.

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