The Women's IP World Annual 2019/2020


We are delighted to present you with the launch edition of The Women’s IP World Annual 2019/2020, celebrating women at all levels working in IP Law and Innovation. From the very beginning, the response and feedback we had was amazing, and we would like to thank all of the incredible women involved. Our aim was to celebrate a group of diverse women, from all over the globe, showcasing their achievements and also their personalities to inspire and inform. We have taken an unbiased approach and kept the articles & profiles as authentic as possible, to keep the author's own personal style. This has resulted in a cocktail of inspirational women coming together to share thoughts, ideas, and experience positively. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

Ms. Elvin Hassan

Editor & Head of International liaisons



Maria Athanassiadou, partner and

co-founder of, HP&P (Dr. Helen G.

Papaconstantinou and Partners),

heads the patents and industrial

designs department. Maria holds

a law degree from the University

of Athens and a Masters’ degree in

Spanish studies from the University

of Barcelona. She is an attorney at law

and a member of the Athens Bar since


With more than 20 years’ experience in all

intellectual property fields, she focuses her

practice on IP litigation, prosecution, and

counselling, with a particular emphasis

on patents, utility models, supplementary

protection certificates, industrial designs,

Name: Maria Athanassiadou

Fotini Kardiopoulis, partner and

co-founder of HP&P (Dr. Helen G.

Papaconstantinou and Partners), heads

the anti-counterfeiting and antipiracy

department. She holds a law degree from

the University of Athens with first-class

honours and an LL.M. from the London

School of Economics and Political Science.

Fotini is a member of the Athens Bar since

1985 and has been admitted to practice

before the Supreme Court and the Council

of State. She has also been a lecturer for

10 years in the Police Academy.

Since 1998 Fotini has been dealing with a

broad range of IP matters with an emphasis

on trademarks, plant breeder’s rights, contract

drafting and reviewing and alternative dispute

resolution. She has extensive experience in

IP litigation, devising and implementing anticounterfeiting

programs, filing and administering

customs actions, monitoring and enforcing IP

rights online and advising on domain name

disputes, consulting on license & franchise

agreements and copyright issues. She has further

Law firm name:

Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners

Country: Greece

Position: Partner


Name: Fotini Kardiopoulis

and trademarks, advising major international

clients especially in the pharmaceutical

sector. She is admitted to practice before

the Supreme Court and the Council of State,

and she is an active member of the INTA and


She is a regular contributor to several

significant trademarks, designs and patent

publications. Recent contributions include:

3rd Edition Intellectual Property Country

Comparative Guide – The legal 500 - June

2019, WIPR Annual 2019 – GREECE – Business

Brief, Patents in Europe: Helping business

compete in the global economy 2019/2020,

Patents in Greece – Lexology GTDT - May

2019, General Court rules on genuine use of

figurative trademarks MEBLO – WTR Daily -

March 2019, Designs 2019 A Global Guide.

Law firm name:

Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners

Country: Greece

Position: Partner


conducted a significant number of seizures/raids,

including preparatory investigations concerning

various sectors, such as apparel, electric/electronic

goods, toys, watchmaking, and tobacco/cigarettes,

often involving, in addition to customs procedures,

civil and criminal action.

She is an active member of various associations,

including CIOPORA, MARQUES, and INTA. In

this context, she has given two presentations

as an invited speaker at the CIOPORA Academy

Workshop, which took place in Madrid on October

2008. She is one of the very few attorneys

specialising in plant varieties in Greece and the only

Greek lawyer being a member of CIOPORA.

Fotini regularly publishes articles in the fields of

her expertise. Recent contributions include the

GREEK LAW DIGEST - The Official Guide to Greek

Law - Trademark - Nomiki Bibliothiki - February

2019, WTR Yearbook 2019/2020: A global guide for

practitioners - a supplement to World Trademark

Review - January 2019, 3rd Edition Intellectual

Property Country Comparative Guide – The Legal

500 - June 2019 and WIPR Annual 2019 – GREECE –

Business Brief.


Women as lawyers

and leaders in IP in Greece

This is not the case with Dr. Helen G.

Papaconstantinou and Partners (HP&P). The

legal profession in Greece, particularly in

the upper echelons, was traditionally and

continues to be mostly male-dominated.

However as early back as in 1986, Dr. Helen

G. Papaconstantinou was one of the few

bright examples of women heading a

law office; leaving her individual mark in

the profession for more than 40 years, up

until her retirement at the end of 2018.

The tradition of the law office of Dr. P. D.

Theodorides – Dr. H. G. Papaconstantinou

(est. 1920) and the company Dr. Helen

G. Papaconstantinou, John Filias and

Associates now lives on through our law firm,

Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners,

which was established in 2015, with the

steering wheel of the Firm again entrusted to

women; namely to the capable hands of Eva

Yazitzoglou, Managing Partner and the other

three Partners Miranda Theodoridou, Maria

Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis, who

have an in-depth experience in the IP field for

many years. Also, HP&P not only has women

in top positions, but it is also three-quarters


The Firm is broadly recognised as leading in

the IP law sector in the country. HP & P enjoys

an international reputation for high-quality

expert services by providing sophisticated

legal and business solutions in the IP field and

aptly combines its international orientation

with a thorough knowledge of the Greek

legal and business environment.

What sets HP&P apart is its extensive

experience and expertise in the

As discussed by HP&P Lawyers

Greece has established a strong legal and policy framework for ensuring

equal rights to both men and women in the country. However, evidence

shows that, in practice, discrimination seems to persist; Greece

currently has one of the lowest rates of women’ employment in the

European Union while the Greek financial crisis and austerity measures

have disproportionately affected women. Moreover, women are still

significantly under-represented in executive positions and top rank

positions in the legal profession.

entire spectrum of IP services and its

commitment to problem-solving and

achieving results. HP&P was the first law

firm of its kind to implement a quality

control system (ISO 9001/2015).

With respect to the people comprising the

Firm, HP&P is home to 11 fully qualified

lawyers with considerable experience in all

intellectual property matters over many years

of practice. Two HP&P attorneys are European

Patent Attorneys, while all the attorneys

of the Firm are members of the Athens Bar

Association. Most of them are admitted to

practice before the Supreme Court and the

Council of State. With the efficient assistance

of 22 experienced paralegals and supporting

staff, HP&P provides legal and administrative

services of excellent quality and closely

collaborates with 35 technical counsellors

whose expertise covers all technical fields.

The Firm serves its foreign clients in English,

French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

HP&P is registered in the Athens Bar

Association and is a member of the Greek

Association of Law Firms.

Moreover, the Firm has always been active in

promoting intellectual property matters in

Greece and internationally. All HP&P attorneys

are active members of various international

associations, such as EPI, ECTA, AIPPI, INTA,


the UK Society of Legal Scholars.

The Firm’s expertise spans all aspects of IP

and related legal services (i.e., consultancy,

litigation work, and administrative support),

including, but not limited to trademark,

patent and design matters; copyright;

domain name and internet law; exploitation

of IP rights; anti-Piracy, anti-counterfeiting

and customs monitoring/border measures;

competition, advertising and consumer

protection law, and many more.

HP&P attorneys make significant

contributions to distinguished IP resources

as well as through various associations,

including the International Trademark

Association (INTA) and the European

Community Trade Mark Association (ECTA).

HP&P is consistently ranked among the top

IP law firms in Greece by international legal

directories and associations, indicatively

mentioning: Corporate INTL, Corporate

USA Today, IAM Patent 1000, IP STARS –

Trademarks and Patents, Legal 500, The

Trademark Lawyer, The Patent Lawyer, WIPR

Leaders, WTR 1000, and others and have

received many awards in the IP field.

Despite its top ranking, HP&P is

continuously striving to improve

the quality and reliability of its

services further and enhance its

actively inclusive working ethos that

encourages collaboration as the

main driving force behind effective

leadership and successful results. Our

vision is to keep on incorporating new

practice areas and opportunities so

that we can continue to adapt to the

growing and ever-changing needs of

our clients and the legal industry.

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