LUCYS Vol.47



Korea. Designed by Chung

Chung Lee, the collection

was inspired by the volcanic

Korean island of Jeju. This

was achieved through vibrant,

tropical colors and aquatic

styling. The collection also

pays homage to the Haenyo,

who are “remarkable female

divers”. These incredibly

strong-willed women catch

seafood by free-diving

many meters underwater - a

cultural tradition that was first

recorded in the seventeenth

century. Some even describe

them as real-life mermaids.

Unfortunately, the numbers

of Haenyo divers are rapidly

declining as generations pass,

which is why Chung Chung

chose to bring attention to

their culture. Their influence

on this collection is especially

palpable in the wet-look hair

styling, the accessory of a

very similar diving mask.

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