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Grow your own way

Do you remember back as a child when your legs

would ache, stretching themselves? “Growing pains,”

my mum would say. “It’s just your body taking you to

new heights.” Since then, the idea that progress can

be painful has really stuck with me...

It’s through accepting who we were, and what our

experiences have taught us, that we can unlock

the future – but we shouldn’t feel chained to the

past. Whatever we’ve been through may be a part

of our story, but in the immortal words of Natasha

Bedingfield: “The rest is still unwritten.”

And that’s what this issue is all about – growth. Where

we were a year ago, isn’t necessarily the same place

we are at now. And in another five years, who knows

where we might be?

We want you to read this issue and be inspired

by your own potential. To see the possibilities of

stepping out of your comfort zone, and into a new

space that serves you better.

The incredible, and hilarious, Strictly Come

Dancing professional Dianne Buswell is radiant

on our cover, as she reveals her past excessive

exercising, and trying to be the dancing role model

she never had when she was growing up.

We explore embracing your sexual desires, and

how the conversation around body acceptance

needs to expand to include everyone’s

perspectives. And fitness guru Alice Liveing

shares why she’s opening up about her

domestic abuse experience to help others.

As NR Narayana Murthy

once said: “Growth

is painful. Change is

painful. But, nothing

is as painful as staying

stuck where you do

not belong.”

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