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8 The Power of make-up

10 Vickie’s Story

12 Homemade Beauty Hacks

14 Freedom to Look Good –

Gender-free make-up


18 Get the Look MARILYN MONROE

20 Get the Look AUDREY HEPBURN

22 Get the Look DIANA ROSS

26 Get the Look MADONNA

29 Hair After a Crisis

33 Look Good Feel Better FEATURE

Leisure &


36 Self-Empower with Kitty Waters

38 Claire Taylor – My Hobby-Business

Despite Diagnosis TRUE STORY

39 Carla Winters – Bounce Back

in Business TRUE STORY

41 Work Life – Tips for balancing

home and business

47 Kirsten Rees – Start-up Despite

Diagnosis TRUE STORY

50 Formidable – Body-shape

expectations and mid-year


54 To a great extent... We are

indeed what we read

56 Furniture Village

celebrates its 30th birthday in




61 7 Reasons to visit inspirational


64 Travel as Therapy with Puja K



68 A O-Kley: Debenhams launches

new brand Kley


72 FAIRFAX & FAVOR fashion and

charity collaboration







73 Sustainable Hats – Pachacuti


75 Zero-Waste Knits – Valentina


76 Inspirational Snaps – Tina


79 Low Rider FASHION

Health &


87 Vital Minutes in the Sun

88 Is Intermittent Fasting the Real

Fountain of Youth?

90 Power in your Pose with Core of

Steel coach Emily-Rose

93 Ask! Health and Fitness Goals

94 Are you Missing Out? Grape

Tree’s guide to 5 vital nutrients

98 SHUSH! How we can talk about

mental health

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Model: Katie

Make-up: Kelli Waldock

Photographer: Ryan Cox

Hair: V-Team

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of make-up

The impact of make-up… the

lipstick effect?

The impact of make-up to both wearers and viewers has

been scientifically studied over the years, and the results

are well documented. Wearing light make-up has been

shown to have a positive impact on facial recognition, with

faces described as more attractive, likeable, trustworthy

and competent, than those with no make-up or heavy

make-up. But how does it make the wearer feel?

A research study commissioned at Harvard Medical

School to investigate the impact of make-up on cognitive

performance showed an improved performance for those

wearing light make-up, which was thought to be due

to improved mood level and positive emotions created

through the increased self-esteem. Cogent psychology,

published 15th June 2017

“I was really pleased with my

new look especially as my

hair had grown back grey.

Everyone says to keep it

and now I have more

confidence with new face

and lip colours and some

new techniques for applying

them. It makes such a

difference to have people

give up their time for us. I’m

so grateful. I’ve got a terminal

diagnosis and so I want to look

good right up till the end and

I feel I will now.” LGFB


The impact of Confidence

Confidence itself is attractive and appealing. Nancy Etcoff,

clinical professor at Harvard Medical School and research

psychologist, spoke of a study where men who had just

sprayed themselves with a scented versus unscented

product were judged more attractive by women who

could not smell them. The men with scented body spray

simply acted more confidently and so appeared more

visually attractive.

During the roller coaster of cancer treatment, patients

are not just concerned for themselves, they worry about

how ‘looking sick’ will impact on their children, their

partners and their friends.

“Going to a workshop was a

real eye-opener for me. It was

just fantastic to see what a

difference it made to get

professional guidance – not

only to how I looked, but

genuinely to how I felt as

well! And my family noticed

the positive difference it

made to my confidence, so it

was an enormous help to all of

them as well, to see

me looking and

feeling so much

better.” LGFB




This is where the ‘feel better’, that

comes from the ‘looking good’, has

real power. Feedback from those

having attended a Look Good Feel

Better workshop shows that their

newfound confidence, even if only

delivered over two hours, can be life

changing. People have been able to

leave their homes after living in selfimposed

isolation, resumed socialising

and even returned to work.

“With two young children, I don’t

really have much time for myself,

but the LGFB workshop showed

me some simple make-up tricks

that are so easy and yet make

such a difference. Going through

cancer treatment really saps you

of confidence and you feel so low,

but thanks to LGFB, I know that

I really do look a whole lot better

and it gave me the confidence to

complete my Teacher Training

and get a job as a teacher.”

LGFB Beneficiary

lives. With the dramatic increase in

survival rates (which have doubled in

the last forty years), half of all people

diagnosed now survive their disease

for ten years or more in the UK. There

is a huge potential audience for the

services that Look Good Feel Better

provide, statistically, we are all likely to

know someone affected.

Can you help us help

someone you know?

Text to Donate - Every £50 we

receive helps to fund another place

at one of our free workshops, simply

text FEELBETTER followed by the

amount of your donation to 70085,

for example FEELBETTER20 will send a

donation of £20.

Buy a Confidence Kit - The perfect

present you could give to a friend or

relative undergoing cancer treatment is

the Confidence Kit. Consisting of a DVD

and 48-page booklet giving invaluable

information and guidance on skincare

and make-up, wig selection and

cutting, scarf tying and head-coverings,

as well as hand and nail care. Buy online

for a suggested donation of £5 - £20.


Raise funds - Visit the website for

inspiration of how you can raise money

to help support more people. Whether

it’s a ‘bucket list’ challenge event or

a brow wax, a cake sale or sitting in

a bath of beans, you could change

someone’s life through your support.


Spread the word - Making more

people aware of the charity will help

to reach those that need support as

well as those who might be able to get

involved such as volunteers, qualified

make-up artists, beauty therapists and

barbers. With so many good causes

and larger charities out there, it is hard

to be heard, so please spread the word!


Buy a gift from our shop - From

a T-Shirt to a set of make-up brushes,

a compact mirror to a stunning fabric

bracelet designed to retain your

favourite fragrance, anything you buy

will help those that need it most.


Tip of the iceberg

Look Good Feel Better currently

provide support to over 20,000 people

every year, through workshops,

advice and online tutorials. However

in the UK, over 360,000 people are

diagnosed with cancer every year.

By 2020, almost one in two people

will get cancer at some point in their





My name is Vickie, I live in the West Midlands

with my husband and two-year-old daughter.

Being diagnosed with cancer aged thirty-three

has taught me a lot about life. This is my story...

In September 2016, I found a

lump in my right breast, at the

time my daughter was only

two months old. Following an

ultrasound at hospital, the lump

was diagnosed as a cyst from

breast feeding. I returned in

January 2017 as I felt the cyst had grown. I

continued to receive treatment for the cyst

making monthly visits to have it drained, but

in July 2017 I saw a different specialist who

thought it needed to be removed and sent

me for a biopsy. Following the biopsy, I was

diagnosed with breast cancer on the 11th

August 2017. That specialist saved my life.

Even though I had no history of

hormonal cancer, I was sent for the BRCA

test due to my age and it turned out that I

was positive for the faulty BRCA2 gene.

I had extensive treatment including

a bilateral mastectomy without

reconstruction, six cycles of chemotherapy,

fifteen sessions of radiotherapy and a

bilateral oophorectomy.

Chemotherapy hit me the hardest. I

didn’t recognise myself in the mirror; I

looked so different with no hair, brows or


The Look Good Feel Better workshop

was an invaluable part of my cancer

treatment; I was recommended to go on

the course once I had started chemotherapy

as it was at this point that my appearance

started to change. It was a great two-hour

session where you are with others going

through a similar experience and you

can talk openly about your concerns and

feelings relating to your cancer in a safe and

supportive environment.

The professional beauty therapists

showed us how to look after our skin during

treatment as it can become dry and very

sensitive. We were then given a beautiful

bag full of cosmetics and skincare products

that we were able to use during the session

and take home afterwards. We were taught

about how to colour correct certain areas

of our face if we had any reactions to

medication, how to apply foundation and

natural base make-up, and how to make

our eyes look like we had brows and lashes,

(which was very beneficial once I had lost

them). I would recommend a Look Good

Feel Better course to anyone going through

That specialist

saved my life

cancer treatment.

My cancer journey has taught me and

my family a lot – I don’t take life for granted

and I enjoy every experience it has to offer. It

also shows you who you can count on and

who will be by your side in the darkest of

days. I am so grateful I had my daughter, my

husband and my family to keep me positive

and looking to the future. My cancer has

shown me how strong I am as a person

and I now want to help and support other

women going through the same thing. I

have started a blog and I use my social media

accounts to share my story and support other

young women going through their cancer

treatment. I am always looking at ways to

give back to the cancer community who

helped me through my journey.

My next step will be to discuss the

possibilities of reconstruction with my

specialist. It wasn’t my priority at the time

of diagnosis, but I can see further down

the line the embarrassing moments that

might occur as my daughter gets older and

explains to her teacher that “Mummy keeps

her boobs in a drawer!”

If I could say one thing to someone

newly diagnosed with cancer it would be,

“Don’t put your life on hold, have as full a

life as you can with it and take the support

that is out there – it’s surprising how many

people and charities really want to make a

difference to people’s lives”.


10 BLUSH | WINTER 2019





Make this easy seven-step

homemade zesty body scrub

to give your skin a boost:

1. Get rid of the sugar in the cupboards

– Mix one cup with half a cup of virgin

coconut oil – in its solid state.

2. Add some orange zest for a citrus

zing... pop it in the fridge for ten


3. Remove the mixture from the fridge

just before you take a warm shower –

Wash as normal.

4. Gently rub your homemade zesty sugar

scrub into areas prone to dry or rough

skin... commonly the bottom, hips,

upper arms and upper thighs.

5. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.

6. Close your pores; increase circulation, and

firm skin with a blast of ice-cold water.

7. Pat your skin dry.

(Remember to store the remaining scrub

in the fridge for use every other day).



1. Use up

to three

raw eggs


on your hair

length) – and crack them in a bowl.

(Ensure they are room temperature.)

2. Whisk, or stir together, and add olive oil

(so if you are using two eggs then two

spoons full will be enough) – you can

use coconut oil as well as or instead of

olive oil – and then mix it all together.

3. It is advised to stand in the shower or

sit in the bath and apply to dry hair –

as it can be a little messy!

4. Leave the mixture on for ten to twenty

minutes – maybe with a shower cap to

keep the dripping to a minimum.

5. Rinse with cool water.

6. Then shampoo as usual.

7. Pat hair with a towel and

allow to dry naturally.

There are some

fantastic products

available on the

market, but not

every beauty

answer requires

spending out...

Don’t leave your hair out –

try this seven-step mask

And for

to give a natural shine:

added hair-care

use this avocado


1. Mash a soft avocado up in a bowl.

2. Add a splash of either coconut oil or

olive oil, and mix again.

3. Smear the simple mixture onto your

hair, making sure you get a full

coverage. (You can put a shower cap

on to keep it from dripping – but it

isn’t that messy!)

4. Set your alarm for thirty minutes and

enjoy an episode of your favourite series

or read a few chapters of a book.


5. Once the

time is up, rinse

with warm


6. Pat hair with

a towel and

allow to dry


Your hair

will feel

silky and


12 BLUSH | WINTER 2019




for the love

of women.

It’s all about you.


Photographer credit: Dawn-Marie Jones




BLUSH caught up with Jessica Blackler; founder

of Jecca Blac – a gender-free and vegan make-up

brand that supports all make-up wearers...

14 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


We want people

to be their own

make-up artists and

understand how

to enhance their


and under eye

darkness. We

always use

different models

on tutorials

to show how

anyone can use

our products.

Get the right coverage

for your needs

Tell us about your

gender-free make-up


I began Jecca Blac by offering

make-up lessons to trans

women, as I was a makeup

artist in film and TV. I soon

noticed that clients from all walks

of life would visit Jecca Blac

studio because they loved how

there was no judgement and it

was a safe space for those who

felt judged constantly. I began

creating products for customers

by partnering with a cosmetic

chemist... Forward a couple of

years and we have introduced

several new products and are

gearing up for international


How can make-up make

people feel better about

their self-image and their

life situation?

I believe we make clients feel

comfortable and better about their

life situation by understanding their

needs. Clients say that they feel very

Conceal scars and acne

overlooked by the beauty industry

due to not being reflected in brands’

marketing or product development,

this is why Jecca Blac was born.

The products that we create are

to educate and inspire

people to celebrate their

own beauty – whatever

your reason for choosing

to wear make-up and

whatever your gender.

The reason why all of

our products come with

educational packs is

because we want people

to be their own make-up

artists and understand

how to enhance their

uniqueness. Our first

product was the Correct

& Conceal palette, which

is designed to cover acne,

scarring, beard shadow

What is

the future

of beauty

from your


I believe the future of beauty is that

brands will be more authentic with

their mission, ingredients and values.

Customers are demanding for brands

to have amazing products but also to

be conscious about the environment

and to be inclusive.

Surely, this has to be the

future of beauty. Thank you,


Jessica Blacker, Founder

of Jecca Blac

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 15




The key to retro make-up is to incorporate

the main trends, but with subtlety so your

look is modern and not out-dated...

16 BLUSH | WINTER 2019








Photographer: Samantha Jones

Make-up: Kelli Waldock

Hair: V-Team

Model: Stefani

One of the most popular vintage looks is Hollywood

glamour; think iconic actress Marilyn Monroe... Do you

want those black-liner flicks that accentuate the shape of your

eyes? And full lashes adding flirtatious fun? Not forgetting those

statement scarlet lips? Yes! Here’s how to get the look:

18 BLUSH | WINTER 2019



8Apply plenty of blusher

to the apples of the

cheeks, and blend well

up to the cheekbone; apply

the colour strong enough to

balance out the bright poppyred

lip colour.


Use a light moisturiser on

your face and neck.

2Add a good quality

primer all over your

face as a base for the


3Achieve flawless,

porcelain skin with

airbrushing foundation

– build it up gradually to get a

medium to full coverage that

will have staying power.

diagonal line from the outer

corner of the eye about half

way up towards the end of

the eyebrow, then make the

diagonal line thicker, creating

a point for that iconic flick.

TIP: Be patient and use the

tip of the brow and your eye

shape as guides to create the

perfect flick for you.

9The brows need to

be defined to frame

this strong retro look.

Choose one shade darker than

your actual eyebrow colour.

4Use a primer on the

eyelids to conceal

blemishes and veins, then

apply the eye shadow in a pearl

shimmer – choose a neutral

shade of beige as an option.

5The eyeliner flick needs

to be black and neatly

applied. Create a

6Curl the lashes; then

add black mascara on

the top and bottom

lashes – Apply full false lashes

for added drama. You may

wish to re-touch your flick

with liquid liner after your

lashes dry.

7Apply a lip balm, then

apply a red lip-liner –

this is a must for staying

power – then add red lipstick.

Complete the look with

red nails.

Hair: A sleek and

glamourous style suits this

era, such as the showstopping


This is achieved by

either curling the

hair with a wand and

positioning the wave,

or setting with curls

and allowing them

to drop with the help

of brushing, before

bringing a section up

to create the quiff. The

hair falls sexily onto

bare shoulders as many

dresses and tops from

this era are strapless or

sweetheart necklines.


BLUSH | WINTER 2019 19


Model: Kate | Make-up: Kelli Waldock | Hair: V-Team | Photographer: Ryan Cox


Use a light moisturiser on

your face and neck.

2Add a good quality

primer all over your

face as a base for the


3An overall matte finish

is required for this look,

with full coverage –

build up Airbase Airbrushing

Foundation or a Bare Mineral


4Apply your favourite

primer to your eyelids

as a base for the creamgold

or cream-silver – apply this

over the eye from the inside



corner, and blend a light brown

into the crease of the lid to

create drama to this classic and

sultry look.

5Subtle liner is applied

halfway along the

under eye, but not on

the inside, this keeps the eye





There is no denying that Audrey Hepburn has left

a beautifully-shaped mark in many a heart... maybe

it’s the kooky elegance portrayed in movies such

as Funny Face; her sweet demeanour shown in

Roman Holiday; contrasted with the feisty flower girl role in My Fair

Lady or that inner strength and spirit in Breakfast at Tiffany’s... Or the

real-life humanitarian that worked with children’s charities for many

years? We all connect with Audrey Hepburn in one way or

another. Here’s how to connect with her look:

6Add a thick line of black

kohl to the top lid, take

it out to the edge of the

eye and do not add a flick or

a smudge.

7Apply waterproof

mascara to the top

lashes and a light layer

to the lower lashes, then apply

false lashes that are defined

and separate, as opposed to

thick or feathered.

8Eyebrows are defined

in-keeping with this

retro look.

9Matte nude lips are a

must and if the lips are

dry, ensure you add lip

balm before applying nude

lip-liner and lipstick... Mac is a

favourite in this shade.


the whole look

with a delicate


matte blusher,

blended across and up the


nail colour

with lip colour, and


for a modern twist

you can add delicate gems

to the fingernail of the ring


Hair: An iconic 60’s

beehive doesn’t have to

be very high. Leave a front

section of hair out, and set

the back section from the

crown in curlers. You can

create a beehive or chignon,

before clipping the front

sections to the side, framing

the face. Use shine spray

and hairspray during styling

to fix the look and to ensure

a sleek finish. This elegant

style elongates the neck

and works with sixties’ style

high or square necklines.

20 BLUSH | WINTER 2019

Model: Yasmin

Make-up: Kelli Waldock

Hair: V-Team

Photographer: Samantha Jones

Flowers: Jane








This look is about shimmer and glam, and pops of

colour all tastefully done, as Diana Ross would have

done in the glamourous era of the seventies. Here’s

how you can add glamour to your look:

22 BLUSH | WINTER 2019




Use a light moisturiser on

your face and neck.

2Add a good quality

primer all over your

face as a base for the


shadow into the smokiness,

but keep more intense colour

in the centre of the lid.

7Apply lots of mascara to

the upper and lower lids,

and then apply big flirty

lashes that flick up and out.


looks need to be


slightly subtler

than the original retro beauty

to avoid them looking over

the top. But you can go wild

with the ultra-glittery nails...

metalics work as do deep and

earthy shades combined with

vibrant pops of colour such as


3Use your favourite

foundation to create a

flawless finish that is

dewy and not matte.

4Add primer to the eye lids

after the foundation.

5Create a blue-grey

smoky eye over the

lids; bringing the colour

beneath the lower lid from the

corner of the eyes.

8Coral lips are a lovely

colour for this look, but

you can also go for a

bright fuchsia-pink if this suits

your skin tone or personality

or outfit better.

9Ensure the blush is

subtle but tonal with

the chosen lip colour.

Hair: The hair is big.

This look was achieved by

working on the natural

afro hair of the model,

and teasing out the tight

curls. For non-afro hair,

use a crimper and keep

a centre parting with a

flower accessory

to achieve an iconic

seventies’ look,

perfect for halter

neck dresses or big

sleeve, key-hole

styles and plunging


6Add gold metallic

shadow to create depth,

then blend this gold

you want even

more disco edge,


add gloss to the

lips and dab gold liquid liner

to the lower lids of the eyes.


BLUSH | WINTER 2019 23

New & Natural...





value in


100% Natural

ingredients, with over

50% real fruit juice


Traditional family



50% more servings than

leading competitors*

*Based on 250ml servings of leading

orange & blackcurrant squash brands

**Stocked in selected stores.

New Belvoir Cordials - Natural,

Fruity & Family Friendly!

Belvoir Fruit Farms has used all their fruity ‘know-how’

to create two new refreshing natural cordials. Natural

Blackcurrant Cordial and Natural Orange Cordial use

100% natural ingredients with all the premium appeal

of Belvoir’s classic Cordial range, but offer even better

value for money, making them a perfect everyday treat

for the whole family.

Belvoir’s Natural Cordials contain 50% more juice, (but

no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colourings or

flavourings) and 50% more servings than the current

leading branded squash. Available in recyclable glass,

750ml bottles and with a dilution ratio of 1:8, each

cordial will produce a refreshing 27 (250ml) servings.

This makes them not just the best value cordials

currently on the market, but they can also claim the

highest juice content too!

So, if you feel that mainstream squash comes with

too many ‘nasty’ added ingredients, Belvoir’s Natural

Cordials bridge the gap between premium and

run-of-the-mill. The new Natural Blackcurrant

Cordial and Natural Orange Cordial offer great taste,

excellent value for money, and the confidence that

you’re giving your whole family a drink that is totally

natural; no nasties…just tasty!

• Natural Blackcurrant Cordial – made with over

50% real fruit juice from luscious dark purple

blackcurrants and a dash of lemon juice resulting

in a full and delicious summery taste of sweet

blackcurrants with a clean refreshing finish.

• Natural Orange Cordial – bursting full of fruity

goodness made with over 50% real fruit juice.

A subtle combination of the best naturally sweet

& tangy orange juices with a touch of lemon juice,

creating a refreshing cordial with the natural

sweetness of perfectly ripe oranges but with a

zesty orangey finish.

What better way of making sure your little ones

drink plenty of water this summer, than mixing it with

Belvoir Fruit Farms New and Natural Cordials, for a

glass full of fruity goodness.

Belvoir’s Natural Cordials retail for around

£3.89 and are available from Waitrose,

Morrisons and Sainsburys**.

Check out

the rest of

our range in

all major


Blonde Model: Fran | Make-up: Kelli Waldock | Photographer: Samantha Jones http://www.


Madonna | Hair: V-Team




Eighties make-up was all about shadow, cheeks,

lips and nails... and colour! So, be bold if this is a

look that you want to achieve for a night out or

special occasion... Dare to go bright on the make-up

paired with a modern crisp minimal styling of clothes

to complement the overall vibe avoiding a fancy-dress

look – But you can still go for BIG hair! Here’s how to

recreate this Like a Virgin look:


26 BLUSH | WINTER 2019




Firstly, cleanse, tone

and moisturise the skin,

then apply a primer to

the face and neck. A primer

is a great base for your

foundation, as it gives it more

staying power.

2Apply a foundation that

suits your skin type;

apply a light layer if you

have good skin and prefer

a natural look and build up

gradually if you prefer a fuller


4Intensify the look by

applying the pink

eyeshadow underneath

the eye and after applying

mascara apply false lashes to

give the eye more definition.

This adds a little modern edge.

Instead of opting for several

bold colours, choose one or

two and blend them a little. Use

different shades of one colour

and blend into each other but

keep the definition of each


6Keep eyebrows defined

but in a natural way –

they don’t have to be

pristine. Use a brow powder

or gel to give the brows

colour and to create more

depth and thickness.

7Finally, apply a

pink lipstick that

complements the

eyeshadow colour, frosted

lipstick makes lips appear

fuller, and it was a popular

choice in the eighties.

Hair: Set the hair in

rollers and use a lot of

spray. Big barrel curls with

lots of spray is an option

for modern eighties hair,

or you can choose a more

structured androgynous

style, smoothing the sides

of the hair up into a neat

French pleat or Mohawk

with a statement shape to

create height at the top.

3In the eighties, the

focus of the look was

the eyes, so apply a

bright eyeshadow. Start with a

lighter pink in the inner corner

and finish with a darker hot

pink in the crease and outer

corner of the eye.

5Apply the blusher to the

hollows of your cheeks

to contour your face and

enhance your cheek bones.

Use a pink tone, to match the



BLUSH | WINTER 2019 27


claimed the product helped

their skin appear:

Noticeably firmer

and smoother

Less lined and

more youthful

More moisturised

and hydrated

*Results from a consumer perception study

on 52 consumers


Photographer - Dawn-Marie Jones





Multi-award winning hairstylist and salon owner

Vicki Lord provides tips on hair loss...

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 29


It is important for people to feel special, if

your hair looks good then you feel great!

It may seem surface, but looking your best

can help you feel better. I have worked with

so many clients over the years – from brides,

to celebrities for the red carpet, to models on

the runway; the most rewarding work I do is

with patients that are recovering from chemotherapy or

other treatments or conditions that cause hair loss – hair

can flourish after a crisis, and so can you!

One such client is Jeanette; she has suffered some

difficult times, and is a survivor of Cancer. There was

a time when Jeanette had to wear wigs due to her

chemotherapy – chemo targets cancer cells; but also, the

healthy cells and as a result it destroys hair cells.

Within a few weeks of having chemo, hair loss can

occur – in patches or completely. The extent depends on

your treatment. It is no surprise that when people lose

hair that they can suffer shock, or become depressed

and this can worsen the overall recovery process. It

is a time when a lot of family and friends, as well as

professionals need to be supportive.

Here are some tips for this

sensitive time:

1Many ladies will want to cover their baldness by

wearing a turban, scarf, or wig. There are so many

fantastic wigs out

there to try,

some are synthetic,

which are very light

to wear or there are

more natural looking

human-hair wigs with

lace/net seams that

can easily be disguised

with a good quality


2Try on

different styles

and lengths

of wigs to

see which one feels

comfortable and which

helps you feel your best.

Jeanette during and

after chemotherapy

4Ask a

hairstylist for

advice and


they would be able

to cut and shape the

wig; styling it to suit

your facial features

and personality.

Cutting wigs is an

art in itself as one

wrong snip then

the whole wig is

ruined! And that’s

an expensive

mistake to make!


Darren Brade

5Hair normally starts to grow back within a few

months following chemo, starting with very

fluffy hair for the first week or two then it will

start to grow back at its normal rate. The new

hair may differ from before, some hair will grow back

curly, or thinner, or even thicker. I’ve had some clients

come back to me after treatment and their hair is a

completely different colour too.

Jeanette’s hair has grown back beautifully and is shiny,

but a little finer than before. She has

a round face shape and I wanted to

create lots of volume and height at

the crown to lengthen and flatter

her features.

Hair can flourish

after a crisis, and

so can you!

3Opt for a

wig that is a

slightly lighter

colour than your

natural hair colour, as the

treatment may make your

skin tone a little paler.

Vicki working with wigs

and hairpieces

30 BLUSH | WINTER 2019




Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is an independent national charity

providing support to people living with all types of cancer.

It all started in the US with a female

patient who was so depressed and selfconscious

about how cancer treatment

had made her look, that she would not

leave her hospital room. Her doctor,

who had some contacts in the cosmetics

industry, arranged for her to have a makeover.

Not only did it transform the way

she looked, but it also had a profound

effect on her outlook. She felt happier,

less burdened and laughed for the first

time in weeks.

With such dramatic results, the cancer

and the beauty sector worked together

to develop the program ‘Look Good

Feel Better’ and the charity was born. It

launched with two workshops in the US in

1989 and quickly expanded across twentysix

other countries.

Now in the 25th year of operation in

the UK, the charity has extended their

reach to include special sessions for young

adults, as well as a dedicated programme

for men. Workshop sessions are led by

trained volunteer skincare and make-up

artists (and local barbers for men’s groups)

providing a setting for people to meet

and chat to others undergoing cancer

treatment, as well as learning useful tips to

help combat the changes to appearance

that can occur during different types of


Being given a cancer diagnosis is a

traumatic event and the physical and

emotional roller coaster can leave you

feeling lacking in confidence and selfesteem.

Practical help and advice provided

in a safe and secure environment allows

people to share problems and find

solutions for issues like missing eyebrows

and lashes, sallow or drying skin, or

flaking nails.

The workshops are now running in over

140 hospitals and cancer support centres

across the UK, from Guernsey right up to

the Orkney Islands. Over 20,000 people

each year receive this support, including

finding advice through the charity’s online

tutorials and Manual for Men.

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 33


A recent survey by CRUK stated

that 78% of people with cancer

have unmet emotional needs.

Organisations that support people

with cancer are recognising more

and more that the needs of cancer

patients are more complex than

the medical ones being addressed.

It is widely recognised that how

you feel about your appearance

is linked to your confidence and

self-esteem. Psychologists call this

‘appearance-contingent self-worth’

and ‘appearance self-esteem’.

LGFB know from their substantial

research that the beneficiaries of

their service feel more confident after

attending a workshop and for 96%

of people surveyed this confidence

had remained three months later.

‘The whole experience was

relaxing and informative.

Everyone at the session was

given time and advice regarding

their individual concerns. I am

so grateful to those wonderful

ladies and the volunteers who

gave up their time to help, advise

and support me when I was

struggling. Thank you.’ LGFB


‘I learnt so much at the session.

The psychological impact of

cancer is largely unaddressed

and learning to apply my makeup

properly made me feel more

feminine, like my old self and

was a real confidence booster.

Just what I needed.’ LGFB


‘I’ve not worn make-up for years

but since attending the session

I put the full works on every

morning. I feel so confident

in my appearance that I have

stopped wearing a wig or scarf.

What a massive difference your

session has made, I feel so much

better.’ LGFB Beneficiary

Since launching in the UK, LGFB

has helped over 170,000 people

and this service is delivered by

an army of over 2,600 volunteer

beauty consultants.

As a non-government funded

independent charity, Look Good Feel

Better rely entirely on the generosity

of individual and corporate

supporters. If you would like to get

involved visit lookgoodfeelbetter., or text LOOKGOOD5 to

donate £5 or FEELBETTER10 to

donate £10 to 70085

It is about so much more than


34 BLUSH | WINTER 2019




“Don’t dream your life,

live your dreams” as the

saying goes… But how

do you get to that point?

Kitty Waters shares

how you can empower

yourself by using Dharma

principles and create the

life you love...

In our busy lives, it’s not always

easy to take a step back and

really wonder whether we are

living the life we truly wanted for

ourselves. So many people go on

with their routine, day after day,

without thinking twice about it,

without realising that happiness is just a step

away, if only we took the time to assess our

wants and needs and breakaway from the

draining patterns we have created.

I was just using

distractions to

convince myself I

was happy

Ultimately every human being wants to be

happy. It’s what we strive for.

For the most part of my twenties I was

deeply unhappy, looking in all the wrong

places, mainly using drugs and alcohol to

distract myself from what was really going

on around me and inside me. I had a high

paying job and great friends. Anyone looking

from the outside would have thought I had

it all. But it didn’t feel right, I was miserable

and my gut told me, ‘there is more to life

than this’.

I realised later I had no meaning, no real

purpose in my life. And I was just using

distractions to convince myself I was happy,

but that worked only very temporarily. I

reassessed my life and realised I needed more.

That’s where I started my journey to healing

and my hunt for happiness. What truly

changed me was my discovery of Dharma.

Dharma, in ancient Vedic means “The path

of right action... Right action is the action

which is of maximum benefit to the individual

and the entire creation at the same time.”

What is Dharma and

why follow it? We have

each been blessed with

a unique set of gifts and

talents and when we use

those in service to others,

our happiness comes alive.

We all have the capacity

to turn our desires into our

reality, our soul knows the

way. And creating the life

of your dreams doesn’t

have to be a struggle.

Nowadays, it feels

like there is a trend around wellbeing and

‘following your bliss’ but this doesn’t come

from nowhere, it has true meaning: life is

not meant to be hard, we are meant to go

towards our highest excitement in any given

time, and this, in turn will lead us to what we

are meant to be doing here on Earth.

It shouldn’t be hard to create our own

happiness. It’s all about taking the first steps

towards it.

To do your Dharma,

take a bliss life audit:


How can you add more bliss

to your life? By serving others!

Who do you want to serve?

Don’t let it overwhelm you, these are

only ways to make yourself happier, not

complicate your life.

Take time to assess things clearly

and make a habit of writing


them down. Write everything

down, from dreams and fresh ideas, to

blocks, questions, ideals and solutions,

with notes on how each point makes you

feel. This will indicate the way to go, and

where to take that first step to change

your life. Remember to always follow

what lights you up.

If you are not sure where

to start, start small. Having


interviewed over one-hundred

thought leaders on this path, the results

and impact on their lives is amazing.

When we do our Dharma, life responds in

ways we never thought possible.

The gift is in the giving.

By Kitty Waters, founder and host of Kitty

Talks, and teacher of Do Your Dharma:

36 BLUSH | WINTER 2019



Shop at and quote LGFBGLOW

Valid until 31/10/2019






Claire Taylor shares her story of how her hobby

has helped her through her health issues...


Mark ‘Sharky’ Finn

Although I have

a Facebook page

and a website, I

don’t actually run

a business as such;

it is a hobby that I

have turned into a

service for free... Freya Finn Photography is

my hobby-business; I’ve been interested in

photography since I was a child – following

my father’s footsteps who shared the same

love for his photographic hobby. When I

was old enough, he gave me his old Pentax

35mm camera to begin capturing my own

memories. I have had no official training

in photography other than those years of

personal practice. I have no need for the

qualifications because I simply love taking

pictures and I’ve just learnt as I’ve gone along.

I had been struggling for years with a

lack of energy and unexplained pain and

discomfort, and I was diagnosed with

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and

Fibromyalgia in late 2009 (both conditions

are known as invisible chronic conditions).

Although the symptoms started years before

this, it took a long time to diagnose as they

can mimic other conditions.

I appear to look ‘fine’ but what others

don’t see, know or understand is that I have

crippling pain, chronic fatigue and cognitive

dysfunction. When I am seen out, it is only

about twenty-percent of the time at best.

The other eighty-percent is spent resting and

sleeping to recover from going out in the

first place. I have to pace my life accordingly

which makes it hard to be spontaneous. It

also means I am unable to have a job like

most people, as I cannot sustain the levels of

energy needed to be productive

and as a result I end up having a

lot of sick days... This happened

at my previous paid position. I

was eventually dismissed due to

the level of sick days I had taken.

So, I am at the mercy of the state

benefits and disability payments.

Photography has always been

significant in my life, but at this

point of diagnosis it became a

way for me to cope and gave me

a reason to ‘keep going’ prior to

becoming a mother. I was able

to plan around music events

and shoots by

making sure I

allocated plenty

of rest before

and after the


It can take

me days or

even weeks

to get over an

evening out

photographing. If I get a cold or tummy bug,

it can take at least twice as long to get over

it than it would an average healthy person.

And now I’ve breast cancer too – this is

sapping even more energy from me.

But, photographing music events keeps

me going as it is something I love to do. The

one person I take the majority of my photos

for is Carla Winters who is the creator of the

Abba Tribute Abalicious, and is a vocalist and

Agnetha lookalike. We have known each

other since our school days together and she

has also gone through breast cancer recently.

It has only served to bring us closer together.

We have even started a support page on

Facebook called Breast Friends Cancer

Support Group, supporting people affected

by breast cancer. Not just the people with

cancer, but their friends and family too.

We share our experiences, frustrations and

advice to help others on their journeys.

I recently had my mastectomy, and whilst

it has been tough, I have shared photos and

videos on the Facebook group and this has

helped me push forward – Join the group to

see some of the photos, including a photo

that shows the reality of a mastectomy,

and to stay up-to-date with my journey and

others’ stories – and most importantly to get

some support if you need it!


music events

keeps me going

as it is something

I love to do

Facebook: Breast Friends Cancer

Support Group | Website: www.

Kent band called The



38 BLUSH | WINTER 2019





Hair: Lucinda Ellery


You may have read

my story in the first

new-look issue of

BLUSH... if you didn’t

it is available to

read via the digital

version... In a nutshell,

I found a lump in my left breast, and

continued touring with Björn Again as the

tribute signer Agnetha Fältskog, as well

as running my own business – All despite

having treatment and the anxiety of a

scheduled double mastectomy because I

have a gene BRCA1 and Triple Negative

BC. I didn’t tell anybody other than

close friends and family at the time. I just

needed to continue and play my part

on stage... but the

whole experience

affected my overall


These situations

make you stronger,

and they reveal who

your true friends

are... I can fully

appreciate the stress

and uncertainty

that loved-ones

experience during

times of diagnosis,

treatment and in

some cases loss

– and this is the

reason I started the

Facebook page;

Breast Friends

Cancer Support

Group, where I document my whole

journey with posts and videos; I

wanted to show the reality behind

survival... yes it’s tough, but you can

bounce back.

As I mentioned, I still continued

with my singing throughout my

recovery – because it is what keeps

me going – and it has been a part of

who I am since I was eleven-years-

old, when I

used to do karaoke,

singing songs like Venus.

And when I made it through to the final

fifty out of ten thousand hopefuls in Pop

Idol 1 in 2001, it further made me want

to continue with my music, so in that

same year, I started Abalicious, which is

my ‘business baby’. My first gig with Bjorn

Again was at G.A.Y in London, where

Agnetha was present promoting her

new album. It must have been a sign...

because all these years later I’m still doing

Abba tribute.

It has been all my struggles throughout

my treatment and recovery that have

given me a new enthusiasm for pushing

forward; with

my children,

true friends and

I am delighted to

share that Abalicious

is touring the UK this


family by my

side, I’ve been

able to bounce

back and to

continue sharing

ABBA’s uplifting

music through

my very own

tribute band,

and that feels so


The time when business was the

toughest, was when I had to continue

touring with a happy face whilst going

through chemotherapy. When I felt

exhausted, and I lacked confidence about

my appearance;

Lucinda Ellery Intralace System for

hair (London Paris New York) has been

a dream come true for making me feel

and look as glamourous as Agnetha

always did on stage and how I used to

look before the diagnosis. Along with a

healthy (ish) diet, lots of water, key rest

times and the support from the media

and my Facebook page, I feel positive that

I will get full strength back, and that

my business will go from strength to

strength too.

If you find yourself facing a

diagnosis, or you are going through

treatment or a loved-one is, please

join the Facebook page and the

online community can support you.

And for those of you looking to

start a business or continue with

your business – then don’t give up,

because if you love what you do,

like I do, then it could be one of the

things that reminds you of who you

are aside from your diagnosis.

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 39

The bank

for a changing


This communication is for professional clients only. The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested. This advertisement

has been approved and issued by BNP Paribas. BNP Paribas, incorporated in France with limited liability (Registered Office: 16 boulevard des Italiens, 75009 Paris, France, 662 042 449

RCS Paris,, is authorised and lead supervised by the European Central Bank and the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution and authorised by the

Prudential Regulation Authority. BNP Paribas is subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Details about the extent of our

authorisation and regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority, and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority are available from us on request.


As a businesswoman and a mother, I know how challenging it

is to be productive whilst balancing your home life – there are

forecasts, and meetings, and you have resolutions and targets... Some

of you may choose to work, others may need to work; either way, if

you have family commitments, and other stuff going on too, then life

can become a juggling act. This can be manageable at times, and can

even be a buzz at other times, but sooner or later something is bound

to fall unless you get good at the balancing bit...


BLUSH | WINTER 2019 41


1. Phoning: The phone

can be ringing all of the time, and

this is a sign of success for many

businesses. With technological

advances and smart phones

getting smarter, you can pretty

much be anywhere and receive

calls and emails. This can however

have an adverse effect on your

private time with friends and

family. Ensure you either switch

off your phone when you are

having dedicated family time, or invest in a personal phone,

keeping your contracted smartphone just for business.

Leave the biz phone at home when you are on holiday, with

a greeting stating your date of return, encouraging the

caller to leave a message.

2. Relaxing: As a businessperson, you will be

conscious of taking the work as and when it comes, which

Leave the biz

phone at home

when you are on


can mean a full-on schedule, often with back-to-back

appointments or meetings. Be confident that the flow of

work will be there for you regardless of whether you have a

vacation or day off. Obviously, value your clients, but if you

compromise too many other areas

of your life just to squeeze in a client

then it could burn you out, meaning

you’ll be little use to yourself, your

clients or your family. In order for

you to reach full potential in your

work, you must relax, and recoup.

Take a day off. If you work weekends,

then ensure you allocate some ‘me’

time throughout the week, either by

setting aside an hour a day or one

day per week. Do things you enjoy,

including spending time with the children, friends, or simply

relaxing on your own by reading a book or soaking in a

bubble bath. A good way to achieve ‘me’ time is by paying

for, and committing to a new hobby.

3. Planning: It is likely that your schedule will be

sporadic, especially if you work for yourself. Keep a clear,

concise diary so you can plan your days. At the end of each

day, write a list of things you need to do on the following

day, so that you can enjoy your evening with a clear head.

Also, do this every Friday or before your designated day off.

The key is to complete the list, so ensure it is achievable and

prioritise the points on it.

42 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


4. Eating: Busy schedules can mean skipping meals,

making you feel irritable and sluggish, ensure you eat

regular healthy snacks and meals throughout the day.

Arrange to meet a friend for lunch once a week, or carry

snacks or a pack lunch with you. Try to sit down for a family

meal as often as possible; this is good for your mental and

physical health, and works wonders for family bonding.

5. Overlapping: Laptops and mobile devices

are so convenient, especially with the help of wireless

Internet, meaning much of your work, like replying to

emails, organising your diary and studying online, can be

done from anywhere. Try to avoid crossing ‘laptop time’

over with recreational time; you will not be giving the task

full attention, nor does it count as relaxing or quality family

time. Make a point of cuddling up with a loved one, or

watching a movie with the children without thinking about

work, and with your phone and laptop switched off.

8. Meditating: So many of you would have

experienced mental fatigue as well as physical, as it

is so easy to take home people’s problems or stresses

depending on your area of work. Learn to leave the

emotional aspect of your work at work. If you work

from home, it may be more of a challenge to ‘switch

off’. Ten minutes of meditation after each meeting, or

two minutes after each task can do wonders for your

mind and body, realigning YOU and stopping you from

focusing on the last patient or client or student or

meeting or email, so you can be present and look to the

needs of the next task or customer. Add this meditation

time into your daily schedule and include as part of your

diary dot points. For those of you that work in a busy

environment, avoid getting caught up with internal

politics or gossip, this can be super draining, a waste

of time and energy, and more importantly negative and


6. Talking: Work can be all encompassing, and

it can easily eat into unsociable hours, but this doesn’t

mean that when you do have time

to socialise that the conversation

must revolve around work. Many

of you will have a great passion

for your work or the training you

do, but remember to talk about

various subjects with your friends

and family too, as it is important to

enjoy other aspects of life and of

your relationships.

7. Delegating: If you have

work, home, relationships, children,

and your own needs to juggle, it may

get to the point when you feel that

you need help. Don’t be proud: call

upon friends and family to spend

time with the children while you run

some errands. If you are able to allocate the funds, enlist the

help of a cleaner once a week, or hire an admin assistant.

There are plenty of ways you can delegate responsibilities and

tasks, look at where best you need a little helping hand. It

may mean hiring an accountant, or getting a gardener. If you

enjoy tasks like gardening yourself, then incorporate them

with family time; young children love to be involved in potting

plants or safe household chores. If you are doing a mundane

task, like cleaning your office space or dealing with admin

work, put some of your favourite music on so you can balance

the chores with fun. Dance a bit, sing a little, and basically

use it as a way of staying in tune with yourself and with the

pleasures of life.

Learn to leave the

emotional aspect

of your work at


9. Morning: Parents, walk your children to

school, or dog-owners take your pooch for walkies

first thing in the morning. This

encourages a routine for those

working from home, and helps

motivate you to get on with your

day upon your return. If you do

not have a dog, or a child, then

have a refreshing shower, get

dressed and walk around the

block before your working day,

or do a stint in the gym, or go

for a run. By having an activity

to start your day other than

work, you are really making the

most of your time, as well as

proving to yourself that work

is not the first thing to jump to

each morning. There will be days

you have early appointments,

but try to manage these morning activities a few times

a week to achieve that balance and overall productivity.

These morning activities also support motivation for

homeworkers, an increasing area for modern work,

not just parents working from home. Self-employed or

contracted staff working in the virtual sphere will also

benefit from this tip.

10. Shifting: Enjoy including these tips into your

life, but don’t feel that big changes need to be made, as

it is consistent small tweaks that are often more effective,

and will ultimately lead to the perfect work-life balance.

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 43

Proud supporter of

Look Good Feel Better

Helping create beautiful homes since 1989





46 BLUSH | WINTER 2019





Kirsten Rees shares her story from diagnosis

and loss to her business start-up...

When it comes to the effects of

cancer, it isn’t just self-diagnosis

that rocks our world, is it? Lovedones

also have to cope with the

challenges that the illness faces

us with… how did your father’s

diagnosis affect you?

It was shocking obviously, he’d had this

terrible cough for months and had been back

and forth to the doctor, and it felt like it had

taken too long to get a diagnosis. So, there

was some anger and guilt - Why didn’t they

realise sooner? Why didn’t we make him go to

the doctor earlier? He’d had previous health

issues and had literally been brought from the

dead after a heart attack years before, so I

think we just felt like this was another hurdle

to fight... but sadly, he lost this one.

Someone else’s diagnosis can raise

questions in our own minds, and

we can fear the future and the

possibilities of ‘what if it happens

to me?’ When did you find a lump?

What emotions did you experience

waiting for a diagnosis?

Just after my dad had received his diagnosis,

I discovered a lump under my right breast

and that was terrifying. Because of what

was going on with my dad, I was sent

for a scan within a week. It wasn’t a nice

experience at all and very intimate, but

thankfully it was quick and I was reassured

throughout the process. The lump turned out

to be something else entirely and thankfully

nothing to worry about.

I have a chronic health condition called

fibromyalgia, so I always need to be extra

aware of increased levels of stress, and this

whole experience taught me a lot about

managing my own self-care and made me

realise that I needed to change things in my

own life.

I’ve since learned what to look for and

do regular checks. I think going through

watching someone else die really makes you

so much more aware of how we need to

take responsibility for looking at our bodies

objectively and regularly. I was on a lot of

medication for my own health conditions and

some of it was having a negative effect on

me with some terrible side-effects, so I really

began looking at what I was putting into my

body and speaking to different health care


Book that smear test. Do breast and

testicle checks. If you’ve had something

ongoing for a while, go to the doctor!

Waiting is not worth it. Just because it’s not

really worrying you, doesn’t mean it’s not

worrying your child, or sibling, or best friend!

Tell us about your start-up and how

your father’s passing along with

your realisation that you didn’t have

Cancer led you to changing your

career path?

After my dad died, I took some time out and

then began thinking seriously about my life

and career and made so many changes!

My business had originally launched in

2013 out of necessity as I have fibromyalgia,

it makes holding down a nine-to-five difficult.

I wanted to have a career I was passionate

about and so I relaunched as a book editor

and author coach, and I’ve been writing my

own books too.

Just after my dad had

received his diagnosis,

I discovered a lump

under my right breast

and that was terrifying.

Being self-employed has completely

changed how I work and what I share.

Since transitioning from copywriter to book

editor, I’ve felt that uber-professional wall

come down; It’s helped me connect with

people better over social media and I’m now

working with authors who have something

worth sharing.

Recently, I was hired to write a book to

help raise awareness for Child Bereavement

UK. It was really emotional as I met two

young brothers who’d talked about their

dad who died and we shared some special

moments. It was nominated and added to

The Independent’s Happy List.

Sometimes, my clients are business

owners who want to share their expertise

and what they’ve had to overcome in life in

a memoir/business book. I also work with

fictional authors on YA novels, and other

times I partner with people suffering with

mental health issues who use writing as

therapy. I also launched a weekly ‘women

in business’ co-working day, as I find having

people around you definitely helpful when

you are trying to run a business on your own,

but still sometimes struggling with external

things – so it’s great to vent (or have a glass

of wine after-hours).

I now have a great

self-care routine, I’ve

been working with a

personal trainer and

focusing on my health

and wellbeing, including

my mental health. I also

created a vision board

with twenty-one goals

– climbing a mountain

(again) is one of them, and

another is writing a book

to empower people with

invisible health conditions. I

stopped saying, “I can’t”, replacing it with “I

can’t do everything so choose wisely!”


IG & Twitter: @HauteBooks

LinkedIn: MakeMeASuccess

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 47

live like this | Stores nationwide



Words from Kim-Maree on the female form,

expectation and mid-year resolutions...

This is not my usual style of

writing; I like to take the p*ss

out of my life and all that comes

with it. This article, however, is a

self-reflection of many years of

beating myself up (not literally)

over the ‘ideal life’ and ‘perfect

body shape’ that I formed magically some time ago.

These lofty ideals or aspirations rarely come through,

and so the cycle of loathing and defeat goes on...

I am sure many of you can relate to me on some

level. This is about ‘me’ – please understand that

it’s not a dig at you and your efforts to self-improve

(or should I’ve used this year’s 2019 buzzword ‘selfevolve’?).

Read this article as it is intended to be read

– as a very public wake-up call to myself, because my

inner Goddess is an angry b*tch!

Well, here we are mid-way through 2019

time flying – and time to dust off our New Year’s

resolutions yet again – because if you’re anything like

me, you’ve not started your list yet!

Do you catalogue your yearly failures? I do! Looking

back on all the things I said I would do last year and

the year before and so on and so forth... oh and this

year included! A definite theme emerges... I will be

better! Do better. Look better. Feel better. Take better

care of myself and so on (in fact this list is as long as

my New Year’s resolution one).

Sprinkled in amongst the promises to do better

there are the golden nuggets of prose borrowed

lovingly from Ghandi, Atticus, Oprah – all reminding

me to live in the moment and of course it wouldn’t

be a misguided promise of a better self without a

chestnut of wisdom from Pinterest!

Why do I do this? Why then! When I know full

well that I will not fulfil all, or any of those lofty ideals,

and who decided that these ideals or life goals were

actually required? My inner divine Goddess is always

present, not really giving a rat’s left buttock if I am

able to attend sequential Soul Cycle classes in the

pursuit of a peach emoji rear. The divine Goddess is

probably at a swim up bar laughing her ass off at the

stupidity of it all. I AM THEREFORE I AM!

I am the shape I am because, well, that is my shape.

I can’t crochet because it’s boring and I couldn’t stick

with learning how to do it, that goes for playing the

guitar and for making origami cranes also. This isn’t

gonna change just because I write a list at New Year

or another list mid-year!

Rod for our backs

Am I striving to materialise that divine Goddess? Or

that image I was told will make me feel so much

better once I obtain it? If I obtain it! Every day I am

convinced that my life will improve once I buy this;

eat that; don’t eat that; rinse with this; and hold it all

in the right place with these!

The female form is varied just like hair colour is,

which I can change; eye colour, which I can change,

along with my jaw line, bust size and even the

amount of ribs in my body – all my genetic makeup

and yet even though that’s my true form I desire to

re-design it. Why is this? Because of society? Blaming

society for the pressure to be a certain way and to

live a particular life isn’t cutting it, sorry people, BUT

– we are society!

I am the shape I am

because, well, that is

my shape.

50 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


There is a billiondollar

industry built

on keeping me feeling

bad about my body and

about my life in general.

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 51


EXERCISE: is it a punishment or a celebration

of what our bodies can do? The answer all depends

on who you follow...

There are billion-dollar industries built on keeping me feeling

bad about my body and about my life in general. I am

bombarded with conflicting messages of ‘love yourself’ and

other self-improvement stuff. I am told that positive body image

is the new diet plan – oh my mistake, because I thought it was

Paleo-vegan-Keto-organic-clean eating, whole foods – that was

a mouth full of ‘my bad’.

Then there are the exercise plans that go along with it

all; HITT, CrossFit, Orange Theory, Bootcamp, F45, Barry’s,

SoulCycle... Dare I say it, but Yoga is just as bad; Bikram,

Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga all claiming to do various

things to help me achieve whatever it is I think I need to


The best news of all, is that I don’t even have to leave

home to have all this help in getting that 2019 body life

transformation. There are countless blogs and influencers

sprouting the benefits of everything I didn’t realise I need. Not

only that, but my obsession with screens has also weighed in.

Seriously there is an APP for everything that has anything to

do with body shape, image, eating plans, wazoo detox teas,

drinks and shakes, aroma therapy oils, and misting sprays that

can make you sleep, feel, live better.

I am guilty of having all of the above. I have on my phone

right at this very moment APPs for meditating, (used six or so

times), for the gym (which I actually used consistently for at least

one month), a whole foods pantry guide (I can’t work it out so

I’m going to delete it soon promise), aroma therapy oil mixes

guide (I have opened it), power yoga (I watched it

a couple of times on the couch), running log ( I use

this as I do run — well kind of more a shuffle-run

of sheer desperation – but more on that topic later),

FitnessPal (I use this on and off to make myself feel

bad for eating anything that has flavour).

I don’t just have one of these APPs, I have

several. All of them downloaded in the vain hope

that they will somehow miraculously transform me,

but alas, nope. I however, won’t give in to making

any actual APP purchases – I won’t actually buy the

whole APP, I just do the free ad-riddled versions

that cut out when it starts to get interesting, which

may I add, is probably why I am not Gigi Hadid

strutting for Victoria’s Secret. Yep that’s definitely

the reason.

And now for my next trick I

will make 10 kilos disappear

and 15 kilos reappear...

Last year, I lost ten kilos through literal blood, sweat and tears

and a few tantrums; I had to walk to Mountain Everest Base

Camp, get sick from the altitude, vomit consistently for ten days

to lose that weight – maybe I should make an APP on that!

When I did finally receive the recognition that I was desperate to

hear – oh you look great, you’ve lost weight! – it was tarnished

with despair as I knew that deep down it wasn’t going to last

and I was left wishing that no one had said anything.

Too make-up for the ‘failure’ that I knew was coming – the

inevitable weight rebound – I proudly pranced about telling

everyone how I’d lost ten kilos and have become a vegan

on ethical grounds, (not really, I was still really queasy at the

thought of certain foods – meat being one of them). I am sure

they secretly wished that I’d hurry up and put back on those

I swing from

restrictive eating to

all in my mouth, the

classic yo-yo dieter.

ten kilos and an extra

five kilos. Why? Not

because they dislike

me or because they’re

jealous... no, it’s because

they feel like a failure

too! They are feeling

even lower now because

someone managed to do

it, someone else grabbed

the golden ring even just for a fleeting moment.

I scheduled in my fancy planner gym sessions; to roll out my

yoga mat and sit in my space; I even scheduled cooking that

whole-food dinner, and for those few weeks when the stars

and planets aligned, I was smug and self-righteous.

52 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


Then I was not.

And so, it goes; The weight goes off. The weight

goes on.

I call bullsh*t

I am guilty, I admit that I applaud publicly the ‘plus-sized’

advocates calling out body shaming, all the while quickly

calculating in my head just what their weight or measurements

are in relation to my own. Then I am horrified when I discover

image. But to be fair, this is my issue. Maybe you are happy to

refrain from sugar, eat Paleo and exercise every day at the gym...

good for you! I actually truly applaud you. I can’t do this myself.

I swing from restrictive eating to all in my mouth, the classic yoyo

dieter. Simply put, I have zero will power. I will plan and plot,

write away my life, desperately hoping I will wake up motivated

and inspired, nope. I have tried 5:2. I have tried apple cider

vinegar, turmeric, cayenne pepper, still no! Juicers, teas, nope!

I shame myself with unflattering underwear photos, bribery,

rewards, still nothing.... no inner Goddess emerging from the

depths into form.

You must be thinking, ‘wow she must be huge,’... nope,

not huge. I am just not the shape I had decided I’d be at some

stage in my life. Therefore, my life is somehow not quite right,

which, by the way is also not true... my life is pretty dang epic.

See what I am getting at here? There is nothing wrong with my

shape, bit soft and pudgy, but I am healthy and fairly fit, and my

life is blessed.

Flaws and all

those bodies that are plus-sized are actually smaller than I am,

or the luscious curvy girls on Instagram are the same size, and

all that bravo goes out the window as I shrink away privately

disgusted at the shape on display – MY shape. But why? I am

asking this seriously because, what am I really afraid of? Who

decided what I want to look like? When did I subscribe to that?

And am I that stupid or vain?

Okay, quite a few serious questions there!

My harshest critic


I started this article to look back at the crazy sh*t I have a

tendency to do when trying to diet and to feel better about

the way I look. As you have probably gathered it turned into a

rant about evil social media, expectations, and unrealistic body

Well I say Fu*k it. I am this mid-year making a deal with me

and my inner Goddess... yes, she’s still there somewhere!

I will be healthy, I will exercise because I like it, so I will

just do the stuff at the gym I enjoy or that makes me feel

satisfied. I will eat what I feel like just knowing that takes

away 90% of my need for crappy foods. I am going to take

time out in my day for ME, in whatever shape that may be

– it could be yoga, meditation or crocheting, I will decide

as I please. I am never going to be that size again; the

smaller version I once was! Nor will I be twenty again, and

that’s okay. I have done a lot in this Earth suit – it has held

babies, rocked bikinis, and walked down the aisle, and up

mountains... so, I will just let my body be what it is today,

and as for tomorrow, who knows.

We cannot predict what the future holds – but our

choices no matter what life throws our way, are our own...

and this mid-year resolution for me includes the following:

To eat cake at my workplace morning teas; take long

walks; wear my special occasions clothes - whenever I want;

wear lipstick every day; use the best china for burgers,

because let’s face it whatever it is you think you’re saving it

all for may never actually come. My aim is to be my version

of healthy; move how I feel; dance to my music; sleep far

too much and love every dang minute of my blessed life no

matter what my dress size is.

To all the people out there, aside from what I say or

any other person with an opinion says, know that it will

be your journey with your body; your essence... so be

true to your path; strive for your true self. And get some

sleep. Turn off the screens – APPs and all, and be an active

participant in life.

Rant done!

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 53




We are indeed what we read

Reading is a force to

be reckoned with...

the material that

we choose to read

fills our inner beings

with information that

we process either

consciously or push somewhere into a corner

of our minds.

During times of challenge, it is great

to escape inside the pages of a story...

powerfully written fiction that transports us

away from our daily trials and tribulations.

Other times reading a real-life story that

we relate to personally can help us to feel

less alone.

And when it comes to good self-help

literature, our book shelves and virtual

libraries can literally be our therapists.

1. Why

People Don’t

Heal and How

They Can, is a

practical programme

for helping body, mind

and spirit, written by

the bestselling author

of Anatomy of the Spirit (another great

read), Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

2. The Power

of Now, is a

guide to spiritual

enlightenment, written

by the international

bestselling author

and spiritual teacher,

Eckhart Tolle.

3. Breaking

Mad, is an insider’s

guide to conquering

anxiety, written by

counsellor and TV

personality Anna

Williamson, with Dr

Reetta Newell.

4. Happy As, is

a book that discusses

why the quest for

happiness is making us

miserable, written by

Lisa Portolan. www.

5. Women

Who Run with

the Wolves, is

the classic New York

Times bestseller, that

brings together myths

and stories of the wild

woman archetype, written by Clarissa

Pinkola Etsés, Ph.D.

54 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


Furniture Village

Celebrates its

30th Birthday

This summer, Britain’s largest

independent, family-run furniture

retailer, Furniture Village, will

celebrate thirty successful years in


To mark the occasion, Furniture

Village has teamed up with five of its mostloved

brands to create a limited-edition

collection of statement furniture pieces in its

signature colourway of Cyan Blue and Yellow.

The collection – named Thirty –

demonstrates the breath of brands available

at Furniture Village: From British household

names such as Ercol and Sleepeezee, through

to iconic Italian designer brands such as

Nicoletti and ALF Italia. Just as Furniture Village

does, Thirty offers furniture for every room in

the house.

Ercol Stacking

Chairs in Cyan

Ercol’s iconic Stacking Chairs have

been finished in Furniture Village’s

distinctive Cyan, which is exclusive to

the retailer.

Originally launched in 1957,

the Stacking Chair has become

a recognisable marker of British

design, showcasing many of Ercol’s

classic hallmarks, from turned legs to

an elegant steam-bent back rest.

Perfect for adding a pop of

colour to any scheme, the chairs

can be styled alone or as a set for

maximum impact.

Furniture Village is Ercol’s biggest

UK retailer and the two brands

have a long-standing relationship

that goes back to the early days of

Furniture Village’s history.

G Plan Hannington

Archetypal British upholstery brand,

G Plan, has been making sofas

and chairs in the UK since 1898.

Showcasing a retro design and

sprung seating, the Hannington

sofa is exclusive to Furniture Village.

56 BLUSH | SUMMER 2019

ALF Italia Avellino

Dining Table and

Furniture Village Argo

Dining Chairs in Cyan

ALF Italia’s Avellino Dining Table has been

paired with six upholstered dining chairs from

Furniture Village’s Argo collection, which has

been created by its in-house design team.

The striking pairing is available exclusively for

Furniture Village’s 30th birthday.

Upholstered in a luxurious Cyan velvet and

featuring quilted stitch detailing across the

back, the Argo chairs will bring colour and

style to any dining space.

ALF has been crafting high-end Italian

furniture since the 1950s and is renowned

for its ongoing innovation when it comes to

contemporary design.



Sleepeezee Tranquillity

2800 Divan Set

British bed-maker, Sleepeezee, has updated

its luxurious Tranquillity 2800 Divan Set

to offer a brand-new colourway, available

exclusively for Furniture Village’s anniversary.

Upholstered in a bold blue fabric, the

divan’s platform top offers superior comfort

and support. Its sumptuously soft mattress

includes a pillow top and up to 2800

individually nestled pocket springs.

The Sleepeezee Daniel Headboard is

also available to buy in the same fabric, and

features pretty pleat detailing.

Made in Britain, Sleepeezee holds a Royal

Warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales.

Charlie Harrison,

Director of Multi-Channel

at Furniture Village


“The range, quality and diversity of brands that

we stock at Furniture Village are one of the

many reasons that customers keep returning to

us year after year, so it was important that they

played a big role in the creation of the Thirty


“We wanted to create a collection of pieces

that not only reflects our brand colours in a

fun and celebratory way, but also showcases

the dedication to beautiful design and

craftsmanship each brand brings to the table.

”Our brands have been integral to Furniture

Village’s success over the last thirty years and we

very much look forward to the next thirty, and


The first Furniture Village store was launched

in 1989 in Abingdon, Oxfordshire by Peter

Harrison. The business is still family run and

Peter was joined by his son Charlie Harrison in

2002. Charlie has worked his way up through

each area of the business and has been

instrumental in developing Furniture Village’s

online and digital offering – ‘future-proofing’

the company for generations to come. Today,

Furniture Village has 52 stores across the

country, offering products to suit every style and


The Thirty collection will be available for

customers to buy until December 2019.

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 57


Furniture Village -

Evie Chair in Linnet Ochre, £699

Furniture Village -

Corelli Velour Cushion in

Yellow, £25

Mellow Yellow

Yellow hues have

translated beautifully

from summer’s bold

banana and sherbet

lemon shades into softer,

more sophisticated

marigolds and ochres for winter.

Perfect for bringing sunshine into

your home this season, this warming

palette can be styled with soft greys

and crisp whites to create a bright

and airy look.

We’re big fans of a statement bed

and the Hypnos Embrace Natural

Splendour divan and headboard

is no exception. Upholstered in a

rich mustard tweed, it offers a bold

injection of colour that defines this

look perfectly.

Cushions and throws in dusky pink

or russet tones work beautifully with

this palette and will bring an extra

layer of cosiness for winter nights.

Carefully placed accessories in fun,

contemporary shapes add a modern

twist to complete this inviting theme.

As the summer

draws to an end

and we move into

the autumnal

months, the team

at Furniture Village

talk us through some of the

coming season’s hottest trends,

perfect for creating a cosy and

welcoming retreat to enjoy

throughout the winter.

Furniture Village -

Inaluxe Jazz

Flute Rug £249

Furniture Village -

Cera Table Lamp, £89

Furniture Village -

Connections Large Drum

Stool in Ealing Ochre, £255

Furniture Village -

Hypnos Embrace Natural

Splendour Double Divan Bed

in Tweed Mustard, £1,449

58 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


A Nod to the 70s

From mid-century shapes to

70s-inspired colour palettes,

retro design continues to

influence interior trends and

this season is no exception.

In this bold autumn/

winter look, contemporary jewel tones

are introduced through geometric

shapes and abstract accessories which

are positioned alongside modern

upholstery, giving a bold and rhythmic

element to the space.

Shades of baby blue and teal are

contrasted with pops of bright orange

and pink, resulting in a playful look that

captures the spirit of the 70’s.

Furniture Village -

Lista Smart Side

Table £249

Furniture Village -

Ercol Rimini Wooden

Bed Frame, £1025

Furniture Village -

Uniqa 2 Seater Fabric

Power Recliner Sofa,


Furniture Village -

Connection Fabric

Accent Chair £525

Furniture Village -

Michelle Collins Time

To Reflect Rug £249

Slow Living

Simplicity takes centre stage

in our Slow Living look,

establishing an inherent

sense of calm and tranquillity.

Less is definitely more in this

contemporary trend that

goes back to basics. Dark khaki greens

and earthy shades of grey sit alongside

natural wood tones to create a

minimalist sanctuary that is uncluttered

and cool.

Clean lines, found on Ercol’s

beautifully crafted Rimini Bed, contrast

beautifully with unstructured linens and

tactile velvets to achieve balance and


Carefully curated minimalistic

ornaments add subtle interest to

the space, enhancing the serene

atmosphere and ensuring that the room

doesn’t feel too stark.

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 59

Vispring makes supremely comfortable beds, and has done since 1901.

Only the fi nest natural materials, inside and out.

Designed for durability. Crafted for comfort.

Made for the very best sleep.


Photographer: J P Martin



a camel

ride, or

simply get

up close to

these amazing

mammals of

the desert.



Go on an


hot air balloon

ride, and glide

across still skies

to experience

the valleys of

Luxor from a

bird’s eye view.



the awesome


for written

and artistic




It’s less than five hours

to fly from the UK to

Cairo – the capital is a

must-stay for culture, and


iconic sightseeing like the Giza



Watch the

sun set from

the luxury of

your modern airconditioned


7 reasons to visit...


Stand next to

one of the large

pharaoh statues

for an ultimate

travel selfie.

Take a tour

around the


tombs and

the Valley of

Kings for some


sights and

stories from the

tour guides.

Find out more about a visit to this

fabulous country

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Citrus Caviar & Mandarin Shower Gel

& Shampoo, 500ml £21


Wake Up & Go

Start your day right with our multi-tasking citrus infusion. This Citrus

Caviar & Mandarin Shower Gel & Shampoo deeply cleanses your

hair and skin whilst infusing them with essential vitamins. Providing

you with an uplifting experience by stimulating the senses, boosting

your mood, and leaving skin and hair with a long-lasting fruity aroma,

putting you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

Over done it in the gym? Or suffering from general aches and pains? We have just the thing,

Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub! This intense body cream is an SOS in a

tube. The heating infusion provides warming relief with invigorating benefits.

Need something cooler? Our multi-award-winning Arnica Skincare Gel can be applied as

many times as you need. Massage into sore, aching muscles, shoulders or back to soothe

muscle tension and strains.

Antioxidant-Rich Green


Keep daily aggressors at bay with

our new vegan-friendly Green

Caviar range. Formulated to

leave you with a smooth, supple

and healthy-looking complexion.

Combines unique active ingredients

including Green Caviar, Hyaluronic

Acid, Green Tea and Aloe Vera, all

in 100% recyclable packaging too!

Green Caviar Perfecting Eye Gel, 30ml £36

Green Caviar Perfecting Serum, 30ml £36

Green Caviar Perfecting Moisturiser, 90ml £36

SBC Skincare

Daily Rituals

SBC’s skin and body care products

are bursting with naturally derived

ingredients and uplifting aromas.

When we formulate our products,

we ensure everything is considered,

including how they make you feel.

We believe skin and body care should

be an experience to stimulate the

senses and boost well-being, as well

as delivering your desired results.

Best-Selling Collagen

Prep your skin before bed with

a double cleanse. Start with our

unique Collagen Micellar Gel

Cleanser to remove make-up and

impurities. Follow with the awardwinning

Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser

to deeply cleanse and provide skin

with essential hydration.

Clinically proven to reduce the

appearance of fine lines and

wrinkles – tap the Collagen

Illuminating Eye Cream around

the eye contour. Finish with new

Hydra-Collagen Intensive

Moisturiser to intensely nourish,

and wake up with a beautiful,

radiant complexion day after day.

Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub, 100ml £18

Arnica Skincare Gel, 100ml £9

Collagen Micellar Gel Cleanser, 500ml £25

Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser, 500ml £38

Collagen Illuminating Eye Cream, 30ml £36

Hydra Collagen Moisturiser, 90ml £36

Sleepy Lavender Ritual


Get 10% OFF SBC products

using the code sbcblush10 at and follow

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latest news!

Instilling a routine that calms your mind and body

ready for bed makes a real difference to improve your

sleep and therefore your well-being. Add Lavender

& Waterlily Bath & Shower Crème to your evening

bath, lie back and breathe deeply.

Lavender Skincare Gel is a wonderfully

therapeutic face and body moisturiser. It

helps aid relaxation and promotes a restful

sleep. Massage into the skin before bedtime.

Finally, spritz pillows and bedding with

Lavender Room & Pillow Spray, then slip

on an eye mask to keep out any light.

Lavender & Water Lily Bath & Shower Creme, 500ml £21

Lavender Skincare Gel, 250ml £18

Lavender Room & Pillow Spray, 250ml £18

T&Cs: Offer available from 1st October 2019 to

30th April 2020. Offer does not apply to delivery

charges and cannot be used in conjunction

with any other offer. For full T&Cs please visit




Travel can do wonders for everyone if done regularly and with

awareness. In most cases, it can be used as a form of therapy as it

prioritises YOU and your self-care... NLP Coach Puja K McClymont

gives some valid reasons to seek out a retreat in 2019...

Sail away from the Grey

The Facts: The sun has an effect on our

mood and emotional wellbeing. Research

shows that too little exposure to sunlight

can lead to so-called Seasonal Affective

Disorder (SAD) – a type of winter

depression. (Find out more about the

benefit of sunlight on page 87.)

Coaching: By allowing yourself regular

intervals of sun and warmth, you’ll be able

to appreciate time and self-care much

more, which helps to keep you motivated

and focused. The clean air you breathe

will also help to re-boot your immune

system, which in turn helps you to feel

physically and emotionally better.

Escape from Routine

The Facts: People are at their happiest

when they have a holiday planned, a study by

the University of Surrey found, and are also

more positive about their health, economic

situation and general quality of life.

Coaching: It’s essential for you to be

able to reset yourself from your everyday.

By having less to do, you are able to

consider your life more. You’re able to

appreciate your family and friends and

even work (as it’s essentially enabled you

to do the trip) and lets you understand

your needs better.

Quiet Time

The Facts: When you feel like you are

stuck in a rut, taking a holiday and having

64 BLUSH | WINTER 2019



a change of

scenery, even if

it is just a couple

of hours down

the road, can

work wonders,

and it has been


proven that

travel provides

a number of

benefits to your

mental health.

Coaching: Often times – no matter how

many yoga classes you attend, or how

serious you are about meditation – you

still need to literally find more ‘quiet’.

Being away from every usual distraction

in your life can make your relaxation

practices all the more powerful.

Manage Stress

The Facts: Margaret J King of the

Center for Cultural Studies and Analysis

says about the stress-relieving abilities of

Go ahead and book

that trip right now,

you deserve that

time to yourself.

travel: “With a short

list of activities each

day, freed up from

the complexities of

ongoing projects and

relationships, the

mind can reset, as

does the body, with

stress relief the main


Coaching: We

all now know how

important it is to manage stress. We

simply can’t avoid stress in our lives

anymore, whether it is affected by things

in our control or not. We will inevitably

falter in some way; through mental or

physical disorders. Travel can be your best

asset to guarantee stress relief.

Re-evaluate your Goals

The Facts: You may have goals already

in place that you’re working towards or

you may want to set some new ones.

Being ‘away from it all’ will provide you

with the creative focus you need to drill

down into the ‘whys’ of your goals and

create a tangible plan of action for when

you get home.

Coaching: Re-evaluate your goals,

check-in with yourself on what you’re

doing well and what may need tweaking.

It gives you the time to be creative;

thinking more freely without having to

default into ‘sensible thinking’. We need

to have the ability to dream and envision

the life that we want for ourselves.

So – go on... treat your self to a retreat!

Puja K McClymont is a Certified, highly

effective NLP Life Coach in London, and

the founder of the Frankly Unstoppable

Retreats. These wellbeing getaways are

designed to help clients change their

mindset, re-set, re-focus and re-energise.

To find out more about Puja including

when her next workshop is, visit

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 65

Your next adventure aw

With over 1,000 expertly-planned itineraries, visiting almost 200

destinations on all seven continents, the world is waiting to be

discovered with Shearings!

Whether you dream of seeing Orangutans in the jungles of Borneo

or spending some time beside the British seaside, we give you the

freedom, fl exibility and opportunity to explore all corners of the


Our UK and European event breaks are second to none! From

theatre breaks in the West End to the thrill of the Grand Prix, there’s

something for all interests!

All you have to do is sit back, relax and let us handle the details.

And with travel options by air, coach, car and rail - ease and

fl exibility are key.

Your holiday, your way!

For more inspiration visit

or call

01942 416431

using code NBH935

Terms and Conditions apply. Regional variations may apply to tour departure points/prices and some

holidays may not be available from all areas. Prices are ‘from’ prices and are per person based on 2

sharing a standard double/twin roomand joining at an interchange. Single/room supplements may

apply. Prices correct as of 20/08/19. E&OE

Lost in Music - Theatre Break


Recreating the magical 1970s, this fabulous show lets you

relive some of the greatest songs of all time from artists such

as Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Earth Wind & Fire, Sister

Sledge and Chic! Boasting a sensational live band, incredibly

talented cast and stunning vocals, this show is sure to have

you dancing in the aisles – it’s the feelgood

show of the year!

11th Nov 2019




York Christmas Markets

One of the most popular Christmas Markets in the UK, York’s

Christmas Market fi ll the historic streets around the splendid

Minster. With traders dressed in costumes from eras of the

past, step into a scene from Dickens and soak up the

medieval charm, scents of mulled wine and magical fun at

this wonderful market.



Nov & Dec 2019

Cyprus Winter Sun

Michael Bublé in Liverpool

4th Dec 2019


Relax and enjoy fabulous weather and a well-appointed

hotel with great facilities. Enjoy included excursions to

explore the islands highlights. Paphos’s Old Town is where

you will fi nd the main shopping area, whilst the resort

area hosts numerous restaurants, shops and bars. Visit the

resort’s focal point - the charming

fi shing harbour by the ancient

Paphos fort.

Nov & Dec 2019

An evening with Michael Bublé is the singer’s fi rst tour for

more than four years and takes in 108 shows across 22

countries and three continents.

You’ll enjoy the fantastic songs from Michael Buble’s

Love album as well as some of his most famous tunes

and classic standards. Enjoy this

magnifi cent show, it’s not to be








Kley Collection



68 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


Debenhams introduces new

brand KLEY for Autumn-

Winter 2019…. Designed

by women, for women,

the brand oozes effortless

feminine style.

Kley represents the desire for ‘Realwear’;

modern, clean cut and effortless garments

that satisfy dressing for the everyday.

Focusing on a curated versatile, seasonless

wardrobe that lasts, offering outfits that

you can build-up and layer on to create the

ultimate easy and enviable wardrobe.

“Kley is about effortless styling solutions for

the everyday. The collection is a combination

of timeless wardrobe staples and ‘must have’

pieces, offering items which we hope will

be loved for years.” Lucia Heffernan, Kley


Comprised of your L.I.F.E. pieces, your

‘Luxury’ leather skirts, silk blouses and

cashmere blends. Your ‘Important’ fashion

informed, seasonal heroes and sustainable

fabrications. Your ‘Function’ items, such

as weatherproofed outerwear and hybrid

garments that can be reversible. And finally,

your ‘Essential’ layering, the foundation

blocks building your wardrobe. L.I.F.E. Luxury,

Important, Function, Essential.

The collection is available in 70 stores

across the UK and launches in store

and online on the 16 September 2019

with prices ranging from £20 to £220.


Blush’s top choices from

the Kley Collection…

Kley Scarf drape

top £59

Kley Ultimate wool

touch roll neck £25

Kley Pleated

Asymmetric Skirt £55

Kley Relaxed

jumpsuit £55

Kley Robe wrap

coat £110

Kley Button detail wide

leg trouser £39

Kley Trench

coat £89

Kley Ultimate crew

neck t shirt £20

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 69


Think Pink! like actress

Audrey Hepburn in retro

movie Funny Face.

Piccolo by Keith Scarrott,

£139 available at

Wear blush with




Halcyon Rose Quartz

Necklace, £85 by

Emily Mortimer

Jewellery, available at

Dusky pink feathers

and furs work.

The Met Gala was all about pink

this year, with over thirty celebrities

choosing a pop of pink to celebrate

the ‘camp’ themed event – from

blush, to fuchsia to baby to bubblegum

– every hue was hot... particularly

Lady Gaga’s show-stopping gown...

somewhat reminiscent of the Think Pink

ribbon in the film Funny Face, starring

Audrey Hepburn.

Rose Quartz Iris Drop

Earring, £220 by Renné

Jewellery, available at

Rock hot pink

hair with baby

pink lace or net.

The Fonzie Jumper, £90

by Mistamina, available at

70 BLUSH | WINTER 2019



animal print twin set with tassel

trim from

The Padstow Deck Shirt in White

and Pink, £59.95 by Whale of

a Time Clothing, available at

Pale Pink Cashmere Roll

Neck, £119.95, available


Ladies Holkham

Panama Hat

with Pink Ribbon

£80 by Hicks &

Brown, available at



Patterned pinks

and peaches look

fabulous with ruffles

and luscious fabrics.

Lucia by Keith

Scarrott, £449

available at

Pair bright pink

boots with block

colour accessories.

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 71





For the fourth consecutive year, luxury British footwear label Fairfax & Favor

will donate 100% of all profits from their limited-edition product to the charity

in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Following Fairfax & Favor’s

successful partnership with

Breast Cancer Care in 2018

– whereby the brand raised

over a staggering £40,000,

this year co-founders Marcus

Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker

have designed a special limited-edition Hot

Pink version of their popular Mini Windsor

handbag and Hampton belt.

The Mini Windsor is a sought-after staple

to any summer wardrobe. This handbag

features a cutesy interchangeable mini tassel

in addition to a detachable leather shoulder

strap and internal zipped pocket; the perfect

handbag for all your day-to-day essentials.

The Hampton belt is the smart, everyday

leather belt incorporating a raised contrasting

hot pink suede inner stripe, brass buckled

end and embellished stud logo. The perfect

pop of colour to any outfit!

This year Fairfax & Favor have a target to

reach, wanting to raise a further £14,000 for

the charity. To date, the brand has received

unprecedented support from their loyal

followers and customers, social influencers

and celebrities alike. In previous years, their

Breast Cancer Care campaigns have received

support from famous faces including three

times Olympic gold medallist and world

champion Charlotte Dujardin CBE, Sporting

Presenter Clare Balding, Ex-Pussycat Doll

Kimberly Wyatt, and Queen of the Jungle

Georgia Toffolo, to name a few.

The Breast Cancer Care products are on

sale throughout October, with 100% of

profits being donated to Breast Cancer Care.

Fairfax & Favor Co-Founders Marcus

Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker said

of the campaign: “We will continue to show

our utmost support to this fantastic charity.

Both of our grandmothers have suffered this

awful disease, it is a cause which will forever

remain close to our hearts.”

Lisa Gilmour, Community Fundraising

Manager at Breast Cancer Care, said: “We’re

so grateful to Fairfax & Favor for fundraising

for Breast Cancer Care. The money raised

will help Breast Cancer Care to continue

to provide free services including; support

over the phone with a nurse or someone

who’s been there, welcoming online forums,

reliable information and local group support.

We really can’t thank them enough”.

“691,000 people are living with a breast

cancer diagnosis in the UK today, and that

figure is only set to grow. With support from

brands like Fairfax & Favor, we can be here

for more people, whenever they need us.”

About Fairfax & Favor

Fairfax & Favor are shaking up the luxury

footwear market by creating authentic

and timeless products, through their

commitment to drive innovation in

craftsmanship and design. Influenced by

the founders’ love of British style, the line of

footwear and accessories has been created

as an aspirational investment rather than a

transient fashion piece.

Founded by Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and

Felix Favor Parker, who were born and raised

in the glorious Norfolk countryside, the

collection is reflective of the brands country

roots. Fairfax & Favor pride themselves on

their ever-expanding collection of shoes,

boots, handbags and leather accessories.

Designed to bridge the gap between casual

and formal, the countryside and the city, they

believe there is a piece in their collection fit

for everyone - no matter of personal taste or


About Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer Care is the only specialist

UK wide charity providing support for

women, men, family and friends affected by

breast cancer. We’ve been caring for them,

supporting them, and campaigning on their

behalf since 1973.

Today, we continue to offer a unique

range of support including reliable

information, one-to-one support over the

phone and online from nurses and people

who’ve been there. We also offer local group

support across the UK.

From the moment, someone notices

something isn’t right, through to their

treatment and beyond, we’re there to help

people affected by breast cancer feel more

in control. www.breastcancercare.

72 BLUSH | WINTER 2019




I’m Dawn-Marie, a fashion and

beauty photographer based

in London, and I cannot deny,

I love my job: The excitement

of working with teams of

incredibly creative people;

being behind the scenes and

meeting those at the cutting

edge of the industry and the

creative process of producing

beautiful images – There’s

really nothing quite like it and

I think It’s something of a true

calling for me personally... I am

however torn by the darker

side I know to exist within

the industry, and the very

real environmental and social

impact it has globally...

I’ve been able to work with brands

who have a real commitment to

making the world a better place:

Who are the trail blazers and

the movers and shakers, putting

environmental impact, sustainability

and social wellbeing and fairness at the

forefront, not the afterthought of their

business practices.

I had the pleasure of shooting for

Pachacuti Panama hats out in Ibiza, whilst

visiting the island for an event with Fashion

for Conservation last summer. I began

I’ve felt a whole new

world opening up

before me; a world

I am proud to be a

part of!

working with the charity since 2018 and

learning more about the impacts of the

industry in the process. Since making a

decision to focus my efforts on working with

sustainable and ethical brands as much as

possible and actively connecting with more

people and brands within this realm, I’ve felt

a whole new world opening up before me; a

world I am proud to be a part of!

Whilst ‘sustainability’ is a real buzz word

at the moment, Pachacuti was founded on

the principals that underpin the phrase and

was in fact one of the first companies in the

world to receive an official certificate in Fair


Pachacuti has been a truly inspirational

company from the outset; Their story begins

within a small community in Equador, where

for over two decades, they have worked with

local artisans to create hats, which subtly

combine tradition, luxury and sustainability.

The craft of the weaver stretches back

generations and is a highly specialist art,

which needs to be protected.

Having seen the hats and photographed

them personally, I can confidently say that

the quality is something to be admired.

Each design is unique and combines

handmade luxury with a timeless sense of

style. Whether you’re simply

looking for

a beautiful hat, with distinguished style or

you’re looking to spend your money in a

more conscious way, you can be sure that

your Pachacuti Panama hat will make you

look and feel incredible!

Founded by Fashion Revolution’s Carry

Somers, there has always been a strong

focus on sustainability, ethical practices and

the minimisation of environmental impact

within the Pachacuti company framework.

Carry’s husband Mark has deep artistic

roots and takes pride in the craft and skill

of their artisans. He now runs the company

fulltime, expressing equal passion in

maintaining the principals on which it was


Working within strict guidelines,

Pachacuti ensures that the communities

are always receiving fair and sustainable

wages and are encouraged to protect

their environment. The organically-grown

Carludovica Palmata plant used to create the

hats, is cultivated on a community-owned

plantation, encouraging biodiversity of plants

and animals within a 5600hectare protected

area. With their hard work and protection

of their land, the community has seen a big

improvement in biodiversity in recent years.

Another way in which Pachacuti is striving

to be at the forefront of sustainability

in fashion, is by adapting a no-seasons

approach. In 2014, they made a major

decision to stop creating seasonal

collections and focus purely on

designing beautiful, enduring

pieces. In doing so, they hope

to encourage customers to

cherish and love their Pachacuti

hat, rather than encouraging

more ‘mindless consumerism’

within the industry.

I sense the mood is finally

changing across the length and

breadth of the planet... many of us

are becoming aware of the direct

impact our spending choices make

on the world at large and on families

and people just like us, in not so distant

places. And that, is a really good feeling.

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 73


74 BLUSH | WINTER 2019




Sustainable knitwear Designer, Valentina

Karellas empowers us through her creations...

This issue of Blush is all about

the ability to empower one’s

self in life and in business, as a

businesswoman in a creative field

have you ever struggled with this?

I would say ‘yes!’ – every day there is some

form of struggle to feel empowered. It’s easy

to feel low about yourself and have selfdoubt.

I learned very early on to not sweat

the small stuff; to adapt, pivot, and move on

as quickly as possible... Stepping back, then

stepping forward is the key to stepping up.

When I first decided to start my own

sustainable knitwear brand, it took five years

of research, saving and planning before

I even put design to paper. It then took

a further two years of trying to convince

UK-based factories to even give me quotes

to produce my pieces. This made me realise

that I was never going to even get to sample

stage if I continued down this path, it made

me rethink my strategy. This then led to

the ‘handmade in London’ knitwear brand

that I have today. By being able to produce

everything in-house, I not only solved the

product issue, but costing was lower, plus

the design restrictions were gone – this has

also lead me down a path of zero-waste –

being able to control every element of the

product from start to finish has given my

customers the security of knowing that each

item is made carefully, thoughtfully, and


I learned very early

on to not sweat the

small stuff; to adapt,

pivot and move on as

quickly as possible.

How do you empower people

through your work?

With the fashion industry being so cut-throat

and competitive, it’s very hard to stand out,

especially with a small budget. The way I

empower people, is by giving them the option

of having something handmade to order;

that is bright, light, and comfortable to wear.

The main way I empower my customers is

by giving them the knowledge that they are

doing no harm to the planet by wearing a

piece that is zero-waste and sustainably made.

How do fashion and beauty play a

part in how women feel?

If an item doesn’t fit well, and looks

unflattering, then it can directly change

your mood. Now that sustainability is

finally making it in the media with a lot

of fingers being pointed at the fashion

industry, women are torn between style

and sustainability – we have a choice to feel

good within and look good on the outside,

by choosing to consciously buy from an

independent, ethical label – this conscious

decision also plays a part in the customer’s

mood. Knitwear is generally not known for

being a high-fashion item, however it’s a

staple piece of

most people’s

wardrobe; my

pieces are bright

and make my

customers feel

joyful when

wearing them.

What advice would you give to

those who have faced healthrelated

diagnosis or mental illness,

but still wish to start their own


Starting your own business is extremely

difficult, time-consuming, mentally draining

and a constant struggle for all people.

Having a physical or mental illness on top of

these ‘every day’ challenges adds a lot more

pressure. It’s something not to take lightly,

however, I do not want to discourage

anyone from starting a business, it can

also be incredibly rewarding, especially

to celebrate the small wins of your day or

week. Sometimes using your disability or

your condition as an advantage to help

other people and turning your passion into

a business leads to success. No matter what

your situation or background, starting a

business can bring you and others so much

joy. As long as you are enjoying the product

or service that you wish to delivery, then

everyone around you will soon see that too

and things start to fall into place.

What is your one style tip?

I would say, keep to

one key piece in your

look, so if it’s a striking

jumper, then keep the

skirt or trousers plain.

Choose fits for your

body, nothing is one size

fits all, so make sure it is

complementing to your

shape. Try to pick colours

that bring you joy – no

need to be a rainbow –

but a pop of colour on a

scarf or cuff can make all

the difference to your look

and mood.


com | IG: @vkarellas

FB: @valentinakarellas

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 75



Photographer, Tina

Nikolovski empowers

us through her lens...

This issue of Blush is all about

the ability to empower one’s

self in life and in business.

As a businesswoman in a

creative field have you ever

struggled with this?

Being a businesswoman in a creative field is

challenging, yet so rewarding. I have certainly

struggled with this balance, as in my field of

photography (and as a talent agency owner), I often

feel like I have to wear so many hats: photographer,

accountant, administrator, salesperson, agent, web

developer, social media manager, and so on.



Not to mention that often business and creativity use

two opposing sides of the brain. When I first started,

I was very much the ‘creative artist’, it took me years

to learn how to become a good businesswoman; to

be able to make a career out of something I love and

not just ‘collaborate’ and struggle to pay my bills.

Having said this, for me personally, autonomy,

variety, and continual progression are very important

values. They keep me ‘happy’, they keep me

motivated. I would not change what I do for the

world, and whilst I started both businesses with

minimal knowledge about business – just based on

my creative passion – I can’t even begin to articulate

what I’ve learnt in thirteen years. Sometimes the best

thing you can do is to just ‘do it’, and learn as you go,

and be ‘okay’ with not knowing everything.

This photo best shows

‘empowerment’ - both for the

‘model/ballet-teacher’ (who

created the garment and did

her own hair and make-up), and

for myself – at this point of my

life, I continually doubted my

own ability, but pushed forward

regardless and achieved this

image in the second year of my

degree. I surprised myself with

the results. The image reminds

me to be empowered, to be free,

to leap outside of my comfort

zone and to reach for the sky... I

hope others receive these same

messages when looking at this


76 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


How do you empower your subject

through your work?

Much of the magic of photography takes

place before the shutter is even released. Part

of that magic is establishing a relationship

with the subject (person) who is being

captured in front of the lens. The way that

I empower my subject/s in front of the lens

(and I normally prefer to work with one

person at a time), is firstly by making sure

they feel comfortable in every step of the

process. Some examples of the way I help

empower my subject include: building an

authentic, yet professional relationship; using

music in the background that resonates with

them and resonates with the theme; guiding

my subject with direction, especially if they

are feeling lost; showing them the images on

the back of the lens that are working well,

and so on.

In a general sense, me being onehundred-percent

confident in my role and

showing them that they are in trusted hands,

generally makes them feel comfortable. The

empowerment then comes from within;

then they see how beautiful they come

across on the back of the camera and often

see themselves in a new light. Through my

energy, expression and direction I always

want my subjects to ‘feel beautiful’ from

inside out, in front of my lens – and I believe

this aids in their empowerment.

How do fashion and beauty

play a part in how women


Fashion and beauty play huge parts

in how women feel. Of course, the

impact of fashion and beauty largely

depends on what each individual

chooses to focus on through popular

culture and other avenues. For

example, the depiction of women

in a large number of settings can

certainly be detrimental to one’s

self-confidence if they compare

themselves to something that isn’t

an authentic image. However, we can also

use the power of photography to empower

others, especially within the fashion and

beauty realm, in the portrayal and inclusion of

diverse beauty across the board. This includes,

but is not limited to: body shape, ethnicity,

sexual preference, clothing, posing, expression

and energy.

Popular culture plays a large part in

how women feel about themselves (both

consciously and unconsciously), however as

consumers, we also have the power to only

support and pay attention to the images

that make us feel empowered. Knowing

what and how much is ‘photo-shopped’ or

‘altered’ is also empowering, as it prevents us

from taking in something as a form of reality

when it’s not.

What advice would you give to

those who have faced healthrelated

diagnosis or mental illness,

but still wish to start their own


I would say to anyone who has the intention

of starting their own business to GO FOR IT!

Mental illness (particularly depression and

anxiety) haunted me before and during my

journey of becoming a ‘business owner’.

Whilst at times it was certainly difficult, the

times that I temporarily gave up what I love

(photography, art) were the times when I

felt the most ‘empty’. Art has taught me so

much about myself.

My passion for art was a light, throughout

my various stages battling mental health. It

pushed me outside of my comfort zone but

also gave me so much comfort. It gave me

an escape whilst also allowing me to travel to

new places, meet new people and see more

of the world. Everyone’s journey is different

and I can’t tell anyone what is right for them

It pushed me

outside of my

comfort zone but

also gave me so

much comfort.

and when to do it, but I wish to abolish the

stigma or misconception of thinking you

have to be ‘whole’ or have to have overcome

your mental health issues or physical

conditions before you start a business. You

may not have to, as the journey itself may

help you overcome it.

What is your one style tip?

My one style tip is to BE COMFORTABLE

AND BE YOURSELF. I am a fashion

photographer, and ironically, I don’t

necessarily follow trends or the latest

fashion. I wear clothing in combinations

that I love and garments that make me feel

good. I dress for my shape, but also for

comfort and feeling.

I can laugh about the fact that the

majority of my wardrobe is neutral (blacks,

whites, denims…. mostly blacks!), but

I love it! Any time I have tried to dress

outside of what is authentic to who I am,

I have spent the night thinking about how

uncomfortable I am and whether I look

okay. Be bold, be authentic and be YOU!

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 77

DKNY Intimates available



Photographer Perou | Hairstylist Vicki Lord | Fashion stylist Wendy Quintana | Makeup artist Natasha Lakisha | Models Meg & Neeqs

LOW Rider

Where do we stand in

the future when Harley

Davidsons are obsolete

and style is still necessity?

Wear hair higher, wider, and

intricate; wear garments

tighter and buckle up;

there’s no need for delicacy

“You come to a point in your

when you’re a low rider...

life when you really don’t care

what people think about you,

you just care what you think

about yourself.”

Evel Knievel (1938-2007)

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 79


Black leather studded

crop top by

Sophia Hadjipakkou

Studded cuffs by

Renata Trencanska

Black patent leather

trousers by Malan Breton

Platform stilettos by

Natacha Marro

80 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


Handmade choker and

Harness by

Renata Trencanska

Leather Bustier by

Malan Breton

Black leather jacket by


Black leather

bodice by

Renata Trencanska

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 81


Model above:-Yellow and black

hair jacket by

Krasimira Stoyyneva

Neck piece by

Emma Ware

Black sequins chaps by

Natacha Marro

Boots by


Model beneath:- Sunglasses by

Oliver Goldsmith

Harness by

Renata Trencanska

Latex marble dress by

Elissa Poppy

Earrings by Emma Ware

Cuff by

Renata Trencanska



82 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


Black Long trench by

Malan Breton


of your life

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 83


7 Percy Street,


London W1T 1DH

020 7831 5303




84 BLUSH | WINTER 2019



Get Cleanmarine ® For Women

Regulates Hormonal

Activity 1

Maintains Normal

Healthy Skin 2

Maintains Normal

Energy Levels 3

Suitable For Teens

And Up

Cleanmarine For Women is a unique combination of Omega 3 Phospholipids,

plus Rosemary Extract, B Vitamins and Soy Isoflavones that provides

a complete natural solution to support women of all ages.

1 Vitamin B6 supports the regulation of hormonal activity. 2 Vitamin B2 supports the maintenance of normal healthy skin.

3 Vitamin B1 contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism.


86 BLUSH | WINTER 2019







Over the last few decades

what has

not been

the emphasis on protecting

highlighted ourselves from the harmful rays

enough is how

of the sun has increased with

limiting our

exposure to

information readily available on

the sun can actually have negative effects how direct contact with UV light

on our health. Vitamin-D is integral to our

can cause us harm. Many of us

development, growth and psychological

wellbeing, and although we can gain this now avoid UV rays, by wearing

through supplements, the cheapest and high factor protective lotions

most efficient way of getting a daily dose

or by staying out of the sun

of ‘D’ into our system is exposure to natural

sunlight. Supplements are expensive, and altogether... What advice are

they don’t always provide the amount of we supposed to follow?

the vitamin that we need, especially

if somebody has a high deficiency

level. You would think that the

sunnier countries would have

lower rates of vitamin-D deficiency,

however this is not necessarily the

case, as in some hotter climates

the culture or religion may dictate

that skin is covered – and because

humans absorb vitamin-D through

the skin, people who are covering up

all the time are not getting enough

of it.

We all know the uplifting feeling

we get on a sunny day, which

can help to improve our mood.

Take this one step further, and the

other psychological benefit is that

vitamin-D actually helps to combat

depression, as well as ease general

aches and pains. Also, in recent years

Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD)

has been highlighted as a condition

suffered by people mostly during the

winter. SAD is also caused by a lack of exposure to sunlight due to a

melatonin imbalance. The most common treatment for this is spending

time in front of a light box for between thirty to sixty minutes daily.

Although it is important to spend time in natural sunlight, we do have Article by Louise Howard | Illustration by Calin Muir

limiting our

exposure to the sun

can actually have

negative effects on

our health

to remember to do this sensibly, whilst

avoiding the damaging effects of the sun.

Two to fifteen minutes in the sunlight

at non-peak times is enough to keep

that immune system up with the help of


Remember that if you are fair skinned

you need far less time in the sun to absorb

vitamin-D. Our colouring is our

natural protection – so the darker we

are, the more protection our skin has

against UV rays. We should all avoid

the hottest parts of the day, with

early morning and late afternoon

being the safest time to expose

ourselves to sunlight. Also, by eating

‘super foods’ such as pomegranates,

blueberries and acai we can boost

our body’s capability to protect it

from harmful UV rays. Worshipping

the sun and spending hours trying

to get a ‘Hawaiian Tropic’ tan is not

good for us, but getting outside

definitely is, and benefits us all round,

both psychologically and physically.

To read more about this

important health subject, including

the scientific research to support that

vitamin-D boosts the immune system

and therefore the recovery process

for cancer patients, check out the

book Vitamin D Is this the miracle

vitamin? By Ian Wishart Available here at


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Intermittent fasting is becoming

a particularly popular health

topic. There are many different

styles of intermittent fasting, and it

can be challenging to know which

choice is the safest and most

effective for you personally...

How the Gut Affects our Body

88 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


Intermittent Fasting (IF) or

Time Restricted Eating (TRF) are

terms used for when you have

periods of extended time that

you don’t eat. The most popular

is a 16:8 protocol. This means

sixteen hours of fasting and an

eight-hour window in which you can eat,

which is especially beneficial for promoting

longevity and anti-aging. This is a lifestyle

change rather than a ‘diet’, and it is seen by

many as one of the easiest to adopt.

Intermittent Fasting is about the balance

of Fasting with Feasting. This allows the

breakdown of the old cells (autophagy) and

the building of the new healthier ones. To

get the most of IF, the ‘building phase’ is

just as important.

What are the benefits of this eating


Better Blood Sugar


Controlling our blood sugar – Fasting

helps us leave the sugar rollercoaster

behind! It stabilises our blood sugar levels

by allowing us to tap into our fat stores

for fuel.

Fat loss

Fasting is the opposite of starving, you

are simply switching fuel source… during

fasting we are teaching our body to burn

our fat as fuel.


Fasting activates a ‘cellular stress

response’, an increased capacity to resist

stress, disease and aging. Cells upregulate

the expression of genes that increase the

capacity to withstand stress and resist

disease and aging.

Autophagy is the

most impressive

process that


Fasting promotes.

Autophagy (the Greek word to mean

self-eating) is the most impressive process

that Intermittent Fasting promotes. It

is a natural bodily process that rids of

unwanted cells and cleanses, making way

for anti-ageing and disease prevention.

Fasting activates an increased rate of cellular

response (autophagy) to allow our body to

clean itself of its old and dead cells.

There is a balance here, of course. You

get sick from too much autophagy as

well as too little. Which gets us back to

the natural cycle of life – feast and fast.

Not constant ‘dieting’! This allows for cell

growth during eating,

and cellular cleansing

during fasting –


– Life is

all about






is the colony

of bacteria that lives in our

stomach. A better balance

towards ‘good bacteria’ = good


It has been shown in

many studies, that during fasting, our

microbiome greatly benefits. In particular,

there is one species of bacteria that

thrives and flourishes when we fast, called

‘Akkermansia’. It lives on the mucous

lining of our guts, an anti-inflammatory

for the gut lining, keeping it in good



When we fast, it allows for the liver and

kidneys to detoxify completely: Ensure

you Hydrate properly to facilitate this



Steady blood sugar levels help the

increased natural production of Human

Growth Hormone (known as the ‘youth

hormone’) at night, leading to a more

restorative sleep.

Here are the Supplements we use

to get the most out of our fasting

journey, available on www. along with more

information about fasting.

C60 is reported to be the most

potent antioxidant in the world and will

help ‘mop up’ those toxins to support

weight loss and reduce inflammation.

Ancient and Brave – MCT and

Collagen, helping you feel satiated

without raising insulin. Nuzest is an

ideal ‘full nutritional support’.

SkinnyLuxeTea is ideal for reducing

cravings and making you feel full in

those fasting windows.

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 89



in your


Research shows strong connections between our mind

and body – so when you position your body into a

particular pose – you are actually telling your mind how to

think... Core of Steel Coach Emily-Rose explains...

90 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


If you want to change your mood

and feel more powerful and

confident, forget the stuff out

there that says, “think your way

to being happy”, because this

alone is not going to cut it! You

need to get up, move your body

– basically change your physiology and that

will change the biochemistry that makes up

dominance and stress.

As Tony Robbins says: “Physiology

creates psychology.” And “Motion creates


You see, our posture does more than

change our emotional state; it has a huge

effect on those around us too! Becoming

consciously aware of your pose gives you the

ability to build rapport with everyone you

meet – it’s your superhero power!

even the types of hand gestures they use

when it’s your turn to speak can level out the

power. You will quickly see that you regain a

balanced level of rapport – and you are both

likely to relax too!

If you are not in a great mood, or

you aren’t feeling particularly motivated

then take note of the way your body is

positioned... You’ll probably notice that

your body is a bit more slumped over, and if

you’re tired, maybe the way you are talking

and moving is a bit slower too. Generally,

your body posture will be closed-in and

smaller than your natural frame.

Now picture a dominant person or a highpowered

leader, how do you imagine their

body is positioned? Their posture would

likely be big, open – taking up space: This

is called the ‘power pose’. The power pose

is incredible, because it not only makes you

feel empowered; it also enables you to be

less reactive to stress.

like it. (The power of a smile is incredible.)

Hold the smile for two minutes with one of

the following:



Pose –

Hands on



Power Pose

– Hands

behind Head

with Leg

over Knee


Power Pose

– Hands in

the Air

it not only makes

you feel empowered;

it also enables you

to be less reactive to


Think of a time when you were speaking to

someone who stood in a dominant pose,

you may have closed your body off, which

in turn made you feel disempowered. We

can only feel dominated when we allow

ourselves to be dominated! To counteract

this, simply mirror the other person’s body

language. Little things like matching their

facial expressions or the tempo of their voice,

Here’s how to effectively

use power poses:

During everyday interactions, you may want

power poses to be a little subtler – we could

run around with our arms in the air like an

athlete who’s just won a gold medal, but

in some settings, this option may not be a

suitable reaction.

Small adjustments are sufficient in social

situations. For example, you could uncross

your arms, pop your hands gently on your

hips, keep your shoulders back. When you

are seated, being mindful that your back

is straight and strong and your shoulders

are back, creates positivity and a feeling of


If you want to change your emotional

state quickly, or you know you are about to

do something that requires confidence, find

a bathroom or a private place and use one

of the following power poses:

Start by smiling, even if you don’t feel

How would it feel to feel confident

in everything that you do?

Amy Cuddy did some research into the power

pose and found that in the high-power

pose there was a twenty percent increase in

testosterone (dominance) and a twenty-five

percent decrease in cortisol (stress).

As you can imagine, this is not just about

changing how we feel in the moment.

Once you understand how powerful this

technique is, you’ll experience how quickly

it affects your entire life!

How would it feel to just know that

you are totally capable and can assert

yourself in situations that you would have

previously felt small in?

From now on, if you hear the phrase

‘no-one can make you feel anything’

you’ll know it’s completely true, because

at any given moment you can whip up

your superpower, change rapport, react

confidently and totally transform the way

that you feel. Enjoy the results!

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 91

Beautiful skin

from the inside

Skincare innovation in a drink

Skinade has been

a game changer

for skin hydration

“My hair and nails look healthier as well.

Even my Dermatologist noticed the

improvement in my skin”.

Joelle - March 2019

2 weeks to


“The difference was clear after 2

weeks! I am now in my 2nd month of

Skinade and the suppleness in my

skin is incredible. I have noticed a

marked difference in the hydration and

texture in my face. I am hooked!”

Andrea - March 2019

The brand trusted by

professionals, and loved

by you...

The inside-out approach to skincare

is becoming an increasingly appealing

and effective way to achieve visible results.

As we age, our collagen production

slows down, affecting the appearance

of our skin. Skinade’s active ingredients

work together to produce a daily drink

aimed at nourishing and supporting the

skin from the inside for beautiful skin

on the outside.

Love skinade

“I just started my third month and see a

great difference in the texture, elasticity

and brightness of my skin - highly

recommend to everyone”.

Claudia - February 2019



Healing African Golden


This delicious hot drink is very satisfying

and nourishing, perfect for first thing in

the morning. The powers of turmeric and

African cayenne pepper are immense:

They both assist digestions, and turmeric is

detoxifying and anti-inflammatory, whilst

cayenne pepper relieves congestion and

improves circulation.

Let me help you

with your health and

fitness goals...


s a fitness and

health professional

I get asked all the

time ‘how can I stay

fit and healthy?’ –

and most people

believe it to be

a really massive change of lifestyle – but

actually, it really is simpler than that.

One of the most important things is to

consider what you are putting into your

body. Eat really healthily! But this does not

mean you cannot treat yourself to some of

the foods and drinks you enjoy – just not all

the time and not in high quantities.

When it comes to exercising, although

we all know what we are meant to do, it

often seems too much hard work. If you

set yourself goals to stay in shape or to lose

weight, and choose an exercise you actually

enjoy then you are more likely to stick to it.

What if I told you that exercise can

completely reset your mood? I have had

the most chaotic and emotional year

dealing with personal family issues and the

one thing I credit for getting me through

the trauma is exercising. The benefit

of exercising on your mental health is

exceptional. When you exercise, your body

releases endorphins – these endorphins

trigger positivity in the entire body...

enough of a positive feeling to keep you

going even during the toughest times.

Form a good habit and try a daily

20-30-minute exercise routine to combat

negativity; this, alongside a nutritious

diet can work wonders for your overall


My top 3 exercises to encourage

happy feelings are:


Running – outdoor running is

the best. It is free, you don’t need

a kit, just a pair of good trainers.

You always feel amazing out in

nature breathing fresh air.


Dancing – you could try a

dance-based class like Zumba or

Barre. But just dancing in your

own home for twenty minutes

every day is a great start. I encourage any

form of daily movement.


Yoga – you enter a more

relaxed state when you

practise yoga. You also spend

time breathing and being

present... try a YouTube session or

your local gym for group classes.

This recipe makes two cups


200ml, milk (I use coconut or almond milk)

1/2 Tsp, grounded turmeric

A pinch, cayenne pepper

1/2 Tsp, grated ginger

A pinch, black pepper

1 Tbsp, raw honey


1. Combine all ingredients in a small milk

pan on medium heat until milk is hot – be

careful not to burn!

2. Strain and serve in a tea cup.

the one thing I

credit for getting me

through the trauma

is exercising

BLUSH | WINTER 2019 93


The human

body has more

calcium than any

other mineral.

for calcium is close

to one in ten; for

selenium, the figures

are a quarter of the

male population and

almost a half of the

female; and one in

ten of us is missing

out on magnesium.

So where should

we be looking to

find the missing five?

Well, the good news

is that they are readily

available in some

foods that are also a

joy to eat.




Here is Grape Tree’s guide to why we need

five vital nutrients that we could be lacking, and

which foods contain them...

1. Magnesium

As well as turning the food we eat into

energy, magnesium is important for bone

health. It also steadies the heart rhythm

and regulates blood pressure. A deficiency

can lead to muscle spasms, agitation and

anxiety, sleep disorders, loss of appetite

and fatigue.


How Much Do We Need? Men: 300mg

a day. Women: 270mg a day.

Where to

Find It:

Sources include

green leafy


fish, meat, and

dairy foods.


options also include nuts, wholegrains

and lentils. Nuts are recommended

as a source by the NHS. An ounce of

brazils (a handful) contains over 100mgs

of magnesium, a third of the daily

requirement. The same weight of almonds

or cashews serves up a quarter of the

total advised. A handful of linseed or chia

will each give you around 150mg. Quinoa

has 60mgs in every 100gs.

You have probably

never given much

consideration to what

quantity of potassium

you eat each day.

Or selenium, or

magnesium for that

matter... but perhaps now is the time to

pay attention, because these are three

minerals that have vital roles to play in

our nutrition and overall health. And yet

millions of us in Britain simply do not

consume enough of them, and many of us

are also going short of iron and calcium.

The National Diet and Nutrition

Survey lists that more than a quarter of

females have below the recommended

levels for potassium and iron. The figure

2. Potassium

Potassium controls the balance of

fluids in the body and is crucial to the

working of the heart, brain, nerves

and muscles. A deficiency can cause

weakness and fatigue, muscle stiffness,

aches and cramps, and irregular


94 BLUSH | WINTER 2019


How Much Do We Need? Adults:

3,500mg a day.

Where to Find It: Many fruits,

vegetables, fish, poultry meat and

beef contain potassium, but levels are

reduced by cooking, particularly boiling.

So, eating raw is recommended. Which

makes dried fruits, nuts and seeds even

more attractive options. Of the nuts,

pistachios have the most. A handful will

give you 290mgs or eight percent of your

target. But a handful of most nuts will

hit five percent. A large handful of raisins

(a quarter cup) will hit 250mg (seven

women need 14.8mg a day until the onset

of the menopause.

Where to Find It: The best food source

of selenium is brazil nuts. Just one or

two nuts a day contain all the selenium

you need. While 3oz of beef or turkey

will give you forty percent of your daily


Other good vegetarian sources are

seeds: A quarter cup of sunflower seeds

will give you a third of your daily needs

and the same amount of chia and sesame

seeds will provide a quarter of the


One in ten of us

are missing out

on magnesium.

fortified with iron. Recommended sources

of plant-based non-haem iron include

chickpeas, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds.

An ounce (28g) of pumpkin seeds has

4.2mgs, almost half of the daily male

target, and a cup of quinoa (185gs) has

well over a quarter. A handful of cashews

(40g) has 2.67mgs, and cup of boiled

lentils (around 200gs) has a hefty 6.6mgs

– almost half the female daily target.

5. Calcium

The human body has more calcium than

any other mineral. It is vital in building

teeth and bones,

regulating muscle

contractions (including

the heartbeat) and

making sure blood clots

normally. A deficiency

can lead to osteoporosis

in later life.

How Much Do We

Need? Adults: 700mg

a day.

percent) and 25gms of pumpkin seed or

linseed will supply over five percent.

3. Selenium

Selenium has key links with the thyroid,

which is vital for the functioning of all

the cells in the body. It helps the immune

system and may improve fertility. Selenium

is an antioxidant that helps protect the

body from free radicals. It is also linked with


How Much Do We Need? Adult men

and older women: 8.7mg a day. Younger

4. Iron

Critical for making the red blood cells that

carry oxygen around the body, iron also

helps maintain the immune system. Being

low on iron can make you feel tired and faint,

and can lead to iron deficiency anaemia.

How Much Do We Need? Adult Men

and Older Women: 8.7mg a day. Younger

Women: 14.8mg a day until the onset of

the menopause.

Where to Find It: Red meats are rich

sources, in an easily absorbed form called

haem iron. Many breakfast cereals are

Where to Find It:

Dairy foods, green

leafy vegetables (except

spinach), bread and

anything else made with

fortified flour have supplies of calcium.

But nuts are also an NHS recommended

source. Ten almonds or nine brazils have

50mg. Seeds and dried fruit are also an

excellent source. A tablespoon of sesame

seeds has over 90mg and a tablespoon

of chia has almost 80mg. Four figs have

100mg, three dates (50gs) have 20mg,

and fifty raisins have 13mg.

There you have it, tasty

options to reach your daily

dose of vital nutrients.

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The following people, businesses and companies

would like to extend their very best wishes to

everyone at Look Good Feel Better charity, and to

support the continued success of BLUSH Magazine...

96 BLUSH | WINTER 2019



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Clean Heels Ltd

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Parker Knoll Upholstery Limited

PDC Brands

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Quiksilver Group (Lanai Ltd)


Ros Oxley


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Shiseido UK

Sienna X

Spray Tan Cubicle Company Ltd

Strand Bearings Ltd

Supacleen Ltd

Sweet Cures


UK Gas Technologies

The BLUSH team would like to extend

a special ‘thank-you’ to all contributors

to this issue.

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How we can talk about mental health.

It is often assumed, as well as

found in some studies that

women are more emotionally

expressive than men, but let’s

face it, it isn’t always easy

for anybody to open up a

conversation about mental

health. To begin with, where do we start?

What if we say the wrong thing? What if

the person we are talking to doesn’t want

our help? What if it is us that needs the

support? What if we burden them? Or

offend them?

There are so many questions that

overwhelm us, to the point when an

appropriate moment to approach someone

about our own mental wellbeing or their

mental health has gone... or worse still, we

may actually bombard someone else with

well-intended but unwelcome advice.

Research shows that humans tend not to

take advice from others; we either ask for

it as a way of reaffirming our own opinion,

or we don’t ask at all – because we don’t

want advice, or we are not ready for it, or

we are ashamed to tell others how we are

really feeling... Do you relate to any of these


It doesn’t matter how relevant or

well balanced the advice is, this type of

information mostly comes from a subjective

place based on the advisor’s experiences

or knowledge, rather than the best option

for the other person. With all the good

intention, experience and expertise in the

world, we can never completely know what

somebody else is going through, in the way

that they are personally going through it.

So how can we help

without giving advice?

Well, the first thing to remember is that

mental health is something we all need

to be on top of... just like we are on top

of our physical fitness.

It is good to talk, but it is even better

to LISTEN... and it is vital to approach

any situation appropriately, because one

of the biggest problems is recognising

the symptoms of mental ill health

and supporting a person to manage

their condition or to point them in

the direction of seeking the necessary

professional help.

As a Mental Health First Aider, you

are not a qualified therapist, just like

physical first aiders are not paramedics,

but by following the Action Plan that is

learnt during a Mental Health First Aid

course, you can really make a difference

to a lot of people.

It is a simple process to

become a Mental Health

First Aider:




Visit the Mental Health First Aid


Choose the right course for you...

Attend the full course you apply for and

you will be a Mental Health First Aider.

You can do these courses as an individual,

or get work colleagues on board so that

your organisation can assign specific team

members to the role of Mental Health First

Aider, with the aim of having someone

allocated in each department. There are also

courses available for those working with

youths and with the armed forces.

Remember, mental ill health can affect

anybody, so the more awareness on the

subject, the better for everybody’s overall

health and wellbeing. Just like if you are a

physical first aider, you do not have to help,

but what these courses do is raise awareness,

reduce stigma, and shed light on your own

mental health status.

It is an ideal course to do if you are

supporting somebody going through

treatment, loss or trauma, as well as, if you

are too, experiencing life challenges.

98 BLUSH | WINTER 2019




for the love

of women.

It’s all about you.

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