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2019 LocAL ELEcTionS - meet your candidates

Gail Woods Standing for Community Board - Heathcote Ward

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I have lived in Redcliffs for 12 years with my

husband Greg. We have 7 grown up children

and 5 grandkids between us and are very proud

of our blended family.

My background is, I have had no previous

involvement with local politics and have never

stood on any boards. I was encouraged to

apply for my local community board because

of my advocacy stance in life. I am a qualified

hairdresser with a degree in life skills. Over the

past 21/2 years Greg and I have been involved

in the water industry. I currently continue to

manage this business. We have also assisted

people with earthquake payouts and insurance

problems. I personally have a great interest in

natural health, but that’s another story. I believe

if we START with One, then it is amazing how

quick the answers come for all concerned.

My main focus points are:

1) Water and our reticulation systems. These

are extremely compromised and seriously needs


2) Rates. These need an overhaul to bring into a

realist arena;

3) New Policeman back in Sumner to help

reduce local burglaries and crime;

4) Climate issues, ways to mitigate;

5) Roading repairs and footpaths. Remediated


6) 5G. Investigate its benefits and problems;

7) Waterways in the South Shore and low lying

areas, including Beachville Road.

This brings me to the water issue. This

is something I am very concerned about,

especially following Medical Officer of Health

Alistair Humphrey’s recent letter to the Ministry

of Health /Internal Affairs. It raises deep

concerns insisting that chlorine remains in our

water until further notice due to the reticulation

system. Pipe work under Christchurch City

is compromised. Chlorine is a 112 year old

technology, the only other technology older that

we still use is the wheel!

Authorised by Gail Woods, 61 Moncks Spur Road, Redcliffs, Christchurch 8081.

Sara Templeton Standing for Councillor - Heathcote Ward

As your councillor for the last three years I

have been a strong advocate for our ward and

an effective representative around the council


Amongst other achievements I chaired

the Taylors Mistake Baches working group,

enabling a sensible resolution after thirty years.

I secured funding to complete the Coastal

Pathway around Moncks Bay, championed the

extended delegations to Community Boards and

chaired the Climate Change Working Group.

We have made significant progress as a city

in the last three years with the opening of the

Town Hall, Tūranga, the Lichfield St carparking

building, Matuku Tokotoko Sumner Centre,

Ngā Puna Wai sports complex, Taiora QEII, the

Signs of the Takahe and Kiwi, Nurses Memorial

Chapel and Risingholme Community Centre,

amongst many more.

We’ve finished the Beachville and Peacocks

Gallop’s sections of the Coastal Pathway, the

Beachville and Scarborough steps and the

wonderful Scarborough Playground. We’ve

reopened Sumner Road and provided safe

cycleways so commuters and school kids

can bike around safely. We’ve completed key

flooding projects like Dudley Creek and the

Heathcote flood detention basins, dredging and

bank stabilisation is almost complete.

However, like you, I know there is still much

to do, especially with our drinking water and

roading. I have consistently pushed to keep our

water chlorine free, for safe and sustainable

transport options, a healthy natural environment

and greater Council transparency.

Council also needs to engage residents

meaningfully in the development of our Climate

Change strategy, including the challenges and

opportunities of mitigation and adaptation,

enabling the transition to a thriving, sustainable


For experienced, effective local leadership,

vote Sara Templeton for Council.

Authorised by Sara Templeton, 23 Marsden Street, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch 8022.

Tim Lindley Standing for Community Board - Heathcote Ward

As a former business development manager

for a CRI and being involved in four start-up

businesses, I am very experienced at setting

up, overseeing and troubleshooting projects.

I have a PhD in chemistry and studied

economics for two years so can move easily

between technical and financial matters at both

overview and detail level, very important skills

for community board work

I have volunteered extensively in

communities. I was on the Vestry of All Saints

Sumner when Fuse youth centre was set up,

volunteered in Aranui as support person to

Rev Mike Coleman and his successor, chaired

the Coastal Pathway Group in its early years

and am on the board of the Ihutai Estuary

Trust. So, as well as understanding projects I

understand diverse communities and how to

work with them.

In my first term on the community board,

I have been a strong supporter of the very

complex Heathcote River recovery project,

worked on the Opawa Library rebuild, and on

implementing several community initiatives in

Waltham. I am very pleased that completing

the coastal pathway is in the long-term plan

and the Estuary has gained international

flyway status. I led submitting feedback from

our board on proposed changes to the regional

district plan and government’s draft policy on

planning for successful cities. I also served on

several hearings panels.

I will continue to support the community

board being effective and transparent, turning

good ideas from communities into actions, a

more healthy, natural city environment, safe

active urban transport including cycleways,

supporting local businesses and facilities, and

prudent financial management within council.

Authorised by Tim Lindley, 28 Patmos Place, Mt Pleasant, Christchurch 8081.

Darrell Latham Standing for Councillor and Community Board - Heathcote Ward

As an elected representative I have a proven

track record advocating and gaining results for

residents. I do ask the hard questions and I do

seek accountability from the Council on your


This is a defining election and ratepayers are

losing faith with the council. Areas of concern


• Rates that are projected to rise by more

than 52% by 2028. Over the last three years,

average rate rises have hit 5.25%. This is


• The Council needs to review income and

expenditure and how it manages assets to

avoid soaring debt.

• Ratepayers want transparency and

accountability without resorting to Official

Information Act procedures. The Council has

been branded as ‘’the most secretive in the

country.’’ A change of culture is required.

• Eight years on from the quakes we still

have endless roadworks, questionable sewage

systems and water that is compromised.

• Water supply, waste water, storm water and

water infrastructure are critically important. Our

waterways and coastal water form a major part

of the landscape and lives of the community.

• Central City residential developments

are creating masses of on street car parking.

These developments require off street parking


• A smart city is an accessible city. The

Council must listen to business people

and road users and create a user friendly

accessible city.

• We need individual and collective action

to minimise climate change. Mitigation and

adaptive management strategies must be part

of that discussion.

I am decisive, determined and dependable

and I will represent all Heathcote residents with


Authorised by Dr Darrell Latham, 53 Colenso Street, Sumner, Christchurch 8081.

Alexandra Davids Standing for Canterbury District Health Board

I am fully committed to giving all members

of our communities the strong, positive

representation they deserve.

I have been an elected member since 2013.

In this time, I have held a variety of positions,

including my daily work with Women’s Refuge

at the Battered Women’s Trust which has

given me an insight into the daily struggles

going on behind closed doors, Chair of

Keep New Zealand Beautiful, Chair of Keep

Christchurch Beautiful, Elected Member of the

Local Government Young Elected Members

Board, Local Government Elected Member

of the national Community Board Executive

Committee, Trustee of the Graeme Dingle

Foundation, Chair of Whitau School.

These experiences have given me the

opportunity to continue to develop the

leadership and mediation skills we need

around the table within the CDHB for us to

make positive steps forward for the entire

Canterbury region.

I am a proactive, results-focussed candidate

with the enthusiasm and energy needed to

effect positive change.

As your elected representative I aim to

strongly advocate for a parking solution for

Christchurch Hospital, future focussed decision

marking and more resourcing for our aging

population, more support for mental health and

chlorine free water.


Authorised by David Blenkiron 4 Limes Avenue, Parklands, Christchurch.

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