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Yacht comes ashore to lure

budding sailors to the water

By Toni Williams

Ashburton Sailing Clubmembers

are keen to passontheir loveofthe

water to the nextgeneration of


Theywill be startingtheirlearnto­sailprogramme

at Lake Hood

fromOctober 13,and tooktothe

Mitre 10 Mega car parkcomplexat

the weekendtopromote it.

Members hadabeginner’s

Optimistyachtand, the next level,

Piccolo yacht,onsite.

ClubmembersSelwyn Sloan,

Chris Thompson,Chris Lovelock

and Geoff Swancollectively have

morethan80years boating

experience they arekeen to shareand

they’re just ahandful of the30

peopleaffiliated withthe club.

The programme, for people aged

fromseven through to adult,runs

for twohours every Sunday from

11amatLake Hood.

It operates during the school

terms one andfour.

Model boat enthusiasts,also

members of thesailingclub,take

their impressiveboatstothe water

after the sailingprogramme. Some

of these modelsare up to one­metre


It’sjust achancetoget kids,and

anyone who’s interested, on the

water, says Mr Thompson.

The boats and life jackets are

supplied, and thefirstsession is


Ashburton Sailing Club members Selwyn Sloan, Chris Thompson, Chris Lovelock and Geoff Swan have,

collectively, more than 80 years boating experience they are keen to share.

After thefirst onethere is a$5

per session cost.

Beginnersstartwith the solidly

built, andstable,Optimistyacht (an


before progressingtothe New

Zealand­class Piccolo.

The members saythe possibilities

for sailing maystart in an Optimist

on LakeHood,but canextend to

representing NewZealandin

sailing events,helpwith careersas

crews on yachtsorbeginalife­long

love of sailing for recreational


Anyone interested canturn up to

thenew extension at Lake Hood, on

October13from 11am.


Lake Hood

bike ride

for Skinner

Friends of Paul Skinner, who died

unexpectedly last month, are organising

a Memorial Bike Ride to

celebrate hislife and raise money for

his son, Jacob’s, future endeavours.

The ride, on November 23 from

10.30am, costs $10 per rider and will

take the track from Ashburton to

Lake Hood.

It will start at the skillspark beside

Ashburton Contracting Limited (on

Dobson Street West) and follow the

river track tothe Ashburton Bridge,

before taking the track to Lake


It will be followed by a get

together and BBQ at Lake Hood.

Organisers give the option to meet

at the skills park for aleisurely cruise

to the lake, or to meet at the south

side of the bridge to join there, or for

the youngerones who want ashorter

ride to join in at Boundary Road

entrance to Lake Hood trail.

‘‘If you don’t want to ride but want

to join in, feel free to meet at the

north end of Lake Hood at the

designated area where we will enjoy

asausage sizzle and adrink (BYO).’’

‘‘We suggest $10 donation per

rider if possible, any donation

amount will be gratefully received.’’

Donation buckets will be

circulated atthe skills park prior to

leaving for the ride and also atLake



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Page 2, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Local news at


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sales and profits

with us ...

Over 16,065

copies delivered to


RD and lifestyle

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John Keast

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Mick Jensen

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Young tackle the big issues




Huge Savings!

Be quick ...onlywhile stocks last

Youth from Ashburton

College got to voice their

concerns and ideas about

tackling some global, and

national, issues during a

Champions of Change

pilot programme at the


Plastics, pollution,

transport, gas emissions

and toxins such as 1080

were raised as causes for

concern by the 15

students, aged Year 9

through to Year 13, who

chose to attend.

They considered the

protection of trees, flora

and fauna, water and

rivers as high on the

need­to­do­better list.

The programme, led

by Kanuka Mid Canterbury

Regeneration Trust

community connector

Angela Cushnie, got the

students brainstorming

over, not just environmental

issues, but those

involving people too.

They considered the

concept of change, talked

about the importance of

sustainability with afocus

on Mid Canterbury.

‘‘This is apilot project,

Letters to the editor

The Cancer Society are

once again overwhelmed

by the generosity of the

Mid Canterbury community

with over $20,000 donated

on Daffodil Day and

more than $6,000 raised

thanks to the support of

community groups,

schools, pre­schools and

rest homes fundraising.

Thank you also to our

principal sponsor ANZ for

supporting the work we do

year after year. We truly

appreciate the support of

Ashburton staff who fundraise

on our behalf and are

so grateful for the $22,000

raised at their annual Daffodil

Day Quiz.

A growing number of

New Zealanders are reliant

on the support services

provided free by the Cancer

Society.Arecent survey

by the Cancer Society

ahead of Daffodil Day

found that well over athird

of respondents, who had

cancer or had supported a

loved one through cancer,

rely heavily on accommodation

and transport

services to attend treatment.

A similar number

also said that these and

other services may have

been out of reach if they

had not been available for

free through the Cancer

afirst for the region but

just the beginning in

terms of inspiring youth

to champion cultural,

economic, social and

environment sustainability,’’

Mrs Cushnie said.

‘‘Today was the start of


By donating money on

Daffodil Day you are helping

your local community

access the support they

need when faced with a

cancer diagnosis. For


­Today across New Zealand,

CancerSociety volunteers

will drive around 2800

kilometres getting people

to and from theirtreatment


­ Tonight, the Cancer

Society will provide accommodation

for 130 people at

the five lodges itoperates

close to major hospitals.

­Inthe past year specialist

nurses have been able to

answer more than 8000

information line calls and

spent more than 5,400

hours providing information

and support.

­ Each day, the care

team have met face­to­face

with 45 people who are

dealing with acancer diagnosis;

and they will call, text

or email nearly 300 others.

Many more Kiwis facing

cancer will meet with cancer

nurses, counsellors and

other specialists, attend

support groups and workshops,

and even exercise

and relaxation classes.

None of this would be

possible without the generous

support of New Zealand

donors and volunteers,

particularly as the

Cancer Society receives no

direct Government funding.


Mid Canterbury Centre

Cancer Society of New


Not democracy

Aotearoa, the land of the

long white cloud.Acountry

of differing nationalities

and cultures, striving to do

their bit to help make New

Zealand awonderful country

to live in.

It is despicable under

this MMP system we have a

portion of portfolios MPs

who hold ministerial portfolios

unelected by the

population at large.

This is not democracy.

Up until two years ago

this country, even under

Helen Clark’s leadership,

was anation to be proud of.

What has happened now

is a divided nation of

hatred and distrust

between town and country.

A Left­wing coalition

Government determined

to destroy the very fabric of

society as we have known it

for the last 100 years.

Farming contributes

60% of GDP and provides

a living for many people



aconversation about sustainability

and change.

We discussed what we

were proud of in our

region, what change we

would like to see, our

individual environmental

footprint, litter, transportation,

energy, water,

biodiversity, erosion,

emissions, flora and

fauna, plastics, pollution,

trees, predator free 2050,

upcycling, and good old

fashion reduce/reuse/

recycle strategies.’’

The Kanuka Trust,

through supporting

schools such as the college,

hoped to build, and

strengthen, the link

between young people,

their community and the


The programme was

sponsored by the Kanuka

Trust and the Ashburton

Licensing Trust.

Photo: Mao Nishioka,

Janelle Galos, Paulina

Cuadrado and Chrissea

Cheesman got to voice

their thoughts on some

global issues during the

pilot Champions of

Change programme.

employed in service industries,

supporting small towns

up and down the country.

Lange claimed farming

was asunset industryinthe

1980s. How wrong hewas

and now we have Leftwingers

trashing the

industry again.

The callousness oftheir

actions is having farreaching

effects on the

morale and wellbeing of

hard working farmers and

their families.

People who spend their

livelihoods in the farming

industry doit not only for

the lifestyle but also to

ensure their properties

have been nurtured and the

soil and environment is left

in very good condition for

future generations.

The rhetoric ofpolitical

overtones on climate

change, attacking farmers

and adeliberate intention

to destroy farming as we

know it defies imagination.

41,000 years ago this

planet went through awarming

era. It is cyclical. The

axis of the planet has

shifted 2degrees ­from 22

to 24.

That in itself can create

mayhem with the world’s

weather ­more turbulence

and unpredictable weather.

There is never any mention

of sun­spot activity

which can also have a

dramatic effect on the


Abigger threat to this

planet is over­population

and nuclear war.

[Abridged ­Ed]

Allan Andrews,



On behalf of the

Hekeao Hinds Water

Enhancement Trust, I

would like to thank the

Ashburton District Council

for its ongoing support

of the Managed Aquifer

Recharge project, including

the recent decision to

provide grant funding for

the ongoing MAR pilot


The Government’s

draft Freshwater proposals

have highlighted

the importance of community

projects such as

MAR to improve water

quality for the benefit of

the Ashburton District.

This project has

enjoyed considerable support

from the wider Ashburton

community to date

and Iwould hope for this

to continue.

Peter Lowe

Hekeao/Hinds Water

Enhancement Trust

174 Burnett St,Ashburton

Phone 308 5269


Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 3

Brewer Todd in with shout

Amateur brewer Todd

Grieve was among the

flurry of people getting

their entries in for the

Ashburton A&P Show

competitions last week.

Friday was the final

day for general and

equestrian entries and, as

usual, the showgrounds

was ahive of activity as

peopledropped in to sign

up for the November 1

and 2event.

The showjumping

event entries close on

October 17.

Todd, has been brewing

for the past three

years,and was reasonably

confident ofawin with at

least one of his drops. He

has entered his ale, lager

and stout home­brewed

beers in the Home

Industries Pavilion competitions.

He has won atitle at

the show in the past and

was keen to win again.

He says having the

accolade was not only a

great talking point to

have in his home bar but

it gave him bragging

rights over his mates.

A&P Show secretary

Lucille Brown said, as of

mid­Friday afternoon,

entry numbers were

down, especially from

entries in the Highland

Dancing due to another

eventbeingscheduled for

the same day, but she

expected some last minute

online entries to

come through from other


This year will be the

Ashburton A&P Show’s

142nd annual event and

its theme is Seeds of Mid


Photo: Amateur

brewer Todd Grievesigns

up for the brewing competition

at the Ashburton

A&P Show with A&P

Show secretary Lucille


Gallery stalwart Anne recognised for dedication, support

Ashburton Art Gallery

stalwart Anne Carr has

been recognised for her

dedication and support

for the facility with an

honorary life membership.

The honour was

bestowed on her at the

recent 35thgalleryannual

general meeting.

Mrs Carr joined the

gallerycommittee in June

1996when thegallerywas

in its infancy.

At that time, there was

one full time staff member

and the committee

did much ofthe day­today

work of running the


Volunteers like Mrs

Carr helped hang exhibition

works, painted

walls, manned the front

desk and did a host of

other jobs needed torun

apublic art gallery.

Ashburton art Gallery

committee vice­president

Fleur Tompsett said Mrs

Carr hadbeenverygenerous

with her time, had a

sense of fun and was

skilled at running events.

She had offered

‘‘wholehearted support of

the Ashburton Art Gallery

throughout her 23

year association’’.

‘‘Without people like

Anne serving sotirelessly

oversuch along period of

time, places like the art

gallery would not exist.,’’

said Mrs Tompsett.

In recent years Anne

Carrhas been the regular

face at the gallery on

Fridays, welcoming visitors

and supporting staff

with administrative


She is moving to

Christchurchand willend

her long volunteering

stint with the gallery.

Mrs Carr was presented

with agift of art

and a certificate and

received astanding ovation

from gallery supporters

at the announcementofher



Photo: Departing gallery

stalwart Anne Carr

with art gallery committee

vice­president Fleur


Ashburton rates

fourth lowest

The Ashburton District

Council rates are the fourth

lowest in the country,

according to the latest

report from New Zealand

Taxpayers’ Union.

Ashburton’s average

residential rate for 2017/18

year was $1850, compared

to the national average of


The districts below Ashburton

on the rates table

were Grey ($1846), Mackenzie

($1796) and Southland


Timaru was 11th cheapest

with $2062, while Auckland

topped the rates table

on $3387. No figures were

supplied for Buller and

Waikato district.

The Taxpayers’ Union

report shows Ashburton

District with apopulation

of 34,500 and 15,241 ratepayers

and covering an area

of 6183 square kilometres.

The total operating

expensesofAshburton District

Council per household

was $5928, ranking it 20th

out of 66 councils.

Debt liabilities per

household inAshburton in

the 2017/18 period was

$3847, compared to

$25,402 in Christchurch


Some 38 of Ashburton

council’s staff of 308 earned

more than $100,000, with

the chief executive taking

home asalary of $315,000.


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Page 4, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Dora and TheLost

City of Gold

Reviewed by Rowena Hart

They must have searched the whole of South

America to find the person to star as the 16 year

old Dora. She was absolutely perfect in every way

-bubbly,innocent, kind andsosocute.

Itook two 10year old girls with me are

some of their observations ...


Thepeople in frontofuswereannoying.

Igiveit9stars out of ten.

Iloved the partwhentheyfound the temple.


My favourite character was Boots because he is

super cuteand alwayssaves theday.

Therewereboth tragic and happybits throughout

the movie.

Everyone loves happy endings and this one was


There was one bit where they all turned into their

former cartoon selves and thatwas really weird.

Ialso really liked the popcornand theFanta.

So Ithink itisthumbs up to the Dora movie!

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Local news at

Trust makes bold start with medical centre

A new charitable trust

has been formed for

Geraldine, and it

deserves all the support

it can get.

The success of

Advance Ashburton is

well known.

Indeed, it is a model

for others to follow.

The formula is simple.

Money is given or

bequeathed tothe trust,

invested by people who

know what they are

doing, and the proceeds

used for the betterment

of the district and those

in it.

Courier comment

The list of successes

for Advance Ashburton

is too long to mention

here, but they are many

and varied.

The Geraldine District

Foundation, inthe process

of becoming aregistered

charity, has started

with awinning project ­

buying (with the help of

the Geraldine Licensing

trust, and the club itself)

the former Town and

Country Club building

on the edge of town.

It is abig building with

plenty of parking.

The foundation will

work with a project

manager to turn the big

building into adedicated

community­owned medical

centre; a one­stop

medical shop.

If it wanted aproject

with which to catch the

public’s attention, it

need not look further.

Practitioners, the

foundation says, have

already indicated interest.


Provincial New Zealand

has had trouble

attracting­and keeping ­

medical personnel, and

Geraldine has been no

exception, though it is

reasonably well served at

the moment.

But there is a public

appetite for medical centres,

where you can see a

doctor or, say, aphysio,

in the same building.

The licensing trust

National award for Rosa

By Toni Williams

Community stalwart Rosa

Bennett, who is nearing

90, is the humble recipient

of an honorary Age

ConcernNew Zealand’s


and it took her by


It was recognition for

all the valuable workshe

does ‘‘championing the

rights of older peopleby

helping combat loneliness

and helpbuilding strong

social connections’’.

The award, presented

by Age Concern

Ashburton patron

Jeanette Storrier at the

weekly 50 Plus meeting

Rosa organises, is a

national award, givento

one deservingperson

nationwide amonth.

She was nominatedby

Age Concern Ashburton

president Trish Small and


Dianna Leonard.

Rosa has been involved

with the Ashburton

branch since its inception

and was amemberofa

steeringcommittee set up

in 1986toinvestigate

forming an organisation

to meetthe needs of older

people in the Ashburton

District. She represented

community groups on the


Once established, first

as the Mid Canterbury

Aged Persons Welfare

Council thenAge

Concern Ashburton; two

deserves credit, too, for

its support of the project,and

the former club,

which offered favourable


Prominent locals

(John Acland, Rosie

Morten, James Wallace

and Wayne O’Donnell)

are the backbone of the

foundation and will soon

seek benefactors and

funds for its first project.

Given the generosity

and can­do attitude of

Geraldine, support may

be strong.

­John Keast

Rosa Bennett was surprised by Age Concern Ashburton patron Jeanette Storrier with anational

award for championing the rights of older people.

popular programmes

wereset up for older

persons; the 206 Club, to

lessen social isolation for

the district’s senior

populationand where

Rosavolunteered as cook

up to three days aweek

until 2018; and the 50 Plus

educational programme.

It runs once aweek for six

weeks in autumn and


Its success is due to

‘‘Rosa’s enthusiasm and

determination to make

sureitcontinues. The

numbers attendingare

testament to Rosa’s


‘‘Since the beginning

Rosahas been a

dedicatedand loyal

committee member,

supporterand volunteer

in manycapacities for

Age Concern Ashburton,

arecording of outstanding

serviceover 30 yearsand

it has not cometoan

end,’’ Trish and Dianna

said, in their nomination.

She is also a‘‘Master

Chefwhen it comes to

producing not only a

‘plate’for afternoon tea

but large quantities of

foodfor cateringwhether

it be scones,biscuits,

finger food or hot food’’.

She stillwhips up a

batch of scones at home

to shareateach 50 Plus


And she is ‘‘always the

person who could be

relied upon to assist

whenever necessary’’.

Age Concern NZ chief


Clare, via aletter readby

Mrs Storrier,thanked

Rosafor her special



‘‘Your tireless

dedication to the older

people of Ashburton

shows through your ability

to be awearer of many

hats,and these hats seem

to have acommon theme:


‘‘Butwhat better way to

provide social connection,

than through food,’’ she


‘‘Youhave provided

the older peopleof

Ashburtonwith such

outstanding service for 30

years, and it doesn’t seem

to be stopping anytime


Rosa received a

certificate of recognition

and abox of meals from

Age Concern partner

organisation Tomorrow’s


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Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 5


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Page 6, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Mike Grant - TRUE2U

To Sell your Property

at its Premium Potential Price

Local news at

Longbeach pupils strut stuff





Call “Big Mike” forthe Right Advice

021 272 0202

MidCanterburyRealEstate Licensed REAA (2008)

An established supportgroup in

Ashburtonfor men and their families

who areliving with adiagnosis and

treatmentfor prostate cancer.

Partners arealsowelcome to attend

CO-ORDINATOR: John Waugh 03 308 3384


Tuesday, 8th September at 3pm

WHERE: Ashburton

Mackenzie Centre,122 Kermode St,Ashburton


Formoreinformation call 0800 477 678

Organised by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ


Delivered to over 16,065 homes everyweek

Radiator Repairs

We areexpertatrepairing all types of

automotiveradiators – FAST







TEL 308 5397

Double Points Challenge


Adult &Youth Ministocks,Stockcars,

Streetstocks, Side Chairs, CGrade,

Saloons &Productions

Racing starts 12:30pm

Gate prices

Adult -$15

Senior with Gold Card -$10

Children 14yrs &under -Freewith paying adult



Pupils at Longbeach

School took to the stage

to perform, dance and

entertain during atalent

show organised by Year8

cultural leaders Emily

Symons and Rose Vannini.

The pupils who opted

to perform, aged from

new entrant five year olds

to more senior pupils,

aged 12, had a mix of

stage performance


But they all shone as

they entertained their

school peers, teachers,

parents, grandparents

and wider school community.

There was aballet performance,


routines, singing and

dancing, guitar and drumming,

jokes and skits,

including one to the tune

of past skit king Benny




Dancing trio Tilly

Lovell, Freya Jemmett

and Matilda Gallagher

performed to The Lion

King classic, Hakum

Matata, and popular

modern culture songsOld

Town Road and Shotgun

saw multiple groups put

their own creative twists

to the tracks with singing

and dancing performances.

As well as the buzz

from being on stage, all

the pupils performing got

alollipop treat for taking

Employment exchange may be repeated

The Ashburton employment

exchange organised

by the Ashburton council

was likely to be repeated.

Council’s economic

development officer,

Bevan Rickerby, said the

seminar was successful,

and review documents

would be sent out to

those who attended.

Asked by councillors if

it would be held again,

Mr Rickerby said that

was likely, perhaps annually.

That would be decided

once the review had been


The exchange was held

at the Ashburton MSA

and involved jobseekers

and employers and tips on

attitude, keeping employment

on track and getting

afoot inthe door.

It was split into programmes

for workers and


Mr Rickerby presented

areport to the finalmeeting

of thisterm of council,

outlining development


They included signalling

the council was open

for business, placemaking

and branding, unlocking

potential, assisting the

agriculture and technology

sectors, including

advocacy for labour and


The report said the

council was working with


development opportunities.

One infrastructure project

to be solved was the

rail hub, with agreement

Rodin sculpture comes to town

A new exhibition showcasing

New Zealand’s

most significant Rodin

sculpture has opened at

Ashburton Art Gallery.

The sculpture, called

Eve, was completed by

the French master sculpture

in 1882 and 15

bronze copies were cast

from it 1959.

The bronze Eve is

75cm tall and weighs 22kg

and is usually held at Te


Ashburton, Gore and

Blenheim are the only

South Island centres on

the sculpture tour.

Auguste Rodin is one

of the world’s best known

artists and his works

include The Age of

Bronze, The Thinker and

The Kiss.

Also included in the

Remembering Rodin

exhibition is a lithographic

portrait of Rodin

(1914) by his famous near

contemporary Pierre­


FOLLOW MEonFacebook



To findout moreabout my ideas,policies

and aspirations for AshburtonDistrict


Authorised by Tony Todd 62 Winter Street, Ashburton


Photo: Longbeach

School dancing trio Freya

Jemmett, Tilly Lovell and

Matilda Gallagher took to

the stage.

in business circles that the

rail hub should be at the

Ashburton Business Park.

Cr Stuart Wilson said if

KiwiRail did allow its hub

to be shifted, council had

nothing in its Long Term

Plan on funding. Chief

executive officer Hamish

Riach said any chance of

KiwiRail accepting an

offer not in the Long

Term Plan were so slim as

to be theoretical.

Auguste Renoir, and a

rare leather bound edition

of Gustave Coquiot’s

Rodin (Paris 1915) with

57 hand­tipped photographs.

A short video accompanying

the exhibition

tells the story of Eve and

the process of casting the


‘‘We are thrilled to

have the prized work of

art at the gallery,’’ said

Ashburton Art Gallery

manager/curator Shirin


‘‘Viewing Eve is astirring

experience for visitors,

both young and old,

and arare opportunity to

see the work of amaster.’’

Remembering Rodin

runs until November 22

and has been developed

by the Museum of New

Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

Photo: The sculpture

Eve cast from an original

Rodin work.


Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 7




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Page 8, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

So good


Open 6am to 3:30pm

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Riverside,Industrial Park


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Local news at

Club bought to be medical centre

Anew charitable trust, the Geraldine District

Foundation (GDF) has bought the former

Geraldine Town and Country Club on the

cornerofTalbot andMaslin streets,Geraldine,

to be refitted as amedical centre.

The building was boughtwith the help of the

Geraldine Licensing Trust and the club.

Chairman James Wallace said the foundation

could not thank the licensing trust

enough for choosing to financially support the

foundation’s first project, and the club had

been generous inoffering favourable terms.

The plan isfor the foundation to work with

aspecialist project manager to do atotal refit

to create a medical centre owned by the


‘‘The building is incredibly solid, with an

earthquakerating that currentlyexceeds 80 per

cent, however there is much todototurn the

600m2 building into a modern communitybased

medical facility which wehope will be

the pride of Geraldine. It is our aim to achieve

the gold standard in medical facilities and

servicesfor our residents,’’ saidRosie Morten,

of the foundation’s trustees.

Fellow trustee Wayne O’Donnell said the

combination ofsize and structural soundness,

plus ample parking, made it the ideal site for

amedical centre.

Once complete, the operation of the centre

wouldbeunderamanagement model yet to be

decided, but would include a range of

practitioners, fromdoctors, dentists, pharmacy

andphysio, right throughtoothermedical and

wellness practitioners operating out­reach


Mr O’Donnell said it would be aone­stop

shop for medical care.

The foundation had had expressions of

interest from practitioners and was confident it

would have afull range of services.

The Geraldine District Foundation isthe

first organisation of its kind inGeraldine, with

the sole aim to initiate projects to benefit the


‘‘There are other models around, such as

Advance Ashburton, thatofferthe opportunity

for local people togift orbequeath money to

be used for projects for the community.

Mr Wallace said: ‘‘There has long been

discussion about the need to have the same

sort oforganisation inGeraldine, so it is very

satisfying to see it finally getting off the


The foundation’s patron is John Acland

senior, formerly ofMt Peel Station.

The foundation is working on becoming a

registered charity and then would seek benefactors

and funds for its first project ­ the

community­owned medical centre.

The Town and Country building will be

owned by the Geraldine District Foundation

and negotiations are under way with the

Geraldine Endowment Fund administered by

the Timaru council tobuy the land onwhich

the building sits.

Mock crash educates seniors at Mount Hutt

Mount Hutt College has held its

first mock crash day in many

years to to illustrate the dangers

of drink driving and to target

students who are beginning to

learn to drive.

Students from Years 10­13

gathered on school grounds last

week for aclose up of the mock

crash demonstration.

The effects and consequences

of a crash brought home a

number of warnings and messages,

said Mount Hutt College

head girl Caitlin Smith, who has

been pushing to reinstate the

stark reminder of what can

happen to young people on the


She said the mock crash had

featured adriver on arestricted

license and with passengers.

The driver was texting when

her vehicle crashed into apole.

Student actors had taken on

roles in the post­crash scenario

and the emergency services had

responded to help, including

caring for victims and cutting

open the car, said Caitlin.

She said the realistic event was

held to support the campaign

Students Against Dangerous

Driving, which empowered

young people to make safer and

better choices on the road.

The following day a school

assembly did afollow up on the

event and discussed key issues

affecting young driver safety,

including sober drivers, safe

speeds, no distractions and

avoiding risks.

Photo: Seniors students at

Mount Hutt College watch on as

emergency services work at the

scene of the mock crash.

Fairton School in black to support All Blacks

Fairton School pupils

and staff put their support

for the All Blacks

world cup campaign on

show with a‘Black Out’

day at the school.

All 39 pupils and five

teaching staff wore some

form of black clothing on

the last day of term


It was a nice way to

end the term and show

support for the world

champion All Blacks,

says principal Mike Hill.

A similar event was

also heldonthe same day

at Tinwald School.

`=S -="8 11==8

S= /G 1# =8 JSN

Whether you’re arenter orahomeowner, everyone pays rates.

If you rent ahouse worth $250,000, $175 ofyour rent each month goes tothe

Council, so it’s in everyone’s interests that we keep alid on rates.

We’ve seen massive cost blow-outs onCouncil projects. The Art Gallery and

Museum cost 40% more than was budgeted. Ifwesee asimilar blow-out on

the Library and Civic Centre, ratepayers are looking at an additional $20 million

bill. That’s $1,650 for every household in the district.

I’ve been alocal accountant for more than forty years, working with Ashburton

businesses and community groups to keep costs down and prevent multimillion

dollar disasters. I’ll bring that experience to Council.

`=S -="8 11==8

=J =W8#1

Keep alid on rates | Quality infrastructure | Responsible governance

Vote John Falloon for the Ashburton Ward toget the basics right.

S S"



ÊÆ‘¯¼“À„€ {Ú-p££¯¯ª íëó "pÓ„£¯| NÆ À‘{ʼƯª

Backers flock to

RDA milestone

Supporters flocked on

Saturday to mark 45 years

of Riding For the Disabled

(RDA) in Mid Canterbury.

Held at the facility’s

complex off Leeston

Street, the celebration

thanked those involved

over the years and also

paraded the six horses

that are used to provide

therapy to children with a

disability or other therapeutic


As well as building confidence,

close contact

with horses is also seen as

helping to develop and

improve muscle tone, balance,

co­ordination, flexibility,

fitness and independence.

Speaking at the event,

Mid Canterbury RDA

president Brian Early said

the RDA had started life

near the scout den in

Tinwald, before a move

to Ashburton Racecourse.

The facility had been

on its eight acres of freehold

land for anumber of


Mr Early said the community

and funders had

been generous with support

over 45 years.

He said volunteers

were the backbone of the

operation and two of

them, Tony Quaid and

Sue Kent, had been with

Mid Canterbury RDA

from the start.

Another, Maxine Hooper,

was just ayear short

of that and had been a

volunteer for 44 years.

Other speakers at the

celebration praised the

facility and its volunteers.

Rangitata MP Andrew

Falloon said horses provided

proven therapy to

help people with a disability.

Ashburton mayor

Donna Favel said RDA

was a‘‘wonderful service’’

and invaluable for the

children who used it.

Hampstead School

principal Peter Melrose

said anumber of children

at his school had used the

facility over the years and

working with horses and

volunteers had given

them ‘‘energy, excitement

and motivation’’.

Students involved look

forward to coming to the

RDA and ‘‘it was something

special in their

lives’’, he said.

More volunteers are

needed to lend ahand at

the RDA, which is currently

used by 38 children

each week.

Prospective volunteers

can check out the facilities

on Tuesdays or

Thursdays between 9am

and noon.

Photo: RDA volunteer

Maxine Hooper, who has

clocked up 44 years of

service, introduced each

of the facility’s six horses

on Saturday.

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Holiday programme

The St David’s holiday

programme for children

aged five to 12 runs

from October 8 to 10,

and from 9.30am to


Agold coin donation is

sought and no booking


St Davids is on Allens

Road and can be reached

at 308­5174.

Market is back

The first official Ashburton

District Farmers’

Market of the new

season was held on Saturday,

with anumber of

stallholders setting up

shop for the morning. The

popular market isset up in

the West Street car park

and runs from 9am until

12.30pm every Saturday

until April.



Places are available for

evening woodwork classes

starting at Ashburton College

on Tuesday, October


The classes run for eight

weeks, from 7pm to 9pm.

Term fees are $180.

New members are welcome

and can contact

tutor Chris Thompson at



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Page 10, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Local news at

Family Notices


ELLIS, Vernon George

(Vern) (Retired JP), on

September 27, 2019. Passed

away peacefully at Terrace

View Retirement Village,

Ashburton, aged 85 years.

Much loved husband of

Phyl for nearly 60 years.

Dearly loved father and

father in law ofBrian and

Megan, and Sue and Brent

Gutsell. Special grandad to

Matthew and Nicole,Lauren

and Tim; Aaron and Amy,

Jason and Nic ,and Ryan

and Crystal, and great ‘VG’

to Austin, Beckett, and Joe.

Donations to St John would

be appreciated and may be

leftatthe service. Messages

to the Ellis family c/- PO

Box 472, Ashburton 7740.

Aservice tocelebrate Vern’s

lifewill be held at St David’s

Union Church, Allens Road,

Ashburton on Monday

October 7, commencing

at 11.00am, followed bya

privatefamily interment.




03 307 7433

SCARTH, Jillian (Jill): On

September 28, 2019. Passed

away peacefully at Terrace

View Retirement Village,

Ashburton, with her family

by herside. Much lovedwife

of the late Kelvin. Dearly

loved mother and mother

in law ofLisa and Robert,

and Shane and Amber.

Special Nana to Jeremy,

Candice, Ryan, Brandon,

Bailey, and Evan, and great

Nana to Declan, Ashlee,

Riley, and Jessika. Treasured

sister of Paula Lauese, and

Mandy Hutton. Messages

to the Scarth family c/- P

O Box 472, Ashburton.

Donations to the Ashburton

Cancer Society would be

appreciatedand maybeleft

at the service, Aservice to

remember Jill will be held

at Our Chapel, cnr East &

Cox Streets, Ashburton

on Thursday October 3rd,

commencing at 2.00pm.

Followed by private

cremation at the Ashburton





03 307 7433

SMITH, Charles Norman:

(Norm): On September 30,

2019 at Ashburton. Aged

85 Years. Loved husband of

the late Helen and special

friend of Betty. Loved

father and father in law of

Roger and Jo, Karin and

Dean Rattray and special

grandad to Jess, Nick,

Chase and Holly, Bailey and

Leah and great grandad to

Jacob, James, Jack, Hunter,

Braxton, Alijah-Mary, and

Benjamin. Messages to

the Smith family, POBox

472, Ashburton 7740. At

Norms request a private

interment for family will be

held on Thursday October

3, following this, friends

are invited to join them for

refreshments and to share

memories at Paterson’s

Reception Lounge, Cnr East

and Cox Streets, Ashburton

commencing at 11.00 am.




03 307 7433

STEWART, Robert James:

(Bob): On September

24, 2019. Peacefully at

Rosebank Resthome,

Ashburton. Aged 92 years.

Dearly lovedhusband of the

late Pauline.Loved father of

Judith Begg and the late

Diane.Muchloved Grandad

and mentor ofAdam and

Aisha, and Kirsty. Messages

to the Stewart family C/-

49 Creek Road, Ashburton

7700. A memorial service

forBob will be held at alater





03 307 7433

Birth notices listed by

parents will continue to be

free in the Family Notices

column. The initial death

notice lodged by afuneral

director will be listed

without charge. There will

be asmall charge of $15

for subsequent notices

related tothe same death,

up to amaximum of 35

words and on a per-line

basis afterthat.

The same low charges

apply to other

family notices, such

as engagements,

acknowledgements, in

memoriam notices and


TAYLOR, Amos Christopher:

5-5-1973 - 30-09-2019:

Passed away peacefully

surrounded by family,much

loved son of Elizabeth,

cherished brother of Phillip

and Sheilena and dearly

loved uncle of Delia, Ryan,

Leon, Manuel, Bella, Kane

and Magenta and the late

Millicent. Will be deeply

missed and forever inour

hearts. At Amos’ request

a private cremation will

be held and a memorial

service for Amos will be at

alater date.




03 307 7433



The Cartney family wish

to express their thanks for

the wonderful support

provided by so many who

attended the celebration

of Tanya’s life atthe service

on August 10, 2019, and

to those who telephoned,

sent comforting messages

and flowers, and visited

and bought food to our

house at our time of great

loss. Please accept this as

a personal thank you to

everyone for your support

and kindness to someone

who wassodear to us all.

MILLER, Gavin Charles:

The family of Gavin would

like to thank friends,

relatives and neighbours for

the cards,phone calls,visits,

food and flowers received

after Gavin’s passing. It was

all very much appreciated.

We would also like to thank

all those who attended

Gavin’s farewell, some who

travelled long distances to

be thereand supportus. We

would like to say aspecial

thank you to Linda at

Paterson’s Funeral Services,

Bernard Egan, Dr Guthrie,

the team at “Dentistry on

Parkside,” Radius Millstream

and aspecial big thank you

to the manager and staff at

Princes Court Lifecare for

their care and kindness to

Gavin and his family while

he was aresident there. We

will miss him. Gavin is now

resting peacefully.

Supporting the community


SHAW, Ngaio Mavis

4/10/33 -1/9/19: Christine,

David and families wish

to acknowledge the

wonderful acts of kindness

giventouswith the passing

of Ngaio, wife ofOwen for

65 years.

Thank you toBernard Egan

for conducting the service

of celebration of Ngaio’s life

and to Paterson’s Funeral


Thank you also to

management and staff of

Rosebank Rest Home for

your care ofNgaio, for the

lovely floral tributes, cards,

and personal phone calls

that have given us such


Please accept this as our

personal acknowledgement

from the family of



HOGAN, Margaret Rose:

7May 1947 -4October 2017

If we could sit with you


Evenfor aday,

Maybefor amoment,

Thepain would go away,

We would put our arms

around you,

Andwhisper wordssotrue,

That living life without you,

Is the hardest thing we do,

No matter howwespend

our day,

No matter what we do,

No morning dawns,

Or evening falls,

When we don’t think of


~Lovefromall your family





Jann or Leonie

on 308 7664

or call into

199 Burnett St.

96 Tancred Street,Ashburton. Phone 307 8317 LREA2008


Candidates put

case for election

Around 35 people,

including a few from

Ashburton, turned out to

a meet­the­candidates

evening in Rakaia.

The Rakaia Community

Hall meeting featured

the four Ashburton

mayoral candidates

(Leen Braam, Neil

Brown, Donna Favel and

Tony Todd) and four

Eastern Ward candidates

(Lynette Lovett, Mark

Malcolm, Philip Rushton

and Stuart Wilson).

Each candidate introduced

themselves with a

speech of up to three







then answered three preprepared

questions: what

they considered the three

most important things

for the district over the

next three years; the

important things in the

district over the next 10

to 20 years; and thoughts

on asolution for asafe

pedestrian crossing

across SH1 for the

people of Rakaia.




03 307 4020

Family owned,

locally owned

22 MooreStreet,


0800 263 6679



Eastern Ward

candidates were also

asked three questions:

their thoughts on the

number of liquor outlets

in smaller towns and the

district; what could be

done about the big pothole

problems in and

around Rakaia; and their

opinion on whether

Townsman type service

should be reinstated on

smaller towns in the district?

Rakaia Community

Association chairman Neil

pluck said all of the invited

candidates had accepted

the invitation to attend

and each had given an

insight into who they were

and what they stood for.

The candidates had also

taken general questions

from the floor and after

the meeting had spoken

informally with the members

of the community.

Shirts shout for attention

Aloud shirt day at St Joseph’s School has raised $347.30 to support deaf

children with cochlear implants or hearing aids. Lining up at the colourful

end of term mufti day are, back row, Caitlyn Burt, Portia O’Malley, George

McMillan, Kiko Ciron, Pippa O’Sullivan, Olivia Burt, front row, Maddie

Brooke, Lily Bovey, Sam Rigor, Greta Rotch, Emma Jane Crawford and

Hayley Stocker.


of hope

The community is invited to

take part in the Hakatere

Hope Walk on October 13.

The free event aims to

bring people together to

raise awareness of suicide


A short loop walk is

planned from the southern

end of the West Street car

park to the overbridge and

back along East Street.

The Hakatere Hope Walk

is whanau­driven and supported

by multiple local


Those taking part are

encouraged to wear the

colour yellow. People are

asked to gather to register,

prior to the start of the walk

at 1pm.


Local Care

Since 1982

Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 11

Delivered to over 16,065 homes everyweek

Methven’s linen flax mill


By Mick Jensen

Ademand for linen flax from

Great Britain during World

War 2led to the development

of 17 processing factories in the

South Island, including amill in


Linen flax, afine, soft plant

with apale blue or white flower

and a very small seed was

planted, grown and harvested

in the wider Methven area from

1940, and then processed in a

purpose built factory on Carr

Street, (off Racecourse

Avenue). Part of the factory

exists today,

Production grew rapidly in

the first few years and Methven

had 10 per cent of the South

Island’s acreage, before

demand dropped off and

alternative products became


Much of the Methven factory

burnt down in September 1948

and the production wrapped up

the following autumn.

The story ofMethven’s flax

linen production is explained in

a display set up at Methven


Material for the exhibition

has been taken from local

archives and also borrowed

from Geraldine Museum.

The exhibition has been

researched and curated by

museum member Jeanette

McLennan, who says it has

provided her with afascinating

insight into a former industry

that had asizeable impact on

the local economy and people

for nine years.

Mrs McLennan said she was

grateful for the support of the

Geraldine Museum, which had

provided advice, information

and exhibits.

A similar linen flax factory

had been built inGeraldine in

1941 and had continued to

operate until 1981.

In its heyday the Methven

linen flax industry employed a

Part of the Methven linen flax exhibition at Methven Museum, below, Methven’s Phyllis

Manning holds scutched linen flax fibre from the Methven factory in this 1946 photo.

core workforce of 40­60 people

and up to 94 workers from

aroundthe districtatbusy times,

she said.

Some 70 growers and 2000

acres of land was used, before

the decline in demand for the


Linen flax was used for a

number ofpurposes, including

for flexible fire hoses, to cover

the fuselage ofHurricane fighters

and Wellington bombers

and for linen canvas and ropes

for the navy.

Mrs McLennan said growing

trials had been carried out in

New Zealand and the contract

with the British governmenthad

been for 15,000 acres, although

more than that was grown

across the South Island.

She said processing the fibre

was a complicated and time

consuming process.

‘‘They stacked and stored it

and then took it to the factoryto

de­seed and dry it out.

‘‘A process called ‘retting’

submerged the bundles of stalks

in water at between 32 and 34

deg. C. to help separate the

fibres from the stem.’’

The final process of ‘‘scutching’’

removed the broken woody

pieces (shives) by beating and


Only the high quality, long

fibres, 20 inches (51cm) in

length were twisted into hanks,

tied into bundles and pressed

into bales for shipping overseas,

said Mrs McLennan.

She said processing linen flax

produced alot of effluent and

around 22per cent of crops had

been rejected for one reason or


New Zealand supplied 10,274

tonnes of linen flax to the

British between 1941 and 1948.

The Methven flax linen exhibition

runs until November and

will be followed with adisplay

about the former Methven

Maternity Hospital.

Methven Museum is open

Tuesdays and Fridaysfrom 2pm

until 4pm.




Atickfor Dianeinthe Election

will give you:

Well considered decisionmaking

Acommonsense approach to Governance

Someonewho listens andengages with


Someonewith3valuableyears experience

on thecouncil 2016 to 2019

~Authorised by Diane Rawlinson, 9Maple Lane,Ashburton

Apply forthe

Andrew Falloon MP

STEM Scholarship

Open to anyone studying Science, Technology,

Engineering, or Mathematicsatatertiary

institutionnextyear who attendsorhas been

to high schoolinthe Rangitata Electorate.

Send a500 word essayon“HowScience,

Technology,Engineering, or Mathematicscan

helpNew Zealand overcome achallenge”with

aone page CV and details of intended course

of study to

For moreinformation email

Applications close11October

Authorised by Andrew Falloon MP,

Parliament Buildings,Wellington.


Cadets muck in to deliver compost

It was all handsondeck

as Air Training Corp

(ATC)cadetsfrom 24

Squadron, along with

family and friends, set

aboutbagging and

delivering mushroom

compost at the


It was their annual

fundraising drivewhich

helpsthem get flying

time throughout the


And made possible

with the support of

Wilson Bulk Transport,

Carrfields and RX

Plastics who sponsored

the compost, transport

and packaging.

Underthe direction

of ATC unit

commander Luke

Sutton on Friday night

cadets, aged from 12

through to 19, bagged

14­tonne of the freshly

sourced compost into

25kg (40litre)bags,

before regrouping for

pre­orders delivery

around Ashburton and

Methven the next


Air Training Corp

(ATC) cadets, of 24

Squadron, (front)

Shawn Zietsman, 12,

and Lachie Chisholm,

18, with unit

commander Luke

Sutton (obscured)

during the ATC’s

mushroom compost

delivery day exercise

at the weekend.

At $5 abag and for a

good cause, it was very






Phone 308 0006

• Domestic electrical services

• New house wiring

• House rewiring &maintenance




andmuch more instore!

½ day $35 Full day $55 24 hour $85

• TV &Datawiring

• Solar installation

• HeatPumps

Call todayfor an obligation free quote

0800 287 423


Page 12, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Local news at

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 33

3October 2019

DeputyPrincipal’s Message

Term Three

Term Three has been awhirlwind of events

and activities: Course Confirmation Evening

and students choosing subjects for 2020; Year

11, 12 and 13 students’ in-College exams;

Winter Tournament Week; Open Evening and

enrolment for the Year 8students attending

College next year; Music Evening; Burnside,

Lincoln and Rangiora High Schools’ Sports

exchanges; and staff have nowwritten senior studentreports.

Term Four

Term Four will involve araft ofactivities, including those associated with

farewells to our students who are leaving Ashburton College at the end

of 2019. Wewill have the Blues Assembly wherestudents arerecognised

for their Sporting and Cultural achievements; the announcement ofthe

winning House for 2019; the Chess Match onthe Chessboard where

Staff and the Student Executive vie for trophy honours via aset game of

chess added to with copious supplies of waterasplayers are‘disposed’of;

Year 13 Graduation Ceremony; the Year 12 Prize-giving where the Head

Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl for 2020 will be

announced; Year 11 Prize-giving and the Year 13 Graduation Dinner.


These events then leave us hurtling into the real business partofthe year

–the final NCEA examinations,which startonThursday 07 November.

The accumulation of credits over the course of the year means that

students know exactly whatthey need to reach the‘magic figure’required

to gain each NCEA Level.

An NCEA study has observedthatoncestudents know (or think) thatthey

have reached that figure, the motivation to keep going and to do really

well may beaffected and this may impact onhow well they prepare for

and perform in the external examinations.

It is not that simple! Students, especially those who are hoping to gain

University Entrance from their course this year, must remember that

tertiary faculties, insetting their entry criteria for courses, are looking at

the quality of the credits that students are gaining –that is: how many

Achieved,Merit and Excellence Grades they have gained.

Listed beloware the requirements for each level:

Level1 –80Credits,including 10 Numeracyand 10 LiteracyCredits.

Level2 –60Credits at Level2or above;20Credits from anyother level.

Level3 –60Credits at Level3orabove;and 20 at Level2.

Certificate Endorsement –e.g: NCEA Level1Endorsed Excellence

Certificate Endorsed Merit – 50Credits at Merit or better

Certificate Endorsed Excellence – 50Credits at Excellence

Course Endorsement – e.g: NCEA Level2Technology

Endorsed Merit –atleast three such Credits from externally assessed

standards and at least three from internally assessed standards in asingle

school year.

Course Endorsed Merit – 14Credits at Merit or higher

Course Endorsed Excellence – 14Credits at Excellence or higher

It is clear that students must aim to do their very best at whatever level

they are studying. A consistently good, motivated attitude towards

study,achievementinschool work,and towardsperformanceinexternal

examinations, isthe kind of attitude that can play apart inastudent’s


Iwouldlike to extend to all students my very best wishes forexamination

success in this year’s NCEA examinations. A lot of hard work has been

done by students and their teachers. Soon, all of thatisput to the test….

good luck.

Helen Shore-Taylor



Red Carpet Evening

This evening showcases the amazing musical talent ofAshburton

College students. Welookforwardtosharinganevening of wonderful

entertainment with family,friends and the Ashburtoncommunity.

Tickets arenow available from the College Office.

Ashburton College Music Department presents

Red Carpet Evening



Tickets -$15

Ashburton College Auditorium


Schools Strikefor Climate Change

On Monday 23September students of Class 9V were notified about the

nationwide ‘Schools Strike for Climate Change’movement that was taking


Innovation Class Teacher Shelly Robson said that four girls decided to take

charge and organise an event tohappen here inAshburton. After sending

an email to the College Senior Leadership Team and setting up ameeting

with Principal Ross Preece, the girlshad the green lighttogoahead.

They then set up permission slips and put out amessage to all students

at the College. Onthe day, thirty-two students marched from the College

gatesat1:00pm to the AshburtonDistrictCouncil buildings.Herethey met

up with students from AshburtonBorough School.

The groups protested on State Highway 1,then moved infront of the

Council buildings, chanting ‘You will die of old age, wewill die of Climate

Change’. They then delivered their self-made placards to the Ashburton

District Council Reception before returning to College for their last lesson

forthe day.

Shelly said that the students who attended are passionate about making a

change to ensurethatthey have asustainable lifeinthe future.

(Pictured right,


Julie Mushonga,

Eirinn MacLean,

Emma Stagg.

SADD Week at College -

and Headlines We Don’t Want

Poweroutage afterfatal crash in MidCanterbury.

8-month-old among three killed in Ashburtoncrash.

Young boykilledincrash in AshburtonLakes.

Toooften we are reading harrowing headlines like these. Too often New

Zealanders arebecoming statistics on aspreadsheet no one wantstobeon.

From the 23-27 September at Ashburton College, the Student Welfare

Committee has organised SADD Week. This week involves the Head

Students and House Captains coming together and promoting messages

against dangerous driving.

Nearly 400 lives were lost on our roads in New Zealand in 2018, making it

the country’sworst annual road toll in adecade.Twentyfive of these drivers

were aged between 16-19 years.Everyone deservestofeel safeonour road

and this starts with education.

Earlier this term Year 12 students at Ashburton College participated in

the RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) Road Crash Day atthe Hotel

Ashburtonwherethey were educatedinsafedriving.

This SADD Week (Students Against Destructive Decisions), students are

encouraged to think about their driving. They are challenged to consider

their decision-making on roads, and whether they are keeping themselves

safeand making the roads asafeplacefor those around them.

Black Day–Not Talking for the School Day

On Friday27September the StudentExecutive, accompanied by the House

Captains,woreblack and were not talking during their school day. This was

to signify our forever-silent young drivers who have lost their lives on our


Theaim of doing this is forstudents to see the students in black,not talking,

and to consider that they could be another lost life onthe roads. Always

there inthe students’ minds, they can’t respond, but their presence still


(Pictured above): Students in black, with the crosses symbolising lives

needlessly lost on the roads.

Cultural Food,Fashion and Mufti Day

College wasacolourful placetobeonThursday12September (pictured

below) when the College’s StudentCulturalCommittee’s planning foran

international food,style and mufti daycame to fruition.

Committee leader

Jacklynn Afu was ably


Jade Kruger,

Romina Malabuyoc,

Altha Zamora, Zoe Diedricks,

Shania Harrison-Lee and

Joseph Collins.

The complete day was run

by the Cultural Committee,

including lightingand sound

in the Auditorium, and organising prizes forthe winners of the fashionshow.

Food Stalls

Jacklynn advised that, as for 2018, there were four stalls selling food items

ranging across the cultures of Tonga, Samoa, Brazil, Philippines, Germany

and Japan.

Awide variety of food wasonoffer for purchase,including –

• fromthe Tongan Stall –Otai (Tongan fruit drink), Chop Suey with Rice,

Keke Isite(round doughnut);

• the Filipino Stall –Pancit Bihon and Canton (chicken, rice noodlesand

vegetables), desserts and drinks of Cassava Cake, Shakoy/Lubid-Lubid

(twisted doughnut), Chocolate Crinkles; Mango Floatwith Nata De Coco

(cream, crackers, and fruit); Iced Tea Gulaman (sweetened milk with


• the Samoan Stall –Sapasui(Chop Suey)

with SalakiPakeka(Potato Salad) and

Vaifala (Pineapple drink).

• the Japanese, Brazilianand

German Stalls –Sushi and Japanese

Curry; Burritos; and Bratwurst and

Rostbratwurst (sausageand bun).

Sales at the stalls raised just over $350 with

agreementthat40% of the profits (and

in some cases donations were higher) be

donatedtosupportcostumes and travels

fornextyear’s Polyfest events.

Jacklynn said thattherewerealot of parent

and teacher helpers at the stalls, doing an


Fashion andStyle Show

This show was held in the Auditorium where approximately fifteen

participants displayedtheir national dress,showcasing avarietyofcultures.

Prizes went to two senior and two junior students, where their costumes

meantthey stood out in a‘unique’way.

Senior winners were –FredBelford(Samoa), William Wallis (Scotland).

Junior winners were –GwenZamora(Samoa), TomikaLucido (Philippines).

(Pictured left,


Gwen Zamora

(Junior Winner),


Shimee Araguas



(Junior Winner).

(Pictured right):

William Wallis

(one of the Senior


(Pictured above, left to right): Fred Belford, Winonalei Tupa,

Gwen Zamora, Shimee Araguas,Tomika Lucido, Sama Sooialo, Lalani Fifita,

Jacqueline Teulilo,William Wallis.

Mufti Day-$1034 raisedfor Ronald McDonald House

This operated alongside the food and fashion event, raising apositive

amount for the nominated cause, due to the generosity offamilies and


Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 13

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 33

3October 2019


Annual College Music Evening

Asuperb evening of entertainment was offered from College’s student

musiciansonThursday19September in the CollegeAuditorium. Therewas

asignificantly impressive range of talent on display which was enjoyed by

the appreciative audience, including the notable support ofstudents for

other students’performances.

Across seven sections, twenty eight performances took place, followed

by the hotly contested House Fest. Mention must bemade of the House

Executive which performed most creditably and entertainingly while the

judges were deliberating.

Special appreciation for the evening goes to –

Thethree judges who had achallenging task on their hands when it came

to deciding on final placings. Itwas apleasuretowelcome back in this role

former student Jesse Bruce who has studied music at Ara, and is now a

performer based in Christchurch.

Jesse was joined by Helen Hinson, a talented piano teacher based in

Ellesmere; and Alison Wakelin who is also an Ashburton College Alumni

and ahighly recognised music teacher.

The Auditioning Panel of Angie Cresswell, Michael Petrus,

Stephen Diedricks and Graham Bock.

The Technical Crew of Ron Cresswell, with students Jayden Collett,

Wilson Hiiand ClarkStewart.

College Music Tutors -Angie Cresswell, Paula Green, Michael Petrus,


Comperes –Head GirlMollie Gibson, and DeputyHead BoyCarlCayanan.

Results were –

Junior VocalSolo

1st Imogene Felton AveMaria 2nd KaseyHigson Lost Boy

3rd Ngahuia Maeva Lone Wolf (original composition)

Senior VocalSolo

1st Ocean Waitokia At Last 2nd BarbaraNabeka OneNight Only

3rd Mitchell Farr Vienna


1st MaePatterson, Ella Pearson One

2nd AmyPearson, MiaPearson Jealous

3rd Oliver Livingstone,William Wallis Scarborough Fair/Canticle

Instrumental Solo:Piano

1st JayJung Piano Medley 2nd JayMartin Nuvole Bianchi

3rd Jade Jung AWonderful DayinOctober

Instrumental Group

1st MaePatterson, Ella Pearson, Chinatsu Hunt When IWas Your Man


1st Middle Road Fire and Smoke (original composition)

Jade Kruger,Louie Pabualan,Liam Pram, Toby Woolf.

2nd Empoly8 Me Down

Joseph Collins, Christina Francis, Calais Hill,Spencer Ifopo,

BarbaraNabeka, Scott Thomson, Ocean Waitokia.

3rd SimplyPink HereComesthe Sun

Rebecca Brown, Imogene Felton, Caendal Harris, FelicityJohnston,

Ella Pearson, Maddy Young.

Original Composition

1st Middle Road Band Fire and Smoke

2nd equal Jade Kruger (Senior Vocal Solo) Other Half

2nd equal Liam Pram (Senior Vocal Solo) FlyMetothe Sun

3rd Joseph Collins(Senior Vocal Solo) This Is My Life

(Pictured clockwise

from left):

Imogene Felton,

winnerofthe Junior

Vocal Solo section.

Ocean Waitokia,

winnerofthe Senior

Vocal Solo section.


the Instrumental


House Fest Results

Always hotly contested, this year was

no exception, with high-level energetic

performances to the fore. Special

mention is to be made of House Fest

Judge, Principal Ross Preece, who

willingly extended his repertoire from

the sports field to the cultural music


4th placed Orange House 3rdplaced Green House

2nd placed Red House VictoriousWinners: Blue House

(pictured below) with the coveted trophy.

South Island SecondarySchools’Ski and


Manager forthe day, Jocelyn Johnston, said thatitwas astunning morning

at Cardrona for this event where College students Mya Johnston and

Cole Beeman were competing (pictured below, leftand right).

Jocelyn said that, although overall numbers were down, there were a

number of overseasinternational students competing,manyofwhomhad

recently competed at the NewZealand WinterGames,which made forvery

tough competition.

MyaJohnston wasfirst up in the Ladies Giant

Slalom, skiing twoclean runs to finish in avery

creditable 13th place, in atime of 1:16.99.

Unfortunately Cole Beeman slipped out on

arough course in the Men’s Giant Slalom,

but managed to complete his run to finish.

However, he was able to step it up in the

Men’s Slopestyle event with some slick style

throughout his runs,tofinish in an impressive

14th place, in atime of 52.00.


Thanks are given to Luci Beeman for

transporting the team up the mountain.

(Pictured above): MyaJohnston.

(Pictured above): Cole Beeman.

Senior Students OratorySkills’ Impress

On Tuesday24September,AshburtonCollege senior students stood in front

of their peers to deliver some extraordinary speeches.With topics ranging

from twins to finance, the audience was held captive bysome ofour most


Results were -

Alex Wood took out first place in

the Year 12 and 13 group, with an

entertaining and informative speech

about financing our futures, while

Bridget McArthur was rewarded

with second place for her speech

about toxic masculinity.

(Pictured right, left and right):

Alex Wood and Bridget McArthur.

(Pictured left, lefttoright):

In the Year 11 round,

Easterlin Faamausili was

awarded first place forher speech

about stereotypes.

Lauren Taylor placed second for

speaking about being atwin,and

TiaMcCallum placedthird with

her speech about money buying



To judges, Jac Sparks and Jeff Withington, for their time, expertise and

valuable feedback to the participants.


Golf Tournament.

Ashburton College’s Golf Team of (pictured below, left to right):

Josh Ackerley,HiromuneKakeda and Wilson Hii travelled to the Coringa

Golf Club at McLean’s Island, Christchurch, on Monday 23 September to


With a 9:30am start against

Christchurch Boys’ High

School in B Grade, they

teed off into ahowling nor’

wester and faced greens that

were fast but ‘bumpy’, due

to having been cored that


College,asthe stronger team,

was required to give away

a number of strokes, which

challenged their advantage, albeit they played well. Josh gave away three

strokes,Wilson four and Hiromune amassiveten strokes.

This was aone-off fixture against Christchurch Boys’ High School with

College playing in BGrade,while the AGrade competition washeld also.

Wilson Hiigained awin (1 strokeup),while Josh and Hiromune had close

losses of 3and 1strokes down, respectively.

Defending Champions Return to

Ka ToiMāorioAorakiFLAVA Festival

On Friday 20 September, the Ashburton College Kapa Haka Group travelled

toTimaru to attend the annual FLAVA Festival. AshColl was one of the twentythree

schools and groups from South and Mid Canterbury competing in

this cultural competition showcasing visual arts, performing arts and kapa

hakaatthe TheatreRoyal.

Aco-ordinator of the event said that schools’engagement contributed to

‘exceptional’performances at whatwas the 13th annual FLAVA Festival.

College Results

The College Kapa Haka Group completed an impressive set with a

relatively young group, with their efforts rewarded when they placed

second overall.

Sonia-Leigh Stephens-Tahuri was placed first-equal as the KaeaTuākana

Wahine (Most Outstanding Female Lead in the Senior Competition).

Kaiwhaiki Peetitūmango was also placed first-equal, as the

Kaea Tuākana Tane (Most Outstanding Male Lead in the Senior



Grateful appreciation is given toKapa Haka tutor Matua Te Huaki, and to

College teaching staff members Matua Tiipene Philip and Sarah Lassen for

their supportofand work with the students.

Kapa HakaGroup (pictured above, back row,lefttoright):

Thomas Kairau,MonaroTahapehi, Freedom-Lee Gleave,Angel Kohunui,

SoniaStephens-Tahuri, Charlie Culshaw, Shante Kereopa,

Rangaikore Makutu,Matua Te Huaki.

(Front row,lefttoright): Tarquin Kittelty-Williams,KhalaniBrightwell,

RoiMakutu, Tokoono Pori, KaiwhaikiPeetitumango.

Coming Events


20-10 Oct AshCollClassics Tour (Italy and Greece)

21-10 Oct AshCollGerman Tour

25-11 Oct AshCollTour to Japan

28-13 Oct StudentHolidayBreak


04-06 National Schools’Mountain Biking Championships,Dunedin

08-11 New Zealand SecondarySchools’Netball Championships,

College ANetball team

09 SISS CyclingTrack Championships,Invercargill

14 StartofTerm 4

14-15 Regional Girls’Cricket Tournament, Hagley Park,Christchurch

18 Staff vStudentExecutiveChess Match, lunchtime on Chessboard

19-20 South Island SecondarySchools’ Rugby7s, Timaru

22 Year 12 ChainsawDay 3, Chertsey

23 Special Olympics Swimming,Timaru

24 Whole College Assembly (Blues Awards, Head student speeches),

Period 3

RedCarpet Evening,7:00pm, College Auditorium

28 Labour Day–Public Holiday

30 BOTMeeting,Menorlue

2019 End-of-Year Final Days,Prize-Givings,Events

Parents, caregivers,family/whanau,friends and interested community

members aremost welcome at all prize-givings.


31 Year 13 final day. Students finish at 1:20pm.

Year 13 Graduation Ceremony, AshburtonTrust EventCentre,



04 Year 12 final day. Students finish at 1:20pm.

Year 12 Prize-Giving,College Auditorium, 7:30pm.

05 Year 11 final day.

Year 11 Prize-Giving,Auditorium, 7:30pm. CollegeAuditorium.


08 Leavers’Graduation Dinner,Hotel Ashburton, arrive at 6:30pm,


12 Year 10 Prize-Giving,1:30pm, College Auditorium, and Final Day

13 Year 9Prize-Giving,11:00am, CollegeAuditorium, and Final Day

Page 14, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Local news at


e l s The Kiwi Dream

Start small, slowly expand your block

People who own a

lifestyle block generally

have their goals firmly

set, or are on the way to

being, if not, achieved.

Others just setting out

on the path of owning

and running alifestyle

block, are still

considering ways of

fulfilling their dreams.

One of the first

questions owners should

consider is whether they

want to make money

from the land, or is it

purely for enjoyment of

the lifestyle?

In many cases, one or

both partners in the

venture work off farm.

The harvesting of

some food may be aby

product of owning a

small block but

enjoyment of country

living within easy reach

of town could well be the

main goal.

It may be that the goal

is to become self

sufficient by producing




“Semloh” -NC&RD Holmes

218 Racecourse Road



Saturday 19th October 2019

Commencing 10am

We have been favoured with instructions from our

vendor to hold aclearing sale of their general farm

machinery, work shop tools &sundries at the

above time &date.

Please refer toour website for afull list of items &


Outside Entries Invited

For further information:

John Harrison •027 435 6243


We’re having our own instore solutions showcase

with some never tobe repeated prices!



cut price



instore DEALS!!



Friday18 th October

10am - 6pm

Wicked Wilo

Pump Deals

490 West Street, SH1,Ashburton03 307 6388

food ­vegetables, fruit,

dairy and/or meat from

the block.

Or perhaps it is just

the enjoyment of

owning and caring for

animals, or establishing

afar larger garden than

was possible with urban

living. Or it could be

you just want apiece of

land to unwind on,

away from the hassle of



the urban living and its

overcrowded suburbs.

Clarifying these goals

will determine the

decisions made.

Many who move to

lifestyle blocks do so

with thoughts of

improving their quality

of life and fulfilling their


People can live close

to town and enjoy the

Your total heating solution

Ducted heatpump/air conditioning unit

Major suppliers of

convenience that brings,

including achoice of

jobs, while going home

to rural peace and quiet

and all its healthy


Defining priorities for

determining what type of

quality of life wanted is

important, whether it’s

about tending the land

or caring for animals, or

are you looking for a

balance between off

farm work, on farm work

and leisure.

The answer may be to

start small and slowly

expand the garden or

increase the livestock so

that adjustments can be

made to achieve the

work/life balance


Defining those ‘‘big

picture’’ ideas which

influenced the decision

Whatever the shape of the room, ducted units ensure

uniform temperatures throughout. Cool orwarm air

is ducted into the room through diffusers, discreetly

positioned in the walls or ceiling.Verylow sound levels.

The use of ducts allows air outlets to be conveniently

installed anywhereinthe ceiling,givingimproved room

aesthetics,with its unobtrusivepresence.

Phone 308 7182

On Call 021 597 517

211/D Alford Forest Rd,


to move on to alifestyle

block is important. It

may be areturn to the

land remembered fondly

from arural childhood,

it may be adesire to live

sustainably, it may be to

find aretirement hobby,

or to offer the rural

lifestyle to the children.

Whatever the reasons,

write them down and

refer to them when the

going gets tough.

Fewer lifestyle block sales last three months

There have been fewer

lifestyle block sales in the

past three months, than

in the three recorded

prior, according to latest

data from the Real Estate

Institute of New Zealand


The data shows there

were 187 less lifestyle

property sales (­9.7

percent) for the three

months ended August

2019, than for the three

months ended July 2019.

The value of lifestyle

properties sold was $5.56

billion for the year to

August 2019, with a

median price for all lifestyle

properties sold over

the same period of

$700,000. It was $55,000

higher compared to the

three months ended

August 2018 (+8.5


REINZ rural spokesman

Brian Peacocke said

sales figures for the

three­month period ending

August 2019 showed a

distinct easing in volumes

from the previous period,

but was not too dissimilar

to the equivalent time 12

months ago.

‘‘Again, the stability of

the median price at

$700,000 still indicates a

healthy market from a

national perspective.

‘‘It would appear most

regions are experiencing

asimilar tightening up of

criteria from the financial

sector, very much in line

with that being experienced

by the rural sector.’’

Overall, there were

1,745 lifestyle property

sales in the three months

ended August 2019, compared

to 1,700 lifestyle

property sales for the

three months ended

August 2018 (+2.6

percent), and 1,932 lifestyle

property sales for

the three months ended

July 2019.

Some 6,915 lifestyle

properties were sold in

the year to August 2019,

275 (­3.8%) fewer than

were sold in the year to

August 2018.



Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 15

Lifestyle e Blocks

The Kiwi Dream

Protection for top growing land

Lifestyle blocks and new subdivisions will be

far harder to develop on areas of rich soil

under the new nationwide policy statement

on highly productive land unveiled for

submissions by the government last month.

The National Policy Statement for Highly

Productive Land (NPS­HPL) aims to

‘‘protect New Zealand’s most fertile and

versatile land’’ and will be given new

protection under proposals.

‘‘Our land is aprecious taonga ­an

irreplaceable treasure and asource of life

and wellness for our country,’’ Minister of

Agriculture Damien O’Connor said.

‘‘One of the greatest challenges facing the

world right now is the need to feed agrowing

population. We have awell­earned

reputation for producing some of the best

food in the world.

‘‘Continuing to grow food in the volumes

and quality we have come to expect depends

on the availability of land and the quality of

the soil. Once productive land is built on, we

can’t use it for food production, which is why

we need to act now.

‘‘We cannot afford to lose our most highly

productive land. It brings significant

economic benefits including employment for

nearby communities, and adds significant

value to New Zealand’s primary sector,’’ he


In incubation since the 2017 election, the

draft policy was launched in amarket

gardener’s warehouse in Tuakau, set on the

deep, brown volcanic soils of Pukekohe

where much of the country’s vegetables are


‘‘If we don’t protect these soils, the price

Damien O’Connor

of vegetables will go up,’’ said Environment

Minister David Parker, who at the draft

policy launch Mr O’Connor.

The gardens are nestled near new housing

that is spreading across the flat plains and

Bombay Hills south of Auckland, where

both central and local government are

encouraging the city to grow in coming


The policy seeks to deal with fears that if

too much prime horticultural soil is lost to

housing, it will reduce New Zealand’s

capacity to grow staple foods.

The NPS seeks to control the unplanned

encroachment, particularly of lifestyle

blocks, which can carve up highly productive

land into inefficient parcels.

It will require local government to plan

for suburban expansion to try and preserve

so­called ‘elite soils’.

Mr O’Connor said highly productive land,

often found near existing towns and cities,

had become taken for granted and been

lost to food production in recent years.

Around 14 percent of New Zealand land

was considered highly productive.

Mr Parker said councils had approached

the issue on too much of an ad­hoc basis

and ‘‘the pressure for urban growth has

over­run the capacity to maintain our

productive base.’’

Asked whether it was fair to deprive the

owners of market gardening land the

chance to sell for subdivisions at higher

prices than the land is worth for

horticulture, Mr Parker said all private land

is subject to zoning and other restrictions

on its use.

‘‘The horticulture sector wants these

changes,’’ he said.

Once decisions are reached, councils will

have five years to identify and then organise

protection for areas with elite soils. Both

ministers conceded there is nothing to stop

existing landowners selling for subdivision or

lifestyle blocks, except to the extent that

those areas were already covered by

documents such as the Auckland Unitary


The new process will use adecades­old

land use category database, which the draft

acknowledges is not detailed enough for

pinpoint identification of elite soils or to

undertake the detailed spatial planning that

modern resource management regulation

will increasingly require.

Submissions on the draft NPS, due

October 10, can be made at

Financial boost

for vet graduates

Thirty­two graduate vets

will receive a financial

boost from the Voluntary

Bonding Scheme for Veterinarians

to help ease

the shortage of veterinarians

working with production

animals in our

regions, the Ministry for

Primary Industries (MPI)

announced this week.

‘‘Our Voluntary Bonding

Scheme for Veterinarians

is designed to support

and boost the

number of graduate vets

in our regions,’’ says

Steve Penno, director

investment programmes

at MPI.

‘‘It’s available for

graduates who are working

with production animals

such as cows, sheep,

and working dogs.’’

This year’s successful

recipients will receive

funding of $55,000 over

five years ­ a total of

$1.76 million.

The scheme generally

provides funding for 30

graduate vets a year,

however additional funding

was available this year

for an extra two. Since

the programme started in

February 2009 MPI has

approved funding for 318

graduate vets.

‘‘Vets play avital role

in our primary industries

and rural communities,’’

says Steve Penno.


*While stocks last


7495 .00



187 West Street,Ashburton

Phone 03 308 2055



Page 16, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Solo exhibition for Bertie

Ashburton artist Bertie Holmes

will showcase her art skills

at asolo exhibition in Methven

opening soon.

The exhibition, she says,

offers an insight into ‘‘the

many views I’ve seen that have

been my inspiration’’ over the


Inspiration comes from her

love of flowers and gardening,

from overseas trips to europe

and from the thrill and joy of

painting en plein air (outdoors).

The exhibition starts on

October 6and will be held in

the Mt Hutt Memorial Hall

Art Gallery.

It will feature at least 30

works, some big and other

smaller pieces.

Most of the works are either

watercolours or mixed media

and feature plenty ofcolour.

Bertie Holmes trained as a

primary school teacher in the

1960s, but has painted since

she was aschoolgirl growing up

in Oamaru.

‘‘I’ve painted all my life. I

have fond memories of a

Saturday art class when Iwas

10 and I’ve always loved creating


She also had a love of

gardening and that was why

flowers often featured in her


Overseas trips to Portugal,

Switzerland and Italy had been

inspirational, she said, and she

loved painting outdoors with

the subject right in frontofher.

These days she tackles

watercolours and mixed media

works, but in the past enjoyed

the challenges of oils.

Bertie Holmes has been a

member of Ashburton Society

of Arts for anumber of years

and has held a number of

positions, including president.

Her first solo exhibition runs

until November 8.

Photo: Artist Bertie Holmes

with some of the pieces that

will feature inher solo exhibition.

Local news at

QSM presented

to conservationist

Ashburton environmentalist Edith Smith has

received the Queen’s Service Medal for services

to conservation. Mrs Smith, pictured, received her

award from Governor General Patsy Reddy at a

ceremony in Dunedin. She has been associated

with conservation projects and environmental

organisations over many years and has been an

active member of the Royal Forest and Bird

Protection Society Ashburton Branch since 1983.

Her contribution has extended to advocacy,

submission writing, and organising conservation

projects to protect biodiversity in Mid Canterbury.

Kirdy honoured

at Dunedin event


Tinwald Cycling Club stalwart Don Kirdy,

pictured, received his Queen’s Service Medal from

Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy for his

services to cycling at aceremony in Dunedin on

Friday. The octogenarian has mentored cyclists,

looked after the velodrome, mown lawns and

painted tracks at the club for over four decades.

Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 17

All the fun of the fair at Fairton

There was fun aplenty

and something for everyone

at the Family Fun

Day at Fairton School.

The school, which has

39 pupils and five teaching

staff, put on agreat

event last Saturday

enjoyed by the wider

school community, and

many from further afield.

All were on site to

enjoy some school holiday

fun and to support

the school.

There were egg and

spoon races, target

shooting, digger rides,

vintage car rides, wagon

rides pulled by Clydesdale

horses, lambs to pet,

raffles, bouncy castles,

facepainting, heaps of

product and produce

stalls including car boot

sellers and food sites


The senior students

were also selling Fairton

(candy) Floss to raise

money for their senior

camp next year to Hanmer


Money raised from the

rest of the day’s activities

is going towards updating

the school’s outdoor


Photos: Top, Bella

Broadbent, 8, (right)

narrowly wins the egg

and spoon race ahead of

Eloise Openshaw, 7; top

right, Chloe Muckle, 3,

gets asmile facepainted

on her cheek; .

Two year old Clay

Masters shows his digger

skills to dad, Corey, a

professional logging

crewman, and Fairton

School Year 6 pupil

Corbin Openshaw, 11,

mans the Fairton

(candy) Floss stall at the

Family Fun Day, with

help from senior teacher

Andrea Small.

My vision forAshburtonDistrict:

Ourcountry and townspeople work as onetohelp everyone prosper

Ourdistricthas economic growth

OurCBD is revitalised

Ouragricultural sectorremainsstrong

Ourrivers areclean and healthy

Ourratesare kept affordable

OurCouncil financesare well managed

Ourcommunityreceives goodservice

Ourresidents’voices areheard

Ourchildren have goodemployment opportunities

Ournatural resourcesare sustainable

Authorised by NBrown,1138 Mitcham Rd,Ashburton.


Page 18, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Local news at


Pessimism felt in all farming sectors

New Zealand rural confidence has

takenasharp dive, withfarmers across

all sectors increasingly pessimistic

about prospects for the agricultural

economy inthe year ahead, the latest

quarterly RabobankRural Confidence

Survey has found.

Following agradual rise over the

previousthree quarters, theoverall net

rural confidence reading plummeted

to ­33 per cent in the latest survey,

down from ­2 per cent last quarter.

The survey, completed in late

August and early September, found

the number of the nation’s farmers

expecting theruraleconomytoworsen

in the coming 12 months had risen to

41 per cent (from 23 per cent last

survey), while those expecting an

improvement had fallen toeight per

cent (down from 23 per cent). Atotal

of 48 per cent were expecting similar

conditions (down from 54per cent).

Rabobank New Zealand CEO

Todd Charteris saidfarmer confidence

was now atits lowest level since the

March2016 quarter, with concern over

government policy identified by farmers

as the key factor for their

negative view.

‘‘As has been for the case for the

past four quarters, concern over government

policy remains the chief

reason for farmer pessimism, and is

cited by68percent of farmers holding

anegativeoutlook in thelatest survey.

‘‘New Zealand rural confidence has

Rabobank New Zealand CEO

Todd Charteris

dropped sharply from the previous

quarter with farmers across all sectors

nowless optimistic about the prospects

for the agricultural economy in the

year ahead.

­ Government policy remains the

key worry, with a host of other

concerns also identified.

­ Farmers’ expectations for their

own business performance also

declined across all sector groups, but

remain atnet positive levels overall.

­Dairyfarmers recorded thebiggest

drop in confidence about their own

farm business performance, while horticulturalists

remain the most optimistic.

­ Investment intentions were

marginally back onlast quarter

‘‘Government policy relating to

freshwater reform and future

greenhouse gas obligations presents a

major challenge for farmers and, at

this time, it’s clear farmers view policy

direction as the major challengetothe

future prosperity of the sector.’’

‘‘New Zealand food and agribusiness

clients, along withtheircommunities,throughthesechallenges.Indoing

so,werecognise the importanceofthis

sector to New Zealand’s economic

success over the coming years.’’

Mr Charteris said with government

policy the major source ofworry for

farmers, itwas important to note the

latest survey period concluded just

before the Government released its

freshwater policy statement on September


‘‘Given the reaction to this policy

statement from farmers and farmer

advocacy groups overrecent weeks,it’s

clear the contents of this document

have further eroded the brittle confidence

in the sector. However, we won’t

get agauge on just how significant an

impact this has had until our next

survey isreleased in mid­December,’’

he said.

Mr Charteris said in addition to

concern over government policy, the

latest survey also highlighted aswathe

of other farmer concerns.

‘‘Other reasons cited by farmers for

their pessimistic outlook includedconcern

over the performance of Fonterra,

negative public perceptions of

farming and turbulence in overseas

markets,’’ he said.

‘‘Despite farm­gate prices for New

Zealand’s’s key commodities remaining

relatively strong, there isawide

range ofconcerns now weighing on

farmers’ shoulders, and thecumulative

effect of these has seen overall

confidence slide dramatically.’’

Farm Business Performance

In line with thedropinoverallrural

confidence, the latest survey found

farmers across all sectors were also

significantly less optimistic about the

performance of their own farm businesses

in the coming 12 months, with

the number expecting their business

performance to improve declining to

24 per cent (from 31per cent inthe

previous survey). Those expecting

their business performance to worsen

roseto20 per cent(from 10 per cent),

while 55 per cent expected nochange

(down from 58 per cent).

Mr Charteris said the net farm

business performance reading of +4

per cent this survey was well back on

the +31 per cent recorded in June.

‘‘While well back on last quarter,

this isstill considerably more optimistic

thanhow farmers are feeling about

the outlook of the overall agricultural

economy and it does indicate that,

despite feeling they are under the

pump, farmers dohave some confidence

intheir operation,’’ he said.

Dairy farmers recorded the biggest

decline insentiment when it came to

the outlook for their own farm

businesses inthe year ahead. There is

now an even spread of dairy farmers

expectingtheirfarm business performance

toimprove and to worsen (both

21 percent). Similarly, sheep andbeef

farmers were splitonthe prospectsfor

their own businesses, with 20per cent

expecting animprovement and 20 per

centexpecting performance to worsen.

Mr Charteris said horticulturalists

continued to be the most buoyant of

all sectors.

Farm Investment

Farmers’ investment intentions also

fell from the June quarter, but

remained at netpositivelevels,with 23

per cent of farmers indicating they

would increase investment in the next

12 months and 17 per centanticipating

investment to decrease.

‘‘Whilewe’ve seensignificantfluctuation

in overall confidence levels over

recent years, investment intentions

have remained relatively stable, highlighting

the commitment of New

Zealand farmers to continually

improve theirfarming operations,’’Mr

Charteris said.

Conducted since 2003, the

Rabobank RuralConfidenceSurvey is

administered by independent research

agency TNS, interviewing apanel of

around 450 farmers each quarter.

Ihelp dairy farmers with power

bills that are out of control

By using my measure, reduce, measure, reducemethod and adding thesavings

directly to the farms bottom line.

Dairy shedsonaverageuse 28% more

powerthan theyshould be.

Reduction of energy useadds straight to

the businesses bottom lineaddingmuch


Farms not only usetoo much powerbut

theyalsopay toomuch forit.

Most farmersdon’tknowhow to reduce

their powerbill or simply don’thavetime to

ring around to getthe best deal.

Isee powercompaniestelling farmersthey

aregetting agood deal when they arenot.

Boosting up powerprices to giveincentives

of prompt payment discountstolureinnew

business or keep current clients.

Having abackground as arefrigeration

engineerspecialising in energyefficiency

I’veseen it all.

Clientsusing the same old tricks, reducing

heatingtimes, turning pumpsoff at times


All it really leads to is inefficientoperation

of the dairy farm.

Iuse my ownframe work I’vecreated

overthe past 13 yearstoachieve energy

efficiencyfor 100’sofclients, and dairy

farms arenodifferent.

Ihaveone main goal. To reducethe

consumption and cost of poweradairy


My strategy is to measure, reduce,


Measure the amount of poweryou use

Reduce the amountofpower youuse

Remeasure your newpoweruse

Reduce the cost of the poweryou do use.

If youcan measureityou canmanageit.

While apowerbill gives yousome good

data on what plan youare on and how

manykilowattsyou use, it doesn’tgiveyou

the real data hidden in your bill.

Did youknowthe capacitycharge on your

powerbill is basedonthe pole fusesizeat

the gate?

Do youknowwhat sizeitis?

So howdoyou knowifyou arepaying the

right amount?

Putsimply –You don’t.

Once Ihavebeen through my measure,

reduce, measure, the finalstepistoreduce

the cost.WhereIuse anationalenergy

tenderand put your powerbill out to

tender, where powercompaniesbid to be

your supplier.

If youare serious about reducing your

powerand want to act nowgivemeacallor


Are you are serious about

reducing your power?


Phone: 027266 5464 Email:

Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 19

Bovis costs top $200m

The costs of Mycoplasma bovis to the agricultural

sector continue to stack up.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) says the

eradication programme has cost more than $203million

to date ­excluding compensation to farmers.

In that respect MPI has received atotal of 1450

claims with avalue of $109.9million and has so far

completed 1100 of those, cutting cheques to farmers

valued at about $96.5million.

According to the latest figures from MPI more than

116,526 cattle and cows have been culled in just over

two years since the M. bovis eradication programme

was launched.

That’s getting close to initial estimates that around

126,000 animals would be culled during the course of

amulti­year surveillance and eradication strategy, or

around 1% of New Zealand’s cattle population.

While the ultimate cost of dealing with the disease

was high ­estimated at about $1billion ­the cull itself

was not significant in the context ofanannual kill of

more than four million cows, calves, steers, heifers

and bulls, Meat Industry Association (MIA) chief

executive Tim Ritchie said.

The eradication strategy involves surveillance and

depopulation ofinfected cattle herds.

Last year the M. bovis eradication programme

pushed the year­on­year overall cow cull during the

secondquarter, traditionally the dairyindustry’s peak

cull period, up from 470,000 tomore than 537,000


Those numbers could beashigh again this year,




ACL -Ashburton Contracting

Ltd Ph: 308 4039


Proshear Limited

Ph: 302 7541

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please call 308 7664

199 Burnett Street, Ashburton



according to the MIA.

Mr Ritchie said the majority of stock under the

MPI eradication programme were going to meat

processors and were being processed as normal, with

‘‘smaller batches’’ for testing purposes.

‘‘MPI is dealing directly with the meat processors

on acommercial basisfor the cull, though we provide

an element ofhygiene, for example with transport to

ensure that livestock trucks that have transported

cattle from infected farms are washed and cleaned.’’

Mr Ritchie said depopulation of herds where M.

bovis was detected was only expected to have a

nominal impact on New Zealand beef production.

‘‘It also doesn’t affect the safety or quality of New

Zealand meat products, either locally or for our

export markets.

‘‘It is present in other countries, but we are seeking

eradication because of its potential impacts on farm

production, animal health and also the relatively low

infection rates.’’

While those rates had been relatively stable, there

were still 292 properties under ‘‘notice of direction’’,

which restricted the movement of animals and goods

off farm and 641 properties under ‘‘active surveillance’’,

where actual testing for M. bovis had begun.

Twenty­one of the 193 properties confirmed as

having had the disease still remained on the active

list, of which the majority, 148, were in the South


‘‘Ultimately, it’s in all our interests to ensure that

the disease is under control,’’ Mr Ritchie said.

Synlait posts $82.2m net profit

Synlait posted a10percent increased net profit of

$82.2 million, in its end of year financial result.

The combination of an increase in profit plus a

total average milk price of $6.58 per kgMS for the

2018/2019 season was achieved off arevenue which

exceeded $1 billion for the first time.

Synlait Chair Graeme Milne said was a very

pleasing result to be able to announce for Synlait.

Synlait CEO Leon Clement said three points stood

out in the performance.

‘‘Firstly, we delivered a strong financial result,

supported our customers to grow and create value,

while improving our operational efficiency.

‘‘Secondly, we invested in our future by bringing on

new facilities and people capability that position us

well for continued growth.’’

‘‘Finally, we clarified and focused our direction

with anew purpose, ambition and strategy, that aligns

our people and stakeholders toacommon goal.’’

‘‘In summary, our team delivered astrong result,

invested in our future, and clarified our direction.’’

The results saw revenue exceed $1 billion for the

first time, which was an increase of 17% to $1,024.3

million; operating cashflow increased 39 percent to

$136.7 million; salesvolumes increased 21,093 MT or

16 percent to 149,730 MT; consumer packaged infant

formula volumes continued to grow, up 21% to

42,907 MT; and average milk price of $6.58 per kgMS

for the 2018/2019 season, made up of abase milk

price of $6.40 and an additional $0.18 inincentive


Synlait’s financial result was characterised by

ongoing growth in infant nutrition volumes, strong

efficiency gains (signalled at half year), and an

expansion in lactoferrin capacity and resulting sales.

These factors help contribute to an increase in total

gross profit of 12 percent.

Expenditure lifted in line with this growth, but

importantly much of this increased investment was in

areas that support future opportunities.

Notably, operating cashflow increased 39 percent

to $136.7 million, reflecting the strong underlying

performance of the business and ability to fund our

investment programme.

Synlait’s financial performance was supported by

their sustainability agenda as commitments made last

year were progressed.

The included New Zealand’s first large­scale

electrode boiler being switched on at Synlait

Dunsandel in March 2019.


Brought to you by your

local insurance brokers

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Water quality consultation

‘‘Water quality is very important to all

New Zealanders and our communities.

Dairy farmers are part of the community,

like everyone else, and we want to

see improvements,’’ says DairyNZ chief

executive officer Dr Tim Mackle.

Dr Mackle was speaking of the initial

six­week timeframe of the Essential

Freshwater consultation. It has since

been extended by two weeks.

Farmers need to have afair chance to

input into this process. They needtime to

consider the proposal and weigh upthe

impact on their farms, families and

communities, Dr Mackle said.

‘‘Essential Freshwaterwill significantly

impactthe way we farm in New Zealand.

If this process is to have any integrity the

Minister must extend the consultation

periodtoallow farmerstime to digest the

proposal and engage in a meaningful


‘‘Spring is abusy time for farmers with

calving, lambing and mating. They have a

lot on their plate at the moment and this

is adding to it.

‘‘At the end of the day, farmers are

farmers, not policy people. Ican’t recall

atime in our history that we have had to

ask them to write this number of

submissionsinone season­Zero Carbon

Bill, the pricing ofagricultural emissions

and now Essential Freshwater.

‘‘The huge numbers of farmers showing

up at the small number of public

meetings really speaks to the interest and

anxiety of the rural sector at the moment.

It also shows how much farmers want to

engage with the process in aconstructive


Warm &Healthy Affordable Homes







03 352 0252 or 027 518 1346

Dr Tim Mackle


‘‘We are seeing public meetings where

the Ministry for the Environment has set

up 200 chairs and had more than double

that number show up.

‘‘The level ofinterest should be of no

surprise to the Government. Farmers

have been working extremely hard over

the last two decades to improve water


The complete consultation information

and submissions can be made via

Dairy farmers are encouraged to

review the proposed Essential Freshwater

Package and provide submissions

by its initialclosing date of October 17 or

by its extension date of October 31at


Page 20, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 21


Page 22, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019


Is your Will


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Mid/South CanterburyContinuous Spouting





Askabout our large capacityspouting for

commercial and farmbuildings

Residential –fascia, gutter and downpipes

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26 years

Your new spouting proudly installed by

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Local news at

Council lifeline for

aquifer recharge trial

By John Keast

Mid Canterbury’s aquifer recharge

trial has been given alifeline by the

Ashburton council just days after

Environment Minister David Parker

spoke highly of the research.

The council, in its final meeting

of the term, agreed on the motion

of councillors Stuart Wilson and

Leen Braam to grant the Hinds

Water Enhancement Trust (formerly

the managed aquifer

recharge governance group)

$125,000 from its economic

development fund.

But there was stiff opposition

from several councillors who questioned

whether the money should

come from that fund.

Outgoing councillor Russell Ellis

­who cannot stand in the coming

term because his nomination was

ruled invalid ­said the public had

not had achance to have their say

on whether economic development

money should go to such acause.

Cr Peter Reveley said it was a

great project, but the money should

not come from economic development.

Council, he said, had already put

a‘‘heck of alot of water’’ into the


Cr Selwyn Price said he was also

opposed. He had seen no business

case and it was ‘‘just ludicrous and

❛How many times

have you been told of

the results?❜



But mayoral aspirant Neil Brown

said there had been abusiness case

given to council just six months ago,

and council needed to move forward

in its support.

Cr Lynette Lovett said the project

­toboost underground water

levels and dilute nitrates ­would

benefit the whole community.

Cr Mark Malcolm said he did not

support it, but retiring councillor

Alastair Urquhart said the money

would be as well spent there as


There was also support from Cr

Diane Rawlinson, who said the

$125,000 would be matched by the

regional council.

Mayor Donna Favel, the council’s

representative on the Hinds

water trust, also supported it, and

said Mr Parker was excited by the

project’s possibilities.

Cr Stuart Wilson said the debate

was a debacle ‘‘with the same

speakers going on and on’’.

He said some of those in opposition

were ‘‘negative’’.

‘‘How many times have you been

told of the results?’’

He said council did not have to

ask ratepayers every time it spent

some money.

Cr Price said no­one was disputing

the value of the project, but

disputing how economic development

money was spent.

The Hinds Water Enhancement

Trust is also awaiting the

outcome of its application to

Shane Jones’ Provincial Growth

Fund for $950,000.

The trust chairman, Peter

Lowe, said if that money did not

come through, the trustees would

have tothink seriously about the


He spoke tocouncil about the

project, and said a planned

recharge site would likely benefit

the Hinds potable supply and an

existing recharge site near Mayfield

would help its supply.

There, water from the RDR

was fed into the Hinds river bed.

The trust was looking at asite

north of the original site.

The original site targeted an

area of high nitrates and had

‘‘worked brilliantly’’.

The trust’s Year 3reportwould

be with council shortly.

Three councillors sign off

Three councillors have signed off ­

but one, Russell Ellis,may be back.

At the end of each term of

council, retiring councillors are

farewelled, and also speak about

their time at council.

Cr Stuart Wilson spoke of Cr

Ellis, who wanted to stand but

whose nomination was ruled out of

order; Cr Selwyn Price spoke of

retiring long­term councillor Peter

Reveley, and Cr Diane Rawlinson

spoke of retiring councillor Alastair


Cr Wilson said Cr Ellis, since

being elected in 2013, had


‘‘We will miss your wise input in

abig way,’’ hesaid.

‘‘I hold you in the highest


Cr Ellis said he was hoping he

could reappear.

Did council get every decision


‘‘No, but we get most of it right,’’

he said.

Sometimes, he said, councillors

had to make tough decisions ­and

any intending councillor needed to

talk about water.

Cr Ellis thanked councillors and

staff for their support. Cr Price said

he knew he and Cr Reveley would

see eye to eye ­asboth were short.

He said Cr Reveley was elected

in 2004, had been in conflict with

various mayors, and his expertise

was valued and respected.

He was alone in that he had

stood in and been elected in every

ward and was a true man of


Cr Reveley said he had got to an

age when it was time to move on.

He said he had stood his ground

over astopbank ­and got it ­got

offside over the Mayfield water

supply and ‘‘got offside with many

in here but stuck with it’’.

He said climate change was a

‘‘new disease ­and no­one will ever

change my mind onthat’’.

He said the Ashburton museum/

gallery building was one reason he

‘‘bailed out’’ mid­term to spend

more time on the farm.

Cr Rawlinson said she had

known Alastair Urquhart for 25


He farmed at Erewhon and Mt

Potts and, later, Dromore and

stoodin2013 and got in with ahigh


She said he was aman of quiet


Cr Urquhart said he was elected

on his 40th wedding anniversary

and had arocky start after being

told at aworkshop he could only

comment ‘‘on the information

before us’’.

He said council was abig learning

curve and hewas accused of

having a conflict of interest over

the proposed second bridge and

was let down by some poor advice.

He said his second term was

much more pleasant and ‘‘good

luck with trying to mopupthe shed

up the road’’.

Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 23

Peaceful haven for rare mudfish

By Toni Williams

Arable farmer Ian Mackenize, and

his wife, Diana, opened their

Eiffelton property in Mid

Canterbury, to Foundation for

Arable Research’s Women In Arable

group, to have aclose up look at how

farming and environment protection

can work hand in hand.

Mr Mackenzie, athird generation

farmer on the Akaunui Farm site,

spoke about the efforts to help

protect the endangered mudfish

which live in the farm’s Purakaunui


The Mackenzies, even after more

than 25 years dealing with mudfish

on farm, were still learning about the

rare breed as there were few people

who knew alot about them.

The waterway, which winds about

1.5km through the farm ends with a

series of pond sites, and is inhabited

by mudfish.

Over many years, the wetlands on

the farm have been protected and

planted to improve water quality and

support ahealthy population of

mudfish and other native species.

It’s apeaceful haven for nature to


Mr Mackenzie spoke about the

mudfish on the property which were

one of the biggest population of the

world’s rarest freshwater fish.

He had live samples for the women

to view caught with aspecially

crafted cage trap.

Alot of money and alot of time

has gone into the wetlands

development which included five or

six hectares and water system.

‘‘If you have one of the world’s

rarest fish species on your property

you should look after it,’’ he said.

‘‘We like it because it’s quite nice

out here, it’s pretty cool.’’

There were also wild eels in the

creek but among the wetlands were

bird life such as Grey Teal, Paradise

Ducks, Kingfishers, Heron, Fantails,

Pukeko and Shovelers which were all

‘‘pretty spectacular and of course

they’re living off the frogs,

cockabillies and the mudfish that live

in the creek, so everything is


The mudfish, on site, lay their eggs

in late winter and when they hatched

in September/ October they were

clear, and like whitebait, swam

openly in large shoals.

As they grew, their colour got

darker and they started to hide from

predators such as the airborne black

shag or water predators like heron,

kingfishers and eel.

They hid under the shade of native

plants like carex and flax and fed at


There were higher levels of

mudfish in the creek where eels did

not swim.

The Mackenzie family farming

operation is diversified, producing

grain, seeds, meat and milk ­all

under irrigation.

Mr Mackenzie, who is a

shareholder in alocal engineering

business, also has experience in

governance roles having served on

the boards of several commercial

businesses, charitable and

community groups, government and

NGO groups.

He has served some years on the

regional council transport committee

but is better known for his

involvement with water and the


Through his various roles with

Federated Farmers, at aregional and

national level, he has been involved

in trying to help develop

environmental policies that underpin

arational strategy for water and the

environment that does not destroy

our social and economic wellbeing.

He was an inaugural member of

the Canterbury Water Management

Strategy and was part of the process

for developing the concept of sub

regional zone committees and he

served several years on the national

Land and Water Forum. Mr

Mackenzie encouraged farmers with

land not suitable for farming to

consider making their own wetland.

Check out the video at


Chiropractor Debra Curtin has been based in

Ashburton for the past eight years, trading as

Ashburton Chiropractic.

Debra was drawn to becoming achiropractorafter

experiencingher ownhealth issues.

She graduated from Macquarie University in

Sydney, Australia, in 2003 and worked inavariety

of clinics before settling in Ashburton.

Debra is fascinated by how well-being can be

influenced by the health of the spine and the

nervous system.

The term chiropractic means ‘‘done by hand’’ to

encourage changes to spinal joint subluxations

where joints arenot movingwell. Over timethese

joints can become sticky and interrupt the innate

intelligence of the nervous system and nerve

transmissions between the brain andthe body.

It is abit likeanelectrical short circuit.

When the nerve transmissions do not perform

correctly, this can lead to changes in muscle

behaviour, postureand ultimatelyaperson’sability

to move withease.

Debra’s interest in health has continued toevolve

into investigating genes andhow theymay impact

on our general health.

Her particular interest focuses on liver gene

function and how this can become disrupted by

foods, environment, life decision, stress, traumas

and genes themselves.




The liver plays ahuge role in the biochemical

detoxification of the body which allows for the


However ifthe liver becomes disrupted it can

cause us to feel unwell.

Debra is available for people wanting to learn

more about howtheycan improve their health.

Phone 3089516 to schedule an appointment time.

Injury Prevention


• Relief from


• Improvedhealth and

injury prevention

• Move, heal,rest,


• ACC registered

First Floor Smith &Church Building

Moore Street, Ashburton

03 308 9516


•Quality assured

•Comprehensive checks

•Personalised services

•Trendy styles

•Affordable pricing

Hours- Sun: 10am to 4pm;

Mon &Tue: 8am to 6pm; Wed: 8am to 4pm

Thu, Fri, Sat: Closed.

*Wetakeaerhours by appointment

David Atkinson, Optometrist

Debra Curtin


65 Tancred Street,Ashburton

Phone: 307 8988



Page 24, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019


‘All YouCan Eat’ –Authentic Filipino and Asian food

Dandin’s Buffet restaurant

owners Sonia and

Patricio Dandin have

spent years making

tantalising authentic

Filipino and Asian dishes

for others to enjoy.

Their restaurant, in the

Ashburton Triangle


opened just over a year

ago and follows on from

the success of their former Carinderia Buffet

restaurantwhich wasinBurnett Street.

They use ingredients sourced locally tomake

their tastydishes.

Now conveniently located right next door to

their Filipino Dairybusiness,Sonia and Patricio

spend time between the businesses offering

an authentic Filipino foods in the dairy, as well

as cooked along side Asian dishes.

Their ‘all you can eat buffet’, which costs $20,

has dishes such as chicken pastel, lechon

kawali, pansit bihon, chop suey, pork adobo,

spring rolls and rice.

It is available every day with dine-in or


They are open from

11.30am until 2.30pm,

then reopen again

for dinner between

5.30pm to 9pm.

Sonia, who was featured

on Filipino television

beamed to 2.4million

viewers, is often visited

by touring Filipino

and Asian groups.

They also offer catering options for any large

event or small gathering. Their premises

can accommodate up to 50 diners in-house,

but off-site they have catered for up to 250

people in the past and will set up food and

decorations as required.

Sonia says the popular ‘all you can eat buffet’

has adifferent menu every day, which is all

freshly cooked and hot.

Choices includes dishes of meat, seafood,

vegetables, drinks and desserts are also


Call in and check out the food selection

available in their popular buffet.

Fill your tummytoyour heart’scontent

or shop your Asian groceryitems


“All YouCan Eat”

Dine In or

Take Away

We serve choices of



We also offer catering services.

Unique jewellery

Unique Jewellery isaptly named. Asthe only

manufacturing jeweller in Mid Canterbury,

the skills offered provide the opportunity for

clients to have a special piece of jewellery

designed and made especially forthem.

Unique Jewellery takes pride in only ever

making one version of anything hence


Consultation is extremely important with the


their ideas and vision, as well as offering

expert advice on the suitability ofstones and

materials, colours and designs. Sketches and

drawings can be provided to ensure requests

have been understood.

Whether it is the creation of anew piece, the

remodelling of an existing one, orthe use of

stones from aring,brooch or necklaceinanew

setting,the client is included in everystep.

Achoice ofstones can be made available for

clients to choose from.

Owner and jeweller, Adrian Waddell spent 15

years overseas working with jewellers and

pearl producers in Australia and England,

gaining knowledge of the latest techniques

and designs. Unique Jewellery opened in



Ashburton’s only on-site jewellery

Local news at

Ashburton inlate 2004, when hedecided to

returntoNew Zealand.

As well as manufacturing and remaking

jewellery, Adrian is an expertinrepairs. Broken

clasps, lost jewels and much more can be

fixed inAshburton. All repairs are done on

site, ensuring the jewellery never leaves the



of astunning modernpieceofjewellery, call at

Unique Jewellery.

Open 10am-9pm l 104 Victoria St, Ashburton 7700 l (03) 307 2403 /021 061 9460

Custom made just foryou

Ashburton is thehome of

MacrocraftFurniture, the


which specialises in

custom made pieces.

Some clients know

exactly whattheywantin

design, timber,colour,and

fittings. Some arrive with a

photograph, while others

have avision which needs

to be interpreted.

Whichever it is, staff

work closely with clients

to ensure the finished product iswhat the


Avariety ofsolid timber is available including

macrocarpa, pine, New Zealand oregon and

American oak.

An extensive range of furniture can also be

found on the shop floor but with sales from

Auckland to Stewart Island, many customers

make their choicefromthe company’s website.

Deliverycan be arranged nationwide.

The range of furniture is large. There is

everything from small pieces such as trays,

and magazine and wineracks through to large

dining tables or bedroom suites, There are

hall and coffee tables, bookcases and desks,

entertainment units and chests through to

outside benches,tables and bar leaners.

Owners Carol Greer and Dayle Prichard place

strong emphasis on high-quality service and

products,along withcustomer satisfaction.

Designs continue to change asthe company

strives to keep up with moderntrends.

Macrocraft Furniture also imports wooden

furnituredirect from China and Vietnam giving

the customer wholesale prices.




PHONE 307 6663


Jewellery for Unique People

designs -manufactureacture -remakes -repairs -valuations

Hanham Concrete has been providing quality

concrete products and services in the South

Island since1952.

Our product range now includes wing walls

and reinforced concrete pipes, which have

been tested by astructural engineerand arein

excess of Class 4. The pipes are aheavy walled

pipe madeusing 50mpa concrete.

We also now supply Kiwi Cattlestops, arobust

quality cattlestop which we manufacture on

sitefor Kiwi Cattlestops Levin.

From custom concrete solutions to our tried

and tested water troughs, concrete bunkersand silage pits,our family businessishappyto

help with all of your concreteneeds.”





Recycled Pine

Butchers Block,marble top




Oak CoffeeTable

1.2m long


furniture EST 1992

HOURS: Monday-Friday 8am -5pm; Saturday10am-3pm

103 South Street,


Ph 308 0417



Feed Troughs

Precast panels

Silage Pits




Gully Trap Surrounds


Cattle Stops



Phone 308 4816 •205 Wilkins Road,Tinwald




Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 25


Tempting treats to tantalise the tastebuds

Tharina Nel, of The Cakelady Ashburton,

can make any food lover’s dream come

true from delectable cakes, cupcakes and

muffins dripping with chocolate or icing, to

confectionery nougat treats, through to her

sweet and savoury range of pies and quiches.

Tharina has been creating mouthwatering

delights for family, friends, café’s

and restaurants for the past decade.

She started baking as something to do

when her children were young and enjoyed

it so much it’s become a labour of love.

She opened her Ashburton-based

business in early 2017, and her impressive

creations have taken on their own

popularity and are enjoyed far and wide.

Tiered wedding cakes, novelty birthday cakes,

food forspecial occasions or anyevent in need

of sweet treats or some savoury selections,

The Cakelady Ashburton can make them all.

Tharina has her own favourite recipes,

which are ‘tried and tested’ and in many

flavours, but will make cakes from supplied

recipes to match any special requests.

She can also make cakes for Gluten Free,

Keto, Dairy Free, Egg Free and Vegan diets.

Tharina likes to know exactly what is

in her cakes so makes everything from

scratch, including jam fillings and curds.

She can hand-craft her cake decorations

to replicate photographs or objects and

in the past has crafted many treasured

animals, or sports and hobby themed

such as golf bags and vehicle cakes.

She likes people to seeand tasteher products


She will be at the Leeston Spring Fling (October

6) and MethvenHighCountryFete(November)

and the Ashburton Hospice Christmas Tour

and Market in the Ashburton Arcade on

December 1but can be contactedany time via

TheCakelady Ashburton Facebook page.


Bespoke FurnitureCraftsman

Craftsman Chris Thompson, of Thompson

Woodworking, makes timeless furniture

pieces, handcrafted tothe finest detail and

custom made to fit anyspace, large or small.

The Ashburton based designer/maker is

also an experienced boat builder, who

began his professional woodworking

career more than 40 years ago as a

boat builder in the United Kingdom.

He grew up in Christchurch and has decades

of experience making unique, high quality


His hand-crafted pieces include stylish pieces

to complement any bedroom, dining room or

living space such as dressers, cabinets, chests,

dining tables,chairsand entertainmentunits.

Chris can craft

uniquely designed

chests of drawers to

fit any space, blanket

boxes, coffee tables,

display cabinets

and make-up tables.

As well as conventional

furniture, the designer

in Chris has come

up with a specialty

floating display


``You can draw

plans on apiece

of paper, but it

is not until you

make it in full

size, anditcomes

to life thatyou can tell if yougot it rightornot.

He says,“Youcan be the judge of that- it’s my

homage to the men who have been agreat


Chrisspentthe 1980’smaking furniturebefore

working with ajoinery firm specialising in the

interior of super yachts and launches,and then

restoring old wooden boats.

He has also fitted out caravans,

motorhomes and tiny spaces drawing

on his unique skills and experience.

Working with a variety of wood materials

including Matai timber,Rimu and Elm,

Chris can transform any piece ofwood and

bring it to lifewith bespoke furnituretosuit.

To see some of Chris’ work, ortocontact him

about securing your own unique piece, visit

If you can dream it,

Ican bake it!

Bedroom, Occasional &Dining Furniture

Boat repair &build




The Cakelady


Tharina Nel: 027 502 7606



Phone 027 434 5668



We have your trailers covered!

Staff at Helmack Engineering know athing or

two about trailers –after all, the company has

beenbuilding them for43years.

While the components are similar to those used

in the early days, acouple of design changes

during the years has meant the trailers are now

much stronger.

The extensive range of trailers, from standard

designs to custom built to suit individual client’s

needs, arefinished using hot dippedgalvanised.

Helmack Engineering has just completed a

special trailer order for aapiarist. Whether it be

single axle or tandem axle, heavy duty orfor a

low loader or farm bike, Helmack can offer a


Staff know what works and can offer expert

advice on the best model to suit a client’s


The emphasis of the business remains on

motor body building, with everything from

linehaul to town delivery trucks, from tippers to

curtainsiders and flatdecks.

TheSupreme range of horse floats,manufactured

by the company in Ashburton, remain a

significantpartofthe business,with afull range

of sizes and types offered.

The10staff in the engineering departmenthave

manyyearsofservicebetween them, much of it

at HelmackEngineering.This longevityofservice

means experience inall types of engineering

work and significantknowledge and skill.

The company stands behind its products and

offers service and repair to vehicles it builds.

Replacement wheel bearings, brakes, and

axles can be supplied and fitted through the

company’srepair service.

From trailers to truck bodies, from utility decks

to horsefloats, and for dog kennels, Helmack

Enginnering can supply them all.








•Hot dipped galvanised


•2100 x1225mm

•2440 x1225mm

•2440 x1530mm


•2440 x1225mm

•2440 x1530mm

•3070 x1530mm


Hot dipped galvanised


Box –600 x600 x600 | Run –750 x750 x1500


Box–750 x750 x750 | Run –900 x900 x1500

Also available in:Double, Treble and Quad Complete

units or components

Variety of

sizes available,

checkout our



92 Dobson Street, Ashburton | Phone 03 308 4867


Page 26, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019



Mainland Coachwork Limited isasuccessful

and creative manufacturer of horse trucks/

coaches and horse floats.

They arebased at JBCullen DriveinAshburton

and their products are delivered throughout

New Zealand.

Owners Rodney Greaney and Paul Chapman

have more than 30years' experience inthe

coach building trade.

Their passionate, high calibre team provide

exceptional workmanship, building on time

and on budget.

They enjoy forming strong connections with

their clients to better understand their needs

fortheir horses.

Paul has worked for more than 15years for

alocal bus and motorhome repair business

and Rodney is a qualified coach builder,

manufacturing replica D-type and E-type

Jaguar racing cars in the early years, then

busesand nowhorse coaches and horse floats.

They can create a simple horse float or

a luxurious horse palace built to your

specifications in arange of sizes from entry

level to executivemodels.

Their horse floats are manufactured to order

and can also include entry level, tandem and

wide track models.

“When you deal with Mainland Coachwork

your new horse coach or horse float will be

built to suit your individual needs (no run of

the mill here) and will be built to the highest


“Our close knit team is fully qualified and

strives for perfection on every build. Coming

in on time and on budget.''

If you are looking for acustom built horse

coach or float give the team at Mainland

Coachwork acall.


Local news at

Page Engineering ...old into new

Page Engineering, in

Ashburton’s Riverside

Industrial Park, isafamily

owned and operated

engineering company

meeting the needs of the

district’s agricultural and


The business specialises in

truck to trailer conversions,

turning old trucks into new

and usable farm trailers.

They have afully equipped

mobile work truck for onfarmrepairs.

All the staff are highly

experienced and come

from either an agricultural

background or are trade


No job toobig or small.

Page Engineering are

suppliers and installers of

PowerTarps retractable

truck covers.

From simple horse floats to luxurious horse coaches

Horse Coaches:

•Mainlander •Huntsman •Executive


Horse Floats:

•StandardTandems •Wide Track •WideTrack SL

•WideTrack XL •WideTrack Angle Loader

19 J.B. Cullen Drive, Ashburton

Phone 307 8353



Grain Buckets

• 2.4 to 3m buckets

• 2m² capacity

• Eurohookattachment

Shingle/Grain Trailers

• 12-15 tonne tip trailers

• Removable or fold down sides

• Hydraulic braking options

• Grain bins

• Grain bin extensions

Ph: 03 308 8980, Mob: 021 039 5250


25 Robinson Street,

Riverside Industrial Estate,Ashburton

Loader FillingBins

• Hydraulic opening

• Eurohook attachment

• Holds 1T bag of fertiliser

Natural pet food range to suit pets nationwide

Simply Pet Foods is alocally

owned and operated

business making their own

pet food range to meet the

needs of pets throughout

the country.

New owners Carrie and

Sam Collett still offer a

range of specialty fresh and

frozen pet foods, sourced

from the rich pastures

of Mid Canterbury and

beyond, but also have bird seed and a

new range of pet accessories including

collars, pet beds and grooming tools.


Foods beforetaking over in July this year.

Andit’sanopportunitythe couple,along

with the older of their four children aged

3to14, areenjoying.

“Our variety ofraw and chewy meats

ideally suit the digestive systems of our

cats and dogs who, like their ancestors

in the wild, struggle to

process anything else.

“We also have our own

mobile abattoir offering

services through Mid

Canterbury and linking the

natural animal food chain.

And offer Nutrience dried

food range forkittens to cats

and puppies to large dogs.’’

“Wealso ship nationwide.’’

Simply Pet Foods creates

high quality, all natural foods for

your beloved animals, whether

they’re pets or working farm animals.

Located at 99 Archibald Street, in

Tinwald, Ashburton between the

Green Grocer and Tinwald Tavern

there is plenty of off-street parking.

The retail shop is open Monday to

Thursday from 9am to 5pm, late night

Friday until 6pm, and Saturdays from

9am to 4pm.

Wind Art–apiece forevery garden

Artist Charlie Jaine specialises in

custom-made steel artworks which

come in all shapesand sizes,and add

aunique focal point toany space.

Charlie, is a born and bred

Ashburtonian. He spent his

younger years engineering

farm equipment from scratch

and farming before recognising

his true talent five years ago.

He enjoys creating artworks

which is a complete change from

being a fourth generation farmer.

He says unlike farming from

one season to another, his work

right now will last in people’s

gardens for generations to come.

His favourite creations to make

are the large garden sculptures

which move fluidly, and

quietly in the wind without fail

He says there isapiece for every

garden and he is open to doing

commission pieces. All of Charlie’s

sort-afterworks have ahigh standard

of finish and craftmanship.

Charlie has a workshop in

Ashburton and promotes his

artworks at shows, fairs and fete’s

around the country including

Geraldine Summer Fete, the

Wanaka A&P Show and by word

of mouth, as his creations can

be found in homes and gardens


Shipping is no issue.

There isalso adedicated Charlies

Workshop by Charlie Jaine

Facebook page for anyone

wanting to view some of his

work on-line and make contact.

Charlie is working on some pieces

for his site at the Ashburton A&P

Show on November 1 and 2

and will have be acouple of his

larger creationsfor people to view,

as well as arange of his medium

and smaller pieces, which could

be inspiration for people wanting

to commission Charlie for their

ownunique garden piece.

“Come andsee our friendlystaffin-store today”

Phone (03) 307 8996

027 312 5756 l 99 Archibald Street,Tinwald





PHONE 307 6663












027 440 8402





Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 27

Aclimate for change ­60march in to town

Around 60 students and

teachers from Ashburton

College and Ashburton

Borough School marched

and gathered at Baring

Square West on Friday to

voice their concerns about

the environment and the

affects of climate change.

Marching as part of the

third nationwide School

Strike 4Climate day, some

students displayed banners

with bleak messages saying

‘We can do better’, ‘There

is no planet B’, ‘Stop climate

change before it stops

us’, ‘Learn to change, or

learn to swim’, ‘Cut down

on CO2 emissions’ and

‘You’ll die of old age, we’ll

die of climate change’.

Other students belted

out catchy warning slogans

to get their messages and

feelings across.

A number of passing

motorists on nearby State

Highway 1 honked their

horns to acknowledge the

awareness efforts of the

young marchers, who are

backing the declaration of a

climate emergency.

Marchers then moved

across to the main entrance

of Ashburton District

Council’s offices to further

share their concerns.

The Ashburton marchers

joined thousands of others

from around the country to

take part in climate change

marches. The marches have

been inspired by an international

movement sparked

by Swedish teenager

Greta Thunberg.

Canterbury drivers over­estimate their own ability

New research into road

safety and driver attitudes

has found many

drivers in Canterbury

over­estimate their ability

and blame others for

road­safety problems.

The research was done

by Research First for the

Hurunui, Kaikoura, Waimakariri,

Selwyn, Ashburton,

Waitaki, Timaru,

McKenzie and Waimate

district councils, Environment

Canterbury and the

New Zealand Transport

Agency to determine

region­specific attitudes

and perceptions towards

road safety. Councils

across Canterbury work

together to address driver

problems, saysWaimakariri

District Mayor and

Canterbury Regional

Road Safety Working

Group chairman David


‘‘Infrastructure and

vehicle safety improvements,

speed management

and enforcement

only go so far in keeping

road users safe,’’ he says.

‘‘We still need to

ensure we have road

users who take responsibility,

are skilled, competent,

alert and unimpaired.’’

Waimakariri District

Council road safety coordinator

Kathy Graham

says all drivers need to do

an honest appraisal of

their driving. ‘‘Manyofus

feel other drivers are the

ones who need to drive

better, or we believe it is

reckless drivers, or that

the people who crash are

taking risks.

‘‘Howeverweare regularlyseeing


district involving people

who drive the same route

every day. They know the

areawell, yet they still fail

to fully stop at an intersection

and don’t see

another car approaching,

or theyare distracted and

end up running off the

road, sometimes with

serious consequences,

particularly on our higher

speed roads.’’

Forty percent of those

surveyed rated their own

driving ability as above

average, while the same

group considered 70% to

be only average drivers.

Nearly half rated aggressive

and impatient drivers,

and those using cellphones,

as serious risks.

Distracted drivers and

speeding drivers were

also abig concern.

Collisions at intersections

and high traffic volumes

were considered

the most serious risks.

Page 28, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Inner Wheel hands over $500

At the recent annual changeover at Ashburton Inner Wheel, outgoing president Judy Kingsbury

presented Olive Anstiss, representing the Westpac Helicopter Service, with acheque for $500. The

money was raised by the club during the 2018/19 year. (Photo supplied)

Trust approves funding of $124,089 in September round

The Community Trust

of Mid &South Canterbury

has approved

$124,089 to 24 organisations

in its September

funding round.

Locally, Mid Canterbury

Riding for the

Disabled received

$5,000, Tinwald Pony

Club was given $1,500

for replacement uniforms

and Ashburton

Swim Team $3,300 for


Ashburton Baptist

Church was given a

$10,000 operating

grant to run a debt

centre that supports

Ashburton families

recovering from debt

crisis and helps them

find pathways tofinancially



Funding to other

health, community and

recreational groups

included the South

Canterbury Multiple

Sclerosis Society

($10,000), Parkinson’s

New Zealand

($10,000), The Stroke

Foundation of New

Zealand ($3,000), CCS

Disability Action South

Canterbury Inc

($10,000), the RNZ

Foundation of the

Blind Inc ($2,000 digital

audio books), Life

Education Trust Mid

and South Canterbury

($8,500) and Squash

Midlands ($5,000 in

wage funding for a

newly established management/administration


The trust also contributed

$10,000 to the

Gloriavale Leavers’

Local news at

Methven Community Board briefs

Playground equipment

has been installed at

Camrose Estate after a

number of delays. Edging

work and the supply

and installation of surface

material, such as

mulch and matting, still

needs tobecompleted.

Some disputes relating

to the playground are

still unresolved.

There are noyoung

people from Methven

on the AshburtonYouth

Council (AYC). Thelast

recruitment drive

visited Ashburton College,

but not Mount

Hutt College. The next

recruitment drive will

visit Mount Hutt and

AYC members also

intend sitting in on a

Methven Community

Board in the future and

may bringthe Skate Jam

to Methven as well.

Safe Communities

co­ordinator Lesley

Symington will meet

with MCB early next

year to present on the

Safe Communities project.

She will work with

MCB to create asimilar,

but smaller project for


A group of third

year Otago School of

Medicine students

visited Methven inJuly

as part of a long running,

annual community

contact programme. The

glimpse into rural health

included trips to the

medical centre, Search

and Rescue and Methven

Primary school. MCB will

pass on a donation of

$500 from the university

to Methven St John.

A by­election is on

the cards in Methven

after just four candidates

put in their hands to fill

five places on Methven

Community Board. The

process is likely to start in

early November and will

come at acost to Ashburton

council. If more than

one candidate application

is received, voting will

need totake place.

Pizza may be on the menu

A pizza oven is being

considered as a possible

additional income source

at Ashburton Trust Event

Centre (ATEC).

The oven idea comes

from Christchurch’s

Court Theatre, which

does a roaring trade in

pizzas before shows.

ATEC manager Roger

Farr said abusiness case

was being prepared for

the oven, which if it went

ahead, would better utilise

existing space in the

centre’s kitchen.

Any purchase would

need to be self­funded.

The logistics were still

being worked out.

Fund, which offers targeted

support to individuals

and families leaving


The Community Trust

of Mid &South Canterbury

uses returns from

investments to fund its


Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 29

Last picture, end of term

You will not see this

group together again,

unless there is areunion.

This is the Ashburton

District Council as it was

on Thursday, September

26, the last meeting of

this term of council.

Voting papers are out

now and preliminary

results will be released

some time on October 12.

So there will be

changes, not least

because three councillors

are not standing, and

others may not be reelected.

Retiring are Peter

Reveley, second from

left, who says he is getting

too old.

Also retiring is Alastair

Urquhart, rear, partly


To his right is Russell

Ellis, who wanted to

stand but whose

nomination form, on a

technicality, was ruled


He has indicated he

may be back in three


At the front, left, is

mayoral candidate Neil

Brown, seated, next to

incumbent Donna Favel.

She, too, is seeking reelection.

Both have opted only

for the mayoralty so it is

possible neither will be

back, or just one.

Tallest, at the rear, is

Leen Braam, who is

Wellbeing now

factor in

buying policy

Community wellbeing will

be considered when Ashburton

council buys

goods, works or services.

It has adopted its

amended procurement


Government Procurement

Rules (fourth edition)

came into force on

October 1and bring some

change for local government.

A report to council

said: ‘‘In line with the

current government’s

ideology, the amended

rules aim to create leverage

through procurement

to improve the current

and future wellbeing of

New Zealand communities’’.

The traditional

approach had been to

design and scope works,

put together specifications

and drawings and go

to market.

The new rules state

Realtors add

comfy touch

‘‘procurement planning

should consider community

wellbeing, environmental

sustainability, and

economic and social outcomes

­not just the engineering


Under the rules, only

one ­plan and manage for

better results ­ismandatory.

It states five principles

must be followed ­befair

to all suppliers, get the

right supplier, get the best

deal for everyone, play by

the rules.

Areport said focus on

wellbeing was top of the

agenda for this government.

Under the Government

Procurement Charter,

agencies (councils) should

‘‘actively attract an

increasingly diverse and

localised supplier mix to

meet their tendering processes.

This means that if

a local business creates

social, economic, environmental

or cultural benefits

for the district, council

can (and should) value

that contribution within

the tendering process.

trying for the mayoralty

and for aseat around


If he is elected mayor,

he will not be around the


The remainder want to

get back in.

They are, back row,

from left, Stuart Wilson,

Mr Braam, Mr Urquhart,

Mr Ellis, Thelma Bell

and Diane Rawlinson.

In the next row are

Mark Malcolm, Peter

Reveley, Lynette Lovett,

Selwyn Price and Liz

McMillan and, front, Mr

Brown and Mrs Favel.

There are 13 people in

this picture.

There will be fewer

when aphotograph is

taken of the new council,

as it will have three

fewer ­nine councillors

and amayor.

The council, after

consultation, decided to

shrink itself.






-Authorised by StuartWilson,Tarbottons Road,Tinwald,Ashburton

Learn howtoavoid the

common mistakemade in

planning your retirement

in alow-interestrate


Whether it’s building funds as you

near retirement,orgenerating

incomeinretirement, we believe

that the keyistotakean

investment, rather than

asavingsa savings, approach.

Martin Hawes, Authorised Financial Adviser and

Chair of the Summer Investment Committee


Ashburton realtors have put visitors to The Stork

Network in Allenton, Ashburton, in acomfortable

position -byproviding money for some comfy

chairs for parents to use. Bayleys agent Jenny

Gray said members of the residential team

dropped in recently and decided, because of the

good work the network was doing, to support it.

The Stork Network believes education is the most

vital ingredient when to comes to decisions about

birth, babies and parenting choices. It is run by

Annie Vince and Zalie Doyle. Photo: Sarah Everist,

Jenny Gray, Mick Hydes, Ray Knight and Zalie


Join Martin as he outlines the benefits ofadopting aninvestment

approach in the current interest rate environment and explains

the changes to KiwiSaver for over-65’s recently introduced.

Joining Martin will be Authorised Financial Advisers from

Forsyth Barr who will be on hand to answer any questions.






Wednesday, 23 October

11:30am -1:30pm

Hotel Ashburton,

Racecourse Road, Ashburton

3.00pm -5.00pm

Sopheze on the Bay,

Maori Hill,Timaru


by Wednesday,

16 October by visiting

or callingElla Falkner on

03 3631412(Ashburton)

or JackieBennet on

03 6848200(Timaru)

The SummerKiwiSaverSchemeismanaged by Forsyth Barr InvestmentManagement Ltd. Youcan obtain theScheme’s product disclosure statementand further

information about the Schemeonour, fromone of ouroffices,orbycallinguson0800115566. Disclosure statements areavailable

forMartin Hawes andForsythBarrAuthorisedFinancialAdvisers, on request andfree of charge.

KWS5752-12(AC)-September 2019 -September 2019

Page 30, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Learn how to trap

The tools and techniques

of trapping will

be explained at two free

workshops run by the

Department of Conservation

(DOC) on

October 7.

Workshops will be

held at 2pm and again at

6.30pm at Staveley

Camp and are open to

everyone, including

landowners, trapping

groups, community

groups and urban


The workshops are

being organised by the

Kanuka Mid Canterbury

Regeneration Trust and

Stay fit &earn $$$

at the same time

Spend a couple of hours

every Thursday delivering the

Ashburton Courier and Realty in

the Ashburton urban area.

Enjoy the fresh air, stay fit and

reap the health benefits!

Phone Leonie todayon308 7664

to get startedoremail

will introduce novices to

the basics of safe trapping

and provide information

on the various types of

traps, trap placement,

baits and lures available.

Register with Angela

Cushnie by email (


phone (0276 033 457).

Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon comments

Local news at

In praise of science study

During a brief blast of

polar weather recently I

was going through some

old papers and came

across something Imust

have written when Iwas a

7or8year old student at

Allenton School.

At the top it asked

what my dream job was,

and underneath my list of

three occupations: fireman,

policeman, doctor.

Gender specific

pronouns aside, it’s alist

that could be replicated

tens of thousands of

times over at primary

schools around New Zealand.

It made me think, what


Why when we are

young do we favour such

worthy and rewarding

career paths, but by the

time we leave school in

many cases we’ve

discounted them in our


The same is true in

science and technology.

Like many people I

studied science until well

into high school as a

compulsory subject. I

wasn’t entirely bad at it,

and one year taking part

in the Science Fair at

Intermediate I even

made it into the finals

down in Timaru.

I was back there

recently handing out

some awards I sponsor,

and around the room I

saw hundreds of young

people so enthused and

excited about science and

technology. Creating

wonderful projects looking

at arange of the very

issues that we as anation

grapple with.

The survival of bees.

Plastics in our oceans.

Health of our soils and

waterways. Our plague of


But talking to students

afterwards about their

future intentions was

almost alarming. In the

same way our sports

clubs lose so many talented

people when they

leave school, so too are

we losing them from

important areas like

science and technology.

It makes me question

whether we have the settings

right for encouraging

young people into

tertiary education.

Over many years we’ve

made tertiary study more

affordable, including the

current Government’s

policy of making the first

year of university free.

But that support isn’t

targeted. It offers the

same amount to astudent

wanting to take acourse

in gender studies as it

does engineering. The

same for accounting as it

does agricultural science.

It’s my view that we

should be offering more

support to those studying

the areas in which our

country and our economy

needs more skilled graduates.

Gaining the skills and

knowledge we’ll need to

combat the many significant

challenges our

country and our world will

face in future decades.

In the meantime, I’m

sponsoring a$1500 STEM

scholarship to a local

student to study science,

technology, engineering or

mathematics at a tertiary

level. If you know anyone

who would be interested,

you can get more information

from my office at the

Allenton shops, or by



Property Brokers Limited MREINZ Licensed REAA 2008

Vendor desires to move now


217 West Street 03 307 9176

Night of Lights in November

Ashburton’sNight of

Lights will addaspark

to Christmas festivities.

Thefun kicks off on

November 29 with the

annual lightingofthe

Christmas treeat‘‘Light

of the Night’’ followed

by two buskers’ nights,

on Friday 6and Friday

December 20, and the

screening of Elf at a

movie night on Friday

December 13.

The festivewalk along

East Streetisalso back

to deliver amagical

experience between

Friday November 29

and Sunday, January 5.

Light of theNight will


and Christmas carols

before the giant

Christmas tree is put up

and turnedonin Baring


Activities on November

29 includeaKidzone.

Santa and the elvesand

musician Tyrone


Meanwhile, between 65

and85people turned out

forthe recentBite Night

in Ashburton.

Club news


WEB ID Al67476

226 Cochranes Road

•Very motivated vendors

•Vendors desire tomove

•3.8ha quality soils

•Excellent outbuildings

Located only 5kms from Ashburton in ahighly

sought-after location is this 3.8ha property on

good Wakanui Clay Loam. The homestead of

three bedrooms plus office features beautiful

Rimu panelled living areas. All set in spacious

mature and landscaped grounds. The property

is complimented by excellent shedding including

athree-bay shed with two bay lock up. Arare

opportunity to buy quality.


Rodger Letham

Mobile 027 433 3436

Office 03 307 9192


Deadline Sale unless sold prior, closes

4.00pm Friday 18th October 2019




Ashburton Woodworkers

Fifteen members were

welcomed byBruce Ferriman,

who introduced

our demonstrator Peter

Clemett, fromthe Christchurch

Club, who is also

the South Island liaison

officer for the National

Association of

Woodworkers or known

as NAW. Peter urged

club members to join

NAW and the advantages

of belonging, even

standing for committee.

Show and Tell:

Dave Busby: ash platter,

walnut bowl, two

lidded boxes with magnetic


Frank Luxton: cherry


John Smart: totara

plate, walnut bowl, an off

centre bowl.

Ron Donaldson: large

ash platter.

Geoff Brown: two decorated


Roger Scammell: intricate

3Dtrinket box lid,

wonderfully made.

Wim Melchers: oak

block decorated on both

sides, macrocarpa ring

pin, cherry bowl on a

burr stand.

Peter then demonstrated

how to create an

accurate replica turning

of two more items,

almost like production

turning but without a

copylathe. He sketched a

candlestick design on

graph paper toadesired

size, then transferred the

various sizes on to a

template marking

notches to where the

various shape, curves,


Withthe block secured

between two centres and

using aroughing gouge a

cylindrical form shaped,

withaspigot at one end it

was ready to place into

the chuck.

That done, using a

forstner bit a hole was

bored from the tail stock

end to fit a candle. A

note of caution the candle

must never be placed

directly into the wood, as

the candle burns down

and not put out in time

chances are the wood will

ignite, therefore ametal

or glass insert is essential.

With the block secured

between centres, again,

for support, as the overhang

somewhat long,

using the notched template

he marked the

cylinder in various

places. Using bowl and

spindle gouges Peter

created a replica of a

previous turned candlestick

then challenged

club members to spotany


Useful to observe the

finer points of repletion

spindle turning.

Ashburton Dahlia Circle

Anew season for the

Dahlia Circle opened on

Tuesday 17th September.

President Brian Glassey

chaired the meeting,

with alowernumber present

than usual, so business

was brisk and then

on to enjoy our evening

of flowers.

This was adaffodil &

mini flower show. With

so many great daffodils

as the season has been so

kind to the blooms. A

total of74entries made

for alovely display.

Brian Glassey 71sts, 6

2nds, 23rds.

Heather McEvoy 4, 3,


Pat Tarbotton 3, 2, 3

Alison Donald 2, 2, 2,

Joyce Read 3 2nds 3


Sheena Clark 1 1st 2


The champion Daffodil

was won by Pat &

Rex Tarbotton, adaffodil

named Ballard.

Other Flowers exhibited

were pansies, camellias,

rhododendrons, tulips,

Bulb spikes and clusters.

Hopefully we have a

large attendance at the

next meeting to be held in

the Tinwald Hall on Tuesday

15th October. One not

to be missed as everyone

will go home with anew

dahlia in anight full of fun

in asecret dahlia, (pass the

parcel ). This is back by

popular demand. Remember

our sales table too.

Roll on Summer, planting

is in full swing now, and

the dahlias will begin to

bloom from early January

to end April

Labour Weekend Tuber

and Plant Stall will again

be at the Farmers Market

Saturday 25th October.

Plants Dahlias and produce

donations welcomed.

New members are very

welcome to join the Ashburton

Dahlia Circle any

time, meetings are held in

the evening on 3rd Tuesday

of the month usually,

in the Tinwald Hall .

Contact Joyce 3083294 ­

02102458001, alternatively

inquire at the tuber stall on

the 25th Oct.

Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 31

open homes

or viewany of our homes in 3D from the comfortofyourhome!

Trevor Hurley Real Estate Ltd LREA 2008 -MREINZ


103 Allens Road (W668)

•Make this your foreverhome!

•Style abounds from the

outside and continues inside.

•Modernliving in asought

afterlocation, close to park,

schooland shopping centre.

•Four bedroomswith excellent

storage,WIR and en suitein

the master

•Immaculate kitchen with

butlers pantry

•Own abrand new home at an

affordable price

Offers Over $599,000



4 2 2

From 10% Deposit $410pw (Conditions apply)

3 1 1

1RapleyStreet (E651)

•Perfect first home or


•New carpet,compliantlog


•Insulatedtop and bottom.

•Somedouble glazed

aluminium windows.

•Well fenced section and off

street parking beside garage.

•Inspection is amust.

103 Belt Road (W669)

•Alovely three bedroom,

colonial style home set

amongst established grounds

•Open plan living with the


and make your markhere

•Prime location close to

schools,parks and Allenton

Shopping centre.

•Dontmiss your opportunity

to view this property!



11.30 -12.00pm

154 Victoria Street


•Freshly renovated


•Fully insulatedtop and


•Accessible from twostreet


• Three bedrooms +room for


Offers Over $289,000


11.00 -11.30am

Offers Over $299,000



From 10% Deposit $315pw (Conditions apply)

From 10% Deposit $290pw (Conditions apply)

Get Listed

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Get 3D Marketing

It’s FREE!

3 1 1

317 Havelock Street (E646)

•Locatedjust ashortstroll

from towncentre.

•Verysunnynorth facing


•Oamaru Stone exterior,well

heatedand insulated.

• Spacious garage with auto



with easy caresection.

•Flexible possession date.

Offers Over $269,000


10.00 -10.30am

2 1 1




From 10% Deposit $260pw (Conditions apply)

Property InvestmentPortfolio

3 1 2


Selling BelowGV (E640)

•This is abargain building

platformfor the astutebuyer.

•This 4021m2 property has

twotitles and is nowselling

forbelowthe combined GV of


•Don’t let looks deceiveyou,

the potential hereispriceless!

•Motivated vendors,call me

todaytograbyour selfadeal!

Asking Price$440,000

Real Estate New Zealand is proud

to offer this prime MidCanterbury

residential investmentportfolio. These

seven properties offer greatinvestment

anddevelopmentpotential forboth

residential and commercial endeavors.

Currently showing agross returnof

$107,000 pa approximately

*Seven fully managed rental properties

*Tobesold GST inclusive

*Top rental yield township

*Rich agricultural region

*State HighwayOne location

*Sound investmentdistrict


Securethis excellentresidential

investmentnow with future

consideration to develop with land and

build packages,high profile business

siteorhuge potential foracommercial,

business,nationwide companyor


Subjecttoany localand national body

and consent approval.

Full prospectus available on request.

PriceByNegotiation (T296)

308 6173

Proud supporters of the HeartFoundation of NewZealand! We donate from everypropertysold!

Trevor Hurley

0275 435 799

Tracey Henderson

027 405 8064

Manu Otene

022 308 6885

New Agent

Coming soon!

Stephen Watson

027 433 9695

Julie Srhoy

021 354 885

Deborah Roberts


Page 32, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Local news at


Saturday1:00pm -2:00pm

39 WaymouthStreet, Ashburton




Home &BusinessOpportunity

Here is a unique opportunity to purchase a 3

bedroom permanent material home set on a

1/4 acre section in the fantastic Fairton area.

But what really makes this property special is it

has afully compliant commercial kitchen separate

to the house. Currently used for theowners mobile

food business (which is also available forprivatesale

separate tothe house), this gives potential buyers

the chancetoset up theirown business from home.

With a multitude of options for the facilities

the only limit is your imagination and potential.

So what areyou waiting for??

-Permanent material 3bedroom house

-Fullycompliant separate commercial kitchen with

heat pump and extractor fan

-Well established garden area with several garden

sheds and orchard area.

-Modernised kitchen and sun room off the lounge


-Gas fire and moisture master

-House wired to run off agenerator and several

outdoor plugs

-Quiet semi-rural location but only 5mins away

from town &walking distance tolocal primary


-1/4 acre fully fenced section.Carport plus ample

off street parking



Open Home


1:00 -2:00 pm

Mark Totty

021 664 113

RayWhite Ashburton 03 307 8317 96Tancred St, POBox 443, Ashburton 7700, New Zealand

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited Licensed REAA (2008)

Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 33


5Burton Place, Ashburton 10:00-10:30am 3 1 2 AHB22429

18 Oak Grove,Ashburton 10:00-10:30am 3 1 1 AHB22215

101 Middle Road, Ashburton 10:00-10:30am 3 1 2 AHB22564

246 Dobson Street,Ashburton 10:00-10:30am 2 1 1 AHB22457

50 Eton Street,Ashburton 10:30-11:00am 3 1 1 AHB22508

13 Parkdale Close, Ashburton 10:45-11:15am 4 2 2 AHB22395

7Orr Street,Ashburton 11:00-11:30am 3 2 2 AHB22359

10e Primrose Place, Ashburton 11:00-11:30am 4 2 2 AHB22461

114 Wills Street,Ashburton 11:15-11:45am 3 1 1 AHB22520

170 Seafield Road, Ashburton 11:30-12:00pm 3 1 2 AHB22500

4Trellech Place, Ashburton 12:00-12:30pm 4 2 2 AHB22199

62 Braebrook Drive, Ashburton 12:00-12:30pm 3 2 2 AHB22562

117 Grove Street,Tinwald 12:00-12:30pm 3 2 2 AHB22460

25 Grey Street,Ashburton 1:00-1:30pm 3 2 2 AHB22548

101 Middle Road, Ashburton 1:00-1:30pm 3 1 2 AHB22564

39 Waymouth Street, Ashburton 1:00-2:00pm 3 1 0 AHB22541


58 Cross Street, Ashburton 1:00-1:30pm 3 1 1 AHB22506

4LudlowDrive, Lake Hood 2:00-3:00pm 3 2 2 AHB22554

View our listings online at:

4LudlowDrive, Ashburton

Livethe Dream at Lake Hood

-3bedrooms plus office,master with WIR and ensuite

-Well-appointed kitchen with granite bench top and

Belling stove, plus butler’s pantry

-Fully insulated extra wide double garage

-Kwila hardwood decking

-Compliant log fire plus floor mounted heat pump

Deadline Sale

closing 17 October 2019, at

4:00pm (unless sold prior)


Sunday2:00 -3:00pm

3 2 2


027 438 4250

Denise McPpherson

027 242 7677

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

25 Grey Street, Ashburton

This desirable home offers four bedrooms. The

generous master bedroom has large wardrobe space

plus an en-suite. The second bathroom includes abath,

shower, hand basin, and aseparate toilet. Full double

garagewith laundry area. The gardens are easycare.


Offers over$435,000


Saturday1:00 -1:30pm

3 2 2

Dulcie Ellis

027 629 3260

22 Buchanan Place, Ashburton

Discerning buyerswill immediately appreciate all aspects

of this warm family home. This secure and well-located

home has 3generous-sized bedrooms, large lounge, zoned

underfloor heating ,2heat pumps plus fibre optic cabling.

Conservatory overlooks one of the two private gardens.




by appointment

3 1 2

Jill Quaid

027 437 6755

Mark Totty

021 664 113

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA2008)

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

114 Wills Street, Ashburton

3 1 2

Quite possibly one ofthe most desirable townhouses

available with ‘location plus’views. How good would it be

to look out of your windowtothe prestige ofAshburtons

iconic Domain from the comfort of this superbly presented

three bedroom stand alone home.

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

SetDate of Sale

closing 12 Oct 2019, at



Saturday11:15 -11:45am

Armand vander Eik

021 597 527

Jill Quaid


027 437 6755

Mark Totty

Sales Consultant

027 454 4745

Kim Miller

Sales Consultant

027 236 8627


Sales Consultant

027 290 6606

Margaret Feiss

Sales Consultant

021 751 009


Sales Consultant

027 220 1528

Denise McPherson

Sales Consultant

027 242 7677

Cheryl Fowler

Sales Consultant

027 461 2614

Armandvan der Eik

Sales Consultant

021 597 527

Lynne Bridge

Sales Consultant

027 410 6216

Mike Grant ncre

Sales Consultant

021 272 0202

Dulcie Ellis

Sales Consultant

027 629 3260


Sales Consultant

027 438 4250

Justin Waddell

Sales Consultant

027 437 1111

Jarrod Ross

Sales Consultant

027 259 4644



021 224 4214

96 TancredStreet, Ashburton 03 307 8317 Main Road,Tinwald 03 307 8317

36 McMillan Street,Methven 03 303 3032

Page 34, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019

Local news at


trades &services

2019 GUIDE


Forall your flooring needs

•Supplier and installer of

carpet and tiles

•Re-stretch &repair

•Carpet cleaning


Phone Mike Gill

027 491 4210

AMTax Solutions Ltd.

accounting •for small business

• Annual Accounts

• Tax Returns

• GST Returns

• CertifiedXeroAdvisor

Andrea Matthews

027 415 9880






P 03 308 7298


dpi embroidme ashburton


Help in person by appointment

Thursday9.15am -1.45pm

Ph 0508 CANLAW

(0508 226 529) to makean


Helpbyphone Infoline

03 371 3819 or 0508 226 529

215 Tancred Street,Ashburton


Need storage?

we CAN STORE it!

Convenient, affordable

self storage solution

Phone 307 0213

•185 AlfordForest Road •behind


Lubes WOF

Allmechanical repairs



Victoria Street,


Phone:(03) 308 6772


JukeBox Hire



Sound Systems &Lighting Hire

Phone DJ Dave

03 308 5106

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Jann, Roselle or

Karenacall on









027310 6521

4WDDiesel &ElectricScissorlifts

Rough terrain and electric lifts available

On site collection or deliveryavailable

403 Nowat6Range West Street St,Riverside

PO Box 60, Ashburton 7740

Phone: 03 308 8155

Mobile: 0273 529 909



*Awnings/Shade sails/Drop blinds *Autoseatcovers &repairs

*Hay &bin covers *PVC covers &repairs

*Ute tonneau covers *Furnitureupholsteryrepairs





Gary Flack




Phone Quentin and Phil on

027282 8908 or 027282 89099

Services include but not limited to:

• Water blasting •Mould and moss treatment

• Minor repairs •Spouting cleaning •Airless spraying

~Commercial and Residential ~

Phone 03 307 4200 l 027 936 2452



Interior and Exterior Painting

Interior Plastering


Hardwareand Software Issues

Data Transfers Virus Removal Backup Creation

ContactGlenn 021062 2756

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We service and repair all makes and models

of sewing machines and overlockers

PC Repairs, Set-up andTutoring

Icome to youday or evening!


and Laptops


•PCRepairs/Sales •Networks/Servers

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20 YearsExperience Microso Cerfied Professional


Robin Johnstone 67 Aitken Street, Ashburton

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19 J.B. Cullen Drive, Ashburton •Phone 307 8353 •



Your local Bernina

service team

John Robbie Rachel

OPEN 7DAYS9.30am -4.30pm

Main South Road, Tinwald Ashburton | Phone 307 6277

Solar powerwhen you need it most

We are expertsatinstallingsolar

power systems for motorhomes.






South Island

4McGregor Lane Ashburton

03 3074777 -027442 3103



Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 35


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Lawnmowing and

Lawn Maintenance


Garden tidy

David Sewell

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not aprice”

UNDER NEWAshburton


Same exceptional CleaningServices

level of service

&quality cleaning

• regular full house cleans

• one off spring cleans

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100% LOCAL

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152 Wills ls St, Ashburton

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painting and decorating

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308 2405 or 027 341 7038 l


Pruning ·Trimming ·Weeding



Does your garden need monthly

maintenancetokeep it tidy and looking

good through the seasons?

Or perhaps just need aone off tidy or

pruning completed? We can help!

All garden wasteremoved


ContactCAROLYN Phone: 027 2675403 or 3082333



Forall your tyre requirements,

see the localexperts

•Wheel alignments

•Wheel balancing

197 Wills Street,Ashburton l

Phone 03 308 6737 (24 hrs –after hours call out applies)








Jann, Roselle or Karen acall on


We offer the following:

• Gutter and DownpipeCleaning • Weed Spraying

• Moss,Mouldand Lichen Spraying • Spider Proofing

• Gorse and BroomSpraying • FenceLine Spraying

• Chimney/Flue Cleaning $75 • Heat Pump Service$90



Call Allan on 027 209 5026 an let us know howwecan help


Jann, Roselle or Karen acallon

308 7664


T&Cs apply -Drawn 30/09/19


Enter our 3D Virtual Reality

Competition &goin

the draw...simple!

(schools, playcentres, sports clubs, organisations

&individuals all welcome to enter)

Enter at &click on the


Page 36, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019


Specialising in





Caravans,Trailers,Farm Machinery, Jet Boats,

LightEngineering and Aluminium Welding

17 Range Street (Industrial Estate)


Phone 307 0378 l 0274 274 007



and trouser hemming, curtain

alterations and curtain

making. Call Michelle on

027 352 7248.

BUILDING and property

solutions. For your complete

alteration or renovation.

We project manage

the whole process. Home

and small commercial.

Qualified tradesmen.

Phone Kiwi Building &

Maintenance Ltd. Gary 308

4798, 027 207 1478 or

Cawte 027 418 7955.

CARPET cleaning -Powerful

equipment & fast drying.

Upholstery, mats and rugs.

Experienced owner/operator.

Phone John Cameron

at Supersucker, 027 435

1042 or 308 1677.

CARR’S Chimney Cleaning,

servicing Ashburton and

surrounding districts, $60

per chimney. Phone

Rodney on 03 324 2999

and leave amessage.

CHARLIE’S Blind Cleaning

Service -same day service

and repairs. Charlie can

supply new blinds and

tracks, will hang drapes.

Phone 03 307 1936 or 020

4169 0342.

COMPUTER problems? For

prompt reliable computer

servicing and laser engraving

contact Kelvin, KJB

Systems Ltd, 4 Ascot

Place, Ashburton. Phone

308 8989. SuperGold discount

card accepted.

COMPUTER repairs, sales,

training, setup -wireless -

networks, spyware cleanup.

On-site day or evening.

LOW FEES. Call Robin

Johnstone, Networks

Firewalls & PC’s Ltd, 308

1440 or 027 768 4058.

CONCRETE pavers direct to

you - Best prices, many

sizes, textures and colours

- Paveco, 13 Robinson

Street, Industrial Estate.

CONCRETE Services -

Driveways, paths, patios,

mowing edging. Decorative

Concrete specialist 30

years servicing Canterbury.

Free quotes. No job too big

or small. Phone Paul 021

152 1966.


Rumping repairs existing

dentures and also provides

new dentures. Phone 027

220 9997.

ENGRAVERS - Local Ashburton

business for all your

engraving and new trophy

requirements. Fast, friendly

and professional service.

Call/text Trudy at 311

Engravers, 022 600 7144,


FLY control and spider

proofing. For all domestic

and industrial pest control

needs phone AJ Kerr at

Ashburton Pest Control on

03 308 8147 or 027 432


FURNITURE removals -For

all your household removal

needs call Nudges Furniture

Removals, phone 027

224 0609.

GARDENING, mowing,

pruning ... For all your

professional gardening

needs call Andrew at

Spruce Gardens 027 765

2899 or 03 307 1693.

GUTTER and downpipe

cleaning and repairs. Chimney

sweeping, fly treatment.

Phone 03 394 6166

or 027 209 5026, ask for

Allan. AA Performance





Bennett -Onsite hydraulic

hose repair service 24/7.

Stockists of Aero Quip

hoses &fittings, Commercial

hydraulics, Dynacool,

Spool valves etc., MP Filtri,

Walvoil. Call Justin on 308




New or existing,

level 4finish, full skim

plaster or repairs

The Finishing Company

03 307 8870 2131559

LEGAL work -Phone Peter

Ragg (Ashburton Law) for

house sales, purchases

and refinances. Will call at

home evenings for wills,

enduring powers of

attorney. Phone 308 0327.

PAINTER for all your painting

needs. No job too small,

inside or outside. Professional

friendly service.

Phone Pete 03 308 1672 or

027 200 1619.

PAINTING wallpapering,

plastering - No job too

small. Interior, exterior.

Professional, prompt, competitive

service. Phone

Tony Sivier at Paint It Ashburton

on 021 878 794 or

307 7289.

PLUMBER: Repair or

replace. Taps, shower

mixers, hot water cylinders,

basins, tubs, toilets, vanity

units, leaking pipes. Call

Pete Young, experienced

plumber 027 280 0889 /

307 7582.

PLUMBING, drainlaying,

blocked drains. Phone

Lindsay at Doaky’s Plumbing

on 027 555 5575 or 308

1248 (Master Plumbers &


ROOF Painting - Spring

special - Free quote -

Phone Chris on 0800 677

246 - Registered Master






•Garden Maintenance

•Gutter Cleaning

•Rubbish Removal

Call us TODAY

foraFREE quote


Ph 0800 4546 546

(0800 4jimjim)

SEWING alterations - anything

considered, reasonable

rates. Smoke and pet

free home. Retired wedding

seamstress. Phone Judith

308 3084, Allenton.


types, specialising in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not aproblem. Member

Master Painters &

Roofing Association NZ

Spraymaster 0274337780

SUN Control Window Tinting:

Privacy, UV, glare, heat

control for homes -offices -

and cars. Phone Craig

Rogers 307 6347, member

of Master Tinters NZ.

TILING - For all your tiling

requirements including kitchen

splash backs, flooring

etc. (full water proofing),

call Kevin on 027 496 8314.


block, glare, heat control,

safety, security, privacy,

frosting films, solar protective

window films. Free

quotes, 20 years local service.

Phone 0800 368 468

now, Bill Breukelaar,

TV Reception Specialists for

all your digital freeview

installations and repairs,

TV wall mounting, Smart

TV set-up, home theatre

installation. Call John at

Ashburton TV &Audio Ltd

03 308 7332 or 027 277


VHS video tapes. Convert

your VHS to digital media.

Preserve and revive your

precious video memories at

The Photo Shop, The

Arcade. 03 307 7595.

WHAT better place for a

public notice than Ashburton’s

The Courier! Simply

clip the form for a run-on

advert like this or telephone

us on 308 7664 if you

require adisplay advertisement.




Saturday, October5@7:30pm

AshburtonClub &MSA













Build customers,sales and

profits,with us ...

Over 16,065 copies delivered everyThursday



Local news at



6. Decorative (10)

8. Lazy (4)

9. Relate (4)

10. Subject (5)

11. Sovereign (4)

12. Tomb (9)

16. Plant (5-4)

20. Dagger (4)

22. Sat (5)

23. Uttered (4)

24. Insect (4)

25. Shortage (10)


1. Country (6)

2. Room(7)

3. Frantic (6)

4. Daze(6)

5. Smooth (5)

7. Empty (5)

13. Crone (3)

14. Ashamed (7)

15. Amusing (5)

17. Risky (6)

18. Kidnap (6)

19. Show(6)

21. Digging implement




6. Ascholarly air (6,4). 8. Not the dove that left the vessel

in the flood (4). 9. The greater part of the state (4). 10.

Set-back, for instance, that has father on edge (5). 11.Hurl

with elan (4). 12. Refrain from giving an order in the cafe

(3,3,3). 16. Increasing when one carries theirs out (2,3,4).

20. What made you put two and two together? (4). 22.

Nails with the said levy (5). 23. May be taken out for a

drinkinIreland (4). 24.Ruin an excerptfrom “The Sound

Of Music” (4). 25. Didn’tgive up. It’shereditary (6,4).


1. Plight you’ll be in if you damage the paintwork? (6). 2.

No longer likes and leaves (4,3). 3. Plant anumber in the

shelter of (6). 4. When the man returns the racket, take it

for awhile (6). 5. Obviously fancied the dog ‘Day Off’

that was in front (5). 7. Peeved at not getting tick? (5). 13.

Snort “Just aKid!” (3). 14. Lead one to go back to the pithead

(7). 15. Craft that doesn’t make an attractive sound

(5). 17. Ifigure ahome environment to be the most pleasant

(6). 18. Fly from Athens (6). 19. Like the lunatic who

thinks he’sapropeller (6). 21. Stays up, one sees (5).

8 6 9

4 6 7

7 2 1 4

4 6 9

2 9

3 4 5

7 8 6 4

2 3 5

5 2 7

Solution to previous Sudoku




Fill the grid

so thatevery

rowand every

3x3 square


digitals 1to9

9 1 7 3 8 4 6 2 5

8 6 2 1 5 7 4 3 9

3 5 4 9 6 2 1 8 7

1 3 8 4 2 9 7 5 6

7 9 5 8 1 6 2 4 3

2 4 6 7 3 5 9 1 8

4 8 1 6 7 3 5 9 2

5 7 9 2 4 8 3 6 1

6 2 3 5 9 1 8 7 4

Solution to previous crossword


Across -1,Good afternoon. 8, Right. 9, Captain. 10, Sinner.11,

Desist. 12, Cross. 14, Think. 18, Reside. 20, Sparse.

23, Cutless. 24, Flair.25, Sooner or later.

Down -1,Garish. 2, Organ. 3, Artless. 4, Tick. 5, Rupee.

6, Oration. 7, Ninety. 13, Risotto. 15, Hopeful. 16, Crocus.

17, Terror.19, Drake. 21, Roast. 22, Oslo.


Across -1,Costly failure. 8, Plain. 9, Dresser.10, Eleven

(11). 11, Strain. 12, A-side. 14, Spats. 18, A-bound. 20,

Gather.23, Fin-anc-e. 24, Tried. 25, Empty promises.

Down -1,Copper. 2,Spare. 3,Lin-see-d. 4, F-I’d-o(re).

5, In-ept. 6, Up-start. 7, ‘Erring. 13, Shown up. 15, Phantom

.16, Baffle. 17, Grades (anag.). 19, N-inn-Y.21, Hail-s.

22, Pear (pare).

ContactJann Thompson 03 308 7664

ChittyChittyBang BangJr.

October 4th 7pm, 5th 5pm and 6th


With acar that flies through the air

and sails the seas Mid Canterbury

Children’s theatre will take you on

afantastic musical adventure. With

unforgettable songs along with an

amazing set.

All tickets are $22.50*

NathanWallis –Change Your Brain –


Thu 10th October 7.30pm

The Rotary Club of Ashburton brings

you this Opportunity to hear Nathan

Wallis speak. Nathan will guide

you through brain development that

happens across childhood which is a

lot longer than you think.

Tickets $39*



Open Hat


For more information

TheKeysAre In TheMargarine

Wed 9th October 6pm

Dementia and Alzheimer’s affects

many New Zealanders and it’s a

condition none of us can ignore.

This play is created from interviews

with people with direct experience of

Dementia and Alzheimers.

Tina –SimplyThe Best

Sun 22nd March 2020 7pm

Get the electrifying concert experience

of Tina Turner with this full stage

production with Tina hits form the

60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The powerful

raspy vocals of Caroline Borole

complete with band, brass section,

backing vocalists and dancers.

Adults $71.50* /Child 12 and under $31.50*

Group 6+ $66* each

03 307 2010 211A Wills Street, Ashburton 7700 *Service fees apply




Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 37


acakefor your

special person with

Main South Rd, Tinwald. Phone 308 5774

Birthdays this week

Dallas Richardson, 4th October

Sophia Kingan, 6th October,aged 9

Finn Talbot,6th October,aged 7

Liberty Morgan, 7th October,aged 8

Congratulations to last weeks winner!

Benjamin Holland

If youhave aspecial friend who youwouldlike like to see

win acake,put their name in the BirthdayBooks at Sims

Bakery, Tinwald or Ashburton’sThe Courier,199 Burnett St.

N.B: Names forbirthdays next week

must be with us by 10.00am TUESDAY





GRAZING suitable for

horses, available very near

town boundary. Phone 308

1614 before 9.00am or

after 8.00pm.



4WD and slab lifts available

for daily or weekly hire.

Pickup or delivery. Phone

North End Engineering 308

8155 for abooking.



manure $5 bag. Medsquare

linseed straw $35

bale. Contact Alan 027 496

7139 with your order. A

Hinds Lions Project.


RADIAL arm saw, bench

saw, household items, lots

of linen, 1992 Mitsubishi

Lancer (great order), Pullan

line trimmer, go-cart, Avery

5cwt scales, lawnmower,

tools &lots of other bits &

pieces. 34A Wakanui

Road, Saturday, not before


Every Home

EveryWeek -that’s

Phone 308 7664

199 Burnett Street



ARE you struggling to make

ends meet? Need extra

money? Why not sell your

unwanted items in The

Courier! Everything helps.



Some people are just born todrive!


Driving isn’t for everyone, but for some people, they’re right at home behindthe

wheel.Well,hereisanopportunity to driveall around the beautiful mid-Canterbury

region, and to drivefor aname that standsfor quality, reliability and goodness.

Talley’s is abig name in New Zealand, and as one of the largest privately owned

companies inthe South Island, we employ close to 1000 full-time staff and an

additional 600 staff across the seasons atnine different locations.

Right now we’re on the lookout for seasonal Truck Drivers and also seasonal

Harvester &Tractor Drivers. It’s the chance to do something you enjoy, while

getting all the benefits ofworking for one of New Zealand’s biggest food

production and supply groups.

You may be astudent, perhaps you’re looking for achange, oritcould bethat

you’re semi-retired -whatever your circumstances, this is agreat opportunity to

drive your career further.

Truck Drivers

Ideally you’ll have aclass 2or4licence to operate our company-owned late

model pea trucks toand from our factory located in Fairton, but if not, we’d

happily train you upsothat you can obtain the licence.

Pea Harvester Drivers

Aclass 2and heavy wheels endorsement on your licence would be preferable, but

full training will be offered to the right person.

Driving for Talley’s means driving inmodern trucks, working consistent hours,

earning good wages and having the opportunity for overtime.

At Talley’s, wecare about the safety and wellbeing of all our people, which iswhy

we operate a100% drug-free environment. You’ll be required to undergo preemployment

and random drug screening. Only applicants with the right to work in

NZ need apply.



9kg cylinders


Askabout our


Anysizecylinder filled

17 Grey St,Ashburton

Phone 307 2707


MY Boutique, with MY

Menswear. Triangle shopping

centre. Clearance

clothing store. All CCC

garments $20.00

trackpants, hoodies, tees.

Limited stock.



Small LPG cylinders

Off Street Parking


Arthur Cates Ltd

26 McNally Street

Ph 308 5397

Riverside Industrial Estate



POTATOES; Nadine &Agria

5kg bags $5. This weekend

only, ’special’ 10kg Nadine

& Agria $7.50 per bag.

Nadine seed potatoes

$2.50kg. 81 Elizabeth

Street, phone 027 531

9103 or 03 308 3195.




Email your CV and references to: or completeanapplication form onsite at our

Guardhouse:125 FairfieldRoad, Fairton. Please specify the role youare applying for.

Have youhad your photo

taken by our reporters?

Order aPhotoToday!



*approx 6x4





We have arare opening for aColdStore Supervisor toassist our Manager inthe

day-to-day running of our ColdStores, Container Yard and Dispatch teams, at

our Fairton site 10minutes from Ashburton.


Ph: 308 7664

199 Burnett St, Ashburton


We are seeking an individual who thrives oneveryday being different from the one


Health and safety, and product quality are two big factors within this role, and so

is leading adiverse team.

Youwill have:

• 2+years’ experience (preferred) in asimilar role within the food industry

• strong understanding of cold chain logistics and operations

• the ability tofollow through with instructions, but also be able togive them out

in return

• experience with inventory management and DIFOTIS

• success leadingteams, including management of their performance

Applicants must beeligible towork in New Zealand.

Youwill need to be highly organised, ensuring the products arereceived and dispatched

within correct time frames, as well as being involved in companystrategies.

Talleys operate adrug free environment. All candidates will berequired toundergo

pre-employment and random drug screening.

CV and references should beemailed to: or apply in person at our Guardhouse -

125 Fairfield Road, RD2 Ashburton.



Look out for

your copy

every week!


Medical Receptionist

We are apatient-centred and innovative general

practiceinthe township of Ashburtonlooking fora

receptionist to join our friendly professional team.

As the first pointofcontactfor our patients youwill

need to have the following attributes:

• professionalism and discretion

• highstandardofpresentation

• excellentcommunication skills

• abilitytocope well under pressure

• abilitytomulti-task

• good sense of humour

Youwill also be proficientwith acomputer and have

good knowledge of Microsoft Office programmes.

Training on our practice management system,

MedTech 32, will be provided.

The position is part-time and will also involve

being included on aroster forweekend and public


Please email your CV andcovering letter by Monday

14 October to Kaye Kennedy,






Delivered to over 16,065 homes everyweek

Phone 308 7664 l

199 Burnett Street,Ashburton











We have agood core group of players in each grade

and averysupportiveand well-resourcedClub and

Committee behind you.

We can help youwith finding work and/or

accommodation if required.

ContactClub Captain

DarrylOldham027 202 5896


Agreat waytomeet newpeople at your local,

thriving countryclub



For Sale



NELSON, Picton; November

22-26, D.B.B. hotels; Farewell

Spit, catamaran sailing,

Queen Charlotte

Sound mail boat, Omaka

Aviation collection. For

details, John & Kathleen

Lawler, Rakaia, 03 302



Ashburton | 94 Thews Road

8.8 Hectares

Anthos Gardens. Twostorey, four-five bedroom family home .After nurturing this property for the last 30 years the Vendors are sadly

on the move. Along with ahandy to town location they have lovingly established abusiness growing flowers to supply direct into the

Christchurch wholesale auction market for florists. Purchasers do not have to take up this option, but it has been agreat additional

income earner, allowing aflexible lifestyle and family home that could be yours now. Purchasing now you will be able to reap the

benefits of the 2019/2020 flower season. $880,000 includes Land, Buildings, Flowers, Stock, Plant, Business and Goodwill. GST (if

any) may be applicable on these items.| Property ID RX1835927

Price $880,000

Contact Rob Harnett 027 432 3562

Licensed under REAA 2008



Ideal as an extra


Fully insulatedand

double glazed forwarmth.


Standard3.6m x2.4m,

Large 4.2m x2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x2.4m.

Visit our displaycabin

418WestStreet or call fora

free brochure.


0800 58 78 22

SECURE waterproof storage

available. Capacity from

8m 3 to 65m 3 . Prices from

$25 per week. Inspection

invited. Ashburton Safe

Storage 03 308 3086.

STORAGE available, Ashburton.

Self storage, variety

of sizes. Phone Rainbow

Storage 03 307 0401.

STORAGE: Secure self storage

units available long or

short term at Ashburton

Storage Facilities. Contact

us on 0274 36 26 36 or


FARM cottage to rent 10

minutes from Ashburton.

Tidy, two bedroom, log fire,

large section. No smokers,

no dogs, refererences

required. Phone 027 440



WANTED cottage to rent

between Rangitata and

Rakaia rivers, west of Ashburton.

Willing to care for

animals on property, dogs

and chooks etc. Ring 021

224 4434 anytime.


that works!

Talk to Jann, Roselle

or Karentodayabout

ways youcan reach

potential customers

or advertising with

thatspecial difference

-professional service

with asmile.

Phone: 308 7664

199 Burnett St,Ashburton




Stejcraft18ft, 350 Chev V8 motor,Tandem Trailer.

Phone R. Donaldson 308 4953



types, specializing in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not a problem. —

Spraymaster 027-433-7780.



CARAVANS: Family sellout.

NZ Oxford 21’ tandem,

2 doors. 18’ tandem. 15’

trailer home. Trailer. Ford/

Holden mags/tyres. Caravan

electric leads. 03 308

5193, 027 204 9709.


2020 Health Studies Bursary

Altrusa International of Ashburton Inc.

invites applications for this bursary

valued $1,000.

For full criteria and an

application form please email

Applications close 25-11-19

Forklift and Dangerous GoodsCourses

NZTA Approved CourseProvider,MITO&Competenz Assessor

Classes 2&4,endorsements F&DG

ForkliftF&OSH, Saturdays and other days as requested

Dangerous Goods Course,½day Mondaymornings

CommunityHouse or your worksite

Forfurther information

Phone Christine027 245 2563




(F &OSH)





Heavy Traffic Classes 2, 3, 4&5


For Wheels, Tracks &Rollers,Dangerous Goods,

Vehicle Recovery & Passenger Training

FREEPHONE0508237 483

or 03 348 8481, 027 510 0684 |




SPACE available for next

weeks Courier -bequick!

Talk to us about your advertising

requirements. Phone

308 7664 or call into our

office at 199 Burnett Street,











Forall othermedical assistanceoutside of normal

hours pleasephoneyourgeneralpracticeteam, 24/7,

to speak withahealthprofessionalwho will giveyou

free healthadviceonwhattodoorwheretogoifyou

need urgentcare.

If youdon’t have aregulargeneral practice, call any

GP team 24/7 forfreetelephone health advice.

All non-residents and visa holders please bring your

passporttoyour surgeryappointment.

New Zealanders’tobring some form of ID.


Saturday5th October is ThreeRivers Health,

7-11 Allens Road.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 9139.

Sunday6th October is ThreeRivers Health,

7-11 Allens Road.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 9139.

Methven and Rakaia: Formedical attention on the

weekend and public holidays please telephone

MethvenMedical Centre on 03 302 8105

or Rakaia Medical Centre on 03 303 5002.

Details foraccessing the afterhours services will be on

the answer phone.


Wises Pharmacy, CountdownComplex,

East Street will be open on

Saturdaymorning from 9.00am until 1.00pm

Sundaymorning from 10.00am until1.00pm

and from 5.00pm until 7.00pm evenings.

At Geraldine: TheGeraldine Pharmacywill be open

normal trading hours during the week and on Saturday

morning from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Closed Public Holidays

Forfree24hour Telephone Health Advice

Phone the healthline on 0800 611 116




painting of cars, trucks,

buses, horse floats &

motorhomes, caravans,

trailers, farm machinery, jet

boats. Light engineering

and aluminium welding.

Bus &Truck Bodyworks, 17

Range Street, Ashburton.

Phone 307 0378.


Glass, any car, anytime,

anywhere. 24 hour emergency

service. Phone Wilson’s

Windscreens 03 308

8485 (24 hours), 152 Wills

Street, Ashburton.


METAL, heavy etc. Free

light-grade metal in-yard

dumping 9am-5pm weekdays

&9.30-11.30am Saturdays.

Ashburton Scrap

Metal Recyclers, 117 Alford

Forest Road (behind

Placemakers). Phone 03

308 8033 or 027 249 6625.



getcash now!


Damaged, Mechanical, Deregistered,


Minimum of $100for most cars,

$500 formost vans, utes, trucks,4WDs*


Call 0800 225508 or text 027540 9813

Countdown Complex, EastStreet, Ashburton

Phone: 03 308 6733 Fax: 03 308 6755

HospiceMid Canterbury

We can supportyou and

your family to make

everyday count.

Allservices arefree.


ASHBURTON County Lions

Camp Quality raffle. 1st:

Gleasons; 2nd: Alison.

Winners have been notified.

ASHBURTON Embroiderers

Guild Xmas tree raffle. 1st:

Jenny Jenkins; 2nd: T&H

Eccleston. Thank you for

your support.

HINDS Lions Boulevard day

wood raffle results. Winners

were GFB and Carmen

Christie. Wood has

been delivered.

Ashburton Fanciers



Sunday October 13,

Sports Hall

Tancred Street West


Viewing 11am

Start 12.30pm

Poultry, Bantams,



Dealing with alifelimitingillness?

Phone 307 8387 or 027 227 8387 email facebook hospicemidcanterbury

Ashburton AnglicanParish



Invitation to join in our All AgePet Blessing Service

At St Stephen’s Church, Park St.

Sunday 6thOctober2019 at 10am

Children &adultsdocome and join us

and bring your pets

(nothing larger than adog and suitably restrained)

Enquiries to the Parish Office 308 5438



Bertie Holmes

ArtExhibition Methven HeritageEvents Centre

Opening Sunday6th October


Drinks and FingerFood

All welcome

Exhibition runs 6th October to 8th November

Weekdays: 9:00am -5:00pm &Weekends: 10:30am -2:30pm


St David’s Fair &GarageSale

9-11am Saturday12th October2019

48 Allens Road,Allenton.

•Children’s Games •FacePainting

•BouncyCastle •Baking (includes gluten free)

•Preserves•Jams •Walnuts •Plants

•Cards •BBQ •Morning Tea


•Garage Sale and aSilentAuction

THE Courier is the best way

to advertise in Mid Canterbury.

Ask anyone who

regularly advertises with us

and they’ll tell you, they get



Fertile eggs for hatching.

Day old chicks, unsexed.

Selected purebreeds

for $6.00 each



Old Pupils annual lunch in

Ashburton on Friday 11th

October 2019. For details

phone Margaret 308 1996.

Local news at Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019, Page 39


Ready foranew home

Black and whiteadult cat. Very friendly,

been fixed and vaccinated.

Please note: We will not accept

animals dropped at door.

Please phone308 4432

Tues -Sat 9:30 -noon

or 027 332 9286

Kindly sponsored by

Ph 3084432



Peter Blacklow

Environment Canterbury hasreceivedthe followingapplicationsfor resource consent

from Mr GRandMrs RCWilsontodivert anddischarge waterand undertake worksin

and aroundthe bed and banks of unnamed watercourselocatedat21Swamp Road,

Hinds, Ashburton, withalegal description of Part Lot7DP1479.

Applicant: Mr GRand MrsRCWilson

Addressfor service: Adam Environmental Ltd,73a Cliff Road,Torbay, Auckland 0630

Attn:David Hendrikz.Email:

CRC193934: WaterPermit to permanentlydivertsurface waterfrom an unnamed

watercoursetoflow into anew channel andpond. Thediversion is locatedatmap

referenceNZTM2000:1485416mE.5128931mN.Aconsent duration of 35 yearsissought.

CRC193935: Discharge Permit to dischargesurface watertoapond locatedatmap

referenceNZTM2000:1485306 mE.5128595mN as aresultofthe diversionofan

unnamedwatercourse. Aconsentduration of 35 yearsissought.

CRC195104: Land Use consent to modify and disturbthe bed of an unnamed

watercourseassociated withworkstomaintainthe banksand bed of an unnamed

watercourse, maintain thepond and maintenance worksrelatedtothe diversion

structure. Themaintenance worksare locatedbetween mapreference

NZTM 2000:1485416mE.5128931mN and NZTM 2000:1485306mE.5128595mN as aresult

of theconstruction of anew channel.Aconsent duration of 35 yearsissought.


Full detailsofthe applicationand to make asubmissionvisit theEnvironment

Canterbury website:

notifications-and-submissions/notified-consents/.and/orviewed at Environment

Canterbury officesat200 Tuam Street, Christchurch;and 75 ChurchStreet, Timaru.

Anypersonmay make awritten submission on anyofthe above applications.

Allsubmissions should be sent to EnvironmentCanterbury,POBox 345 Christchurch

8140;oremailed to;or made onlineattheabove link.Acopy

of thesubmission must also be sent to theApplicantatthe address forservice stated


Foradvice on theEnvironmentCanterbury applications please phone 03 3539007or

0800ECINFO(0800324 636).

Submissions must be receivedbyEnvironmentCanterbury no laterthan 5p.m.onFriday

25 October2019.

Bill Bayfield




Call in atalk to the people who kno




Blacklows TradeZone Ashburton your locally

owned &operated family business for 66 years

Full range of engineering supplies and accessories forall your repairs

&maintenance. Kerrick hot &cold waterblasters &industrial vacuum cleaners.

Esseti welders &accessories. Stockists and distributors of Trailer Equipment.


South Street, Ashburton PHONE (03) 308-3147

Email FREEPHONE 0800 452 522



Call in and see the team

forall your grease,bearing &

seal requirements.

Over 60 years of maintenance

and mechanical support.

Come and collect infomation about social, sports,

recreational, arts, special interest and travelopportunities

in the Ashburton District!

Enjoy free refreshments,

October 16th 2019

4-8 PM

Ashburton Event Centre

211 Wills stAshburton

Have achat

Discoverand chat tolocal

community groups

Have alook

Live demonstrations

Free beginners classes

Have alisten

Entertaining speakers


Thu3rd &Fri 4th

10.00 Ugly Dolls

10.00 Abominable

11.40 AngryBirds 2

11.45 Ugly Dolls

1.20 AngryBirds 2

1.30 DowntonAbbey

3.10 Abominable

3.45 Dora and the Lost City of Gold

4.55 Good Boys

5.45 Danger Close

6.40 Rambo: Last Blood

8.00 Joker

8.20 ScaryStoriestoTell in the Dark














Sat5th &Sun 6th

10.00 Abominable

10.00 Ugly Dolls



11.40 AngryBirds 2 PG

11.50 Dora and the Lost City of Gold PG

1.30 Ugly Dolls





Good Boys



4.00 ScaryStoriestoTell in the Dark R16





IT Chapter Two

Rambo: Last Blood


Danger Close





Mon7th, Tues 8th

&Wed 9th

10.00 Ugly Dolls

10.00 Abominable

11.40 AngryBirds 2

11.45 Ugly Dolls

1.20 AngryBirds 2

1.30 DowntonAbbey

3.10 Abominable

3.45 Dora and the Lost City of Gold

4.55 ScaryStoriestoTell in the Dark

5.45 Danger Close

6.50 Good Boys

8.00 Joker

8.30 Rambo: Last Blood















Abominable,Angry Birds 2,

Dora and the Lost City of Gold,

Good Boys,Joker,

ScaryStories to Tell in the Dark,

Ugly Dolls

Make your next move

your best move with

Helena Ratten

Mobile 0274 577998

Please contact


with anyqueries:

0800324 636


Eastern Ward

Your Rural Voiceworking

forboth Town and Country


Avotefor me ensures

continuitymoving forward.

-Authorised by LynetteLovett, 4Rd Ashburton

We put you first

SBW Developments Ltd

Licensed AgentREAA 2008


COLLECTING now: Quality

second-hand furniture,

household, garden, workshop.

(No TV’s/computers).

Ashburton Pakeke Lions

Charity Market. February

2020. Ron 308 5660, Joe

302 4848, Trevor 307 2629.





From before to after.

You’ll notice the difference

with The Courier, 308 7664.

“Standing up for YOU!”




Integrating cultures, Strengthening unity

Authorised by:ThelmaBell, 50 Middle Road,Ashburton.Telephone021 2593270


Page 40, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 3 October 2019


Biggest Yard






air bags,

ABS, auto,




1800cc, red, 2air bags,

ABS, 56,000kms



Cruise control, air


high kms.


to sell



1500cc, auto, ABS,

twin air bags,





AA Appraised


Best Selection TradeIns





hatch, 1800cc,

7air bags,



3.9 litres

per 100km,




4X4 SUV,2400cc,

auto, 98,000kms



2400cc, 4WD,cruise

control, 65,000kms,

ABS, alloys


ENQUIRE NOW -about our rangeofrentalvehicles

Local news at




Selling nicecarstonicepeople


2005 TOYOTA VITZ RS, 1500cc, 5speedmanual,alloys, 39,000kms........................$9,995

2007 TOYOTA AURIS, 1800cc,red, 2air bags, ABS, 56,000kms............................... $10,995

2010 TOYOTA RACTIS GL, 1500cc,auto, ABS, twin air bags, 44,000kms,


2010 MITSUBISHI GALANT SPORT, 1800cc,auto.......................................................... $9,995

2003 FORDFOCUS, 5door, 5speed, 1600cc.......................................................................SOLD

2006 TOYOTAAURIS, 5door, 1800cc,auto, silver........................................................... $9,995

2013 TOYOTAPRIUSHYBRID, 1800cc, loadedwith extras.......................................$16,995


2000 TOYOTA PLATZ1500cc, 4door,auto, twin air bags,ABS,cheaprunner.....$3,990

2016 MITSUBISHI LANCER, NZ new,2000cc,auto......................................................$15,995

2002 FORD FAIRLANE GHIA, white, auto.......................................................................... $7,990

2012 VW PASSATCC, auto, 3000cc, loaded....................................................................$17,995

1998 HONDAACCORD, 4door, auto, tidy ......................................................................... $2,995

2000 TOYOTACAMRY, highkms but tidy,auto............................................................... $3,995

2004 HONDAINSPIRE30TE, 4door, auto, 3000cc, 15,000kms....................................SOLD


2000 TOYOTAESTIMA, gold,2400cc,7seater................................................................. $4,990

2013 TOYOTAPREMACY, 2000cc, auto,7seater,ABS, air conditioning,air bags,

103,000kms......................................................................................................................... $7,995


2013 HONDACRV 24G, 2400cc,4WD,cruisecontrol,65,000kms, ABS,alloys.. $22,995

2009 HONDACRV, wine red, 4X4 auto, alloys,twin air bags,86,000kms............ $12,995

2015 NISSAN NAVARA STXLTD, 450 manual,1owner,2.5L intercooledturbo,

full leather......................................................................................................................... $31,990

2001 TOYOTA HARRIER, SUV,4X4, petrol.......................................................................... $4,990

2003 NISSAN MURANO 350X, auto, 4X4........................................................................$10,995

2002 TOYOTA RAV4, 2400cc,SUV,4X4,silver ....................................................................$7995

1999 DAIHATSU TERIOS, 5door,4X4, 5speed................................................................ $3,995

1998 NISSAN TERRANO, RDM,diesel,2700cc,auto...................................................... $9,995

1996 NISSAN TERRANO, RSR,diesel, 3200cc, auto........................................................ $9,990

1994 FORDCOURIER, 2WD,flatdeck................................................................................... $6,990

2007 FORDRANGER, 5speed,3000cc manual,diesel,2WD extracab, 2door,


Family, Sports, School or Social Trips

We have8,10&12 seater mini vans available.

Cars and3trucks for small or big loads also available.

308 1396

470 West Street, Ashburton

A/H Keith Drummond 0274 367646



For more

great value


visit AtoB


1996 HYUNDAILANTRACL, station wagon,5speed, tidy......................................... $2,495

2003 FORD FUTURA, stationwagon, auto........................................................................ $6,990

2005 PEUGEOT 407, stationwagon,diesel,auto........................................................... $6,495

2002 TOYOTACOROLLAFEILDER, stationwagon, petrol.......................................... $4,990

2009 SUBARUIMPREZAL/B, 1500cc, auto, 75,000kms

2008 MAZDAAXELASPORT 20C, 48,000kms,liftback

2008 TOYOTA ALLION, sedan, 1800cc, 43,000kms

2010 NISSAN NOTE, 5door,1500cc, 32,000kms

2006 NISSAN BLUEBIRD, 2000cc, auto, 12,000kms

2010 TOYOTA PRIUS EX,hybrid,1500cc, 71,000kms



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