Edmonton Fall 2019

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Our readership has come to rely on our updated<br />

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we have evolved in the last 6 years from the<br />

traditional form of advertising into becoming<br />

real partners with many local professionals,<br />

services, & companies.<br />

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Moving<br />


As a senior looking to downsize<br />

your home – what’s your lifestyle<br />

like? Are you in a position<br />

to choose what environment<br />

you wish to move to? Are you<br />

active and looking for engaging<br />

recreational facilities? Or do you<br />

have to move into an Assisted<br />

Living Seniors Home, where you<br />

are assured of the best quality<br />

care and attention.<br />

who is especially trained with an<br />

accredited<br />

Senior’s Real Estate Agent.<br />

The designations of these Agents<br />

is to understand your life situation,<br />

and to best guide you – whether it’s<br />

legal, tax, provincial regulations, or<br />

finding the most appropriate home,<br />

they take the stress out of the<br />

move.<br />

senior with the best discounted<br />

options.<br />

What do seniors need and<br />

require with downsizing? Agents<br />

support seniors to ask what<br />

family heirlooms are to keep, or to<br />

establish the value of antiques and<br />

collectibles. Clearing clutter is a big<br />

consideration in being guided to<br />

adjust sentimental attachments.<br />

There are many decisions to make<br />

with life-changing moves, and<br />

especially around family dynamics<br />

in any given situation. Along with<br />

having a family discussion, you<br />

may want to consult a REALTOR<br />

4<br />

It’s reassuring to know that as<br />

a senior, all your concerns are<br />

handled from start to finish.<br />

With a plethora of moving<br />

providers, the Agent supports the<br />

The best advice one can give<br />

a senior in a time of change is to<br />

source a REALTOR who has a<br />

Senior’s Designation. One who will<br />

take all the guesswork and stress<br />

out of that life transition and move.<br />


www.funksmoving.com<br />

MOVING<br />

& STORAGE<br />


Solutions. Tailored to<br />

Your NEEDS<br />

MOVING<br />







A Gold Partner of Real Home Advice<br />




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6<br />

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Locally Owned<br />

& Operated<br />

since 1972<br />

"Congratulations Real Home Advice on Your 5 Year Anniversary"


YOUR<br />


Photo credit: Janis Nicolay Photography<br />

Tackling the kitchen can be a little daunting… okay, maybe really<br />

daunting. Trying to design a kitchen that is both functional yet stylish<br />

can be tough, let alone actually getting into the ring and cooking<br />

delicious homemade meals yourself. But here’s the thing: kitchens<br />

aren’t just a trend and more and more homeowners are getting inspired<br />

to take on what is arguably the most important room in the home. This<br />

year, the <strong>2019</strong> <strong>Edmonton</strong> <strong>Fall</strong> Home Show is packed with experts ready<br />

to give you the advice you need when it comes to kitchen design and<br />

cooking. On the main stage, Vancouver’s Jamie Banfield is sharing his<br />

top tips for kitchen renovations and right next door on the Cooking<br />

Stage, Emily Mardell of www.choosefoodfirst.com is sharing her tips<br />

on creating delicious and easy meals using local foods. You can catch<br />

them both in person at the <strong>Edmonton</strong> Expo Centre October 18-20. For<br />

now, here are some of their tips to create your dream life, in the kitchen.<br />

“People are putting more emphasis on their cooking spaces and are<br />

being very strategic when it comes to designing their dream kitchens,”<br />

says Banfield. “Kitchens are one of the most used spaces in the home,<br />

so every detail counts.” Emily Mardell, registered dietician, couldn’t<br />

agree more. “I feel so blessed to be able to cook in such a functionally<br />

beautiful, and inspiring space. My favourite thing about my kitchen is<br />

the island. It’s the centrepiece of our home, and where we gather to<br />

cook, eat, and share. Even if we only have 15 minutes to recount our<br />

day, it’s the best 15 minutes hands down.”<br />

When it comes to renovating kitchens, it can sometimes seem simple,<br />

but according to Banfield “before long, you’re gutting down to the studs<br />

and starting from scratch. This area can be tricky and oftentimes, you<br />

may not be able to see all the costs with your eyes,” notes Jamie. “For<br />

example, even upgrading you appliances can be a bit more work that you<br />

imagined since some new technology might require an upgrade to the<br />

electrical panel.” The kitchen plan should take time and be well thought<br />

out. “It’s a lot more than just adding more counter space or changing up<br />

the backsplash. You have to consider the function, flow and fit of every<br />

item and design elements to ensure you keep loving your space for<br />

longer.” Finally, Jamie suggests investing in items that get the most usage<br />

in your day-to-day life such as your appliances, hardware and sink and<br />

faucet. The joy in cooking at home isn’t going anywhere anytime soon<br />

and 6 will last forever with a kitchen designed right for you.<br />

Eating local has definitely become an important value for many<br />

Canadian families across the country. “For me, the value of eating<br />

local extends well beyond the benefits of freshness, seasonality, and<br />

nutrition. Eating local empowers my whole family to cultivate a more<br />

joyful relationship with the food on our table. After all, knowing where<br />

your food is grown, and the hard-working hands and hearts responsible<br />

for it—is a special thing.” Many homeowners are inspired to make a<br />

change when it comes to their nutrition and supporting local however,<br />

some struggle with the balance of eating right, what’s convenient and<br />

are concerned with the cost of it all. “Finding time to cook is more<br />

about creating time than having time. We’re all busy, but prioritizing<br />

eating together is something you’ll never regret. Set aside an hour, or<br />

two each week to prep a recipe, or a few ingredients to help kick-start<br />

quick, healthy meals.” For Mardell’s family, meal planning is a great way<br />

to ensure balance, both in the wallet, and in the kitchen. “Meal planning<br />

can be a helpful way to stretch food dollars. Knowing what you’re<br />

making, what you have on hand, and what you need to buy definitely<br />

helps keep the grocery list to the essentials. Enjoying frozen fruit, and<br />

veggies is a great way to save money, too. Frozen at peak freshness,<br />

and nutrition, makes them a healthy, practical choice.” Her tip? “You<br />

don’t nee to over plan! Prepare just do enough to give you a head start,<br />

and allow your creativity, and appetite to guide what you make.”<br />

Curious to know more? Stop by the <strong>Edmonton</strong> <strong>Fall</strong> Home Show at the<br />

<strong>Edmonton</strong> Expo Centre October 18-20. The main stage and cooking<br />

stage will be chock-full of <strong>Edmonton</strong>’s best, waiting to share their design<br />

tips, tricks and food samples! Between creating your dream kitchen<br />

to cooking meals you can’t stop dreaming about, The <strong>Edmonton</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

Home Show is the one-stop shop for industry knowledge and advice.<br />


Photo credit: Janis Nicolay Photography

Oct 18 –20<br />

Real home advice from<br />

trusted home experts.<br />

Is your do-it-yourself a don’t? Get real home advice from trusted<br />

experts at the <strong>Edmonton</strong> <strong>Fall</strong> Home Show. See Canada’s favourite<br />

handyman, HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler on Friday, October 18 th and<br />

Saturday, October 19 th for practical advice and inspiration for all your<br />

home projects – however large or small. With hundreds of experts all<br />

under one roof, find great deals, new ideas and inspiration at every<br />

turn. Satisfaction guaranteed, or the cost of admission is on us.<br />

SAVE $3<br />

Buy tickets online<br />

Promo Code: ADVICE<br />

*On Regular Adult Admission Only<br />

Sponsors:<br />

.com<br />

Home and Garden Events<br />

@YEGHomeShows #EFHS19<br />

edmontonfallhomeshow.com<br />

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FENCES<br />

DECS<br />



Providing quality fence, deck,<br />

gate, build and repair services<br />

Leducfenceanddeck.com<br />

Leduc, Alberta<br />

Call us for details<br />

780-916-3580<br />

Leave home in the morning ---Then come home to your new fence latter that same day<br />



Think about the last time you<br />

purchased a car. Chances are you<br />

didn’t go to the yellow pages, choose<br />

a dealership at random, and buy your<br />

car from the first lot you visited. Many<br />

times, though, this scenario describes<br />

the way homeowners find a fence<br />

company, they look in the phone book<br />

and call the company with the largest<br />

ad or the first one listed on the internet.<br />

But much like purchasing a car, finding<br />

a qualified fence company requires<br />

research and comparison shopping.<br />


Will they call the utility company to<br />

stake out buried lines?<br />

Are they responsible for sprinkler<br />

heads?<br />

What are the requirements if I own a<br />

swimming pool?<br />

How deep do you set your posts?<br />

How far apart are the posts set from<br />

each other?<br />


Invite fence contractors to look at the<br />

job and ask for an estimate in writing. In<br />

the quote also ask them to specify the<br />

time it will take to complete the job. Ask<br />

what their backlog looks like, how soon<br />

can they start and how long will it take<br />

to complete. Make sure the contractors<br />

are quoting on the same specifications<br />

– linear feet, like materials, posts,<br />

wood, stain, gates, etc.<br />


Execute a contract specifying the<br />

work to be done, total cost, payment<br />

schedule, start date and estimated<br />

completion date. Make sure the<br />

contract specifies that the fence<br />

company is responsible for cleanup<br />

and the removal of your old fence.<br />



There are a number of qualifications<br />

which can set a professional fence<br />

company apart.<br />

Insurance: Be sure that the prospective<br />

fence company you are considering<br />

is fully insured, having both workers’<br />

compensation and liability insurance.<br />

Your selected contractor should be able<br />

to provide you with a copy of his or her<br />

insurance policy.<br />



Blue light<br />

and macular<br />

degeneration<br />

10<br />


With the advent and<br />

accelerated development of<br />

energy efficient light bulbs such<br />

as LED bulbs, much has come<br />

to light regarding the safety of<br />

what is known as blue light.<br />

Research shows blue light is a<br />

contributory factor in eye damage<br />

particularly macular degeneration.<br />

As opposed to red or nearinfrared<br />

light – blue light has<br />

a damaging affect on the<br />

photoreceptor cells in the eyes.<br />

Blue light may also be a<br />

contributory factor in other<br />

serious ailments, as it inhibits<br />

the secretion of melatonin - the<br />

hormone regulating sleep-wake<br />

cycles and regenerative sleep.<br />

Macular degeneration is<br />

irreversible. It is the degeneration<br />

of part of the retina known as the<br />

macula. This is considered normal<br />

in the aging process for seniors<br />

ranging in their 60s to 70s.<br />

When purchasing light bulbs or<br />

asking someone to, try find some<br />

analog bulbs and not LED bulbs.<br />

If you have to get halogen<br />

bulbs, choose the low-voltage<br />

incandescent halogen lights.<br />

The best colour bulb to purchase<br />

is warm white as opposed to cool<br />

white.<br />

Limit your exposure – particularly<br />

at night, to blue light and light<br />

emanating off computer, television<br />

and smart phone screens.<br />

Sleep in a darkened room. Use<br />

an eye mask to protect your eyes,<br />

and for a more relaxing, deeper<br />

sleep.<br />

Health Practitioners recommend<br />

eating foods that support eye<br />

health – particularly Omega-3<br />

fats, blueberries, leafy greens and<br />

vegetables.<br />

Be more aware of your exposure<br />

to blue light to avoid further or<br />

permanent eye damage. Seniors –<br />

your eye health is important.<br />



Baking Soda<br />

a use for all<br />

seasons<br />

12<br />


Gone are the days when baking<br />

soda, otherwise known as sodium<br />

bicarbonate was used just for<br />

baking, with a box of baking soda<br />

relegated to the back of the fridge<br />

to eliminate bad odours.<br />

Baking soda is now being<br />

recommended as a cleaner in the<br />

kitchen and bathroom. When made<br />

into a paste – it can be used to<br />

clean the oven, smelly and clogged<br />

drains, odourous garbage bags,<br />

appliances, dissolve grease stains,<br />

clean bathroom sinks, tiles, toilets,<br />

showers and tubs.<br />

Other uses in the kitchen might be<br />

to clean burned pots, with baking<br />

soda sprinkled in the base of the<br />

pot and heated boiling water, then<br />

removed with burnt parts more<br />

easily scrubbing off.<br />

There are however, many more<br />

benefits to baking soda from a<br />

physical health perspective.<br />

Whilst used with common sense it<br />

makes a great mouthwash, and as a<br />

tooth whitener now found in certain<br />

toothpaste brands. When sprinkled<br />

in a warm bath, baking soda will<br />

ease burns, the sting of insect bites<br />

and other itchy conditions.<br />

Because baking soda is more<br />

alkaline, it provides a healing<br />

environment for the body stressed<br />

from acidity and an unhealthy diet.<br />

Looking at stomach issues and<br />

heartburn – baking soda can be<br />

used to treat acid reflux. A teaspoon<br />

dissolved in a glass of water should<br />

give relief.<br />

It’s worth exploring additional<br />

benefits of baking soda. Using it in<br />

the house creates a safer, less toxic<br />

environment both for your home<br />

and body. You and your family are<br />

worth it.<br />

• Granite • Quartz • Laminate • Solid Surface • Sinks & Faucets • Custom Products<br />

PF Custom Countertops designs, builds, and installs countertops, taking your project from start to finish.<br />

Our people understand the intricacies of various materials. They work with you to ensure your countertop<br />

meets your needs and fits perfectly.To learn more visit www.pfcustomcountertops.com<br />

780.484.0831 10417 174 St.<br />



Veterans Housing<br />

Project<br />

We will<br />

Remember.<br />

101-5210 106 St. <strong>Edmonton</strong>, AB<br />


Your Local Trusted Home<br />

Inspection Company<br />

Article Provided by Ronny Reinhold - Owner Local Inspector<br />

Local Inspector<br />

Your Inspector<br />

For most people buying a home is the biggest<br />

investment in their life and I am here to make<br />

your decision easier by thoroughly inspecting your<br />

future home.<br />

I walk every roof, as long as it is safe to do so.<br />

This ensures that I can have a good look at shingle<br />

installation and condition, flashing installation and<br />

other things which may affect your roof.<br />

I will also have a good look at grading, siding, stucco,<br />

sidewalks, driveways, deck, heating/air conditioning,<br />

electric, plumbing and much more.<br />

Local-Inspector.ca is your “one stop Inspection<br />

shop”.<br />

Hi, my name is Ronny Reinhold. I started my<br />

career as an apprentice carpenter in 1995 in Germany,<br />

where I also achieved a Master Carpenter<br />

designation in 2004.<br />

I came to Canada in 2006 where I first worked for<br />

a commercial contractor before I started my own<br />

company The Carpenter <strong>Edmonton</strong> Ltd. in 2011.<br />

I am always on the lookout for things which can<br />

benefit our clients. In 2016 I decided to obtain a<br />

Home Inspection License and support my desire<br />

to ensure top quality safe and reliable work for all<br />

my clients and anyone else who might need Home<br />

Inspection advice. The Carpenter <strong>Edmonton</strong> Ltd.<br />

therefore is a licensed as a Home Inspection Business<br />

as well as a 20 year Carpentry expert here in<br />

<strong>Edmonton</strong>.<br />

My goal is to give you the best Home Inspection<br />

possible!<br />


780.935.5059<br />

www.the-carpenter.ca<br />

Home Inspection<br />

Air Quality Testing<br />

Odour Removal<br />


24 15

Serving Metro <strong>Edmonton</strong><br />

One Stop Solution<br />

24/7 Service Repairs<br />

Award Winning Garage Doors<br />

Residential &<br />

11703 – 160 Street<br />

<strong>Edmonton</strong>, AB T5M 3Z3

780.451.0060 | overheaddoor.ca<br />

Commercial Garage Door Services

The<br />

COPPER<br />

Treatment<br />

Copper trim around the house<br />

is in a sophisticated class of its<br />

own. Not only does it enhance the<br />

visual appearance of your home, it<br />

adds a certain value to the design<br />

and overall warmth. Copper is<br />

expensive though.<br />

Compared to aluminium that is. And<br />

given the expense, the question<br />

becomes - are you willing to pay for a<br />

product that in some cases could be<br />

Taras Cleaning Services<br />

(780) 999 5065<br />

sharpbuildingsolutions.ca<br />

info@sharpbuildingsolutions.ca<br />


(587) 336-0807<br />

nabozniakt@gmail.com<br />

Residential cleaning<br />

Move in/out cleans<br />

Weekly, bi weekly & monthly<br />

Commercial cleaning<br />

• Residential & Commercial Renovations<br />

• Basement, bathroom & Kitchen Renovations<br />

• Custom Cabinets & Home Additions<br />

• Deck & Patio Repair Services<br />

18<br />


as much as three to four times more<br />

expensive than aluminum?<br />

Well let’s look at the pros of<br />

using copper for your gutters,<br />

flashing, fascia, custom cladding,<br />

eavestroughs, leaderheads, snow<br />

guards, downspouts, end caps<br />

and flashing, miters, elbows and<br />

pipes - even rain chains. Yes the<br />

list of copper products is extensive.<br />

Copper is not only good looking<br />

- it’s practical too. It is the oldest<br />

metal used by man. Copper has a<br />

long life. It never rusts and does not<br />

require painting, unlike aluminium.<br />

Due to weathering and the oxidation<br />

process, depending upon the climate,<br />

it might take a year or two for some<br />

copper to turn green.<br />

The reason copper is expensive is<br />

because the trim has to be custom<br />

made, and installation is time<br />

consuming because of the additional<br />

soldering of joints. Workmanship<br />

requires specialized attention.<br />

Damage can occur if leaking copper<br />

downspouts and gutters are not<br />

properly installed. Copper salts are<br />

released with any stagnant water and<br />

moisture and can stain light coloured<br />

and porous materials like marble or<br />

limestone. This potential issue with<br />

copper drainage can be remediated<br />

by directing run-off away from<br />

the downspouts, and additionally<br />

applying sealant to porous materials<br />

in the immediate area. In order to<br />

avoid any problems, experts advise<br />

not to mix copper with aluminium<br />

parts, as their properties are different.<br />

Copper trim is beautiful let’s face it.<br />

And if you are not concerned about<br />

the cost, you will be thrilled with the<br />

elegant look the trim gives to your<br />

home, not to mention the durability<br />

and added value that pulls together<br />

the finished and classic look you<br />

have chosen to enhance the outside<br />

of your house and your property.<br />





780-932-2363<br />

windsintheeastproforg@gmail.com<br />

TimTech Electric LTD.<br />

(780) 850-5523<br />

timtechelectric@gmail.com<br />

20<br />

✓ Basic Organizing<br />

✓ Indepth Organizing<br />

✓ Moving Assistance<br />

✓ Eco Center Drop Off<br />

✓ Electrical Upgrades<br />

✓ Circuit Breakers<br />

✓ Track and Accent Lighting<br />

✓ Safety Inspections<br />

✓ Electrical Maintenance<br />

✓ Emergency Services<br />


Your HERBAL Garden PHARMACY<br />

There is nothing more pleasurable<br />

than walking out your kitchen<br />

door, or reaching up to your<br />

windowsill to prune a few leaves<br />

and stalks off the fragrant and vital<br />

herbs that you have so lovingly<br />

planted and nurtured.<br />

Flourishing in the sunlight, your<br />

herbal garden is not only growing<br />

to enhance the dishes you create<br />

for your family – they can also<br />

be considered your home herbal<br />

pharmacy. Yes, knowledge of<br />

the power of herbs that grandma<br />

planted and used a generation ago is<br />

making a comeback into mainstream<br />

awareness.<br />

Let’s have a look at a few of<br />

your most basic herbs and their<br />

qualities:<br />

Thyme - For colds and flu, antiseptic,<br />

collagen production, burns,<br />

inflammation, coughs, digestive<br />

spasms and cramps.<br />

Rosemary - For mental stimulation,<br />

digestion, allergies, nasal congestion,<br />

colds and flu, fungal infections, skin<br />

protection and food preservation.<br />

Sage - Headaches, hot flashes,<br />

toothaches, sore muscles, stagnant<br />

digestion, memory, brain function,<br />

infections.<br />

Parsley - For the kidneys as a<br />

cleansing tea, digestive issues,<br />

cystitis, vitamin C and B, neutralizes<br />

free radicals.<br />

Oregano - Treats colds and flu, fungal<br />

infections, mouthwash, inflammation,<br />

wounds and burns.<br />

Peppermint - Improves digestion,<br />

fevers, immune system boost, anxiety.<br />

Holy Basil - For anxiety and stress,<br />

bacterial and fungal infections, colds<br />

and flu, pain, ulcers, immune system.<br />

Lavender - Supports relaxed sleep,<br />

headaches, soothing for burns, bug<br />

bites, fungal infections, anxiety and<br />

tension.<br />

Not only can you experience your<br />

home grown herbs for their culinary<br />

excellence - appreciate the amazing<br />

healing benefits you and your family<br />

can enjoy.<br />

Professional Local and Long Distance<br />

Movers serving Western Canada.<br />

www.fortmoving.com<br />






We offer the full moving package, including packing service and<br />

moving supplies. Our goal is customer satisfaction and a professional,<br />

efficient move every time at a fair price.<br />

Get your FREE estimates today call 780.998.2422<br />

INSURED &<br />

BONDED<br />

Across the street or across the country...<br />




A Layman’s Guide<br />

to Home Design<br />

Article Provided by Debbie Titus - Home Planning Centre<br />

HOME DESIGN requires important considerations<br />

regarding functionality, efficiency and lifestyle.<br />

The Site must be considered when deciding on a house<br />

plan. Often home planners will put the largest/widest house<br />

allowed by zoning bylaws on your lot. Consider directionality,<br />

especially if using passive solar heating.<br />

Traffic routes should be kept short, reducing wasted space.<br />

Avoid routes requiring passage through rooms. Determine<br />

traffic patterns by tracing over the plan with a pencil, following<br />

your daily routines. Time, space and even maintenance<br />

can be saved with efficient design.<br />

Homes have three basic activity zones; sleeping, service and<br />

living areas. Try to keep them separate from each other.<br />

The main entry should lead guests directly to living areas.<br />

Consider visually separating the main entry from the living<br />

area for privacy. First impressions are good impressions.<br />

The Kitchen’s efficiency is optimized when the refrigerator,<br />

range and sink form a 12 to 20 foot “work triangle”. Kitchen<br />

and eating areas should be close.<br />

Living rooms are multi-functional, serving as recreational,<br />

study or occasional dining areas, and situated adjacent to<br />

the entrance and dining room; areas most frequented by<br />

guests.<br />

Bedroom sizes are determined considering bed types and<br />

additional furnishing; have two walls free from doors and<br />

windows to allow a flexible furniture layout.<br />

Bathrooms can be used for dressing, exercising and laundering.<br />

Full bathrooms should be accessible to all bedrooms<br />

and must be minimum 5’-0” x 7’-6” to accommodate all<br />

fixtures.<br />

Stairways, properly sized, average 14 to 16 risers and are at<br />

least 3’-2” wide.<br />

Planning aides to help you design your home can be as<br />

simple as graph paper and pencil or a more complicated<br />

home design computer software.<br />

Remember when choosing or designing your home plan,<br />

there is no perfect plan for everyone. The most important<br />

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倀 爀 漀 樀 攀 挀 琀 䴀 愀 渀 愀 最 攀 爀 㨀<br />

䐀 愀 爀 漀 氀 䴀 挀 一 愀 爀 礀 ⠀ 㔀 㠀 㜀 ⤀ 㤀 㠀 㜀 ⴀ<br />

䜀 攀 渀 攀 爀 愀 氀 䘀 漀 爀 攀 洀 愀 渀 㨀<br />

吀 爀 愀 瘀 椀 猀 䄀 甀 戀 爀 攀 礀 ⠀ 㜀 㠀 ⤀ 㤀 ㈀ ⴀ<br />

㘀 㘀 㤀<br />

㈀ 㤀 㐀<br />

䌀 漀 洀 洀 攀 爀 挀 椀 愀 氀 㨀<br />

䌀 愀 洀 瀀 戀 甀 椀 氀 搀 猀 Ⰰ 䠀 漀 琀 攀 氀<br />

爀 攀 渀 漀 瘀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀 猀 Ⰰ 伀 昀 昀 椀 挀 攀<br />

䈀 甀 椀 氀 搀 椀 渀 最 洀 愀 椀 渀 琀 攀 渀 愀 渀 挀 攀<br />

愀 渀 搀 刀 攀 渀 漀 瘀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀 猀<br />

圀 攀 栀 愀 瘀 攀 戀 攀 攀 渀 椀 渀<br />

琀 栀 攀 爀 攀 猀 椀 搀 攀 渀 琀 椀 愀 氀<br />

愀 渀 搀 挀 漀 洀 洀 攀 爀 挀 椀 愀 氀<br />

戀 甀 椀 氀 搀 椀 渀 最 椀 渀 搀 甀 猀 琀 爀 礀<br />

昀 漀 爀 漀 瘀 攀 爀 アパート 礀 攀 愀 爀 猀 ⸀<br />

刀 攀 猀 椀 搀 攀 渀 琀 椀 愀 氀 㨀<br />

䌀 甀 猀 琀 漀 洀 挀 甀 瀀 戀 漀 愀 爀 搀 猀<br />

愀 渀 搀 䌀 愀 戀 椀 渀 攀 琀 爀 礀 昀 攀 渀 挀 攀 猀 Ⰰ<br />

䐀 攀 挀 欀 猀 Ⰰ 䜀 愀 稀 攀 戀 漀 猀 Ⰰ<br />

䜀 愀 爀 愀 最 攀 猀 愀 渀 搀 匀 栀 攀 搀 猀<br />

嘀 椀 猀 椀 琀 甀 猀 漀 渀 䘀 愀 挀 攀 戀 漀 漀 欀<br />

䘀 䈀 㨀 吀 栀 甀 渀 搀 攀 爀 刀 椀 搀 最 攀 倀 爀 漀 樀 攀 挀 琀 猀<br />

䔀 洀 愀 椀 氀 㨀 吀 栀 甀 渀 搀 攀 爀 爀 椀 搀 最 攀 氀 琀 搀 䀀 栀 漀 琀 洀 愀 椀 氀 ⸀ 挀 漀 洀<br />




䘀 甀 攀 渀 琀 攀 猀 刀 攀 渀 漀 瘀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀 猀 Ⰰ 䰀 吀 䐀<br />

㜀 㠀 ⸀ 㤀 㐀 ⸀ 㜀 㜀 㤀<br />

䘀 甀 攀 渀 琀 攀 猀 刀 攀 渀 漀 猀<br />

䘀 甀 攀 渀 琀 攀 猀 爀 攀 渀 漀 氀 琀 搀 䀀 漀 甀 琀 氀 漀 漀 欀 ⸀ 挀 漀 洀<br />

䌀 伀 䴀 䴀 䔀 刀 䌀 䤀 䄀 䰀 䄀 一 䐀 刀 䔀 匀 䤀 䐀 䔀 一 吀 䤀 䄀 䰀 刀 䔀 一 伀 嘀 䄀 吀 䤀 伀 一 匀<br />

匀 琀 ⸀ 䄀 氀 戀 攀 爀 琀 Ⰰ<br />

匀 爀 ⸀ 䴀 漀 爀 琀 最 愀 最 攀 䈀 爀 漀 欀 攀 爀<br />

䈀 攀 挀 愀 甀 猀 攀 琀 栀 攀 爀 攀<br />

椀 猀 愀 渀 漀 琀 栀 攀 爀 眀 愀 礀 ℀<br />

㜀 㠀 ⸀ 㤀 㔀 ⸀ 㜀 㤀 㤀 㘀<br />

洀 愀 爀 最 愀 爀 攀 琀 最 攀 愀 氀 氀 䀀 椀 渀 瘀 椀 猀 ⸀ 挀 愀<br />

A lberta<br />

C apital<br />

C ontracting<br />


780-554-8251<br />

Serving <strong>Edmonton</strong> & Area<br />

Residential & Commercial<br />

Painting<br />

Drywall & taping<br />

Basement development<br />

Restoration after sinister<br />

Interior & exterior

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