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Connecting Beyond

a Digital World

Almost everyone knows how to live a healthy life.

Eat vegetables, get good sleep, move our bodies, and be kind.

Most of us also know the digital world doesn’t replace the need for

in-person interactions.

But what do we do about it?

We’re social beings. Our brains are wired for relationships, and we

get a sense of happiness, connection, and fulfillment by being with

people. Even introverts!

And yet, despite all the social media platforms meant to help us

connect, many of us feel more disconnected than ever before.

We struggle to find our tribes, and to set aside time in our busy lives

to engage in meaningful ways. In-person interactions are vital to our

health – physical, psychological, and spiritual.

mudputty is more than local

classes meant to fuel your

interests. On a deeper level,

it’s a way to help you find

your tribe, uniting you with an

authentic community so that

you can fulfill one of your most

basic needs: connection.

Walk into a class, share a smile,

chat, and leave with friends

who you can meet up later for


By engaging with someone – an

old friend or a new one – you

just might find they needed to

engage with you, too!




Words by Katherine Golchert

Pictures supplied by Katherine Golchert

Slow Fashion

Whether you have heard of

slow fashion or not it’s a term

that is starting to make big

waves in the fashion industry

and thanks to mentors, like

Katherine Golchert, Founder

of Australian Fashion Start Up,

it will be a term that you hear

more of as she helps more

everyday Australians to start

their own clothing label.

So, what is slow fashion? It’s

the art of making clothing

with a purpose, function or

sustainable development as

opposed to making volumes of

clothing just to have something

new. It’s about quality over

quantity and ethics over


With the novelty of fast fashion

wearing off consumers are

becoming more aware of the

environmental impact their

consumer habits are having on

the planet and are starting to

make the shift towards recycled

materials and ethically sourced

products from companies with

mutually aligned values.

Australian Fashion Start Up

started their workshops to

be able to helping the next

generation of business owners

to develop their brand to be

able to make an impact on

the industry following these

environmental trends, while

also offering new unique and

individual products to the


The workshop is designed

for beginners with little to no

business or fashion industry

knowledge that have an idea or

some designs but need some

help and guidance of which

direction they need to go in.

All of this is explained in a

40+ page guide book that will

become your reference tool

to setting up your business.

The guidebook also includes

lists of contacts of industry

professionals that will help

you and guide you where you

need it across all aspects of

the business to ensure your

business has the best chance

for success.


Explore the world of Arty Tribe Classes on

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton.

Spring and Summer – the time for colour. Here’s a great range of art based classes to

set you in a colourful summer mood.

Collage Your Vision: Creative Play by Lisa in Carrara

Piano Lessons by Graham in Currimundi

Ignite Creativity: Art And Writing: Give Your

Story Wings To Fly

Traditional Wooden Longbow Making In The

Byron Bay Shire

by Lisa

by Lars

in Coolangatta

in Mullumbimby

Macrame workshop make your own pot hanger by ArtM in Gold Goast

Pottery Classes by ArtM in Gold Goast

Music Lessons For Adults by Lee in Burleigh Heads

Find all the details for these Arty classes at




Words by Cynthia Connop

Pictures supplied by Cynthia Connop

Living Love

This year I have run my Living

Love workshops in Australia,

Cyprus and China. These are

very different cultures, and yet I

find we all want the same things

- connection, love, intimacy,

purpose, and the freedom to

fully express ourselves.

Part of that expression is our

masculine and feminine essence,

the way we orient to the world

and to our relationships. This is

not necessarily gender based, as

we all have both masculine and


within us. However, most people

have more of one than the

other. Over thirty years ago I

was awakened to the potent

feminine/masculine polarity

through my research and


filmmaking, and later through

the teachings of spiritual guru

Osho, and author David Deida,

among others.

This was life changing and

for more than twenty years I

have been helping singles and

couples transform their lives

and relationships through my

workshops and sessions.

The feminine essence is

primarily motivated by the

flow of love in her life, in her

relationships, her communities.

She is like the ocean, always

changing, a powerful force that

is both gentle and wild.

The masculine essence is like

a ship that sails on that ocean

from point a to point b. He is

motivated by his purpose and

mission, seeking clarity, depth,

freedom and awareness. While

navigating that

unpredictable ocean!

I help individuals reconnect

with their own essence, quickly

resolving many issues. Bringing

out feminine radiance, beauty

and flow. Encouraging masculine

confidence, integrity and life


Being honoured in our own

essence we meet our opposite.

Practices and sharing in the

workshops encourage real

connections and insights.

Understanding how we are equal

but different brings deep

compassion and love for the

other - we can then appreciate,

celebrate and enjoy each other.


The sacred union of masculine

and feminine is a wonderful

meeting that can blooms in your

own relationships and intimacy,

also creating a loving model for

your family.

Explore the world of Healthy Tribe Classes on

“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life transform

and be healthy.” Bella Bleue

It’s time to soak up the sunshine and revitalise after the winter. Here’s a great range

of healthy tribe classes to nourish your body and mind this summer.

Mindful Bears Club by Tracey in Ormiston

Kirtan-Mantra Meditation by Vanessa in Pacific Paradise

Yoga Kid’s Teacher Training! by Tracey in Carina

Pilates Class by Phoebe in Burleigh Heads

Pilates Matt by Kelii in Palm Beach

Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair And Trapeze

Table Classes

by Eden

in Bundall

Sacred Sound With Wendy Suzanne by Wendy in Palm Beach

Aerial Yoga by Phoebe in Burleigh Heads

Dynamic Hatha Yoga by Janina in Mermaid Beach

Easy Yoga Asana by Janina in Mermaid Beach

Stretch & Relax by Janina in Mermaid Beach

Yoga And Functional Movement For The Over


by Anne

in Paddington

Yoga Classes Gold Coast by Rain in Southport

Yoga Flow by Janina in Mermaid Beach

Yoga For All Ages by Yoga in Currumbin Valley




Words by James Wright

Pictures supplied by James Wright

Love Kitchen

All I’ve ever really wanted to

do in life was cook. Since the

age of 12 or 13 I’ve been hooked

on creating something from

nothing. By nothing I mean a

collection of unprocessed, dry,

raw, sometimes odd looking

ingredients found in the fridge,

from the market or at the back

of the cupboard and working my

version of culinary magic. Not

everything I create is delicious

but the freedom to experiment

in the kitchen without many rules

(beside for baking - which has

never been my thing) is a bit like

the freedom a painter has with a

blank canvas or a sculpture has

before the first tap - I simply love


After university I worked briefly

as a cook in a pub in the UK

and then in an Italian restaurant

before my step-Mum nudged

me towards a more traditional

career for someone with a

degree in Politics. Four jobs

later and running a pretty strong

‘corporate’ race with some

physical mental health issues

coupled to a glass-ceiling (yes

they exist for white middle-class

males too) had me take stock of

life and choose a different path.

In 2015 I quit my corporate

role and moved from my city

apartment in Sydney to rent a

farm in the Hunter Valley. With

no experience my partner and I

set up a little restaurant together

focused on organic, healthy food

using local suppliers.

Over the course of the next

4 years I became deeper and

deeper entrenched in what a

healthy diet really meant for me

and my environment.

I’d describe myself as selfish

vegan. My primary reason for

eating vegan is that it makes

me feel better. I have more

control over my weight and

body-shape, I feel lighter and

more energetic and I love that

it forces me to experiment even

more with food and flavours. A

very close second and third are

the environmental impacts and

animal rights.

Earlier this year I made the call

to sell my restaurant. I have

now moved to the very vegan

Byron Bay area where I have

set up and

am happily experimenting with

the Vegan Pantry Product and

doing some pop-up restaurant

and cooking experiences along

with acting as a vegan Private

Chef. Life is working at a better

pace again - now powered

solely by plants.


Explore the world of Foodie Tribe Classes on

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” – Ruth Reichi

The food lovers delight is in sight – yes, the festive season is almost here. The time to

enjoy, endulge and feel the wonder that food brings to the celebration.

Here’s some great foodie tribe classes to ignite the food lover in you.

Ayurvedic Cooking And Nutrition For





Vegan Cooking Gayatri Coochiemudlo


Raw Deserts Gayatri Coochiemudlo


Vegan Curries Gayatri Coochiemudlo


Find all the details for these Foodie Tribe classes at




Words by Christie McCabe

Pictures supplied by Christie McCabe

Reconnecting Our Gold Coast Business Community

So, the question begs, how have you been communicating with

your online business connections? Have you found the opportunity

to connect with them on a more personable level yet? Here is your

opportunity to do so.

If you haven’t been to a LinkedIn Business Connect event yet, you

have been missing out because the focus is on really connecting

with the person behind the Profile and getting to know each other


Do you remember the good old

days (or read about it) when

you visited the Butcher for

meat, Bakery for bread, Fruit

and Vege store for fruit and

veg and the Grocery Store for

everything else? While time

consuming, this process resulted

in better quality goods, as well

as supported the local business

economy and developed

stronger bonds within the

business community.

What about other business

needs? How did you, or do

you today, decide who to

work with as your Accountant,

Dentist, Coach, Personal Trainer,

Financial Planner, Marketer,

Designer and the list goes

on? Is the decision based on a

known entity, someone within

your local community, who you

have met in person and built a

connection with?

As you know we do business with people we know, like and trust

and that’s what we build on and develop at these events.

You will spend time getting to know every person in the room

through a format of relaxed, interactive activities that builds

personal trust.

Past events have seen this format result in genuine business

opportunities and ongoing, quality business relationships.

You will enjoy a range of culinary taste sensations, a few beverages

and an experience to remember with like-minded business

associates on the Coast.

• Be part of our Gold Coast Business Community

• Connect with business opportunities

• Share in a unique experience

• Join us for LinkedIn Business Connect Gold Coast

Visit to register your interest

in receiving an invitation to the next LinkedIn Business Connect


Or do you simply shop online for

the best price?

Christie McCabe is the Director

of Connection Kernel and hosts

regular business networking

events which enables online

communities who connect

through the business social

media, LinkedIn, to meet in




Explore the world of Business Tribe Classes on

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

- Anthony J. D’Angelo

Sometimes it’s about growing yourself, to grow your business. Here’s some great

business tribe workshops to kickstart your business aspirations.

Horses Helping Humans Australia by Sue in Tallebudgera

Instagram For Business For Beginners by Bridgit in Reedy Creek

Digital Marketing Strategy Class Via Skype by eDigital in Online

Executive Coaching by Evelyn in Online

Business Owners: Build Your Brand With A Book

- This Is Where You Start! Pm Workshop

by Sigrid

in Online

Instagram For Business Workshop by Hayley in Online

Digital Marketing Strategy Class Via Skype by eDigital in Online

Executive Coaching by Evelyn in Online

Next Step Coaching by Sandy in Parrearra

Find all the details for these Business Tribe classes at




Words by Patsy Tierney, Fit Mama Training DBD Fitness

Pictures by Marc Raffaele Photography.

How Mumma Got Her Groove Back!

Finding the motivation to stick

to an exercise program can be

hard enough, but add in being

a mum, partner, employee and

whatever else you have going

on, and it becomes even more

challenging. As a busy, single

mum of two, with 30 years

in the fitness industry, I have

put together my top 3 tips for

getting your exercise groove

back on and keeping it!

1. Start small: Especially if you

haven’t been exercising in a

while. Set yourself the goal of

just one or two sessions per

week. I often have clients that

want to book in for four or five

classes straight up. I would

rather see someone start with

just one session per week and

build from there. The most

important thing is that you just

start, right now, as you are.

2. Do something you enjoy:

I know this sounds obvious, but

you would be surprised by how

many people chose an activity

that they don’t like and then

wonder why they can’t stick to

it. I was speaking with a mum

the other day who said she was

finding it hard to motivate herself

to go out for a run. I asked

her if she liked running and

she said no she hated it! There

are so many options when it

comes to exercise chose one

that you look forward to doing.

3. Grab a friend: Why sweat

alone when you can work out

with a buddy? Group classes are

a great place to do this. Sign up

with a friend or even find some

new ones in the group.

I run Fit Mum Classes where

mums can come along and work

out together. They keep each

other motivated, accountable

and everyone is very

understanding when someone

turns up after little sleep with

their shirt on backwards!!


Explore the world of She Tribe Classes on

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

-Oprah Winfrey

It’s summer-time ladies – a time for fun, friends and new beginnings.

Bring your friends, bubs, kids or just your wonderful self and enjoy these She Tribe classes.

Mums And Bubs Group Fitness by Cat in Coolangatta

Water Yoga - Not Water Fitness!

Yoga Moves In The Water

by Anne

in Gold Goast

Kangatraining by Kanga in Gold Goast

Ladies Only Strength Session by Yvette in Gold Goast

Personal Training Sessions For Ladies by Hazel in Manly

Oh, and if you need something to wear, Victoria Stag and Velvety have you covered.

We couldn’t find activewear for our

curves that didn’t make us feel selfconscious,

so we solved that problem.

Get confident, get active in Victoria Stag.


Velvety is vegan fashion, sustainable &

ethically made, supporting slow fashion

for men and women all in one place.

14. 14.



Words by Monique Carole,

Holistic Health & Fitness Tips: Part Two

It’s A Balancing Act!: Finding the right balance between work /

play, family / friends, good and not so - is essential to a satisfying

long life. We need to look holistically at whole body, mind, heart &

soul. To enjoy optimum health and wellbeing we need the check

and correct the balance of our body’s pH levels - with reduction of

acidifying foods and increasing more alkalizing foods in the diet.

Focus on clean nutrient dense foods, powerful inflammatory and

antioxidant-rich foods, and replace toxic household and personal

products with natural alternative products.

Stress Busters: As stress can be the biggest creator of disease in

the body, we need to find the right balance of stress management.

Relying heavily on stimulants, medication, bad sustainable eating

habits, and feeling the need to wind down with too many wines in

the evening - can take its toll on our body and mind. To bust stress

and restore your inner peace; try breathing relaxation, meditation

or self-hypnosis. aromatherapy bath or massage, music, laughter,

dancing, playtime, intimacy, and daily exercise to increase your

happy hormone levels.

Increase vitality and slow down the aging process; with at least

7 hours of quality sleep per night - preferably during the prime

healing hours of 10-2am. If sleep deprives you, then try relaxing

breathing meditation, self-hypnosis or calming essential oils. Create

a harmonious ambience in your bedroom and switch-off from

electronics - after all this is your pleasure dome not your workroom!

Holistic Fitness: Getting active helps reduce the risk of dis-ease,

as exercise helps boost metabolism and activates your digestive

system. I discovered Pilates worked so effectively and quickly that I

trained as a Pilates Instructor so I could help others.

Pilates works holistically to

strengthen your entire body

and focuses on quality over

quantity. Mindful controlled

movements and breathwork

connects and strengthens the

Body and Mind to improve coordination,

stability, mobility,

balance and overall wellbeing

and calmness - helping you

deal with all your other daily

activities with zest and ease.

One of my passions is getting

people out on a beautiful

river for a Paddleboard Pilates

experience. It’s the perfect way

to get our daily dose of Vit

D sunshine, nature, fresh air,

exercise, fun & laughter!

Relax & Rejuvenate: Massage

is a proven treatment for

stress and pain - helping to

boost levels of endorphins and

serotonin - two of the body’s

leading pain relievers and mood


Take time to love and nurture

yourself daily. Listen to your

body and investigate anything

that doesn’t feel right so you

can get help before it turns




Explore the world of Sporty Tribe Classes on

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”


There’s no race, just a lot of fun and fitness to be had in these great Sporty Tribe


Boxing Fitness Class by Kylee in Upper Coomera

Beginner Bachata Dance Classes - Includes First

Class Free

Beginner Salsa Dance Classes Includes First

Class Free

Beginner Zouk Dance Class - Includes First Class


by Gold

by Gold

by Gold

in Southport

in Southport

in Southport

Calisthenics Class by Phoebe in Burleigh Heads

Barre Basics by Kelii in Palm Beach

Busta Groove by Kelii in Palm Beach

Cardio Queen by Kelii in Palm Beach

Clubbercise Dance Fitness Class by Kylee in Upper Coomera

Clubbercise Fitness Class by Kelii in Palm Beach

Happy Hour by Kelii in Palm Beach

Ka Pow by Kelii in Palm Beach

Cardio Tennis (fitness Classes) & Court Hire

Open To The Public

by Peta

in Clear Island


Floor Barre by Kelii in Palm Beach

Func Fit by Kylee in Upper Coomera

Group Fitness by Kylee in Upper Coomera

Metafit Class by Kylee in Upper Coomera

Strength And Stretch Class by Kelii in Palm Beach

Group Fitness by Cat in Coolangatta

Fatburn Extreme (HIIT Class) by Kylee in Upper Coomera

Hiit Strength Class by Kylee in Upper Coomera

Runway Ready by Kelii in Palm Beach

Gkr Karate by Helen in Clear Island


Gkr Karate by Helen in Coomera

Gkr Karate by Helen in Currumbin

Gkr Karate by Helen in Mudgeeraba

Gkr Karate by Helen in Pimpama

Gkr Karate by Helen in Upper Coomera

Gkr Karate by Helen in Varsity Lakes

Gojuryu Karate & Self Defense by Nick in Clear Island


Advanced Pole Dance Classes by Phoebe in Burleigh Heads

Beginner Pole Dance Class by Phoebe in Burleigh Heads

Intermediate Pole Dance Class by Phoebe in Burleigh Heads

Pole Flow Classes by Phoebe in Burleigh Heads

16. 16.

Pre-Advanced Pole by Phoebe in Burleigh Heads

Stretch Class by Phoebe in Burleigh Heads

Paddleboard Pilates / Floyo Sup Yoga & Fitness

/ River Adventure

by Monique

in Palm Beach

Stand Up Paddle Lessons Private by Leighton in Currimundi

Junior Tennis Lessons (hotshots) by Peta in Clear Island


Adult Salto Acrobatics Course

Self-Training At Circus Arts





in Byron Bay

in Byron Bay

Gkr Karate by Helen in Tweed Heads


Gkr Karate by Helen in Pottsville

Find all the details for these Sporty Tribe classes at



Making a Difference

Within The Community

Words by Michelle Dumbrell

Photos by Paget Photography

Do you believe that it is

important to feel like you


I believe that everybody wants to

belong, to feel that they are part

of a social group, organisation,

family or community. It seems

that we are so connected as a

society yet so disconnected.

This is why I felt an inner

yearning to make a difference

within the community to help

reconnect individuals through

storytelling and fun.

Here is my story on how this

urge to make social change has

created a platform for social

connectivity, collaborations and


My name is Michelle Dumbrell

and I discovered early on that

even when people were living

through difficult situations,

that creating fun gatherings

would assist in fostering deeper

connections, friendships and a

sense of belonging. I saw such

positive changes in people which

created and gave them a greater

sense of self-empowerment.

I then thought, “Why not try this

on a larger scale and do this with

the wider community?”

I involved myself in community

projects and did not have

that feeling of satisfaction

with consistent and continued

progress. I also attended a

multitude of network meetings

where I would see the same

people in the same situation

month after month. This,

however, did give me the

incredible opportunity to chat

and meet with local creatives and

gain insight into their struggles

in being able to connect with

an audience. This is when I

knew that it was time to create

something unique to connect

these artists with audiences.

What put even more fire in my

belly was hearing both locals

and tourists say that Gold Coast

has no culture. RIGHT, it was

really time to take action! This is

when my life path changed and

I created and became director,

producer and writer of The

Couch Outloud live talk show.


The common thread of all shows

is social connectivity and we

now cover an eclectic range of

topics. The show strives to build

and cultivate social connections

that benefit both individuals and

communities as a whole. It is

not streamed or telecast as I am

very passionate about bringing

people together in real life to

make real life connections. The

guest speakers and performers

are every day people with every

day stories from all over the Gold

Coast who have either contacted

me or being recommended

by friends. They share their

stories and open up people’s

minds to new experiences and

opportunities. I have even

snuck in a few outsiders who

have travelled to take part in the


I believe that when people

feel connected with their

communities, they feel more

pride and more willingness to

take actions to help others and

foster relationships. I absolutely

love connecting people, making

a difference to people’s lives

whilst enhancing the culture of

the community. We have had

over 55 guest speakers plus

multiple performances which

has generated collaborative

relationships, deep friendships

and a very special one of . . . true

love. Believe it or not, your very

own stories and experiences can

make such a difference to others’

lives and perceptions.

This platform brings the Gold

Coast community together in

celebration and acknowledgment

of how we can add to the

creation and expression of our

city in progressive ways. This is

why The Couch Oudloud is not

just a talk show, it’s a movement!

Our 11th show, Self-

Empowerment – The Road Less

Travelled, will be on Friday 18

October at Karma Collab Hub,



Written by Jackie Nevard

- Author and founder of

My Food Allergy Friends

Educating Everyone

on Food Allergies,

all kids need to be

Food Allergy Smart!

Australia has one of the highest

reported incidences of food

allergies in the world, and one

in 10 babies born in Australia

today will develop a food



Ten years ago when my second

child was born I knew little

about food alleries. My baby

was irritable, unsettled, had

mild eczema and refused to

sleep day or night. Exhausted

I decided to enrol him in

childcare so I could rest. When

the big day arrived I couldn’t

leave him. This was a blessing

in disguise or maybe mothers

intuition. At 9 months he was

diagnosed with seven food

allergies. If I had sent him to

childcare that day it may of

resulted in an anaphylactic

reaction if he had been exposed

to any of his allergens.


After my son’s diagnosis I

realised that I needed to educate

my child about his allergies

and there were no suitable

resources out there. At 9 months

this meant having a saying,

“No! Danager Food!” Most

toddlers happily pick anything

off the floor and put things in

their mouth. Young children

understand simple concepts

like No! Hot Oven!. As he grew

older we were able to expand

his allergy education and now at

ten he happily manages himself

at school and educates others. I

also quickly realised that it’s not

just the child with allergies that

needs educating, it’s also vital

that everyone in contact with

that child is also Food Allergy


With one in ten infants and one

in twenty children having a food

allergy chances are there will

be one or two kids enrolled at

most centres that have serious

life-threatening allergies. One

school I visited had 50 EpiPens!

So I created the lovable book

characters Thai & Rabbie to

teach children about allergies.

Teaching simple concepts like

some food that most of us can

eat make others sick, some kids

have allergies and if they eat

certain foods they get sick and

may need special medicine to

make them better. The books

use all correct terminology so

children learn what an EpiPen

is and what an allergic reaction

and anaphylaxis mean.

A brilliant example that all

children understand is birthday

parties. The book character

Thai takes his own party food,

birthday cake and has his

own safe lollies to eat. All kids

understand this and most will

want to help keep their friends


Education is the key, spending

mat time discussing food

allergies, in a fun, interactive

way, using stories and games to

help children understand.

The five Food Allergy Smart

Rules are:

• We don’t share our food at


• We don’t touch other people

while eating

• We wash our hands after


• We tell a teacher if our friend

is unwell

• We include our friends at


Many families struggle with

getting diagnosed, especially

if they are exclusively

breastfeeding. There is still

much education needed for

general practitioners, we saw

seven before finally being

diagnosed. Fast forward ten

years I now work educating

children and everyone in

the community about food



Explore the world of Wee Tribe Classes on

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and

dance; one cannot fly into flying.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

Let the summertime adventures begin with these great Wee Tribe classes.

Gold Coast Goju Karate by Nick in Clear Island


Gold Coast Kids Guitar Club Party by Bryce in Burleigh Heads

Horse Riding Lessons by Debbie in Bonogin

Junior Golf Coaching Fundamental Phase by Daman in Carrara

Junior Golf Coaching Playing Phase by Daman in Carrara

Junior Golf Coaching Train Phase by Daman in Carrara

Junior Hot Shots Tennis Green by Daman in Carrara

Junior Hot Shots Tennis Orange by Daman in Carrara

Junior Hot Shots Tennis Red by Daman in Carrara

Mindful Kids Yoga by Janina in Mermaid Beach

Little Ninja & Karate Birthday Party by Black in Burleigh Heads

Flying Trapeze Foundations by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Kindergarten Circus by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Tiny Tots Circus (1-3yrs) by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Ninja Warrior (12-16yrs) by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Ninja Warrior (8-11yrs) by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Ninja Warrior (5-7yrs) by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Parkour (8-11yrs) by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Parkour (8-11yrs) by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Parkour (5-7yrs) by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Gymnastics (8-11yrs) by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Gymnastics (5-7yrs) by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Teen Circus (12-16yrs) by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Circus Play 8-11 Yrs by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Circus Play 5-7 Yrs by CircusArts in Byron Bay

Trampoline Teens 12-16yrs by CircusArts in Byron Bay

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Words by Trishna Peacock

‘Forever Young’ - Yoga Retreats for the over 50’s.

If you are over 50 and love

yoga have you ever thought

about attending a retreat that

is specifically designed for your

age group? Trishna Peacock

from ‘Shake Your Buddha Yoga

and Retreats’ runs what she calls

‘Forever Young’ yoga retreats in

Bali each year. The average age

on these retreats is around 58

and the eldest participant so far

has been 73!

“The week is not just about

practicing yoga but also about

spending time with likeminded

people, experiencing a different

culture and, of course, having

lots of fun along the way as well.

The best part of these retreats,”

says Trishna, “is witnessing the

transformation that people have

in just one week! Not only in their

practice but also in their state of

mind and wellbeing”. The week

is a full itinerary, with morning

yoga, breath work, meditation,

cultural activities, organic food

and so many more memorable

experiences. And there is

always a ‘surprise’ activity in the

itinerary as well.

One is never too old to take

up the practice of Yoga. There

is no better time to start then

now! One of the biggest things

that people worry about and

which seems to stop them

from attending is that they feel

they are not flexible enough to

participate in a yoga class. This

is so far from the truth. Yoga is

for EVERY BODY; no matter how

old you are you are certain to

benefit. You gain flexibility when

you practice, not only in your

body but in your mind as well.

It teaches us to be patient. It

teaches us to stop, to slow down,

to be more aware. It’s the best

thing you can do for your body

and mind.


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“Today is the day to learn something new.”

- Anthony J. D’Angelo

Let’s not let the wee ones have all the fun. There’s plenty of learning to be enjoyed,

friendships to be made and laughter to be had in these Wise Tribe classes.

Ageless Grace Brain Health Seated Exercise


by Vicki

in Chevallum

Over 55'S Dance + Pilates by Kelii in Palm Beach

Functional Movement And Yoga Based Stretches

For The Active Senior

by Anne

in Paddington

Dance for Parkinsons by D4P in Southport

Seniors Excerise Class by Caitlin in Nerang

Seniors Excerise Class by Caitlin in Nerang

Positively shift the energy in your home

and life

• have harmony and balance

• enhance career opportunities

• attract more meaningful relationships

• be creative and productive jacknskye…



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