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Antose Antony Bangalore Karnataka is the name of one of the leading personality in business world. He belongs to Bangalore and has major concerns on usual issues of business and always there to help the people by giving effective solutions to overcome these problems.

Being a professional businessman he has begun various companies and takes it to the top position in this highly competitive world.

After the huge accomplishment, he has determined to help people with exceptional support and enormous efforts. Now he did analysis on the challenges and difficulties that a person confronts while starting a business.

Not every businessman becomes successful without putting efforts. Some of them actually fail. Some failures are poor than others. And still, some businessman discovered that they can overcome from failures and become successful. On this, Antose Antony Karnataka suggests that without hard work you can’t reach there, where he is today. All you require patience and correct path to follow and achieve success.

In this way, Antose Antony suggests the entire businessmen who are new in business field to have these characteristics within them if they want to be a good entrepreneur-

• Creativity. He is able to discover his true capabilities to find the right business for himself.

• Honesty. He should be honest with regards to work his and respect customers.

• Energy. He should put his right energy into work.
• Leadership. He should inspire his people, knows how to encourage them and understands their needs and concerns.

• Perseverance. A thriving businessman is the one who knows how to face problems and carry on to follow his vision for himself and for his business.

Hence having these qualities simply Antose Antony Banglore indicates that now you are a good business man.

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• Do you want to become a well-qualified lawyer like antose antony Bangalore? The skills you require for your perfect profession are something you can work on

as well as develop eventually. You may have heard: practice makes man perfect! Here are a couple of qualities that you must consider working on if you want to

be an efficient lawyer.

• 1) Excellent communication skills

• Lawyers must be orally understandable, have great written communication abilities and furthermore, be great listeners. To contend convincingly in the

courtroom before juries and judges, good public speaking abilities are basic. Communication as well as speaking skills can be produced amid your studies by

participating in activities, for example, mooting or overall public speaking.

• 2) Judgement

• The capability to draw sensible, logical ends or presumptions from constrained information is fundamental as a legal advisor.

• You should likewise have the ability to think about these judgements basically, so you can envision potential areas of shortcoming in your argument that must

be invigorated against.

• So also, you should have the ability to spot purposes of shortcoming in an opposition’s argument. Decisiveness is likewise a part of judgment. There will be

many imperative judgement calls to set aside a few minutes for sitting on the fence.

• 3) Analytical skills

• Both the study and practice of law include retaining extensive amounts of information, at that point refining it into something sensible and intelligent.

• Now and again, there will be in excess of one reasonable conclusion, or in excess of one point of reference appropriate to settling a circumstance.

• 4) Research skills

• Likewise, having the ability to research rapidly and viably is fundamental to understanding your customers, their requirements, and to planning lawful


• Planning lawful techniques requires absorbing as well as an understanding lot of data, at that point refining them down into something convenient and helpful.

• 5) People skills

• Law isn’t a theoretical practice. Beside the point of how well somebody does academically, toward the day’s end legal lawyers work with individuals, for the

benefit of individuals, and the choices that are made impact peoples’ lives.

• They should be friendly, enticing and ready to peruse others. This enables them to check juror’s responses and the genuineness of witnesses.

• This enables them to settle on the best way to deal with so as to accomplish the expected result: either client taking their recommendation or achieving a great

negotiation with the opposition.

• It is predictable that you will develop these qualities within you in a short time if you want to become a successful lawyer like Antose Antony. It is not easy but

nothing is impossible too.

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