A Closer Look 2018-19



The Newsletter of Augusta Christian Schools

2018-19 Year in Review

The Newsletter of Augusta 2018-2019 Christian Year Schools in Review



The Newsletter of Augusta Christian Schools

2018-19 Year in Review

Table of Contents

From the Head of School ................................................ 3

From our School Divisions

High School..................................................................... 4

Middle School ................................................................. 6

Elementary ...................................................................... 7

Kindergarten Campus ..................................................... 9

Guidance ....................................................................... 10

Admissions .................................................................... 12

Athletics ........................................................................ 13

Fine Arts ........................................................................ 14

Around Campus

See You at the Pole ...................................................... 18

Grandparents Day ........................................................ 19

Homecoming ................................................................. 20

Fall Festival ................................................................... 22

Veterans Day ................................................................ 23

Names in the News ...................................................... 25

Seniors in the News ...................................................... 28

Class of 2019 ................................................................ 29

Alumni ........................................................................... 30

Congratulations to the ACS Class of 2019, our 41st graduating class!


A Message from Les Walden, Head of School

“ Our mission

statement challenges

us to play a part in

developing each

student spiritually,

academically, socially,

and physically. ”

Amy Frietag was named SCISA High

School Teacher of the Year.

“How is your

enrollment?” is a

question that I

frequently get asked

from people in our area

and within our different

associations. As we

finished the 2018-2019

school year I have to report that our

enrollment was very strong and all

indications point to continued growth at

Augusta Christian Schools. The

inevitable follow up to that question is

very often “how are you maintaining

and even growing when so many

schools are moving in the opposite

direction?” There is no question that

the Lord has blessed Augusta Christian

and my belief and continued prayer is

that He does so in part due to our

obedience to the mission that He has

put before us.

Our mission statement challenges

us to play a part in developing each

student spiritually, academically,

socially, and physically. Our faculty

and staff are carefully chosen based on

their ability to reach students in each of

these areas and I believe we have as

fine a faculty as any school in the

CSRA. As a matter of fact, our own

Amy Freitag was named SCISA High

School Teacher of the Year in the high

school category. SCISA is made up of

over 120 schools and this is quite the

honor. We have had a finalist in one of

the three categories each year of my

four years as Head of School.

We continue to develop additional

academic opportunities with programs

such as Sports Medicine, JROTC, and

Media. Our Resource Teacher and

Barton Reading Program introduced in

our elementary this past year were both

very successful with increased test

scores to validate each of them.

This past school year we

experimented with student led small

group chapel in the middle and high

school with great success. It is

refreshing to see these students open up

with each other and pour into each

other spiritually. Additionally, we

heard from many great local pastors

and nationally recognized speakers

such as Adrian Despres and Reggie


Our elementary students continued

with Inductive Bible Study and heard

from many great local speakers as well.

With our mission efforts and support of

those in need around us it is clear that

we live out our theme of Live Life, Give

Life taken from 1 John 5:12: “He who

has the Son has life; he who does not

have the Son of God does not have


With so much growth at Augusta

Christian the word that I hear most

from incoming families is “balance”.

Augusta Christian values balance in the

student and their families lives. It is

possible to offer top academics,

athletics, fine arts, and other

extracurricular activities to all of our

students without compromise and to do

it while maintaining our spiritual focus

as we Build Kingdom Leaders.

Augusta Christian is a very special

place. As an alumnus, the spouse of an

Augusta Christian teacher, a parent of

three Augusta Christian students (one

graduate), and an employee myself, I

have witnessed many changes and

much growth at our school. I am so

excited about the season that we are in

at this moment, the people that God has

put in place to serve with me, and the

families that are part of our school.

Please continue to pray for God to do

mighty things at Augusta Christian and

that we never lose focus of the mission

set before us.


Live Life Give Life

By Wayne Marchant, High School Principal


John 5:12 “He who has the son has life. He who know each other better, and come back with an emphasis on

does not have the son of God does not have life.” leading our school spiritually. During these retreats, our

Our theme for the 2018-2019 school year can be teachers and church leaders from the community are able to

summarized at “Live Life, Give Life.” Our really impress upon our students what it means to follow

administrative team came up with the school’s theme over Christ and to grow in Him.

the summer when we expanded our previous theme from

Community service and volunteering opportunities

James which was called “Feet to Faith”. Our goal was to are of great importance for our high school students each

impress upon our students and community that without and every year and this year has been no exception. We had

Christ, our efforts are futile and if we do not have Him, we 5 students graduate with over 500 hours of community

are lost. Our first several chapel sessions expanded on this service each. Collectively, our high school students

theme centrally focusing on where our students were contributed over 4800 hours with most of our students going


above and beyond what we require as a school. Our seniors

The beginning of the 2018-2019 school year was a went on missions to Puerto Rico this past winter and

huge success spiritually with all of our high school students connected with another Christian school there pouring into

leaving campus for the first time to bond and grow. The the students and community in amazing ways. Another

seniors went to Blue Ridge, North Carolina for 4 days, our group of students went to the Bahamas on missions over the

juniors went to Camp Longridge, South Carolina for 3 days, spring break to work with refugee camps from Haiti. The

and our sophomores and freshmen going to Camp Gravatt in Connected Hearts ministry, in honor of Emily Roberson,

Aiken, South Carolina for 1 day. During these retreats, our saw some of its biggest successes this past year with the

students are able to come together and set goals, bond, get to school providing over 100 bags of essentials for foster

The seniors put “live life give life” into action in Puerto Rico with Praying

Pelican Ministries as they connected with another Christian school there.


children and raised over $5000.00 to help “forever

families” bring home adopted children from overseas. The

Angel Tree ministry was able to provide gifts to many

families in need in our area during Christmas time. The

students also helped with Lights for Lydia campaign,

supporting the Ronald McDonald House, the Golden

Harvest Food Bank, and many other community members.

Academically, the high school has made great

strides in achieving higher standards, increased rigor in

our college preparatory classes, more class offerings, and

increased test scores across the board. Our AP department

has been working together to create an AP contract and

clearly spell out our expectations for the classes to

students and parents. Last year, we added French I and

Healthcare essentials to our high school curriculum. This

coming year, we will add French II, Sports Medicine,

Honors Biology, Environmental Science, and JROTC. Our

Learning Support program is as strong as ever with

increased academic expectations and strong support to

help all of our students achieve their goals after high


As a result of the cumulative efforts mentioned

above, our school has the ability to help our students go

wherever they want to when they graduate. Our students

will attend a vast number of colleges, universities,

technical schools and enter the workforce straight out of

high school. We know that God designs each person

uniquely and each person has certain strengths and

weaknesses. We feel that Augusta Christian has the ability

for all students to achieve and be successful at whatever

career choice they may have.

Technology has continued to be a very successful

part of who we are and we are continuing to find ways to

keep our students engaged, organized, and trained for any

number of careers that require proficiencies in the use of

technology. That being said, we do see the need to

balance technology with basic skills such as reading,

writing, and the ability to take good notes based on good

listening skills. All of our curriculum tools are up to date

and are the latest versions of what we teach. We teach the

Georgia state standards, but do it from a Christian

perspective which is essential for our students to be

successful in a secular world.

Another important part of our school is our

athletic and fine arts departments. In the fall, we offer

football, volleyball, cross country, swimming,

cheerleading, tennis and golf. We have 8 basketball teams

in the winter and also have a top notch wrestling program.

In the spring, we have baseball, softball, soccer, track,

golf, and tennis. Our boys and girls basketball teams had

both the CSRA private school players of the year in Nate

Dunlap and Morgan Milhouse. Nate Dunlop also scored

his 2000th point during the course of his senior campaign.

Augusta Christian also had many athletes named All-

Region and others who represented us in various All-State


Our fine arts departments continue to flourish and

shine in many ways. Our drama team competes on the

state level in their One Act performance, does a great job

for Encore Night, and blows us all away in their spring

musical “Shrek the Musical”. Our chorus department this

year was one of our best ever with close to 50 students

participating in various events and concerts. Our band

program increased in number this past year with over 50

band members, many of them participating in Augusta

Christian’s pep band who played at pep rallies and

basketball games. Our art program is continuing to

produce top notch artists who have won multiple awards in


As I always mention, perhaps our greatest shining

stars at Augusta Christian are our teachers. Our teachers

spend countless hours not only preparing our students for

careers and schooling beyond high school, but they

regularly pour into our students spiritually guiding them in

God’s word. We have had several Golden Apple Award

winners the past few years and also had the SCISA State

Teacher of the Year in Amy Freitag, a first in the rich

history of our school. Whenever parents visit and ask

what makes our school special, I answer the same way

every time: our teachers.

I know that the 2018-2019 school year was very

special, but I can’t wait to see where God takes us next


Students collected hundreds of items for Connected Hearts Ministry in

memory of Emily Roberson. Around 100 “sweet cases” were filled with

personal care items for children taken suddenly into foster care. Just

one of many ways our students live life, give life.


Middle Schoolers Live Life Give Life

By Keith Walton, Middle School Principal

Each year, after prayerful consideration, our Administrative Team

chooses a verse for the coming year. As we continue the mission of Building

Kingdom Leaders, our Administrative team selected a theme from Scripture

found in 1 John 5:12 “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have

the Son of God does not have life.” During the 2018-19 school year, our

students, faculty rallied around the theme of “Live life, Give Life.” We want

to challenge our students to live a life glorying to the Lord, but also share the

amazing word of Jesus Christ so that others may have a “life more


Our middle school students have put their faith to action by partnering

with the Augusta Locally Grown and starting a school farm on the campus of

ACS. All produce grown on the farm will go to local homeless shelters. The

students have worked extremely hard to get this project to get this project off

the ground.

In order to accommodate the ever changing needs

of our students, we updated our chapel experience to be

more middle school friendly and interactive. We call

middle school chapel R.O.A.R. which stands for Reach

Out and Rejoice. Students are engaged and are challenged

to grow in their faith in practical ways. We have started

student led small groups. This will allow students to

develop spiritual leadership skills.

Beyond the classroom, Augusta Christian offers

ample opportunities for continued student development

and growth. This past year students participating in the

ever-growing “Cyber Patriot program” led by Susan

Werner. Our middle school Robotics program, which was

led by math teacher Michelle Brittingham, experienced

great success as well.

We have been blessed to offer these many ways that we can encourage students to use their gifts, and

to grow into the Kingdom Leaders God has called them to be.


A Firm Foundation

by Liz Lowery, Elementary Principal

Our firm mission at Augusta Christian schools is to

prepare students to serve Jesus Christ as Lord,

partnering with family and church, instilling high

standards, spiritually, academically, socially and

physically. Our elementary division has the sacred trust

to lay a solid foundation, which will serve as the

bedrock for all future building. This is a high calling and

2 Timothy 3:14-15 clearly states that through this

foundation “wisdom that leads to salvation through faith

in Christ Jesus” is given and Kingdom leaders emerge. It

is our goal to equip the students that fill our classrooms

for every good work that God has prepared for them.

For this reason, our primary focus and one we feel is

essential to our mission is teaching and instilling the

Word of God in the hearts and lives of our students.

Students begin each day with Bible instruction and

prayer time. Lessons are designed to introduce our

students to their Creator and His purpose and plan for

their lives. Children are instructed that it is God’s plan to

rescue His people from their sin through the life, death

and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Through

compelling Bible lessons and intentional Biblical

integration across the curriculum, our goal for them is to

discover how God’s plan of redemption connects with

them personally and to choose to join the mission of


As our students navigate and establish their journey

of faith we feel that discipleship is also part of our

calling. We recognize that teaching them to read and

apply God’s word to their lives is an essential part of

growing in their faith and becoming a mature believer.

To help our students with this process we have

implemented the inductive Bible study method for

children through the D4Y series in 3rd through 5th

grades. As part of our curriculum, students will explore

the books of Jonah, John and Daniel through inductive

Bible study, giving them the tools to understand and

apply God’s word in a meaningful and practical way.

Instilling high academic standards is not secondary

but is part of our primary purpose. As Christians we are

given stewardship over all creation. To fulfill this

mandate found in Genesis 1:28 students must learn to


maximize the usefulness of God’s world

for the glory of God and for the benefit

of their fellow man. This takes

knowledge and discipline. For this

reason, academics are crucial to joining

in God’s mission and are coupled with

spiritual growth to build Kingdom

Leaders. A combination of two solid,

Biblically integrated curriculums, Bob

Jones University and Abeka are utilized

in the classroom. Both curriculums

shape each subject area according to the

lens of scripture creating a Christian

worldview while providing the rigor

necessary for students to learn to think

critically and compete in the global

market. Lessons consist of hands on

activities, creative problem solving, and

other research proven strategies to

motivate students to take an active role

in learning.

Classrooms are equipped with iPads,

Apple TVs, Smart-boards and flat screen

TVs to enhance the curriculum and

provide our students opportunities to

practice, demonstrate, create and work

collaboratively. In developing the whole

child and teaching them that God has

purposefully designed them and instilled

in each of them gifts to be used for His

glory and to benefit others, it is

paramount that we help them discover

their gifts.

Through our physical education

program children encounter team sports

and learn to be good stewards of their

bodies. The fine arts program enables

students to explore and establish a love

for music and art. Through music and

chorus class students learn the

fundamentals in music. In band they

experience the excitement of learning to

play a musical instrument, and in art

class students discover their creative

gifts and learn elements of space,

texture, color and design.

Library class exposes students to the

wonder of good literature and the joy of

reading. Our computer classes expose

them to coding, keyboarding skills,

introduce them to basic Apple and

Google software, as well as teach them

how to safely navigate the Internet. In

Spanish class students are given the

opportunity to encounter and learn a

foreign language and learn about

different people groups and cultures.

Establishing in the hearts and minds

of our students the needs of people of

diverse cultures and joining God’s

mission to serve and reach all people

with the Gospel message of Christ Jesus,

is another key component in building

Kingdom Leaders. Each classroom

adopts, supports and prays for a

missionary throughout the year to further

foster the importance of making

disciples of all nations as mandated in

Matthew 28:18.

Cultivating each individual heart is

essential in building a Kingdom Leader.

Because all children are created in a

special way with a unique set of gifts

and talents, they learn and develop

differently as well. Our Learning

Support program is designed to address

learning challenges and various learning

styles through offering a smaller

environment, individualized instruction

and specialized curriculum. Teachers in

the learning support environment are

well trained in differentiated instruction

and follow each child’s individualized

learning support plan to meet the specific

needs of each student.

The leadership, teachers and staff

feel that it is an unbelievable privilege to

partner with parents, church and the

“Each classroom adopts,

supports and prays for a

missionary throughout the

year to further foster the importance

of making disciples

of all nations as mandated in

Matthew 28:18.”

Lord Jesus Christ to help raise up and

equip future leaders for the calling that

Christ has for each of them. Paul’s

encouragement to Timothy, his brother

in Christ, encourages each of us as we

move forward in this glorious endeavor:

“But as for you, continue in what you

have learned and have firmly believed,

knowing from whom you learned it and

how from childhood you have been

acquainted with the sacred

writings, which are able to make you

wise for salvation through faith in Christ

Jesus. All Scripture is breathed out by

God and profitable for teaching, for

reproof, for correction, and for training

in righteousness and that the man of God

may be competent, equipped for every

good work.” 1Timothy 3:14-17

Our 5th grade students put our theme of “Live Life, Give Life” into action by

holding a bake sale to help out an ACS family touched by cancer.


From Our Kindergarten Campus

The 2018-2019 school year was a wonderful year for

our kindergarten campus family. Many new families joined

us and we enjoyed getting to know each of them. The Lord

provided excellent additions to our faculty and staff and we

are thankful.

We enjoyed Chapel each month, celebrated

Grandparents Day, met together for See You at the Pole, and

had a Christmas program that reminded us the real reason of

the season. We have celebrated many academic goals being

met over the school year, and our school is truly blessed by

our dedicated teachers and assistants. They poured into our

students each and every day, and we have seen the fruits of

their labor!

We had wonderful parental support that helped us

live out our mission as a school in partnering with family

and church to instill high standards in every student. Jesus

was and always will be the center of what we do here at

ACS, and we will continue to do all things to honor Him.

For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to

who be glory forever. Amen. Romans 11:36

Courtney Hayes

Kindergarten Administrator

ACS Kindergarten Class of 2019 (future Class of 2031)


Stand Firm With a Purpose

By Dr. Berish Strother, Director of Guidance

Decision Day 2019!

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves

fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians


The goal of the Guidance Office is to stand firm in our purpose of preparing students for the future

with engaging activities throughout the year. One of my favorite characters in the Bible is Daniel. Even

though he was surrounded by pagan influences in Babylon, and he obviously wanted to fit in and be

successful with the king, he refused to compromise his convictions and eat non-kosher food. He had every

reason to compromise—money, power, influence, status—but he decided ahead of time that his first loyalty

was to God: “But Daniel determined in his heart not to defile himself” (Daniel 1:8). If students want to have a

successful faith in college, in life, it begins by going into college already determined that they will follow the

Lord. This year the G-O is working to partner with families to stand firm with the purpose of serving Jesus

Christ as Lord, while preparing students for the future.

Looking back over the past year, we put our “Live Life Give Life” theme into action by hosting an

array of activities that put students on the path to have a successful year. In the Fall, we hosted our annual

Freshmen Orientation where they were able to meet their peers and engage in a scavenger hunt to learn the

layout of the campus. The PSAT was given to the 7 th – 11 th graders in October, and we had one student to earn

Page 10 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

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the status of a National Merit Scholar. During PSAT

testing the seniors and parents had a seminar with

speakers from FAFSA and area colleges. We held our

annual Christian College Fair at Warren Baptist Church

later that month.

The second semester we hosted a successful career

and college fair. We had over 30 participants, including

surrounding CSRA colleges and some local businesses.

The annual meetings with freshmen went well as we

provided parents and students with tools to be successful

for the upcoming year in high school. Several college

lunchroom and library visits were scheduled for upper

classmen and Decision Day for seniors. This year we

once again partnered with the Ronald McDonald House,

the Lydia Project, and Bridge ministry for Community

Service projects. Juniors were able to take the school day

SAT on the Fury’s Ferry campus in March.

That is just a small portion of our activities that

engage students for success after ACS. WHEW!!! We

stepped into the year confident and ready to make a

positive difference in the lives of our students and our

staff, and we feel like we met that goal.

What’s new you may be wondering? We are excited

to add AP Spanish back to our curriculum. We also

added Environmental Science to be aligned with the state

core Science standards and Sports Medicine to meet the

4 th science or elective requirement. ACS will offer

CJROTC for the first time in the school’s history. In

order for our office to provide more services to our

students and parents, Mrs. Wilson will be taking over as

the Testing Coordinator and middle school guidance. She

will provide monthly guidance lessons in the middle

school, small group and mental wellness activities. We

are excited about this new endeavor for our middle

school students.

The G-O is here and ready to take this journey with

you. Let's stand firm with the purpose of serving Christ

as our Lord and Savior as we partner with families to

prepare students for a bright future.

Congratulations to the

ACS Class of 2019!

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ACS—Home of the Lions!

By Lauren Banks, Director of Admissions


ugusta Christian Schools is “Home of the

Lions” for so many blessed families in the

CSRA! School life at ACS is Christ centered,

exciting, progressive, loving and family

oriented! School choice can be confusing to many

parents, but the benefits of Augusta Christian Schools

makes the selection clear! Not only does Augusta

Christian provide a strong spiritual atmosphere for all

those enrolled, the challenging academic programs as

well as the multifaceted extracurricular offerings give all

students a chance to succeed and prosper in their God

given gifts.

ACS offers students twelve challenging Advanced

Placement and Honors courses, the Cyber Patriot Team,

two Health Science Pathways, Junior ROTC, Apple Mac

Air laptops for 6 th -12 th grade students, Robotics, Chess

Club, many opportunities for community service, and a

fine arts program that is second to none! ACS also has an

effective Learning Support Program for students who

may have gaps in learning. The smaller classroom

environment, coupled with specialized instructional

attention, helps students succeed academically. Augusta

Christian provides the perfect avenue for every student to

find their niche in the school program.

In addition, ACS offers a full athletic program for

those students and families who enjoy physical

competitions. SCISA, South Carolina Independent

Schools Association, is the organization of which we are

a member school. Our students are eligible to participate

in athletic competitions beginning in Middle School. The

sports program includes multi level teams for the

following athletics: swimming, football, cheerleading,

cross country, tennis, basketball, wrestling, soccer,

volleyball, softball, baseball, track and many more! All

students are encouraged to participate in an

extracurricular program to get the full benefits of being an

ACS scholar athlete.

Augusta Christian Schools' Admission Office

is busy interviewing, testing and touring new families

every day. Our enrollment to date has surpassed

our projections as God has led an abundance of new

students and their families to ACS! Division principals,

Mrs. Liz Lowery, Mrs. Courtney Hayes, Mr. Keith

Walton, and Mr. Wayne Marchant are excited about all of

our new and returning students who will arrive on

campus in the fall. We are busy upgrading, painting,

planting and sprucing up for their arrival!

During the Admissions process, we partner with

each family to determine the correct academic selections

for their child. ACS has the perfect class offerings for

all students at many different academic levels. An

entrance test and a compilation of all school records, help

to determine the perfect placement for all students who

apply. In addition, the ACS International Student

Program continues to be a blessing to so many children

who otherwise would not hear the Word of God in their

home countries. Our Christian educators minister to

all of our students to build Kingdom Leaders for Christ.

Financial assistance can be a temporary help for

many families. The Goal Scholarship Program continues

to offer Georgia public school students an opportunity to

receive financial assistance based on each family’s need.

This Georgia tax redirection initiative helps make the

privilege of attending Augusta Christian Schools a reality

for many families. We thank each family who has

graciously supported this program over the years.

Without your cooperation and generous spirit, ACS could

not provide aide to worthy families.

Thank you to all who have given so sacrificially

to the mission at Augusta Christian Schools. Jesus said in

Luke 6:38, “Give and it will be given to you. A good

measure, pressed down, shaken together and running

over, will be poured into your lap. For with what

measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Your

continued prayers and support of Augusta Christian

Schools are vital to the success of our school program.

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Working Together for a Common Purpose

By Charles Cooper, Athletic Director

“The mission of Augusta Christian School is to

prepare students to serve Jesus Christ as Lord,

partnering with family and church, instilling high

standards spiritually, academically, socially and


For those of you not familiar with those

words, that is the mission statement of Augusta

Christian Schools. In the athletic department, our

goal is to instill high standards physically while not

ignoring the other components of a student’s journey

spiritually, academically and socially.

Our coaches, through the use of sports, strive

to create an atmosphere where students are

challenged spiritually, both on and off the playing

surface. While winning is important, we don't want

to sacrifice our integrity or our Christian walk just to

get a “W.” We want our students to learn how to

handle adversity and challenges in a Christ-like

manner. We believe that through this type of

approach the wins will come both on and off the


Academically our coaches know that the title

is student athlete not the other way around. In a

world where kids and parents are striving for that

athletic scholarship, we recognize that a strong

academic background will open up many more doors

for those student athletes at the next level. In 2019,

an Augusta Christian football alumnus, who played

SEC football, graduated with honors with a

Bachelors degree in Neuroscience. Without the

strong curriculum and strong athletic program here at

ACS, this would not have been possible. The athletic

department is very pleased with the partnership that

has been forged with our guidance department to put

forth the best graduates possible.

Socially sports create bonds that are unlike

any other. The lessons learned in sports are those that

can last a lifetime. When a group of players create a

team, they will experience ups and downs, wins and

losses. It’s this roller coaster of emotions that forges

a bond. Time and time again we find that new

students who play sports at Augusta Christian adjust

quicker to their new surroundings than those who

don’t. Sports also help students with communication

skills, being a team player, and having an increase in


It is for these reasons and many more that we

push our students to get involved in athletics. We

offer over 20 varsity sports on the girls and boys

side. This year we had 65% of our students in grades

8-12 participate in at least one sport. As we continue

to increase our offerings (like the addition of

bowling this year) we hope to see that number


The school’s mission statement is not an

isolated statement which only applies to school.

It is a statement that is interwoven into the fabric of

everything we do at ACS, including athletics. It is

our goal for our student athletes to learn life lessons

when engaging in competition. We want our athletes

to work together for a common purpose, to push

beyond whatever limits they have placed on

themselves, and to see sports as a way to grow as

young adults and, more importantly, to grow in


Page 13 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Equipped to be Creators, Leaders and Worshippers

By Chris Norris, Fine Arts Coordinator


he ACS Fine Arts Department trains and

equips some of the most talented students in

the area. We are grateful to have a school

where students are encouraged to participate

in Fine Arts education, developing the gifts God has

given to them. During the 2018-19 school year, our

students had many occasions to learn and become better

equipped to be creators, leaders and worshippers.

Mrs. Marynell Parker’s Art students were busy

creating masterpieces in many different mediums, and

won several awards at various festivals, as well as

displaying their pieces at various events on campus and

in the lobby of our Fine Arts Building. It is astounding

to watch students of all ages form beautiful works as

they reflect our glorious Creator God!

Our performing divisions had many

opportunities throughout the year: Grandparent’s Day,

ACS Veteran’s Day Celebration, Fall Festival,

Christmas at AC, Open House, CSRA Pastor’s

Breakfast, and Spring Concerts. We also appreciate the

churches that blessed us with the use of their facilities—

Journey Church, West Acres Baptist, Revivify Church,

Genesis Church, Harvest Pointe Fellowship, and First

Baptist Church of North Augusta. Without these local

church partnerships, performances would be much more


Mrs. Kay Cooke led our Elementary music

classes in learning music fundamentals and skills, while

leading our Elementary Chorus to excellence in

performance, learning to sing parts. Several of our upper

elementary students participated in a local regional

music festival this year. Our comprehensive music

education in elementary builds a foundation that enables

students to identify the areas they enjoy, and in which

they are most talented.

Mr. Todd Jenkins continued building our Band

division at ACS. Our beginner 5 th grade elementary

band progressed rapidly, learning how to play their

instruments. Sixth grade and 7 th /8 th grade bands have

continued to grow and sound great! Members of our HS

group also are playing in several ensembles throughout

the region, as well as providing rousing music with the

growing Pep Band. As always, our band division was

well represented at the GMEA 10 th District Honor Band


Mrs. Kristen Dykes, our Drama Division

Director, led the High School One Act play, “The

Wildcats of Ridgemont High: The Perfect (TV) Pitch”—

a great piece to showcase our talented students. Mrs.

Sherry Holiman, our Middle School Drama Club

Sponsor, directed “Grandma Remembers Something.”

Both plays were presented at our annual fall Red Carpet

Night and at the SCISA Regional Drama Festival.

Our 2019 Spring Musical was “Shrek: The

Musical” and was presented in April at the Jabez

Sanford Hardin Theater in the Columbia County

Library. Our actors, musicians and crew produced some

of the finest performances in several years. The

awesome choreography, beautiful costumes, and fun

music made the familiar characters of the animated

movie came alive on stage, entertaining crowds of all


Mr. Chris Norris led our MS/HS Chorus to

excellence in musicianship, fine-tuning the choral sound

of over 50 students. One of the strongest groups of

recent years, they sent 11 HS and 6 MS students to

represent ACS at the GMEA 10 th District Honor Chorus.

But the highlight of the year was the New York City trip

for HS Choral students, chaperones and alumni in

March. 47 individuals traveled together to open a new

world of arts and culture to our students with 3

Broadway shows, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 9/11

Museum, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, and

worshipping with the Grammy award winning Brooklyn

Tabernacle Choir.

Awarding the Encore Club Senior Scholarships

is one of the greatest things we are able to do, giving

back to those students who have given excellent

leadership to our program during their high school

career. This year’s recipients were Abram Coleman,

Benjamin Norris and Grace Steele. We wish them well,

along with our other Seniors, as they follow God’s plan

during the next chapter of life.

Every fall, we are given a new opportunity to

influence our students at ACS to become individuals

who will not only develop their talents with excellence

but learn to use them to bring glory to the name of our

Lord, leading and encouraging others. Colossians 3:16-

17- “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all

wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in

psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with

grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatever you do

in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,

giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

Page 14 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Fine Arts Moments—Chorus, Band, Drama

Page 15 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Fine Arts Moments—Shrek the Musical

Page 16 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Fine Arts Moments—Art

Page 17 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

See You at the Pole 2018

Page 18 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Grandparents Day 2018

Grandparents Day is one of our favorite days at ACS! Grandparents came from all over the US and beyond for

this year’s event, and what a blessing it was to have them here! Once again we held two Grandparents’ Day

programs—one at the kindergarten campus and one at the main campus. After enjoying refreshments and an

entertaining programs by our students, grandparents were able to visit in their grandchildren’s classrooms. May the

Lord continue to bless all of our Grandparents!

Page 19 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019


Page 20 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019


Mary Jenkins Baylee Roland

Brelyn Head Eli Claire Wingard

Alexis Bustillo Caitlin Corbin Savannah Campbell Michelle Gibson

Michelle Gibson

2018 Homecoming Queen

Isabella Moody

Eden Tapp

Photos Courtesy of Rick Milton Photography

Page 21 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Fall Festival and Silent Auction

What an incredible Fall Festival and Silent Auction

we had this past year! The weather was perfect and

the crowds were huge. We had a record number of people

and record breaking proceeds! Thank you to everyone

who helped make this a wonderful day for our

school and the entire community. Perhaps you baked

something for the Country Kitchen, or sent in prizes, or

donated something for the auction...each was significant

in putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together

for this great event.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Bonny

Baxley for spearheading the Fall Festival. Thanks for a

job well done! Thanks also to Connie Todd for coordinating

the games and parents for manning them,

to Vicki Lamar for coordinating the Country Kitchen,

and to Nicole Jenkins and Niki Milford for coordinating

the silent auction. Each of these ladies represent a

huge team of people who made the day successful. We

appreciate all of our volunteers!


Augusta Christian Schools would like to give a huge

shout out to our Fall Festival Sponsors! Thank you

for helping us start our day in the black. We really

appreciate it. This year's sponsors:

Merry’s Trash and Treasures

Jeweler’s Loupe

Pediatric Dental Specialists

South State Bank

Harrison & Lamar Attorneys

Dr. Jason Lee, Dentist

Adaptive Driving Solutions

Caveirinha Jiu Jitsu


Fulcher Hagler

Page 22 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

2018 Veterans Day Celebration

The ACS Veterans’ Day Celebration was a heartwarming

experience for everyone who attended. ACS

provided breakfast for our school Veterans and their

families. The program included stirring patriotic music

from our band and choral students, Taps played by

our band director, Todd Jenkins, videos, and an

inspiring speech from Major Clint Mead. Two other

highlights included our seniors praying over the

Veterans and the Quilts of Valor presentation (see

next page for photos).

Thank you, Veterans, for your faithful service to

our country!

Page 23 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Quilts of Valor - Veterans Day

ACS was pleased to partner with the Quilts

of Valor organization for our ACS Veterans Day

Celebration and present two of our school

Veterans with these very special quilts. The

organization’s mission statement is “to cover

those service members and veterans wounded

physically or psychologically with comforting

and healing Quilts of Valor.” This was a

wonderful addition to our Veterans Day

Celebration and we were so pleased to honor

two of our very own ACS grandparents with

Quilts of Valor!

Page 24 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Names in the News

ACSI Spelling Bee

Several of our 1st-8th grade students participated

in the ACSI District Spelling Bee Friday, February

15 at Prince Avenue Christian School in Bogart,

GA. Our students did very well and Sophia Smits

and John Potter advanced to the Regional Bee in

Atlanta. Below are the winners:

First Grade - Mobley McNair, Second Place

Third Grade - Gloria Smits, First Place

Fourth Grade - Brock Bailey, First Place;

Taylor Briggs, Second Place; Riley Armstrong,

Third Place

Fifth Grade - Sophia Smits, First Place

Eighth Grade - John Potter, Fourth Place

Larry Sullivan Named WJBF Scholar Athlete

Last fall, Larry Sullivan was named as WJBF Scholar

Athlete. This is the article from their website:

Larry Sullivan II is one of the top all-around studentathletes

at Augusta Christian.

He’s ranked in the top ten in his class academically,

and he’s a three-sport star.

from his mother.

Sullivan plays football during the fall and runs track &

field during the spring, but his best sport is wrestling.

He won a state championship as a sophomore and

finished runner-up last year. He has his sights set on

another state title run this season, and he said his

motivation for success in all aspects of his life comes

“It’s just me, my three brothers [and her], and she takes care of all of us,” Sullivan II said. “Seeing how

hard she works for us, it means a lot. I know she’s trying and she cares. It pushes me because if she’s

out here working her hardest, I can too.”

“He has a loving spirit,” Larry’s mother, Berish Strother, said. “He loves people. He prays. His compassion

for other people is what I’m most proud of.”

Update: Larry graduated with honors from Augusta Christian Schools this past May and is a freshman at

Mercer University. Congratulations, Larry!

Page 25 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Names in the News

Freitag Earns Teacher of the Year Award

by Amanda King, Augusta Chronicle

Augusta Christian High School Principal Wayne Marchant has

seen the impact of math teacher Amy Freitag’s teaching.

From planning an escape room activity with her students to dressing

like a pirate and decorating her room as a ship with loaded

down treasure to teach math skills, as well as the way she pours

into her students’ spiritual lives, Marchant and the faculty at Augusta

Christian say she goes above and beyond to teach.

Freitag receives her award from

Dr. Spencer Jordan. SCISA

Executive Director.

Now, Freitag has been recognized by the South Carolina Independent

School Association (SCISA) as the 2019 Teacher of the

Year for high schools. Approximately 120 teachers in the association

are nominated for the distinction and after applications and

interviews, one winner is selected at each school level. Augusta

Christian is a member of SCISA due to its proximity to South Carolina

schools for athletic events.

“It’s an absolute joy to get that kind of award for doing what I love

to do,” Freitag said.

She has taught at Augusta Christian for six of her 21 years in education.

This is the first time a teacher from the school has earned a

state teacher of the year award according to Marchant. Freitag accredits

the win to spending time with and building a rapport with

her students, who are now celebrating in her victory and calling

her “the champ.”

Freitag pictured with Mr. Les Walden,

Head of School.

“It’s mind-boggling that she received this. She has that ‘it’ factor,”

Marchant said. “We are proud of her and it reflects on our community

and our students.”

First Place—Cyber City’s Best Private School

Mr. Marchant and Mrs. Lowery were on hand at the

Cyber City’s Best Awards Gala on July 18 to receive

the Cyber City’s Best Private School award on

Augusta Christian’s behalf. This is the second year

in a row that our school has been honored with this


Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

Page 26 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Names in the News

Honors Programs Award Winners for Middle and High School Students

In addition to the many subject awards given out at our Honors Programs, ACS students received various special awards.

Top row, left to right: MS—Sunny Holberton, Outstanding Student, Grey Stickel and Victoria Henderson, Christian Character,

HS—Jenny Wang, Blanton E. Black Memorial Scholarship. Second row, left to right: HS—Joseph MeElmurray, Student of the

Year, Grace Perez and Will Moffatt, Christian Character, Khristopher Head, Outstanding Student, Larry Sullivan, Michelle

Gibson, Will Moffatt, SCISA Veritas in Unitate Award for Community Service. Third row, left to right: HS—Joseph McElmurray,

Grace Perez, Benjamin Norris, Larry Sullivan, Clark Oetting, Clay Nasworthy, Khristopher Head, Michelle Gibson, Jenny Wang,

Savannah Campbell—each of them won various awards, scholarship and certificates too numerous to list! Clay Nasworthy, Drew

Passmore Heart of a Lion Award presented by Parker Wiley on behalf of Jostens. Congratulations to all of our fine students!

Page 27 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Seniors in the News

College Signings

Congratulations to ACS Class of 2019 on

their College Acceptances

Congratulations to Brandon Byler who signed a letter of intent

to play baseball for USCA.

Congratulations to Jared Szabo who signed a letter of intent

to play baseball for Georgia Southern.

Congratulations to Savannah Campbell who signed a letter of

intent to run cross country at Truett McConnell, and to her twin

sister Montana who signed a letter of intent to be the manager

of the team.

Anderson University

Augusta Technical College

Augusta University

Berry College

Bowling Green State


Clark University

Charleston Southern


Colorado State University

College of Coastal Georgia

East Carolina University

East Georgia State College

Eastern Kentucky University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical


Gardner Webb University

Georgia College

Georgia Institute of


Georgia Military College

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University-

Honors Program

Georgia State University

Grand Canyon University

Houston Community College

Hampton University

Howard University

Kennesaw State University

Lander University

Liberty University

Lincoln Memorial University

Livingstone College

Louisiana State University

Jacksonville University

Mercer University

Miami University

Page 28 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Norfolk State University

North Carolina Central


Ouachita Baptist University

Point University

Rutgers University

Temple University

The Citadel

Tri-County Technical College

Truett McConnell University

Tuskegee University

United States Naval Academy

University of Alabama

University of Connecticut

University of Georgia

University of Iowa

University of Minnesota

University of Montevallo

University of North Carolina-


University of North Carolina-

Charlotte Honors Program

University of North Georgia

University of Pittsburgh

University of South Carolina-


University of Southern


University of Toledo

University of West Alabama

Valdosta State University

Voorhees College

Wesleyan College

West Virginia State


Wingate University

Young Harris College

Congratulations to the ACS Class of 2019!

Page 29 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Alumni Names in the News





Congratulations to our ACS alumni!

Photo 1: Maggie Dillard, Class of 2013,

published in Woman’s World Magazine

Photo 2: Letice Bussiere, Class of 2016,

Interning at NASA this past summer

Photo 3: Sarah Harrison, Class of 2015,

earned Sun Belt Golfer of the Week honors

in March. She shot the lowest round in

school history and the 14th lowest in the

country this season.

Photo 4: Ashley Arbogast, Class of 2018,

named Top Freshman at Brewton

Parker College for her 4.0 GPA

Photos 5 and 6: Calvin Taylor, Class of

2015, senior at University of Kentucky

went on a recent mission service trip to

Ethiopia with fellow UK football team


Photo 7: Madison Hester, Class of 2016,

earned the distinction of Faculty Honors

for Spring 2019 at the Georgia Institute of

Technology. This designation is awarded

to undergraduate students who have a 4.0

academic average for the semester.




More alumni names in the news:

•Hunter Miller graduated from Liberty University’s School of

Government in May. He is currently the Campaign Manager for a

Republican Candidate in Northern Virginia.

•Jabari Odom graduated from Kennesaw State University

•Suzanna LaMunion was named to the University of South Carolina

Aiken President's List for Spring 2019.

•Lindsey Kennedy and Gaige Gilbert both graduated from USC


•Isaiah Brown graduated from the University of Kentucky with a

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience.

See these and other alumni updates and news on the Augusta Christian Alumni Facebook page:


Page 30 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Alumni Information Sheet

If you haven’t updated your information in a while, please visit www.augustachristian.org and click on the

Alumni Page—Alumni Information Update, or fill out form below and mail to the school.










CHILDREN (NAMES AND AGES):_________________________________________________________________________


FAMILY NEWS:_____________________________________________________________________________________


PROFESSIONAL NEWS: _______________________________________________________________________________


Return to: Lynn Wilkerson, Augusta Christian Schools, 313 Baston Road, Martinez, GA 30907


Pre-game activities: 7:00 pm

Game time: 7:30 pm

It’s time for the classes of 2009, 2004, 1999, 1994, 1989, 1984, 1979 to have Class Reunions!

Contact Mrs. Wilkerson if you want to plan a reunion for your class:


Page 31 - A CLOSER LOOK YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Augusta Christian


313 Baston Road

Martinez, GA 30907



U.S. Postage


Augusta, GA

Permit No. 189

Our Mission

The mission of Augusta

Christian Schools is to

prepare students to serve

Jesus Christ as Lord,

partnering with family and

church, instilling high

standards spiritually,

academically, socially

and physically.

A Closer Look 2018-2019 Year in Review

2019-2020 School Year

September 20 Early Dismissal/Teacher Professional Dev. Day

October 9 End of 1st Quarter

October 14 School Holiday/Columbus Day

October 16 Report Card

November 1 Early Dismissal for Fall Festival Setup

November 2 Fall Festival (Required School Day)

November 7 Progress Reports

November 8 Student Holiday/Staff to SCISA


November 25-29 Thanksgiving Holidays

Dec 17-19 1st Semester Exams

December 18 Early Dismissal for All Students

December 19 Early Dismissal for All Students

End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester

Dec 20-Jan 6 Christmas Holidays

January 6 Teacher Professional Learning Day

January 7 First Day of 2 nd Semester

January 13 Report Cards

January 20

February 7

February 14

February 17

March 11

March 13

March 17

April 6-13

April 21

May 14

May 16

May 19

May 18-20

May 20

May 21-22

May 25

May 29

School Holiday/MLK Day

Progress Reports

Early Dismissal/Teacher Professional Dev. Day

School Holiday/Presidents Day

End of 3rd Quarter

Early Dismissal/Teacher Professional Dev. Day

Report Cards

Spring Break

Progress Reports

K5 Graduation/Last Day for K3, K4, K5


5th Grade Moving Up/Last Day for 5th Grade

Second Semester Exams

Early Dismissal for all Students

End of 4th Qtr/2nd Semester/Last Day

of School

Teacher Post Planning

Memorial Day—Offices Closed

Report Cards

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