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(Said no older person ever.)

Atria Senior Living offers The North Shore’s wisest people

options to live how – and where – you want. No matter

which location you choose, you’ll find a vibrant community

where opportunities to stay active, eat well and connect

with neighbors are right outside your door, every day.

Independent Living | Assisted Living | Memory Care







RIA serves seniors and their families

Readers might be surprised to learn that

the combined population of people over

the age of 50 in Wilmette and Kenilworth

alone is 80 percent.

Knowing that such a large percentage

of North Shore residents are over the age

of 50, the Wilmette/Kenilworth Chamber

of Commerce found an opportunity

to provide a service to the community

by assembling and promoting reputable

businesses serving that population. This

signified the beginning of the Chamber’s

Post-hospital rehab for a faster, safer recovery

Known as a leader in post-hospital and

orthopedic rehabilitation, Glenview Terrace

provides one-on-one physical, occupational,

speech and respiratory therapies

seven days a week — all with individualized

and effective treatment plans.

This means you can expect a faster recovery

time, a smoother transition back

home and successful clinical outcomes. In

fact, Glenview Terrace has safely returned

patients back to their homes, jobs and

lives within as little as seven to 10 days.

High ratings, accreditation & hospital


Family owned, Glenview Terrace is

dedicated to the highest standards of

health care and outstanding clinical outcomes.

This is why Glenview Terrace

has received Medicare’s highest five-star

quality rating. This is also why Glenview

Terrace has earned the prestigious

Gold Seal of Approval® Certification for

post-Acute Care and Accreditation for

Nursing Care from The Joint Commission,

the nation’s leading and most respected

healthcare-accrediting authority.

What’s more, four of the area’s leading

hospitals and healthcare groups — North-

Shore University HealthSystem, Advocate

Auroa Health, Northwestern Memorial

Hospital and Illinois Bone and Joint

Institute — selected Glenview Terrace as

a preferred partner for post-hospital care,

recognizing Glenview Terrace as a high

performer with the best outcomes. These

partnerships mean you’ll receive even

more efficient, coordinated care.

Full services in two exclusive wings

In its two exclusive rehabilitation

wings, featuring cutting-edge therapy

gyms, Glenview Terrace offers an aggressive

blend of traditional and advanced

rehabilitation services to help

patients thoroughly recover and improve

Resources for Intelligent Aging initiative.

“RIA includes business owners who

are developing useful, interactive ways

to serve seniors and their families in our

community,” Chamber Executive Director

Julie Yusim said. “We felt it would be

helpful to group these services together

and make them available to the public

through the Chamber’s website, our RIA

website and the Chamber’s community

guide,” said Ann Ayres, co-chair of the

Please see resources, 11

function, restore mobility, balance and

strength — and to help you avoid being

rehospitalized after your surgery.

Directed by board-certified physicians,

Glenview Terrace’s unparalleled posthospital

rehabilitation services and 24-

hour nursing care include comprehensive:

• Post-surgical, orthopedic and joint replacement


• Stroke rehabilitation program

• Cardiac care program

• Colorectal care program

• Pulmonary care program

• Wound healing program

• Elegant accommodations & amenities

Glenview Terrace offers spacious,

comfortable rooms complete with deluxe

bathrooms with private showers. Shortterm

guests can also enjoy a wide array

of amenities, including concierge service,

morning coffee and wireless high-speed

internet, an executive business center,

private dining room and much more.

Customized care from top rehabilitation


You’ll find the area’s most experienced

and loyal healthcare professionals

at Glenview Terrace, including boardcertified

medical directors and physicians

from local hospitals to ensure continuity

of care.

Elective orthopedic orientation

Planning on having elective orthopedic

surgery? Have Glenview Terrace’s expert

therapists and nursing staff show you what

your post-hospital rehabilitation stay will

look like and answer all your questions.

Orientation takes place from 5-5:45 p.m.

on the second Wednesday of every month.

Submitted by Glenview Terrace. For more information,

call (847) 729-9090 or visit www.


22ndCenturyMedia.com active aging

22nd century media | October 10, 2019 | 3

Resources for Intelligent Aging (RIA)

is a group of reputable businesses

serving all aspects of the senior

population as well as the sandwich

generation, the adults helping their

aging parents while also still caring for

children in their homes. Our group includes

business owners who are developing

useful, interactive ways to serve seniors

and their families in our community.


Ayres Estate Services disperses

valuable and desirable items for people who

are downsizing, moving to retirement, or

just simplifying their lives. Good furniture,

accessories, jewelry, artwork, antiques

– our effort is to put folks in touch with

sources that will maximize their return.

“We put our clients’ valuables in the right

hands for more money.” Located at 744 N.

Wells St., Ste. 306 in Chicago.

Phone: 312-810-2997.


Creative Care Management helps

accidental caregivers – anyone with an older

loved one – cope with the crises related to

caring for mom or dad by providing advocacy,

answers, and alternatives. Charlotte Bishop,

MS, CCM, CRC, LCPC, Aging Life Professional,

and her team have been serving the North

Shore and Chicago for over 20 years. Located

at 1740 Ridge Ave., Ste. 111 in Evanston.

Phone: 847-869-5118 ext. 511.


Home Care Assistance enables its

clients to live happy, healthy and safe

lives in their own homes. They focus on

quality of life through a balanced approach

to aging and the evolving needs of each

client. Located at 430 Green Bay Rd. in

Kenilworth. Phone: 847-853-7777.


Law Offices of Charles E.

Hutchinson, Esq. is a legal practice

specializing in all matters of Estate Planning,

including power of attorney, standby

guardianship, wills, trusts, gun trusts, pet

trusts and more. Charles Hutchinson is one

of the top property tax appeals attorneys

on the North Shore. Located in Wilmette.

Phone: 312-259-0672.


Merry Juell is a top real estate agent

with @properties concentrating in the

North Shore markets with special emphasis

on senior services. With nearly $220

million in career volume, Merry knows

that communication, data driven market

analysis, highest attention to detail and

win/win negotiation lead to success.

Located in Wilmette & Winnetka.

Phone: 847-828-7164.


Personal Fitness Training’s mission

is to provide the highest quality personal

fitness services on the NorthShore. We offer

individual, customized training for seniors

to help maintain strength, balance, stamina

and flexibility as their bodies age. Located

at 350 Linden Ave. in Wilmette.

Phone: 847-251-6834,


Sunrise of Wilmette is an all memory

care community that provides a safe and

secure environment for your loved ones.

We have 24-hour nursing and medication

management. Our mission: Champion

Quality of Life for All Seniors.

Located at 615 Ridge Rd. in Wilmette.

Phone: 847-256-1600.


Visiting Angels of Chicago North

Shore’s mission is to provide families

with peace of mind and a way to allow

loved ones to live with dignity in their own

homes. We provide home care services

like bathing, dressing, meal preparation,

light housekeeping, errands, shopping,

companionship, and pet care. We also

provide Dementia/Alzheimer care and

respite care. Located at 518 Davis St. Suite

100 in Evanston. Phone: 847-424-9300.


Ann Ayres

of Ayres Estate




of the Law

Offices of Charles

E. Hutchinson,


Merry Juell

of @properties

Nancy Hopkins

of Home Care


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Spark your kid’s

creativity at Codeverse

Did you know that kids

from 8 to 18 spend on average

7.5 hours per week

consuming entertainment

media from YouTube to

traditional TV to Netflix?

Researchers have found

that while kids’ IQs have

increased, their creative

ability has been declining

in the last few decades.

Turning Consumers Into


At Codeverse, we believe

kids can create amazing

things when given the

right tools. We just need

to do more to give kids the

modern tools for creativity

that match their interests

and what they want

to build. Kids love video

games and interactive

apps. Rather than turning



Training North Shore Clients Since 1991

Studio or


Private or

Small Groups






away from technology altogether,

we can channel

kids’ interest in technology

to unleash amazing

creative energy.

Codeverse is a modern,

high-tech studio where

kids learn to code, build

apps and video games, and

interact with cutting-edge

technology, including professional-grade

sound and

light equipment, Craft-

Bot 3D printers, TVs and

strobe lights.

The Codeverse Crew


With the “Codeverse

Crew” membership, kids

explore and interact with

gadgets within the studio,

as well as create new

apps and games every

week during afterschool or

weekend classes.

In addition, membership

includes remote access

to the Codeverse coding

platform, allowing kids to

continue their projects at

home. Last but not least,

all members receive one

free Kids Night Out per

month, which takes place

every Saturday evening at

the studio!

Submitted by Codeverse. For

more information, call (844)

644-CODE or visit codeverse.com.


350 Linden Ave., Wilmette


An emphasis on dependability and quality

North Shore Compassionate

Care is an independent

home care

agency located right here

in Highland Park. Owners

Mike Glickman and

Steve Wilneff are longtime

area residents and are

the primary case managers.

John Vuckovich, of

Deerfield, has now joined

the management team as

Managing Director. Their

combined community

knowledge and involvement,

business acumen,

hands-on approach to every

case, and the significantly

higher salaries paid

to their caregivers makes

NSCC the reliable choice

for in-home companion

care. Living at home truly

makes the difference.

Staying in your home as

long as possible is critical

to well-being. Your home

is where you’re most comfortable

and safe. The surroundings

are familiar and

reassuring. Moving can be

disconcerting, creating a

feeling of uncertainty and

upheaval. You feel displaced

and alone when you

most need the good feelings

of your own home.

With NSCC, you remain

as independent as you can

be. Feeling independent is

critical to maintain a positive

outlook and the best

health possible, especially

with the effects of aging

and illness. With our help,

there’s still no place like

home! As we age or recover

from an illness, injury

or surgery, we need assistance

with daily living

activities. Without a doubt,

home is the most comfortable

and convenient place

to recover.

North Shore Compassionate

Care provides

home care and companion/

homemaker services to

seniors and others throughout

Chicagoland. Our

broad choice of service

options ranges from hourly

care up through 24-hour

live-in services. Our experienced,


and dependable caregivers

are carefully selected to

provide clients with loving

care to make life easier

and assure peace of mind.

At North Shore Compassionate

Care, we are here

to help. We create a schedule

of quality in-home care

that fits the needs of your

family. In-home care is

truly a wonderful option

to let loved ones remain in

the comfort and safety of

their home.

Submitted by North Shore

Compassionate Care. For

more information, call (800)

882-3838 or visit www.northshorecaring.com.

Spotlight on a business changing the

way we support seniors with dementia

Name of Business: Fit


Name of Chicago


Ann James Harvey


Fit Minds provides

one-on-one and group

cognitive stimulation programming

for seniors and

senior living communities.

Fit Minds’ certified

coaches meet regularly

with seniors to provide

cognitive stimulation lessons,

supporting what research

tells us about the

brain’s ability to build

resilience and create

new neuron pathways to

prevent memory loss.

Why is cognitive

stimulation important?

Research suggests when

we stop engaging in cognitively

complex tasks,

we lose synaptic connections

in our brain. Connections

that are not used

are deleted in something

researchers call “synaptic


At the same time, we

lose that assumed socialization

and competitive

drive that kept us on our

toes in “the office.” It is

all too easy to do what is

familiar and not challenge

your brain with new content

and to stop “old” tasks

we used to have to do daily.

What attracted you to the


1. Mission – We believe

in supporting seniors to be

all they can be. Dementia

changes relationships. It

does not end them.

2. Track Record – Fit

Minds has a stellar reputation

of impact in Canada

and Florida.

3. Affordable price point

4. Monthly reporting to

track cognitive levels and


In addition, people are

searching for substantive

ways to support loved

ones with dementia. I hear

it from personal friends

to business colleagues to

senior living home executives

and board members.

How did you get involved

with Fit Minds?

Fit Minds’ CEO Janet

Knupp is a former

colleague and longtime

friend. Janet saw the

benefits of the program

when her own mother had

coaching three times a

Please see dementia, 7

22ndCenturyMedia.com active aging

22nd century media | October 10, 2019 | 5

Vi at The Glen reinvests in

the exceptional retirement

To some North Shore

retirees, it may seem as

though life couldn’t get

any better. One community

is determined to

demonstrate that there’s

always room for improvement.

With a $4.8 million

remodel underway, life at

The Glen is getting more

enviable every day.

Located in Glenview, Vi

at The Glen pairs the area’s

signature warmth with the

comfort and amenities of

luxury senior living for

highly sociable, maintenance-free

lifestyle that allows

residents to truly enjoy

the best of all worlds.

Now, a remodel of The

Glen’s common areas and

amenities — targeted for

total completion in late

2020 — is marking a new

chapter for the retirementredefining


Setting the stage for


In a community that

prides itself on hospitality,

it’s no surprise that

improving social spaces

is a top priority. Scheduled

to be finished this

November, Phase I of the

remodel will focus on the

living room, the drawing

room and a full bar where

residents will be able to

enjoy signature cocktails

while mingling with family

and friends.

“Social connection is a

key part of what makes our

community so special,”

said Vi at The Glen Sales

Director Sian Moynihan.

“Creating spaces where

everyone can gather, relax

and enjoy each other’s

company is so important.”

Phase I will also introduce

a theater where residents

will be invited to attend

movie nights, lectures

and other special events —

another opportunity for the

community’s social calendar

to shine.

“Our goal is for the new

spaces to foster a welcoming

atmosphere,” said Interior

Design Director Misha

Mann. “It’s all about

creating something that’s

both distinguished and


A culinary program worth


The upgrades will also

include a reimagining of

The Glen’s culinary program.

All three of the

community’s on-site restaurants

will be renovated,

with the casual Bistro to be

completed as part of Phase

I. In addition to striking architectural

redesigns, each

of the restaurants’ menus

will be updated.

“Scratch cooking is at

the heart of our kitchen,”

said Executive Chef Jose

Luna. “Whether you’re

picking up your morning

pastry or sitting down for

a high-end dinner, you’ll

get something unique that

was made with fresh ingredients.”

Reconceived restaurant

Bridges will feature upscale

comfort food with a

modern twist. The Glen’s

fine-dining restaurant,

Great Lakes, will focus on

contemporary, experiential

meals that are designed to

inspire celebration.

“In all of our restaurants,

we want to strike a balance

between familiar, favorite

dishes and opportunities

to try new cuisine,” Luna

said. “We don’t want to

give you what you expect

from a retirement community.

Dinner doesn’t need

to be just dinner. It can be

an experience.”

Submitted by Vi at The Glen.

For more information, call

(888) 991-3287 or visit www.


Senior Checks & Balances helps

seniors with daily tasks and more

For those who need help

with senior homes, health

and daily money management,

Senior Checks &

Balances is there to help.

They are a concierge resource

serving the senior

community across the North

Shore. As Certified Senior

Advisors®, they understand

the challenges of being a

senior in today’s digital and

fast-paced world.

Senior Checks & Balances

will work with seniors

and their families in

complete confidentiality to

help seniors manage and

maintain their lifestyle and

give them peace of mind.

Jill Dillingham, founder

of Senior Checks &

Balances, is a Winnetka

native and graduate of

New Trier High School

and Miami University.

Submitted by Senior Checks &

Balances. For more information,

call (773) 457-1952,

email info@seniorchecksandbalances.com

or visit www.



Whether you are concerned about osteoporosis, looking

to improve athletic performance, orjust want tomake

your overall fitness better, OsteoStrong can help.

OsteoStrong works for people atall ages and levels of

activity to promote skeletal strength. The osteogenic

loading technique has been shown to trigger bone density

growth in sessions that only take afew minutes aweek.







6 | October 10, 2019 | 22nd century media active aging


Caring for the caregiver

While we were on-site

at the Elderwerks Education

and Resource Fair:

Planning To and Through

Retirement for Seniors

and Older Adults, a visitor

posed the following

question: How do we help

a caregiver/spouse who is

taking care of a loved one

with dementia?

Oftentimes we see caregivers

who try to become silent

superheroes. They sacrifice

sleep, proper nutrition

and exercise. Many who

are still working or raising

families admit their minds

aren’t engaged. Careers suffer,

and life on the home

front becomes strained. The

bottom line is a caregiver

who tries operating in an

“always on” mode becomes

sick or so severely run down

they can no longer deliver

the necessary support to

their loved one.

Although some people

look at reaching out for

help as a sign of weakness

or “defeat,” seeking assistance

is a very practical

and responsible approach.

Over the years, I have spoken

with dozens of caregivers

we have helped, and a

common thread is surprise

at the vast amount of quality

resources available

and regret that they hadn’t

reached out for help earlier.

If you or someone you

care about is grappling with

life balance while meeting

the needs of a loved one or

friend, Elderwerks offers

a printed Senior Resource

Directory for Illinois,

which includes all local and

federal programming such

as transportation, nutritional

projects, social services,

charities, etc. You can also

view an electronic version

of the guide on our website.

Hiring a home care agency

proficient at working

with dementia patients is

the prescribed route. These

professionals can come in

for a few hours per day,

offering a breather, permitting

you to work, go shopping,

get some exercise or

even enjoy a day at the spa.

It’s also important to seek

out help, and accept help,

from family and friends

who can pitch in by performing

some household

responsiblities Supporting

a person with dementia is

a full-time job that requires

the labor and love of many.

Please don’t go it alone.

Submitted by Elderwerks

Educational Services. For

more information, call (855)

462-0100, email help@

elderwerks.org or visit www.


Someone you know might need

Ayres Estate Services right now

There’s never a dull moment

in our business. We

are brokers of services to

help clients disperse unwanted

furniture, housewares,

artwork, fine jewelry,

beloved antiques and

collections of all types!

One of the best ways we

can explain our day-to-day

activities is with case histories

that illustrate how

our resources are the key

to making good money

from sales of all types.

A friend called to say her

neighbors are thinking of

moving to the West Coast.

They lived in Oak Park

their entire married life

and have a full house, garage

and basement. When

we visited, the owner explained

they would probably

not move for a year,

and not everything would

be for sale immediately.

So we began by taking

photos of items they are

ready to sell. Then we sent

out the photos to buyers

we knew would be interested.

The owners’ in-laws

lived and worked for many

years in Korea, and some

of their things had the flavor

of that culture. Several

of our buyers are thrilled

to purchase items from unusual

and exotic cultures.

We called them and then

we sent the clients’ collections

to an auction house.

Several pieces of furniture

were moved to a consignment

store in their area.

A realtor called us several

months ago with a

minor emergency. Her

clients’ Victorian mansion

was about to be listed for

sale, and there were many

valuable collectibles that

needed to be removed for

the clean and uncluttered

look the realtor was asking

for. We sent copious

photos to our collectors,

designers and shops, set up

appointments, met buyers,

and within days, the house

was ready to view.

When the time comes,

we will again call in the

right buyers for everything

you don’t want to keep.

We’re hopeful our case

histories have given you a

good idea of the right time

to call us — almost anytime

you have a grouping

of items to sell!

Submitted by Ayres Estate

Services. For more information,

please give us a call

Ann Ayres at (312) 810-2997

or Doris Ayres at (312) 925-

3331. Visit AyresEstateServices.com.

The North Shore’s leader

in post-surgical care

Choose Glenview Terrace,the area’s leading

post-hospital rehabilitation center, for the

personalizedtherapy,clinicaloutcomes and

comfortyou need to successfully recover

from your surgery. Call 847.729.9090 or visit

glenviewterrace.com today.

22ndCenturyMedia.com active aging

22nd century media | October 10, 2019 | 7

Atria Highland Park begins preleasing

for Summer 2020 opening

Atria Senior Living has

announced pre-leasing at

Atria Highland Park, the

new luxury senior living

community located at the

intersection of Deerfield

Road and Central Avenue.

Atria Highland Park will

feature 86 apartments offering

assisted living and

memory care.

The community’s new

leasing center is now open,

with grand opening slated

for the summer of 2020.

Atria Highland Park is

expanding the company’s

existing Chicagoland presence

as its fifth senior living

community in the area.

Capitol Senior Housing is

serving as the developer of

Atria Highland Park. The

73,000-square-foot building

is designed by Moseley

Architects with interior

design by StudioSIX5.

Building amenities will

include an art studio, library,

movie theatre, fitness

center, salon and spa,

and wellness center offering

health check-ups and


Atria Highland Park

will offer chef-prepared

meals at three distinct

restaurant options: a restaurant

with table service,

a cafe, lounge and private

dining room available for


From Page 4

special occasions. Residents

will also enjoy a

calendar of thoughtfully

curated events, discrete

care, housekeeping, maintenance

and scheduled


“The amenities at Atria

Highland Park were chosen

carefully, and we are

excited to add to the vibrant

neighborhood,” said

Kevin Ronk, senior vice

president at Atria Senior

Living. “Atria Highland

Park residents will enjoy

proximity to Sunset

Woods Park and Highland

Park Historical District.”

Visitors to the community’s

leasing center,

which is located at 1000

Central Ave., can browse

floor plans, discuss specific

care needs and learn

more about the Atria


“We don’t require buyin

fees or long-term leases,

which means our residents

enjoy the flexibility needed

at this stage in life,” Ronk

said. “The best apartments

are chosen early, so I recommend

coming in now.”

For more information

about Atria Highland Park,

contact Community Sales

Director Scott Dykstra

at (847) 496-0577. For

more information about

week in Tampa, Fla. Impressed

with its impact,

she brought Fit Minds to

the United States.

The Fit Minds program

originated in Canada,

where Fit Minds

programming is in 25

percent of senior living


With my background as

a social worker and my experience

working with Janet

in other mission-based

organizations, we decided

to launch it in Chicago. I

became a certified coach

in July and already have

clients at The Vi, Lake

Forest Place and private


What is the most rewarding

aspect of this work?

When I walk into their

homes and their faces light

up with a smile. And when

they say thank you and tell

Atria Highland Park, visit




About Atria Senior Living

Atria Senior Living is a

leading operator of independent

living, assisted living,

supportive living and

memory care communities

in more than 225 locations

in 27 states and seven Canadian

provinces. Atria is

the residence of choice for

more than 23,000 older

people and the workplace of

choice for more than 14,000


The company creates vibrant

communities where

older adults can thrive and

participate, know that their

contributions are valued,

and enjoy access to opportunities

and support that

help them keep making a

positive difference in the


Follow us on Facebook

and Twitter. For career opportunities

and more information

about working for

Atria, visit AtriaCareers.


Submitted by Atria Highland

Park. For more information,

call (847) 681-3636 or visit


me it was fun. Fit Minds

help seniors refocus on

what they can do versus

feeling hopeless after a diagnosis

of dementia.

Think of it as a personal

trainer of the mind. We

help rebuild confidence in

what seniors can do.

Submitted by Fit Minds.

For more information, call

(813) 282-8282 or visit www.


Can’t find the perfect

empty nester?


We’ve designed awonderful first floor master bedroom

home that won’t downsize your lifestyle, whether it’s

dinner for twelve, aSuper Bowl party for twenty, orjust

aquiet evening for two.

Introducing THE CAMDEN, acompletely turnkey

three-bedroom, two and ahalf bath home including a

specious second floor den that is easily converted to

fourth bedroom. Its thoughtful design fits on nearly any

size lot, yet aspires to meet the most demanding of





8 | October 10, 2019 | 22nd century media active aging



yourself at



When upgrading

your lifestyle, location


Stay close to the people and places you love!

Our beautiful senior living community offers

avibrant, maintenance-free lifestyle with an

unmatched locationinthe heart of The Glen...

only steps away from shops, restaurants, theaters

and parks. Schedule your tour today!

• All-inclusive services &amenities

• 100% refundable entrance fee

•Elegant 1and 2-BR floor plans

•24/7 concierge services

•Signature dining program

•Diverse calendar of cultural

and recreational events

•Weekly housekeeping

• Underground parking option

• On-site homecare if needed

2601 Chestnut Ave

Glenview, IL 60026



Anon-profit, non-sectarian affiliate of Bethany Methodist Communities

No bones about it: Osteoporosis

isn’t just a women’s disease

How strong are your

bones? It’s likely you

don’t know unless you are

a woman over 50. In fact,

bone health is important

for everyone. Here are 5

myths about bone health

you need to know.

1. Men don’t have to


False. While women

may lose bone mass earlier

due to hormone changes

related to menopause, men

are absolutely at risk for

developing osteoporosis.

In fact, according to the

National Osteoporosis

Foundation, men over 50

are more likely to break a

bone due to osteoporosis

than get prostate cancer,

yet most men are unaware

New senior living care brand

enters the Highland Park market

On July 1, Frontier Management

LLC acquired

management of Highland

Park Memory Care,

rebranding the Memory

Care community as The

Auberge and bringing a

fresh look and new opportunities

to the seniors of

Highland Park.

“We are extremely excited

to welcome The Auberge

at Highland Park

into our family,” said Justin

Wray, vice president of

operations and marketing

at Frontier Management.

“We love having the opportunity

to serve new

groups of seniors and their

families. Highland Park

and the surrounding area

is a location we are eager

to be a part of and we

look forward to bringing

our philosophies and programs

to current and future

of their risk.

2. Osteoporosis is silent

Yes and no. Osteoporosis

is often referred to as

a “silent” disease. Bonedensity

declines after the

age of 30 with no symptoms

unless a fracture

occurs. If bone loss continues

to progress to osteoporosis,

bone fragility can

result in the onset of multiple

fractures, postural issues

and contraction of the

paravertebral muscles resulting

in muscle fatigue

and pain often reported in

the lower back.

3. Kids aren’t at risk

False. Thinking about a

child or adolescent’s skeletal

strength now could

protect them in the future.


A unique senior living


At The Auberge, residents

will enjoy an active,

engaging lifestyle that promotes

wellness and independence

through SPARK

programming. SPARK

is an award-winning approach

to living well

with dementia. Inspired

by Montessori Methods,

SPARK focuses on engagement,

social lifestyle

and inclusion within the

community at large.

Residents at The Auberge

will have many opportunities

to participate in

a variety of life-enriching

activities and events designed

to stimulate the

mind, body and soul. From

cocktail-hour gatherings

where you can learn about

Instilling a healthy diet,

exercise and awareness at

a young age will go a long

way toward building the

bone mass needed for a

long active life.

4. Calcium supplements

help increase bone density

False. Many research

studies have shown that

there is little or no statistically

relevant correlation

between calcium supplements

and increased bonemass

density at a rate high

enough to affect fracture

risk. In fact, high dosages

of calcium may have troubling

side effects on your

health, including increased

risk of heart attack, stroke,

Please see bones, 10

the nuances of a good Pinot

Noir to a discussion of

the latest best-seller in our

Life-Long Learning series

to exploring new ways to

stay healthy in a fitness

class, residents can expect

a truly unique senior living


Based in the beautiful

northwest city of Portland,

Ore., Frontier Management

was founded in 2000

and is now one of the largest

seniors housing operators

and members within

the profession. Our simple

objective is to support our

residents, clients and the

teams that we serve beside.

Submitted by The Auberge

at Highland Park. For more

information, call (224) 765-

0094 or visit aubergehighlandpark.com.


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A cognitive coach helps

keep minds sharp.

So families can keep

relationships strong.



The Auberge blends

compassion, innovation

and clinical excellence into an

unmatched living environment

for those with Alzheimer’s and other

types of dementia. Innovative care

programs, 24-hour on-site nursing and

unique social engagements provide residents

with quality of life.

Spark is a unique lifestyle program that places ultimate

focus on supporting our residents and empowering

them to fill their days with a true sense of purpose,

contribution, and belonging.




Fit Minds benefits healthy

seniors, to those challenged with

Alzheimer’s and other types of

mild, moderate and advanced

dementia. Volumes of research

validate the efficacy of Cognitive


Fit Minds , Personal Trainer for

the Mind, is privately delivered by

certified Fit MindsCoaches 1-on-1:

• Cognitive exercises customized

to senior’s level of cognition

• Monthly reporting on senior’s

cognitive abilities


Highland Park


1651 Richfield Ave

Highland Park, IL 60035


Orchard Park


5520 Lincoln Ave

Morton Grove, IL 60053


For more information contact us today!

Quality senior living for those who have reached the age of 62

Or visit us online at www.fitminds.net

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5 tips to improve your oral health

Just like that ache in your lower back

when you get off the couch or that strain

in your shoulder when you lift the grocery

bags, your teeth and gums can present

problems that may not have been there

when you were younger.

With advances in medicine, we live longer

and keep our teeth longer. This presents

a unique set of challenges for patients

and their dentists. Below are some issues

that you may face and recommended oral

care tips to help you maintain a healthy

mouth and smile.

1. Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is a common

problem I see in patients.

As we age, we frequently take multiple

medications to treat various health

problems. Decreased saliva flow can be

a side effect of more than 500 different

medications. Dry mouth can be managed

with over-the-counter sprays and mouthwashes,

plentiful water consumption,

sugar-free gum/lozenges, and potentially

modifying dosages or drugs that may

contribute to the decrease in saliva.

2. Cavities

Saliva plays an important role in protecting

our teeth and preventing decay,

which puts older patients with dry mouth

at an increased risk for developing cavities.

The decay process can be managed

and sometimes reversed through a process

called “remineralization therapy.”

This treatment uses products containing

fluoride to help put minerals back into

weakened enamel. With this and newer

less invasive treatments, we are often able

to provide a conservative alternative to

extensive and costly dental procedures.

3. Poor Breath

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a common

dental problem in patients of all ages. Primarily

caused by bacteria in the mouth

and on our tongues, we frequently work

with patients to find a simple, at-home

solution to this bothersome problem.


From Page 8

kidney stones and gastrointestinal

issues. Does

this mean eliminate calcium

completely? Not at

all. Calcium is important,

it’s just not a magic pill

for building bone density.

5. You can’t improve bone

density once it’s lost

False. You can strengthen

your skeletal system

and increase bone density.

The first line of defense is

exercise. While swimming

is excellent for your heart

and lungs, weight-bearing

and resistance exercise is

A tongue scraper is a great tool that

can be used to remove bacteria from our

tongue. Additionally, adding an alcoholfree

and fluoride-containing mouth rinse

to your daily regimen can help keep your

breath odor-free.

4. Preventative Care

We consistently recommend regular

preventative care to our patients. It

is better and easier to treat problems

while they are small, before they become

painful to both your wallet and mouth.

We see many of our older patients more

frequently in order to monitor the health

of their teeth and gums as well as detect

early breakdown of existing dental restorations.

Many patients with a history

of periodontal disease or gum problems

should ideally be seen every three to four

months for their preventative hygiene


5. Dental Implants

Our primary goal is to help our patients

achieve a lifetime of comfort and function

with their natural teeth.

Unfortunately, teeth sometimes need to

be removed due to fracture or decay. In

this case, our doctors can customize your

treatment to replace teeth with naturallooking

and functioning dental implants.

Whether you have one or multiple missing

teeth, or a loose or ill-fitting denture,

dental implants can be an excellent treatment

to help restore your smile. The key

to treating dental problems you may experience

is to be proactive and find a dental

practice that tailors treatment for you to

address your short-term concerns and the

long-term health of your natural teeth.

Maintaining your oral health makes it

easier to eat the food you enjoy while being

able to converse and smile without

being self-conscious.

Submitted by Smilin Dental. For more information,

call (847) 446-5868 or visit smilindental.com.

the key to strengthening

your bones.

Submitted by Osteostrong

Wilmette. For more information,

call (224) 408-2369,

email wilmette@osteostrong.

me or visit www.centers.


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From Page 2

Resources for Intelligent

Aging group.

“Our group meets monthly

to share information, discuss

industry trends, learn

more about each other’s

services and consider ways

we can better serve residents

on the North Shore,”

said group member Nancy

Hopkins from Home Care


“The members of our

RIA group compliment each

other’s services. Sometimes

there is overlap, but we try

to be collaborative rather

than competitive. There are

plenty of people in this area

who need our help,” said

attorney and RIA member

Charles Hutchinson.

RIA’s goal is to provide

trusted and accessible resources

in all areas to promote

a relaxed and secure

lifestyle. The members of

this group include business

owners who are developing

useful and interactive ways

to serve seniors and their

families in our community.

“As professionals serving

this demographic, we know

that when someone needs

one service, they probably

need many other services

as well,” explained realtor

Merry Juell of @properties.

“If I am helping a senior

couple (or their adult children)

sell their home, I can

refer a care-management

professional, several home

care agencies, an estate attorney,

an estate services

company to help with downsizing,

a personal trainer to

preserve my clients’ health,

and a memory care facility

if necessary.”

Submitted by Resources for

Intelligent Aging. For more

information, call the Wilmette/Kenilworth

Chamber of

Commerce at (847) 251-3800

or email info@wilmettekenilworth.com.

A beautiful community with new friends awaits

Since opening in 2003, Chestnut

Square at The Glen has been one

of the North Shore’s most popular

choices for independent senior living.

The reasons are many, but to

fully understand what makes the

community so special, we think our

residents, families and staff give

the best perspective of all:

“Moving to Chestnut Square was

one of the best decisions my wife

and I ever made...our only regret

is that we didn’t do this sooner!

There’s always something new

and exciting happening and we’ve

never met a nicer group of people.

When my brother saw how happy

we were, he decided to make Chestnut

Square his new home also.”

-Don Klein

“I wanted to find a place where I

felt an instant connection with the

residents and the staff, and Chestnut

Square gave me a warm feeling

the moment I walked through

the door. I especially love all the

events...I’ve done more in eight

months than I have in the past eight


-Dee Knapik

“We wanted to find the best location,

lifestyle and value, and that’s

why we chose Chestnut Square.

Everyone we meet is friendly, the

meals have been excellent and

we’ve got the Glenview Senior

Center right across the street.”

-Clayton and Doris Welter

“I’ve worked at Chestnut Square

for over 10 years and the residents

have become a special part of my

family. Everybody is so nice...it’s

why I love my job!”

-Maria Latacz

“The residents are so welcoming...

they want you to feel part of their

community from day one. There

are so many activities and excursions

to choose from. Units are

well-maintained. There is formal

dining every night and brunch on

Sundays. My mom is safe, happy

and close to her family now. I have

Chestnut and the wonderful staff

there to thank for that.”

-Beth Huber

Located at 2601 Chestnut Ave. in

Glenview, Chestnut Square at The

Glen features spacious floor plans,

all-inclusive services and amenities,

a signature dining program,

diverse cultural and recreational

events, scheduled transportation,

weekly housekeeping and 24/7

concierge services. Homecare and

home health services are also available

on-site if ever needed.

Chestnut Square at The Glen is

also excited to announce, for a limited

time, attractive incentives on

their 100 percent-refundable entrance

fees. One and two-bedroom

apartments are currently available,

so there’s never been a better time

to lock in your rate and enjoy the

vibrant lifestyle at Chestnut Square.

Submitted by Chestnut Square at The

Glen. For more information, call (847)

446-5868 or visit chestnutsquare.info.

Someone you know can use our services today!

Visit our website, www.ayresestateservices.com

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Voted Top Dentist in Chicagoland

We keep our patients smiling through

comprehensive and conservative care.

411 Linden Ave, Wilmette, IL

(847) 446-5868


Visit our special new patient offer at:



Home, Health &

Daily Financial


For Seniors

seniorchecksandbalances.com | 773-457-1952

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Our newest

hospital is

designed to

do one thing.

Provide advanced orthopaedic and spine care

for every patient’s needs.

At the new Orthopaedic &Spine Institute, our team of

more than 100 specialty-trained physicians is dedicated

to delivering expert, coordinated care. Using the latest

technologies and innovations, we work with you every step

of the way, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

All to get you back to one thing: pain-free living.


(855) 929-0100

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Live actively at Avidor


Architectural rendering and design subject to change.

We’re upgrading an



At Vi at The Glen, our spectacular take on retirement

is undergoing a $4.8 million makeover. Our remodel

will include stunning community spaces, a new bar

and three reimagined restaurants. The first phase of

this retirement-changing redesign is scheduled for

completion this November, so schedule a personal

tour today.

888.991.3287 • TheGlen.ViLiving.com

2500 Indigo Lane, Glenview, IL 60026

CC-Lake, Inc. is the sole entity responsible for the performance of the

continuing care contracts at Vi at The Glen.

Two new active adult

apartment communities

will open soon at Glenview

and Evanston. Designed

for those 55-plus, Avidor

is the perfect combination

of luxury living, exclusivity

and active engagement.

Avidor champions the

active, 55-plus lifestyle

and these two new luxury

apartments are designed to

inspire a fulfilled and empowered

life. Embark on

your next adventure. Do

what you want to do. This

vibrant community is designed

for those who seek

to enjoy an engaging life.

Customize your own

lifestyle with a la carte options

and pay only for what

you want with unbundled

pricing. It’s not just living;

it’s living well.

Thoughtfully appointed

unit features, amenities

and ideal locations outside

of Chicago make Avidor

Finding a new home for empty nesters

a prime option for worryfree,


living. No more home

maintenance. No more

lawn mowing or snow

blowing. Just a lot more

time to devote to doing

what you love.

Avidor is an excellent

spot to host your monthly

poker tournament, sip

wine on girls’ night or

host movie night with the

grandkids. It’s also the

ideal place to meet new

friends, forge relationships

with like-minded individuals

and ultimately live

your best life.

Considerate design features

are incorporated into

the community to accommodate

residents’ family

members, including children

and grandchildren,

with social areas such as a

game room and entertainment

kitchen. The community

is pet-friendly as well.

The North Shore is home

to many Baby Boomers

who are in, or nearing,

the empty-nester period of

their lives. This is a great

phase, but not necessarily

with respect to housing.

Empty nesters need and

want single-floor living in

a smaller home. If this is

you, what should you do?

Moving away, whether

downtown or somewhere

farther, is always a viable

option. The challenge arises

if you wish to stay in the

North Shore, where you

have gained friendships

and raised a family.

Current North Shore

housing stock offers limited

options for high-quality

single-level living. Evanston

and Highland Park

are both exceptions, when

modern mid-rise and highrise

living is desirable. But

these buildings can often

feel a little too modern or

sterile. Evanston also has

many very beautiful vintage

condominium buildings

with first-floor units

only half a flight from

street level. But living

there may also mean limited

or no building parking,

window air conditioners,

and possible restrictions

on in-unit laundry. On the

positive side, these much

less expensive vintage

condominiums are often

very charming and welllocated.

But, if neither

option seems desirable to

you, your best alternative

may be to build a home.

Building an affordable

new empty-nester home

gives you the ability to live

in a proper single-family

Amenities include unit

balconies, outdoor swimming

pool and hot tub, grill

station, fire pit and ample

green space for entertaining.

Indoor offerings include

a pet washroom,

movie room, nail and hair

salon, fitness club, yoga

studio, and game room.

To encourage residents

to maintain their active

lifestyles and promote

long-term health, there

will be a full-time resident

services director on staff

to coordinate programs

for residents. Have the life

you deserve. It’s time to

play, explore and live with


Submitted by Avidor. For

more information about

Glenview, call (847) 787-

7631. For more information

about Evanston, call (847)

798-6418. Visit AvidorLiving.


house. An empty-nester

home can be built to suit

your tastes and sensibilities,

not those of a developer.

Your custom-designed

first-floor master bedroom

home could comfortably

accommodate the lovely

antiques, art and other fine

decorative objects that

took a lifetime to acquire.

Moreover, a manageable

empty-nester home does

not need to mean cramped

spaces. If moving away

works for you, go for it.

But if you don’t want to

lose what you love about

the North Shore, build.

Submitted by Adamczyk Fine

Homes + Interiors. For more

information, call (847) 446-

9900 or visit adamczykfinehomes.com.

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Live Actively

Apartment Homes

Avidor Glenview -Starting at $1,850/month.

Call today to find out more –(847) 282-4092.

Embark On Your Next Adventure.

Experience premium amenities, anengaging lifestyle and

àlacarte luxury at our Glenview and Evanston communities.

Visit Our Website for Exclusive Move-In Specials!

Join Us for Wine Down Wednesday

Every Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm

Visit Our Welcome Center

800 Waukegan Road, Ste. 203

Glenview, IL 60025


Avidor Evanston -Starting at $2,280/month.

Call today to find out more –(847) 798-6418.

Visit Our Welcome Center

1007 Church Street, #108

Evanston, IL 60201


*Restrictions apply. Limited availability.

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Free Information, Referrals

and Guidance for:

• Senior Living Options

• Care Options

• Support Options

• Moving Options

• Educational Events

• Free Senior Resource


• Touring Assistance




Our Relocation Experts and A+ Accredited Senior

Move Managers treat your move like it were our own, using high

quality packing materials to pack your belongings, get you moved, and

set up your home at a reasonable cost and within a day or two!

Our services Include:

• Sorting

• Organizing & De-Cluttering

• Packing of Your Entire Home

• Scheduling and Managing Movers

• Setting Up Your New Home

• Provide Estate Liquidations and Consignments

• Staging Your Home



CALL US AT 847.829.4437


A501(c)(3)Not-for-Profit Corporation

855-462-0100| Elderwerks.org |Help@Elderwerks.org



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