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When upgrading

your lifestyle, location


Stay close to the people and places you love!

Our beautiful senior living community offers

avibrant, maintenance-free lifestyle with an

unmatched locationinthe heart of The Glen...

only steps away from shops, restaurants, theaters

and parks. Schedule your tour today!

• All-inclusive services &amenities

• 100% refundable entrance fee

•Elegant 1and 2-BR floor plans

•24/7 concierge services

•Signature dining program

•Diverse calendar of cultural

and recreational events

•Weekly housekeeping

• Underground parking option

• On-site homecare if needed

2601 Chestnut Ave

Glenview, IL 60026



Anon-profit, non-sectarian affiliate of Bethany Methodist Communities

No bones about it: Osteoporosis

isn’t just a women’s disease

How strong are your

bones? It’s likely you

don’t know unless you are

a woman over 50. In fact,

bone health is important

for everyone. Here are 5

myths about bone health

you need to know.

1. Men don’t have to


False. While women

may lose bone mass earlier

due to hormone changes

related to menopause, men

are absolutely at risk for

developing osteoporosis.

In fact, according to the

National Osteoporosis

Foundation, men over 50

are more likely to break a

bone due to osteoporosis

than get prostate cancer,

yet most men are unaware

New senior living care brand

enters the Highland Park market

On July 1, Frontier Management

LLC acquired

management of Highland

Park Memory Care,

rebranding the Memory

Care community as The

Auberge and bringing a

fresh look and new opportunities

to the seniors of

Highland Park.

“We are extremely excited

to welcome The Auberge

at Highland Park

into our family,” said Justin

Wray, vice president of

operations and marketing

at Frontier Management.

“We love having the opportunity

to serve new

groups of seniors and their

families. Highland Park

and the surrounding area

is a location we are eager

to be a part of and we

look forward to bringing

our philosophies and programs

to current and future

of their risk.

2. Osteoporosis is silent

Yes and no. Osteoporosis

is often referred to as

a “silent” disease. Bonedensity

declines after the

age of 30 with no symptoms

unless a fracture

occurs. If bone loss continues

to progress to osteoporosis,

bone fragility can

result in the onset of multiple

fractures, postural issues

and contraction of the

paravertebral muscles resulting

in muscle fatigue

and pain often reported in

the lower back.

3. Kids aren’t at risk

False. Thinking about a

child or adolescent’s skeletal

strength now could

protect them in the future.


A unique senior living


At The Auberge, residents

will enjoy an active,

engaging lifestyle that promotes

wellness and independence

through SPARK

programming. SPARK

is an award-winning approach

to living well

with dementia. Inspired

by Montessori Methods,

SPARK focuses on engagement,

social lifestyle

and inclusion within the

community at large.

Residents at The Auberge

will have many opportunities

to participate in

a variety of life-enriching

activities and events designed

to stimulate the

mind, body and soul. From

cocktail-hour gatherings

where you can learn about

Instilling a healthy diet,

exercise and awareness at

a young age will go a long

way toward building the

bone mass needed for a

long active life.

4. Calcium supplements

help increase bone density

False. Many research

studies have shown that

there is little or no statistically

relevant correlation

between calcium supplements

and increased bonemass

density at a rate high

enough to affect fracture

risk. In fact, high dosages

of calcium may have troubling

side effects on your

health, including increased

risk of heart attack, stroke,

Please see bones, 10

the nuances of a good Pinot

Noir to a discussion of

the latest best-seller in our

Life-Long Learning series

to exploring new ways to

stay healthy in a fitness

class, residents can expect

a truly unique senior living


Based in the beautiful

northwest city of Portland,

Ore., Frontier Management

was founded in 2000

and is now one of the largest

seniors housing operators

and members within

the profession. Our simple

objective is to support our

residents, clients and the

teams that we serve beside.

Submitted by The Auberge

at Highland Park. For more

information, call (224) 765-

0094 or visit aubergehighlandpark.com.

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