Have Faith - October Edition


Reflections, thoughts and Prayers to help you get through your day.


Welcome to Have Faith. A booklet designed to stir the

grey matter with thoughts and reflections straight

out of the head of a British Army Veteran. Before

we go any further, I would like to stress that I am

no clergyman, nor am I in any way preaching or

trying to convert any reader to my personal

spiritual thinking. This is merely a collection of

reflections designed to encourage anyone who

flicks through the pages, to a bright and positive

way of thinking. Of course I do use text and

passages from the Bible which helps me to put my

thoughts and problems into perspective but feel free

to seek your own spiritual guide through whatever faith

you follow. After serving 22 years in the British Army, I was

faced with many challenges in trying to adapt back into civilian life which lead to quite

a sever mental health issue but through the help of many friends and re-establishing

my faith, I found many answers and an awful lot of peace. So here it is. A monthly

collection of scribblings to attempt to help you all get through your day. Yes. I have

set this up so you can read a reflection each day with the fond hope that you may

find the peace in your lives which you all deserve. God bless all.

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