Have Faith - October Edition


Reflections, thoughts and Prayers to help you get through your day.

Day 1

For we walk by faith. not by sight...

Have Faith...

As servicemen, having faith is a natural and

daily occurrence. They have faith in their

comrades that they watch their backs and

that they do their job to the best of their ability.

They have faith in the equipment they

use that it will perform correctly. They have

faith in their commanders that they will

make the correct decisions. Sometimes

those decisions are not what they like, it

may mean they are put into dangerous situations

or it may just upset their normal daily

lives. Regardless of this they know it is for

the greater good and they do it anyway having

faith that they are doing the right thing.

We have faith in them that they will serve

their country and keep us all safe. All of this

is based on the concept of having faith.

When our forces go into battle, they are

equipped with the knowledge that it is to defeat

evil, oppression and suffering and to restore

peace and goodness. This is what

Hebrew 11 and Matthew 8: 5

God wants for us. All he wants is for us to

love each other, live in peace and lead the

best lives we can. A thought occurred to me

of the amount of faith he must have in us as

his children to give us the free will to make

our own decisions. Despite all of this trust,

we, as humans, constantly let him down

with our sins, yet despite this he constantly

forgives us no matter what. Now that is love.

But, just as we have faith win each other

within our ranks, we must have faith in him.

We must have faith that he loves us and is

working for our good behind the scenes

each and every day of our lives. We should

have faith that he forgives us no matter of

the wrongs we do or how many times we

wrong him. We should have faith that he is

always there for us when everything falls

around us. He is always there, he never

ever leaves our side. All we need to do is

have faith in him. Just have faith.

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