Have Faith - October Edition


Reflections, thoughts and Prayers to help you get through your day.

Day 2


Where would we be if we didn't have hope in

our lives? Imagine soldiers going into a warzone

without the hope of a peaceful outcome.

Recent thoughts brought me to last years anniversary

of the Somme. I thought about what

was going through the minds of the Tommies

in the trenches. Hoping that the war would end

before the big push, then hoping and praying

that it would be cancelled at the last minute,

and then as the whistles blew, hoping and

praying they would survive. I thought about

what was going through their mind as they

crossed no-man's land, facing their own mortality

surrendering themselves to the hope of

being with God should they fall, hoping that

their sacrifice would bring peace and wouldn't

be in vain. It's a very powerful and very sobering

thought that even in the darkest of places

and times, hope still exists. I could go on for

hours of the instances in the Bible where hope

and faith have brought people through their

troubles but I'll just give you a little advice on

that one. Do what I did, open up the new testament

and look for yourself. You'll be amazed

at what you find. I now sit here reflecting on

my recent journey where I thought there was

no hope, in my mind everything was lost. I had

Hope anchors the soul...

Romans 5: 1-5

hit just about as low as anyone could go. For

me at the time there was only one way out. I

didn't want to take that route but I felt I had no

option. Despite being on my own and feeling

totally isolated, I wasn't. One remained. I have

to admit I have never been the most Christian

or religious of people. But I did realise that

when I had got to that point and had no one

left to turn to, God was there. Of course not in

the physical sense but I knew he was there.

Sounds a bit weird and far-fetched, I know but

it's true. What's more, because of this, because

of everything I have been through I

know there was a reason for it. I can now see

what so many other veterans are going

through, I may not have the answers (Yet) but

I can be there for them without being condescending

or without judging them. This to me

is a gift that God has given me and I thank him

every day for it. It is the easiest thing in the

world for me to sit back and say don't give up,

there is always hope but please, I beg you,

don't take my word for it. Don't make my mistake

and wait until everything has gone pearshaped

and you are left on your own before

you ask God for help. Do it first, you may be

surprised what happens next.

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