Have Faith - October Edition


Reflections, thoughts and Prayers to help you get through your day.

Day 4

Forgive and you shall be forgiven...


I don't think I know of a harder but more essential

virtue than forgiveness. I have also

seen it as very controversial yet it is such a

very basic thing to do. Somebody once told

me that you cannot move forward without forgiveness.

That said it doesn't mean that you

let somebody off the hook, it gives you

peace. Now I totally agree with the first part

but totally disagree with the second bit. I

would argue that this is not forgiveness, but

moving on. True forgiveness means you consign

the sin to eternal forgetfulness like God

does. After all, isn't that what being christian

is all about, being Christ-like? Now that said,

I'm not that nieve that some sins are harder

to forgive for us than others but I would like

you to bear a few points in mind. None of us

are perfect, all of us fall short of God's grace

at some point. Consider a man in the bible

that hated Christians with a passion, he threw

men and women in prison just for their belief.

It kind of reminds me of situations going on

around the world today. He would stand by

and watch innocent people being stoned to

death for believing in Jesus. What an awful

man!!! Yet through love and forgiveness he

became the most celebrated Saint in the

Bible. Not only that, he wrote a lot of it. Yes,

Luke 23 31-43

St Paul was once a very dangerous man. Yet,

he was imprisoned and beheaded for

spreading the word of God. Can you imagine

this? The most evil people are still loved and

forgiven by God when they ask for it. It says

in Mark 2:17 "It is not the healthy who need

a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call

the righteous, but sinners." You know, one

thing that sticks in my mind. In John 8, the

Bible tells the story of how Jesus said to the

crowd who were about to stone the adulteress

"Let him without sin cast the first stone."

That alone made me think seriously how I

judged people in relation to my own faults.

This especially comes to mind when I read

the posts on social media. It's a very sad

thing when people condemn people out of

hand. I am a very big believer in rightful punishment

but when the punishment has been

dished out that should be it. There's even a

chapter in the bible written by St Paul that

says this. Just go to 2 Corinthians 2: 5-11. If

you read this you'll understand where I am

coming from. If not, the next time you can't

forgive or wish someone to be punished for

their sins ask yourself if you can cast the first

stone. Remember, God treats all sins the


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