How To Access Yahoo Mail In Gmail?


If you want to access your Yahoo mail account with the Gmail account. So then you contact our Yahoo mail helpline number 1877-503-0107 to get instant help and support. Yahoo mail provides the best technical assistance team to resolve your all queries. 24/7 hours available to help you.

How to Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail

Get all Yahoo mail messages in your Gmail inbox

If you use Yahoo mail and Gmail, get your Yahoo mail messages in

both accounts as they are received. You can even send messages

using you Yahoo email address from Gmail using a service called

Gmailify. Gamilify doesn’t require a subscription to Yahoo mail

pro. You can use Yahoo mail into your Gmail account connected

with Gmailify. You can easily use your account and sending emails

without any hesitation.

How to Access Yahoo Mail from Gmail

Setup your Yahoo mail account with Gmail to send and

receive emails easily.

01) In Gmail, select the gear icon and choose settings.

02) Select Accounts and Import.

03) In the check mail from other accounts section,

select Add a mail account.

04) In the Email address text box, enter your Yahoo

Mail address, then select Next.

05) Select Link accounts with Gmailify, then select


06) In the Yahoo mail login screen, enter your

username and password, adjust the permissions, then

select agree.

07) In the You have been Gmailify window, select


08) In Gmail, go to Settings> Accounts and Imports

to verify that the settings are configured as you


09) Return to this screen at any time to unlink your

Yahoo mail account. When you select unlink next to

your Yahoo mail address, you can either keep or

delete the imported mail from your Yahoo mail


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