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Swiss food for healthy living and personal best

performances – reconsidered from the ground

up. Manufactured in accordance with people and

nature – truly Swiss-made – with the shortest

possible and thus sustainable transportation

routes of the ingredients, produced fairly and

carefully, with recyclable and home-compostable

packaging. These smart foods, dietary

supplements, and sports products created

consistent with the laws of nature sustainably

provide nutrition to your goals.




Nutrition is our food and much more –

energy, enjoyment, pleasure, and

health. That is why in our products you

will only find that, which benefits you

and supports you in your goals.

We have also made pioneering

changes to everything surrounding our

products, i.e. packaging – everything is

recyclable and home-compostable.

Each of our products serves a specific

purpose and consists of our own formulas

that are thought through to the smallest

detail, truly Swiss-made, and gentle on the

stomach and bowels.



Food is only as good as its ingredients.

A healthy diet requires transparency and

traceability of the food.

We exclusively select ingredients that meet the highest

standards. These are our criteria:

• Usefulness for our diet - you will only find in our products

that, which your body needs, which does not burden your

body, and which your body can ideally utilize.

• High nutritional values

Best quality

• Meaningfulness of the source

• Traceability of the ingredients

• Fairness & sustainability in the entire supply chain

Our company is organically certified, our products are

• As natural as possible: Manufactured with as few

steps as necessary for food safety and nutritious food

• Highly tolerable for your stomach and bowels

• Sustainable and fair

• Swiss-made: Made in Switzerland with ingredients

found in our country

• Free of artificial conservatives

• Free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

• Free of performance-enhancing substances

This is our philosophy

We believe that visionary innovation – paired with the

research of new food sources consistent with the laws

of nature – provides sustainable solutions for our nutrition

and the environment.

With BE THE CHANGE ® , we are establishing a new segment

in the food industry, wherein we combine premium quality,

purpose, and sustainability with a sleek design.

Who we are

BE THE CHANGE is backed by Swiss Health & Nutrition AG,

a young, pioneering, and independent Swiss company that

supports food and nutritional supplementation consistent

with the laws of nature.

The founder and developer is Sven Altorfer, CEO,

food innovator, and passionate connoisseur.

This is our compass

In the jungle of nutritional questions, a reliable compass

shows us the right direction – human biochemistry as

explained by nutritional science. All of our food products

are manufactured based on these natural biochemical





We feed

your goals.

Vitamins D3 & K2 & High Omega 3

Fatty Acids is your optimal vitamin

and fatty acid preparation to meet

your daily needs. Vitamin D

contributes to the normal function

of the immune system. EPA and

DHA are essential Omega-3 fatty

acids that contribute to maintain

the normal brain and heart


These Vitamins Minerals Trace

Elements capsules provide you

with essential vitamins, minerals

and trace elements. The high bioavailability

of these nutrients is

protected from gastric acid thanks

to the acid-resistant capsules.

As a result, they reach the gut in

their intact form, which is where

they are naturally best absorbed

by our body.

The BE THE CHANGE Colostrum

Probiotics Caps support your gut

microbiome in an optimal way by

combining high-quality probiotics and

organic Colostrum. Bifidobacterium

Bifidum helps maintain a healthy gut

flora and helps to strengthen natural

defences. This boosts your body’s

immunity. A sound gut microbiome

has a positive effect on your digestion,

metabolism, body weight, immune

system, appetite and general wellbeing.

Our Colostrum Liquid Extract

strengthens your immune

system. Colostrum is a natural

product, which we use solely

from the surplus of the first 12

hours – naturally only from cows

in organic, species-appropriate,

careful husbandry. The gentle

microfiltration without influence

of heat, ensures the preservation

of all precious nutrients contained

in this high-quality organic



This Isotonic Drink contains a

broad carbohydrate range without

free fructose. It enhances your

performance during exercise lasting

1 to 2½ hours. It helps to increase

your liquid intake during workouts

and is naturally refreshing, enriched

with colouring curcuma extract. Like

all products from BE THE CHANGE,

this product stands out in its

excellent compatibility for stomach

and bowels.

This state-of-the-art Endurance

Drink Powder consists of the highest

quality carbohydrates, electrolytes

and organic colostrum. It supplies

your body with everything it needs

for endurance performances and is

deliciously flavoured with natural

Swiss elderberry extract. Like all

products from BE THE CHANGE,

this product stands out in its

excellent compatibility for stomach

and bowels.

This first-class Multi Protein

Shake provides you with the optimal

ratio of highest quality proteins to

replenish your body after a workout

and to help you meet higher protein

requirements. You can prepare it with

water or milk. Due to the high content

of the natural lactose enzyme, lactose

in regular milk is neutralized when

added. Natural Earl Grey aroma

and real vanilla from Madagascar

combine perfectly for a delicious

taste. Enjoy a luxurious protein shake

experience – like a Royal. Like all

products from BE THE CHANGE, this

product stands out in its excellent

compatibility for stomach and bowels.

This surprising Regeneration

Shake boosts your regeneration

after physical exercise by providing

an optimal ratio of highest quality

proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

You can prepare it with water or

milk. Due to the high content of the

natural lactose enzyme, lactose in

regular milk is neutralized when

added. The natural cacao shake with

Swiss Protein Crisps is your tastycrispy

reward after your workout.

Like all products from

BE THE CHANGE, this product

stands out in its excellent

compatibility for stomach and


The ENERGY SPREAD is the first

Swiss energy gel made from 100%

organic ingredients in raw food

quality (carefully processed below

42°C) with a carbohydrate-fatprotein

ratio of 56-32-12. This

formula protects the pancreas

due to its relatively low glycemic

response. Organic almond butter

and organic lemon juice have an

alkaline effect on the body and are

beneficial due to the energizing

carbohydrates, which cause natural

acidification. This is your optimal

source of energy for every kind of


This Protein Porridge is your highenergy

breakfast, your snack during

mental and physical stress as well

as your perfect pre-competition

meal. It has a low glycemic response

to go easy on the pancreas. The

fine organicoatmeal and oat bran

are rich in beta-glucans, which

contribute to the maintenance of

normal blood cholesterol levels.

This natural porridge does your body

good and tastes delicious. Like all

products from BE THE CHANGE, this

product stands out in its excellent

compatibility for stomach and




Colostrum. A natural


Colostrum, also known as bisnings, beestings,

and first milk, supports our immune system naturally

and traditionally.

This unique first milk is the first strengthening nutrition

of each mammal and human. Colostrum extracts are not a

drug or a nutritional supplement, but rather a special type

of food.

The particular feature of the colostrum of any mammal

is to strengthen the only slightly developed or even

non-existent immune defense of infants so they are

capable of surviving. For this reason, colostrum has a

uniquely concentrated mixture of valuable and fortifying

ingredients. Contrary to a human infant, who has a

minimal immune system at birth, a newborn calf has no

internal antigens and is therefore vulnerable to germs

and the environment. For this reason, bovine colostrum

contains a concentration of immunoglobulin that is 40

times higher than human first milk. In contrast to milk,

the positive nutritional components are contained in a

higher concentration in colostrum. With a normal daily

consumption of 1–2 grams of high-quality colostrum,

the lactose content is in turn so minimal that no reaction

can occur even in those with lactose intolerance.

Cows produce colostrum in excess even in organic dairy

farming. This means that the calf gets more than enough

of it to drink before the farmer skims off a portion as

supply. After collecting the supply, a few liters of colostrum

remain. We collect only this surplus of organic colostrum

and process it carefully.

Processing makes the difference

Most common products made from colostrum are

pasteurized, i.e. heated. Pasteurization destroys the

temperature-sensitive nutrients contained therein and

the colostrum therefore essentially loses its efficacy.

Our organic colostrum is carefully micro-filtered/coldfiltered.

This complex process preserves the valuable

nutrients and guarantees food safety. In addition,

we have our organic colostrum expertly tested and

certified by independent test institutes.

Colostrum in sports

Colostrum does not constitute a doping risk. The increase

of IGF-1 in the blood through supplementation with

organic colostrum is precluded. This is also shown in

the study from the University of Kent & the University of

Lincoln * from February 2019. Although, colostrum does

not contain any inherent growth factors, specifically

IGF-1, IGF-1 of colostrums is demonstrably destroyed

in the stomach and absorption into the bloodstream is

thus precluded. Colostrum has long been tried and tested

in professional sports and is a natural support for the

immune system and enhanced personal performance.

Colostrum is not on the Wada list of prohibited substances.

Nevertheless, we advise choosing colostrum products

wisely. It is necessary to consider animal husbandry:

organic certificates guarantee that no hormones are

used in breeding that could contaminate the colostrum.

The organic origin and certified processing decides if the

colostrum products qualify as premium quality.

* School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Kent at Medway, Chatham,

UK. 2. Lincoln Institute for Health, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK. 3. Centre

for Immunobiology, Blizard Institute, Barts and The London School of Medicine,

Queen Mary University of London, London, UK. 4. Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry,

University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK. 5. Centre for Immunobiology, Blizard

Institute, Barts and The London School of Medicine, Queen Mary University of

London, London, UK.

6. Peninsular Medical School, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK.





Vitamins and more.

Swiss made.

A balanced diet and lifestyle is the basis of our health.

Ideally, our body is fully nourished through a balanced

and nutrient-rich diet. However, there are some factors

that favor an insufficient supply of vitamins, macro

and micronutrients and that can hardly regulate even

a carefully considered diet:

• Our contemporary lifestyle requires a substantially larger

amount of essential nutrients – due to stress, too much

sugar, and mechanically processed food.

• Heavy physical strains require an increased intake, which

can scarcely be ensured through our diet alone.

• Fresh fruits and vegetables in many areas only have a

small percentage of essential nutrients due to the soil

quality and are sometimes harvested before they are ripe.

• The intake of nutrients is necessary for illnesses or signs

of deficiency that were determined by a doctor.

Our ESSENTIALS have high-quality ingredients. VITAMINS

D3 & K2 & HIGH OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS contain fish

oil from sustainable wild caught fish and is filtered so

purely that it practically has no more fish taste, which is

also pleasant in the case of reflux. In addition, the gentle

cleaning process also filters out impurities, such as

microplastics and heavy metals, which were incorporated

into the food chain due to the contamination of the oceans.

High-quality vitamin D3 is combined with the necessary

K2, among other things, to ensure the optimum intake

of calcium from our diet down to our cells. Our product


balanced variety of vitamins and trace elements that

provide us with an adequate daily supply. These highly

available organic ingredients are protected in acidresistant

capsules so that they pass through the stomach

without damage and are absorbed in the intestine. Like all

of our products, our ESSENTIALS are naturally Swiss made.




Founded with

a powerful vision.

Sven Altorfer – Founder, CEO, Food Inventor

As the developer and manufacturer of BE THE CHANGE ®

products, I combine my personal and profession passion –

I innovate, formulate, create, and enjoy.

I manufacture effective and healthy products according to

the laws of the biochemical processes of our body, i.e. in

accordance with nutritional science, where possible with

raw materials from Switzerland and from organic farming.

I am intimately familiar with that, which nature provides

us, and I manufacture with few processing steps treating

nutrients with care so as to preserve them. I abstain

entirely from artificial preservatives and carefully choose

each ingredient.

The rising demand for food due to the growing population

of the earth as well as the topic of (plastic) waste pose

some obstacles for us. For this reason, I am intensively

involved in the production of raw materials including

the production of protein concentrates and isolates.

In doing so, a central concern of mine is also the research

and production of additional food sources that are

biochemically sensible for humans. Thus, among other

things I am seeking healthy and natural alternatives

in the area of sweeteners and sugar.

As a member of innovation networks, I work on new,

sustainable food sources that take the entire cycle of food

or a raw material into account. Therefore, we research

and innovate together with raw materials that are good

for humans and can be carefully cultivated in agriculture

or used for biodiversity. We also consider here that short

transportation routes are guaranteed. In addition, the

raw materials should undergo as few processes during

production of the food as possible. The goal is likewise to

package food in the most environmentally-friendly way as

possible. Thus, we developed our home-compostable and

food-safe stand-up bag, which is now also available to

other small businesses as well as large-scale industry.

«Today, it is obvious to me that

my body should only receive that

which provides me with added

value and superior nourishment. »

The quality of my products is the result of decades of

experience that I have gathered both in my professional

life, having worked with nutrition and food since my youth,

as well as with my own health and in sports. I began my

professional travels with an apprenticeship to become a

chef, followed by a school of hotel management, education

and training in various food sectors, food technology, the

wine industry, and as CEO of companies. Another milestone

in my life has been my medical history. I experienced

what is means to care for one’s own body. Groundbreaking

years followed, which ultimately took a positive turn with

renewed physical health and athletic performances

as an Ironman champion. Eating, being healthy, engaging

in sports – food is far more to me than just a necessity,

I experience eating as a gourmet, with pleasure, and –

best of all – as a firework of the senses.






In sports, physical performance, maximum

concentration, as well as rapid regeneration must

be ensured. Our fuel and nutrients for this is our

food – a combination of healthy dieting and smart

sports nutrition provide us with what we need to

achieve our goals.

Important cornerstones of our health are – among other

things – sports and regeneration, as well as a balanced

diet. We can fill gaps with sensible supplements to our

diet. High-quality sports nutrition and sports drinks that

appropriately nourish our bodies assist us in sports.

The sports products from BE THE CHANGE ® meet

the highest standard for efficiency. We leave out any

unnecessary ingredients and only add to our food

what it needs to fulfill the respective intended purpose.

At the same time, they are highly tolerable for the stomach

and intestines, which is a crucial factor for optimum

performance. We think one step ahead because food also

has a long-term effect. For example, our sports products

have a profound glycemic response where practical in

order to preserve the pancreas. Our SWISS ENERGY

SPREAD® was in turn designed such that it regulates

the acidification through energy-boosting carbohydrates

with basic components – and in a completely natural

way. The protein-rich chips made from Swiss millet in

our REGENERATION SHAKE are also a key feature –

they give this high-quality drink bite and are beneficial

for digestion due to being chewed. In addition to its

sensible formulation and nurturing of the stomach and

intestines, another factor is of central significance in

sports nutrition – safety against performance-enhancing


Our products are guaranteed to be free of impurities.

This guarantee consists of different parameters:

• We manufacture under the criteria of the Swiss Federal

Swissness Regulation – “Swiss made”.

• As a production facility, we know where every single

ingredient comes from and we therefore have control

over the quality.

• Our ingredients are inspected and certified. In addition,

each ingredient is tested in an independent laboratory

for potential impurities.

• We manufacture according to GMP standard

(Good Manufacturing Practice).







100% Natural.


Eating what is most nutritional and beneficial –

that is SMART FOOD for connoisseurs.

When we eat a healthy and delicious breakfast in the

morning, we are starting our day with more energy and

enjoyment. In everyday life and when engaging in sports,

it is often a challenge to eat a proper and well-balanced

meal due to limited time. Our SMART FOOD provides

quickly prepared, highly nutritional food that is combined

in accordance with the laws of nature.

With our food, we are replenishing our energy reserve and

taking in vital nutrients. In our healthy meals, valuable

carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fiber, fats, vitamins,

minerals, and trace elements ensure that we are well

nurtured. Our SMART FOOD is composed in such a way

that it also has a profound glycemic response, which

gives us a pleasant feeling of satiety. This consistent, i.e.

slow, increase and reduction of the blood sugar level also

prevent sudden hunger pangs and preserves our pancreas.



CRUNCHY CACAO BITES are the perfect and delightful

start to your day and the smart snack for your daily

routine and when engaging in sports. We have combined

ingredients into a complete meal that ideally feeds us,

preserves our stomach, and nurtures our intestines. The

enclosed oats and oat bran have a high content of betaglucans.

The CACAO BITES are split, natural cocoa beans

that are a real treat in conjunction with the porridge.

Cardamom, cinnamon, and honey, as well as thin bits

of dates lend the porridge a harmonious and natural

taste. If you like, you can add any fresh berries or nuts to

both porridge variations. We never use preservatives or

additives, and we guarantee that the ingredients are free

of GMOs.






The human aspect

Food is our sustenance. Health is our guiding principle, for

what we eat and drink influences our well-being and our

quality of life.

This is why we are informing you about the ingredients we

use, about our production, and our challenges. We work

sustainably throughout the entire process of creating value.

For us, this includes paying the people in our supply chain

fair prices and wages and enabling individual work models.

The social aspect

We value the work of every single person involved in our

company. Our attractive wooden clips, manufactured by

the people at Stiftung Rüttihubelbad, are an example of

value creation being collective, integrative work.

Animal welfare

High-quality ingredients of animal origin can only come

from healthy animals from species-appropriate husbandry.

We actively advocate for biological animal husbandry,

which also ensures free-range feeding on wholesome

pastures as well as native and species-appropriate feed

for the animals. Permanent changes for the well-being

of the animal requires the transparent traceability of

the ingredients back to the origin, e.g. to the farm. Here,

it is essential to be prepared to pay the higher price for

the ingredients in order to allow the animal to have its

species-appropriate life.

The raw materials

Our products are Swiss-made. They meet the criteria

of the Swiss Federal Swissness Regulation. In addition,

we manufacture in Switzerland (made in Switzerland).

This has several benefits:

• The traceability of the ingredients is easy and reliable.

• The purity of the raw materials, and therefore

the certainty of anti-doping, is also ensured.

• The transportation routes are shorter.

• We acquire valuable ingredients from other countries

if they do not exist in Switzerland.

• If we acquire an ingredient from another country,

we respectively try to compensate this with our

logistics strategy.

The environment

Our products are well thought out in every detail and

packaged lovingly, sustainably, and neatly. With food,

the challenge is enormous to package it in a food-safe

and environmentally compatible way.

This is why we designed our sustainability process,

which is committed to further development.


All our packaging is home-compostable or reusable

prior to recycling.

The following are home-compostable:

• Our food-safe stand-up and refill bags

• Our drinking bottles

• Our tissue paper

The following are reusable and then recyclable:

• Our Miron glass jars

• Our tin cans

• Our FSC-certified cartons – made of wood from

responsible forestry and partly of recycled wood pulp.

We are heavily involved in the innovation and

manufacturing of new packaging materials for food.


© 2019, SWISS HEALTH & NUTRITION AG, Schachen 244, 9044 Wald AR, Switzerland — Carbon neutrally printed in Switzerland on FSC recycled paper with "Blauer Engel" certificate — Concept & Design: Blyss Brand Identity Zurich, Switzerland

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