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I was contacted by one of my very loyal customers through many years, that asked if I would write an article about neuritis, because one of her friends were very tormented and distressed by the disease and had reduced his circle of friends. There was so much pain and discomfort connected to the affliction that the social aspect of life had become unmanageable.

2019 October

Costa del Sol, S.L.


Having neuritis means that

many of the body’s nerves

aren’t functioning properly.

The affliction usually starts

in the feet and can move

higher up the leg and eventually

also target the hands,

however, all parts of the body

could be affected. The first

symptoms are often numbness,

a feeling of walking on

pillows, which in time turns

into painful and burning feet,

and further down the line a

reduction in strength.


Anni Dahms

Owner of the retail chain

ANNI’s VITAL SHOP. Nurse- & Health

specialist, Biopath and Nutritional


I was contacted by one of my

very loyal customers through many

years, that asked if I would write

an article about neuritis, because

one of her friends were very tormented

and distressed by the disease

and had reduced his circle

of friends. There was so much pain

and discomfort connected to the

affliction that the social aspect

of life had become unmanageable.

She wanted to show him the

article, with the hope that it might

motivate him to move on.

The term neuritis is used to

describe a collection of afflictions,

which gives inflammation to one

or multiple nerves. The affliction

targets the peripheral nervous system.

An immense tiredness is often part

of the affliction, as well as sudden

shakes. Some reflexes might get

destroyed and urinary problems

might also follow.

The pain can be very intense, and

you might experience increased

sensitivity in the skin, which can

make it difficult to wear clothing

on certain areas, for instance putting

on socks or shoes.

With the disease you might also

experience increased or reduced

saliva or tear production.

It’s estimated that 2 – 3% of the

population will be affected by this

and the frequency is increased

with age. People who suffer from

the affliction often also suffer from

diabetes. It is therefore of the

utmost importance to take care of

your diabetes to the best of your

ability and keep your blood sugar

stable. A well-adjusted blood

sugar level can help prevent the

disease. Neuritis is one of the most

common complications with diabetes.

Neuritis can cover a wide array

of symptoms, ranging from slight

inflammation, to inflammation

with significant pain. Neuritis often

develop over the course of multiple

years, but it may also develop

in a shorter time span. 1

There are a multitude of reasons

why someone might get

neuritis – I have listed some

of the most common causes


• One of the most common

causes, is diabetes type 1

and 2.

• B12 or B1 vitamin deficiency.

• Alcohol.

• Poor eating habits and

missing nutrients.

• Autoimmune diseases,

such as herpes or different

kinds of arthritis.

• Poisoning, cancer with

chemo or radiation therapy,

as well as different

kinds of medicine.

The diet

Even though you are in

pain, you must make sure

that you get some proper


The diet can perform miracles.

You can relieve a lot of problems

through a healthy diet. It’s

important that you eat as clean

as possible, as to not strain the

body with more poisons.

Stop the consumption of all

types of alcohol, at least for

the duration of your affliction.

Alcohol is broken down in the

liver, and you need to strong

liver to excrete the toxins

from your body.

Many different problems can

absorb the necessary nutrients

from the gut. It can also

be a good idea to stay away

from glutinous foods, such as

bread, pasta, pizza, and the

like. When it comes to grain

products, you might want

to choose gluten free oats,

which is rich in magnesium

and has a relaxing effect.

You should eat plenty of pumpkin

seeds, almonds, and nuts, which

are also rich in magnesium. I’ve

spoken to people, whom have

benefitted greatly by following a

diet based on their blood type.

The blood type diet takes a holistic

view of the intestinal system

and the body, and by following

it you can optimize your health.

There have been written many

books about the blood type diet.

Knud T Flytelie has written a small

easily readable book “food as

medicine and blood type diet”.

Signe Lykke has also written a

small cookbook “food for all

blood types”. Research has been

conducted in the differences

in humans with different blood

types since the year 1900.

You can also find a lot of inspiration

on the internet regarding

blood type diets.

Avoid white sugar, especially fats

and sugar together that you find

in foods such as pastries, which is

really bad for you health. Avoid

sodas, candy, cookies, cake,

and chocolate. If you need a

bit of sugar, then use honey or

coconut sugar. Stay away from

all kinds of artificial sweeteners.

Make sure that you get plenty of

vegetables, perhaps in the form

of vegetables juice that you prepare

yourself. It might be a good

idea to invest in a quality juice

blender, and then introduce

some good juicing habits, where

you perhaps start your day

with juicing. If it’s too bitter only

with vegetables, then mix in an

apple, it mitigates the taste. You

can preferably mix some ginger

powder and/or some turmeric

powder when you are juicing.

Turmeric has an excellent ability

to counteract inflammation. Use

trial and error to see what fits you

personally. If you need inspiration

for your vegetables juice, then

there are plenty of good books,

such as the one written by Mads

Bo with different suggestions, you

can also find plenty of inspiration

on the internet.

If you want to completely optimize

your health, then you need

to think “out of the box” from

what we believe to be true. Start

slowly and don’t be afraid to


Dietary supplements

• First and foremost, make sure

that you get a strong vitamin-

B supplement.

• Supplement with B1 500mg.

• Take b12, even if your blood

tests doesn’t show a B12

deficiency, as blood tests

doesn’t show the cells content

of b12. Make sure to

take your B12, so that it’s

absorbed by the oral mucosa

under the tongue.

• Supplement the above with

a multivitamin / mineral product

of a high quality, to make

sure that you are covered.

• Make sure you get plenty of

essential fats, preferably a

combination of omega 3-6-


7-9. It will help the blood flow

throughout your circulatory


• Alpha lipoic acid, roughly

600mg daily. It’s a powerful

antioxidant, that is an

important helping enzyme

that helps the other nutrients,

so they aren’t destroyed. It

has been shown that it supports

nerve cells. Can preferably

be taken together with

acetyl L carnitine.

• Acetyl L carnitine is an amino

acid, that delivers energy to

the muscles and can help

bring down the levels of triglycerides

and cholesterol.

• It has been shown that many

diabetics lack vitamin-D.

Vitamin-D has a huge importance

for the nervous system.

It has even been shown that

there is a link between nerve

pains in diabetics and low

levels of vitamin-D. A study

from 2008 showed that diabetics,

with low levels of vitamin-D,

had their pains lessened

by taking a supplement

of vitamin-D, with a dose of

100mcg daily.

• Make sure that you get a

supplement of vitamin-C, 1

-2 grams daily. Everyone can

benefit from vitamin-C. It

optimizes the functionality of

the nerves. You might want

to take a vitamin-C with bioflavonoids.

They protect the

vitamin-C against oxidation

and improve the effectiveness

of the vitamin-C by up

to 20 times.

• Supplement your vitamin-C

with vitamin-E. The two vitamins

work well together.

• Take a supplement of Q10.

Find a high quality Q10 and

take 100 mg two times daily.

Even though we produce

q10 ourselves, the production

starts to drop when we reach

the age of 20. So, it’s not

uncommon to have a lack

of Q10 when you reach the

age of 50. Q10 is a powerful

antioxidant. Reduced Q10

can lead to low energy levels

and muscle weakness.

• Zinc as a supplement can

also be of great help.

Remember, if you take high

doses of zinc for an extended

period, then you also

have to take an extra supplement

of cobber. The two

minerals go together.

• Make sure that your magnesium

intake is covered.

You could preferably take

600mg daily. Magnesium

has a great importance

for the immune system. If

you have diabetes, then

there might be an increased

excretion of magnesium.

It’s important that whilst you

take your magnesium, that

you get B6, as it increases

the absorption rate.

• Supplement with organic

selenium. The earth in most

of the northern counties is

selenium poor.


• If you are a smoker, then stop! It can worsen your

circulatory system and bring other complications.

• Listen to music. It has been shown that a light a

comfortable new-age music can have a dampening

effect on pain.

• A study has shown that soles with magnets can have

a positive effect on peripheral neuropathy and poor

circulation in the feet.

• Find a cream or ointment that soothe sensitive skin.

This can be done whilst you massage or brush the

areas which are sensitive.

• There have been accounts, which says that acupuncture

have helped them with neuritis. It provided

them with relive from the pain.

• I’ve also heard that some people have found that

yoga lessened their pain. If you would like to try, then

ask at your local yoga teacher with experience.

• It might be a good idea to combine different treatment


• Louise Hay writes in her book “Healthy mind, healthy

body” that the cause for neuritis can be a punishment

for guilt or anguish and that your new thought

pattern should be: “I forgive myself, I love and appreciate

myself. I shower the people around me with

love”. It can be quite a mouthful, especially if you are

full of pain, but it might be worth considering in your

day. 3

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