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Artwork courtesy of Y6

A word from the Principal...


Another busy couple of weeks have gone by and we are almost at the first half term of the year.

Earlier this week, we held our parent tour for parents who have children starting school in September.

Even though that date has passed, if you know of anyone who may be interested in applying

for a place at Ludgvan, please ask them to contact us and we will happily welcome them for a tour

and to answer any questions they have.

I mentioned in our last newsletter that we welcomed leaders from Leading Edge to our school and

that I would feedback to you the outcomes. Everyone left with a really positive impression of the

school and commented about the progress made recently. ‘Theories of Action’ have been collaboratively

produced and these outline the good practice that they saw and the impact it had. These are

expressed in ‘if’ and ‘then’ statements below:

1. If there are a wide variety of thoughtful display techniques used including:

- Open questions

- Working walls

- Subject specific language

- Photographs

- Personalisation

- Celebration

- Values

- Roles and responsibilities

then work is valued, learning is scaffolded, learning becomes self-directed and all take pride in their


2. If teachers organise resources in a purposeful way, such as:

- ‘Teacher on the desk’: word mats, accessible resource trays, key words, range of equipment,

- ‘Teacher on the wall’: visual timetables, roles and responsibilities, Prompts and examples of

scaffolding, learning intentions

- ‘Teacher in the book’: feedback, highlighting, success criteria, scaffolding

then positive learning habits are developed which put the children in the centre of their learning.

A word from the Principal...

3. When music is used to create a mood in the learning environment (whether motivating, calm or

energising) then behaviour for learning is excellent and transitions are smooth.

4. If teachers create a structure in books following clear learning protocols and templates that

plan for personalisation, then all are confident in assessing learning, all needs are met and teacher

workload is reduced.

5. If the expectation of relationships are high and affirmative, then the environment is calm, safe,

comfortable and there is mutual respect for all.

6. If technical language is systematically used by teachers and children to extend vocabulary in collaborative

discussion, then understanding is deepened and they develop subject expertise.

7. If children are encouraged to be curious through provocative essential questions and rich experiences,

including the use of experts and visits, then students are engaged, challenged and can

remember more and learn effectively.

8. If the curriculum is planned to include the community at local, national or global levels the learning

becomes authentic, relevant meaningful to students.

9. If additional adults work in partnership with the teacher and are ‘the eyes and ears’ of where

there are gaps in understanding, then individual needs will be met and student progress is accelerated.

10. If a positive reading culture is encouraged by adults as role models, use of themed books and

clear organisation, then reading is valued, enjoyed and pupils are better able to connect the curriculum

and their understanding.

As you can see, these are incredibly positive and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of

our class-based staff for opening their doors to visitors and providing such a wonderful climate of

learning for our children.

Kind regards,

Adam Anderson


Ludgvan School

Broad and balanced...


The children in Early Years have been

enjoying lots of learning in their Science

lessons which have all been

about the human body, bones and

teeth. They have drawn around themselves

and labelled their body parts,

discovered the shapes and sizes of our

bones and how they vary across the

body, and created lots of artistic body

representations using a variety of materials.

Today they found a very small

note left for them by the tooth fairy!

She taught them all about their teeth

and how to look after them. They

were very excited as she also let them

take home a toothbrush, toothpaste

and sticker too!

Broad and balanced...


Class 1 enjoyed a trip to the farm. While

we were there we picked lots of blackberries

which will be made into jam. It was

a very wet day but this did not stop us

enjoying the outdoors. We even went for

a paddle before returning to school! The

trip helped us to understand how we can

eat healthy food which also benefits the

environment. These blackberries did not

have any chemicals sprayed onto them

and they did not come wrapped in plastic!


Class 1 have been learning the story of

Somebody Swallowed Stanley. Stanley is

a plastic bag who gets swept into the sea.

Yesterday the children got an opportunity

to dress up as Stanley and sit in the

hot seat while other children asked them

questions about Stanley’s adventures.

Broad and balanced...


Year 2 went on a trip to the Minack

Theatre. Whilst at the theatre the

children had exclusive access to backstage

and got to see how everything

worked and where the actors and actresses

get ready and where they wait

before going on stage. The children

then took part in some drama and

role play activities before splitting into

groups to create a short play about

plastic pollution. The children then all

got to perform their scene on the famous

Minack stage! We had a brilliant

morning and were smiling from beginning

to end!


In Science, Year 2 have been learning

about things that are living, dead and

have never been alive. They wanted

to see what they could find in the

school playgrounds. They were excited

to find lots of living things such as

trees, slugs, woodlice and birds. They

discovered lots of dead things such as

leaves, fallen blackberries and twigs.

However, they were disappointed with

the amount of ‘never alive’ items that

they had found such as crisp packets,

plastic straws and biscuit wrappers.

The children made the decision to do

something about it in order to protect

the wildlife around the area. They collected

some bags and picked up all of

the rubbish, put it together and looked

at what had been collected and then

made some posters about the importance

of looking after our playground

and wildlife to go around the school

and raise awareness. Well done Year


Broad and balanced...


Class 3 have been exploring using

plastic pollution related vocabulary to

create an acrostic poem. Here are 3

examples of the children’s work and

I’m sure you’ll agree that the importance

of our habits are highlighted

by these wonderful poems. Well done

class 3!


We are working hard on our beeswax

wraps and have now completed our

fabric printing testing. We have some

amazing designs and can’t wait to

work on the next part of our project.

Broad and balanced...


This term in RE Class 5 have been

studying Sikhism. They have learnt

about the 5 Ks (these are 5 things a

Sikh will wear or have on them). The

Gurdwara is the Sikh place of worship.

The Guru Granth Sahib is the Sikh

Holy Book and how they treat it. Did

you know these facts? Ask your child

see if they remember.

They have produced pieces of collage

art based on Sikhism.


Plastic Pollution Art:

As a part of our topic, Year 6 looked

into different art techniques such as

collaging, water colours and oil pastels.

Part of the class then created

pieces of art based around a sea creature.

They used pastels for the sea

animal and water colours to create a

water effect around it. The other part

of the class looked at Hokusai’s ‘The

Great Wave’ painting and had a go at

recreating it using oil pastels. They

then adapted this to create a message

about plastic pollution by adding

tissue paper to represent plastics in

the sea. They all created some very

eye-catching and inspiring pieces of


What’s been going on...


Well done to our most recent winners of Star of the Week and Times Table Rockstars.

Stars of the week

Y1: Miaya and Jack

Y2: Amelia and Tyler

Y3: Hary and Tamlin

Y4: Levan and Esme

Y5: Josh and Jamie

Y6: William and Jack

Times Table Rockstars

Pen Licences

What’s been going on...

Other news...

Cake Sale for Carol’s Memorial Garden and Bench

You will be aware that Mrs Gee passed away over the summer holidays. After being

such a valued member of staff for many years, we will be creating a quiet, peaceful

garden in her memory. We will be raising funds for this by holding a cake sale on

Thursday 31st October. You will able to come along, buy some cake and have a complimentary

tea or coffee from 2:30pm. There will also be a raffle where you can win a

celebration cake of your choice made by @littleaimeecakes. We look forward to seeing

you there.

Community Centre at the End of the Day

Thank you to those parents using the community centre at the end of the day. If you

wait for your child in the community centre car park, can you please get out of the

car so that our staff member can identify you. I know it’s not perfect if it’s raining, but

it is hard to identify parents through a windscreen from a distance. As safeguarding

your children is our priority, we will not be allowing children to leave unless we can

clearly see their responsible adult. Thank you.

Healthy Lunchboxes

If your child has a packed lunch at dinner time, please be mindful of the contents. A

healthy and balanced lunch gives your child the best chance of remaining focussed

and energised through the afternoon. Please see the picture below for what a healthy

lunch might contain and some ideas you may not have thought of.

According to NHS choices a balanced lunchbox should contain:

• Starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes or pasta

• Protein foods like meat, fish, eggs or beans

• A dairy item, like cheese or yogurt

• Vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit

Dates What’s Congratulations... for been the going year... on...

Term Date Event

15-17 Oct

21 st -25 th October

28 th October

Parents Evenings

Half term

Inset Day



9 th Dec EYFS Nativity

11 th Dec

Tuesday 17 th December 6pm Ludgvan


Christmas Dinner

Christingle KS1



Thursday 19 th December 6pm Ludgvan


Friday 20 th 1pm/1:15pm -

Monday 6 th January

17 th – 21 st February

4 th March

9 th March

Christingle KS2

Break up for Christmas

Return to school

Half Term

Parent Consultation Day

Inset Day

18 th March EYFS High Tea

Friday 27 th March

Break up for Easter



Tuesday 14 th April

Return to School

1 st June

Inset Day

25 th – 29 th May

Half Term

30 th June

Sports Day

13 th July KS1 Summer Show

14 th July

Y3 and Y4 Summer


15 th July

Y5 and Y6 Summer


Thursday 23rd July

Break up for Summer



On Friday 25 th October at Ludgvan Lions,

Penzance, from 11am – 3pm

(registration from 10.30am)

Ages 5-14 year olds, only £10 per child.

Please bring football kit, boots, packed

lunch and drinks.

To book, ring or text Scott Goodchild with

your Child’s Name and Age to 07763171524.

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