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Village Voice October/November 2019 the October/November 2019

Edition of Village Voice...

Cover Photograph: Keith Hawes

We have had an amazing summer - with lots of

successful village events, accompanied, in the

main with some glorious summer weather,

which ended abruply recently with the arrival of

autumn, in the form of torrential rain!.

The changing of the season perhaps lends

itself to autumnal walks, to enjoy the changing

landscape of P&TG, which is spectacular at this

time of the year. In this edition of VV, we are

enclosing a recently updated copy of a leaflet /

map of Common Wood, produced by the

P&TGRS, which details the many footpaths and

areas of interest to explore.

We also have details of upcoming events,

including the annual Sports & Social Club

Firework Display, Village Care AGM, as well as

an affectionate memorial to our dearly missed

friend and VV regular contributor - Pat Dancer.

Since the last edition of VV, a number of

residents have been in touch, expressing some

concerns about thoughless and dangerous

parking, as well as speeding traffic through the

village. It would be easy to assume (and perhaps

be correct) that the culprits are from outside the

villages, and it is certainly true that visitors are

likely to be less invested in the concept of being

a good neighbour and resident, and preserving

Farther Barn Field, part of Common Wood and mainly an open

meadow, is now being efficiently grazed by British White cattle

on loan from Burnham Beeches - Doris, Coral, Eliza and Icarus.

A Rainbow over Penn spotted by David Pitron (and dog Otis)

the amenity benefits that we enjoy in P&TG.

Parking is often an issue around school start and

finish times, as well as when events are taking

place in the village, please do think about the

potential impact of parking - especially near

school gates, residents driveways, on the bend

or near corners of a road, or in bad weather -

when visibility is likely to be reduced

Our next edition of VV (December 2019 &

Janaury 2020) will be our Christmas and New

Year edition, so please do consider sharing your

news and photos, especially any highlights of

2019, or any details of any events you may be

planning for 2020. Copy deadline is Monday

4th November 2019 Cathy O'Leary, VV Editor


05 Around the Villages

13 Woodland & Green Spaces

15 Church News

19 Schools News

22 Sports News

32 Clubs & Societies

38 Noticeboard & Diary

55 Index of Advertisers

56 Village Contacts

In This Issue...

25 In Memory: Pat Dancer

27 Community Boards

31 The Road to Equality

37 Fields In Kings Wood: Pt. 2






Outstanding performing arts tuition for 4-18 year olds.






To find your nearest Academy


or call 0800 531 6282


3131 Bucks Academies.indd 1 29/05/2019 12:00:52

An earthwork enclosure - covers nearly 4 acres a hi l-top

plateau, with substantial outer bank, i ner ditch and pond. Excavation

of br oches, coins, jars and bowls near the

remnants of imposing south-facing, outwardturning

entrance revealed a Romano-British

se tlement and evidence of iron smelting, perhaps

a continuation of pre-Roman industry. Records of

Bucks 48 (2 08), p.37-53. (See LiDAR image

to right).

An old ho loway, which descends northwards

from the plateau to Deadmans Dean Bo tom.

A banked oval pond - with no obvious entrance so perhaps an

ornamental feature built by Earl Howe after the w od was enclosed in


The Chalk Track - Map evidence (1875) shows tha this track

was put in after the 18 5 inclosure. 18 inches of excavated chalk

from outside the w od were a ded in 1985 to improve the surface for


A large qua ry, one of seven. Flints, sand and perhaps clay,

were most commonly quarried in the w od. There are also at least a

dozen 19th century saw pit spread throughou the wood.

A double bank and ditch ru ning

north from the main gate to

Ho loway. There are

numerous old trackways and

small banked boundaries elsewhere in the w od.

Lynchets or te races

in the fields to the NE of

Deadmans Dean Bottom

have b en observed in 1947

aerial photographs and are relics

of Bronze Age, Iron Age or

medieval farmers in the valley.

Circular walks


Golf Course

Built up Areas

W ods open to the public

Private W odland

Designated Public F otpaths

Permi sive F otpaths

Paths also used by horse riders

& cyclists

(with permits)

Long Trail

(4miles - 6.5km)

Short Trail

(1mile - 1.7km)

Sites of Archaeological Interest

Information boards

Waymark posts

Limited roadside parking





Widmer Pond



Ecology of the wood

Farther Barn Field is an open field, but has b en part-planted and is

grazed by ca tle.

Grave ly Way Plantation is a former silver

birch and larch plantation, which is being

thi ned and replanted with native species.

Elephant Tr e - Two beech tr es have

grown together to form the shape of an

elephant's trunk a s en on the front cover. It

can be s en just above the 'M' of Middle Way.

Common W od is a semi-natural Ancient

W odland. This means it has b en w odland for over 4 0 years but

has b en managed by man for most, if not a l tha time. The mainly

b ech w odland we s e today was mostly planted by the Pe n Estate

after the 18 5 Inclosure, with some Douglas Fir avenues. Over the

years, the b ech has b en felled either by clear felling whole areas, or

by selective felling to preserve a continuous canopy. This, combined

with a rich variety of soil types, has resulted in an interesting mix of

flora within the w od.

There are no le s than 14 of the nationally recognised “vegetation

cla sifications” within the w od, from B ech and Bramble, to Gorse

and Bramble scrub, to Oak with Silver Birch, to Yew. This makes for

exce lent biodiversity. In 2 03, 150 plant and tr e types, 85 fungi

(including the first UK report of Ru sula lepidicolor) and 40 bird

species were recorded. Le s common mammals include badgers,

w od mice, muntjac and o casional roe d er.



Stables Cottage

Sports &

Social Club Pu tenham Place


Pugh’s Wood

Li tle Pe n


Lions Farm

Zachariah’s Pit

Old Pe n Str et Way is the surviving centre part of the main track

through the w od from Po ters Cro s to Pe n Str et, used before the

18 5 enclosure established modern roads (Common Wood Lane and

New Road).

Red Gate (1838) was an entrance to Wycombe Heath. The side

banks of Pe n House Way descending to Red Gate are evidence of

long use.

Barnfield (1690), Spilmor (1690) and Cr ok Snails (1838) are

old field names.

Deadmans Dean Bo tom (1838) - This former trackway probably

owes its name to the discovery of an Anglo-Saxon grave, complete

with skeleton and iron ba tleaxe, in 1828. A BronzeAge axe was

found c.1905.

The Two Sisters (1852) were two old b ech tr es on the Rushmoor

Path side of Farther Barn Field

The Penna is the central open place of Pe n W od where the purpleleaved

b ech from Prince Charles' Highgrov estate was planted by

Earl Howe in 2 0 to mark the purchase of the wood by the

Woodland Trust after its rescue from becoming a golf course.

Goose Pond Gate reminds us of the original role of Pe n W od as

common land befor enclosure. A 17th-century protest poem runs:

"The law locks up the man and woman/ who steals the g ose from o f

the common/ But leaves the greater vi lains l ose/ who steals the

common from the g ose." The nearby Gagemoor Pond could be a

misheard Old English Goosemoor Pond.

The Penna

Old Names (earliest reference date in brackets)

B echw od Co tage

Church Knowl

G ose Pond Gate







Pe n


Pe n

Str et




Penn Patient Participation Group

Flu Clinic Dates 2019:

Once again the

Simpson Centre and

Penn surgery, together

with the facilitation of

the PPG, will be

holding the highly

successful flu clinics

this Autumn. These free

vaccines are provided for at risk members of the

community who are registered at the surgery.

At risk patients include the following patients;

over 65’s, if you are pregnant, have certain

medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma,

heart disease, a BMI over 40 and young

children. The complete list of this group can be

found at

who-should-have-flu-vaccine. Should you be

unclear whether you are entitled to a free flu jab,

please contact your surgery.

Due to patient feedback and to improve

efficiency and reduce waiting times, the clinics

will be organised slightly differently this year.

You will be asked to book an appointment slot

within a 15 minute timeframe either by phoning

the surgery or popping into reception.

An early evening flu clinic has also been

introduced if this is more convenient for you

and 2 dates for children’s clinics will be

published on the website. Eligible children up to

age 11 will be given the vaccines in schools.

Reduce your risk of getting flu by booking

your vaccine appointment NOW. For more

information visit

The Flu Clinic Dates: all Simpson Centre

• Saturday 12th October 9 - 11am

• Wednesday 23rd October 6.30 - 8pm

• Saturday 2nd November 9 - 11am

Book Your Appointment NOW.

Village Voice October/November 2019

P&TG Village Show 2019

A couple of months on from the Village Show,

all the trophies have been engraved, delivered to

the winners and are hopefully resplendent on

mantlepieces and window ledges.

Profits from the show are donated to local

organisations; takings on the door this year were

donated to the Thames Valley air ambulance.

Details of the donations will be published at the

end of October.

Diary Date: the 2020 show will be Saturday

19th September 2020, and focus on late summer

flowers and produce. Please put the date in your

diary and watch out for more articles in VV.

We are already planning next year’s schedule.

If you have any suggestions for classes, please

email them to our email

We also plan to expand our new website

There is already a list of this year’s winners,

photos of some of the winning entries to have a

look at and view too. Next year’s schedule will

be available in the New Year together with hints

and tips for entrants and (hopefully) online

entries. You can follow us on Facebook too;

tylersgreenvillageshow David Deadman

Common Wood Leaflet

The existing Common

Wood leaflet/map has

been painstakingly

updated and improved.

A complimentary copy

comes with this edition

of VV, which will

hopefully tempt you to

walk in our very own

local wood this autumn,

Archaeology of the wood

and even perhaps, volunteer for a work party.

The map includes a new 11 acre section

behind Larchlands and off Common Wood

Lane. This was recently purchased by the

P&TG Residents Society with the help of the

Woodland Trust, from its former owners, a

syndicate of local residents. Continued on p. 9



Village Voice October/November 2019




The four Public Houses that continue to

serve Penn & and Tylers Green have a

heritage that goes back Centuries when

there was thriving agriculture and tiling

and furniture making industries in the

immediate area...

The Crown

want to explore the many footpaths and woods

both behind the pub and adjoining Pauls Hill

opposite can park their cars if they pre-book

lunch early in the morning.

The Crown is both family and dog friendly

with a large outside garden area and offers a

wide range of good value food including bar


Occasional events are organised including a

recent ‘Hoe Down’ on Friday, 23rd August in

aid of McMillan Cancer Care. ‘The Laughing

Ants’ are performing on Sunday 1st September.

For parties up to 8 people, It is best to book

online – – where you

can also check opening hours, the menu, and the

hours food is available. Also, you can find out

how to book for Christmas!

For that special event, parties up to 24 people

seated can be accommodated as well as a buffet

service for larger parties.

The Horse & Jockey

The Crown on Church Road (HP10 8NY) dates

back to the 16th Century when it was one of

only two ale houses in the area. It was owned by

the Penn Estate from the 1750s until it was sold

in 1929. It used to host Rent Suppers and large

shooting parties. It was a favourite with the

Home Guard during WW2. Some of the

interviews for a TV documentary ‘The Ruth

Ellis Story’ were filmed here.

Manager, Tracy Armour, has been in post for

4 years. Kitchen Manager, Rob, has been in

post for 12 years. Tracy and her team provide a

warm welcome. Tracy says The Crown always

tries to stay open as much as possible. Most

staff live in, and quite often help push cars up

the steep hill from Beaconsfield when snow hits

the Chilterns!

The pub has a large car park. Walkers who

The Horse and Jockey on Church Road (HP10

8EG) first got its licence as a public house in

1844 under Wellers of Amersham when it was

called The Horse and Groom.

Currently, it is being Managed by Bob Gray,

ably assisted behind the bar by Berni Dawkins

who deals with all the pub’s local publicity

through their Facebook page.

Good beer and entertainment are in plentiful

supply here. Thursday night is Comedy Night.

Friday is Live Music Night. There is a Quiz

Night on the first Thursday of each month.


Open Mic and Karaoke nights are planned for

the future.

The Horse and Jockey is open seven days a

week. For full details of all future events please

log on to The Horse and Jockey Facebook page

or telephone 01494 815963.

The Old Queens Head

Village Voice October/November 2019

The Red Lion

Bar Staff Elliot and Manager Mo Hoffelner

The Old Queens Head on Hammersley Lane

has deeds that go back to 1666 when there was

a barn. It was then extended to be a private

house for one of Charles II’s physicians, then

purchased by Wethereds when it was converted

to a public house in the 1800s.

Manager, Mo Hoffelner, has been in post for

over one year. Mo describes The Old Queens

Head as being a popular and busy pub providing

good dining , whether upstairs in the dining

room or downstairs in the bar, All the food is

home made on the premises. A popular Friday,

Saturday and Sunday speciality is 'Old Queens

Head Bubble and Squeak', served from 9.30am.

Examples of special events held at the pub are

‘Fish and Chips Monday’, ‘Bring Your Own

Drinks Wednesdays’ – just as long as you are

eating in, and music from ‘James Henton’.

Families and dogs are welcome. There is

ample outside seating and car parking.

The Old Queens Head can provide for that

special event including Christmas (bookings

and menu available now), seating up to 30 in the

upstairs dining area or a buffet for up to 60.

For full details visit the website www.

Manager Louise Holdcroft, Bar Staff Olivia and Millie, and

Chef Yahia

Deeds for The Red Lion on Elm Road (HP10

8LF) go back to 1770. In 1325 land in Knotty

Green, Forty Green, Drews Green, Witheridge

Lane and Clay Street was all owned by

Segraves. The Court of Segraves Manor met at

the Red Lion in the 18th / 19th Century. Most

likely a coaching inn, there may be evidence of

a former carriage arch visible over the window

on the right side of the building at the front. Part

of the frontage was extended forward in the 30s.

Louise Holdcroft took over as Manager when

The Red Lion re-opened in March 2019. She

and her staff are trying to build on the village

pub atmosphere. The pub is open six days per

week, being closed on Mondays to enable the

ongoing program of improvement works to

carry on.

Local customers and those from further afield

enjoy the close proximity to the very

picturesque Widmer Pond whilst walkers

appreciate the close access to Common and

Penn Woods.

Chef Yahia provides a wide range of options

from cakes and coffee, sandwiches as well as

hot food at lunch to a full sit-down menu.

Buffets can be provided for that special

occasion. Dogs and Children are welcome.

Christmas Menu and bookings will be available

shortly. There is a Moroccan themed night

planned for Friday, 4th October.

The Red Lion website is www.theredlionpenn. For bookings phone 01494 815925.

Ian Petrie







Tel: 01628 533436

Mob: 07817 175760

Fully insured and qualified to the

Highest chimney sweeping standards


Woodburning Stoves, Fireplaces,


Prompt and Friendly Service

Birds Nest Removal/

Bird Prevention






Continued from p. 5 This was done primarily to

preserve an entrance to the wood as close to

Potters Cross as possible.

The map also shows the lower half of Penn

Wood in that there is now a well-waymarked,

new, 4 mile Long Trail which winds its way

through both woods as well as through part of

the Penn House Estate. Well worth exploring !

Enjoy! Russell Read

Sports & Social Club Fireworks

Major events at the Sports & Social Club in the

coming months will be the our Fireworks event

9th November with Queen soundtrack, tickets

on sale shortly. On the night admission prices

will be Adults £9.00, 16 and under £5.00

Advance tickets available via Gleason butchers

and P&TG Sports & Social club priced: Adults

£8.00, 16 & under £4.50, children 5 & under

free. Gates open @ 6pm, Fireworks @ 7.30pm

Hold the Date: We will hold a winter

“Christmas ale” festival at the Sports & Social

Club on 7th December. This event will be under

cover. (Clubhouse plus marquee covering the

patio). Christmas ales & Gin Bar plus traditional

mulled wine & cider.Further information will be

available shortly!

Don’t forget Sky Sports and BT Sports are

available on our HD Screen, with a Happy Hour

each week night from 5pm to 6pm. Tim Vincent

Super Fun Run & Penn 7

We’ve had a great year and thanks for all the

support given to us in 2019, and are now

beginning planning for 2020. If you know of, or

are part of a charity locally, then get in touch so

we can discuss applicants to be the beneficiaries

of the fund raising for 2020. We will present

this years charity monies to The Chilterns MS

Centre at the Sports & Social Club after Carols

on the Common in December. This year, Phil

Duffy is taking over as the SFR/P7 lead, and, if

you want to join us and be part of a great local

volunteering team raising monies for local

charities let me know, its not a lot of time, but

its well worth it. Thanks again to everyone who

Village Voice October/November 2019

in some big or small way contributed to the

event this year, especially the Marshals, as I’ve

said before, without you, the event would not be

possible. Once we have set out plans for next

year we will be publishing them on social media

and village voice. Ian Barnett,

Chepping Wycombe Parish Council

Our local area has had an issue with travellers

for a couple of months. Whilst in general I am

sure most people do not have an issue with

travellers, it is a shame that the cost of clearing

up after them for local authorities and in fact

local residents through their council tax is both

expensive, and the damage to the area can take

several weeks to recover.

CWPC were aware that travellers in the local

area were looking for a new place to stay after

being made to leave Rose Avenue recreation

ground and we have a duty to protect our

property. Whilst we knew that temporary soil

heaps would not stop a determined caravan, it

was hoped that obvious signs that the area was

being kept an eye on would be enough to

persuade anyone thinking of an incursion to

look elsewhere. The residents in close proximity

were advised prior to the soil being delivered

but we did not have the time to do anything else

I understand that this action has caused some

concern as they are considered unsightly and

perhaps a waste of money. Well the good news

is that the soil is going to be used elsewhere,

and by the time you read this they should be

gone. Having seen the waste and mess all

around the town and in Hazlemere, I make no

apology for trying to protect our property so our

residents can continue to enjoy it. The

temporary bunds have stayed a little longer than

we first thought, because although WDC have a

temporary injunction to cover 101 of their sites,

it does not cover CWPC land. We have to show

you have a real problem before an injunction

can be issued, and we are at the stage of trying

to prevent the problem, not deal with it and

hopefully will not have to.

Onto some good news, we finally have the






For an outstanding property


sales and

For an outstanding property sales and

lettings experience, contact your local

experts at Tim Russ & Company

Hazlemere office.

Our valuations are free and without

obligation so call us to book yours today.

5 Penn Road, Hazlemere

Bucks HP15 7LN

T: 01494 715544



plan decided to finish Ashley Drive playground

with approval going through open spaces last

week. It still needs to be ratified by Full Council

but at last we are on our way. We are squaring

up the area around the swing for disabled

children by putting in a Jungle adventure Den

with a net on one side and a mini sunken

trampoline on the other. That area will have

bonded rubber mulch under it for safety- we

will then put a fence around the whole play

area, which was requested by parents concerned

about dogs running around the play area.

Tylers Green ward currently has a space for a

Parish Councillor following Jean Johnsons

retirement. If anyone is interested please contact

me or the clerk and we will be happy to provide

further information. It is a very rewarding job

and is a great chance to put something back into

the community. Katrina Wood Chairman, Chepping

Wycombe Parish Council

Defibrillator Training

The P&TGRS and Simpson Centre & Penn

Surgery Patient Participation Group are hosting

a series of training sessions for interested

residents on how and when to use a defibrillator.

These will take place on Saturday October 12th,

at Tylers Green Village Hall. There will be.six

30 minute sessions starting at 10.30, finishing

at 3.15, you are inited to book a place

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are

installed in many public places in the area. They

are essential to improve a person’s survival after

a collapse with a cardiac arrest. These devices

are designed for a bystander to use before the

ambulance crew arrive. With clear voice

prompts, advice and directions are given to

support the bystander in what they need to do.

The training is a great opportunity to learn

where the defibs are located and when and how

to use them. The training will be led by Adam

Poland (HealthTec Thames Valley Centre

Manager). NHS England has established several

training centres, around the UK, to increase the

awareness of and use of defibrillators, as a

means of reducing the negative outcome of

Village Voice October/November 2019

cardiac arrests and heart attacks. In our area this

is managed from the Buckinghamshire College

Group, who have responsibility throughout the

Thames Valley. To register for one of the

sessions please complete the form at http://bit.

ly/2k8epyo. For more information, contact

P&TGRS on info@pennandtylersgreen

and PPG on

Ashwells & Gomm Valley

Human+Nature's Gomm Valley application is

still being considered by WDC and no decision

seems likely before early next year. The

proposed 'Spine Road', to be known as Ashwells

Lane, which will run from Gomm Road all the

way up the valley through the new housing

areas to join Cock Lane, is of particular

importance to us. We have continued to argue

strongly for the observance of the Development

Brief provision that it is not intended as a

through route and that its design should not

encourage a significant increase in traffic past

the Middle School.

The connection with Cock Lane seems likely

to be near the phone mast, about 150 yards

below where Cock Lane narrows at the top end.

The planning permission already given to the

Ashwells development allows that section of

Cock Lane to be widened and we have argued

that the traffic calming, currently proposed for

New Road, should be placed in this widened

section of Cock Lane to avoid the noxious

fumes from waiting traffic close to houses. We

have also proposed an underpass for animals

under Cock Lane.

H+N have been asked to do a detailed design

for the whole length of Ashwells Lane. The road

width will frequently vary in different sections.

We have been assured that heavy vehicles used

for constructing the new roads and houses for

Gomm Valley will access via Gomm Road

rather than through TG. This restriction will not

apply to the Ashwells development. There is

nothing yet to report about the Ashwells site

itself, which as we have noted has already

received planning permission. Miles Green


We supply contemporary, painted and traditional high quality kitchens in a variety of styles,

colours and finishes to all the surrounding areas. Our ranges are complimented with a broad selection of work

surfaces and innovative storage solutions alongside appliances, sinks and taps from all the leading brands.

Phone / Fax: 01494 814629

Mobile: 07989 422726


128x88 Autumn Wood Leaflet_March 2015.indd 1 02/04/2015 12:33




As we end summer I thoughts turn to the

autumn and winter and the general maintenance

jobs need doing. These include

clearing drainage channels,

cutting back the sides of tracks

and paths possibly clearing a

fallen tree. I know I've said this

before but we do depend on

volunteers to help us keep the

wood tidy and accessible. We

are forever grateful for the

woodland lovers who continue

to pick up litter unbidden and

make our job a lot easier.

We seem to have a good

harvest this year. A good crop

of wild raspberries and a

particular note are the

Hornbeam. Judging by the amount of debris on

the ground the screws have had a good munch

on them. It is the one of the problems with the

grey squirrels that they will eat seeds and nuts

before they are fully ripe. This presents

problems to our native species, particularly the

hazel dormouse.

Those who use Father Barn Field cannot fail

to notice the new fence and gates that we have

had installed. Unfortunately our contractor

could not obtain a second bridle way gate before

the fence was finished so there has been a

temporary blocking of the path at the bottom of

the Holloway. Apologies for any inconvenience.

The completion of the fence allowed us to bring

in cattle to graze the field to help us achieve our

ambition of a Summer meadow. The cattle are

British whites and can often be seen Burnham

beeches or Odds farm. There is one bull and

three cows. They are used to people and dogs

and are extremely docile. They are more likely

to walk away from you if they are approached.

Village Voice October/November 2019

I've managed to get almost up to them. The

name of the bull is Icarus, he is 10 years old.

The ladies are Coral, Eliza and Doris. By all

means go and see them but please do not feed


During the summer we have to be grateful to

the volunteers who turned out and helped us

clear the Ragwort from the field. There is still

more to do and we will focus

our attention on this next year.

Another source of concern is

the wild parsnip. This can be

recognised as the tallest plant in

the field and although the roots

are edible you do not want to

get the sap on your skin. We

will plan to try and remove this

over the next 12 months to 2

years but the only way of doing

this is by pulling it out to

prevent it from seeding. If

you're able to give some of your

time to help us in the woods

please let us know by sending

an email to commonwood volunteer@gmail.

com. You will be most welcome. Mike Morley


• Local Independent Locksmith

• Est 20 years

• Domestic & Commercial

• Trading Standards Approved Trader

• 24 hour, 7 days

• Free surveys

TEL 01494 718802

123 Penn Road, Hazlemere, High Wycombe






f Better prices and service than larger chains of stores

f Free connection and disposal*

f Free fitting of built-in appliances*

f Up to 10 years free warranty*

f In home repair service also available


Washing Machines from £250 • Dishwashers from £250 • Fridges & Freezers

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Cookers from £199 • Built-in Ovens from £250 • Cooker Hoods from £99





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Don’t wait in all day – deliveries made within a 3 hour window

5 %







*ask in store for details


21 Penn Road, Beaconsfield 01494 674044 • 10 Station Road, Gerrards Cross 01753 893304



Holy Trinity & St Margaret's

As a youngster growing up in the 50s and 60s a

strong childhood memory is that of being

bored... a lot. No computers or mobile phones,

an older sister who did ‘girly’ things and only a

9” black and white TV with one channel on for

a couple of hours a day (I loved ‘Muffin the

mule’ even though you could see the strings). I

heard recently that the 1950 represented the

peak of churchgoing in modern times. 94% of

children went to Sunday school. I did (hated it

by the way). Without shops, sport, TV or

computers the church had something of a

monopoly on Sundays. I would not want to go

back to those days but there was much good

then. Life was quieter and we were not

bombarded in the same way as we are today by

information and entertainment. There was time

to think. And reflect.

After a few year’s break. we will run an Alpha

Course in the Sanctuary at St Margaret’s on

Tuesday evenings starting on 1st October. We

will meet at 7pm for a meal, consider that

evening’s topic and then discuss over a cup of

tea of coffee. The course will take us up to

Christmas. If you want time out to reflect on

life, if you sense that there is something more

but have not got the time and space to think

about it, then come and join me as we ponder

what is important in life.

By the time you read this our Harvest Supper

will have taken place in the Village Hall with

our Harvest Festival Services taking place on

Sunday 6th October. Harvest gifts will again be

forwarded to the Wycombe Women’s Shelter.

Gifts of non-perishable items / tins can be left

the week before, in either of the church porches

if you cannot bring them yourself on Sunday.

Sunday 3rd November is All Saints Day and

in the Family Services in the morning we will

be collecting our Shoeboxes so that they can be

Village Voice October/November 2019

delivered to orphanages and homes in time for

Christmas. The annual shoebox appeal is a

terrific initiative which is so easy for us but

which has a disproportionate impact on those

who would otherwise not receive anything for

Christmas. The idea is that one fills a shoebox

with essentials and gifts for a child in an

orphanage or home overseas to receive at

Christmas. Last year we added over 100 boxes

to the total of 675,000 that were sent to children

in 13 countries across Eastern Europe, Africa,

Central Asia and the Middle East. Let us see if

we can do more this year. Because of the

inevitable regulations there are things that can

and cannot be packed into the boxes and a list

can be obtained from the Sanctuary.

Later on that day, we will hold our annual

Memorial Service where you are invited to

come to Holy Trinity church at 3pm and in a

very simple service remember and give thanks

for a loved one. The loss can be recent but many

come to light a candle to remember those they

have lost many years ago. Time lessens the

sharpness of the grief but the memory is still

there. Many find comfort in remembering in

company with others also in sadness but most

importantly in the presence of our loving

heavenly Father.

Christmas Tree Festival

Holy Trinity will once again host our very

popular Christmas Tree Festival. This will be on

the weekend on November 30/1 December so,

although it seems like ages off, please do think

if you could decorate a tree either as a family or

individual or as an organisation. There is always

light hearted rivalry between the organisations

to see whose tree is “best”. If you think you

could decorate a tree for the festival, please ask

Gail Wellings for an entry form. This helps us

organise the layout. She can be contacted in

the office (office@holytrinityandstmargarets. or 813254). I still think one of the best

trees was that done by the church cleaners in

the first year – it was decorated with mini

dusters and scrubbing brushes! Go on, have a

go! Hilary Forbes (Events Team)



Equity Release

Accessing your property wealth



Independent Financial Advice

Contact us: 01494 817151 | |

Penn Barn, By the Pond, Elm Road, Penn, Bucks HP10 8LB

Financial Management is a trading title of Philip Harper LLP which is

authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority



Boilers & Central Heating Systems




Fault Finding

Wireless Controls


Magnetic Filters

Hob & Cooker Installs

Cylinders & Radiators

Gas Safety Certificates

Homebuyer Checks

Gas Emergencies

Call Dan for more information

t: 01494 471332 m: 07966 548003


Remembrance Sunday falls on November

10th this year with acts of remembrance at the

War Memorials at St Margaret’s and Holy

Trinity after the 9.30am and 11am services.

Please note that the 11am service at Holy Trinity

starts at 10.50am that morning to allow for the

silence at 11am. The Royal British Legion

Service of Remembrance is at Holy Trinity at

3pm and the service will be followed by

refreshments in the hall.

I will be leading the 11am short Act of

Remembrance on the Back Common at 11am

on Monday the 11th and this will be followed

by a cuppa in the Sanctuary. Blessings, Revd Mike


Penn Free Methodist Church

We will hold our annual Britain’s Only Hope

- the Gospel Conference on Saturday October

5th, from 11:30 - 4pm, with lunch from around

1 - 2:20pm (refreshments provided; please bring

packed lunch). There are four addresses entitled

as follows: 1) The state of the nation and the

only remedy; 2) Why I am a creationist (given

by a fellow of the Geological Society of

London); 3) Why abortion is wrong in God’s

sight and why Christians must speak out; 4) The

conference sermon on national righteousness.

All are most welcome.

Please visit our dedicated Facebook page for

updates on our open air ministry - www. as well as our

main church website -

Our Sunday School for ages 4-14 operates

from 12:30-13:30, straight after the morning

service. Please contact the Minister for further

details (

Our Sunday services are at 11am and 6:30pm

and our midweek Prayer meeting and Bible

Study is at 8:00pm on Wednesdays.

Recordings of sermons can be accessed at

One recommended sermon is an address based

on 1 John 2:15-16 entitled ‘One cannot conform

to this world’s thinking and be a true Christian’.

Pastor Peter Simpson,

Village Voice October/November 2019

Tylers Green Methodist Church

As I write (on September 1st) the beginning of a

period running into October with Harvest

Festivals is being celebrated in both urban and

rural communities around the country.

My memories date back to the 1940s when

working heavy horses were still earning their

keep on at least one of the local farms in

Wiltshire where I grew up. In those days farms

were labour intensive and there was always a

need for extra people for the harvest. Children

who had been evacuated to our village would

return after the war to assist with the harvest

alongside those from the village school. No pay

was expected and no one had heard of Health &

Safety - I don’t remember any accidents.

The Harvest Festival was central to village

life and every part of every church and chapel

would be decorated with the produce of farm

and garden, and on the big day places of

worship were packed out thanks to those who

only came at Christmas, Easter and Harvest!

Many things about farming and the wider

issue of what constitutes a harvest have changed

beyond recognition from those days and have

changed significantly during the 40+ years we

have lived in Tylers Green; but the Harvest

Festival goes on and the services are always

well worth attending. By the time you read this

the Festival at TG Methodist Church will have

taken place with our donated gifts going to the

Whitechapel Mission’s work amongst London’s


We have no Harvest Supper but the parish

churches do a wonderful job and invite the

whole village. However, we have a simple

lunch to support Action for Children on

Saturday 12th October at our church in Coppice

Farm Road beginning at 12 noon. If you would

like to come along speak with any of our

members or phone me on 815256. This will

help with the catering arrangements. On 9th

November our ‘open to all’ monthly Coffee

Morning relocates to Hazlemere Library at

10.15 am for a craft morning. Blessings, Peter

Stevens, Senior Church Steward


Little Oaks Nursery Schools and Crèche offer

OUTSTANDING care and early education for

every child.

At Little Oaks Crèche, Little Oaks One and

Little Oaks Two in Penn & Tylers Green we

welcome children from 18 months, and at

Little Oaks Beaconsfield in Forty Green

children start after their 2nd birthday.

Contact Ruthie Pocock, Principal on

07881 737149

OFSTED rated OUTSTANDING 2013 & 2016




Tylers Green Middle School

An evening of great entertainment together with

a few tears took place during the Year 6 Evening

in July as our Year 6 pupils attended a evening

of celebration and reflection. Mr Owen

Brangwin, Chair of Governors awarded each

pupil with a leavers’ book. This was followed

by the presentation of the Achievement Shields,

the winners of which are listed below.

• English - Holly Clark

• Maths - Yasmin Jassim

• Science - Finn McGrath

• Creative Arts - Charlie Ward

• Performing Arts - Izzy Blair

• French - Risi Tennekoon

• Computing - Callum Elsey

• Sport (Boy) - Oliver Connor

• Sport (Girl) - Erin Vojkovic

• Year 3 Award (Boy) - Max Dale

• Year 3 Award (Girl) - Lucia Creese

• Public Speaking - Mia Gosnold

• Community Award - Sophia Welsh

• Progress - Benjmain Bishop

• Challenge - Rosie Coppins

• Outstanding Contribution (Boy) - Max


• Outstanding Contribution (Girl) - Jess

Seedel Tripp

In memory of our Governor Jean Stidwell, an

additional award of the Jean Stidwell

Village Voice October/November 2019

Community Award was presented by Ray,

Jean’s husband to Charlie O. This new award

has been devised by myself and in collaboration

with Ray to be given to a pupil who has offered

a genuine contribution to school life, delivered

with a generosity of spirit, modesty and little

regard for recognition. The type of pupil who is

kind, helpful and encouraging to others when

they need it, and is the sort of person everyone

needs as a friend.

The children then changed into costume and

the stage became alive with music. Our Year 6s

will leave with many fond memories of the final

weeks of TGMS, particularly their leavers’ play

– Darwin Rocks. Telling the life of Charles

Darwin, the children acted, danced and sang

magnificently and it truly was a night to


I am enormously proud of what we have

achieved and in particular offer my

congratulations to the Year 6 pupils for the

tremendous end of Key Stage 2 SATS results. In

comparison to the national picture, yet again the

staff at TGMS have continued to support our

pupils to achieve significantly above other

schools across the country.

I will really miss them all but take pride in a

job well done I am confident that the children

are now more than ready to fly the nest and

move on to even bigger and better things. Good

luck and keep in touch! Vanessa Pinkney, Headteacher

Tylers Green First School

I am delighted to be in the privileged position of

Interim Headteacher at Tylers Green First

School for the duration of the Autumn Term. It

is an exciting time for the school as Governors

work hard to appoint a new substantive

Headteacher who will take up post in January

2020. However, schools are constantly evolving

environments and we have a term crammed full

of events, trips and new initiatives, many of

which link us to our wonderfully supportive

wider community.

We recently hosted a Macmillan Coffee

Morning and have raised over £175 already. To


Whether you need

a lift to the train

station or a

transfer to

Heathrow or Gatwick, we can help.

Just contact Steve on 01494 814888 or

07976 835906 to arrange a pick-up.

For a taxi service in Wycombe and

beyond, call 01494 814888 today

• Nail Extensions

• Gelish Manicure

• Gelish Pedicure

• Minx

• Harmony Educator

No drills used and a personal

consultation undertaken

at every appointment.


Catherine Jimenez


t. 07811 446 263


save our staff waistlines we sold the remainder

of our cakes after school so this brilliant amount

of money will certainly grow!

A big focus for us currently is raising the

profile of our Eco Schools credentials. To really

highlight this we will be holding an Outdoor

Day on 2nd October with each activity

developing a ‘green skill’. Children will be

coming in prepared to build camps, tend our

garden and planted areas and create bird feeders

to keep our feathered friends happy over the

coming months. These connections with nature

in a meaningful way help children understand

that we can all make an important contribution,

however small.

Our newly elected School Council will be

concentrating on how we can save energy in

school and recycle or upcycle resources. We are

involving them in decision making about

whether it is better to buy new wooden benches

(destroying trees/sustainable wood?) or recycled

plastic ones. These skills and this wider world

awareness is vital for our children to grow into

responsible citizens who will protect the planet

for future generations.

The photograph below shows a group of our

Year 2 children proudly displaying the

Gardening Club tomato crop. Over the coming

weeks we will be planting some vegetables to

over-winter and hopefully enjoy these crops as

part of their lunch in the spring term! Wendy Todd,

Interim Headteacher

The Village Pre-school

In July we said goodbye to 33 children who left

to move on to big school. Our last day was very

Village Voice October/November 2019

emotional and ended with a Tot’s Disco for the

children and parents.

The new term has started quietly which has

been lovely for the new children settling in.

We have an exciting programme of activities

planned for this year: Halloween table top sale,

Christmas party with the elderly and Christmas

panto, Easter party, Mother’s and Father’s day

activities and Forest School throughout the year.

We do still have spaces available for this year.

We offer places to children ages 2 - 4 years &

30 hours free childcare can be provided for

those who are eligible. Check here for your


Contact Nicky Lovegrove (Manager) for further details or to

arrange a visit 01494 817093.

Little Oaks Nurseries

Little Oaks teachers gathered en masse for a

training day ahead of the autumn term. Ben

Kingston-Hughes, of Inspired Children, led us

through a journey incorporating Growth

Mindsets and Resilience, Positive Play, Loose

Parts* and Adventurous Play, and How Children

See Us. This left the team buzzing with

enthusiasm for our new cohorts of children!

Please read Ben’s article to understand a little

more of our play philosophy. www.little-oaks.

org * Loose parts are materials that can be

moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up,

and taken apart and put back together in

multiple ways. They are materials with no

specific set of directions that can be used alone

or combined with other materials. Loose parts

can be natural or synthetic.


Village Voice October/November 2019




P&TG Lawn Tennis Club

Well it’s been another fabulous summer for

tennis at the club and our Annual Tournament

finals on September 15th will bring the summer

season to a close. Updates on the winners in the

next issue.

Over the past few weeks we have held The

Wasgstaff Cup, which was a very close

competition with Pearl Stephens and Tina

Wright claiming victory on the day. Runners up

were Mandy Cobbing and Vix Vincent, and all

the ladies together managed to raise a over £150

for Wycombe General Urology Department.

Pearl has also recently celebrated her 70th

birthday and there was no better excuse after a

mornings tennis to have tea and cake to help the

celebrations along. Happy Birthday Pearl.

The Parent and Child Tournament is always a

fun day and this year held in glorious sunshine.

Caroline and Charlie Oakley took the trophy for


WAgSTAff CUP WinnErS And rUnnErS UP

the U12s and Adrian

and Charles Crooks

claimed the U8s.

It’s so lovely to

continue to bring news of

success for our juniors, and

pictured we have the U9s after playing their last

match of the season and gaining a fabulous 5-0

win against Milton Keynes, well done to

Charlie Vincent and Jayna Thohan!

Looking ahead to the next few weeks our

membership are heading back into league tennis

and hoping for another successful year.

We always love to see new members. We

pride ourselves on being a really friendly club,

with a real mixture of abilities. We have lots of

sessions that members can drop into for Ladies’,

Men’s and Mixed tennis. Juniors have drop in

coaching on a Saturday. Members and nonmembers

can access the excellent coaching with

Neil James. So if you are new to tennis or feel

like picking up your racquet again, please visit to find out how you can get

involved. Kate Noble

P&TG Cricket Club

Sponsored by Argent Wealth Management.

The summer of 2019 was an enjoyable but

challenging one for our Cricket Club as the

good weather ensured that over 30 home

matches were played at French Meadow with

only a few falling victim to the elements.

On the playing side, our Colts played 30

fixtures across 4 age-groups, home and away

against local rivals in the South Bucks Leagues,


whilst our youngest players (age 6-8) all

enjoyed Sunday morning Coaching sessions.

Meanwhile, our Senior sides, featuring a very

healthy number of Colts, enjoyed some mixed

results in their respective Leagues.

Player-availability through this Summer has

been good as more Colts came of age to play in

both Saturday sides, and we noted another year

of healthy interest from new or occasional

players who have joined in and helped to make

a difference. We are already determined to

follow up on this success in 2020.

Those that visited the cricket club in the

summer will note that the Ground is looking in

good shape thanks to the efforts of our small

band of volunteers who give so much of their

time to the Club. The outfield and playing

square has now entered its annual state of

hibernation, the sight-screens have been

returned to their winter moorings at the bottom

of the field, the pitch-covers have been

dismantled and everything has been ‘put to bed’

ahead of its reawakening next Spring.

If you are interested in playing, scoring,

Umpiring, making teas or helping out around

the Ground, please get in touch. However you

would like to contribute, you will be guaranteed

a warm welcome and lending a hand to one of

the Village’s oldest concerns is an incredibly

enriching and rewarding thing to do.

Off the field, the Club finds itself in a

reasonable financial position but in order to

continue to invest in the club and to provide the

best possible experience for local players, young

and old, we will be looking to improve our


Village Voice October/November 2019

fundraising next year and we are always looking

for sponsors. If you are interested in anything

from branding our playing shirts or advertising

at matches, to using the ground for a company

event or the opportunity to promote your

business to the 350-strong membership, please

get in touch with Jon Cockcroft at jrcockcroft@ You can find us on Twitter (@ptgcc or @

ptgcccolts) or on Facebook (‘Penn & Tylers Green Cricket

Club’ or ‘Penn & Tylers Green Cricket Club Colts’) Jon

Wilson (

Penn Pond Waders Golf Society

Since our last update, our members and guests

have enjoyed 2 outings to some new golfing

venues on the Waders event calendar. In July,

we visited Buckingham GC. The course was in

good condition and proved challenging for

some, especially me, whose tee shots regularly

found the abundance of trees lining the

fairways! The day was won by our captain-inwaiting,

Ben Childs, scoring an excellent 39

points, playing off a handicap of 18. Ryan

Shadwell was runner-up on count-back scoring

35 points off a handicap of 10.

Last month, 30 of our members visited

Essenden GC. Favourable conditions and a

relatively easy course led to some excellent play

with the vast majority of the field scoring 30

points or more. Ian Gray led the way scoring 43

points to win the day, playing off 16 (not

anymore now that he’s the latest victim of the

occasional brutal cuts inflicted by our Handicap

Secretary!). Runner-up was Gentleman Jim

Morris, scoring an excellent 41 points off his

handicap of 16 (now 13!).

Diary date for an forthcoming event:

• 5th Nov 2019 - New Zealand GC

If you are interested in joining our friendly

Society or initially to come along as a guest at

one of the above events, please contact our

Secretary Bob Teuton on 07973 137446. As

always, we look forward to welcoming some

new Waders at some of the great golfing venues

we’ve got booked this year. John Horton, www.



Local family run flooring company

Commercial and domestic flooring

Installers of:

* Amtico

* Karndean


* Vinyl

* Safety flooring

* Home Accessories

01494 957150

Consultaons 6 days week

Operang facilies at all branches

Pet healthcare plans

24/7 Emergency on-site

(Vets Now at our High Wycombe surgery)

Nurse clinics

Puppy socialisaon classes

Private parking at all branches

Online pet shop

Your caring, friendly, professional small animal

Veterinary Practice proudly serving

your local community for over 50 years


Hazlemere High Wycombe Watlington

(01494) 718700 (01494) 459095 (01491) 612799



Village Voice October/November 2019

Pat Dancer, 1925-2019

Pat Dancer led a

remarkable life. She

was 14, patriotic and

headstrong when

war was declared in

1939. “I wanted to

join the Wrens and

be on the front line

firing the ship’s

guns,” she recalled.

Of course she was

far too young and

her father, a successful businessman, insisted

she first learn a skill.

So for two years she commuted daily through

war-ravaged and blitzed London to and from

her home in Gerrards Cross to attend a

commercial course at a Regent Street college.

Much to her delight she was called up just

before her 18th birthday in 1943. Before long

she found herself in prefabricated huts in

Stanmore, Middlesex with 500 other newly

recruited girls. “We were given serious

security lectures by serious officers who told us

that we were about to do work of such secrecy

we would be bound by the Official Secrets Act

for life,” she wrote in her memoirs. “If we ever

told anyone of the work we were doing,

including parents and loved ones, we would do

so on pain of execution!”

Needless to say it was many, many years -

and only after others had done so - that Pat was

able to reveal that she was working under the

direction of the famous code-breakers at

Bletchley Park. Not that there was anything

remotely glamorous about it. “The work

involved an eight hour shift, either in day time

or through the night, standing on stone floors

working noisy machines, called Bombes, which

contained banks of rotating drums. The

machines were cracking enemy codes but we

had no idea that’s what they were doing. It was

hot, exacting and tiring and I was homesick, but

we accepted it because we knew our work was

important,” she recalled.

At war’s end she found herself in Chatham at

the sharp end of the country’s next priority…

assisting with the demobilisation of thousands

of sailors. Then a marvellous opportunity arose

for her to travel to the USA and Canada for

three months accompanying a friend whose

fiance had been killed in the war. On her return

she found work in Paris, based in an office on

the Champs Elysees where she enjoyed a hectic

social life and made life long friends. On one

visit from London her boyfriend took her to the

top of the Eiffel Tower and proposed.

The marriage didn’t work out, but it

dramatically changed the course of her life. She

opened a sweet shop in the centre of

Beaconsfield, quickly followed by the taking

over a cafe opposite called Fiveways, where

Costa is today. But dealing with two businesses,

an impending divorce and caring for her mother,

in a home fighting alcoholism, tested Pat’s inner

strengths to the limit. Her deep Christian faith

was her touchstone; her stoic, optimistic

character her strength.

As she helped her mother fight - and recover

from - alcoholism she met another recovering

alcoholic at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting

…Dave Dancer, the man who was to become

her devoted husband for 39 years. They married

in 1960 and son Jonathan was born the

following year.

Pat sold the Beaconsfield Continued overleaf


Worried a family member is missing out on life because of their hearing?

Where do you turn if you think you (or a family member) are missing out on life because

of your hearing or if you struggle to stay involved in the conversation? Maybe you have

tinnitus and need some advice or are keen to find out how technology can help you.

Aston Hearing have the answer

– our FREE HearToday monthly

events, held in golf club

venues around the Chilterns.

Once a month we offer you the

chance to talk to our expert

audiologists about anything

related to ears and hearing, but

also the opportunity to meet up

with others who have

experience of hearing issues


Life with a hearing loss can be hard to accept and we

know that people find it helpful to chat with others who

are in a similar position. HearToday provides a safe

community space to meet socially in a relaxed informal

environment, where acoustics promote comfortable

listening. The venues have free parking and tea/coffee

and homemade cake are always available.


25 SEPT 2019 10am-4pm (drop-in)


30 OCT 2019 10am-4pm (drop-in)


27 Nov 2019 10am-4pm (drop-in)


call 01494 733840 for details about our events for

the rest of the year see our events calendar at


Continued from p.25

Village Voice October/November 2019



The proposals for new Buckinghamshire

Community Boards - as seen from the

community of Penn & Tylers Green...

businesses and settled to a new life in Penn and

Tylers Green where she was to become a pivotal

member of the community over the next 60

years. She continued her work helping

recovering alcoholics, touring the country to

attend Al-Anon meetings and travelling to New

York to be Al-Anon’s UK representative at an

international gathering. A keen writer she was

the village correspondent for the

Buckinghamshire Advertiser for over 20 years,

and wrote poems and articles for writing groups

and specialist magazines, including, of course,

Village Voice.

She worked for many years as a secretary at

Agropharm in St John’s Road; was a stalwart of

the local church and volunteer secretary for the

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

Importantly however, she was a wonderful

friend and neighbour to so many people in the

village: a discreet and empathetic listener with

an ever open door and a warm and smiling

welcome. Her faith in people was boundless - in

her eighties she featured in a BBC TV

documentary where she played host to a

troubled young lad, convinced she could help

him with some common sense, some straight

talking and some TLC.

Little wonder then that hundreds of people

attended her funeral and thanksgiving service in

the middle of the holiday period at Penn Church

in August. A Village Voice interview with her a

few years ago concluded: “Pat liked people and

people like her. It is people like Pat that make

communities like ours richer.” How we will

miss her. Peter Brown

The new Buckinghamshire Council takes

over from the former County Council and

four District Councils on 1 April next year.

This new Council will be mainly based in

Aylesbury but is anxious to involve local

groups, which are to be called Community

Boards, in order to encourage a strong sense

of involvement and communication with the

far-flung parishes around the county.

The parish boundaries will not be changed

initially, but all the present County and

District Councillors are to be replaced by

fewer (147) Unitary Councillors. The

electoral boundaries will be revised in due

course by the Boundary Commission. No

decisions have yet been made on how the

existing Planning roles of the District

Councils will be dealt with.

There has been a consultation by the

Shadow Authority on this important matter,

seeking views on how they should carve up

the county - on the optimum number of

Boards, their membership, budget, voting

rights and agendas. The pros and cons of 11,

12, 14 and 19 Boards were considered and

their recommendation is for the 14 Boards as

shown on the map. Membership of each

Board would consist of the local Unitary

Councillors, Parish Councillors, resident

representatives, as well as the police, fire

services, health professionals and so on.

Each Board would have a full-time officer

and a budget and would meet up to six times

a year. The total county budget for these

Boards has already been set at £2.5 m for the

Continued overleaf


Your next move

will probably change your life


Do you need help with any of these – Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment,

Business Plans, VAT Returns, PAYE and CIS, Capital Gains Tax

and Inheritance Tax?

At KMB Accountancy we have years of taxation, financial and business experience and ensure that you

or your business are making the use of all legitimate tax allowances and relief.

We will make sure that deadlines are met and also resolve your tax challenges.

KMB Accountancy, Omega House, 6 Buckingham Place, Bellfield Road West, High Wycombe, Bucks HP13 5HW

Tel: 01494 842844 Mob: 07903 650114

7 th -12 th October 2019

Music For You

Lunchtime Concerts

Each Thursday


The United Reformed Church,

Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield. HP9 1LW

Thursdays in October 2019

Light lunches available from 12:00

Concert 1:00pm - 1:40pm

(Donations Welcome)

3 rd Joe Howson: Piano, Student at the RCM

10 th ‘Home Brass’, Brass Quintet, Students from the Music Colleges

17 th ‘Words and Music’, Celebrating Autumn

24 th ‘Scordatura Collective’, Quartet: clarinet, viola, cello, piano

31 st (To be confirmed)

Thursdays in November 2019

7 th Simon Purdy: Violin, Student at the RAM,

Andrew Gallacher: Piano

14 th ‘Cor 8 Horns’, Female Octet from the Music Colleges

21 st Irina Vaterl: Piano, Student at the RCM

For further details please contact Elaine Tudor-Williams

Telephone: 01494 671303 - Email:

Celebrate Libraries Week by visiting Beaconsfield Library

and seeing what is going on.

Tuesday 8th 2.30pm -3.30pm Sarah Roux will be talking about her latest novel

‘The Chronicles of Harriet Shelley’ and the fascinating history behind it.

Free event but booking essential, please ask staff.

Thursday 10th 2.30pm -3.30 Rocks in Space with Barry Taylor - talk for adults,

booking essential, please ask staff.

Friday 11th 10.30am -11.30am Remember Remember … join us for a coffee and a

chat about favourite books and reading.

Saturday 12th 2.00pm – 3.00pm Lego Club for children 4+ years old with parental

supervision, a drop-in session.

Saturday 19th 10.30am -11.30am Autumn Flowers a demonstration by Pat Cox

from Gerrards Cross Flower Club, drop-in session.

Look out for more activites in the library or on the website.

Weekly activities

• Storytime (children under 5) Tuesdays 10.00am -10.30am

• Wednesday Club (adults) 10.30am – 12pm Scrabble, Knitting, Crochet and a cuppa,

everyone welcome.

• Thursday Simply Walk (adults) 10.15am ready to depart 10.30am –

All welcome. Tea & coffee in the library after walk.

• Learn My Way – Introduction to FREE online computer basics, booking essential.

Did you know … as well as all the wonderful books and resources in

the library, we offer even more through elibrary and it is all FREE.

Find out more at:

TeTelephone: 01296 382415


first year to cover local projects, highways and

health related activity. How this sum will be

divided between Boards has yet to be agreed.

One can see the logic behind many of these

recommendations which will work better for

some areas than others, but the current proposal

is that both Penn and Tylers Green are in the

'Mid Chilterns' Board which stretches from

Flackwell Heath in the south to Hyde End and

Ballinger in the north, covering over 20 towns,

villages and hamlets. There is no major town

providing a focus in the proposed Board and

very little commonality of interests between the

mix of Parishes in such an elongated area. Penn

with its Penn Street and Winchmore Hill

hamlets has decided that it would much prefer

to look to be part of Amersham. On the other

hand, Tylers Green and part of Penn are

effectively one community and some would

hope that in time this arrangement could

be formalised.

The consultation paper includes a

detailed examination of why the Local

Area Forums (LAFs) have not been a

success - interest has been low and

attendance very poor because parishes

do not identify with it, the budget is

miniscule and the staffing inadequate.

The hope is that these matters will be

addressed by the new Board


In the evaluation of options there is

currently no information about how the

Police, primary care providers and

other partner organisations map onto

the proposed Board structure. This is an

important consideration and needs to be

looked at before final decisions are


The 19-Board solution puts Tylers

Green in the Chepping Wye Valley area

and Penn with Amersham. The

14-Board solution keeps Penn & Tylers

Green together but has other

complexities which are not ideal. The

question is, which of these options is

Village Voice October/November 2019

the least worst?

The consultation for this closed on 30th

September. At the time of VV going to press

Penn Parish has chosen to opt for the 19 Board

solution and CWPC has yet to make its


The Residents Society has not yet discussed

the matter and opinions will vary. It may be

that we opt for the 14 Board solution on the

basis that even though it is not perfect, in the

longer term it will be in the interests of the

community for Penn & Tylers Green to be in

the same Board if they are ever to become

formally joined together.

Much thought has gone into the arrangements

for these new Boards and their purpose

undoubtedly meets a need, but the Mid

Chilterns Board as proposed is far from ideal

and requires further work. Miles Green






I can offer specialist skin care diagnostic and

management in the following categories

Ageing skin • Pigmentation • Sensitivity

Rosacea • Sun Damage • Adult Acne

Teenage Acne • Scarring • Blemishes

For more information

CALL 07770 785 212

Please visit my website for details of

the range of services I offer, as well as

case studies and testimonials from

satisfied clients.

Village Voice Advertising

email or

call Ruthie Pocock on 07881 737149

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Back Cover Price on Application

Inside Cover £135

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Stopressed Ironing


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C A L L N O W !

01494 812211 or 07956 443739

A & T Cleaning Company

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Carpet Cleaning




Five Remarkable Local Women...

In April 2018 a statue was unveiled in

Parliament Square London to remember the

Suffragist & Social Reformer, Dame Millicent

Fawcett, the plinth on which it stands contains

59 names (55 women & 4 four men) who took a

significant part in the campaign for Women’s

suffrage, four of those named have a direct link

with Penn & Tylers Green.

The most recognisable name is

probably that of Dr. Louisa

Garrett Anderson CBE, niece of

Millicent Fawcett and daughter of

the medical pioneer Elizabeth

Garret Anderson. In 1910 she was

a member of the delegation, along with Emmeline

Pankhurst, who met the Prime Minister, Herbert

Asquith to press for votes for women, little or no

progress was made and in the ensuing melee

Louisa was arrested and taken to Holloway Jail

Following the outbreak of WW1, she served in

France and as Chief Surgeon of the Women’s

Hospital Corps along with her life partner Dr. Flora

Murray she ran the hospital in Endel Street Covent

Garden. Between the wars she was well known and

respected in both Penn & Penn Street and served

for several years on Penn PC. She died in 1943 and

is buried in Holy Trinity Penn together with Flora

Murray, in life they shared a home in Gatemoor

Grange Pauls Hill.

Lesser known perhaps is

Suffragette Mary Gawthorpe,

Leeds born Mary was a dynamic

orator and addressed many

gatherings, including one of

200,000 in Hyde Park, poor health

restricted her involvement in the campaign and

after falling out with others in the movement she

moved to America in 1916, where she joined the

struggle for American women’s suffrage, she

married in 1921 and died in New York in 1973. She

lived in Penn in the Autumn of 1912 although her

exact address remains unknown, but she called for

Village Voice October/November 2019

a National Hunger Strike through the press and

gave her address as Penn Bucks, she also gave an

interview to the Daily Mail on “Penn Common “

Princess Sophia Duleep Singh

was the daughter of the last

Maharajah of the Sikh Empire and

a Goddaughter of Queen Victoria.

An ardent suffragette, her sole

aim in life was “the advancement

of women” she refused to pay her taxes and was

also a member of the 1910 Asquith delegation but

was never arrested. During WW2 she lived in Tylers

Green along with her sister Catherine and died in

Colehatch House Hammersley Lane in 1948.

Ellen Wilkinson’s later life was

covered in an earlier addition of

the VV, when she and notable

others lived at Twixtlands in Penn

Bottom. However, in 1913 she was

a paid employee of the National

Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies and helped to

organise, in July, of that year the Great Suffrage

Pilgrimage when 50,000 attended a rally in Hyde

Park. It is sometimes difficult to understand how

this remarkable lady, who has a number of schools

and colleges named after her, can lie in such

humble surroundings in Holy Trinity Penn Street.

Finally, a fifth name, which

although it does not appear on

the plinth, belonged to probably

the most flamboyant of all the

suffragettes, Muriel Matters.

Muriel was an Australian actress

who had arrived in this country in 1905 and

became a member of the Women’s Freedom

League, in 1909 she handcuffed herself to the grille

of the Ladies Gallery in the Houses of Parliament

for which she spent a month in Holloway prison

and followed this up with a balloon flight over

Parliament from which she planned to drop

leaflets, unfortunately due to a change in the

weather she ended up over Coulsdon, in 1913 she

married an American dentist, William Porter, and

they lived for many years at St Johns Orchard,

Manor Road Penn, which was located at the

Hazlemere end of Manor Road close to the A404.

Despite the fact that three of these ladies only

came to live locally after the battle had been

won, they have all left a legacy of which the

villages can be rightly proud. Ron Saunders


Village Voice October/November 2019



Guiding in P&TG

Hello Village Voice readers! We are gearing up,

in the Kingswood Division, for the start of a

new term following the Summer break.

Planning meetings have been taken place and

exciting ideas bounced around to welcome the

Brownies and Guides back into their packs. We

are all anticipating noisy first meetings, as the

girls are reunited after their holidays! The

Guides have started working on the Madagascar

Challenge Badge, they’ve already played Gecko

Drive (like Beetle Drive) and learnt more about

the country through a general knowledge quiz.

The badge has been created by a Young Leader

in Holmer Green to help fund her service trip to

Madagascar where she will be working in an

early childhood development centre to help

local children to read, write and count. The

Guides have also managed to fit in a camp to

Willow Trees in Harefield where they

participated in team building challenges and

were rewarded for their efforts over the

weekend by achieving their Camp Stage 4 Skill

Builder badge! Just after the term finished in

July one of the Guides undertook the brave

challenge of a sponsored haircut in memory of

her Nanny with her hair donated to the Little

Princess Trust and the money raised to the

Rennie Grove Hospice Care, and has so far well

exceeded her initial target, well done Rose! See


In a fit of madness, I decided to participate in

the Shine 2018 Night Walk for Cancer Research

UK, but emergency surgery just a few weeks

before the event forced me to pull out last

minute, so I’m taking part this year on Saturday

21st September. Training has been hampered

with injuries but I’m raring to go now and

looking forward to completing the 26 miles

overnight! If you fancy sponsoring a pound or

two to an extremely important cause please see


In July, the Kingswood Trefoil Guild

thoroughly enjoyed a lovely cream tea at the

Hazlemere Golf Club overlooking the golf

course, they highly recommend the venue!

Sadly the BBQ planned for August had to be

cancelled but they are now looking forwards to


a board game evening in September. Several

members of the Guild joined a large gathering at

the County Trefoil Picnic held at the Guide

Centre in Princes Risborough where they were

entertained by a group of belly dancers and

finished the event with a traditional camp fire

sing song!

It’s that time again where I beat my

volunteering stick! We are on the look out for

anyone who wants to help in our units, whether

it be training to be a leader, a unit helper or a

young leader! There are so many different

opportunities to help work with the girls in our

community, to gain great experience of

leadership, travel and learn. There is so much on

offer and it’s incredibly rewarding regardless of

what role you undertake to be such an essential

cog in the running of our Guide and Brownie

Packs locally. See

uk/get-involved/become-a-volunteer Katie Barnes

P&TG Scout Group

After the summer break the Group has started

back on it’s Autumn / Winter programme. We

have our Autumn Jumble Sale this month,

Saturday 5th October at TG Village Hall, starts

at 12.30 (Please note earlier start time). Why not

come along and bag yourself a bargain? We

always have plenty of varied and good quality

jumble for sale. If you can spare hour or two we

are always looking for help so why not come

along and lend a hand? Friday night to get ready

6.30 - 8.30p.m. Saturday morning from 9.00

a.m. Hope to see a big crowd turn up. Paul Wicks

Evening WI

Our popular Craft Fair will be on Saturday 26th

October at 2pm in the Village Hall, so maybe a

good time to start your Christmas shopping! As

usual there will be a WI Cake stall and home

made refreshments on sale so why not pop in

and have a look around and enjoy a slice of

cake! Entry is free.

Although we don’t meet officially in August,

over 20 of us enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea,

generously hosted by one of our members in her

Village Voice October/November 2019

garden. We were fortunate that the sun shone

which added to the enjoyment and money was

raised to support Denman, the WI’s education

college. Also in August, we Chomped and

Chattered at Zaza in Old Amersham.

September brought us back after the summer

break and we saw some wonderful Wildlife

Photography when Tom Way visited. In October

we hold our Annual Meeting when a new

committee is chosen and our speaker, Jacqueline

Aviolet, speaks of Four Days at the Nursery. In

November we focus on Christmas Crafts &


The WI is here to inspire women of all ages

and provides fun and friendship, plus the chance

to learn new skills, get involved within the

community and take part in a wide range of

activities. We would like to invite you to a

complimentary visit to one of our meetings on

the second Thursday of the month at 8pm in the

Village Hall. You are always welcome and we’d

be delighted to see you. Pat Hedley, 812645, email:, web:

Morning WI

We had an excellent attendance for our August

coffee morning; as we do not have an actual

meeting in August. Unfortunately, we have had

to cancel our visit to Waterperry Gardens due to

lack of numbers and members taking later

holidays. We will try again next year.

Our September speaker was a Lady

Toastmaster., with lots of tales to tell and an

insight into her life.



Are you looking for

exceptional childcare?

The House that Jack Built (Day Nursery) Limited has been awarded

“Outstanding” at two of our nurseries and is amongst one of the few childcare

providers to have an Early Years Professional within its dedicated team of staff.

With nurseries based in Naphill, Hazlemere, Flackwell Heath and Marlow Bottom.


Naphill - RAF High Wycombe

Tel: 01494 564439


• A loving and homely environment


young babies feel safe and secure

• High quality childcare providing

an environment

of rich learning experiences

• Care, committed and

enthusiastic staff



Hazlemere - High Wycombe

Tel:01494 713425

• A strong partnership with parents

• Registered to care for children

aged from 0 to 5 years

• Open 51 weeks of the year

Monday to Friday

• Breakfast, lunch and

tea all provided and

freshly prepared by our

dedicated chefs


Flackwell Heath - High Wycombe

Tel: 01628 532169



Marlow Bottom - Marlow

Tel: 01628 481601


October is our AGM so we shall not have a

speaker on this occasion but something will be

found to entertain members if there is some

spare time! Then we are into our birthday

meeting in November. How fast the year goes.

If you would like to come and visit us, we

meet on the third Monday of the month at Penn

&Tyler's Green Sports & Social Club, Elm Rd.

at 10am for 10.15am or phone me on the

number below. Sheila Sparrow 812163

Village Care Open Gardens 2019

Penn & Tyler’s Green Open Gardens 2019 was

truly amazing! Not simply because there were

16 folk (two for the first time) in the centre of

our community willing to share the beauty of

their quintessential English village gardens with

others, not simply because God blessed us with

near perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold

and free from rain) when both days either side

were a deluge and ‘freezing’; not simply

because we had a great choir (of village ladies)

for the first time entertaining us at Mary Coker’s

wonderful ‘pit stop’, but...and wait for it...taking

into account the number of non-paying children,

who dutifully went round the Gardens with their

families, there were over 500 people!

And when you consider that the average

number of Open Gardeners these past 5 years

has been in the region of just over the 300

mark... we have truly witnessed - on the 9th

June 2019... nothing short of a miracle!

True, we advertised more widely, including a

live ‘tweet’ at opening time on the villages’

Facebook page; true, the 20 strong singers from

Village Voice October/November 2019

‘Local Vocals’ brought other members of their

families too, and their excellent singing delayed

folk into purchasing a second and sometimes

third cuppa and additional pieces of Mary’s

delicious baked cakes...all 40 of which were

devoured by the end, doubling her usual

donated contribution to Village Care; true, we

had idyllic weather...enhanced by the first bit of

warmth and dryness for days; but an increase in

numbers of over 50% surely isn’t fully

explained by the above...but then ‘miracles’ by

their very nature retain a sense of mystery about

them... don’t they?!

In any event, an occasion to be cherished by

us all, that’s for sure, but perhaps particularly by

Maureen Baker and Ray Stidwell, both bravely

opening their gardens following the recent loss

of their lifelong spouses...tragically and

untimely in the case of dear Jean. RIP.

Looking down on us from on high, both will

have been thrilled to see such record takings,

which, with the donation from our village

sponsor, FM (at Penn Barn), amounted to a total

of just under £2,750 all of which will ultimately

be fed back by way of gifts into the community.

Thanks to all who contributed and especially

to our Open Gardeners, along with our two

professionals, Ruth Powell and Jan Lance. It has

to said, that Ruth’s admin and networking skills,

on top of her professional knowledge and ability

makes her the true Queen of our lovely village

Open Gardens. Paul Breeze

Village Care

We could do with another Tuesday telephonist

for Village Care: please ring Gillian (815693) if

you would like to talk about doing telephony

once a month. If you would like to drive for

Village Care, either once a month or as an extra

driver, please contact Rob (817893); we are in

need of both. Village Care will be holding its

AGM on Friday, 4th October in St Margaret's

Church Hall, at 7.30 for 8 pm. All are welcome,

and there will be drinks and nibbles before,

during and after the AGM - please come and

meet us. Peter Sachs, 257823





PHONE: 01494 813225





KINGS WOOD Part 2...

The LiDAR map reveals that there were indeed

fields in King's Wood, and many of them. The

lines on the map are 'lynchets', marking the edge

of a sharp change of slope, created mostly by

movement of the soil downhill due to long term

ploughing between boundaries, with perhaps

also a deliberate element of levelling. This could

be done by selecting land with a comparatively

gentle gradient and cutting in to the higher land

to create a back wall then pushing the removed

earth across to the lower lying area to create a

level surface. Depending on the topography this

might leave one or both of the other sides as a

wall. That might be what we see on the LiDAR

images which often seem to show squares

which have three strong sides and a weaker/

absent fourth.

Village Voice October/November 2019

Where there is not much of a slope, such as at

the Totteridge edge of the wood, we should not

expect to find surviving lynchets of any size, if

at all, but this does not necessarily mean that

these areas were not cultivated. There are faint

traces of boundaries in the more heavily used

and flatter parts of the wood which have been

eroded by the passage of feet. We should also

bear in mind that what we see today is not what

farmers many years ago would have seen

because if you clear Chiltern valley sides of

trees for farming you increase the risk of lateral

movement and soil run-off with rain. This

means that the thin soil that we see today would

have been considerably thicker and would have

better supported agriculture.

The immediate question arising is when were

these fields first marked out? How long has the

wood protected these still well-defined, in some

cases still massive boundary banks from erosion

by feet and by the weather? Are we talking

about medieval fields, or even earlier? Were

they in use in the many centuries of the Saxon

period before

the Norman

Conquest? Did

the Romans

inherit these

fields from




and if so are

we talking

about Iron

Age, Bronze

Age or



These are the


which I will be

trying to

address in

future articles.

Miles Green


Village Voice October/November 2019


5th - Scouts Jumble Sales

6th - Harvest Festival Services - St


12th - Defibrillator Training

12th & 23rd - Flu Clinic, Simpson Centre


October / November 2019

The Village Makers Market

The Village Makers Market in association Savills the estate

agents will be hosting its annual Christmas artisan makers

market at Tylers green village hall on Saturday the 9th of

November from 12 till 4pm. Paula Hall and Ruthie Goodall the

organisers of the event are excited to announce that this year

we will be supporting 2 local charities, as well as Williams

Fund this year we have The One Can Trust, our local

foodbank who will be there collecting donations. There is no

admission charge to the fair but in lieu of this we would love

visitors to bring along a donation if they can. We have 38

fantastic local makers this year from artisan gin and beers,

hand blended teas and of course lots of talented local gift

makers, so it is a great opportunity to get your Christmas

shopping done by buying local. Last year was a tremendous

turn out, over 550 of you came along making this such a

great event for the village and of course for the makers.

Please follow us on Facebook , @The Village Makers Market

for regular updates and videos of our makers products.

Chiltern Music Academy

During term time over 500 young musicians aged 4-19 come

together each week to sing in choirs and play their instruments in

orchestras, wind bands, jazz bands, recorder and chamber groups

at the award winning Chiltern Music Academy based at the Royal

Grammar School and Wycombe High School. Local residents, Kate

and Tim Venvell, are part of the leadership team, and are keen to

invite residents and their families to join in and become part of this

friendly musical community! Children as young as 4 years old can

come along and have fun learning through song, movement and

tuned percussion playing. When the time comes, these children

have a strong foundation upon which to build their own musical

journey into the wonderful world of playing an instrument.

Regular concerts, Festivals, national and international tours await

them as they set off on this exciting adventure! You can find out

more by visiting the CMA Facebook page or website: www. Tim & Kate Venvall

Carols on the Common

An early date for your diary! Carols on the

Common will take place on Thursday 19th

December at 19.45 around the Christmas

Tree. Bill Sadler (Christmas Tree Committee)

Croquet Open all year round! Croquet is fun and social

- a bit like snooker on grass! Croquet offers sport,

friendships, fun, competition and a whole lot more. All you

need is enthusiasm and flat soled shoes. Free parking. Find

out more at Tel: 01494 858202


Hazlemere Gardening Association

SOCIAL EVENING, FRIDAY 11th OCTOBER: Our social evening will take

place at the Hazlemere Community Centre, Rose Avenue. The speaker

will be Dick Smith Beaconsfield Town Crier who will talk on

“Highwayman in and around Beaconsfield” His talk will be followed by

an excellent supper with wine, soft drinks, cheeses, pate, sausages,

salad and French bread. Tickets are only £5.00 each and are on sale at

the barn shop . The price includes 2 glasses of wine or soft drink and a

light supper, so get your tickets asap as numbers have to be limited and

this is always a very popular event. Open to Non-members

BARN STORE: Our Barn Store shop is open every Sunday morning from

10am to 12noon. (February to October) You can find us at Cedar Barn,

Barn Lane off Cedar Ave, Hazlemere, so why not come along and see our

extensive range of gardening products at the best possible prices and

join our association. Annual membership is only £5 (£3 if aged 60 and

over). If you would like to know more please visit our website www. We close on October 20th and open again

the first Sunday in February 2020. Peter Pearman (Membership Secretary)

01494 711570

Priestfield Arboretum Stony Lane, Little Kingshill HP 16 ODU

Open Day Sunday October 20th. 10.30 – 4pm. Private collection of rare &

specimen trees in delightful 6 acre woodland setting. Managed &

maintained by dedicated volunteers who have done much clearance in the

past year, creating a more open and spacious feel to this lovely quiet place.

Come and meet new Hon.Curator Tim Pye, who will be glad to welcome

you.Admission £2. Free guided tours throughout the day. Guidebook

available. Regret uneven terrain not suitable for disabled. Contact Tim Pye

07768337619 or email

Tyler's Green Bridge Club

If you play bridge and need a reason to come out

on a Thursday evening, then come and join us in

the Tylers Green Village Hall, Penn Room. We are

a social bridge club and welcome players of all

levels. We play in a friendly and relaxed style. If

you have played bridge before (maybe rusty) or

recently completed a Bridge course, this is the

place to get practice and meet new people.

Some of the comments from our members:

• "Very nice social evening, friendly crowd"

• "Very friendly, lovely people, not put under


• "Meet up with friends, good bridge, nice


• "Friendly and amusing"

We play Duplicate bridge and aim to play 16

boards or more, if you are a very serious player

we may be too relaxed! The doors open at 7.00

pm for set up and we like to be seated at 7.20 pm

for a 7.30 start and finish at 10.00pm. We look

forward to meeting you. Contact Karen at or phone Val

812528 or Karen 816450

Village Voice October/November 2019


2nd - Flu Clinic, Simpson Centre

9th - Fireworks, Sports & Social


10th - Remembrance Sunday


Beaconsfield Film Society

October/November Screenings:

Friday 4th October: Capernaum

(“Chaos”) Saturday 19th October: Vice

Friday 1st November: Wild Rose

Saturday 16th November: Nae Pasarom

Hurricane Swoops

Over The Village!

There is nothing quite like the distinctive

growl of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine and

we were fortunate to have a Hurricane II

c fly over on Bank Holiday Monday for

the Hazlemere Fete. This was no

ordinary Hurricane either but the last

production line Hurricane built in

Buckinghamshire, in July 1944, in the

days when Langley was still part of our

county. Something about the aircraft

still has the ability, all these years on, to

raise our morale and arouse a sense of pride. We had hoped to see The

Dakota from The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight but it wasn’t airworthy

on the day but we appreciate the RAF still sending us an historic aircraft.

There was a strong sense of history, reinforced by the Art and

Photography exhibition featuring “The way we were” with a lot of local

pictures and stories. This attracted a lot of interest and comment and it

would be nice to be able to expand the scope of the local history aspect

next year. Old pictures of Penn, Hazlemere and the surrounding areas

attracted a lot of interest. The fete was a great success and helped raise

around £5,000, not including the monies that various clubs and

societies were able to raise for themselves. Children in our village use

the Hazlemere Youth Centre for example, which took in £822 from the

raffle, so the facilitation of fund raising is an important aspect. People

also appreciate the free entry and parking into the bargain. The hot

weather meant a couple of the animal attractions had to be cancelled

but the Alpacas enjoyed the shade of a large tree and seemed “chilled”

listening to the jazz band and the Fun Dog Show offered plenty of

shade and water and treats, so there were no stressed animals, only one

lady who had the after effects of too much sun. Next year sees the 160th

fete but in order for it to go ahead, there are a number of job roles to be

fulfilled and volunteers are very much needed to make it happen. It is an

event for the wider community that supports a lot of good causes,

whilst providing community cohesion. There is more information about

the fete on the website:

Alternatively, contact the fete Chairman, Ray Cox on 01494 817000 or

email him at:



Beauty Retreat

Beauty & Holistic Therapy

u Massage

u Hot Stone Massage

u Reflexology

u Facials

Call Zoë on

07790 512371

u Waxing

u Manicures & Pedicures

u Eye Treatments

u Diamond Peel


Find us on


Performance Computing

Call John: 07831 373 871

Slow Computers & Laptops Fixed

Lost photos & files recovered

All Repairs - Virus Removal

Wireless - Email - Training

Local + Friendly + Professional

Home Visits + 30 Years Experience!




Scrap Cars & Vans

MOT Failures & Non-Runners

3rd Party Insurance Write-Offs

We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency

and DVLA to process end of life vehicles and issue

Certificates of Destruction.


01844 268 940 ( Option 2

Rycote Lane, Thame OX9 2JB


DJ Beck Plumber

Est. in Penn 35+ years



No job



Age Concern & Trading Standards approved

Turville Printi ng Services LLP

Unit 2, 67 Verney Avenue,

High Wycombe, Bucks. HP12 3ND

• Brochures • Leaflets • Letterheads

• Business Cards • Newsletters

• Compliment Slips • NCR forms

• Canvas Prints • Posters & More

For all your printing & design requirements

01494 520322


Looking for a

Parents like The Village Pre-school because we are:

Flexible: choose your days, hours and start date

Open long hours: open 9.15am to 12.15pm,

1.15pm, 2.15pm, 2.45pm or 3.15pm - you choose

your child’s finish time

Affordable: Free for eligible 2-4 year olds up to

30 hours per week. Just £6.25 per hour for extra

hours and non funded children.

We offer extra flexiblity for 2 year olds.

Friendly: your child will be happy and safe with our

attentive caring staff

Supportive: we promote learning and independence,

encouraging your child to be confident. We offer

Forest School sessions, promoting confidence and the

emergence of risk taking skills

Fun: children enjoy exciting and stimulating

activities, including visits from special guests and trips

Contact us today on 01494 817093 or

visit us at

The Village Pre-school

The Methodist Church, Coppice Farm Road, Tylers Green HP10 8AN

Registered charity 1098879

IT experts

who speak

your language.

That’s Ingenuity.

At Ingenuity we understand IT. Equally

reassuring though, is our ability to

understand and meet our customers’

needs, and to speak their language.

High quality computer and IT systems

support for individuals, small and

medium-size businesses (SMEs) and

non-profit organisations

Great value services

Plain English advice

No-nonsense price promises

Find out more about Ingenuity IT’s full

range of services at 219 Penn Road, Hazlemere, HP15 7PB

Freephone 0800 849 4503


Your local estate agency

supporting the community

and loving every minute!

Hazlemere 01494 716000

Chartered Building Surveyor

based in

Hughenden Valley




Contact Jason Wood

for further information

t: 01494 562547

m: 07791 503607


W J Kepetzis Optometrists

Est. 1989

Friendly, professional personal service

NHS & Private sight tests

Contact lenses & Retinal photography

Wide range of stylish frames

Competitive prices

Convenient community location

Ample on-site parking

26, Eastern Dene, PROFESSIONAL Hazlemere

HP15 7BS

01494 716708

Mon-Fri: 9am – 5.30pm, Sat 9am -1pm

New patients welcome



Specialist in Amtico, Karndean and other

high quality vinyl products

All types of carpet and vinyl supplied and


Local for over 25 years

01494 815523 or 07788 440852

Please contact: Gary Arnold (Proprietor)

27 Rose Avenue 202 Desborough Road,


High Wycombe,

Bucks HP15 7PH

Bucks HP11 2TE.

01494 81 81 81 01494 - 53 11 11


Plastic Free Penn & Tylers Green

How you can plan to reduce your plastic footprint this Christmas

At this time of year, many people start to think about and plan for Christmas. In

advance of this there are some things to consider which could help reduce your

plastic footprint this Christmas.

Wrapping paper – it could be UNRECYCLABLE

Before buying wrapping paper you may wish to consider the paper’s material. Shiny,

metallic, glittery paper cannot be recycled! If placed wrongly in the recycling bin, it

will contaminate whole loads of recycled materials, which will then be disposed of

via landfill or incineration. Have you tried the scrunch test? If you are unsure whether

your paper is recyclable, scrunch it into a ball. If it keeps its shape, it is recyclable.

But if it’s glittery, it isn’t! Ideas to consider:

• Swap traditional gift wrapping for brown paper

• Use raffia ribbon for tying presents, or even hemp!

• Avoid excess packaging and look for plastic-free ribbon and wrapping

Christmas trees and wreaths

Real Christmas trees should be cut up into small pieces and disposed of with garden

waste, if you have a wreath or spring of mistletoe or holly, remove any synthetic

hangers or decorations before you put them into the garden waste bin or compost.

Disposable/single use cutlery/plates/tumblers/napkins

Many plastic cups and other food ware are low grade plastic, which is often not

recyclable. Dirty paper plates, napkins and paper towels contaminate the recycling

facility, so these should be placed in general waste

Recycling symbols

The Recycle Now website outlines the current recycling symbols in


Unwanted gifts and toys?

If a product is made of materials which on their own are recyclable but cannot be

easily disassembled – DO NOT put them into the recycling bin! Consider donating to

charity for reuse. Always take batteries out of toys which are made of a singular

plastic and recycle them through a battery collection scheme. Otherwise they can

cause serious fires in a Materials Recycling Facility.



Garden Services

for all your Gardening and

Landscaping needs

• Garden Tidy Ups and Renovation

• Garden Ponds

• Tree Surgery

• Fencing

• Pruning

• Hedge Cutting

Fast, friendly service by local company with

over 15 years experience

Tel: 01494 817 441

Mob: 07734 297 136


tk plumbing and electrics

Tom Kehoe

For all your plumbing and electrical needs

City & Guilds qualified

No job too small

All work guaranteed

References can be supplied on request

Contact Tom on:

phone: 01494 580518 / mob: 07716 440916



07930 371143

Serving the Penn area for over 17 years

Bespoke domestic electrician

Free quotations

Fully qualified


(Est. 1942)


Offices in Hayes, Middlesex and Tylers Green, Buckinghamshire

We offer a comprehensive range of professional services

for the new, expanding and established business.

• Accounts preparation

• Audit services

• Tax planning & advice including self assessment

• Book keeping & salaries

• Budgets & business plan preparation

• Company secretarial

• Management consultancy

For a personal, friendly and efficient service contact

Andrew Davies or Wendy Davies

Telephone 01494 447181 or 0208 573 3939

Partners: A. Davies, W.S. Davies Manager: P. Dean



Repairs - Maintenance - Installations

No job too small

Free Estimates

Established 1984

Call or email Nigel Barrett

01494 813464

07971 570124

Mike Morley

Handyman Services

01494 816638


07876 544302

For your home

maintenance needs


WET CUT … £14.50

OAP’S … £9.00

BOYS (UNDER 5’S) … £6.00

BOYS (UNDER 12’S) … £9.00



01494 818184

Providing a range of services:

Mike Morley

• Extensions

• Painting and Decorating

• Brickwork

Handyman Services

• Patios and Driveways




For free advice and estimates, please contact:

Tel: 01494 816201 • Mobile: 07956 131543 • email:


For your home maintenance needs


Friendly classes.

All ages and abilities welcome

at Tylers Green Village Hall, every

Tuesday & Thursday


strength, flexibility, lung capacity,

mental focus


chronic conditions, common aches & pains


sleep well, reduce stress, increase energy

For an informal chat, contact Victoria

07984 492 094

Victoria is BWY 500hr Qualified Teacher


Private Hire

d Airport Transfers

d Train Stations

d Executive Business Travel

d Conference Meetings

d London Theatres

d Luxury 7 Seater Vehicle

d Company Accounts Welcome

Professional and Reliable Door

to Door Service

Mob: 07973 137446 Tel: 01494 715915



Ovens, Agas, Hobs, Extractors,

Grills, Microwaves, Barbecues etc

For an appointment

or quotation

please telephone

Alan on

01494 269264

or 07906 301639

891 London Road, High Wycombe

01494 472572

32 Gregories Road, Beaconsfield

01494 685000

• Traditional and

Alternative Funerals

• 24 Hour Attendance

• Pre-Payment Plan


Supply and Install new garage doors

Up and over, Roller, Sectional, Side Hung

Add Automation to new and existing doors!

Repairs and servicing to all types and makes of


Free Quotations

No upfront costs on repairs


Tom Hunnings, C&G Certified Arborist

and Tree Surgeon

Tree Maintenance & Removal

01494 444843 or




Pruning - Shaping - Stump Removal

Fully Qualified & Insured

Fencing & Logs

Free Advice and Quotes

01494 815444



H O M E ?


at Penn Free Methodist Church.

Contact Mrs. Langston on 01494

815088 or email


Pukka Planting Services

RHS Dip Hort

All Types of work undertaken including :

• Hedges

• Renova,on of ,red beds & borders

• All year round interest & colour

• Plan,ng ideas & plans

• Friendly reliable service

• 15 years experience

• Fully insured

v Also all types of fencing work


Please call or email Andy

for more informa,on

Mobile : 07932 775488

Tel : 01494 812662





Hire Cedar Barn or The Stables


Converted Barn and Newly Reburbished

The Stables

Each room holds 60 people

Suitable for meetings, parties and fitness groups etc

Cost: £18 per hour Cedar Barn

Cost: £12 per hour The Stables



Tel: 01494 485926

Fax: 01494 484140

Please call Rachel on 01494 715548

or email

or visit Hazlemere Parish Council website



has a brand new Shop

Unit 2, DESBOX

Baker Street

High Wycombe

HP11 2GG

07949 185156

01494 811912






Friendly Professional Interior Design advice

on furnishings & colour for your home and office

style your interiors



11+ tuition

Specialist language, GCSE Level English

Individual coaching

Qualified teacher

Ros Kendrick BSc (Oxon)

Phone 07765 432258


Home Improvement Garage Doors supply, install & maintain

garage doors in Penn and Tylers Green.











Low Cost








07813 052915

01494 714 809

Mortgage*or Life & Critical Illness cover?

“the best you can


get in domestic


I believe oven that cleaning” you ll get the best advice from someone who s prepared to


listen first then help you to make the decisions that are right for you.

Normally there s no fee for to book my help your and oven advice. in or General property maintenance, including

to ask for a quote call

the little things that need fixing

However , if there is a fee it is typically £100 on application.

01494 450 794

The precise amount will depend on your circumstances. Bathroom refurbishments a speciality Paul Wakefield

Your DIY problems solved!

*Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Please call to see how I can help

Mble: 07950 553190 Hme: 01494 817456 Office: 01494 812002 E: 07957 490142 /


A boost in Literacy & Numeracy KS1 & KS2

11+ tuition

SATS preparation Year 6

Local Teacher with 30 years experience

including 14 years tutoring experience.

References available

Contact: Avril Stewart

01494 816316




Solar PV &

Tesla Powerwall


supplied &

installed for


commercial &

agricultural use.




Boilers, Gas Fires, Cookers

Repair, Servicing and Installation

Gas Safety, Landlord Certificates

Unvented Systems & Plumbing

Building Regs. Part P Electrical

01494 524357

Take that first step to a fitter and healthier self

Ann Fry Personal Trainer

Former World, European and Commonwealth

Judo Champion

Private Studio in Old Beaconsfield

Call: 07973 841 821

TEL: 01494 433139

Shakespeare Pilates

Strengthen & Lengthen Tone & Improve Posture

Rehabilitate Injuries

• Private Sessions in Studio with reformer

• Group Classes covering all levels for fitness

& rehabilitation

• Sports Specific Pilates

Qualified teacher with over 10 years experience

Hilary Shakespeare

T: 01494 812617 M: 07800 992122





01494 815300

07973 673337









For all types of furniture repairs

large or small give me a call!

Chair doctor for loose joints

Re-upholstery including loose seat pads,


For a fast and reliable service

call Steve on 01494 816115

Oakfield Electrical

Stephen O'Connell's

Carpentry and Joinery Services

(Advanced craft carpentry and joinery)

Andrew Diplock 25 The Chase Tylers Green HP10 8BB 07720 399703

Free Estimates

All aspects of Carpentry undertaken.

Tel Number: (Beaconsfield) 01494 670785

Mobile: 07773 284844



6 Coppice Farm Rd., Tylers Green, High Wycombe,

Bucks. HP10 8AL

Window and Conservatory cleaning,

Gutter clearing & cleaning of

Fascias and Barge Boards

Fully insured

Free Estimates

For further details tel: 01494 815456 or

07791 273789

birthdays, weddings, family celebrations

vintage tea ware hire

Diana Turner




For retired and over 50-year olds

Please come and make some new friends!

Meetings every 4th Thursday of the month

(except Dec / Aug) with a speaker, tea and biscuits

2pm at St. Francis Assisi Church, Amersham Rd,

High Wycombe

All new members and visitors WELCOME



Please call 01494 715775 / 812163 or 07769 631592


... of Penn

Full range of stringed instruments

and bows

Sheet music, strings, cases,

accessoriesand gifts

Classical and acoustic guitars

Instrument rental/purchase scheme

Workshop facility

Easy Parking

Elm Road, Penn, Bucks. HP1O 8LB Tel: 01494 819966

Penn Church Hall

opposite the church

Available for lettings

Main hall seats 70

Additional room & kitchen

Rates on application

Gail Wellings

01494 813254

Mulberry Flooring

Specialists in bespoke hardwood floors

Specialists in installation and

refurbishment of all types of

wooden floors

T: 01494 535348 M: 07786 652271





Freelance Hairdresser

07980 46 9208



Plumbing & Heating

For all your plumbing and heating


• Installation • Services • Repair

• 24 hour emergency call-out

Tel: 01494 813917

Mobile: 07799 850110


Children and Adults

Beginners, GCSE, A level

and conversation

For further details telephone


01494 815749




Page Numbers for Village Voice



F A Magee Accountants

FM Mortgages

KMB Accountancy

Philip Harper Financial Management

Architects and Designers

Applewoods Surveying

Penn Planning

Bathrooms and Kitchens


Building and Property

Alex Burridge Electrical

All Locks

Amersham Aerial Fix

Chalker Property Maintenance

Don The Handyman

Dulieu Builders

Garage Door Doctor

Hi Garage Doors

Mike McLeod Window Cleaning

Mike Morley Handyman

Penn Design

Roy’s Clean Sweep

Sharley Domestics

TJ Windows


Carpentry & Joinery Services

Steve's Furniture Repairs


Penn Free Methodist Church

Cleaning & Ironing

A & T Cleaning

Alan's Clean Ovens


Red Kite Carpet Cleaning

Procare Carpet Cleaning Sevices

Computer Services

Ingenuity IT

John Phillips

Phil Jones PC Repair

Education & Childcare

Little Oaks

Little Oaks Creche

The House that Jack Built

The Village Pre-School


Alex Burridge Electrical

Oakfield Electrical

R O'Donoghugh Electrician

Estate Agents


Tim Russ


Hayes Flooring

Mulberry Flooring

Trio Flooring

Funeral Services

Beacon Funeral Services

Arnold Funeral Service

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Village Voice October/November 2019


A Ellis Tree Surgeon

Four Seasons Garden Services

Keith's Maintenance

Mike's Garden Services

Penn Landscapes

Penn Tree Services

Pukka Planting Services

Tylers Green Garden Maintenance

Health & Lifestyle

Alison Haircare

Ann Fry Personal Trainer

Aston Hearing Services Ltd

Bloom Beauty Room

Fellas Barber Shop

Fitness Function

Jane Symington Chiropody

Lorraine's Professional Skin Therapy

Shakespeare Pilates

Signature Nails

The Beauty Retreat

Victoria Green You & Yoga

Wendy Kepetzis Opticians

Xtend by Shay

Your Doctor

Interior Design/Decorating Services

Jon Woodbridge

Mella Design Ltd

N Gillie Decorating Services

Paul Smith Decor

Ruffles Curtains and Blinds

Shakespeare Decorating

Plumbing & Heating

Chiltern Heating & Gas

Dave Beck Plumber

Jackson Plumbing

N J Barrett Plumbing

Penn Heating

Steve Hobson Plumbing & Heating

TK Plumbing & Electrics


Fields Domestic Appliances


Schools & Tuition

Avril Stuart Tuition

French Tuition

Pauline Quirke Academy

Ros Kendrick English/Literacy Tutor


Alexa Beck Photography

Cedar Barn & The Stables

Companion Care

Crossroads Vet

Gill Morris

Joy Whittaker Crotchet & Sew

Lewis Nelson Counselling

Loraine Grainger-Dogwalkies

Organise and Shine

Penn Church Hall

The Phone Man

Turville Printing Services

Vintage Teaware Hire

Your Eco

Taxi Services

Impact Private Hire

Penn Private Hire

Vehicle Sales, Servicing & Repairs

ASM Auto Recycling

Ollie Tapping Mobile Auto Technician

Paul Russell's Garage

Penn Motor Company


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Village Voice October/November 2019



Need a number or an

e-mail address?

For changes or additions to these pages;


Animal Welfare

● Cats Protection 448849

● Lost Cats 676702 /

● RSPCA (South Bucks) 0300 1234 999


● Stokenchurch Dog Rescue 482695 /

● The Bat Conservation Trust

uk /

Charities/Social & Conservation

● Bridge Club,

Karen Taylor 816450 & Val Macdiarmid 812528

● Careers Springboard

● Chiltern Samaritans (24 hours) 432000

● Citizen’s Advice Bureau 0844 245 1289

● Common Wood

● Curry Club Stewart Stone 07786 194642

● Independent Village Website

● NSPCC Helpline 0808 800 5000

● NSPCC Childline 0800 1111 Confidential

line for young people /children to seek help

● Penn & Tylers Green Residents Society

Chairman - Miles Green 815589

● Royal British Legion Colin Doyle 816484

● The Campaign to Protect Rural England

(CPRE) Bucks;

● The Chiltern Society

Village Blog;

Village Care; 816909 (Mon to Fri, 10am-1pm)

Village Show Committee

Helen Whiting 816354/

● Women’s Institute (morning)

Sheila Sparrow 812163

● Women’s Institute (Evening)

Hilary Forbes 816438

● Woodrow High House 433531


● Holy Trinity & St Margaret’s Churches

Rev Mike Bisset (t) 816700/


Revd Derrick Carr (t) 442212


Gail Wellings (Parish Office): (t) 813254


● Penn Free Methodist Church

Rev Peter Simpson 816202/812829 /

● TG Methodist Church Rev. Vida Foday

Health & Welfare

● Chiltern Prostate Cancer Support Group

Alan Rowe 814324

● Dentists

● Drug Abuse Confidential help, advice &

support 473666

● Emotions Anonymous Kevin 814702

● High Wycombe General Hospital 526161

● Stoke Mandeville Hospital 01296 315000

● Highfield Surgery (Hazlemere) 813396

● NHS (t) 111 /

● Overeaters Anonymous Juliet 07808403602

● Penn Surgery 817144 / Simpson Centre

671571 /


● All Bucks Libraries - 0845 230 3232


● Beaconsfield

● Hazlemere

● High Wycombe

Political groups

● Conservative Association Katrina Wood,

814848, katrina.conservatives4tgandl@

● Labour Party Mrs Jan Kaye, 813591

● Liberal Democrats Ian Forbes, 816438

● UK Independence Party


● Thames Valley (non-Emergency) 101

● Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

● Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG)

Suzanne Ludgate

● Neighbourhood Police Community Officer

PCSO Sam Jackson


● Little Oaks Nurseries Ruthie Pocock 07881

737149 or

During opening hours: Little Oaks Crèche

07437689158, Little Oaks 1 816987, Little Oaks

2 815413, Little Oaks Beaconsfield 671228

● Parent & Toddler Group Zoe Woods 761559

● P&TGRS Village Preschool Nicky Lovegrove

817093 /

Public Halls

● Penn Church Hall Gail Wellings 813254 or

● St Margaret’s Parish Rooms

Mrs Mary Coker 812162

● Tylers Green Methodist Church Hall

Mrs G Nelson 815631

● Tylers Green Village Hall 819990 / Tina

Brown /

Schools in P&Tg

● Tylers Green First School Head Mrs Janis

Dieppe 813201

Village Voice October/November 2019

● TG First School PTA

Marianne Whitlock 07789 435656

● Tylers Green Middle School

Head Mrs Vanessa Pinkney 812465

● TGMS Friends Association

Harriet Woolley 815474

Schools (Other local)

● Manor Farm Infants School

Head teacher Mrs Paula Coppins 814281

● Manor Farm Community Junior School

Head Andrew Sierant 814622

● Manor Farm Preschool and Nursery

Mrs Wendy Terry 816730

● Sir William Ramsay School

Head Mrs Christine McLintock


Sports & youth groups

● Cricket Club Nick Barber 07714720280

● CC Colts

● Chiltern Music Academy www.

● Football Club Tony Hurst 815839,,

● Guides & Brownies Sue Stephens 817436

● Hazlemere Youth Club Nikki Arnold 813364

● High Wycombe Croquet Club

858202 /

● Loudwater Bowls Club Alan Tombs 481855

● Penn Pond Waders Golf Society

Bob Teuton 715915

● Penn Pond Ladies Golf Society

Jane Frizoni 812986

● Pennants Badminton Club (Tylers Green

Village Hall) John Youers 711647

● Scouts Adrian & Heather Cooper 816505 &

Paul Wicks 815715, pennandtgscouts@

● Seido Karate Stuart Wilson 717400

● Sports & Social Club Neil James 07929157075

● Table Tennis 815180

● Tennis Club 812929 /


Village Voice October/November 2019

Elected representatives

● Members of Parliament;

Cheryl Gillan (Chesham & Amersham

constituency includes Penn) 673745

Steven Baker (High Wycombe constituency

includes Tylers Green) 521777

Neighbouring MP Dominic Grieve

(Beaconsfield constituency) 673745

● Bucks County Council Councillors

Tylers Green (& Loudwater) David

Shakespeare OBE 817248

Penn (Wood & Old Amersham)

Isobel Darby 07798 538697

● Wycombe District Councillors

Tylers Green & Loudwater Ward

David Shakespeare OBE. 817248 / Katrina

Wood 07827 820531 / Lawrence Wood

07739 181043

● Chiltern District Councillors

Penn & Coleshill Julia Burton 726411 /

Jonathan Waters 890210

● Chepping Wycombe Parish Councillors for

TG (includes Flackwell Heath &Loudwater)

Ian Forbes 816438 / Peter Miller 07921

740101 / Jean Johnson 816231/ Katrina

Wood 814848 / Haydn Darch 813967

Council clerk; Wendy Thompson 814600

● Penn Parish Councillors for Penn (Penn PC

includes councillors for Penn Street, Forty

Green, Winchmore Hill & Knotty Green.);

Mike Morley 816638 / Roy Bentham 813897 /

Jane Creasy 816818 / Marian Raszpla

812636. Council Clerk: Nicole Johnson



P&Tg residents Society

Chairman: Miles Green (815589),

Website; www.

Village Voice is owned and

published by the P & TG

Residents’ Society

is produced 6 times a year and delivered to

all houses in Penn & Tylers Green.


Cathy O’Leary 812064

Letters can be sent by post c/o Catbells, Kingswood

Avenue, Penn, Bucks. HP10 8DR or email:


Callum Hawes


Ruthie Pocock



Mike Morley 816638


Mrs J C Collins 814561

25 New Road Penn, Bucks, HP10 8DL


diSTriBUTiOn & dELivEry

Ron Saunders 816237

Supported by an army of volunteers


Hilary Forbes 816438


Eddie Morton / Keith Hawes


Turville Printing Services 520322

VV (both cover and insides) is printed on FSC Certified

Paper (Forest Stewardship Council) and contains 15%

post consumer recycled fibre.All products carrying the

FSC Logo have been independently certified as coming

from forests that meet the internationally recognised

FSC Principles and Criteria of Forest Stewardship.

To get your voice heard in Village Voice write to us with

any news, views, events or articles. Please send them

to Please be aware

that articles and contributions may be edited to

appear in the magazine and may also appear on www. unless authors and

contributors request otherwise.




Independent financial advice

with a personal touch

Wealth Management | Investments

Retirement Planning & Pensions

Mortgages & Equity Release | IHT Planning

Contact us: 01494 817151

Penn Barn, By the Pond, Elm Road

Penn, Bucks HP10 8LB

Financial Management is a trading title of Philip Harper LLP which is

authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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